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Reviewed: 01/29/08

Once the sequel comes out, I'm snatching it! Probably..

Gears of War is a game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. I have to tell you, that Cliff Bleszinski is a genius! I wouldn't be surprised if he was asked to design weapons for the Earth military if there ever was an Alien attack not on a colony on another planet, but on our home planet. Earth!

Gears of War was a very fun game. I had fun playing it for the two days it took for me to beat it. I have to admit, although it's not something shameful to admit, I got this game for the multiplayer seeing that my friend Alex had very much fun playing it. But I hated it and got hooked on Campaign. I'll explain to you why I hated multiplayer and why I liked the Campaign and why the Campaign is better than heroin. Not really, heroin is addicting and dangerous, kids.

The Multiplayer is actually okay. There's cooperative gameplay, Versus, and some other crap. Let me get to what I actually tried. Versus has two groups, Player Matches and Ranked Matches. You get Warzone, Execution, Assassination, and Annex. Ranked matches can get you some achievements while Ranked Matches don't. Okay, what I did was Warzone. What sucked about this is the bleed-out time which is absolutely useless. Not absolutely, but you should get the idea. Gamers usually have no pity as to let you stay there and revive, unless they want to kill you over and over again and torture you until you crack and leave the "world" or server. What I hate is that I have to wait until the round over to respawn. Sometimes there is someone hiding for a long time until finally he dies or he kills someone, and this gets very frustrating. Other Multiplayer modes can be great, though. Even Warzone if you are good at it.

Graphics are wonderful. I have no clue if Bioshock graphics are better or Gears of War. Sony, you need no expensive Blu-ray disc and player to do this. The graphics for Gears of War were.. how should I say this.. bloody. Gore everywhere you got it. Let the ESRB describe better. "Mature 17+. Blood and Gore Intense Violence Strong Language" I kept them in the same paragraph instead of having them as a list to make this review look ugly. Anyways, there you have it. Graphics are incredible.

Sound is great. There was background music, nice screaming, nice voice acting and more. I'm not sure if there's more but you get the idea. I really loved the voice acting. Marcus sounds like a tough, kickass dude. And also Augustus Cole aka "The Cole Train". His voice can get very annoying and repetitive with those catchphrases but I won't take off a point for that. Great voice acting!

Length is not that long. It took me two days to beat it. I believe I did sleep between those times. It could have taken me three, I forget. But the average I believe is two or three games. This was the first game on the Xbox 360 I beat, which began me with the motivation to beat Halo 3, Halo: Combat Evolved, and still play Halo 2 and stop playing because it's too hard. So in other words, you can finish this fast. On the easiest, it can take you 8 hours which isn't that great. But I did read a review of 8 hours, so depending on your gaming skill, it could take you 8 hours on one sitting.

Overall, this game is impressive and amazing. Anyone who says DragonStomper for the Atari 2600 is better than this disturbs me.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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