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Reviewed: 01/03/07 | Updated: 06/12/07

Gears Of Perfection

Now before you go "oh sheesh, another fanboy" and skip this review, stop. What makes this review different from the rest is that being a gamer for more than twenty years, I never liked this genre in video games. Got your attention? Thought so. Usually a RPG and Action type of player, I never thought I would love this game as much as I do. Given Halo a try, Kill zone, Call of Duty, you name it, I played it. Like any of them? No, not one of them. However, Gears of War has shown me that this type of Genre has a place in my gaming life and I hope that I can tell you why. Remember in my reviews, I tell it as you are in front of me, like talking to a friend. My style is basically, here is what it is, you can either accept it or not, it doesn't really affect me, just get some info out of it. Another thing about my reviews is that I try my best to not make it boring and enjoyable to read.

Storyline. I am not going to go into hardcore detail, so I will give you a simple breakdown. This game is like an Aliens movie with a little modification. What is the modification you say? Well the enemies shoot back and oh boy, do they shoot back. Locusts are their name, killing you is their game, unless that is you make it your game and kill them. In a world where it is in ruins, it is up to you, mankind to take down these alien like creatures and bring peace to the world. Sound pretty corny right, but this game's storyline somehow has pulled me in. Playing through each Act and as I progress I wonder to myself what is next and how am I going to get past it or if I can get past it. Storyline isn't the best aspect of the game, but what is next makes up for it.

Graphics/Sound. Now this is the main attraction of the game. The graphics are so good in this game, it made me want to cry. I was admiring the Xbox 360 and the company that made the game and thanked them for making the game look so unbelievably good. Everything is in detail, from the walls, the detail of the guns, the detail of the sky, everything. I didn't even know there are no CG scenes in the game until I started moving. Another plus, is the gore and violence. It is extremely fun to blow an enemy to pieces and see their body parts flying around, giving you a nice satisfaction of blood and death.... Sorry, I think I got carried away there.

I personally think the fact that this game is in third person view, meaning over the shoulder view of your character and not just seeing your character's hand is a plus. It shows how your character, you get hit or fire. The detail of the recoil of your guns is dead on and being show in different areas, show you getting hurt. From a simple reload, it shows the great detail and the sound affects are dead on as well. Talking about sound affects, how can we forget about the voice acting? Well, take it from me. This game has one of the best voice acting and best dialogue I have ever experienced in a video game. The actors show feeling and some of the conversation in the game is hilarious. It just shows how much work and dedication was put into this game.

Music. What do I always say? Music makes 80% of the game to me right? Well, the music in this game is superb. For each scene, each situation, the music fits if perfectly. As you are fighting, trying to survive, you get a fast upbeat music to get you into the fight and while you aren't fighting, you get a more peaceful thriller music. What do I mean by that? You ever watch a horror film and it's really quiet and you are watching the person walk through a dark hallway and suddenly a thing of some sort flies out of no where?! That is what I meant. Countless times, I was surprised by a "HELLO, I scared you" type of situation and the music is what helped that one part give me a scare and a chuckle.

Controls. If you played many games in this genre, you can jump in and get use to the controls pretty quick. If not, there is a tutorial for you while playing the game. I will admit at first, I thought I would never get use to it. My problem was, that you had to hold down a button to aim first, then fire, while trying to keep out of bullets flying towards you. It was pretty hard to aim at anything at first, but after your first few acts, you will play like you been playing for months. One thing I love about the control is how smooth and responsive it is. From dodging behind walls and anything you can get behind by pressing the A button, to fighting in close range with your gun by pressing the B button. Another function of the A button is when you hold it down, you start to crouch and run, something I love to do since the camera shifts in an angle and it looks really really good.

Now a great addition to the controls, is the ability to control your squad. You have 3 NPC (that means none playable character) that help you. By holding down the LB button, you bring up your squad, your objectives and by pressing either Y, B or A, you can give your guys commands. Commands, being, hold fire, regroup or attack. Now what I like is that mostly, your computer controlled friends will get themselves killed. Hey hold on now, don't tell me I am making you lose interest! If by chance your teammate falls, you are able to run to them and press the X button to revive them, therefore you always have someone with you. Now the bad thing is, if you die, you are dead and you have to start from the last checkpoint over again. Makes you wonder how come you can't get revived!

Flaws. I have not seen any flaw, glitch or any of that sort in this game so far. Sometimes the enemies are a little too smart or have really high accuracy, but I hardly find that a flaw, I find that as a challenge and that is a good thing.

Replay Value. Game is of course not that long if you know exactly what to do. But let's say that you finished it in a few hours, don't think that is it. Try it on a harder difficulty and you would want to get all the achievements available including collecting all the dog tags. However, if you manage to get all that done, well strap up your headset and get on Xbox live and take on many other people from around the world. If you have a sibling or a good friend, you two can play co-op story line and have even more fun. If you don't go online, I am pretty sure fulfilling all the achievements will take most of your time.

In Closing. I could of swamped you with every detail about the controls, the game play, the storyline etc. But I instead I just wanted to give you a hint on each topic to give you an idea that this game should not be passed up. Remember, I never liked this type of game, yet this game gets a perfect score from me. I haven't seen or experienced any flaws yet and if you own a Xbox 360 or if you know someone that does, tell them to get this. If you with your friends or co-workers ever start up a conversation about Xbox, talk about this game. This game is an absolute must have for 360, making it, not only Gear of War, but Gears of Perfection.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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