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    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Addicted to tha row (20)Play Saints Row for 20 hours.
    Audiophile (10)Collect all 60 hidden cd's.
    Bulletproof (10)Successfully complete Co-Op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty level.
    Canonized (10)Join the 3rd Street Saints.
    Chain Gang (20)Drop off a total of 500 chainsaw the Big Ass Chains multiplayer mode in ranked matches.
    Clocktower Camper (20)Head shot and kill a total of 100 enemies with a sniper rifle in ranked matches.
    Colombian Made (40)Take over Los Carnales territory.
    Contract Killer (10)Successfully complete all of the Hitman locations.
    Coupon Clipper (10)Purchase 100 clothing and jewelry items for your Multiplayer wardrobe.
    Demo Demon (10)Successfully complete all levels of Demolition Derby.
    Dominator (10)Win 10 ranked matches in a row.
    Errand Boy (10)Successfully complete Co-Op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level.
    Fast and Furious (10)Successfully complete all of the Hijacking locations and levels.
    Fluffer (10)Successfully complete all of the Escort locations and levels.
    Gangsta (40)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Gangster in any Multiplayer mode.
    Getting Up (10)Tag all tag locations hidden throughout Stilwater.
    Grease Monkey (10)Own a total of 50 cars.
    Grifter (10)Earn $200,000 in Insurance Fraud.
    Jump the Shark (10)Withdraw a total of $200,000 from the loan office.
    Killa (20)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Killa in any Multiplayer mode.
    Kingpin (80)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any Multiplayer mode.
    Leader of the Pack (10)Acquire all 7 Homies.
    Marathon Runner (10)Traveled 26.2 miles on foot.
    Negotiator (10)Take 50 hostages.
    Penny Pincher (10)Earn $1,000,000 in the city of Stilwater.
    Pimp (10)Successfully complete all the Snatch locations and levels.
    Pimps Down (20)Kill the Pimp In Protect the Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.
    Professional Thief (10)Steal 30 boxes and deliver them successfully.
    Pusher (10)Successfully complete all of the Drug Trafficking locations and levels.
    Racket Lord (160)Successfully complete all activities in Stilwater.
    Reclamationist (10)Retake Saint's Row.
    Regicide (40)Take over Vice Kings territory.
    Road Warrior (40)Take over Westside Rollerz territory.
    Ruler of Stilwater (160)Help the 3rd Streets Saints take over Stilwater.
    Scavenger (10)Successfully complete all of the Chop Shop locations.
    Scourge of the Air (10)Destroy 50 helicopters.
    Shopaholic (10)Acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for your single player wardrobe.
    Stilwater PD Award (10)Kill 50 Stilwater residents with only melee attacks.
    Thug (10)Reach a TrueSkill rank of Thug in any Multiplayer mode.
    Tourist (20)Drive 500 miles in the city of Stilwater.
    Tuner (10)Successfully complete all of the Racing locations and levels.
    Vandal (10)Successfully complete all of the Mayhem locations and levels.
    Xzibitionist (20)Get your team car to level 4 in the Blinged Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked matches.

    Contributed By: Mikeaspike.

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