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Hitman Missions Guide by Wavebird99

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/13/2006

Saints Row Hitman Guide

Copyright 2006 Matt Smith

Version 1.0

About Me: My name is Matt Smith. Im a pretty average gamer and this is my first
FAQ. My username on Gamefaqs is Wavebird99 but I go by my xbox live gamertag 
more often - Smitty00, or just Smitty. My email is msmitty01@gmail.com if you
would like to contact me about this guide, email me. 

Alright, onto the guide:


Ch.1 - Hitman Missions in General

Hitman missions are quite possibly the hardest side activities in the game.Why?
Finding the person is extremely difficult. The game gives you the district the
person is SOMETIMES in, but they are often not in that particular district.
This FAQ is here to help you find these people and kill them. Its tough, but 
one of the more rewarding activities in the game. 

The person will show up on your mini-map as a gray crosshair when you are near 
them. Always keep your eye on that map.


Ch. 2 - Hitman Tips

#1: Be patient! It can be extremely stressful finding these people in the game.
Be ready, and be willing to find the person. You may even run across someone by

#2: (Complete credit for this tip goes to Vegan Carnivore) - Use common sense! 
Old men will not be out at night and will be out during the day. Players and 
whores will be out at night. Look at the hit's clothes/body. Determine what 
time of day they will be out

#3: Memorize what weapons certain people need to be killed with. Many people 
you can sometimes spot without a hud on (such as the guy in the hotdog suit). 
If your looking for someone else, but come across a person you know needs to be
killed, remember the right weapon to use! I cant tell you the number of times 
I saw that hot dog guy and could not remember what I needed to kill him with!

#4: (Full Credit goes to Vegan Carnivore) - Go where there are crowds. Find 
the main road of the district and look around. Be patient, look around. Use
this guide as often as you can.

#5: Any person who is in an "unknown" area works for the city (such as the FBI 
or an ambulance driver or part of the SWAT team, something to that affect.)

And now, onto the hits.


Chinatown Hitman Missions

Mr. Wong would like you to "eliminate" several people who have harmed his 
organization over the years. He begins talking to you in Chinese, with a 
translator at his side. The translator "translates wrong" and Wong shoots him 
in the leg. He then continues in perfect english that he has a list of the 
people that need to be taken out and hands you the list and pictures of the 


Jackie (Vice 9) Area: Unknown - Jackie is an ambulance driver. To get her, call
911 on your phone until an ambulance shows up with her driving. (If you dont 
get her at first, keep calling, she will show up eventually). Make sure to kill
her with a Vice 9. - (Credit giving to Vegan Carnivore for that hit).

Alan (Knife) Area: Arena - Not incredibly difficult to get. He shows up around 
the main street of the Arena often. Knife him when you see him walking around 
there. (Hes one of the few that actually is in the district the game says hes 

Jose (T3K) Area: Truck Yard - Somewhat difficult to find for some people. I 
found him sitting on a bench outside of the actual truck yard but still in the
district. Several people say he is a truck driver and shows up on the freeways.
I cant confirm this. Just be patient and look around the Truck Yard.

Roxanne (NR4) Area: Barrio - She was very easy to find for me (shes a big boob
blonde) and I found her right outside the Friendly Fire in Sommerset. Make sure
you shoot her with the right gun. (To find a NR4 easily, just kill a few cops, 
its the pistol they use). 

Charles (Nightstick) Area: Suburbs - Another very easy one. I found him walking
around several of the houses near the Hijacking icon. You can get a nightstick 
easily by beating up a few policemen. 

Juan (Tombstone) Area: Apartments - This little loser took me pratically 4 
hours to find. First off, dont look in the Apartments, hes not gonna be there. 
Several people say he shows up around the buildings by your Saints Row crib. I
waited there a very long time and he didnt show up. Vegan Carnivore noted that
he often jogs around Barrio during the day. I finally found this guy (and 
almost ran over him XD) near a bus stop in Barrio. Shoot him an extra time for
me and make sure you have the right shotgun.

Bucky (Hand Grenade) Area: Arena - (Full credit for this hit goes to Vegan 
Carnivore). Hes incredibly easy to spot, hes a flippen hot dog. Look around near
the riverfront in the Arena district to find him. I saw him a couple times 
around your Saints Row crib, but I didnt know what weapons I had to use to kill
him. If you cant find him at the Arena, check either the Projects District or 
by your first crib.

Bill (K6 Krukov) Area: Unknown - I got this completely by accident. I was doing
drug trafficking and managed to kill this guy with the exact gun I needed to 
use. He works for the FBI. Get a K6 and go on a killing spree till you have 5
stars. He should show up in one of the FBI cars. 

Congrats! You have just completed the Chinatown Hitman missions! You unlock a 
platinum A7 Riot shotgun and get Mr. Wong as a homie you can call up. Good job!


Project District Hitman Missions 

A guy (who is unnamed) lays it down for you. His buddy has a court appearance 
coming up soon. The prosecuters have plenty of witnesses that could put his 
buddy away for a long time. He wants you to "take care" of these witnesses.

(Note: I didnt do some of these hits in order, so Ill do them in the order I
did them.)


Richard (.44 Magnum) Area: High End Retail District - Richard isnt that hard to
find. Hes a buissnessman who is often found walking around in the downtown area
or in the Highend Retail District. I found him walking on a sidewalk heading 
into the downtown area. He appears in the morning and heads for work. Vegan 
Carnivore says he found him driving a car. This is a possibility. 

Don (.44 Magnum) Area: Red Light District - A loser who pretends hes in a gang 
to get laid. Pretty funny actually. Drive around the Red Light District until
you spot him. According to Vegan Carnivore (and several others) he appears 
as the sun sets and walks around acting glum.

Hank (Molotov) Area: Museum District - Hank is a delivery truck driver, and Im
gonna say it right now - I found him on pure luck. I was heading up to the 
Museum district when I saw him in a yellow delivery truck in Prawn Court. Be
sure to bring plenty of Molotovs to get him (It took me like, 4). If he doesnt
show up in Prawn Court, head on over to the Museums and see if he appears. 

Louise (RPG) Area: High End Retail Distric - Louise is pretty easy to find. She
drives one of those little police car Quota things around the district. I found
in the late afternoon right by the Metro Station. Look around there around 6:20
PM. Blast her away =D

Dick (Knife) Area: Downtown District - Alright, Dick wasnt downtown for me.
Look in the Projects District at night for him. Several others have noted that
he appears here around dusk. It took me awhile to find him, but I finally did. 
Make sure your you stab him enough so that hes dead. One saint gang member ran
at him with a baseball bat and almost killed him. Be careful that only you
finish him off.

Marty (Baseball Bat) Area: Suburbs - Very easy hit. Look around the 'burbs 
around 9 in the morning. I found him driving his car by the Scratch That Music
store at that time. Drag him out and beat him up.

Billy Bob (12 Gauge) Area: Downtown - He was kind of hard for me to find. I 
finally found him across the street from the loans building and blasted him
with the 12 gauge. He showed up for me a little after 7 AM and should be easy
to spot, since hes probably the only hick in the downtown area.

Henry (T3K) Area: Downtown - My god I could NOT find this guy anywhere. It took
me an entire afternoon to find this guy. The main thing - dont drive around
looking for him. Rob some stores in the area, beat up random people.This causes
limos to appear around town and a better chance of seeing Henry. Whatever -
he appeared in the "On Thin Ice" jewlery store for me in the High End Retail
district. He was browsing jewlery and it was pretty early in the morning. A
second approach - hijack a limo and drive around looking for limos. Hes a limo
driver so he should be one. Or you could be like me and stumble across him in 
a store. Whatever the case, hes in Nob Hill or the Downtown District.

Congratulations! You just completed the Projects District Hitman! You recieve a
platinum T3K at your crib. Sweeet..

Airport Hitman Missions

A woman approaches your character in an airport bar. She offers you quite a bit
of cash for taking out several people. She then says you are thinking either 
two things - 1.) your thinking how you could kill someone you dont know or 2.) 
how you are gonna spend all that money. The woman then tells you that the 
second thought is going to get you farther in this world.

(Note: Ill be doing these missions in the order I do them)


Chris (SKR) Area: Airport - Simple hit really. Hes a mailman. Wait by the
entrance onto the highway at the edge of the aiport. He often comes off the 
highway and into the airport. You may also find him driving his mail truck on
the road going out of the airport. Pull him out and shoot him up.

Thomas (Baseball Bat) Area: Docks and Warehouses District - Easy to find really
Go to the factories district early morning till midday and you should find him.
I found him at around 6:30 AM next to the forgive and forget. Make sure to look
for that gray crosshair.

Julia (Vice 9) Area: Barrio - An old woman who hobbles around. Easy hit really,
just look for her hobbling around Barrio during the day. I found her by the 
Barrio Train Station around 4 PM.

Theresa (Knife) Area: Barrio - Theresa is a fat whore who probably deserves to
die. Drive around the main drag of Barrio (the street with the plastic surgeon
on it.) at night and you will eventually see her doing what prostitutes do best
I found her around 11:45 at night.

Gabriel (Tombstone) Area: Factories District - I actually found this guy at
night. He was walking just outside the mills and it was like 3 AM for me. Easy
hit, just walk around the factories district till you see him.

Bill (Molotov) Area: Factories District - Wow did I get lucky on this guy. When
I went to the airport to put him on my HUD, he showed up right outside the 
entrance of it for me. If you're not lucky like me, head on over to the
Factories District and it should be very easy to find him during the day.
Credit for the location of Bill in the factories goes to Vegan Carnivore. Also,
hitting someone with a Moltov can be a pain. A little tip, push up right
against the person and press L. Your character does a little underhand throw 
that will make you both go on fire, but you will survive, he wont. After that,
eat a burger =D.

Tina (GDHC) Area: Barrio - Alot of people have said that Tina is never in
Barrio, and they're probably right. She showed up in the Museum District for me 
around sunset. Look here first (the museum district is very small compared to
Barrio.) and see if she shows up. Make sure you use the right gun.

John (McManus) Area: Unknown - Easy hit really. John works for the SWAT team. 
Grab a McManus sniper rifle and get up to 4 stars (You only get 10 bullets for
the McManus, so dont even use it to kill just yet). Once you do, a helicopter
shows up. John is one of the SWAT officers shooting down at you. Snipe him out
of the side.

*EASY WAY TO GET A McManus!* - credit goes to Vegan Carnivore
Easy way to get a free McManus, rob the Friendly Fire north of the Downtown 
chop shop. In the safe in the back there will be a McManus.

Thats it kids! All the hitman activities are complete at this point. You get a
Gold Plated GDHC and, if this was your last location for the hitman, you get a
platinum rocket launcher! (Believe me, that gun is sweeeeeeeet.)


Q: I went to where you said to go in the guide and my hit isnt there. Why?

A: The great thing about Saints Row is, everyone's experience is different. You
may even find someone in a totally new district that no one knew about. If so,
contact me and I will give you full credit and put it in this guide. Use this
guide as a guideline for how to approach each hit.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: My email is msmitty01@gmail.com. Email me about anything involving this
guide. You may have also found a new trick involving these missions. Email me 
then too.

Q: I can't get the "hitman glitch" to work. What gives?

A: It never worked for me either, I suggest no one even try it. I personally 
think the person who discovered it has a glitched game. I havent heard anyone 
say it has worked for them yet. Just use this guide as often as you can.



Gamefaqs does not belong to me. It belongs to CJAYC. This guide, however,
belongs to me, and you need my permission to post it on your website. Contact 
me at msmitty01@gmail.com if you would like my permission.

I do not own the rights to Saints Row either. Volition Studios and THQ do. All
the names of the weapons, districts, and people are copyrighted by Volition and
may not be used by anyone else.



Thank You Section:

I would like to thank Vegan Carnivore first and foremost. He posted a simpler 
guide on the message boards with alot of tips on how to do Hitman missions. He 
helped me out with several of them. Thank you Vegan. 

I would also like to thank Volition Studios for creating such an awesome game 
and putting in Hitman missions so bored gamers like me can have some fun.

Peace - Wavebird99

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