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Brilliant! If you can tolerate a cheating CPU and the cheapest boss in history! 01/30/07 Arschrammen
Best 360 Game so far? Yep. 01/04/06 Arbuthnaut
I am so confused!!!!?? 06/12/06 bbears
Dead or Alive 4 - Taking it to the next level 01/09/06 Brother Ein
The final of the epic fighters... DOA4 02/06/06 CDuke
Dear A.I. opponent, can I use an attack on you please? 09/11/07 dafreestyleking
I feel very divided in scoring this game! 01/24/06 Def Freak7
DOA4 is to X360 as SC is to Dreamcast. 01/05/06 DevilRyodo2000
Ouch! Did that game just hit me? 01/08/07 gatewalker
Cake or death 08/08/13 horror_spooky
A significant improvement 01/16/06 IcarusDRX
A fighting series that keeps getting progressively worse. 06/23/08 jennafaith1
What a game! 02/06/06 Maharoba
Well Worth It! 08/30/07 mixedlion
From slightly disappointing to utterly amazing, this game is ultimately a great next gen title! 01/18/06 Ninjakid69
Great, but hard 11/01/07 okami007
Great Online + Great Gameplay = Dead or Alive 4 01/23/06 Oyakuna
Great Graphical Showcase. Not Much More 01/23/06 PatrickRes9
Ninjas Vs. Pro Wrestlers 01/02/06 PrinceRogers
Flawed, but enjoyable - A RooCH review 02/09/06 RooCH
A complex fighter game with an AI that owns you. 03/27/06 SilverLord
The best and the most balanced DoA game yet. 01/05/06 TheGrandFinale
Great Graphics, nice effects and costumes, but has an overdone counter system. 07/11/06 ThraxSpectre
Not bad, but not great 01/04/06 TychoDurandal
Some balance issues and an infuriating, cheating AI, but great miltuiplayer. 10/22/10 Xevnest24
My first and last review for a Xbox 360 game. 01/19/06 Y2JkicksRVD

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