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All hype and graphics 02/26/07 maximumbarmage
Good Game, but definately overhyped and overrated. 11/21/06 TezChi
They should stop making games, nothing will top this... 05/29/07 7xSoTox7
Fun for blockheads and intellects alike! 02/14/08 Archmonk Iga
Is it really as good as everyone says? 02/05/07 Arschrammen
Fantastic Multiplayer; Single Player, not so much 06/27/07 AudioAutomica
Gears of War offers gamers everything a next-generation game should be: beautiful visuals, an engrossing setting, and amazing gameplay. 11/05/07 BDZilla
One of the best games I have played 02/05/07 BjsShadow
Remember Children; Duck and Cover! 08/15/11 BloodGod65
Like Fine Wine 01/26/18 BusterLegacyFF7
Sweet apples, get this game 02/26/07 CloudSkm
One of the best games I have ever played. 04/02/08 D E E G S
Gears of War Gets The Cigar... 03/08/07 DeltaConcept
If you've been looking for a definitive Xbox 360 game, this is it. 04/11/07 earvcunanan
In the Alphabet of Manliness, G stands for Gears of War 08/30/07 elsquanto
Almost a masterpiece, but always a blast to play. 11/17/06 Evil Dave
A good action game, but not the best 07/24/07 Exodist
Then there were chainsaws... 11/27/06 Galactus21
A Raw and Visceral Masterpiece 01/02/07 German Dragon
Run for cover, duck, shoot, repeat. 06/19/08 GodOfWarFanatic
Solid shooter all around - lacking innovation 08/11/10 grasu
Explosions rule 12/07/06 Gruel
And the Gears Begin Turning... 01/02/07 horror_spooky
Move over world, Gears has come to play 01/03/07 idiotman7
Gorgeous Graphics, Fast paced action, but almost no detail to the story... 05/28/08 JoeB_91
Just a couple of rounds shy of being a full clip... 12/12/06 KasketDarkfyre
One of the best games of the decade, and a pure classic! 08/12/09 kennyslaya
No game collection is complete without this absolutely fantastic, bloodthirsty, and ridiculously awesome action game. 12/07/09 KnightsoftheRound
This game is far from "epic" 06/15/07 Link165
Gears of War for the Xbox 360 is an excellent action game that redefines shooters for the next generation. 05/11/07 LinkRemembered
These Gears Keep on Turnin' 08/10/18 magx
Dead, all dead, that's what I like to see. 11/28/06 MC_Hamer
Shows the xbox 360's potential. 01/02/07 miscs
The Most Polished Game I Have Ever Played 07/15/09 MrPibb23x
Perfect? No. Amazing? Oh yes. 06/16/08 Muk1000
Gears Of War is one the most satisfying experiences for any console. 03/12/07 pandaramaster
Gears of War? More like Gears of GORE! 08/23/07 part11
(Single Player Review) Killer graphics coupled with intense gameplay make Gears of War a game none should miss. 12/18/06 Prince_jeffery
Epic Delivers One of the Best Games to Date 12/06/06 Rasnarok
All the Gears seem to be turning quite nicely. 12/03/07 SamuraiX424
Lock and Load! 12/21/07 ShadowGuardian9
Fight Or Die! 12/01/06 Sinister187
Honest Review 11/27/06 sixgears
Blood. Guts. And A Lot of Bullets. Add the three up and Gears of War is born. 03/22/10 TheLastAvatar05
No snappy Tagline here! All I got to say is greatest FPS ever! 05/16/07 thesampleman
Gears of War certainly shows you what the Xbox 360 is capable of. 09/06/07 Thorpe
Gears Of Perfection 06/12/07 Tifanity
Awesome multiplayer, less-than-awesome single-player 09/20/10 Wolfvie

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
A huge disappointment. 11/09/06 methedemon
Gears of War, Game of the Year? You bet it! 11/10/06 Ace5237
Technical masterpiece meets super-intense action 11/09/06 arkainjalex12
Big guns wielding even bigger guns 12/06/07 Arkrex
THE REAL DEAL!! GEARS of WAR REVIEW!!! 'nuff said... 11/21/06 Azrael433
An excellent Xbox 360 collectable. 09/10/07 bomb_man24
The Want to Know Factors. 11/10/06 bone588
Brando's Gears of War Review 08/22/08 Brando1788
Gear up for an amazing experience 09/04/07 Chronic_Apathy
If you have a 360, you MUST own this game 11/13/06 ChronoShot
Solid and Beautiful, but lacks substance. 11/09/06 crazed_killer24
Unconventional shooter, not your standard FPS. 11/13/06 Crotalus02
When Have You Ever Heard the Wind Whisper Intruders? 09/25/08 DandyQuackShot
The bar has been raised! 11/10/06 dantheman3389
A ground breaking game as reviewed by a harsh critic. 11/09/06 deblas66
Emergence Day has arrived! 11/10/06 DillMan926
Gears of War is redefining the genre of shooter 11/08/06 Electricblue107
One word.........Outstanding 11/20/06 Flyers235
Gears of War: what it is, and what it isn't 11/09/06 HCxPerfection
War is a beautiful thing in Gears 11/13/06 HockeySniper
Gore never looked or tasted so good 08/14/08 JMaurin88
Once the sequel comes out, I'm snatching it! Probably.. 01/29/08 joeyissoweird
Just plain awesome 12/25/07 JonWood007
Badass game with non-stoppable action. 05/24/17 Junior_AIN
Gears of War: Ignorance must be bliss 11/15/06 Nimii
Does it live up to the hype? Well, just look at my score! 07/09/08 ninjacow22
You haven't yet experienced "Next-Gen" until you've experienced Gears of War. 11/13/06 PoPPiP
Gears of War...Too much hype for it's own good?? 11/10/06 Pure Invasion
This is a case of: Graphics over Gameplay 11/09/06 RetroBytes
Gears of War is by its own merits an absolutely stunning game that's enhanced by its Live component 11/09/06 ShinyWrapper
Gears of War the 360's Killer App? Simply put, YES! 11/13/06 SmokeX5
A passable, but ultimately not entertaining title 12/08/08 Solaire2
Very impressed with Gears of War. 11/09/06 spurrierzook
Lives up to and far exceeds the hype. Now people will hunt for a "GoW Killer" 11/08/06 squidney2k1
Best game on the 360? Yes. Best game ever? Not quite. 11/09/06 swfan10
The Gears of War have turned, the best is now on the box 11/08/06 tanaboon
The best shooter on the X360 10/29/08 therater13
Duck and Cover! Review incoming! 11/09/06 topgamer101
Gears Of War Review - The Hype has arrive and delivers 11/09/06 topple59

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