How do I get an s on aspharrs varvizar?

  1. Iv tried everything im trying to get his best weapon but i cant get an S.

    User Info: swifty430

    swifty430 - 10 years ago

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  1. I had the same problem until recently. I had stopped playing this game a long time ago. (bought it when it was first released) Recently I decided to complete the achievements, missed only 2 and we all know which those were :p

    So, lets get down to it, I found a post here that lead me to some possible answers.

    I found this to work well, But I made some serious changes to the tactic which lead to greater results.

    1: Take two squads of heavy infantry. As soon as you start the battle head East a little and kill the group of goblin archers, soon after a group of human soldiers will come out of the fog there. At this time, you will leave your men here by pressing the left and right bumpers.

    2: Equip Aspharr's Temple Spear, then equip the Cursed Choker and anything else you will want to add defense such as Ward Cloak or the Hourglass. Certainly remove anything that adds attack power.

    3: Once you leave your troops behind, head up the path to the north. Do not go near the princes and do not help the king. Just run past the king and head to the northern path. Attract as many troops as possible. Some may run past you and keep going. Dont worry they are programmed to head for certain places and the rest will follow you. Inphyy and your Knight captain will follow you. Head to the end where you will find 3 chests on a hill. Do not open the chests! Run around in circles a few times until the enemy troops catch up to you. At this time you should have a nice gaggle of goblins and orc here. Press the Y button like a crazy freak when you feel you have enough enemies.

    4: After you slay your enemies and mass a max combo you can grab the 3 chests, re-equip your normal gear and go get your troops and whoop down like you normally do. Best suggestion for completion, wear your Orb Charms. You will need to orb spark one good time or 2 times if your spark kills are low. Good time for spark is where the dragons attack with the dark elves. Wait for the troop to come off the moutain side and blast em.

    On the west side of this map there are some elvin archers on the hill there aid them and there are 3 chests with blue potions which fills your Red Orb Gauge.

    My results for this action: Max combo of 5217, orb spark 219 result ( S ).

    Special Thanks to Denarth for the initial idea and concept. He also has a picture on his post of his results.

    User Info: Icekingx

    Icekingx - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. Get a lot of kills go down the hill after fighting the orks. but try to get every thing else the best you can do.

    User Info: Deltaris

    Deltaris - 10 years ago 0   3

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