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FAQ/Walkthrough by DSDanielStephen

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 09/20/2011

"Saints Row" Strategy Guide by Daniel 
Copyright 2011, Version 1.05 [Revision 1] 
(September 2011)
All Versions
This guide is for revision purposes and 
shouldn't be reproduced unless you have my 
permission, or for your own personal use. 
Only official websites that I feel that I 
can trust shall be allowed to reproduce it, 
and shall be UNALTERED, with my details 
left in so I am entitled to the full credit 
I deserve.

This guide contains spoilers. Therefore, if 
you do not wish to see the rewards for 
anything included in this guide, then 
please search for another guide.

If you spot any errors, have a story to 
tell, or have an alternate strategy to 
anything included in this guide, email me:

dan [dot] ste [at] live [dot] co [dot] uk

I am using this method of showing my email 
address to prevent any spambots from 
sending spam to me. I have heard many 
guidewriters have a lot of problems with 
this. I don't think I need to tell you that 
"at" replaces "@" and "dot" replaces "."

Only these websites are allowed to post
updates of my guide:

1.00 - First publication (Sept. '11)
1.05 - Corrections made and additional 
information added (Sept. '11) 

A: Who Am I?
A1: "Saints Row"

B: The Basics
B1: The Pause Menu
B2: Control Schemes (On Foot)
B3: Control Schemes (Driving)
B4: The HUD
B5: Getting Smoked & Busted
B6: Your Cribs

C: The City Of Stilwater
C1: Stores
C2: Activities
C3: Diversions
C4: Respect
C5: Style Bonus
C6: Missions & Strongholds
C7: Neighborhoods
C8: Gangs
C9: Notoriety
C10: Pushbacks

D: Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints
D1: The Streets Of Stilwater
D2: Canonized
D3: Back To Basics
D4: Saint's Row Snatch (Activity)
D5: Abandoned Storefront (Los Carnales 
D6: Reclamation
D7: Divide And Conquer

E: Activities
E1: Rewards
E2: Racing
E3: Snatch
E4: Escort
E5: Drug Trafficking
E6: Hitman
E7: Insurance Fraud
E8: Demolition Derby
E9: Chop Shop
E10: Mayhem
E11: Hijacking
E12: Loan Shark
E13: Tags
E14: CD Collecting
E15: Hostage
E16: Theft

F: Los Carnales
F1: Crackdown
F2: The Missing Shipment
F3: Fox Drive Weapons Plant (Stronghold)
F4: Homeland Security
F5: Trojan Horse
F6: Stoughton Shipyard (Stronghold)
F7: McManus Says Hello
F8: Black Bottom Refinery (Stronghold)
F9: Meeting Orejuela
F10: Strength In Numbers
F11: Cecil Park Drug Lab (Stronghold)
F12: Possession With Intent
F13: Charlestown Warehouse (Stronghold)
F14: House Call
F15: What Goes Up…

G: The Vice Kings
G1: Aisha's Favor
G2: …To Kingdom Come
G3: Sunnyvale Loft (Stronghold)
G4: Always Use Protection
G5: Reinforcements
G6: Filmore Parking Garage (Stronghold)
G7: Best Laid Plans…
G8: Abandoned Police Station (Stronghold)
G9: Green With Envy
G10: 3rd Street Vice Kings
G11: King's Grocery (Stronghold)
G12: Round Peg, Square Hole
G13: For King And Country
G14: Waterfront Rooftop (Stronghold)
G15: The King And I
G16: All The King's Men

H: The Westside Rollerz
H1: Stacking The Deck
H2: Samson's Surprise
H3: Pleasant View Storage (Stronghold)
H4: Guardian Angel
H5: Escort Service
H6: One Step Ahead
H7: Tidal Spring Apartments (Stronghold)
H8: Liberation
H9: Burying Evidence
H10: Copperton Receiving Station 
H11: No Time To Mourn
H12: Price's Mansion (Stronghold)
H13: Semi-Charmed Life

I: The Epilogue
I1: Battlefield Promotion
I2: Stuffing The Ballot
I3: Hail To The Chief
I4: Salting The Earth

J: Achievements
J1: Offline Achievements Guide
J2: Online Achievements Guide

K: Credits
K1: Special Thanks To…
K2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
K3: Goodbye!

A: Who Am I?
My name is Daniel Stephen. I am 19 years 
old, and I was originally born in Colorado 
Springs, Colorado, but I have lived in the 
east of the UK for just about all of my 
life. I have written many guides that have 
failed to get off of the ground, but I am 
now trying my best to build a reputation.

I've finished high school, working on a 
Level 3 Diploma in Digital Appliances, 
working towards a degree in IT & 
Communications in college. Computing and 
video games have been interests to me for 
half my life, and I started my first guides 
on free website builders from years ago. 
They have either been deleted or have been 
neglected for months, if not years.

However, with my new guides, I'm hoping to 
make a name for myself in the guidewriter's 
world. I will update these guides whenever 
it's necessary.

A1: "Saints Row"
"Saints Row" is a sandbox-style game, 
released only for the XBOX 360 in 2006 by 
THQ, developed by Volition Inc. The game 
was meant to also have a PS3 port, but the 
predecessors had struggled in development, 
and were forced to cancel it.

The game is set in the fictional city of 
Stilwater, loosely based on the real-life 
cities of Detroit and Chicago. The game is 
ran as a third-person shooter and elements 
from driving games, much like the modern 
"Grand Theft Auto" series, and seemed to 
try to contend with "Grand Theft Auto: San 
Andreas", as that game still had 
popularity, even two years after it's 
release. "Saints Row", however, had barely 
sold as much copies upon release (2 
million, in fact). However, it was popular 
enough for gamers and critics to call for a 

The game includes a number of things to do 
– missions, strongholds (or "mini-missions" 
as they have been coined) and Activities 
within the game that the player can attempt 
to complete and gain the rewards. Players 
can also take advantage of the 
customisation offerings, including car 
modification, tattoos, haircuts, and even 
changing the character's race and physical 
features (such as muscle). The main 
character does not have a name, however, I 
have decided to call him The Protagonist 
for the purposes of this guide.

I'll finish off this section, as we go 

B: The Basics
Before you can play the game, there are a 
few things you need to know about before 
you embark on this gaming quest.

B1: The Pause Menu
The Pause Menu includes a number of things 
you may want to use. You have a full-
working map that is able to toggle icons 
based on their type (such as Activities, 
Missions, Strongholds and Stores). You also 
have an Info tab, which shows you the 
baseline of missions you have completed, 
your Brief, and an Activities section that 
covers the completion of them. A Help guide 
is also implemented into this game if you 
are wondering what you are doing. Other 
than that, there is a tab for your cell 
phone, your audio player, a section for 
saving and loading your games, and the 
Options to change the audio, display or 
control settings.

B2: Control Schemes (On Foot)
There are three different schemes of 
controls if you choose not to venture 
through Stilwater in an automobile. There 
are a few obvious controls that you use 
that shall not be included in the list, as 
they never can be changed either way (such 
as recruiting Homies off of the street to 
accessing your Pause Menu).

Scheme A
Secondary Attack – LT
Reload/Grab Weapon – A
Weapon Switch – LS & B
Sprint – RB
Inventory – B
Jump – X
Enter/Exit Door, Enter Vehicle, Action – Y
Block Attack – LT & RT
Kick – RB

Scheme B
Secondary Attack – LT
Sprint – A
Block Attack – LT & RT
Attack – RT
Reload/Grab Weapon – RB
Inventory – B
Jump – X
Enter/Exit Door, Enter Vehicle, Action – Y
Weapon Switch – LS & B

Scheme C
Weapon Switch – RS & RB
Sprint – A
Jump – B
Enter Exit Door, Enter Vehicle, Action – Y
Reload/Grab Weapon – B
Secondary Attack – LT
Block Attack – LT & RT
Primary Attack – RT
Kick – LB
Inventory – RB

B3: Control Schemes (Driving)
There are also three different control 
schemes for driving around town. Again, 
obvious controls are left out for this one.

Scheme A
Look Left – LB
Look Right – RB
Look Behind – LB & RB
Handbrake – LT
Attack – RT
Weapon Switch – LS & B
Nitrous – (click) RS*
Accelerate – A
Inventory – B
Brake/Reverse – X
Action/Exit Vehicle – Y

Scheme B
Weapon Switch – LS & B
Nitrous – (click) RS*
Attack – A
Inventory – B
Handbrake – X
Action/Exit Car – Y
Look Left – LB
Look Right – RB
Look Behind – LB & RB
Brake/Reverse – LT
Accelerate – RT

Scheme C
Weapon Switch – RS & RB
Accelerate – A
Nitrous – B*
Brake Reverse – X
Action/Exit Car – Y
Handbrake – LT
Inventory – RB
Attack – RT
Camera – RS + LB
Toggle Camera – (hold) LB

*Nitrous is only available if you have 
installed it through the Performance 
section of Car Customisation. Nitrous can 
be purchased from Rim Jobs and used 
infinitely as a boost for speed and 

B4: The HUD
The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is used so you 
know what's happening either to you or with 
you as you go about your business. In the 
top-left corner, during any mission, 
stronghold or activity, is a bar that tells 
you what you are doing, with a small emblem 
near the corner of your screen, with facts 
and figures to go along with it sometimes. 
To the top-right corner is a Health Bar, 
Stamina Bar and Respect Bar, with the 
weapon you are currently holding in the 
middle of it, with a figure of your 
ammunition if you require it for that 

In the bottom-left corner is your radar, 
which will show any markers you have set 
with the map. There are three other blips 
that you will see on your radar, but not on 
your map – red, signifying enemy gangsters 
and cops, that are either driving or on the 
streets, purple, signifying the presence of 
a 3rd Street Saint, and green, signifying a 
friend during some activity. Around your 
radar are two notoriety meters – the top 
half for gang notoriety, and the bottom 
half for Police notoriety.

In the bottom right, when opened, is your 
inventory – showing what weapons you have 
on hand. There are three slots – fists, 
melee weapons (such as knifes), pistols, 
SMGs, shotguns, rifles, special weapons 
(RPGs and the like), and thrown weapons 
(grenades or pipe bombs).

B5: Getting Smoked & Busted
In this world, it can get crazy. This means 
you may absorb too many bullets and die 
(getting Smoked) or joining in on the 
action could earn you a stint in a jail 
cell before someone bails you out. If you 
die, you get a message in the middle of 
your screen, saying "You're Smoked!" If you 
were on a mission, you will have to option 
to go again or just quit the mission. 
However, dying outside of one will spawn 
you at the nearest hospital, and the game 
will take off 20% of the money you have. 
You get to keep your weapons, though, so 
you won't have to go spending money on 
rebuilding the cache you had on hand. If 
you get Busted, it's the same routine as 
getting Smoked.

B6: Your Cribs
You can have usage to Cribs in the game 
when you unlock them (all of them through 
game completion). For each Crib, there are 
always a few things that you need access 

Save Point: You can save your game through 
the marker with the boxart floating above 
Weapons Cache: See what weapons you have 
unlocked in your cache, and restock on your 
weapons if it allows you.
Stash: Collect the money from owned 
Wardrobe: Change you apparel if you want 
Garage: See what vehicles you have saved in 
your garage. You save cars by either 
customizing them at Rim Jobs and then 
leaving them, or by parking it in the 

Make what you have for the things you have 
access to, because you may need them as you 
progress through the game.

C: The City Of Stilwater
Stilwater is a mixed bag of everything 
you'd expect in an American metropolis. The 
city is split into two islands – one to the 
north, and one to the south.

In the north, Stilwater is a quaint little 
area to live in. You have the Suburbs in 
the west, the Downtown and High End Retail 
districts in the centre, and the Museums in 
the east. However, going into the south, 
the mainframe of this city somewhat 

To the west, there is the Ultor Dome and 
the Apartments, with Chinatown and the 
Barrio in the centre and Wardill Airport in 
the south. But in the east, the Docks & 
Warehouses and the Factories are somewhat 
rundown, with derelict refineries, shabby 
factories and disused steel mills. In the 
north are the Projects and the Red Light 
District, filled with players, pimps, 
pushers and prostitutes. And to the 
northeast is Saint's Row – what used to be 
a pleasant suburb is now filled with the 
undesirables, and is battered by shootouts 
between combinations of Vice Kings, Los 
Carnales or Westside Rollerz set of gangs 
operating in and around the city.

Stilwater seems interesting, but we'll see 
what there is to do in this city.

C1: Stores
In Stilwater, you are able to purchase an 
array of customs, from jewellers to 
clothing stores and weapons dealers. Here 
are many more of them.

Car Customisation: If your car is getting 
rusty, damaged or just looks boring, you 
can do something through the vast amount of 
Rim Jobs mechanics throughout the city. You 
can repair your car if you have picked up 
damage, and you can go through picking 
different styles for certain aspects of 
your car. No two vehicles can be customized 
with the same styles, providing for over a 
thousand different styles for 

Car Dealerships: At Foreign Power, you can 
pick a small amount of exotic, sports and 
luxury cars. It's good to go in for a 
better model if you have the money for it.

Clothing: There is a range of clothing 
stores, providing an array of clothing 
lines in different price ranges. There are 
four main clothing stores – Sloppy Seconds, 
On The Rag, Branded and Impressions, in 
order of low-to-high price ranges. The more 
expensive the clothing, and the more it 
represents you as a member of the 3rd Street 
Saints, the better the Style Bonus that 
comes out of it.

Forgive & Forget: If the situation with a 
rival gang or the police gets a bit too 
hectic, running to the local confessional 
will take that pressure off of you – for a 
small fee, of course.

Gun Stores: Throughout Stilwater is a 
branch of dealerships for the latest 
weapons technology in town, called Friendly 
Fire. You can buy anything from a .44 
Shepherd to a McManus sniper rifle.

Jewellery: On Thin Ice will provide you 
with the latest fashion in chains, 
medallions, and all the other things. There 
are five types of metals you can buy these 
in – steel, bronze, silver, gold, and 
platinum. The more expensive jewellery you 
buy, the higher your Style Bonus will rise.

Liquor Stores: Brown Baggers will provide 
you with all the 40 oz's you can take…or 
hold, at least. They also sell blunts 
should the mood take you to get high.

Movie Theater: If you want to replay the 
cutscenes to the missions you have 
completed, this is the place for you. You 
can also replay the mission itself if you 
want to.

Music Stores: If you've heard a song on one 
of the Stilwater's radio stations, you can 
purchase them at the local Scratch That 
music store. They will be accessed on your 
audio player in the Pause Menu, and you can 
play these tracks as you go about whatever 
you're doing whilst roaming around 

Plastic Surgeons: Image As Designed will 
allow you to begin customizing your 
character again (if you want to pump up his 
muscle or even change his race). This will 
cost $3,000 if you want to go through it 

Salons: If you're not happy with your 
hairstyle, you can purchase another style 
if you choose to.

Tattoo Parlor: Get inked with the latest 
fashion. Again, if you choose a cool style 
or one that will recognise you as part of 
the Saints, your Style Bonus rises.

C2: Activities
Throughout the world of Stilwater are 
Activities you can attempt, signified on a 
blue background on your map and radar. This 
is explained in more detail in "E: 
Activities" and what they offer in "E1: 

C3: Diversions
There are mainly two diversions into the 
game – Theft and Hostage. They are covered 
in the "E: Activities" section of this 

C4: Respect
So, what is Respect in the game?

Primarily, Respect is needed for mostly all 
of the missions and stronghold you need to 
attempt. It can be earned by completing 
activities or diversions. When you fill up 
your first bar, you will see an "x1" on 
your Respect bar in your HUD. This is what 
you need to start a mission. Your bar will 
empty when you attempt a mission or a 
stronghold, and if it runs out, you need to 
fill it up again before you can attempt 
another one. Your respect bar can be filled 
up to "x99".

C5: Style Bonus
For buying certain clothing, jewellery, or 
anything else for your apparel, you will 
earn a Style Bonus, which can go towards a 
small percentage boost to Respect you get 
awarded from Activities and Diversions. It 
starts at 0%, and as far as I know, it goes 
up 5% each time you advance a level. Your 
Style Bar can be seen whilst buying things 
for your apparel, and large boosts arise 
from more expensive jewellery, to purple 
clothing to signify which gang you are 
rollin' with.

C6: Missions & Strongholds
Missions and strongholds are the bread and 
butter of the game. You can be rewarded 
just about anything for completion for the 
mission, from money to a neighborhood that 
you gain control of. Gaining territory is 
the name of this game, as this will help 
you earn money, because collecting from 
your Stash in your Crib will earn you a bit 
of money for controlling neighborhoods. It 
also boosts the prominence of the Saints.

C7: Neighborhoods
In Stilwater, you have the neighborhoods. 
Each gang hails parts of the city through 
these, and taking them over will change the 
gang in special ways – from the guns they 
use to the cars they drive. There are 36 in 
total, and owning enough of them will allow 
you more homies to protect you.

C8: Gangs
Stilwater has four gangs at the beginning 
of the game – Los Carnales rule the 
southern region of the city, the Westside 
Rollerz hail the Apartments and the Arena 
in the south, with most of the Suburbs in 
the north, and the Vice Kings are in charge 
of most of the northern island, as well as 
the Red Light District and the Projects. 
The 3rd Street Saints have a shaky grip on 
Mission Beach, where they are based within 
Saint's Row.

The other three gangs are contesting 
Saint's Row, whilst the Saints sit and 
suffer each and every gang attack – the 
state of the church that they take refuge 
in shows the scars of the violence. 
However, with the introduction of your 
character, things will begin to change…

C9: Notoriety
If you happen to piss off a gang member, 
you will earn notoriety. This is the level 
of hostility to gangs and the police. There 
are five levels:

Level 1 (Gangs) – Any gang member that sees 
you will attempt to gun you down.
Level 1 (Police) – Any beat cop will 
attempt to beat you down and arrest you.

Level 2 (Gangs) – A lone gang member will 
pursue you.
Level 2 (Police) – A lone officer will 
pursue you, and they will begin using their 

Level 3 (Gangs) – A pair of gang members 
will pursue you.
Level 3 (Police) – SWAT teams will block 
off the roads, and may choose to place down 
spike strips.

Level 4 (Gangs) – Three gang members will 
pursue you.
Level 4 (Police) – A SWAT helicopter will 
hover around, attempting to bring you down.

Level 5 (Gangs) – Four gang members will 
pursue you, launching a full-scale attack 
on you.
Level 5 (Police) – The FBI will attempt to 
take you down with their GDHC .50 pistols.

Notoriety will go down if you hide out for 
a while, and can be totally wiped off at a 
Forgive and Forget.

C10: Pushbacks
When you take over a district, you will 
have to defend it. When a Pushback begins, 
you will get a call from a random fellow 
thug, informing you of where the Pushback 
is. The contested neighborhood will pulse 
on the map until you have slain the 
lieutenants commanding the Pushback. When 
you have completed a Pushback, you regain 
control of that neighborhood and you earn a 
Respect boost as well. If you get Smoked 
during a Pushback, you will have to attempt 
to kill all the lieutenants again until you 
come out victorious, meaning that you can 
leave a Pushback as long as you like, 
because you cannot lose that neighborhood 
(although you will lose the revenue you 
earn in your Stash for owning that 

D: Welcome To The 3rd Street Saints

D1: The Streets Of Stilwater
After designing your character, you begin a 
cutscene to spark off the beginning of the 

The Protagonist walks down an alley, 
walking past a man selling jewellery in the 
street, before walking up to a hooker. He 
then hears an annoyed thug exclaim his 
irritation, as a group of thugs in blue 
(Westside Rollerz) stand in front of a wall 
with a Vice Kings tag on it. As they begin 
to spray it over, a group of Vice Kings 
question what they are doing, before 
beginning a firefight. A car filled with 
Hispanic men in red (Los Carnales) then 
pull up, spraying at the mob, before 
getting shot at and then driving away, 
crashing into The Protagonist and begins to 
go up in flames. A Westside Roller kills 
the survivors, before a lone Vice King 
attempts to silence The Protagonist. A 
gunshot sounds.

Two men drag The Protagonist away from the 
burning wreck, with the Vice King shot 
dead. The pair happens to be in a small-
time gang, known as the 3rd Street Saints – 
one of them is Julius Little, the leader, 
and Troy Bradshaw, the chief lieutenant. 
Julius tells The Protagonist to come over 
to the church to be the Saints' "solution" 
to the problems plaguing their district.

A purple marker will be in front of the 
church across the street from the alley you 
are standing in. Head over to it to begin 
the next mission.

D2: Canonized
Julius and Troy walk out of the church, and 
Julius begins rallying his troops. He talks 
about the state of the Row, and tells his 
troops that they are to take back what's 
rightfully theirs – the district of Saint's 
Row. As the crowd cheer, one of them spots 
The Protagonist, and reminds Julius the 
rules of becoming a Saint. Because of this, 
The Protagonist has to endure something 
known as "canonizing".

You have to fight your way through five 
challengers to become enlisted. You are 
told the controls to fight – use them to 
your advantage. Blocking attacks and then 
countering them straight away is the 
difference between getting hurt and owning 
the competition. There are five challengers 
that you have to attempt to defeat – the 
first one on his own, the second and third 
at once, and the fourth and fifth at once. 
Win or lose, you will earn your right of 
being a 3rd Street Saint. Julius will then 
tell the group that showing the Saints' 
ruthlessness is key to getting their part 
of town back from the other sets.

Mission Completed
$1,000 if you won, $200 if you were 
Natural Leader – Recruit up to one homie to 
help you
Wheel Woman as a Homie – call her on your 
cell phone if you need help
"Canonized" Achievement – 10G

Straight after this mission, you will 
automatically begin…

D3: Back To Basics
Troy wants The Protagonist to go along with 
him to get a piece. Run to the Friendly 
Fire gun dealership just down the road, and 
buy any gun you can afford from here – it 
is best to start off with the Vice 9, 
because it is cheaper and more common on 
the streets, so you won't have to spend as 
much money to get more ammunition for it. 
Troy then suggests the he and The 
Protagonist set about "cleaning up the 
Row". Kill the Vice Kings around the way, 
and take their gang car to the local 
Forgive and Forget. You use the Forgive and 
Forget to lose any Notoriety for a price – 
however, this time and on many occasions, 
it's free of charge. When you've lost the 
notoriety, drop Troy off at the local 
Freckle Bitch's to complete the mission.

Mission Completed
$500, 500 Respect
Saint's Row Loft as a crib, located in 
Mission Beach

Julius will inform you about an Activity 
you can begin in Harrowgate.

D4: Saint's Row Snatch (Activity)
When you activate this mission, you are 
introduced to Will, one of the local pimps, 
and he has agreed to spread the word about 
the Saints if The Protagonist steals some 
likeable girls from his rivals. A nice way 
for the game to introduce you to 

Snatch is basically killing a pimp, 
recruiting his girls and dropping them off 
where you started. It is advised to bring a 
four-seated vehicle. This is pretty simple, 
and the fightbacks from the Westside 
Rollerz aren't very challenging. There are 
only two levels – in all other Activities, 
there are eight levels/variants.

Level 1 - $100, 2000 Respect
Level 2 – $250, 2500 Respect, Will as a 
Homie – call him on your cell phone if you 
need help

You will have enough Respect to carry you 
through the last of the missions based in 
Saint's Row.

D5: Abandoned Storefront (Los Carnales 
Troy has found out that this storefront in 
Athos Bay is being used as a hideout for 
Los Carnales, and it's The Protagonist's 
job to clear it out. Kill the Carnales on 
your path through the store, and then hunt 
down the leader of operations. You won't be 
able to harm him until he bails on the 
seafront in Mission Beach. Kill him when he 

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Athos Bay

D6: Reclamation
When you arrive at the church to activate 
this mission, The Protagonist learns that 
Troy has had a tip-off of a gang fight 
involving all three of the rival gangs at 
the docks in Harrowgate. Get into a four-
seated vehicle (there is one parked down 
the street near the Brown Baggers Liquor 
Store) and head down to the docks to begin 
fighting through each gang. When you have 
killed the lieutenants, and evaded the cops 
that arrived, head back to the church to 
begin another cutscene involving a rallying 
of the troops.

Julius tells the gang that although Saint's 
Row is in their hands, they will have more 
business to attend to as they plan to take 
the city for themselves. Dex is appointed 
in dealing with Los Carnales; Johnny Gat 
with the Vice Kings under Dex's supervision 
after Troy turns it down, and another gang 
lieutenant named Lin for the Westside 
Rollerz as she plans to infiltrate their 
ranks to find out who they are and how to 
take them apart.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Harrowgate
"Reclamationist" Achievement – 10G

D7: Divide And Conquer
Now that Saint's Row is under the 3rd Street 
Saints' command, there are now three 
mission paths to complete in order to 
defeat each gang and take over the city. 
However, in order to complete these 
missions, you'll need a high amount of 
Respect to go through them all in one clean 

E: Activities
Throughout the city are Activities – side 
missions that you'll need to do to get the 
Respect you need to defeat this game. There 
are eight levels for most activities (in 
Chop Shop and Hitman, there are eight 

E1: Rewards
Here is the list of rewards:

Level 1 - $100, 700 Respect
Level 2 - $250, 800 Respect
Level 3 - $500, 900 Respect
Level 4 - $1,000, 1000 Respect
Level 5 - $1,500, 1100 Respect
Level 6 - $2,000, 1200 Respect
Level 7 - $3,000, 1300 Respect
Level 8 - $5,000, 1400 Respect, Bonus 

Note that the Chop Shop Activity is the 
only mainstream Activity that does not 
follow this list of rewards.

For completing a variant of an Activity, 
there is a reward for doing so. This can be 
anything, from store discounts, free 
clothing, free cars or bonus weapons being 
placed into your crib's cache. There are 
three variants for mostly every activity – 
one for each gang. For completing all of 
those variants, you get a special reward 
(usually linked to the rewards for 
completing each variant) and an Achievement 
for completing it.

E2: Racing
In Racing, you have to partake in the 
illegal pastime through the streets of 
Stilwater. For whatever car you are 
driving, your opponents will be driving 
cars in the same class – Volition Inc. 
wanted to up the ante for this one because 
this doesn't allow for outclassing your 
opponents, making this one tough. I 
recommend a Voxel tuner car, usually driven 
by the Westside Rollerz, as I have 
completed all 24 races with it. Also, 
fitting nitrous at Rim Jobs helps if you 
need a final boost over the finish line.

Follow the path that the radar shows you, 
as it is usually accurate and the fastest 
way across the line. If you find the other 
racers bashing you about, fix your car 
either before the race or after the race if 
you're confident you won't get one bump too 

There are three types of races – checkpoint 
(a simple race through a fixed course), lap 
(a circuit race), and point-to-point (race 
from start to finish in the fastest route 
you can). There are three opponents in each 
race – point-to-point excluded, because 
there are 7 other opponents you have to 
race. The last race (Level 8) is a mixture 
of all checkpoint races.

Los Carnales Variant:
After meeting up with a guy with a "special 
taste" in magazines, The Protagonist is 
hooked up with some street races if he is 
Reward – Discounted Prices at Rim Jobs (a 
10%-off boost)

Vice Kings Variant:
A well-known racer has had one of his crew 
taken out, and offers The Protagonist the 
spot he once took.
Reward – Discounted Prices at Rim Jobs (a 
10%-off boost)

Westside Rollerz Variant:
A street race forms, with The Protagonist 
involved in it. The racer girl tells him to 
get to the line if he actually wants to 
Reward – Discounted Prices at Rim Jobs (a 
10%-off boost)

All Variants Completed:
Discounted Prices at Rim Jobs (a 20%-off 
"Tuner" Achievement – 10G

E3: Snatch
If you remember doing this for Will whilst 
doing missions for the Saints, then you 
know what you're doing – rescuing girls 
from their abusive pimps. However, the 
higher levels will make this more of a 
challenge. It is advised to bring a four-
seated vehicle, and to stock up on your 
best weapons regularly over the course of 
the Activity. You will need to start 
planning your routes to picking up girls 
after Level 3, as you will need to bring 
more than one carload of girls back.

Los Carnales Variant:
A Barrio pimp has lost out on all of her 
girls, and wants some more bringing back to 
get her business back up and running.
Reward – Pimp Clothing

Vice Kings Variant:
After dealing with an unwelcome guest, 
Vicki, the local Madame, tells that she has 
lost out on all of her girls, thanks to the 
local gangs. She wants The Protagonist to 
bring them back to her.
Reward – Pimp Jewellery

Westside Rollerz Variant:
After roughing up a hick over a knocked-
down tin tower, The Protagonist needs to 
get "Daddy" his girls back.
Reward – Special Variant of the Baron

All Variants Completed:
Pimpcane Shotgun in your weapons cache
"Pimp" Achievement – 10G

E4: Escort
In Escort, you have to drive around a high-
end hooker as she "services" V.I.P. 
clients. However, the media and the odd 
Private Investigator will pursue you. You 
have two meters – Pleasure and Footage. If 
the Footage meter fills up, you fail the 
Activity. If the Pleasure meter is fully 
filled, you can drop the client off to 
finish off the level. The paparazzi will 
become more persistent in the way they try 
and get their footage in later levels. 
Also, after every two levels in a row you 
complete, you will have to drop off this 
girl back at the start, and pick up another 
girl. In later levels, the customer also 
makes requests, such as causing 1000 points 
of damage to other vehicles or dropping 
them off at a motel.

Los Carnales Variant:
The owner of this club offers The 
Protagonist money if he looks after his 
girls and their V.I.P. clients. He also 
warns about the media attention that will 
have to be dealt with.
Reward – A new set of clothing

Vice Kings Variant:
After helping the owner of Tee 'N' Ay deal 
with a goon with a camera, The Protagonist 
is offered a job helping with the owner's 
girls and their customers.
Reward – Samantha as a Homie – call her to 
have her help you out

Westside Rollerz Variant:
A woman that runs a female escort business 
trusts The Protagonist to be the driver 
fending off unwanted attention.
Reward – Special Variant of the Anchor News 

All Variants Completed:
Special Variant of The Job
"Fluffer" Achievement – 10G

E5: Drug Trafficking
In Drug Trafficking, you have to protect a 
dealer from the rival gangs and the 
authorities as they snag customers from the 
street. You will be protecting them through 
whatever number of deals they have to make, 
and then the drive back home. Use the 
weapons offered to you to fend them off.

Los Carnales Variant:
Tobias, a local drug dealer, almost got 
arrested thanks to his protection, which is 
now lying dead in front of him. He then 
offers The Protagonist the job of 
protecting him from Los Carnales that are 
getting pissed off because of his deals.
Reward – Los Carnales notoriety decreases 

Vice Kings Variant:
Marvin wants to make a few deals here and 
there to get some cash, but the local gangs 
and the authorities are pressurising him. 
He needs some protection, and is willing to 
pay The Protagonist a cut.
Reward – Vice Kings notoriety decreases 

Westside Rollerz Variant:
Laura, a soccer mom living in the suburbs, 
wants to do some drug deals because she's 
been told that there's good money in it. 
However, she's pretty nervous of what 
certain people may do for dealing on their 
turf, so she seeks protection in The 
Reward – Westside Rollerz notoriety 
decreases faster, Laura as a Homie – call 
her to have her help you out

All Variants Completed:
Police notoriety decreases faster
"Pusher" Achievement – 10G

E6: Hitman
In Hitman, you have to take out eight 
targets with a specific weapon for each 
list. This is single-handedly the most 
difficult and the most annoying Activity 
you could attempt. Therefore, I will guide 
you through all twenty-four hits.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Patience is key. It will take hours of your
gaming time in order to hunt down and kill
the targets, making this the most annoying
Activity you'll put up with. Thankfully, the
sweet rewards you gain will make up for it.

If the target you have on the HUD is in the 
area you are in, a grey target reticule 
will be displayed on your map and radar. 
Keep your eyes peeled on the radar as you 
roam around.

When the hit is placed on the HUD, that 
person purposely becomes difficult to find. 
Memorize what they look like, and the 
weapons they need to be killed with, 
because half of the hits I pulled off were not
pinned on my HUD. It is advised to keep them
off your HUD unless it's necessary.

Look at that person's picture, and 
determine what time they're likely to be 
out, and where they're likely to be. Old 
ladies will wander around during morning 
and midday, and the players and prostitutes 
will be out at night. With that in mind, 
stock up on the weapons you need and get to 
fulfilling these contracts.

Los Carnales Variant:
A woman shows The Protagonist a picture of 
someone she wants killed, along with a 
briefcase filled with money. She then 
discusses two thoughts The Protagonist may 
be having – how he could be a hitman, or 
how to spend that money. The second option 
is advised.

Julia – Vice 9
Julia is an old lady that can usually be 
found taking a leisurely stroll early in 
the day around the Barrio.

Thomas – Baseball Bat
A construction worker, Thomas is likely to 
be around the construction sites and the 

Gabriel – Tombstone
Another construction worker, Gabriel is 
most likely to be hanging around the 

Chris – SKR-7 Spree
The guy's a mailman, so look out for any 
mail vans driving around town, especially 
around the Airport.

Theresa – Knife
This ho is usually at the top of the main 
road running through Encanto on a night. 
Look out for any prostitutes, and the game 
is more than likely to generate Theresa.

Tina – GDHC .50
Tina is usually riding around on her blades 
around the museum districts.

Bill – Molotov Cocktails
He is usually hanging around the factories 
at night. Test and adjust your aiming with 
these things.

John – McManus
John works for SWAT and their flying squad, 
so get Level 4 Police Notoriety and snipe 
him off of that helicopter.

Reward – Gilded GDHC .50 in your weapons 

Vice Kings Variant:
A man sits down with The Protagonist to 
discuss something. One of his friends has 
an upcoming court case, and there are a few 
people he'd rather not take the witness 
stand. He trusts The Protagonist to take 
care of it.

Dick – Knife
This guy can be difficult to find. I found 
him wandering near the Ultor Dome and the 
projects at dusk.

Marty – Baseball Bat
The old man can be found around the suburbs 
on a morning.

Richard – .44 Shepherd
Richard's a businessman, so you're more 
than likely to find him walking or driving 
to work through Downtown and the High End 
Retail districts.

Henry – T3K Urban
Henry is a chauffeur, so you want to find a 
Status Quo and drive it around the downtown 
to spawn more, hopefully coaxing out Henry.

Billy Bob – 12 Gauge
I found this guy early on a morning in 
downtown. Seeing as he's possibly the only 
hick you'll see wandering through this 
area, he sticks out like a sore thumb.

Don - .44 Shepherd
Don is a 'player' – getting pussy by 
pretending to be a gangster – and can 
easily be found driving or hitching a ride 
through the Red Light District at night.

Hank – Molotov Cocktails
Hank drives a delivery truck, usually 
around the museum. Look out for those 
trucks, get Hank to exit his vehicle, and 
pelt those cocktails at him.

Louise – RPG Launcher
Louise is a meter maid, and drives a Quota. 
They are more popular around the High End 
Retail, and when stopped, she's more than 
likely to write you a ticket. Blast her 

Reward – Platinum T3K Urban in your weapons 

Westside Rollerz Variant:
Mr. Wong, the owner of a teashop, talks 
business with his translator to make full 
understanding of it. After shooting his 
translator in the leg, Wong tells The 
Protagonist that he wishes death on those 
that have wronged him.

Jackie – Vice 9
Jackie is an EMT, so it will take a few 
calls to 911 to tick her off of the list.

Alan – Knife
Alan is usually walking down the streets 
surrounding the Ultor Dome.

Jose – T3K Urban
A trucker, Jose is more than likely driving 
down the highways, especially at the 
stretch of highway at Copperton and the 
Truck Yard district.

Charles – Nightstick
Charles can be found around the suburbs.

Roxanne – NR4
This dumb blonde can be found wandering 
around the Apartments district, rather than 
the Barrio.

Juan – Tombstone
This guy is tricky, but keep him off of 
your HUD – he's pretty memorable with those 
unsightly red pants. He is more commonly 
found in the Barrio district.

Bucky – Hand Grenade
He's hard to miss – he's a man in a hotdog 
suit. He's commonly found at the Arena 
district, around the northern and eastern 
sides of the Ultor Dome.

Bill – K6 Krukov
Bill is an FBI agent, which calls for one 
thing only – get Level 5 Police notoriety. 
This is more easily achieved by attempting 
Level 8 of the Westside Rollerz variant of 
Drug Trafficking, where you have maximum 
Police notoriety to start off. The game 
will usually give you a K6 Krukov for this 
level of the Activity.

Reward – Platinum AS12 Riot Shotgun in your 
weapons cache, Mr. Wong as a Homie – call 
him to have him help you out

All Variants Completed:
Platinum RPG Launcher in your weapons cache
A Friendly Fire discount of 50%
"Contract Killer" Achievement – 10G

E7: Insurance Fraud
You need to take a dive in order to make 
some money. Pressing LT or RT will allow 
you to fall, and if you're in the zone, you 
earn the money for it. You get multipliers 
for a few things – being hit by a civil 
service vehicle (an Ambulance, for 
example), being hit by a vehicle anyway, 
and someone who witnesses it. If you want 
to make a big amount of money, take a Five-
O and head to the zone, and collide head on 
with a vehicle in that zone – the civil 
service bonus will rack up the green. 
Repair the squad car every level so you 
don't totally wreck it. Completing the 
first few levels of your first variant will 
earn you the "Grifter" Achievement for 10G, 
so there's an easy Achievement in there as 

Los Carnales Variant:
Dr. Gonzalez wants The Protagonist to 
pretend to get hurt so he can make some 
cash from the insurance claims.
Reward – Less damage from car collisions

Vice Kings Variant:
Legal Lee, a well-known lawyer, knows how 
he and The Protagonist can make money 
through taking a few dives and claiming 
money from successful lawsuits.
Reward – Less damage from bullets

Westside Rollerz Variant:
A man wants The Protagonist to fake 
injuries to make some money.
Reward – Less damage from explosions

All Variants Completed – Faster health 

E8: Demolition Derby
There is only one variant that The 
Protagonist finds himself entered for – the 
one at the Arena. Your objective is to 
destroy a set amount of cars during the 
round. You must watch out for your own 
health bar (the rival cars will also have a 
health bar above them). You need to be the 
one to have delivered the last blow to an 
opponent before they blow up – if you ram 
it and set it on fire, but another car 
smashes into it before it blows, you won't 
get credit for it. Use nitrous and ram 
straight into an opponent for maximum 

Ruckus and Rampage Demo Derby vehicles 
added to your garage
"Demo Demon" Achievement – 10G

E9: Chop Shop
In Chop Shop, you have to complete a 
wishlist of cars, dropping them off for the 
mechanic that needs them. There are 
specific modifications that are required 
for it – you don't have to search for the 
exact replica of the vehicle most of the 
times, seeing as you can just pick one up 
and make these modifications at the nearest 
Rim Jobs.

Los Carnales Variant:
A paralysed mechanic, known as "The 
Wheelman", says that he knows cars that 
will sell, and wants The Protagonist to 
bring them back for a reward.

Reaper – No Modifications - $1,500 Reward
This can be found at Wardill Airport on 
rare occasions. They are not common, but if 
you have advanced through the Westside 
Rollerz storyline long enough to be able to 
have Zombie Lin as a Homie, she will arrive 
in a Reaper. That is a good way to get it 
if you can't find it.

Ambulance – No Modifications - $1,000 
Easy enough, just dial 911 and steal it 
from the EMT.

Destiny – No Modifications - $750 Reward
This vehicle is common around the city, but 
if you're stuck on it, the Wheel Woman will 
drive this when you call upon her.

Taxi – Street Hood - $750 Reward
This is another common vehicle. If you 
can't find one, call TNA Taxis (555 455 
8008), EagleLine Yellow (555 018 0174) or 
Big Willy's Cabs (555 819 8415) and kill 
the driver to obtain it.

Slingshot – Stylish Hood - $750 Reward
This is a common car throughout the city, 
and the 3rd Street Saints will use it as a 
gang vehicle early on in the game's 

Bootlegger – Hot Rod Hood - $1,000 Reward
This vehicle is most common throughout the 
day around the Factories and the Docks & 
Warehouses districts.

Compton – Muscle Hood, Stylish Rims - 
$1,000 Reward
The Vice Kings drive this vehicle, so 
getting into some trouble with them should 
generate them with a high enough notoriety.

La Fuerza – Hot Rod Hood, Low-rider Rims - 
$1,000 Reward
If you got into a little trouble with Los 
Carnales, one of these gangsters should 
pull up in this vehicle. This is an easier 
way to get it rather than hoping you get 
lucky with it.

Reward – Special Variant of the Hollywood

Vice Kings Variant:
The Protagonist runs into a mechanic who 
specialises in restoring beaten-up 
vehicles. His skills are in high demand, so 
if The Protagonist brought some cars back 
for him, they'd both make some money.

Cavallaro – No Modifications - $500 Reward
If you want to find one for sure, you can 
steal one from Los Carnales as they use 
this as a gang vehicle.

Quota – No Modifications - $1,000 Reward 
These vehicles are likely to spawn around 
Downtown and the High End Retail districts.

FBI – No Modifications - $5,000 Reward
This one is easy – laid out at least. You 
need to earn maximum Police notoriety and 
snag the cruiser from the agents. You may 
want to begin your quest for one near a 
Forgive and Forget, killing the agents 
inside as one pulls up, and running through 
the confessional and driving away the 
unattended vehicle with no question.

Keystone – Retro Spoiler - $500 Reward
These small four-seated SUV-type sedans can 
be found commonly around Stilwater.

Nordberg – Sport Spoiler - $2,000 Reward
These vehicles are commonly found around 
the North Island more than anywhere else.

Nelson – Street Spoiler - $2,500 Reward
If you can't find one, you can purchase 
them from the Foreign Power car 

Mag – Off Road 1 Bumpers, Off Road Rims - 
$2,500 Reward
The Mag can be found around the northern 
reaches of the city, but if you can't find 
one, you can jack the one on the higher 
levels of Hijacking (Vice Kings) and then 
cancel the Activity to drive away with it.

Bulldog – Luxury Body Kit, Stylish 1 Rims - 
$2,500 Reward
This is an uncommon SUV, to say the least, 
but as the 3rd Street Saints have at least 
80% of the neighborhoods (approximately), 
it will become their gang vehicle. Play the 
higher levels of Los Carnales Hijacking for 
it to be the target vehicle, and cancel the 
Activity when you have control of it.

Reward – Special Variant of the Stiletto

Westside Rollerz Variant:
Dennis, the mechanic, shares his hard times 
with The Protagonist. He is in charge of a 
shipment of vehicles being delivered to Mr. 
Wong, and if it isn't completed, he's going 
to be in hot water with him. He needs some 

Peterliner – No Modifications - $1,000 
These semi-trucks are very common as you 
drive along the highways of the city.

Nightingale – No Modifications - $1,000 
There is only one spawn for this – around 
the main building at the Airport, near the 
garage doors. Sometimes it will spawn 
there, other times it won't. Keep on 
checking around there.

Halberd – No Modifications - $500 Reward
They are small, Mini Cooper-type vehicles 
that are either common or uncommon, 
depending on the randomness of your game.

Westbury – Muscle Rims - $500 Reward
Check around the suburbs on a morning. This 
has worked for me more times than it would 
anywhere else, or at night.

Varsity – Street Grill - $500
These are pickup trucks, usually with the 
word "Wasabi" written boldly on the back of 
it. They are easy to spot when you come 
across one.

Raycaster – Racing Exhaust - $2,000
They are pretty rare sports cars, however, 
you can purchase one for $12,000 at any of 
the Foreign Power car dealerships.

Attrazione – Sport Front Bumper, 
Convertible Roof - $3,000 Reward
This car is extremely rare; you'd be very 
lucky to find one on the streets. If you 
wait until you are able to get a special 
variant Attrazione from one of the 
Activities, you can deliver it. If you have 
the money, but no patience, you can 
purchase one from Foreign Power for a hefty 

Zenith – Racing Exhaust, Racing Convertible 
Roof - $3,000 Reward
This is another annoyingly rare vehicle. 
There are random spawns for it in a number 
of parking lots, or you can purchase one 
from Foreign Power for $50,000 if the worst 
comes to the worst.

Reward – Special Variant of the Ricochet

All Variants Completed:
A mechanical discount for repairing your 
"Scavenger" Achievement – 10G

E10: Mayhem
The clue is in the name – wreak havoc 
within a certain area of Stilwater. There 
is a time limit to cause enough damage to 
property in that area. For everything you 
destroy, you create a combo – the higher 
the combo, the more money you earn, but the 
faster it will empty. This means that to 
create the best amount of damage is to do 
it in quick succession. You will be given 
an infinite amount of ammunition for a 
certain weapon, such as thrown weapons, 
RPGs, and all the like. You also get a 
money bonus for killing a certain group of 
people, or a certain class of vehicle, or 
even a certain weapon you are using.

Los Carnales Variant:
The owner of this nightclub has had people 
cross him, and therefore, he wants The 
Protagonist to teach them a lesson by 
destroying their property.
Reward – Molotov Cocktails in your weapons 

Vice Kings Variant:
The owner of the Stocks nightclub is pretty 
pissed off because of her ex-husband 
running off into the sunset with her 
sister. She wants The Protagonist to teach 
him a lesson by destroying his property.
Reward – Grenades in your weapons cache

Westside Rollerz Variant:
The nightclub owner is pretty worried about 
the attention his venture is getting. 
Thanks to one of his informants within the 
P.D., he has learned that they plan to raid 
the club. He wants The Protagonist to cause 
a whole lot of trouble elsewhere so the 
cops have to drop their raid to focus on 
stopping someone destroying city property.
Reward – Pipebombs in your weapons cache

All Variants Completed:
RPG Launcher in your weapons cache
"Vandal" Achievement – 10G

E11: Hijacking
In this Activity, you have to steal a 
vehicle from it's owners, reaching it in a 
certain time, causing enough damage to it 
to get the driver to stop, and then bring 
it back to the depot. Each target that you 
jack will earn you notoriety – if it's a 
gang vehicle, then you will have to face 
gangs, with civilian vehicles, the 
authorities will go after you. It's 
recommended to dial up some of your Homies 
and taking them with you. They will help 
you cause extra damage to that vehicle, and 
they'll help you fend off resistance.

Los Carnales Variant:
The owner of this depot has lost a valuable 
shipment, but trusts The Protagonist to 
take the other shipments around town to 
cover his losses.
Reward – Racer's Clothing

Vice Kings Variant:
A man has just bought this depot, with the 
vision of making a lot of money for it. 
Meanwhile, he talks about a company that he 
tried to join, but got turned away from. He 
knows what shipments they're running, and 
as revenge, he wants The Protagonists to 
steal all of them.
Reward – Racer's Jewellery

Westside Rollerz Variant:
Phil, the owner of this depot, doesn't 
think that The Protagonist is willing to 
get dirty enough to steal his rival's 
Reward – Special Variant of the Attrazione

All Variants Completed:
Special Variant of the Titan
"Fast and Furious" Achievement – 10G

If you have beaten everything from "E1: 
Racing" to "E11: Hijacking", you will earn 
the "Racket Lord" Achievement, worth 160G.

E12: Loan Shark
The Loan Shark is not necessarily an 
Activity, but there is an Achievement to 
it. You can borrow money from Mike and Dan 
from First Born Loans – anything from 
$5,000 to $50,000, based on the number of 
neighborhoods you control. You will then 
have to pay it back in a set amount of 
days. There is an Achievement, "Jumped The 
Shark" (10G), for withdrawing $200,000 from 
the Loan Office. You can repay the loan 5-
10 seconds after you've took it out, so you 
can keep on running in and out of the 
marker to withdraw and give back the money 
until you've earned the Achievement.

E13: Tags
Hidden around Stilwater are 75 tags – 25 
for each rival gang. You will have to 
perform a button combination to complete 
the tag, and your notoriety towards the 
gang that you're screwing out of their 
artwork will slowly rise. It is best to get 
this done as fast as you can, or wait until 
you have defeated the gang so you won't 
earn notoriety from it. After you have 
sprayed all 25 tags that belong to a gang, 
your reward is an extra sprint bonus. This 
will build up as you complete another 
gang's group of tags, and your bonus for 
all 75 tags is unlimited sprint, and the 
"Getting Up" Achievement, worth 10G.

Los Carnales Tags:
#1 – Fox Drive – Southeast of the Drug 
Trafficking Activity, on a wall leading up 
to the street above.
#2 – Fox Drive – Northeast of the Drug 
Trafficking Activity, on the north sidewall 
of the Refinery, near the area with the 
#3 – Pilsen – To the eastern area of this 
district, in the northwest corner, on one 
of the supports to the bridge that goes 
into Saint's Row.
#4 – Black Bottom – On the inside corner of 
an intersection between the main 
north/south road with the road running 
along the northern border of this 
#5 – Black Bottom – At the eastern border 
of this neighborhood with Cecil Park, 
behind the small strip mall.
#6 – Black Bottom – On the south side of a 
pipeline, on the support of the highway 
northeast of Rim Jobs in Cecil Park.
#7 – Charlestown – On the northwest wall of 
a building, due west of the Chop Shop 
#8 – Charlestown – On the northernmost side 
of Forgive and Forget.
#9 – Charlestown – On the northeast corner 
of a factory, northeast of the Chop Shop 
#10 – Stoughton – On the northern tip of a 
boat graveyard, to the north of Stoughton's 
Rusty's Needle.
#11 – Stoughton – On the bottom of the 
highway, between two of the on-ramps south 
of a pond due west of Rim Jobs in Pilsen.
#12 – Stoughton – To the southeast of Rim 
Jobs in Pilsen, on the northwest part of 
this pier, on the side of Durden's Shipping 
and Storage.
#13 – Stoughton – On the middle walkway to 
the freighter at the southeastern corner of 
this neighborhood, clearly visible on your 
#14 – Poseidon Alley – On the east side of 
the west pier, on the wall halfway down 
where the pier raises up.
#15 – Poseidon Alley – On the northwestern 
corner of the east pier, in an indent of 
the south wall of a building with an arched 
gateway to the front of it.
#16 – Poseidon Alley – On a container crate 
at the southwest corner of the median pier.
#17 – Poseidon Alley – To the north of the 
median pier, on the east wall of a brown 
factory that is accessed by going through a 
maze of an area with stacks of container 
#18 – Poseidon Alley – From the median 
pier, it is southwest of where the pier 
road meets the main road, in a corner by a 
small brick building.
#19 – Poseidon Alley – From the median 
pier, it's on the northwest, on the wall 
below the road. You will have to jump down 
from the road to get access to it.
#20 – Poseidon Alley – From Friendly Fire, 
it's due south, under the bridge.
#21 – Cecil Park – Due south of Insurance 
Fraud, on the inside corner of where the 
block forms an 'L' shape, behind trees and 
a wall.
#22 – Cecil Park – Northwest of Rim Jobs, 
in the alley between Vinos y Licores and 
Taqueria el Jarocho, just off of the main 
road through this neighborhood.
#23 – Cecil Park – Due south of Image as 
Designed, on the wall next to an 
underground bay door.
#24 – Ezpata – East of Sloppy Seconds, on 
the west wall of a building south of the 
used car dealership nearby.
#25 – Southern Cross – South of Do It Up, 
on the second level of the multi-storey 
parking lot.

Vice Kings Tags:
#1 – Nob Hill – West of the Mayhem 
Activity, on the northern wall of the 
northeast corner of the building, on the 
second level of the Mall.
#2 – Nob Hill – At the southeast border of 
this neighborhood, it's on the northwest 
corner of this block lining it, under a set 
of stairs.
#3 – Humbolt Park – In an alcove to the 
northeast of Foreign Power, start at the 
southeast border of this zone along the 
road, and go around the statues.
#4 – Humbolt Park – On a pillar on the 
northeast side of a building southwest of 
Max Visions Theater.
#5 – Amberbrook – In the courtyard shaped 
as a diagonal 'T', on the wall of the south 
inward corner of this formation.
#6 – Brighton – In a back alley directly 
east of Scratch That.
#7 – Brighton – Northwest of Scratch That, 
behind the Police precinct.
#8 – Brighton – Southeast from Friendly 
Fire, under the bridge that heads into 
Saint's Row.
#9 – Adept Way – On the southern wall, 
between the midpoint of King's Penthouse 
and Insurance Fraud.
#10 – Union Square – Due east from Branded 
in Filmore, up a few steps in an area with 
tables and parasols over them.
#11 – Union Square – At the northeast block 
of the neighborhood, in a park with a large 
tree in the middle, along the north wall.
#12 – Union Square – Due south of the 
Transit Depot (the train station), to the 
northeast of the building for Kingdom Come 
#13 – Union Square – Two buildings west of 
the Loan Shark, on the back wall near the 
#14 – Filmore – South of the Chop Shop 
Activity, on the second floor of the 
parking garage.
#15 – Filmore – From #13, it's one building 
to the southeast on the southern wall of 
the building.
#16 – Sunnyvale Gardens – Under the eastern 
part of the block in the middle of the 
#17 – Shivington – West of the Hitman 
Activity, at the playground where this road 
#18 – Shivington – Around the back from the 
north of Brown Baggers, south of the Hitman 
#19 – Shivington – South of Brown Baggers, 
where the El-Tracks begin to go 
underground, on the wall at the beginning 
of that tunnel.
#20 – Bavogian Plaza – Slightly northwest 
of Brown Baggers, on the bridge support.
#21 – Bavogian Plaza – In a short alley 
with fences on both sides, on the block at 
the south border of the neighborhood.
#22 – Prawn Court – To the west of the 
highway ramps, in an area with container 
#23 – Prawn Court – On the wall of the 
highway near the Cheetah Bus Lines Depot at 
the westernmost border of the neighborhood.
#24 – Rebadeaux – To the northwest of On 
The Rag, down the alley with "The Digital 
Zone" board, and on the northern wall of a 
building across from a physic readings 
#25 – Rebadeaux – To the east of Rusty's 
Needle, on the wall above the road as it 
goes under Tee 'N' Ay and this part of the 

Westside Rollerz Tags:
#1 – Misty Lane – To the west and 4 houses 
south of Price's Mansion, on the southern 
#2 – Misty Lane – Northwest on a wall on 
the shoreline where the coastline of the 
North Island forms a 'V' shape.
#3 – Misty Lane – Behind Technically Legal 
(where the Escort Activity is located), on 
the wall to the south. Go around the club 
to access it.
#4 – Tidal Spring – West from the eastern 
Rim Jobs in this area, on the side of the 
easternmost highway interchange.
#5 – Tidal Spring – On the eastern 
apartment block of the three apartment 
blocks on the southern part of the 
#6 – Tidal Spring – On the north side of 
the Rim Jobs in the north-eastern part of 
the neighborhood.
#7 – Ultor Dome – Due west of the Racing 
Activity, on the far wall above the flood 
control aqueducts.
#8 – Ultor Dome – East of Foreign Power, in 
an alcove behind a building with '1-Hour 
Photo' printed on it.
#9 – Ultor Dome – West of Demolition Derby, 
on the side of a highway support.
#10 – Ultor Dome – Behind a trailer at the 
northeast side of the arena.
#11 – Pleasant View – On east sidewall of 
the Big Picture Theater.
#12 – Pleasant View – East of the Transit 
Depot (train station), along the wall 
heading up to the highway behind a pizza 
#13 – Pleasant View – West of the Big 
Picture Theater, behind a building with a 
trailer behind it as well.
#14 – Copperton – West of Rim Jobs, behind 
a building where the road forms a semi-
#15 – Copperton – On the north side of a 
green building in the northeast corner of 
this neighborhood.
#16 – Copperton – In the southeast part of 
the neighborhood, on a wall right next to 
the sub-station.
#17 – Copperton – To the north of Insurance 
Fraud in Cecil Park, where the BPS Building 
can only be accessed by small wooden 
#18 – Chinatown – Up the stairs and right 
at the end of the walkway on the second 
level above On Thin Ice.
#19 – Chinatown – On the northern sidewall 
of the building for the Chop Shop Activity.
#20 – Chinatown – West of the Chop Shop 
Activity, in the northwest corner of this 
zone, where there is a large trailer 
loading area, on the northwest building.
#21 – Chinatown – Due west of the Barrio 
train station, in between the two oriental-
styled hotels.
#22 – Sommerset – On the northern wall of 
Friendly Fire.
#23 – Sommerset – Southeast of Scratch 
That, on the flight of stairs between the 
second and third floors of the northeast of 
these four apartment buildings.
#24 – Sommerset – Southwest of Scratch 
That, on the wall to the east of the end of 
the small aqueduct.
#25 – Sommerset – West of Do It Up, on the 
wall at the shoreline.

That's all 75 tags. Some can be difficult, 
so feel free to email me about the ones 
that trouble you. Otherwise, you can enjoy 
your reward!

E14: CD Collecting
Hidden in random places around the city are 
60 CDs that you must collect if you want 
the Secret Achievement "Audiophile" for 
10G. There are also bonus tracks that you 
unlock for every 10 CDs you collect:

10 CDs – "Don't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife" 
by Aisha
20 CDs – "Man Up" By Ghostface Killa
30 CDs – "Git Out Of My Way" by Daz 
40 CDs – "Hurry, Hurry" by Strong Arm 
50 CDs – "Shut You Down" by Rhymefest
60 CDs – "Saints Row" by David Banner

These bonus tracks are accessed through 
your Audio Player, should you choose to go 
about your business in the city listening 
to the tracks that aren't available 
anywhere else.

North Island:
#1 – Misty Lane – In the backyard of the 
house next door and west of Price's 
#2 – Tidal Spring – At the top of the 
stairs to an apartment building, due north 
of On Thin Ice.
#3 – Tidal Spring – In the backyard of the 
house directly west of the Hijacking 
Activity, near a small fire.
#4 – Huntersfield – By the pool of the 
hotel next to and west of Brown Baggers.
#5 – Huntersfield – Between the Brown 
Baggers and Image as Designed, head west up 
the complex there, and you should find the 
CD near a door with 'Alley' written above 
#6 – Huntersfield – At the top of the on-
ramp on the multi-storey parking lot south 
of #5.
#7 – Atlantis Avenue – Find two large hotel 
buildings on your map, with a small pool 
area between them. The CD is beside the 
#8 – Nob Hill – West of the Mayhem 
Activity, at the mall, to the left of 
Epiphany & Co. and the double staircase.
#9 – Nob Hill – North of the Museum 
station, above the Lakafh Cocoon 
storefront. There are stairs up to the 
balcony between the store and the Venice 
#10 – Nob Hill – Southwest of Image as 
Designed is the NNC building. To the south 
of this place is a walkway going near the 
malls. Follow it, go down the steps and 
turn left to find the CD.
#11 – Nob Hill – Due west of Image as 
Designed, there is a park area with the 
roadway to your right. Go west into the 
park area and up the large steps you come 
across and the CD is in between two 
#12 – Filmore – In the block due west of 
Rusty's needle, outside the Roser 
storefront around the side of the Maddox 
Office Center.
#13 – Amberbrook – At the southwest part of 
the area with the Bulldozer. It's also 
noted that you pick up a Bulldozer from 
here in the Vice Kings mission "3rd Street 
Vice Kings".
#14 – Humbolt Park – Close to the cliff 
edge at the northern tip of the 
#15 – Humbolt Park – At the middle of the 
Science Center. This is a very noticeable 
complex on the map at the northern region 
of the neighborhood.
#16 – Union Square – Behind Torin Bank, on 
the bridge heading to the Red Light 
District and the southern island.
#17 – Union Square – Follow the walkway 
behind the Loan Office and the CD is at the 
entrance to a circular building on this 
#18 – Brighton – A few building northeast 
of Scratch That, right next to the raised 
highway, is the Irish Pub. The CD is at the 
back, on the grass, but it's only 
accessible on the lower parts of the wall. 
However, it's pretty easy to land in the 

South Island:
#19 – Ultor Dome – At the northwest part of 
the small facility in the northwest corner 
of the neighborhood, in a small fenced off 
#20 – Ultor Dome – West of the Demo Derby 
Activity, between the porta-potties.
#21 – Pleasant View – South of the Big 
Picture Theater is a bar called Zatro's, on 
the southern part of this block. Vault over 
the fence and go around the back to find 
the CD.
#22 – Sunnyvale Gardens – At the north part 
of the neighborhood, at the end of a pier 
near a rundown fishing store.
#23 – Shivington – West of the Hitman 
Activity, in the playground as the road 
begins to curve.
#24 – Shivington – Across the road and east 
of the Big Picture Theater in Pleasant 
View, at the northeast corner of this 
block, inside a house lying in ruins.
#25 – Shivington – South of Brown Baggers, 
in a fenced off area near the El-Tracks as 
it begins to go underground.
#26 – Bavogian Plaza – In the southernmost 
block of the neighborhood, in a parking lot 
with dumpsters and trailers, under the 
'Uranus Theater' sign.
#27 – Rebadeaux – At the northernmost part 
of the neighborhood, at the end of the 
jetty as the road delves into the 
#28 – Prawn Court – At the westernmost part 
of this neighborhood, at the entrance to 
the Transportation Center (at the Cheetah 
Bus Lines Depot)
#29 – Prawn Court – South of the entrance 
to On The Rag, in this parking lot.
#30 – Mission Beach – Inside one of the 
buildings at the construction site west of 
Saint's Row Loft, on the shoreline of the 
#31 – Mission Beach – Beside blue dumpsters 
in an alley of the houses where the freeway 
crosses the train-line in this 
#32 – Harrowgate – Behind the orange house 
in the block between Sloppy Seconds and the 
train station.
#33 – Copperton – In the westernmost part 
of the neighborhood is a construction site 
with green fencing around it. In the 
northwest corner is a building with a 
trailer, and the CD outside of it.
#34 – Copperton – Go down the left side of 
Rim Jobs, heading north, and jump over the 
fence. The CD should be to the left of you.
#35 – Copperton – South of the freeway, 
between two shipping containers, in the 
northeast block of the neighborhood.
#36 – Copperton – In a substation area at 
the southeastern block of the neighborhood.
#37 – Chinatown – Northwest of the Chop 
Shop Activity, at the southeast section of 
the truck yard area with green fencing all 
around it.
#38 – Chinatown – Under another one of the 
entrances to the teashop with the Hitman 
Activity, on its west side.
#39 – Chinatown – In the park, under the 
gazebo on the easternmost island.
#40 – Sommerset – On the top floor of the 
northwest of three identical buildings on 
the same block as Scratch That.
#41 – Sommerset – Southeast of Scratch 
That, in the middle of a seated area near 
the coastline.
#42 – Sommerset – In the apartment block 
northwest of Do It Up, beside the pool in 
the center of it.
#43 – Sommerset – In the fenced off area to 
the side of Friendly Fire.
#44 – Ezpata – In the middle of an outdoor 
area next to and southwest of the Lopez 
#45 – Encanto – Between Sloppy Seconds in 
Ezpata and Scratch That in Cecil Park, in 
an alley. The alley can be seen from 
turning left from Scratch That after 
exiting it.
#46 – Encanto – West/southwest of Image as 
Designed, in the small park.
#47 – Cecil Park – In a mall on the border 
with this neighborhood and Black Bottom, 
directly outside of Blurrybaby Liquors. The 
shop has two sides – take the one facing 
the other stores, forming a small alley.
#48 – Wardill Airport – On top of a hangar 
directly across from four cylinders. It's 
accessible via a ramp, so you will have to 
take a car for this one.
#49 – Wardill Airport – At the small radar 
terminal unit at the western section of 
this neighborhood.
#50 – Wardill Airport – Behind the ATC 
tower (the tallest structure standing 
#51 – The Mills – Just about in the middle 
of this neighborhood, beside some yellow 
#52 – Fox Drive – At the end of the old 
railway line, east of the El-Tracks and 
under the highway heading towards Saint's 
#53 – Pilsen – Slightly left of where the 
highway crosses over the El-Tracks, near a 
small building off of the road.
#54 – Black Bottom – On an island in a 
small body of water, in the area with the 
four circles and inside the burgundy-marked 
area on your map.
#55 – Black Bottom – To the south of those 
four circles, in the same area, to the side 
of the small building.
#56 – Charlestown – West of the Chop Shop 
Activity, in an alcove behind the Durden's 
Shipping & Storage complex.
#57 – Charlestown – Across the street from 
Durden's Shipping & Storage, to the south, 
beside some green tankers. You will need to 
use a vehicle to jump onto to get over the 
fence and to get down there.
#58 – Poseidon Alley – At the east pier, at 
the end of the wooden jetties.
#59 – Poseidon Alley – On an island to the 
east of Friendly Fire, in the middle of the 
looping road.
#60 – Stoughton – To the west of Rusty's 
Needle, in the southwest corner of the ship 

Enjoy your bonus tracks and the 
Achievement. If you have any problems with 
this, then email me and I should set you 

E15: Hostage
Again, not necessarily an Activity, but it 
does earn you cash, Respect, and an 
Achievement. When you jack a car with one 
or more passengers in it, you have the 
option to begin the Hostage Activity. You 
have a timer, and in that time, you need to 
prevent the authorities from stopping you. 
Your notoriety will begin to climb slowly, 
and it gets a bit tough, seeing how idiotic 
the cops are when it comes to trying to 
stop you. If you travel too slowly for more 
than a couple of seconds, your hostage will 
get away. However, if you run that timer to 
zero, you are rewarded the set amount of 
money displayed in your HUD, along with 
Respect. If you ransom more hostages, or 
keep them held against their will in a more 
expensive vehicle, you earn more money and 
additional Respect.

If you ransom a total of 50 hostages 
successfully, you will earn the 
"Negotiator" Achievement, worth 10G.

E16: Theft
At night, when the stores are closed, you 
can break into them and steal whatever's in 
the safe. You have to perform a button 
combination to crack it, and then drag a 
box to your car, before driving it to the 
nearest pawnbroker. You can break into 
multiple stores, counting that your vehicle 
can hold that many (signified by the 
vehicle marker in the right hand side of 
the "Theft" section of the HUD). You can 
rob as much as you want, or at least before 
these stores open again. You earn $500 for 
each box you deliver to the broker, as well 
as Respect to go with it.

If you lift 30 boxes and successfully 
return them to the pawnbrokers, you will 
earn the "Professional Thief" Achievement, 
worth 10G.

And that wraps it up for the Activities. We 
should have more than enough Respect to 
tackle the gangs of the city.


F: Los Carnales
Los Carnales had nearly taken control of 
the whole of the city, before the Vice 
Kings stepped into the mainframe to stop 
them. They still remain as dangerous as the 
VKs, and that is exemplified with the 
backing of one of Colombia's most powerful 
cartels. The gang was originally ran by 
Alejandro Lopez, but after his death, his 
eldest son Hector became the jefe, with 
younger son Angelo as his No. 2 (who is in 
a long-term relationship with girlfriend, 
Luz Avalos, who doesn't play a major role 
in operations). Victor "Tanque" Rodriguez 
is their enforcer, and the fact that he's 
survived every drive-by every rival gang 
has thrown at him makes him a man you 
wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of. 
Manuel Orejuela, stands as the middleman 
between Hector Lopez and the Colombians, 
and can be found lounging around the villa, 
sometimes choosing to make Angelo angry by 
regularly hitting on Luz.

F1: Crackdown
The Protagonist meets Dex in one of the 
backrooms of the church, standing beside a 
clipboard. Dex goes on to explain Los 
Carnales through the pictures and the 
information he's gathered – he discusses 
the heads of operations, as well as the 
history of the gang and their invincible 
enforcer that is Victor "Tanque" Rodriguez. 
Dex also discusses their connection with 
the Colombians, and how they'll take out 
the gang's income before they set about 
taking out the heads of operations.

At the moment, your main aim is to destroy 
a couple of Los Carnales drug labs – one in 
the factories, and the other in the Barrio. 
This is a simple mission to complete – you 
have to put up with little resistance from 
the Carnales, and their protection is 
pretty shallow. All you have to do to 
destroy the drug lab is to just shoot one 
of the explosive barrels that it's hooked 
up to. When both drug labs are disabled, 
the mission is complete.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Southern Cross
Neighborhood Gained – The Mills

F2: The Missing Shipment
As The Protagonist wanders up to Dex and 
Troy in a car lot nearby Freckle Bitch's, 
he walks in the middle of planning. Troy 
explains that he knows where Los Carnales 
are mainly cutting their product, and after 
drubbing a lesson of terminology into 
Troy's head, Dex tells that he knows about 
some LC trucks that are coming out thick 
and fast from the docks – drugs, guns, 
money, he doesn't know – and he decides he 
needs one of them. Troy questions why, but 
Dex doesn't tell him, and instead orders 
him and The Protagonist out on it.

You have to drive to one of the dockyards 
in Poseidon Alley in order to snag one of 
them. Along the way, Troy expresses his 
concern with Julius getting into the drug 
game, and whether the gang can survive long 
enough with LC attacks until the Lopezes 
are dead, or they are. This is nothing but 
idle chat as you head towards the docks. 
When you're there, you have to get Troy 
close enough to the truck to get in, and 
then protect him whilst he hotwires it. 
When he does, you have to stay close enough 
to him, and protect the truck from Los 
Carnales attacks, as he drives it to the 
local mechanic's garage back in Saint's 
Row. When that is done, you get treated to 
an LC cutscene.

Hector, Angelo, Victor and Manuel talk 
business, whilst Luz sits in the sun. 
Hector asks Angelo to do a favor for him, 
but he promised his girlfriend that he'd 
take her shopping. He ends having to do 
this favor for his brother anyway, and when 
Manuel promises her that he'd take her out, 
this displays the tension between Angelo 
and Manuel that runs through the gang. 
Hector tells Angelo to be calm, before he 
receives a call about the stolen truck and 
the drug labs. He then tells his consortium 
to get their men together, as he plans to 
attack Saint's Row.

Mission Completed

F3: Fox Drive Weapons Plant (Stronghold)
As The Protagonist stands outside an old 
refinery in Fox Drive, Julius tells him 
over the phone that Los Carnales are trying 
to cover their losses from the disabled 
drug labs by making unmarked weapons in a 
gun-running scheme they're trying to get on 
it's feet. The Protagonist is told to stop 
them from launching their new venture.

You first have to kill all the protection 
lined up outside the plant. You want to be 
careful, as there are a few snipers along 
the higher parts of the yard. Once they're 
dealt with, the garage doors open, allowing 
you to get inside the plant. Shoot your way 
to the door, and kill the LCs as you plant 
the bombs under the walkways, near the 
machinery and in the office. You are then 
told there is one more bomb to plant, on 
top of the plant. Head to the roof, jump on 
the sloped ledges going up, and run up to 
the top. You will then have to get away 
before the bombs detonate. Head back down, 
jump down from the lowest point of this 
ledge, and sprint to a safe distance. When 
you've done that, the place isn't 
destroyed, but disabled, at least.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Fox Drive

F4: Homeland Security
The Protagonist is caught by Dex, as he 
goes to explain why he needed that truck. 
However, a thug interrupts, and tells a 
story of how the Saints had Angelo Lopez 
and Victor Rodriguez pinned down, but were 
all killed, and now the Carnales are 
wreaking havoc over their district. The 
Protagonist now has to do his bit to clear 
it up.

There are sixteen Carnales that you have to 
kill – a few of them at the Transit Depot, 
a few at the shoreline nearby, and others 
driving around, and with your notoriety, 
those drivers are more likely to come to 
you. When all of these Carnales are dead, 
you are finished defending your territory.

Mission Completed

F5: Trojan Horse
As The Protagonist and Troy wait for Dex at 
the mechanic's garage, Troy questions why 
they needed that truck. When Dex appears, 
he finally explains it. He had the Row's 
mechanic fix it up, filled with some of the 
thugs around the way, so it can be driven 
into one of the Carnales' biggest drug labs 
in a surprise attack to take it over. Not 
exactly an original, but it seems better 
compared to running in and getting killed. 
Dex also tells Troy and The Protagonist to 
minimise the damage they deal to it, as he 
tells them that the Saints plan to take it 

Get in the truck, driving to the marker as 
the thugs are picked up in the back of it. 
Drive the truck to the lab in Pilsen, and 
then you will have to launch this attack on 
the Carnales. Kill all the enemy gangsters 
stood outside this lab, before killing the 
LCs inside the lab, completing this 
mission. It cuts to a talk with Manuel and 
Hector, and Manuel is worrying about rumors 
that one of his biggest drug labs was took 
over, and when he tries to gloss over his 
gang's problems and splits up a fight 
between Angelo and Luz, Manuel walks away, 
cockily repeating Hector's claims that 
"everything's under control".

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Pilsen

F6: Stoughton Shipyard (Stronghold)
Julius tells The Protagonist that Los 
Carnales had a large drug shipment roll 
into town. The product hasn't been shifted 
yet, and there's way too much of it to 
take. However, Julius orders that The 
Protagonist finds a way in which no gang is 
able to move it around the city.

As you begin this stronghold, a Bulldozer 
rolls up to you, and you can use it to push 
the crates into the water. You have a one-
minute timer that resets after you finish 
pushing one in. Be careful that you don't 
drive yourself over the edge, and also be 
cautious of Los Carnales reinforcements, as 
a few of them carry RPGs. Just focus on 
ruining the Carnales' day.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Stoughton

F7: McManus Says Hello
The Protagonist, Dex and Troy get a full 
demonstration of the McManus sniper rifle 
from the clerk at the local Friendly Fire, 
and after a few moments, the three are left 
alone to talk business. Dex says that one 
of the crew found a memo, and it says that 
tonight Hector will be at a meeting with 
the Colombians. The protection there is 
going to be very heavy, so Dex wants The 
Protagonist to take the sniper rifle and to 
get to a good spot to look over the deal. 
When the moment is right, he will have to 
kill Hector and his crew. If it's done 
right, Angelo is going to think that Manuel 
and his boys had truly fucked him over, and 
it should be enough for the Carnales to 
break away from their business 

You have 5 minutes to get down to Poseidon 
Alley, where the meeting is, and to get to 
the vantage point. Carefully climb up to 
the vantage point, and watch over Hector as 
he makes the deal. Kill Hector and all of 
his lieutenants when the deal begins, being 
careful of some of them, as they will 
launch RPGs at you. Be careful, taking your 
shots, until all of them are dead. When 
you're done, you're treated to a cutscene 
of the cops confiscating the drugs, and 
Victor informing Angelo of what's happened.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Poseidon Alley

F8: Black Bottom Refinery (Stronghold)
Julius thinks that the Carnales haven't got 
it in their heads that the Saints aren't 
just punks from around the way. He wants 
The Protagonist to tag up a graffiti-ridden 
refinery to drive them out of this place.

This is a simple mission, regarding the 
tags. However, these guys will pop up 
everywhere, and when you go into the 
tagging screen, you cannot exit it, leaving 
you open to any attack. Make sure the area 
around you is cleared before you spray over 
the tag. Start on the ones at ground level, 
before going to the ones on the higher 
levels. Just make sure none of the Carnales 
will hassle you as you spray over these 
tags. If you are wondering how to spray 
over a tag, it's simply pressing Y at the 
spray-can marker, and performing a button 
combination to complete it.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Black Bottom

F9: Meeting Orejuela
The Protagonist wanders into Troy and Dex 
in the church, as they mull over a little 
situation. Troy wants to go after Manuel, 
but Dex disagrees, as killing the 
Colombian's mouthpiece means that the 
Saints would get torn apart by his cartel. 
Dex wants to find out if they can conduct a 
business deal, and the search for him 
begins at the local gentleman's clubs.

It is advised to bring a fast car with you, 
preferably fitted with nitrous. Head over 
to the club at Wardill Airport, where you 
are made to wait with Dex. After a few 
hours, Victor turns up in his Bulldog, and 
you are forced to lose him on the way back 
to Saint's Row. The reason why you want to 
bring a fast car is because of Victor's 
crew, which can easily kill you, given half 
the chance. Use the bursts of nitrous to 
flee Victor. You will lose him on the way 
back, and then it's a well-deserved cruise 
back to the church.

Mission Completed

F10: Strength In Numbers
Julius is not happy that Dex went to meet 
up with Orejuela without him, and also 
tells him to remember where his place is 
with the gang. When this situation is 
resolved, a gunshot sounds, beginning a 
full-scale attack directed by Los Carnales…

Kill the Carnales that flood inside the 
church, before helping Julius; Dex and Troy 
defend the south side of the church. After 
a while, the Carnales will start attacking 
from the north, and you will have to repel 
them again. After defending this part of 
the church, Victor will join the party, and 
you will have to destroy his reinforced 
Bulldog, before killing him. When that's 
done, Troy smugly lights a cigarette on 
Victor's still-burning corpse, whilst 
Angelo plans to run off and kill Orejuela 
for his brother's death, shoving off Luz as 
he leaves.

Mission Completed

F11: Cecil Park Drug Lab (Stronghold)
Julius tells The Protagonist that Dex has 
found a Carnales drug lab in an abandoned 
building in Cecil Park, and orders him to 
take it out.

Kill all the Carnales in your way as you 
destroy the single drug lab. But the 
challenge comes as reinforcements line the 
rooftops with rifles and RPGs. Take cover, 
and carefully take your shots against every 
single one of these reinforcements. You 
will then have to deal with the lieutenant 
running the last of the reinforcements to 
finish off the stronghold.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Cecil Park

F12: Possession With Intent
As The Protagonist comes back into the 
church, Troy and Dex discuss what happened 
with a meeting with Julius and Manuel. They 
both came to a far-fetched agreement – if 
Julius was able to get the drugs that he 
seized back to the Colombians, they'll work 
exclusively for the 3rd Street Saints. Dex 
wants to storm the place, but Troy has a 
subtler plan to blow a hole into the 
evidence locker to minimise the body count.

Take the car to the garage to get it loaded 
up with explosives, and carefully but 
quickly drive it to the police station in 
Encanto before it detonates. Too much 
damage, and it will go up, taking you with 
it. Park it at the marker, and quickly run 
away before it blows. A truck filled with 
Saints will then spill into the locker, and 
you will have to deal with reinforcements 
from the authorities for 3 minutes. Over 
that time, your Police notoriety will 
slowly increase, and when you're finished 
defending the truck and having to drive it 
back to the lockup, you will have to 
contend with Level 5 Notoriety. The truck 
should withstand enough damage to get back 
to the Row in one piece.

The story resumes as Julius and Manuel 
strike up a deal. But as it is just 
cemented, Angelo appears, attempting to 
kill the group. It soon goes awry, and he 
flees. Manuel then hands over the address 
of the Lopez Villa to Julius.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Encanto

F13: Charlestown Warehouse (Stronghold)
Julius tells The Protagonist that Troy 
received a tip that Los Carnales had called 
in a new connection from out of town, and 
they plan to meet at this place at the 
docks. Julius wants to make sure that Lopez 
never gets a second opportunity at linking 
up with a strong connection.

Kill the Carnales that are already here, 
before having to defend your position for 2 
minutes, killing any reinforcements that 
appear. When two minutes are up, you will 
have to kill the two bosses, armed with 
RPGs and a hellish amount of health. Pick 
your strongest weapon and hack both of them 
down to finish off the stronghold.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Charlestown

F14: House Call
You just have to pick up Dex as an 
introduction to this one. You are driving 
over to Lopez's Villa in order to kill him, 
"at the risk of bein' like Gat". The main 
objective of this part of the mission is to 
shoot your way through the villa until you 
reach Angelo. He will then attempt to kill 
Dex and The Protagonist, but is foiled when 
he has no bullets left in his pistol. He 
then jumps down the balcony, absorbing a 
bullet from The Protagonist, but still 
managing to dive through a glass pane in 
his garage in order to get away. The 
Protagonist jumps down, landing without 
injury, before Dex catches up with him and 
pursues Angelo.

You have to cover Dex from the 
reinforcements as you pursue Angelo. With 
the RPG, it's easy, but only use it when 
necessary – if the target is close to you, 
just shoot the driver to bring the vehicle 
to a halt. The defending stops when you 
reach the drawbridge in the Red Light 
District, where Angelo attempts to clear 
the rising gap of the bridge. He only just 
manages to clear it, whilst Dex only just 
manages to stop the car landing in flames 
on the massive freighter below. Dex 
reassures The Protagonist that they will 
bring Angelo down.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Ezpata

F15: What Goes Up…
As The Protagonist stands outside the 
liquor store, Dex pulls up, rushing him to 
get in. He tells that some of Troy's crew 
saw Angelo and what's left of the Carnales 
down at the Airport, and they need to get 
down there before Angelo is able to skip 
town and rebuild his gang.

Rush down to Wardill Airport before your 
two-and-a-half minutes are up. When you get 
there, you are treated to a cutscene of 
Angelo, calling Luz, telling her to hurry 
up. He then hears Dex speeding towards 
them, and decides to rush his flight. This 
mission can get difficult for one reason 
alone – LCs with RPGs. A few hits from 
them, and you're Smoked. If you know where 
these guys are, then you can pop 'em before 
they do serious damage to Dex's Raycaster. 
If you survive long enough to get to the 
runway, pull out the RPG and shoot at 
Angelo's private jet until it blows.

Dex stops near the wreckage, making a joke 
as he does it, before Luz pulls up, shoes 
in her hand and despair in her eyes. After 
multiple orders, Dex finally shoos her 
away, telling The Protagonist to take 
Angelo's car and that he'll drop the 
Raycaster off at his garage.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Wardill Airport
Lopez's Villa as a Crib
Dex's Raycaster
Los Carnales Vehicles
"Colombian Made" Achievement – 40G

And that's Los Carnales storyline finished.

G: The Vice Kings
When Los Carnales began their takeover of 
Stilwater, everything was going swimmingly 
until they encountered resistance from 
Sunnyvale Gardens. Benjamin King, a local 
to that area, had rounded up mostly the 
teenage youths of the neighborhood that 
were growing sick of the Hispanic 
overruling of the city. Los Carnales were 
slowly pushed back, before retreating to 
the southern regions of the city. After the 
Sunnyvale revolt, the Vice Kings were born, 
soon to become a respected and feared 
Stilwater clan. Today, the Vice Kings have 
been vying for the title of the most 
powerful gang of the city, and have a 
stranglehold on the district they 
originated from, as well as the Red Light 
District and much of the northern island. 
Benjamin King is still going strong as the 
leader of the Vice Kings, with Warren "EZ 
Money" Williams as his No. 2, Anthony Green 
as his enforcer, and Madame Tanya Winters, 
a prostitute, lady pimp and lieutenant 
within the Vice Kings. The gang does have a 
small flaw, though – Warren and King 
regularly argue on the treatment of the 
Saints throughout the storyline. Where 
Warren would rather rip the competition 
apart, King chooses to step back and plan 
when he's about to strike.

G1: Aisha's Favor
The Protagonist meets up with Johnny Gat – 
the Saints' biggest badass, and being 
watched over by Dex whilst he plans the 
assault on the Vice Kings. Gat explains the 
gang's leader, Benjamin King, before a 
phone call interrupts their talk. After 
this worrying conversation with his 
girlfriend, Aisha, Gat explains to Dex that 
someone's kidnapped her sister off of the 
street. Seeing as this has happened quite a 
few times already, and Gat seems to know 
that the Vice Kings are responsible, The 
Protagonist has to find the kidnapper and 
then get Aisha's sister back.

You need to grab a car and tail the 
kidnapper's vehicle to wherever they stop. 
You need to stay in the middle of the two 
circles – enter the inner one; you're too 
close and need to back off before you get 
spotted. Enter outside the outer one, you 
are too far away and need to catch up with 
them. They will eventually stop at a place 
in the Red Light District, and you are 
order to storm the place. After countering 
resistance, one of the girls inside the 
backroom tells The Protagonist that the guy 
with the keys is enjoying himself at Tee 
'N' Ay. Go to the club, kill the Vice Kings 
and the guy with the key, pick it up, go 
back to the place, let the girls out, and 
bring them back to the church safely.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Bavogian Plaza

G2: …To Kingdom Come
The Protagonist stands by as Gat and Aisha 
have an argument about her status. It turns 
out that Aisha is an up-and-coming R&B 
star, but the label she's signed on to, 
Kingdom Come Records, is under the 
ownership of Warren "EZ Money" Williams, 
therefore property of the Vice Kings. 
There's a clause in her contract – once 
she's signed on, she can't go ripping it 
up. This means they can rip her off as much 
as they please, and she can't get out of 
it. Gat has a solution – The Protagonist 
drives "Eesh" over to her recording session 
with a car filled with explosives. When 
it's confirmed that she's in the building, 
she rushes out of the backdoor quickly, as 
the car bomb goes off and leaves the 
building burnt to a crisp.

Drive the car with Aisha over to the Row's 
mechanic to get it fitted with explosives. 
All is going well, until a crazed fan shows 
up and begins shooting at Aisha. Quickly 
kill him before he does any substantial 
damage, and get to the recording studio 
before the five-minute timer runs out. When 
you do, you can enjoy watching this place 
go up in flames.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Union Square

G3: Sunnyvale Loft (Stronghold)
Julius dials The Protagonist outside one of 
the rundown parks in Sunnyvale. He tells 
that part of Warren Williams' crew is 
holding a meeting at this place to discuss 
getting into drug running. Julius wants The 
Protagonist to make sure that they won't be 
giving the Saints unwanted competition.

You first have to clear this area of Vice 
Kings before heading to the loft to clear 
that place out as well. You then spot 
reinforcements arriving with rifles when 
you step into the marker. Grab the McManus 
nearby if you don't already have it, and 
begin popping the seventeen Vice King 

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Sunnyvale Gardens

G4: Always Use Protection
Gat and Aisha sit at the local Freckle 
Bitch's, Aisha pissed off for two reasons – 
the way she's dressed now that everyone 
thinks she's dead, and Johnny's idea of 
dinner. The Protagonist soon arrives, and 
Gat gets on to talk about the Vice Kings 
again. Tanya Winters seems to be taking the 
expression "fucking with people" in both 
senses of the word – she's a regular to 
"Big" Tony Green, King's bodyguard, and 
she's also blowing Warren Williams. Seeing 
as Tanya has gotten into it with everyone 
but King, taking her out would most of the 
pack collapse. Gat orders The Protagonist 
to storm Prawn Court to get started on it.

First of all, you have to kill four Vice 
King patrols that are riding around the Red 
Light District. When that's done, Gat 
calls, ordering The Protagonist to attack 
Tanya's brothel in order to "drop that 
chickenhead." Shoot your way through the 
Vice Kings standing outside, and kill the 
fourteen defenders inside the brothel. When 
that's done, you are shown into King's 
office for the first time. King and Warren 
discuss the cost of the recording studio, 
with Warren showing his first streak of 
ruthlessness and his willing to be "down" 
whilst he explains. King soon sees out a 
solution to their problem, but then 
questions Tanya's position as lieutenant, 
and when Green tells him about her 
situation with the Saints, Warren begins to 
preach about "not lettin' bitches 
disrespect us", but King tries to calm the 
situation as Tanya wanders in, telling the 
group that they've lost Prawn Court. King 
settles everything by having Chief Monroe, 
somehow an associate of his, to put 
pressure on the Saints whilst they get 
their territory back.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Prawn Court

G5: Reinforcements
This is more of a pushback than a mission, 
but it does work into the Vice King's 
storyline comfortably. Gat tells The 
Protagonist to get off of the street before 
he gets arrested, but when he learns that 
the Vice Kings are trying to reclaim Prawn 
Court, he tells The Protagonist to take a 
risk by taking out the lieutenants 
directing the attacks whilst avoiding the 
cops as well as bullets. Kill them all, 
recruiting some Saints to help you, if any 
appear on the street. Other than that, it's 
a simple defensive mission.

Mission Completed

G6: Filmore Parking Garage (Stronghold)
Julius calls on The Protagonist to deal 
with a match-fixing ring that the Vice 
Kings are running. You have to destroy all 
the cars in this parking garage, killing 
anyone in your way. Most of the cars remain 
stationary, plus you get some grenades to 
destroy these vehicles. When you get to the 
final one at the top, one of the Vice Kings 
tries to get away in it. Chase him down, 
kill him, and destroy this one for good 

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Filmore

G7: Best Laid Plans…
The Protagonist meets up with Gat, stood in 
front of a table cluttered with every 
single variety of firepower, and he 
struggles to pick one to take with him. 
After he finally makes his decision, he 
walks out with The Protagonist.

You have to drive over to an abandoned 
police station in Shivington, where Tanya 
is supposedly holed up in. When you enter 
the station, after clearing out the Vice 
Kings outside, you will have to follow 
Tanya as she flees from you. You will be no 
more than fifteen feet away from her when 
she begins to run, but you can't kill her, 
and she's unarmed, so you can just ignore 
her completely when it comes to shooting. 
Kill all the Vice Kings as you come to the 
top level of the station, where Tanya lures 
Gat and The Protagonist into a trap, with 
Tony Green holding the two as hostages. Gat 
provides enough of a distraction to let The 
Protagonist take a dive out of the window, 
successfully getting away, but he ends up 
with a shotgun shell to the leg, and still 
in the hands of these two. You have to get 
back to the church before you either get 
arrested or killed by the Vice Kings. You 
are then put in King's office, where Green 
informs him that they have Johnny Gat. 
Warren argues why they aren't killing off 
the Saints, but King reassures him that 
they're being dealt with, thanks to Monroe 
and the P.D. being ordered to arrest every 
gangster in purple. The pair then make 

Mission Completed

G8: Abandoned Police Station (Stronghold)
It turns out that, in this stronghold, 
you're not done with the VKs at the 
station. Julius phones The Protagonist, 
telling him that there's one of the boys 
that the Vice Kings are holding onto, 
torturing him down in the cellblock. Julius 
orders that The Protagonist storms the 
place again, and rescues them.

You have to go inside, fight your way to 
the stairs, go down to the bottom, and kill 
the Vice Kings torturing the Saint, before 
recruiting him. You then need to make your 
way to the top of the station to kill the 
leader of this operation.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Shivington

G9: Green With Envy
The Protagonist arrives at a private sit-
down with Julius, Dex and a very worried 
Aisha. Julius tells The Protagonist about 
their plan to get Johnny Gat back from 
Green. After the mouthing off that Gat did 
about Tanya, Green became paranoid and 
doesn't want to let her out of his sight 
unless she's checking on the reconstruction 
of the recording studio. Tanya's limo 
should be out there soon, and the plan is 
that The Protagonist takes the chauffeur's 
place, and drives her back to Green's 
condo. Whatever happens there is up to The 
Protagonist, so long as Gat comes back safe 
and sound.

Get to the recording studio, where Tanya 
will soon arrive, telling her chauffeur to 
drive around the block. Wait until the limo 
is out of the way of the studio, and then 
kill the chauffeur and get back to Tanya. 
She decides to kill some time by doing a 
little shopping before Tony expects her 
back. You have one minute and twenty 
seconds to drive her to Impressions in Nob 
Hill, and when you do that, you have to 
take her to Friendly Fire in Downtown in 
the same time. Whilst she purchases her 
gift for King, Julius calls, telling The 
Protagonist that Troy's crew didn't get the 
message and have decided to try to perform 
a hit on Tanya. When she gets back, you 
have to evade Troy's crew without harming 
them. When that's done, you can finally 
drop Tanya off at Green's Condo.

The Protagonist makes his move, knocking 
Tanya out in the process. You are then left 
to kill Green and his protection. You want 
to be careful, as Green wields an AS12 Riot 
Shotgun, but it's simple to take him out if 
you get the shot first. When he's dead, The 
Protagonist helps Gat up, untying him, and 
he proceeds to fire a pistol at Green's 
dead body. After discovering the full 
extent to a bullet in his leg, he and The 
Protagonist get out of the condo. 
Apparently, he's got some hardware lying 
around that Gat plans to claim as his own.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Atlantis Avenue

G10: 3rd Street Vice Kings
The Protagonist stands around the clothes 
store, whilst Gat and Dex argue what 
they're going to do about Ben King's 
relationship with Monroe. Gat wants to deal 
damage to the VKs, but Dex uses the casing 
on his leg as a reason why they shouldn't 
do that. Dex then comes up with his plan – 
they frame the Vice Kings for causing havoc 
around the city. That way, Monroe and the 
Stilwater P.D. should have no choice but to 
deal with it.

You and Gat already have a yellow hoodie on 
hand. The outright plan is to get enough 
media footage of the two of you dressed as 
the VKs, making bad things happen. First 
off, you have to get some notoriety to draw 
some media vans out. When you do that, you 
have to kill the storeowners of Do It Up 
and Impression in the High End Retail 
district. You then will have to go to 
Downtown, using a mound in the small park 
area to launch yourself at a bowling pins 
monument, making the jump right to knock 
them off the pedestal. And as a last thing 
for the media, you need to nab a bulldozer 
from a small breaker's yard and knock down 
the statue of Alderman Richard Hughes that 
is standing near one of the museums. When 
you've knocked it down, you're done. King 
receives a call from Hughes, trying to pass 
off the shenanigans that have been 
happening down to the Saints. Warren starts 
getting cocky again, saying that King 
shouldn't have sucked up to City Hall, but 
ends up getting kicked out of the 

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Nob Hill

G11: King's Grocery (Stronghold)
Julius has seen a lot of activity going on 
at a grocery store in Huntersfield. The 
Vice Kings have been going in and out of 
there, and he wants The Protagonist to find 
out what they're getting up to by any 

You have to fight your way around the back 
of the store, through a loading bay door, 
and then kill the Vice Kings defenders 
inside. When that's done, the stronghold is 
complete. The store seems to be an armory, 
judging by the amount of crates strewn and 
piled up all over the place.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Huntersfield

G12: Round Peg, Square Hole
Dex holds a map down on the hood of a 
vehicle, showing The Protagonist some spots 
in the north island, symbolised by circles. 
He also tells that the P.D. has been making 
a profit through some of the Vice Kings' 
protection rackets, and that's the reason 
why they've been lenient towards Ben King's 
set. Dex plans to go public with this new 
light on the boys in blue, but Gat arrives, 
holding a crate of RPGs that he took from 
Tony Green's condo. Gat brings up a new 
plan – they go to where the cops will be 
collecting their cut from the Vice Kings, 
and they use these babies to break up every 
meet. That way, people start asking 
questions and the only choice the P.D. have 
is to come down on the VKs.

Gat is driving the car, and you are riding 
shotgun. When you come to the meet, you 
have to kill at least one of these guys, 
but it is recommended to kill them all, as 
any survivors will give chase along with 
every other cop and Vice King that tries to 
put you down because of your notoriety. 
When you've cleared up every meeting, you 
will have to protect Gat as he makes his 
way to the Forgive and Forget in the Museum 
District. It then cuts to Gat and The 
Protagonist at the recording studio, as 
they blow the place up one last time to 
send this place beyond repair. It then cuts 
again to King in his office, talking to 
Chief Monroe, bringing to light what 
happened at all of the meetings to him for 
the first time. When he hangs up, Warren 
and Tanya come in, with Warren doing what 
he does best – running his mouth – before 
he gets his head slammed down on the table. 
After stripping Warren of his status as 
part of the gang, Tanya brings in some of 
the boys – Warren was planning to overthrow 
King either way.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Humbolt Park

G13: For King And Country
After finding a note from Gat on the table, 
The Protagonist is then greeted by Julius, 
as he looks for Gat, but after showing him 
the note, Julius assigns The Protagonist on 
this job. He got a call from King, telling 
him that one of his boys tried to take him 
out. He's pinned down in Amberbrook. 
Despite the fact that one of the Saints' 
enemies is about to get iced, Julius 
doesn't want this to happen – the two have 
history, and he owes King from way back. He 
wants The Protagonist to rescue him and to 
get him back to the church.

You have to quickly get to where King is 
held down, and then get him to his car 
before his health runs out. You will have 
to fight your way through the middle of the 
complex to get to him, and then back out to 
his Mag and kill the Vice King hit squads. 
King then wants The Protagonist to find 
Warren and kill him. You just have to find 
him driving around town, and then set his 
car up in flames. This won't kill him, but 
his time comes when King is dropped off at 
the church. In the cutscene, Warren has his 
foot trapped in his fancy sports car as 
Tanya appears. When he asks for help, Tanya 
points a gun at him, and shoots him dead, 
in an effort to take over the gang.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Amberbrook

G14: Waterfront Rooftop (Stronghold)
Julius has learnt that the Vice Kings have 
been hiding out in an apartment block in 
the waterfront. He wants The Protagonist to 
take out everyone in there to send a 
message to them.

You start off having to fight every Vice 
King at the stairs, in the apartment and on 
the rooftop. When that's done, you have use 
the RPG Launcher drop to take out some of 
the patrols. There are more than the 
required number to take out, but if you let 
too many slip by, you fail the stronghold. 
When you've destroyed five patrols, you're 

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Rebadeaux

G15: The King And I
The Protagonist and Gat sit with Julius and 
King as they have a little greeting after 
the years of not seeing each other. King 
wants Tanya killed so he can get back to 
running his gang, but Julius tells him that 
the Vice Kings are finished in Stilwater. 
Julius presents him two options – die, or 
leave town. But King puts up a third option 
– leave town when Tanya and the Vice Kings 
are dealt with. Julius agrees with it, and 
then begins a plan. Seeing as King was the 
chief of the gang, he knows where most of 
the gang gathers, and he has a plan to lure 
them to the cops. Julius puts up The 
Protagonist to drive King around in order 
to put whoever's left representing.

You simply have to find a car, get the Vice 
King's attention, and lead them to the 
trap. You will gain notoriety for the first 
one, and it can last long enough that you 
just have to be within eyeshot of these 
guys to get their blood boiling over you. 
Make sure you don't get too far ahead of 
these guys, or you'll lose them. When 
you're done with the hideouts, you can call 
this a job well done.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Brighton

G16: All The King's Men
The Protagonist meets with Gat and a K6 
Krukov that's laid on the table. Gat 
explains that Tanya's takeover hasn't gone 
to plan – the Vice Kings are fighting each 
other, and the Saints can now have their 
chance to take them out for good. King's 
going to join in, and reassures Gat as he 
walks in, because of the fear that he's 
gone soft. Gat still doesn't really believe 
that King's prepared to face his old crew, 
but King is adamant that he'll fight them 
until the woman that betrayed him winds up 
dead. They then both decide to roll.

King explains what the trio have to do as 
you drive these two over to Impressions in 
Nob Hill. Tanya will be using King's 
Penthouse to protect herself from the 
Saints – and chances are that she's changed 
the key-code to the elevator up to it. The 
only person she tells all to is her fashion 
consultant, Stefan, the owner of the 
Impressions store chain. When you get 
there, King brings him out and you have to 
drive around with Stefan dangling out of 
the window, scaring him enough for him to 
discover the code. You want to watch out 
for the cops, as you gain notoriety and 
those idiots can really bring Stefan's 
health down by ramming into King's car. 
When he reveals the code, you can head over 
to the Penthouse in Adept Way.

You have to kill the Vice Kings in this 
complex as you head to the elevator. After 
going up the elevator, you have to fight 
through some of Tanya's girls as well as 
the Vice Kings as you make your way to the 
office. When you do, you find Tanya. She 
tries to shoot the pack, but ends up 
absorbing quite a few bullets, going 
through the window, but hanging on with a 
precarious grip. King then stamps on her 
fingers, sending her storeys down the 
building, landing on top of King's Mag. The 
three walk out – Gat runs to Aisha, and 
before King leaves, he hands The 
Protagonist a set of keys.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Adept Way
King's Penthouse as a Crib
Johnny's Venom
Vice Kings Vehicles
"Regicide" Achievement – 40G


H: The Westside Rollerz
The Westside Rollerz is a young gang; 
fronted by racer boys and hijacking 
specialists, and led by the massive petrol-
head that is Joseph Price. But, despite all 
this, it doesn't explain how all the punks 
from the suburbs gathered to become a 
fairly strong gang. This had led to belief 
that the Rollerz have outside funding, and 
it's up to the Saints to find out who or 
what is fronting the Rollerz from a 
financial aspect, taking it out and kicking 
these punks back to the underground.

H1: Stacking The Deck
Lin is pestered by some of the Rollerz, 
questioning the customisations on her car. 
After warning them off, they walk away, and 
The Protagonist steps in to meet her. She 
tells that she hasn't heard very much about 
what the Rollerz are doing. But Lin chooses 
to make the best of what she's got – 
there's a Rollerz shipment that's bringing 
in a bunch of high-performance vehicles. 
Lin wants The Protagonist to steal it and 
take it to Samson, the Row's mechanic, so 
he can "load 'em up with a few surprises" 
and complete the delivery without the 
Rollerz noticing.

You have to intercept the truck at the 
freeway, and then damage it enough so you 
can jack it. When you do that, you just 
have to drive through the city's freeways 
until you reach the off-ramp at Saint's 

Mission Completed

H2: Samson's Surprise
The Protagonist meets up at the local 
nightclub to discuss things with Lin. 
Whilst they share a dance, she tells The 
Protagonist that the cars, which are being 
used in a street race, have been rigged 
with a bomb that activates when the engine 
reaches a high enough temperature. Lin 
wants The Protagonist to take part in the 
race, making sure that he has a good lead 
into the final stretch. This should make 
the racers push their cars too far, causing 
the bomb to trigger, killing them.

When Troy arrives, he decides that he 
doesn't want to do the "lap-race bullshit" 
that Lin ordered, and instead tells The 
Protagonist that if he can get Troy close 
enough, he'd be able to taunt these fools 
into shooting off to get away from him. 
Meet with the racers, and then you can 
begin the race. If you have done the 
Westside Rollerz Racing Activity, this has 
been taken from one of the lower level 
races of the variant. You don't have to 
follow the course; you just have to make 
sure Troy gets the juices flowing on all of 
these racers before they finish the race. 
Stay close to them, and let the Taunts 
Meter fill up on each of them. When they're 
all dead, the mission is completed.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Chinatown

H3: Pleasant View Storage (Stronghold)
Julius tells The Protagonist about a lockup 
in Pleasant View that Lin has found out to 
be a Rollerz operation for storing their 
high-performance vehicles. Julius wants 
these vehicles destroyed.

You have to destroy all eight cars – six of 
them sat inside the garages, and two will 
circle the complex after you start getting 
notoriety from the Rollerz. This is a 
simple job with Grenades and if you're a 
good shot when it comes to killing the 
idiots circling around the garage.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Pleasant View

H4: Guardian Angel
The Protagonist meets up with Lin in Mr. 
Wong's teashop in Chinatown to discuss the 
Rollerz again. She has an idea of how to 
get face-to-face with Joseph Price, who is 
now confirmed to be leading the pack. It 
turns out that Price is a pretty close 
friend with Donnie, a mechanic that works 
on all of the Rollerz cars. Lin thinks that 
if The Protagonist storms his garage, 
threatens to kill him and then she comes in 
to rescue him, she'll get a very good word 
put to Price, and if she's lucky, she'll 
meet with him.

Head over to Sommerset and begin fighting 
your way to Donnie. When you're close 
enough, you will have to cap his bodyguards 
before The Protagonist makes a move on him. 
Lin turns up, and all is going to plan. You 
will now have to chase them to the suburbs, 
and then lose them. When you've done that, 
you're finished with the mission.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Sommerset

H5: Escort Service
It seems that Lin has got herself into a 
meeting with the head of the organization, 
and The Protagonist stands out of eyeshot 
of the committee to listen in on what's 
being said. Price is revealed in his form, 
along with his uncle, William Sharp. It 
should be noted that Sharp's lawyer firm is 
a strong financial source for the Rollerz, 
and he's the main reason why the Rollerz 
are set up so strongly. After a few insults 
traded, and even a slap upside his head, 
Price soon walks out. Donnie lets slip 
about a convoy that the Rollerz are 
planning to hit, and that's enough 
information for the Saints to go on.

You have to get to a convoy before the 
Rollerz get there first, and then protect 
it. If you come too late, the Rollerz can 
deal extra damage on it. After taking out a 
few targets, you will have to move on to 
the next one to repeat the process. The 
third and final one is hit by the Rollerz 
before you get there, no matter how fast 
you make it over there. Quickly deal with 
the attackers to finish things off. You can 
then watch Price and Sharp reel off of this 
news, and Donnie have a slip of the tongue 
– again –about buyers for some parts that 
Sharp has lined up. He then decides to get 
Lin involved for recovering whatever they 
were going for in the first place.

Mission Completed

H6: One Step Ahead
Price and Sharp discuss Donnie, just before 
he arrives with Lin, with a plan to recover 
the parts. He's had the idea that there are 
certain cars around the city that they 
could strip down for the parts. The pair 
leaves, after Lin and Sharp have a conflict 
of interest.

You have to stop the Rollerz from getting 
these vehicles. This means you can simply 
go up to them and destroy them, just as 
long as the Rollerz can't get to it. You 
have to stop the Rollerz from jacking 4 
cars in total. When you're done, you're cut 
back to the mansion, where Sharp suspects 
foul play in what happened with the cars. 
It seems that Lin's cover just got blown to 

Mission Completed

H7: Tidal Spring Apartments (Stronghold)
Julius tells The Protagonist that some 
members of the Rollerz have a court 
appearance soon. In an effort to get them 
off the hook, Sharp has decided to bribe 
the jury with all the money and the girls 
they want. Julius wants The Protagonist to 
deal with the jurors.

You have to kill 5 jurors, sat in 
apartments on either side of the apartment 
complex. You will have to watch out for the 
Rollerz, as they will guard these guys 
heavily. Also, after you kill a couple of 
the jurors, you will earn maximum Police 
Notoriety to go along with dealing with the 
Rollerz. Nevertheless, just continue 
killing the jurors, but be careful of the 
SWAT teams and the FBI agents when you have 
to go over to the other side of the 

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Tidal Spring

H8: Liberation
Julius congratulates The Protagonist on how 
everything is going with the Rollerz, as he 
sits in the church. Lin then calls him, 
telling him to get to the pool hall to meet 
her, saying something about the Rollerz 
"getting into something big". Unknown to 
The Protagonist, Sharp hangs the call up, 
as Lin is sat tied to a chair.

This is a two-part mission, but just seems 
to be a mission on it's own. Get to the 
pool hall. Obviously, it's a trap, so kill 
everyone in here and head to the backroom 
to try and untie her. The Protagonist is 
then knocked into a daze as Sharp and a 
thug stand over him, and then knocking him 

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Ultor Dome

H9: Burying Evidence
The second part of this mission resumes at 
night, as Sharp sets to dump The 
Protagonist and Lin in the sea. He invites 
Donnie along, who becomes extremely unhappy 
when Sharp shoots the two and asks him to 
shift the car. Donnie goes off in a very 
angry mood, but it doesn't stop Sharp from 
forcing it in the water. After a while, The 
Protagonist resurfaces, and gets back to 

You have to get a car and hunt down and 
kill Sharp. Stay within the radius and 
deliver enough damage to destroy Sharp's 
car to kill him.

Mission Completed

H10: Copperton Receiving Station 
Julius phones up The Protagonist, telling 
him about a receiving station in the Truck 
Yard that the Rollerz seem to have interest 
in. Julius wants The Protagonist to check 
out what they're doing.

You have to hold this position for 3 
minutes, as your Rollerz notoriety will 
slowly go up. First, kill all of them 
hanging around the area, and then you can 
just fend off the Rollerz that arrive by 
vehicle. Make sure you have enough ammo for 
a good weapon for this one, too, as it will 
make this stronghold easier on you. After 
you've secured this position, you have to 
destroy a truck filled with two Rollerz 
that will come after you. If you have an 
RPG, you can shoot at it and destroy it 
pretty easily, but dodge it and shoot the 
driver and the passenger if you haven't.

Stronghold Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Copperton

H11: No Time To Mourn
When The Protagonist meets with Julius in 
the church graveyard, he receives bad news. 
Julius tells that the news reported her 
body floating down the river. He says that 
Gat's going to want Price dead, and whilst 
this conversation goes on, Price is 
rounding up his boys at his estate, in an 
effort to burn the Saints out of the city 
to avenge his uncle's death. Julius wants 
to take the fight to the Rollerz, but Troy 
halts that plan, after he's received a tip 
on Price's attack.

You are riding with Julius in an effort to 
stop the Rollerz convoy reaching the Row. 
You have to get onto the freeway at the Red 
Light District, and when you reach the 
marker at the on-ramp to the highway at the 
Arena district, you will swap positions 
with Julius, taking out the Rollerz 
vehicles as you make your way to Price. 
When you've done that, you are cut to a 
cutscene where The Protagonist shoots at 
Price's exotic sports car, but goes flying 
out of the window when he suddenly brakes 
and Julius goes into the back of it. Price 
speeds away, but Julius reassures The 
Protagonist that Price's time will come.

Mission Completed

H12: Price's Mansion (Stronghold)
Julius calls The Protagonist outside of 
Price's Mansion. He wants The Protagonist 
to storm the mansion, get the keys to his 
Attrazione and steal it so he can't pull 
another move like he did on Saint's Row.

First, you have to fight your way upstairs 
to get the keys, before going back down, 
taking the Attrazione, and getting to the 
Forgive and Forget in Tidal Spring. It 
seems simple set out, but make sure you 
have good weapons going into this one.

Mission Completed
Neighborhood Gained – Misty Lane
Price's Attrazione

H13: Semi-Charmed Life
The Protagonist waits around the 
dealership, after receiving the call that 
told him to go there. He hears a truck 
veering towards him, and dives out of the 
way just in time. It was Price, and he was 
planning on killing him.

You have to catch up with Price on the 
highway and destroy the truck. You can only 
do that by destroying all the vehicles he 
has hitched to the back of him, and then 
you can shoot out the cab until it goes up 
in flames. Bring a good sub-machine gun, 
and make sure your car is up to full 
health, as you will receive a lot of damage 
if you get too much trouble from the 
Rollerz pursuing you, or if you ended up 
getting in the blast range of the Pipebombs 
that Price will toss out of his cab. When 
he's dead, The Protagonist receives a call 
from Julius, telling him the Rollerz are 
finished once and for all. The Protagonist 
also grabs the key to Price's Mansion from 
his dead body as the conversation comes to 
a close.

Mission Completed
Price's Mansion as a Crib
Julius's Zenith
Westside Rollerz Vehicles
"Road Warrior" Achievement – 40G

This brings an end to all of the gang 
storylines featured in this guide. If you 
have finished all three, you earn the 
"Ruler of Stilwater" Achievement, worth a 
whopping 160G.

I: The Epilogue
The Saints have achieved their dream – they 
now own Stilwater. But there are still a 
couple of things that need to be dealt 

I1: Battlefield Promotion
This is a cutscene right after the ending 
of the final mission of the last gang you 
have tossed out of the city. The 
Protagonist arrives in the church, and gets 
a call from Julius, who is driving along 
the highway somewhere along the way. He 
talks about what's happened over the course 
of the game – Lin's death, Johnny's leg, 
and all that stuff. During this cutscene, 
it goes to Johnny showing his romantic side 
to Aisha, Donnie still reeling from Lin's 
death, King leaving town on his private 
jet, Luz getting a light from Manuel, Dex 
enjoying a stay at the local strip club, 
and Troy not looking too happy for himself 
as he drowns his sorrows. Julius then tells 
The Protagonist that he's Julius's No. 2, 
before he hangs up having being pulled over 
by the cops. The Protagonist gets to grips 
with new crew.

The credits roll. But that's not the end, 
as there are three missions left to do.

I2: Stuffing The Ballot
When you activate this mission, The 
Protagonist receives a call from Chief 
Monroe. He has Julius locked up, and he 
asks for a favor, quoting the events of 
"Round Peg, Square Hole" as he requests it. 
Instead of "turning Saint's Row into a 
parking lot", he wants some help in the 
mayoral elections. Marshall Winslow, one of 
the other candidates, is being driven 
around in his campaign bus. If The 
Protagonist doesn't jack the bus and parks 
it on the train tracks tonight, Julius will 
come to an unfortunate end.

You have 3 minutes and 45 seconds to hijack 
the campaign bus and park it on the tracks 
at Poseidon Alley. You have to battle past 
the rest of his convoy to deliver enough 
damage for the driver to flee, before 
dealing with the authorities all the way 
over there. Bring some Homies with you, as 
you will need them to shoot at the guys 
chasing you as you concentrate on getting 
in the bus. When you park it on the tracks, 
get a good distance away from it before the 
train smashes into it.

Mission Completed

I3: Hail To The Chief
The Protagonist walks into the church, as 
Dex and Gat question whether he heard back 
from Monroe. Straight after that question, 
The Protagonist gets a call from the Chief, 
telling him that he wants the Saints to do 
"a little more community service" before he 
lets Julius walks free. Dex feels that the 
Saints will have to keep on doing dirty 
work, but Gat doesn't want to be messed 
around by Monroe. Instead of wanting to 
blow up City Hall (one of Gat's classic 
ideas), Dex has an idea to hit Chief Monroe 
whilst he attends the funeral precession.

You have to get to the vantage point at Nob 
Hill. When you do, you are handed a rifle 
to snipe Monroe. However, when the 
precession rolls up, there seem to be more 
than a few police and authority vehicles. 
Gat begins firing RPGs at all the targets, 
and you need to take all of the Five-O and 
FBI vehicles in the precession. When you've 
done that, you have to deal with a maximum 
Police Notoriety level as you head to 
Forgive and Forget at the Museum district.

Mission Completed

You will then get a call from Alderman 
Richard Hughes, the new mayor, seeing as 
the Saints killed both of his rivals 
single-handedly. He requests The 
Protagonist to come aboard his yacht 
tonight to attend his fundraiser. It's 
strongly advised to save if you haven't 
already after "Hail To The Chief".

I4: Salting The Earth
The Protagonist is aboard the yacht, 
sailing in the middle of Saint's Row and 
Downtown. Despite being told that Julius is 
going to be there, it's only him and 
Hughes, along with his protection, that are 
aboard the yacht. As he thanks The 
Protagonist for handing him the election, 
and his urban renewal plan for Saint's Row 
that threatens to boot the Saints out of 
their home district, the scene flicks to 
Johnny fast asleep, with Aisha up with 
worry, Luz looks out onto the bay at the 
western bridge, King stands near his car 
nearby, Donnie still grieving for Lin, and 
Julius (now a free man) looking towards the 
yacht, and then walking away, looking at 
his watch. Troy is leaned up against a 
wall, pulling out his badge (he was a cop 
all along). After The Protagonist is being 
told that he's going to be killed here, a 
beeping sound is heard, and then a bomb 
detonates, destroying the yacht.

The credits roll, and in the middle of it, 
a breaking radio news story is played with 
Jack Armstrong and Jane Valderamma, 
reporting the explosion. When the credits 
finish, you are put to the main menu, and 
you can reload your last save, and if you 
choose, go through this mission again. This 
is the official end to the game.

J: Achievements
In Saints Row, there are a total of 43 
Achievements, adding up to a nice 1000G. 
This section of this guide should be able 
to aid you to get every online and offline 

J1: Offline Achievements Guide
There are 31 Achievements that involve 
playing on the main game, all adding up to 

1. Colombian Made (40G)
Take over Los Carnales territory.

This is a simple one, in terms of getting 
it. You have to complete all 10 missions 
and all 5 strongholds for Los Carnales.

2. Regicide (40G)
Take over Vice Kings territory.

Again, simple to set out to get. You have 
to complete all 11 missions and all 5 
strongholds to get this one.

3. Road Warrior (40G)
Take over Westside Rollerz territory.

You have to complete all 9 missions and all 
4 strongholds. Again, this one is simple if 
you concentrate on the storyline.

4. Ruler of Stilwater (160G)
Help the 3rd Street Saints take over 

You have to complete all three storylines. 
Also, you need to clear out any 
neighborhoods in the midst of a Pushback. 
This is also needed if you want the three 
Achievements that lead up to this one.

5. Penny Pincher (10G)
Earn $1,000,000 in the city of Stilwater.

This is a pretty hard one. If you do all 
the Missions and Activities, you will 
usually only get it bumped up to $300,000 
to $400,000. This is the total money you've 
earned and picked up over the game, not the 
cash you have on hand. There is a good 
strategy to get it.

Get a Titan and save it in your garage. 
Alternatively, you could complete all 
variants of Hijacking to get a special 
variant. Also, it would help to complete 
all 24 targets for the Hitman Activity to 
get the Platinum RPG.

Use the Lopez Villa if you have it. 
Otherwise, you can do this near a Rim Jobs. 
Blow up the Titan, and collect all the 
money that comes out the back of it 
(usually $4,000 to over $10,000 if you're 
lucky). Get the car repaired, and repeat 
the process until you get the Achievement. 
Restock on weapons if you run out of them. 
To get extra cash, make sure you're 
collecting from your stash regularly (it 
helps a lot to own all 36 neighborhoods if 
you want a nice rise in the cash flow).

6. Grifter (10G)
Earn $200,000 in Insurance Fraud.

Pretty simple. You just have to complete a 
few levels of Insurance Fraud to get it.

7. Shopaholic (10G)
Acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for 
your singleplayer wardrobe.

This is easiest done by going to a Sloppy 
Seconds or a store with low-priced items, 
and buying up every style and every colour 
of each item. This may usually cost you in 
the region of $5,000, which doesn't seem 
much if you're well into the game.

8. Leader of the Pack (10G)
Acquire all 7 Homies.

Here's how you get all the Homies in the 

Wheel Woman – After the mission "Canonized"
Will – After completing Saint's Row Snatch
Chicken Ned – Calling 555-2445 on your cell 
phone anytime during the story
Samantha – After completing Vice Kings 
Laura – After completing Westside Rollerz 
Drug Trafficking
Mr. Wong – After completing the Westside 
Rollerz Hitman list
Zombie Lin – Calling 555-5966 after the 
mission "No Time To Mourn"

9. Getting Up (10G)
Tag all tag locations hidden throughout 

Tag over all 75 tags. View "E13: Tags" for 
a guide on all 75 tags.

10. Grease Monkey (10G)
Own a total of 50 cars.

Pretty simple. Stick near a crib, and jack 
every car until you reach 50.

11. Racket Lord (160G)
Complete all activities in Stilwater.

Simple to follow. This excludes the 
sections "E13: Tags" and "E16: Theft" and 
the ones in between.

12. Contract Killer (10G)
Complete all of the Hitman locations.

Pretty simple – cap all 24 targets. Go back 
to Section E for a guide.

13. Demo Demon (10G)
Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.

Complete all eight levels of the Arena 
Demolition Derby. Go back to Section E for 
a guide.

14. Fast and Furious (10G)
Complete all of the Hijacking locations and 

Complete all three variants of Hijacking. 
Go back to Section E for a guide.

15. Fluffer (10G)
Complete all of the Escort locations and 

Complete all three variants of Escort. Go 
back to Section E for a guide.

16. Pimp (10G)
Complete all of the Snatch locations and 

Complete all the variants of Snatch, 
including the introductory one in Saint's 
Row. Go back to Section E for a guide.

17. Pusher (10G)
Complete all of the Drug Trafficking 
locations and levels.

Complete all three variants of Drug 
Trafficking. Go back to Section E for a 

18. Scavenger (10G)
Complete all of the Chop Shop locations.

Complete all 24 target vehicles for Chop 
Shop. Go back to Section E for a guide.

19. Tuner (10G)
Complete all of the Racing locations and 

Complete all three variants of Racing. Go 
back to Section E for a guide.

20. Vandal (10G)
Complete all of the Mayhem locations and 

Complete all three variants of Mayhem. Go 
back to Section E for a guide.

21. Canonized (10G)
Join the 3rd Street Saints.

This will unlock after you complete the 
mission "Canonized".

22. Reclamationist (10G)
Retake Saint's Row.

You will get this after completing the 
three missions and the single Los Carnales 
stronghold in Athos Bay.

23. Audiophile (10G) [Secret Achievement]
Collected all 60 CDs hidden throughout 

This will unlock when you receive your 
final bonus track. Follow "E14: CD 
Collecting" for a guide to all 60 CDs.

24. Jumped the Shark (10G)
Withdrew a total of $200,000 from the Loan 

You can borrow money through First Born 
Loans in Downtown. You can borrow a certain 
amount of money – from $5,000 to $50,000, 
based on neighborhood control – and you 
have to pay it back within a number of 
days. Luckily, in terms of time, you only 
have to wait 5-10 seconds at the earliest 
to pay it back. When you borrow a total of 
over $200,000, you will unlock the 
Achievement. Send it back if you want to 
after unlocking this one.

25. Professional Thief (10G)
Stole 30 boxes and delivered them 

Follow "E16: Theft" for a guide for the 
Theft Activity.

26. Scourge of the Air (10G)
Destroyed 50 helicopters.

There is a guide on how to get this one. 
The easiest one requires completing the 
Hitman Activity for the Platinum RPG 
Launcher, and having the Lopez Mansion as a 

Get your Police Notoriety to Level 4, so 
you have the police helicopter on you. Have 
your Platinum RPG Launcher on hand, and 
shoot it down atop the Lopez Mansion. Get 
onto the balcony, and jump onto the roof. 
That way, when you end up with maximum 
Police Notoriety, the SWAT and FBI teams 
won't be able to deal too much damage to 
you. Keep on shooting the choppers down, 
and restock on RPGs when and if you need 
to. When you shoot down the 50th helicopter, 
the Achievement will unlock.

27. Stilwater PD Award (10G)
Killed 50 Stilwater residents with only 
melee attacks.

You can only kill the pedestrians with your 
fists, a melee weapon, or with the melee 
attack you can attempt with your weapons. 
They also have to be citizens, as Saints, 
rival gangsters, cops, SWAT teams and FBI 
agents don't count towards this.

28. Addicted to tha Row (20G)
Played Saints Row for a total of 20 hours.

All you have to do is play for 20 hours. 
This usually unlocks as you go about taking 
over Stilwater, completing missions and 
strongholds, along with Pushbacks and 
Activities. Just doing whatever you have to 
complete will put a lot of gaming hours on 
this game.

29. Marathon Runner (20G)
Travelled 26.2 miles on foot.

Again, roaming around the city and 
completing the game will boost up this part 
of your statistics.

30. Negotiator (10G)
Took 50 Hostages.

See "E15: Hostage" for a guide on taking 

31. Tourist (20G)
Drove 500 miles in the city of Stilwater.

This is another Achievement that is 
unlocked easily by going about your 
business on the game. It's pretty easy to 
rack up the miles when trying to do all the 
other Achievements.

J2: Online Achievements Guide
There are 12 Achievements on the online 
version of Saints Row, totalling to 270G.

1. Thug (10G)
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any 
multiplayer mode.

You need to get an estimated Rank value of 
16. Your rank goes up with wins, and down 
with losses. This is only calculated in 
ranked matches.

2. Killa (20G)
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any 
multiplayer mode.

You need an estimated Rank value of 21. 
Your rank goes up with wins, and down with 
losses. This is only calculated in ranked 

3. Gangsta (40G)
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Gangsta in any 
multiplayer mode.

You need an estimated Rank value of 26. 
Your rank goes up with wins, and down with 
losses. This is only calculated in ranked 

4. Kingpin (80G)
Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any 
multiplayer mode.

You need an estimated Rank value of 31. 
Your rank goes up with wins, and down with 
losses. This is only calculated in ranked 
matches. If you're having trouble, you may 
need to contact a few people in order to 
boost up your rank, or have rival gamers 
allow you to get the Achievements. This can 
be pretty rare and far-fetched to perform, 
so you may have to do it the hard way if 
needs must.

5. Coupon Clipper (10G)
Purchase 100 clothing and jewelry items for 
your multiplayer wardrobe.

This is pretty harder to the similar 
Offline Achievement "Shopaholic (10G)", 
seeing as you get much less money online. 
Here is the money rewards for online:

Completed game: $15
Won Game: $30
Five Killstreak: $15
Ten Killstreak: $30
No Deaths: $20

If you are extremely lucky, or you "boost", 
you will get over $100 each game. The shops 
are accessed on the multiplayer interface.

6. Bulletproof (10G)
Complete Co-Op level Turbulence at the 
highest difficulty.

On your main menu, go onto "XBox Live", 
then "Create Party" and go online with your 
friends, and then select "Co-Op". Select 
Turbulence, and then select the difficulty 
to Kingpin. In Turbulence, you have 4 
lives, starting off in the Airport terminal 
interior, and you have to fight your way 
out of a police ambush. You have to make 
your way through to a marker in order to 
escape alive. Make sure you and your friend 
are both experienced gamers, as this one 
can be tough. Take cover regularly and make 
sure you know where your enemies are before 
you go running into it.

7. Errand Boy (10G)
Complete Co-Op level Mob Rule at the 
highest difficulty.

Activating this one is the same as 
"Bulletproof (10G)", but select Mob Rule at 
Kingpin difficulty. You will have to 
deliver two boxes whilst fighting off the 
Vice Kings. Again, experience and survival 
is key if you don't want to run out of 

8. Dominator (10G)
Won 10 ranked matches in a row.

This can be easily done if you are allowed 
to boost, or if you have a party filled 
with good online gamers.

9. Chain Gang (20G)
Dropped off a total of 500 chains in the 
Big Ass Chains multiplayer mode in ranked 

Big Ass Chains is a multiplayer mode where 
you have to collect chains and deliver them 
to the drop-off to earn points. This can 
only can be accumulated in either team or 
solo versions of the mode, and can't be 
totalled as a combination of the two. You 
have to count over 500 chains in one of 
those modes.

10. Pimp Killer (20G)
Killed the Pimp in Protect tha Pimp 50 
times in ranked matches.

In Protect tha Pimp, one team has to 
protect their player that has become the 
pimp in the game, whilst the other team has 
to kill him. Get the last shot on the pimp 
50 times to unlock. This may take a while, 
as you may be on the same side as the pimp.

11. Clocktower Camper (20G)
Head shot and killed a total of 100 enemies 
with a Sniper Rifle in ranked matches.

Just go onto any multiplayer mode, get a 
McManus, find a nice ledge to sit on, and 
score the headshots. If you have a friend 
on the opposite team, you can easily do 
this with him if you boost.

12. Xzibitionist (20G)
Got your team car to level 4 in the Blinged 
Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked 

In Blinged Out Ride, your team needs to get 
enough money by killing the opposite team 
enough times to get the car levelled up. 
You need to be the only one in the car when 
you reach the top level. Make sure that 
your team is good at protecting you, and 
they can also rack up enough cash. Repeat 
this until you get the Achievement.

And that's it for the game. Enjoy the 1000G 
score if you got all 43 Achievements within 
the game.

K: Credits
I did this solely by myself; however, I 
want to make a shout-out to the people that 
helped me.

K1: Special Thanks To…
Volition Inc. and THQ:
These guys did a great job in developing 
and retailing the game.

Every contact I have online:
They were the ones that came up with the 
initial idea for this guide, and they also 
help me piece together the 12 online 
Achievements by helping me every step of 
the way.

I also want to thank any gaming websites 
that I allowed to reproduce this guide, 
whilst still giving me full credit for it. 
They are helping me to earn a reputation in 
guide writing, so I take my hat off to all 
of them.

K2: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
There are no questions that have been 
posted to me. If you want a question to be 
answered, and if it's a solid and valid 
question, I will answer it for you and I'll 
post it in this section of the guide.

K3: Goodbye!
And that caps off the guide. If you have a 
question, any suggestions, any strategies 
for a part of this guide, or if you've 
spotted a mistake in this guide, then 
contact me through my email:

dan [dot] ste [at] live [dot] co [dot] uk

If you have a suggestion for another guide, 
it would be welcomed. For now, I'll see you 

I will not allow you to reproduce the whole 
guide; but if you want permission for a 
small section of the guide, I will allow 
you to use it, as long as you give me 
credit for it.

Copyright 2011 Daniel Stephen. This shall 
not be reproduced under any circumstances 
except from personal, private use. It may 
not be placed on any website or otherwise 
distributed publicly without written 
permission in advance. Use of this guide on 
any other website/public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of 

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