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Reviewed: 11/09/06

Gears Of War Review - The Hype has arrive and delivers

Now that I have a good feel for this game I felt that I should share my impressions since some of you still don't have it -

Graphics - amazing. Lighting is insane. The player models are so detailed that it makes other games look like 16 bit. Even when the enemies die and you walk over them, there bodies move in all different places and still retain the same graphics quality as when they were upright and shooting. Cut scenes so far have been good. Not 10 out of 10 ninja gaiden good but one in particular is awesome.

Difficulty - Play the game on hardcore. Everything just plays as it should, enemies are smarter and the whole game just plays better. That being said the game is hard. I mean die about 10 times then reach the next checkpoint hard. I'm not the wizard gamer but no slouch either, it's just really tough but most importantly it's fair. You never feel cheated and the game stays fresh b/c similar to games like F.E.A.R. where the enemies are smart, you never have the same fight over again. Yes it's all about stop and pop but the shooting is different as the enemies never stay in the same place.

Multi - First thing that surprised me was that the graphics were the SAME QUALITY as the single player. Even GRAW had less quality for MP but this game retains the same detail. I loved that - and still do. The game looks so damn good and the maps are small yet fitting for the 4 on 4. The multi is smart - no running and gunning. Sticking together is key - in short I'm not a huge MP type person so team deathmatch is where I usually go - that being said you could be disappointed if you were looking for a capture the flag type or something more unique. The MP has the types I want so I can't complain. I love how if you die there is no coming back UNLESS someone saves you. It just makes things that much more important.

Coop -SO GOOD. I just tried this out last night and I love the way it works. I didn't know this but you don't have to wait in a lobby for someone to join your campaign (that's if you decide to have someone join you campaign - you can join theirs as well). You start your own campaign and play it like normal however AT ANY TIME a human person can drop in (which you are informed of) and the game continues with that person taking over one of the squad mates. I loved the fact you don't have to wait around for someone - there is no break in the action, the person drops in and you’re off. The coop feel is great and feels like a modern day CONTRA.

Music - Biggest surprise of the whole game. What a music score. Intense is all I can say and it sets everything up perfectly. The shriek of the enemies you face is amazing. The little bugs that scream before attacking - it's great. The chainsaw sound and killing scene is awesome as well.

I'm really enjoying this game - there is a lot of surprises that keeps things fresh (different types of levels) and even though it's the standard stop and pop, the action is so exciting and consistently fresh (due to smart AI) the game retains its entertainment level. Another big part is that since the graphics are so good, it has an effect on the overall game. When you shoot an enemy you can almost feel the ripping of the bullets into their body’s b/c the game is so well produced and the graphics are so insane

Overall - 9.6 out of 10

.4 off b/c I feel there could be more weapons and the MP can have more modes.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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