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Reviewed: 11/10/06

Gears of War, Game of the Year? You bet it!

Gears Of War is a game taken place in a futuristic time period when life forms known as the Locust arise from the ground to place a full out attack on the Humans on the planet Sera. This game was made by Epic games for the Xbox360, and on my note, this game will be one of the top contenders for game of the year, or maybe be even one of the top 10 games in gaming history. Now let's hear about the game..

Graphics: 10
For graphics I would put 11, but its only out of 10! These graphics in Gears of War revolutionize the Xbox360 and the capabilities it has to make a tremendous series. These graphics not only look real, but they have unique details that make it interesting. In my opinion, these graphics are the best out right now, and will take a long time to beat them.

Sound: 10
While playing this game, the sound is so realistic that one would think that he/she is in the battle! The sound is from the guns, the ground, and even in the atmosphere! The sound is a fantastic feature about Gears of War. Without such great sound in this game, Gears would have a whole different mind set.

Storyline: 10
Here's the deal, Marcus Fenix, a former member of COG, was captured and put into prison while attempting to save his father. 14 years after Emergence day landed, a good friend Dom comes and gets him out of the prison. He then finds out all of the changes that has happened in the world since he was in prison. Marcus must help fight the Locust horde and attempt to save all humanity.

Gameplay: 10
The idea of cover and shoot, was a great idea implemented by Epic games that was original and unique in every shooter. The 3rd person tactical shooter connected with the games aspect. The whole game runs smooth and has an action packed gameplay. Not even the easiest difficulty in the game (Casual) is like slicing butter. Right when one enters the game it starts out with a battle all the way until the end of the game. The gameplay in Gears of War made the game.

Multiplayer: 9
Although the multiplayer has no clan features, which everyone hopes there will be an update for, the game's online and splitscreen multiplayer is definitely one of the games best features. The online multiplayer consists of three options, Player Matches, Ranked Matches, and Online Co-op. Player and Ranked Matches are usually competitive with no lag, running smooth, and top of the edge maps. Co-op is very useful because at some parts, someone needs help, right? So join your friends and play against them, and even with them fighting against the Locust, and even the COG!

Replay Value: 9
I can see myself playing this game for well over a year or two, or maybe even longer. This game is great if you have xbox live because if one has just single player to do, there is just getting to beat the Insane difficulty and occasionaly playing with friends on splitscreen multiplayer and co-op. The online part of the game will have people addicted with a great lag-free atmosphere.

Closing Notes:
Gears of War is a must buy game for the Xbox360. Sure it is very bloody and does have alot of swearing involved, but a shooter fanatic would instantly fall in love with the game the first second in play. This game will definitely have another game in the series which we all hope is even better than the first.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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