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Reviewed: 10/23/08 | Updated: 07/20/09

Gears Of War? More like Tears Of War due to how mediocre it is...

Gears of War is currently one of the most popular shooters on the Xbox 360. I'm astounded why too. I played the game when my cousin brought it over for a pretty good amount of time and quite frankly I found it mediocre. Anyways, onto the review.

Graphics:8/10:The Graphics in the game are extremely good. Especially during the Storyline cutscenes, but the area designs were lacking. Not that they weren't good, but because they were so repetitive. Almost every corridor I went down in a building looked the same. Another thing that striked me was the color scheme. Everything was too gray. I understand we don't magically paint a building red, but I was so tired of gray. Everywhere literally in the game has the color gray. I would have been so happy to just see maybe a random spot of red on a building. Overall the Graphics are very good, but the area designs rely on the same color scheme too much. So, Graphics get a 8/10. Onto the most important category Gameplay now.

Gameplay:6.5/10:Gears of War is pretty mediocre in it's Gameplay. The campaign from what I played of it wasn't much fun. Plus, the online is pretty unbalanced too. Gears of War is a third person shooter. You mostly hold A to run around then A when against a wall to take cover. Taking cover plays a huge role in the game and quite frankly you'll need to take cover. If you don't, prepare to die fast then. So, once you take cover you pretty much shoot and then continue taking cover. Maybe move to another position if enemies are flanking you. Now, about the campaign.

The Campaign quite frankly was just boring to me. Not sure why, but it was. It was challenging believe me, but boring. As I played through the Campaign I mostly felt I was forcing myself to play through the Campaign. Why? I'm not sure, but probably the repetitive level design played a huge role in why I got so bored. Now, that I think of it though this is probably why I couldn't enjoy Gears of War...

The cover system is just not innovative. The whole game revolves around just taking cover then firing. You have no other options because walking is slow and you'll get killed quick. So, simply put the whole game revolves around that and you don't have too many options to deal with situations. Other shooters like Team Fortress 2 and Halo 3 have more innovative aspects. Like being able to jump, weapons that require specific strategies to use effectively and far more options when in the middle of a gunfight. Gears Of War has a decent variety of weapons, but some feel gimmicky and hardly any are satisfying to use. Plus, for the weapons due to the cover system there's not much room for innovation in terms of how to use a weapon. It's either you got a long range or close range weapon. Since the Lancer is the only effective middle range gun. It's useless in online and okay in Campaign. Okay, well that's it for the core Gameplay and Campaign so, what about the online?

Online is terrible to be quite frank. Not because of the community, but because of how unbalanced Gears is. Every single battle in online revolves around the following three weapons. Shotgun, Sniper or Boomshot. If no Boomshot then Sniper. If not either, then it's always Shotgun no other weapon. In general though, everyone always uses Shotguns unless they do have a Boomshot or Sniper. The Shotgun isn't overpowered, but the fact that it's so accessible due to everyone spawning with it is a problem. If they put the Shotgun as a weapon you had to pick up on the map then it would be fine, but that's not the case. So, that's it really for the Gameplay. Quite mediocre in my opinion so it gets a 6.5/10 in Gameplay. Next onto the Storyline

Storyline:9/10:Gears of War's storyline is actually pretty good unexpectedly. The dialogue is well written, but rather my problem is the main cast. Just about the entire cast is made up of the generic overconfident war soldiers you see in almost every modern day shooter. The decently written dialogue and well directed awesome scenes make up for the rather generic cast though. So, overall Storyline in Gears of War gets a 9/10. It's pretty good and probably the best aspect of the game. Last is the Music. How is the Music in Gears of War?

Music:9/10:The Music in Gears of War is solid, but not amazing. Sound effects are pretty good, but what's really nice is the voice acting. Voice acting is done very well and helps the Storyline out. So, Music gets a 9/10, but I still think Storyline is the better category. With all categories reviewed how is Gears of War overall in my opinion?

Overall:6/10:Gears of War is just not worth it. The Gameplay is boring and other shooters have came up with far more innovative aspects. Plus, the online is terribly unbalanced and just not fun to play as a result. The Graphics are really good, but the level design gets repetitive. The color gray was also used too much in my opinion and I really got tired of seeing gray used as the color scheme for almost every level. On the positive side it does have a really good Storyline. The cast is generic, but the dialogue is very well written throughout the game. Music is another great aspect due to the amazing voice acting and good sound effects plus decent, but not amazing Music. So, overall Gears of War gets a 6/10 from Lord_Kefka.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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