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Reviewed: 11/13/06

Fair, honest review, for Single player


Hello. I'm Review4U, and I hopefully will bring some unbiast opinions to my reviews to help you make an educated decision on a game before you purchase it.

I am a game collector with 35+ systems and over 1,000 games, so I'm a fanboy to really no system, so enough about me, lets get to Gears of War.

Gears of War takes you into a war ravaged Earth of the future. Were "locusts" have overrun the world. The "locust" are pretty much humanoid alien things that come out of the ground. The main objective is to destroy them, thus we get to our first category.

STORY: 6/10

There's not much here guys. The world is overrun with "locusts" and they need exterminated. There are some points in the game where there are flash back scenes, mainly just flashbacks of "locusts" killing people, but there could've been more to this. But, there's enough cut scenes and conversations between squad members to fulfill the lack of story, though no one character ever has any deep or revealing background information revealed. Again, a little more effort could've been done storywise.


The graphics are fantastic. Some of the best environments I've ever seen in a game. From the ravaged city to a night time romp through an old factory, just great atmosphere for type of game. Each character has their own unique look, and they are drawn, very, very well, lots of detail, and you don't even need HD tv to experience these great graphics. The enemies are drawn very well too, there are some small teeny things that could've been done to give this a 10/10, for instance, with next gen, you tend to expect a certain quality. In the factory stage it's raining, but yet there are no water rings when the rain hits water. Next gen should be able to handle that and it would've added a little more realism to the game. I know it's small, but it was kinda disappointing.

SOUND: 10/10

Wow, all I can say. Everything about the sound is great, but I warn you, the background music you will not notice much. The music tends to be geared towards the mood of the game. From nothing to intense music when in a fire fight. And since you will need your full attention during a fire fight on the enemy, you probably will never really notice the music. The sound effects are great and really add to the gaming experience, for instance, going through an old house, if you knock over a glass bottle, you actually hear it. For voice acting, I'm not too picky, so even the worst of voice acting, I may feel its good. In this case, Gears has some very good voice acting.


Ok, the score is a seven, but there are some flaws that contribute to this, but for the most part you won't notice. First of all, the controls do take some getting used to. Do utilize the training at the beginning, it will help greatly. The gameplay is very smooth. Reloading is interesting. You can determine how fast your character reloads with the right trigger, you will see a bar under your weapon with a gauge that goes from right to left, when triggered in the white are, you will reload faster and sometimes have a power boost. This works great in the game, if you don't hit the right trigger, you reload normal, or if you hit it too soon or too late, your weapon jams for a little bit. Melee is lacking for the most part, for having a gun with a chainsaw built in, I figured they'd add a little more for that, but nope, you will rarely use it, but when you do it's worth it.

Now for the flaws, and these can be big. First and most noticable. Some cover, rounded like pillars, or building corners that are rounded, you cannot stand behind. I tried at one point in the game to stand behind a rounded pillar in the middle of a scene and the char just kept jumping and rolling into it. After trying it at other times and getting the same thing, I determined that some cover you should be able to stand behind to look around just can't. The other flaw is invisible walls. Damn them to hell. When your running for cover and try to get into a nook and can't because of invisible walls. This isn't much of a problem until you get to the mines, specifically the pump station. There is one point where you're getting attacked, I tried to cover behind a giant crate, but couldn't. I couldn't figure it out, the space between the wall and the crate was large enough to drive a truck through, but because of invisible walls, I had to stand there and get killed.


Overall it's a great gaming experience. Not the best game I've ever played, but it's far from the worst. To me, it's well worth the money. I have yet to play multiplayer, but from what I hear, it's a great experience.

I highly recommend this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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