Review by HockeySniper

Reviewed: 11/13/06

War is a beautiful thing in Gears

Gears of War, is finally here, and the question is- Does it live up to the massive hype? Well, im happy to inform you that it does and even surpasses it.

Graphics- 10/10
Wow. Thats all you need to say to describe Gears' beautiful visuals. The game is like an amazing piece of artwork- it immerses you into the game because its so beautiful. Even if you have a SDTV, like I do, you'll be dumbstruck after the opening cutscene. Whats even more amazing is that the game runs like this the whole time. No more cutscenes looking 10 times better than the actual game. No more pop-up graphics. Gears of War is simply the best looking game you'll see all year, PS3 included

Gameplay- 9.5/10
This the one feature that I really did not no much about before starting to play. When you start the game, you are giving an option of a tutorial that explains the controls. The controls, let you do quite a bit, but succeed in remaining simple enough so you don't have to push 20 million button combinations to shoot your gun.

GOW plays like only a few before it. Its a mix of Kill.Switch, Halo, and GRAW. Gears doesnt allow the run and gun style like so many are use to. You HAVE to take cover, or you'll die pretty fast. It takes a while to shake Halo habits, but once you do get used to this new approach, it is really fun.

Sound- 10/10
Buzzing Chainsaws, Rock n Roll soundtrack, solid voice acting. What more can you want?

Multiplayer- 9/10
Multiplayer is real good. There is absolutely NO lag, its a blast once you get used to it, and the coop is revolutionary. By that I mean that say you are in the middle of a game, and your friend gets online. If you want, you can invite him to your game and he can join you right where you are. Yes, he can join you in the middle of your game WITHOUT restarting. Also, if he leaves, you no longer have to restart, as you can keep playing. If you both decide to leave, it will save both of your games. Cool, huh?

Now, back to online multi. As mentioned before, its lagfree. There are three modes; Warzone (aka elimination style deathmatch), Assassination (take out the leader of the other team), and Elxecution (same as Warzone, except you have to get up close and perform an "execution" after wounding victim). Warzone is the most popular, then Execution, and Assassination last. Warzone is very fun, Assassination is okay, and Execution is a blast. However, the other reason that I graded multi 9/10 is that there is no true deathmatch. The devolopers purposely did this, but it is kind of annoying having to wait a few minutes after dying to play again. It does emphasize teamwork, but it takes a little to get used to. Also, there is no free for all deathmatch, only team based games.

Longevity- 10/10
Online multiplayer, a fun replayable single player with 3 levels of difficulties, and coop play will keep Gears of War in your XBOX for months, and possibly years, to come.

Overall- 9.7/10 (rounded to 10 for gamefaqs)
Gears is a must have, even for those who hate games in which you can't just run and gun. The game plays so smooth, the visuals are amazing, and everything is just executed very, very well. Its one of those few games that live up to their hype, and that can sell a system. Gears of War is simply a game that can't be missed if you own a XBOX 360.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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