Review by spurrierzook

Reviewed: 11/09/06

Very impressed with Gears of War.

I honestly have to say this is one of the funnest experiences with a game I have ever had. The cover system is well done, while it may seem it might slow down game play, it still makes for an action packed sequence of fights.

If you worry about the point of view in this game dont, the over the shoulder view is awesome, kinda like Resident Evil 4 on crack. You take aim and it really looks like first person style. The controls take some getting used to, but become second nature in no time after the training exercise. The active reload is anice mini-game while reloading, all you have to do is press RB and reloading is done in a very fast manner.

Single player is very cool so far after playing it for about 3 hours, the cinematic sequences are well done and look good using only the game graphics to make them, no pre-rendered crap. The story flows nicely and has some twists in the story early on. My only gripe n single player is your partner's AI kinda stinks and they get put down very often, and in bad spots wher if you try to heal them, it leaves you in a very bad spot to get killed, but this should not hold anyone back from playing this game. I like the single player better than Halo Single, that's just me.

Multi-player is a BLAST. This where Halo excelled and while GOW is different style of shooter than Halo, GOW is just as good in multi-player as Halo. The maps are kinda small but works really well for the type of game this is. Yes there is wide enough spaces to use a sniper rifle and most levels have them as a map weapon. Talking to your teammates is key and helps alot. I got into one group today and there was very little lag, and there was no cheap gameplay, but give it time and every game has it's cheesers.

Go get this game if you weren't sure, 9.8/10 and I'm just being picky. Single player is great, multi-player is great, and you should not get tired of this game as the multi will last forever. I'm eager to see if Microsoft releases different maps for multi player through the next months.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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