Review by JonWood007

Reviewed: 12/25/07

Just plain awesome

Overall, Gears of War is an excellent game. While some people find it to be overrated, I find it to be awesome. Sure, ti has some minor flaws, but so do most games.

Graphics- 10/10

All I can say about the graphics is "wow." The graphics on this game are amazing. Everything looks so real and and the environments almost make you think you are actually in the game. Some people complain about it being all "gray." While gray is a common color in this game, it is not completely colorless. The real world is not "Halo colored" (meaning having bright, multicolored environments). Therefore, the "grayness" adds realism.

Audio- 10/10

The audio is also awesome. Everything sounds realistic.

Controls- 10/10

Overall, the controls are great. They take a while to get used to, but once you do, they feel very fluid and cause no problems at all.

Game Play- 18/20

The game plays very well overall. There are hardly any glitches, and the only problem I have is with a driving mission. In this level, you cannot shoot and drive at the same time, although I feel that you should be able to. At the very least, someone else could drive while you shoot. Instead, you need to stop the car, get on a turret, and shoot at incoming killer crow-like creatures. This can get tiresome because when you stop, they swarm the car and you cannot shoot them very well.

Also, it might be good if they put more checkpoints in certain spots. Since you die often at certain points, it would really help if you could save your game manually. However, this is still very minor, and most of the time, the checkpoints are in the right place.

Fun Factor- 19/20

This game is very fun. Some people call it repetitive, but it is no more repetitive than any other game out there. It does not really overdo any concept in my opinion. When things do get boring, it normally means you are almost done with that part of the game.

Game Length / Replay Value- 18/20

Being someone who does not have Xbox live, I cannot comment on the replay value multi-player offers, but single player has a lot to keep you busy for a while by itself. The game is approximately 8 hours long, and divided into 5 main parts. Within these parts there are between 3 and 6 miniature levels. Also, at certain points in the game, you can go in different directions and experience the levels in slightly different ways. This gives an incentive for replaying the game.

Difficulty / Learning Curve- 8/10

Overall, the learning curve is appropriate. You learn how the game works at the beginning, and you do not run into anything you cannot handle right away.

However, the game can get a bit insane at times. There are three difficulties, but even the easiest difficulty can get hard. Sometimes I find myself dying almost instantly on easy mode and having to repeat a certain part over again ten or more times times. However, a lot of this is later in the game. Early on, there are very few extremely hard spots.

Overall - 93%

I feel at points I am being harsh on this game, but even so, it still gets a 9/10. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes playing shooting games. I heard that multi-player is even better, so especially get it if you have Xbox live.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Gears of War (US, 11/07/06)

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