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    Dwingvatt Guide by valheart82

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    Ninety-Nine Nights for Xbox 360
    In depth guide for Dwingvatt
    Version 1.2 
    Copyright 2007 ValiantHeartMoon
    Created January 10, 2007
    Revised 1.2  January 24, 2007
    Added Copyright.
    Added Profile from character select screen.
    Added more info for Deviltooth as well as a thank you.
    Fixed an error.
    Use Control+F to bring up the Find box. Type in what you want and it will take 
    you right to it. Example- Type "Mission 1"  Only without the "" marks.
    -	Disclaimer and Introduction
    -	My thoughts on Dwingvatt
    -	Profile
    -	Weapons
    -	Items
    -	Combo Attacks
    -	Missions
    -	Mission 1- Bastide of Varrgandd
    -	Mission 2- Ice Gate
    -	Mission 3- Castle of Varrvazzar
    -	Mission 4- Pholya Flatlands
    -	Closing and Credits
    Disclaimer and Introduction
    This is my first FAQ. I have been wanting to do one for a long time but never 
    got around to it. Why I decided to make this game? Well N3 was one of the first 
    Xbox 360 games I bought. I beat it with Inphyy, Aspharr, and Myifee. When I 
    started playing as Dwingvatt I got a little bored and died a lot on Ice Gate. I 
    didn't feel like Leveling up so I just turned it off for awhile. I started 
    playing it again yesterday and out of curiosity went to Gamefaqs but they 
    really didn't have any good guides for N3. After checking JR writer's FAQ, I 
    wasn't very happy. Seems like things were left out. Since I really didn't get 
    very far with Dwingvatt I decided to make an in-Depth FAQ on where to find 
    items when you play as him. From there it progressed to a full in-depth FAQ on 
    Dwingvatt. I hope that this is readable and will help other people who enjoy 
    playing N3 as much as I do.
    I tried to find every chest and item I could and have listed what I found, 
    Including how to get Helltooth, which no one seems to know how to get. I 
    discovered it while goofing around with what other people had thought gave you 
    the weapon, and know 100% that this is accurate. As of January 10, 2007 no 
    other FAQs have listed how to really obtain this weapon.
    Ninety-nine nights is made solely for Xbox 360 and is trademarked by its 
    This FAQ is copyright, and property, of me, ValiantHeartMoon, and MAY NOT be 
    reproduced for personal profit. Don't reprint without my permission. If you 
    have a question or comment, or wish to place my work on a personal website then 
    you can contact me valiantheartmoon@hotmail. Put N3 FAQ as your subject line, 
    otherwise I may not answer it.  No spam please, and no requests to put my FAQ 
    on any other sight but GameFaqs.com. If I forgot something or am missing 
    anything please let me know.
    Profiles, Weapons, and Item information are taken from what is provided in 
    My thoughts on Dwingvatt
    Dwingvatt is a very fast character. Probably the fastest in the game. To unlock 
    him you have to clear all of the missions with Inphyy, Aspharr, and Myifee. He 
    doesn't seem to have as much health as other characters and his best defense is 
    being able to move and attack quickly. So far he is my favorite character, 
    despite being a goblin. Maybe his situation and the fact that he is more of an 
    anti-hero than a villain make him likable. His brother, Dwinga, was killed by 
    Inphyy and he wants revenge. 
    He only has 4 playable missions, and 6 weapons to collect. 
    Age 15 years old
    Class Warrior
    Weapon Dual swords
    Orb Spark Wind
    He curses his Human-like skin. Protected by his big brither during hard times, 
    he was bright and friendly. But when his beloved brother Dwinga was killed by a 
    Human knight, he gained an extraordinary desire to destroy those who took 
    Profile from Character select screen
    Dwingvatt, Soldier/15
    A proud Goblin soldier, he curses his Human-like skin. His older brother was 
    killed in front of him by a Human knight. One of Dwingvatt's swords is a 
    momento of his slain brother.
    These are the locations of the weapons for Dwingvatt. Descriptions and stats 
    are taken from in game.
    Assassin's Dagger- Bastide of Varrgandd- Can't miss it. When you have to go 
    defeat Myifee you will run right into it in the middle of the path.
    Level 2. An assassin's dagger that is lightweight and easy to handle.
    *Critical rate +20%
    Khukuri- Bastide of Varrgandd- Tucked in an alleyway to the left side in the 
    area where you have to defeat Myifee.
    Level 3. A dagger with a unique contour.
    *Attack power +20%
    *Attack range +20%
    *Critical rate +10%
    Black scimitar- Ice gate- Just north of gate 5 (Eastern most gate). Go North 
    through gate 5 once it is open and cut over the ridge on the right side and you 
    will find the chest there.
    Level 4. A divine dagger of an orb protector.
    *Attack power +40%
    *Attack range +30%
    Nemisis- Castle of Varrvazzarr- Play through until you reach the castle. Stay 
    along the Northern edge of the area and travel straight east until you reach a 
    mist filled area that is filled with archers. The chest is located there.
    Level 5. A dagger of hatred filled with the power to kill humans.
    *Attack power +40%
    *Defense power +50%
    *Critical rate +50%
    Even though the Nemisis claims to give you +40% to attack it doesn't show up in 
    your stats and doesn't appear to have the extra strength to it.
    Deviltooth- Ice Gate- A pain in the neck to get. Build up your Orb gauges. (Red 
    = Attack, Blue = Spark) You need to have a full Spark gauge when you reach the 
    Ice gate. Once you reach it locate the 6 pillars in the middle. They are very 
    thin and look like the tops of them are meant to hold flames like torches. Walk 
    around the East side of this area. There is a small path in the trees and there 
    is a single pillar just like that there. You have to use your Spark gauge on 
    that pillar and the Deviltooth is inside of it (Not in a chest, like usual). 
    Try using your gauge from between the two trees leading to that small alcove. 
    Level 3. A legendary dagger with thorn-like ornaments.
    *Attack power +40%
    *Speed +20%
    *Orb charge speed +50%
    LtD from the gamefaqs board pointed out to me that you don't need to do the 
    Spark, only a normal Orb attack will work. Try standing next to the Pillar and 
    use the Y attack.
    Hell's Dagger- Pholya flatlands- Play through until you are given the objective 
    rescue Dwykfario! Use his location as a guide. Not far north from there you 
    will find some ruined pillars. There is a single pillar and right next to it is 
    the chest containing the weapon.
    Level 6. A dagger of madness that steals life and brings death.
    *Attack range +50%
    *Critical rate +100%
    *Guard break rate+50%
    Sometimes you will find items in chests. Other times normal enemies may drop 
    items. I am not sure if dropped items are stage specific but at the end of each 
    mission I included a list of what items I had acquired from normal enemies I 
    defeated. Other important items I will list here. I know there are other items 
    in the game but there are only what I was able to get so far with Dwingvatt 
    One last thing about items. As you complete a stage, it's level may go up, 
    which could increase amount of enemies and alter items you get. I am sure that 
    every item I have obtained so far has been on with any stage on Level 6 or 
    lower. Higher levels may allow some rarer items to be dropped by even common 
    Aegis charm 1
    Protects bearer with mysterious power.
    *Defense power +20%
    In Varrgandd. A chest in the same area as Myifee. Also dropped by Klarrann
    Knight's emblem
    Medal awarded to brave knights.
    *Player max HP +20%
    *Guard max HP +20%
    In Varrgandd. A chest in the same area as Myifee.
    Statue leg
    Piece of a broken statue.
    *Part of a set
    In Varrgandd. After you defeat Myifee and move to the next area you will face 
    off against a lot of soldiers. There is an alleyway in the North-West corner 
    with the chest in it.
    Cursed choker
    Necklace with design of two serpent gods.
    *Attack power -50%
    In Varrgandd. Dropped by Castellan ugor.
    Giant's bracelet 1
    A bracelet of power shaped like a giant's head.
    *Attack power +10%
    In Varrgandd, in a chest.
    Divine tiara
    Grants wearer blessing from above.
    *Item drop rate +30%
    *Hp fully restored w/ Blue potion
    In Varrgandd. Mission Rank S
    Black gauntlet
    Blood-smeared gloves from depths of hell.
    *Can use weapons 1 level higher
    *Guard attack frequency +30%
    *Guard archer accuracy +40%
    In Varrgandd .Mission Rank A
    Divine ring
    Grants wearer blessing from above.
    *Critical damage evade
    In Varrgandd. Dropped by Myifee
    Deadly armband
    Armband that boosts fighting skills.
    *Cannot block
    *Critical rate increases
    *Attack range increases
    *Won't consume orbs for deadly attacks
    Castle of Varrvazzar. Rank S
    Rage dagger
    Dagger sealed with a hero's fighting spirit.
    *Orb attack gauge full
    Castle of Varrvazzar. Rank A. Also can be dropped by enemies.
    Dire gloves
    Gloves used in rituals.
    *Enemy attack frequency doubles
    Ice Gate. Rank A.  Can also be obtained as a drop from normal enemies.
    Rage charm
    Charm that awakens the fighting spirit within.
    *Doubles Orb charge rate when HP is below 10%
    Ice Gate. Rank S
    War gloves 1
    Well-worn military gloves.
    *Attack range +10%
    Castle of Varrvazzar. Dropped by Aspharr
    Life crystal
    Jewel with mysteries of life sealed within.
    *Recovery item drop rate increases
    Pholya Flatlands. Dropped by Myifee or Rank S
    Dark gloves
    Assassin's gloves used for killing.
    *Can use weapons 1 level higher
    *Orb attack length +20%
    *Critical rate +30%
    Pholya Flatlands. Dropped by VigkVagk
    Demon gloves 
    Gloves that summon the power of the dark.
    *Orb attack will be activated when HP drops to 1
    *Can be used only once per mission
    Pholya Flatlands. Dropped by Aspharr
    Red Pendant
    Red jewel adorned with glittering horse-shaped seal.
    *Movement speed +20%
    *Guard movement speed +20%
    Pholya Flatlands. Dropped by Inphyy
    Deadly ring
    Ring that reveals the enemy's weak spot.
    *Wearer cannot block
    *Blue potions appear instead of red
    Pholya Flatlands. Rank A
    Cursed shield
    Saps the will to fight from its bearer.
    *Defense power -50%
    Pholya Flatlands. Dropped by VigkVagk
    Common dropped equip items. These are the Items that are dropped randomly by 
    various enemies. I believe there are more that get dropped on stages with a 
    high level.
    Ward cloak 1
    Enchanted with earth magic.
    *Damage from catapult decreased
    *Physical damage -20% player, -30% guard
    Ward cloak 2
    Enchanted with earth magic.
    *Damage from catapult decreased
    *Physical damage -25% player, -50% guard
    Clover 1
    A rare four-leafed clover that brings good luck.
    *Item drop rate +20%
    Clover 2
    A rare four-leafed clover that brings good luck.
    *Item drop rate +50%
    Orb charm 1
    A jewel that heightens latent abilities.
    *Orb gauge charge speed +10%
    Orb charm 2
    A jewel that heightens latent abilities.
    *Orb gauge charge speed +20%
    Life globe 1
    A jewel overflowing with the power of life
    *Max HP +40
    Life globe 2
    A jewel overflowing with the power of life
    *Max HP +100
    Life globe 3
    A jewel overflowing with the power of life
    *Max HP +200
    Wind cloak 1
    Enchanted with wind magic.
    *Enemy ranged attack accuracy -20%
    Wind cloak 2
    Enchanted with wind magic.
    *Enemy ranged attack accuracy -40%
    Rage dagger
    Dagger sealed with a hero's fighting spirit.
    *Orb attack gauge full
    Also obtained at Castle of Varrvazzar. Rank A
    Dire helm
    Cold iron mask that inhibits speech and sight.
    *0% critical rate
    Dire ring
    Cursed ring that invites bad fortune. 
    *Can't jump
    Combo Attacks
    Level 1
    Small-  In mid jump, Y, land, X
    Flash- X,X,X,X,Y
    Sky-  In mid jump, Y
    Disorder-  During Orb attack, X
    Blade- X,X,X,X,X
    Cruelty-  X,Y
    Remorse-  Y,Y,Y,Y
    Soft-  In mid jump, X
    Faithful-   X,X,X,Y
    Brink-  RT, X
    Pound-  X,X,Y
    Zenith-  During Orb attack, Y
    Justice-  Y,Y,X
    Fly-  During headstomp, A
    Level 2
    Chase-  X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y
    Bind-  Y,X,X,X
    Cross-  During headstomp, X
    Erupt-  RT, Y
    Blaze-  X,X,Y,Y
    Level 3
    Phosphorus-  X,X,Y,Y,Y
    Fang-  During headstomp, Y
    Dig-  X,X,X,Y,Y,X
    Swallow-  X,X,X,Y,Y,Y
    Trial-  Y,Y,X,X,X
    Sense-  Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y
    Tension-  Y,Y,Y,X,Y
    Poke-  RT, X,X
    Chaos-  Y,Y,Y,X,X
    Level 4
    Pierce- X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y
    Defy- RT, X,X,X
    Hate-  X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,X    *Drains Orb attack gauge
    Level 5
    Storm-  Y,Y,Y,X,X,X
    Temper-  X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y
    Grief-  Y,Y,X,X,Y    *Drains Orb attack gauge
    Level 6
    Shade-  X,X,X,X,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y repeatedly
    Level 7
    Trust-  Y,Y,X,Y,X
    Level 8
    Woe-  Y,Y,X,X,Y
    Mission 1- Bastide of Varrgandd
    This stage is very linear. There is only one way through the stage, with no 
    multiple paths, so I formed this section to reflect that. 
    *First objective- Defeat the captain of the Varrgandd Defenders.
    Starting area- Wind cloak 1- Once the stage starts, turn fully around and it 
    will be right behind you
    Path to First courtyard- Orb potion
    First courtyard- 2x Health potion, Orb potion
    *New Objective- Defeat Myifee
    Path to second courtyard (Defeat Myifee)- Health potion, Assassin's 
    dagger(Weapon), Orb potion (tucked in an alcove to the right, just past the 
    assassin's dagger), Orb potion (tucked in an alleyway to the left of last item)
    Myifee- Divine ring, 2x Exp bonus
    Open area where Myifee is- Knight's emblem, 2X Health potion, Orb potion, Aegis 
    charm 1(in a long alleyway to the far right of the area), Khukuri (weapon) 
    tucked in an alleyway on the far left side of the area)
    *New objective - Defeat the gate keeper and open the castle gates!
    Health potion - Alleyway between areas.
    Wide open area with lots of soldiers- Health potion, Statue leg (Alleyway in 
    upper left corner of the area),2x Orb potion, Giant's bracelet 1
    Alleyway leading to next area- Health potion
    Area with the huge statue in the center- 3x Health potion,2x Orb potion.
    Final area- Battle with Klarrann  and Castellan Ugor. 
    2x Orb potion,2x Health potion 
    Klarrann- Aegis charm 1, 2x Exp bonus
    Castellan Ugor- Cursed choker, 2x Exp bonus
    Mission results
    Rank A- Black gauntlets
    Rank S- Divine Tiara
    Items found during stage 1 while defeating regular enemies.
    Clover 1
    Clover 2
    Ward cloak 1
    Ward cloak 2
    Dire gloves
    Life globe 1
    Life globe 2
    Life Globe 3
    Orb charm 1
    Mission 2- Ice Gate
    This is a large stage with a lot of area to cover but not many items. It looks 
    kind of like an Octopus turned upside down, and with only 5 arms/legs (2 of 
    which are not fully visible from the start. You start in the North-West corner 
    of the map. Because of this I am writing this section to resemble a more 
    traditional walkthrough, while still keeping the briefness of the first one. I 
    will list the objectives in order and any items that are available will be 
    listed at the most likely time of pick up. Follow the mission objectives like 
    you normally would. I actually had to beat stage 1 a few times before I was 
    able to finish stage 2.
    Health potion- From starting area, turn around and go N-W all the way to the 
    *First objective- Gate One: Help our allies breach the gate!
    *Second objective- Defeat the enemy general, Vyarrhartenn
    Once you defeat General Vyarrhartenn at the gate, your troops go through but 
    you are left on same side as the gate closes. Enemy soldiers appear behind you 
    and you are given a new objective.
    *Third objective- Gate Two: Join the Orcs in breaching the gate!
    *Fourth objective- Gate Two: Defeat the enemy General, Vyden!
    Once Vyden has been defeated the Orc go through the gate it closes, with you 
    left on the same side yet again. More energy troops appear behind you and your 
    given your next objective.
    *Fifth objective- Gate Three: Join the Arrphan in breaching the gate!
    *Sixth objective- Gate Three: Defeat the enemy general, Vyertenn!
    Once your done cleaning up the gate you finally are able to go through. Your 
    new objective is to protect the Arrphan until they can summon Dragons.
    *Seventh Objective- Protect the Arrphan until the Ice gate is reached!
    From here it is all South until you reach the Ice gate. 
    From here you can also freely reach gates 4 and 5. I left the Arrphan fight it 
    out on their own for a little while while I went to gates 4 and 5.
    If you go to gate 4 you will have to defeat some soldiers to open the gate for 
    the Pwucks. Continue to go North and there will be 3 chests containing   Item 
    drop rate up, Double orb value, and Bonus exp items.(Not the equipment type. 
    Also if the Mission is on a higher level you may get better items from these 
    chests. I haven't checked that out yet.)
    Health potion- South of gates 4 and 5, tucked into a corner, behind some trees.
    If you head to gate 5 you will have to defeat some more soldiers to open the 
    gate. Once you defeat them then the gate will be open for the Gewgs to proceed. 
    In front of the gate here is an alcove to the right with a chest containing an 
    Orb potion.
    Head north through gate 5 and then cut over the ridge on the immediate right 
    for another chest. This one contains the Black Scimitar weapon. 
    Head back to the Ice Gate.
    You can also receive the weapon, Helltooth here as well. For info on that 
    please see the weapon section above.
    Health Potion- Western side, near the Ice gate, but at the end of the path that 
    leads South from gate 1.
    After beating enough enemies at the Ice Gate you get a new objective.
    *Eighth objective- Ice Gate: Defeat Lord Vydenn!
    Once the main force appears you are surrounded by enemies yet again. Myifee 
    also appears although it doesn't appear that you can beat him at this time 
    because he withdraws once his HP is down too far.
    Right by the Ice gate, on the east side there is a chest that contains an 
    attack power up.
    Once you defeat Vydenn (Who also withdraws) the mission is clear.
    Mission results
    Rank A- Dire gloves
    Rank S- Rage Charm
    Items obtained during stage 2 by defeating regular enemies.
    Wind cloak 2
    Orb charm 2
    Rage dagger
    Clover 2
    Ward cloak 2
    Life globe 3
    Mission 3- Castle of Varrvazzar
    This stage is also fairly straight forward. You start out on the Northern side, 
    in the center. Your army is heading east towards battle.
    If you head West when the stage starts look on the Northern side and there is a 
    chest containing an Orb potion.
    *First objective- Aid the Gewgs and destroy the enemy!
    In the first clearing (Where you assist the Gewgs) there is a chest that 
    contains an Orb potion. Stay along the Southern edge and go east behind trees 
    to get it. 
    Once you aid the Gewgs you will get a message that says they have broken 
    through, followed by a message that says the Pwucks need help. Go assist them.
    *Second objective- Aid the Pwucks and destroy the enemy!
    Once the Pwucks have broken through you will receive a message that the Orcs 
    have arrived. Then Aspharr arrives. You now have your next objective.
    *Third objective- Aid the Orcs and destroy the enemy!
    Once you reach the next battle it you head straight west you come to a chest 
    that contains a Health potion.
    If you go West again once you cross over and climb the hill, then you will come 
    to another chest that contains a Health potion. 
    Around here you will receive your next objective. 
    *Fourth objective- Defeat Aspharr and defend the front!
    Once Aspharr withdrew I found 3 Exp bonuses and War gloves 1.
    *Fifth objective- Extend the front together with the Orcs!
    Head East over the bridge and start ascending up into the mountains. Once you 
    reach a certain point the enemy will trigger boulders. Do your best to avoid 
    them and continue onward. You will soon reach the castle.
    *Sixth objective- Defeat Varrvazzarr's three sons!
    When you enter the area of the castle you will be coming in from the North 
    side. If you head immediately to your left and up the hill you will see a chest 
    among the pillars. A Health potion is in that chest.
    If you stay along the northern edge and keep going East you will come to a mist 
    filled area that is loaded with archer and is very hard to see in. If you look 
    really carefully you will find a chest that contains Nemisis (a weapon).
    If you head all the way to the West end of the area there is chest that 
    contains a Health potion.
    As for the sons,
    Vyertenn is on the east side of the castle. He drops Exp bonus.
    Nearby is a slab of what looks like a ruined wall sticking out of the ground. 
    There is a chest containing a Health potion there.
    Vyarrhartenn is on the South side. He also drops and Exp bonus.
    When I defeated him last a Dire ring appeared nearby.
    There is a chest on the South-West side of the castle, up in the trees that 
    contains an Orb potion.
    Vyden is on the West side. He drops an Exp bonus and I noticed an Aegis charm 1 
    also appeared nearby when I defeated him last.
    Once the sons are out of the way a new enemy appears and you have a new 
    *Seventh objective- Defeat the castellan Lord Vydenn!
    Defeat him to end the mission.
    Mission results
    Rank A- Rage dagger
    Rank S- Deadly armband
    Items obtained during stage 3 by defeating regular enemies.
    Dire Helm
    Mission 4- Pholya Flatlands
    This is the last stage for Dwingvatt. It is also very straightforward. You only 
    receive a few objectives and this stage should only take a few minutes to beat. 
    You do face off against a lot of enemies in the beginning and end of the stage 
    though so you can build up your orb gauges quickly. There don't appear to be 
    many items on this stage either.
    *First objective- Destroy the enemy!
    This one pretty much is active the whole mission. Just beat the crap out of 
    everything that comes your way. Once you beat enough enemies your given a 
    message that says your reinforcements have been halted in the south by 
    mercenaries and Myifee shows up. When you beat him he drops a Life crystal and 
    a big red orb. Your then given a new objective.
    *Second objective- Rescue Dwykfarrio!
    He appears on the Southern part of the map, pretty much dead center. Before you 
    go rescue him there are 2 chests on the way, one of which contains a new 
    Just north of his location there is a small section that has a few ruined 
    pillars. There is a chest that contains a Health potion near 3 of them grouped 
    together. Also right nearby there is a single pillar and next to that is a 
    chest that contains the Hell's Dagger.
    Once you got to rescue Dwykfarrio you will find him surrounded by enemy 
    soldiers. Also the Troll VigkVagk is there. As you take out the enemy soldiers, 
    VigkVagk will start to attack you and Dwykfarrio. Now you have to take on the 
    troll. When I defeated VigkVagk, 3 Exp bonuses, Dark gloves, and a Cursed 
    shield were dropped. 
    About this time you will see a cutscene where Inphyy and Aspharr show up. 
    *Third objective- Defeat Inphyy!
    This is it! Time to go settle things. 
    Aspharr- Demon gloves, 3 Exp bonus
    Inphyy- Red pendant
    Once Inphyy is done then you are treated to your ending cutscene. Enjoy.
    Mission results
    Rank A- Deadly ring
    Rank S- Life crystal
    Items obtained during stage 4 by defeating regular enemies.
    Rage charm
    Ward cloak 2
    Wind cloak 2
    Closing and Credits
    I'd like to thank JR writer for indirectly provoking me with his weapons and 
    items guide. When I read it I just knew I had to write my own FAQ.
    Thanks to LtD, from the gamefaqs board, for pointing out that you only need an 
    Orb attack to break the pillar to get the Deviltooth.
    I'd also like to thank you, for reading my guide. I hope that you enjoyed 
    reading it and found it to be useful. 

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