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FAQ/Walkthrough by Cuzit

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 03/14/15

Xbox 360 Solo Walkthrough FAQ
Written by Cuzit
Version 2.2

|  IMPORTANT NOTICE                                                           |
|This FAQ was written prior to the release of the PC version of Gears of War. |
|As such, the additional content in the PC version is NOT covered in this FAQ.|
|Only content that was in the original Xbox360 release of the game is covered.|
|Please refer to other FAQs or Wikis for information on this content. However,|
|to my knowledge the PC and Xbox360 releases are mostly identical, so this FAQ|
|may be used throughout the majority of Gears of War PC.                      |
|                                                                             |
|Thank you for using my FAQ if you continue to do so.                         |

|TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                            |

A. Version Update (VERUP)
B. Introduction (INT)
   1. Who Am I? (INT1)
   2. What Is This FAQ? (INT2)
   1. Controls (BAS1)
   2. Taking Cover, and Why It's Important (BAS2)
      2a. Basics to Taking Cover
      2b. Exiting Cover
   3. Enemies (BAS3)
      3a. Locust
      3b. Boomers
          3b1. Boomer + Shotgun?
      3c. Kryll
      3d. Reavers
      3e. Wretches and Luminous Wretches
      3f. Bosses
   4. Weapons (BAS4)
      4a. Weapon Recommendations
      4b. Other Useful Weapons
      4c. Important Update
   5. General Tips and Tricks (BAS5)
      5a. Weapon-Related
      5b. Enemy-Related
      5c. Other
D. Act 1 (A1)
   1. Ashes Overview (A11)
   2. 14 Years After E-Day (A12)
      2a. Straight Into The Fight
      2b. Tutorial
   3. Trial By Fire (A13)
   4. Fish In A Barrel (A14)
   5. Knock Knock (A15)
   6. Hammer (A16)
   7. Wrath (A17)
   8. China Shop (A18)
       8a. Berserker (1)
E. Act 2 (A2)
   1. Nightfall Overview (A21)
   2. Tick Tick Boom (A22)
   3. Grist (A23)
   4. Outpost (A24)
   5. Lethal Dusk (A25)
   6. Dark Labyrinth (A26)
      6a. Odd Location For A Propane Tank, No?
   7. Powder Keg (A27)
   8. Burnt Rubber (A28)
   9. Last Stand (A29)
F. Act 3 (A3)
   1. Belly of the Beast Overview (A31)
   2. Downpour (A32)
   3. Evolution (A33)
   4. Coalition Cargo (A34)
   5. Darkest Before Dawn (A35)
   6. Angry Titan (A36)
   7. Tip of the Iceberg (A37)
G. Act 4 (A4)
   1. The Long Road Home Overview (A4)
   2. Campus Grinder (A41)
   3. Bad to Worse (A42)
   4. Hazing (A43)
   5. Close to Home (A44)
   6. Imaginary Place (A45)
   7. Entrenched (A46)
H. Act 5 (A5)
   1. Desperation Overview (A51)
   2. Special Delivery (A52)
   3. Train Wreck (A53)
   4. Pale Horse (A54)
      4a. General RAAM
I. The Ending *SPOILERS!* (TehEnd)
   1. The End (TehEnd1)
   2. Script (TehEnd2)
J. Cog Tags (CGTG)
   1. Basic Info (CGTG1)
   2. Cog Checklist (CGTG2)
K. Achievements (ACH)
   1. List of Achievements, GamerScore Points Awarded, and Tips (ACH1)
L. FAQs (FreqAsk)
M. Review (7.6/10 or 8/10 or 38/50)
   1. Gears of Graphics
   2. Gears of Sound
   3. Gears of Story
   4. Gears of Gameplay
   5. Gears of Difficulty
   6. To Sum It Up
N. Closing (CLS)
   1. Thanks (CLS1)
   2. Copyright Notice (CLS2)
   3. Contacting the Author (CLS3)
   4. Personal Good-bye Letter (CLS4)

   Use your browser's search function (most commonly assigned to the CTRL+F or
   Command+F keyboard shortcut) to navigate this FAQ. For example, if you want
   to skip to the section about Act 5, Chapter 3 - Train Wreck, you would type
   "A53" as listed above.

   This game has been rated as a game intended for adults only. Therefore, some
   content in this guide may also be suitable for adults only. Please use this
   guide at your discretion.

|Version Updates (VERUP)                                                      |

This FAQ is version:
|What's New? (VERUP1) |

VERSION 2.2 - Small updates, information updates. Unless something major
              happens, this is the final update to the guide, barring contact
              information updates.

VERSION 2.1 - Removed CheatCC from the permission list after discovering abuse
	            of my terms.  Thanks to AbsoluteSteve for bringing this to my

VERSION 2.0 - No new information, other than an update to an incorrect state-
              ment about one of the Achievements.  This update is a major
              overhaul, with updated information in the Credits section as well
              as fixing the atrocious grammar and spelling that plagued version
              1 of the FAQ.  It's not a literal rewrite, but a significant
              amount was rewritten. (5/26/11 - Long after anyone really cares
              about this game anymore, anyway...)

              Oh! I almost forgot. I was going to include the various advice
              suggested over the years via readers, but... I've lost most of
	            the emails. It shouldn't be too terribly difficult to edit this
	            guide in the future should anyone choose to resubmit your
              suggestions to me. I'm sorry to those who did email me for my
              own incompetence.  But, hey, I was much younger when this guide
              was originally written, and too immature to maintain it.

VERSION 1.1 - Basic information update, fixing a thing or two long overdue.
              There were countless updates I wanted to include in this FAQ that
              readers submitted, but because I have long since lost those
              emails, I'm afraid they won't make it in.  To anyone who ever
              emailed me information, I apologize deeply.  I know it's not much
              consolation, but hey, at least you somewhat got a shout-out in
              the FAQ!

VERSION 1.0 - Act 5, including RAAM, is finished. The ending script is written.
              Some Achievements are edited.  Various small additions here
              and there.  YES!  THE FAQ IS FINALLY COMPLETE!  Now all that's
              left is finishing up some sections, wrapping things up, various
              errors corrected, etc.

VERSION 0.9 - Various things added here and there.  The main thing is the add-
              ition of Act 4.

VERSION 0.8 - Added some notes here and there in the Achievements.  I added a
              Thank You.  The biggest thing of all, however, is the finishing
              of Act 3.

VERSION 0.7 - BIG update!  Where to start...?  I updated the list of websites
              that have permission to host my FAQ.  I updated the list of
              Achievements with Tips on Insane Achievements.  Speaking of Ins-
              ane, I added some Insane Notes to the end of every Chapter
              already written and I plan to add them at the end of every
              Chapter coming.  The whole FAQ is a LOT more organized now.  And
              of course, the biggest update of all, the addition of Act 2.

VERSION 0.6 - There are various updates throughout the FAQ, and little tid-bits
              added here-and-there.  For the most part, I have received no
              e-mails about errors in the FAQ, which is good, although I'm
              skeptical that the FAQ is flawless.  This FAQ is at the
              halfway mark, or an estimated half-way mark, anyway.  I have half
              of the main walkthrough written.  My goal is to finish the whole
              FAQ in two days, but no later than four.  I will then upload
              version 0.9 when that comes around, try to write most of the
              sections that aren't somewhat complete (i.e. Co-Op) and then
              finally upload version 1.0.  I can't wait for that day. =P

VERSION 0.4 - Basic set-up is written. Some sections are written. First chapter
              is complete.  Intros and Outros are written.  A lot of the "meat"
              of the FAQ is not yet complete, but what I have completed is
              uploaded. I am hoping to have it generally finished by the end of
              the week.

|INTRODUCTION (INT)                                                           |
|Who Am I? (INT1) |

Hello, and welcome to my FAQ on the Xbox360 title Gears of War. I hope that you
will find this FAQ a useful supplement to your playthrough of the game, as that
is the intended purpose of the guide. If there are any errors - from major, to
minor (such as a typo) - or if you have any suggestions or tips for improving
the guide, see the "Contacting the Author" section at the bottom of the

My name is Matt, often referred to online as Cuzit. I have been an avid gamer
for the entirety of my life. I have been interested in game design and
programming since childhood. My passion for games is what has led to me to
create them and to occasionally write guides for them. I dabble in other things
here and there as well, such as writing and making videos. If you're interested
in anything I do, please see my website!

As of the version 2.0 update, I no longer play the game as I used to. I'm more
of a PS3/PC gamer of late, and haven't payed for Xbox Live (which is a fucking
rip-off) in years. So please don't ask to play with me.

But enough about me....

|What Is This FAQ? (INT2) |

This FAQ is a guide for Gears of War. It was originally written for the
Hardcore difficulty mode, but does include advice for the Insane difficulty
below each section of the walkthrough. This is NOT a FAQ for Xbox Live multi-
player. This FAQ does not contain any information that could be considered
cheating (with one exception, but for single player).

This FAQ is intended to be a step-by-step walkthrough. There will be no
spoilers, but surprises (for example, an enemy ambush) will be ruined. In other
words, this is a "hand-holding" FAQ. I guide you through every last action that
you should take in order to finish the single player. If you do not wish to use
a FAQ of this manner, I request you use another FAQ instead.

Other information in the FAQ includes information on the COG tags, including a
check list, as well as an Achievement list and instructions for obtaining them.

|BASICS (BAS)                                                                 |

This section covers the basic elements of playing Gears of War, such as game
controls and enemy information.

|Controls (BAS1) |

For a chart of the controls, please refer to your manual.

Left Thumbstick - Move Marcus, Dom, or your multiplayer character

Click Left Thumbstick - Crouch, only when covering behind a wall tall enough so
                        Marcus stands up

Right Thumbstick - Move camera and aiming reticule

Click Right Thumbstick - Zoom in with weapons with zooming capability

Directional Pad - Switch weapons (up for grenades, left and right for heavy
                  weapons, down for pistol)

A - Cover.  More in the "Taking Cover, and Why It's Important" section.

B - Melee.  Hold down B with the Lancer equipped to rev chainsaw.

X - Interact (i.e. open doors, press buttons, switch weapons, etc.)

Y - See "Points of Interest" (when the camera focuses on something important,
    such as the bridge detach button during the last Berserker fight). It also
	shows the location of Dom during the parts where you split up.

Right Bumper - Reload.  Press twice with the right timing to "Active Reload."

Left Bumper - Bring up the list of objectives, as well as the location and
              status of squadmates

Right Trigger - Use weapon.

Left Trigger - Targeting reticule.

|Taking Cover, and Why It's Important (BAS2) |

In many other shooting games, the player can stand in one location, absorbing
thousands of bullets and grenades while remaining relatively unscathed. In
Gears of War, this is not quite true. Marcus Fenix can NOT withstand much
damage, even on the lowest difficulty. A grenade will (sometimes literally)
blow you to bits. Getting shot in the head usually means the end of Marcus's
life. That is why taking cover is important - it is necessary, should you want
to complete this game, to put anything between Marcus and the bullets that you

Health regenerates when you are not taking damage (which is the most
unrealistic aspect of the gameplay), and when you are not taking damage, you
are in cover. Remember that - if you're hurt, remain in cover.

Half of the time, the only thing standing between you and a squishy, pulpy
death is an overturned table, a bit of debris, or something similar. You can
randomly spray bullets from behind cover, which heightens your survivability
but drastically decreases your accuracy. However, you can hold the Left Trigger
to pop out of cover and meticulously aim - but it would be wise to take your
shots and get back into cover hastily. Keep your head out too long, and you
will likely find it missing.

Let's get started with some basics.

Almost everything is potential cover. To take cover, stand next to the object
or wall and press the A button. Marcus or Dom will automatically assume
position behind the nearest coverable entity. You can move while in cover, and
pulling the Left Stick away from the cover will cause you to "unstick."

Keep an eye on your health, which is represented by the Gears of War skull logo
and appears around your aiming reticule. When you lose about half of your
health (you can tell by the logo becoming more full, as well as the screen
tinting darker and darker red) return to cover and wait for it to disappear.

The A button isn't only the cover button, however. If you are moving while
you press it, Marcus will roll unless you are in close proximity to something
which can be utilized as cover. If you are moving and HOLD the A button, he
will "Roadie Run" - a sort of ducking run that is much faster (though more
difficult to steer) than normal jogging. If you need to cover much ground in a
firefight, ensure that you roadie run from cover to cover.

There are several different ways to exit cover.  When in the correct position
to perform a specific exit, an icon representing the maneuver should appear at
the bottom of the screen.

While on the edge of an object, press Up on the Left Thumbstick and A to swing
out from cover and dash forward.  Keep holding A to Roadie Run.  This is
useful for getting from one bit of cover to the next swiftly and - hopefully -

While in the middle of a small object that Marcus is crouched behind, press Up
on the Left Thumbstick and A to vault over the object. Simple way to leave, but
be warned that you are really exposed when hovering above the object.  If in a
firefight, its best used if there's cover nearby to quickly get behind.

In summary, stay covered as much as possible. It's a core mechanic of this game
and MUST be utilized in order to complete the game on higher difficulties.

|Enemies (BAS3) |

There are several different types of the humanoid locusts. They mostly vary in
their weapon of choice and battle tactics. There are the shotgun locusts, who
love to charge after you. There are the locusts that use the Hammerburst, and
later, the Lancer (which allows them to chainsaw YOU if you get near them).
Most Locusts you fight will use longer range weapons and stay behind cover,
steadily advancing on you.

INSANE: The biggest change, other than increased HP, is their melee. On Insane,
        their melee attack kills you in one hit; this is disastrous! Ensure
		    that you keep away from them as much as possible, or you will find
		    yourself very frustrated, very quickly.


These are some of the bigger enemies in the game, and relatively common later
in the game. They carry Boomshots, which are Gears of War's rocket launcher.
They are not too difficult, as they are slow to move and slow to reload, and
their huge bulk makes them easy targets. A fully charged Torque Bow usually one
shots them. On Casual and Hardcore difficulty, two clips with the Lancer will
take them down (though you can't chainsaw them). Sniping them is also a good

///Boomer + Shotgun?///

Whenever possible, I found it easiest to kill them with the shotgun. If the
Boomers are the only enemies you're facing, this is the best time to utilize
the shotgun tactic. Take out other enemies first if you can. Once you get close
enough to a Boomer, it will cease firing its Boomshot (it must be smart enough
to realize the dangers of splash damage). Keep strafing around them while
spraying your shotgun. If there are two Boomers, this tactic may still work;
Boomers tend to huddle together, so if you're close enough to make one stop
firing their Boomshot, the other tends to, as well.

INSANE: I found it easier to snipe them on Insane most of the time (or,
        alternatively, using the Torque Bow), but if the Boomer is the only
		    enemy you're currently facing, the shotgun method still works fine.


Kryll only appear in Acts 2 and 5. They are invincible and cannot be killed by
usual methods. They will kill you almost instantaneously should they touch you.
They look like bats, and if you go into the dark, they will disintegrate you
very fast. Stay in the light! Roll from light source to light source.

In Act 5, they form a shield for the final boss. For strategies regarding that,
see the final boss strategy.

In the chapter "Burnt Rubber" at the end of Act 2, they can be killed (so enjoy

INSANE: You might not enjoy this so much on Insane, with the whole "trying-to-
        stay-alive" thing going on....


Not very difficult... on Casual. They fly swiftly about, making them a hard
target. The Torque Bow is an excellent weapon to use against them (and,
conveniently, you almost always find one near a fight with Reavers). The best
weapon to use against them is the Turret, though there's only one opportunity
for that in the game. Aim for the Locust riding the Reaver, as killing the
Locust kills the Reaver, as well. They mainly appear in Act 5.

INSANE: Advice is more or less the same: use the Torque Bow. Fair warning: you
        will hate the Reavers, the Locusts, the game, the Xbox, yourself, and
		    the entire world after the Turret section on the train. It's very,
		    VERY fucking difficult. The only way to make it manageable is to play
		    that part in Co-Op, and even then it's exceedingly difficult.

///WRETCHES AND LUMINOUS WRETCHES//////////////////////////////////////////////

So similar, yet so different.

In my opinion, nothing special.  A few bullets with the Lancer or a blast with
the Shotgun, and they're toast.  No biggie.  You can sometimes even get them
stuck behind a wall or something for an easy kill.

///Luminous Wretches///

Their brothers are the luminous version of them.  When killed with anything
except the chainsaw, they explode, so watch out!

INSANE: The Wretches go from a minor annoyance in Hardcore to a major pain in
        the ass on Insane. Why? Primarily, one hit kills. They come in large
	      groups. They're fast. They take more damage before they go down. Need I
	      go on?

	      Well, I must. Enter the Luminous Wretches. Same problems, more
	      annoying. While the normal Wretches have the courtesy to ragdoll when
	      you kill them, the Luminous Wretches feel obligated to, well, blow the
	      fuck up, and there's nothing they enjoy more than taking you with them.
	      This makes the shotgun practically worthless, as it's best to take them
	      out from a distance so their explosions aren't a problem. Once you
	      trade out your Lancer for a Longshot, you will begin to find a use in
	      your pistol again - by using it to shoot these bastards.


Bosses will be covered in the chapters you encounter them in.

For the....

     hit CTRL-F and tpye "BERS1"
     hit CTRL-F and type "CRPSR"
     hit CTRL-F and type "BERS2"
     hit CTRL-F and type "BERS3"
     hit CTRL-F and type "GRAAM"

|Weapons (BAS4) |

As this isn't an in-depth guide, there won't be much information here.  Just
basic info.

///MY PERSONAL SET-UP//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


My personal favorite set-up for Hardcore is as follows:

             Maxed out Bolo Grenades
Shotgun <-                                ->Lancer

Others may disagree and have their own opinions, but these are my reasonings:

Shotgun is always handy.  If an enemy strays to close, pop it out quickly and
blast.  This is better than the chainsaw because you don't have to wait for it
to rev up, and then you don't lose the rev if shot (therefore, probably causing
your death).

Bolo Grenades?  Self-explanatory, really.  The only other grenade type is
smoke grenades, which are useless. These are useful when near Locust Emergence
Holes, because if you throw one in, the hole seals, and, voila, no more Locust
to deal with (except the ones that have already crawled out). Grenades should
be conserved primarily for this. However, when you see a group of enemies
huddled together....

The Magnum is the most powerful pistol, so it's the best choice for this slot.
On the easier difficulties, however, there is little use for the pistols.

The Lancer is fairly powerful and quickly reloads so quickly that there is
almost no break in your fire (if you master Active Reloads, that is). It's good
at picking off enemies from a fair distance. The chainsaw is useful in
emergencies where switching to the shotgun would take too long. However, the
Longshot IS a good alternative, and on Insane, the Longshot is THE weapon to

And that's about it.  Other useful weapons are -

///OTHER USEFUL WEAPONS////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Torque Bow - I only traded my shotgun in for these during the last chapter,
             though, because they are unbelievably useful against RAAM.  To use
             them, hold R and then release it to fire.  If you don't hold down
             R long enough, the shot will not be powerful enough to penetrate
             the enemies.  Hold down R too long, and the bow will
             automatically fire the arrow.  They explode, so watch out!

			       I found the general lack of ammo made this weapon too difficult to
			       use regularly. Keep that in mind.

Longshot - The Longshot is useful during certain segments of the game, and a
           necessity on Insane. It has a relatively low ammo count, so you must
		       be careful not to miss too much.

Boomshot - Probably useful during some segments, but not enough that those
           segments couldn't be beat with other weapons. Use it if you must,
		       but be warned: it has a VERY low ammo count.

NOTE - I do not include the Hammer of Dawn because it is worthless shit. It is
only usable at certain points of the game, and even then, it is usually just to
kill a Seeder or Berserker or something that requires use of the Hammer of
Dawn. When it is needed, you will find one nearby, and I will mention where. So
unless I say otherwise, switch out the Hammer of Dawn with a shotgun (or weapon
of your choice) as soon as the enemy that requires it is killed.


The above applies to Insane as well, except the Longshot should ALWAYS be used
instead of the Lancer as soon as possible. The Longshot/Shotgun combo is THE
best combo to use on this difficulty.

|General Tips and Tricks (BAS5) |

Here you will find all tips and tricks in this game that apply to more than one
area or apply more than once.  It will be updated as emails are sent in or I
become aware of them in some way or another.

And better yet, it is finally organized! =P

///WEAPON RELATED//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Always aim for the head.  The head kills faster than any other body part.  With
most locusts, a head shot with the Longshot is a one hit kill!

Master Active Reloading.  It is ESSENTIAL.  It is also really easy.  To do it,
as soon as you hit the right bumper, look underneath your ammo gauge.  You
will see a bar with a slider.  When the little slider hits the white segment,
press the right bumper again.  If you do it enough with certain weapons, you
may memorize when to hit it without looking at the bar. However, it doesn't
take much effort or time to glance at the meter when you need to reload, and it
helps out a lot. You should quickly get a grip on it, and probably never miss
it afterwards.

Be smart with the chain saw.  I usually only use it if I am sneaking up on an
enemy, or an enemy is sneaking up on me when I am shotgun-less.  If you try to
run into the middle of a firefight with the intent of chainsawing someone,
think again.

Throughout most of the game, you will most likely have a shotgun.  If an enemy
runs up to you but takes cover on the other side of your cover, whip out that
shotgun (something I usually do if I see an enemy approaching, anyway) and
press L.  If you look down, you can aim directly at the enemy, and usually kill
him with one shot.  Sometimes you've got to wonder what these AI programmers
are doing at their jobs, I swear....

See the Note in the Weapons section for the Hammer of Dawn. This is extremely

Do not hesitate to use bullets.  Never save ammunition unless it is mentioned.
Usually you can spray everywhere without worry, because ammo pick-ups are
plentiful (though do be a BIT conservative with Longshot ammo on Insane).

///ENEMY RELATED///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Keep in mind my Boomer tip if you just can't kill the Boomers.  It doesn't take
a master to pull it off!

I really don't see the point of shooting Berserkers when they glow red (the
only time they are vulnerable to normal firepower), as they unglow and become
invincible again very quickly - usually quick enough that you can't finish them
off.  There's no point in not just using the Hammer of Dawn again as soon as it

When fighting RAAM, remember this: RAAM is a pimp, and you are his bitch.  He
can and will push you around, so the easiest way to win without glitching him
is to just take him out from a distance with the Longshot.


Always plan ahead!  Flank your enemies!  Plan a route that puts you in a better
position than your enemies!  And if you can't do any of that, move with the
cover and advance on your enemies, and don't let them overpower you!

If you can't beat it your first time through, try playing it on a lower
difficulty, and beat that first.  Even on the lowest difficulty, the game is
pretty hard, so don't hesitate to ask for help.  Find someone willing to co-op
the first few chapters with you and teach you the ropes if you can't seem to
do it for yourself.

When in a fight, always Roadie Run and roll.  It will give your enemies a
smaller and swifter target, and you will most likely not be hit (as much).

|ACT ONE (A1)                                                                 |

//A NOTE ON DIFFICULTY/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I highly recommend playing through the game on a lower difficulty first. Gears
of War, while not the most difficult game ever made, is a fair bit harder than
most games. Don't be ashamed to play Casual on your first playthrough.

Regardless, Insane should be tackled after completing the game at least once on

|Ashes Overview (A11) |

So, we're finally getting into the game!  Yay for us!  If you've read every-
thing above, you're already well set to get into the game, so let's go!

You play as Marcus Fenix.  At the start of the game, you are in a prison.  Why?
Marcus is an inmate!  A man named Dom releases you from the cell and tells you
that you're back in the army.


Through this chapter, you will fight your way through a bunch of buildings and
a few outside locations.  This chapter is nothing special, really.

At the start of the chapter, your squad hunts for Alpha squad, and continues to
do so throughout the chapter.  You meet up with the famous "Cole Train" pretty
early on, but it's not until the end of the chapter that you meet up with the
rest of Alpha squad.  This chapter ends in a boss fight - a relatively easy
one. Also, the lengthy cutscene before the end of the chapter is pretty cool,
in my opinion.  If you care about the story, you're not skipping cutscenes (X
button) anyway, but if you are skipping scenes, you might want to not skip that
one.  It's very entertaining.

Anyway, on with the walkthrough....

|14 Years After E-Day (A12) |

Finally, we begin with the game.  Almost as soon as you exit the cell, you will
be given a choice.  Go straight with the fight, or take the tutorial.  If it's
you're first time through, you might want to take the tutorial.  It will allow
you to practice almost everything you've just read.  If it is not your first
time through, or you are feeling confident, proceed straight to the fight.

Either way, upon exiting the hall Dom blocked, you will be in a big room.  Head
almost directly north and you will see something red on a wall.  Look under-
neath it for the first set of Cog tags (CT1).  This is where this guide splits.

///LEFT PATH - STRAIGHT INTO THE FIGHT/////////////////////////////////////////

If you picked the left path, after listening to the various Com transmissions
and picking up the Cog tags, look to the left of where you came into the big
room.  There will be a door; press X to kick it open, then immediately roadie
run straight forward from the exit of the room with the hanging bodies.  You
should come to a low wall with two roof supports. Take cover behind it.  Two
enemies should appear from the north, but on any difficulty, they should be no
problem if you know when to take fire and when to take cover.  If they get too
close for comfort, try your best to melee them, as you have no shotgun or
chainsaw at the moment.

Please scroll down to the "Chapter 1 - Continued" section below.

///RIGHT PATH - TUTORIAL///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

After the radio chatter, head up the stairs to the right.  You will be prompted
to hit the button on the desk; it's not hard to miss.  Do so, and proceed
through the newly opened door. To open the next door, you will have to shoot
the two small boxes with orange lights on them. One is right next to the door;
the other is across the room directly to the left of the door. Take aim with L
and shoot it. The door should now be open. Proceed into it. In this room are a
bunch of small walls you can take cover behind.  Have fun with that in here.
When you're through, kick open the door on the other end of the room and pro-
ceed through it.  Follow the path forward and through a doorway on your right.
Immediately head forward and take cover; my favorite place is the only low wall
you can crouch behind...in fact, it's almost the only place. =P

If this is your first time through, you might die a few times here. No worries.
Just load your last checkpoint. It's really not that hard, and there's no
strategies, really, except pop and shoot.  Never let your health get too red.
If he gets too close for comfort, try to melee him, as you have no shotgun or
chainsaw yet. This next part is a roadie run tutorial. Hit the switch on the
wall inside the small building, and hold A to run forward before the door
closes on you. In this room is a "scary" surprise. Go out the door and down the
stairs to your right. Go through the door at the bottom and stock up on
grenades. In the next room, you can play with them if you want, but in my
opinion its easier to shoot them. Do whatever you want, just take cover and
dispose of them all, and then follow the path right and down the stairs.

Please continue to the "Chapter 1 - Continued" section below.

//CHAPTER 1 - CONTINUED////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Pick up the four grenades as instructed and proceed into the next room.  You
will find many enemies in this room....  Take cover immediately.  No real
strategy to this room, just pop out and shoot when your health is full.  If
you find yourself being injured even when taking cover and not shooting, you're
probably in a bad position; some enemy has moved around the room so that they
can see you even behind that wall.  If they do this, quickly find new cover.
Once you kill them all, Dom will say, "Let's get some ammo."  If you need ammo,
quickly get over to the ammo box underneath the hanging bodies.  If not, then
get behind one of the short walls facing the door.  Soon, you'll hear a Locust
laugh, and you'll see orange sparks around the edges of the door.  Equip a
grenade, and take aim, and hold down R, but DO NOT LET IT GO!  You will have to
find the right timing for this; I can usually get them all in one grenade by
throwing a grenade about the time the door opens.  Even if you take none of
them out, switch to your gun and start blasting.  It won't take long to kill
them.  When Dom says, "Let's get out of here!", don't follow him.  Head towards
the hanging bodies and face towards the door of the exit.  Turn around 180
degrees and head straight until you reach a brown brick wall that Marcus will
stand behind (instead of duck) if you press A next to it.  When you head around
that wall and go straight, you will see a table turned on its sides to your
right.  If you look right from the ammo box, you will see an ammo crate.  Near
this crate is the second Cog tag (CT2).  Now head outside.

NOTE: When the Locusts burst through the door, it seems like Dom tends to die.
This leads me to believe that he's supposed to die so you can get the message
saying that you can revive downed allies by standing over them and pressing X
(a useful lesson, so don't let it slip your mind!).

As soon as you exit, head up the stairs to your left.  Immediately turn left at
the top of the stairs.  There you should see another Cog tag (CT3).  Now pick
off the enemies however you see fit.  I personally like to take cover behind
the small wall to the immediate right of the door leading outside and pick off
all of the enemies from there.  Once that is completed, listen to the radio
chatter, but head north.  The Raiven will soon fly over you and land.  The gate
will fall down.  As soon as you touch that gate, a cutscene ensues.  Chapter 1
of Act 1 completed, and if you were playing Co-op, you should now have the Dom-
Curious Achievement.


There's not much to say here. As this chapter serves mainly as a tutorial, you
shouldn't have much trouble. Considering I don't recommend Insane until you've
already completed Hardcore, your skills should be honed enough by now that this
chapter should be easy. Enjoy it, as it'll be the easiest part of the game.

If this is your first time playing Insane, remember - the enemies have more HP,
and you have less - so keep your head down!

| Trial by Fire {A13) |

After the lengthy cutscene, take cover behind the sandbags.  I don't think you
even have to fire at the incoming Locusts, as the chopper takes them out.  If
you want to shoot them, go ahead, though.  After they are all dead, head up the
stairs.  Head through the door at the top, and make your way left into the next
open area.  Take cover behind the broken square (the second wall you see from
exiting the hallway).  Now pick off all the enemies that appear; it's not too
hard, and if any get close, make them eat chainsaw.  Speaking of which, if this
is your first time through the game and you are playing Casual, now is a good
time to test out the chainsaw. =P

After killing everyone, if you remained in the position I told you to get in,
hop over the short wall and then the next one.  You should see a set of Cog
Tags(CT4) on the ground.  Pick them up; they are mentioned by one of your team-
mates (and if you moved from where I told you to take cover, do NOT go up the
steps, they are down in that small courtyard; they are not hard to find).  Now
proceed up the next set of steps.  Learn to love that short cutscene; if you
die here a lot, you will watch it repeatedly - it is not skippable.

NOTE: Most of the time, ammo boxes are in plain sight. I'm not going to inform
      you of the location of every ammo box. You should know whether you need
	    the ammo or not. It's a good idea to pick up all ammo boxes in an area
	    before proceeding to the next, as previous areas are sometimes
	    inaccessible after advancing too far.

Your teammates will tell you to flank the Grubs.  Do exactly that.  Start by
taking cover behind the first pillar (the one with a small ammo box in front of
it, to the left of the small wall most of your teammates will probably hide
behind).  Make your way around the pillar and to the next one.  Looking around
the corner, there is probably a Grub there.  If there is, shoot him. On harder
difficulties, if the going gets rough, try to hide behind the pillars, but if
they advance on you too much, by all means get the hell out there and find some
better cover!

This is also a pseudo-tutorial for Locust-holes.  Basically, a locust-hole is
a hole in the ground that can appear anywhere. When you are outdoors, there is
usually a Locust-hole somewhere. If you throw a grenade in it, it will close it
up and stop the Locusts prematurely, so yes, it is to your advantage to close
them; however, sometimes it can be suicide to attempt to get close enough to a
hole accurately aim a grenade in it, and should only be attempted in places
where you feel comfortable doing so, unless I explicitly tell you to fill a
hole. In this area, on Casual mode, go ahead and try to plug it if you want to
(remember that the grenade has to go inside of the hole for it to close up, so
look for the small blue circle on the end of the grenade's trajectory to see if
the grenade is going to bounce somewhere besides the hole. On Hardcore, I found
it easier to just pick off the enemies from a distance with a Lancer, because
the Locust will probably be hanging around near the hole, and will kill you
before you get a chance to plug the hole. However, if you just can't beat it
and are getting desperate, you can try one of two things: A, fall back, and
make your enemies come to you, picking them off with the Lancer, or B, try to
plug the Locust-hole somehow. Of course, A is recommended.

After killing all of the Locusts, head left of the Emergence hole.  You will
see a white collapsed pillar.  Behind it is a box.  To the left of that box is
what looks like an open gate.  Straight up from that opening is a small wall.
This is my preferred cover for this part.  Shoot them from afar if possible,
and if they decide to get close, chainsaw them.  Sometimes they will try to
flank you; if this happens, chainsaw them before they get a chance.  If you
die here, you will have to start over from the staircase.

After killing them all, head directly north.  There will be a bridge.  Head
over it; at the broken segment, press Y to see some Cog bodies.  You will see
a door that you can't go through; you have to wait for everyone to stop talking
before Kim will open the door.  Once he does, head inside.

Hide behind the first small, diagonal wall you see. Shoot everyone; usually
they hide behind the pillars.  When you hear the Emergence hole, run to it
(you will probably see the statue above it collapse) and plug it quickly and
then hastily get back in cover to take out any remaining enemies.

After eliminating everyone, head north from the first Emergence hole to go
around the pillar.  Try to plug the hole, something not too hard if you hide
behind the short wall.  Remain here and hide behind one of the two pillars be-
hind you and take out any Locusts that climbed out of the hole.  After
eliminating them, don't head outside yet; look directly left of the exit to
find another set of Cog Tags (CT5).  Now you can go outside.

Follow the steps, and head north towards the bodies.  There are no surprises;
just a cutscene when you reach them.  That's the second chapter completed!


This area is still relatively easy, but we're only at the second chapter. Flank
the Locusts when you can, but if you see one coming towards you, RUN. One
annoying aspect about this game is that a point-blank shot from a shotgun will
sometimes leave a Locust alive, but one punch from them will instantly kill
Marcus. Do not EVER let a Locust approach you on Insane.

When the first Emergence Hole appeared, I plugged it fairly easily with a
grenade by running up to it, throwing the grenade, and taking cover immediately
on the closest object. Be careful if you do this.

|Fish In A Barrel (A14) |

You are now facing your first Troika (a manned machine gun that will literally
rip you to shreds in a few seconds). Excited? Happy? Nervous? Probably a mix-
ture.  Let me go ahead and say that, once again, flanking makes taking out the
Troika a lot easier.  And to that, just head to the right passageway instead of
the left (the one the Troika is on).  It is blocked, but a small passage allows
you back to the left passageway right before it is blocked.  Therefore, you can
take out the Troika easily with your Lancer by simply shooting him (but fairly
quickly, as he is not afraid to turn that Troika on you!).  Take out all of his
little buddies, too.

Heading north, there will be more enemies.  You have two choices here: A, try
to lead them back towards the Troika, man it, and use that, or B, flank them.
Either way works fine, but the easiest one for me B.  To do that, look for a
small passage on the right and head down it to the end of the passage (into
a courtyard where a big fight will soon occur) and back around behind the
enemies.  When you kill them all, head back where you came from (to the
courtyard I just mentioned).

Now, you see that big statue in the middle of the area? Get next to it, and
take cover. Pick up the grenades if you need them (they regenerate).

There are four Locust holes that (except the fourth one) appear in a
random order. The four holes are:

1. Facing where you came from, directly left of the left-most passage (what
   would be the right coming from where the Chapter started).
2. Facing where you came from, in between the two passages.
3. Facing where you came from, to the right of the right-most passage (what
   would be the left coming from where the Chapter started).
4. Facing where you will leave (turn directly around from where you came from,
   and look north-east).

TRY TO PLUG THE EMERGENCE HOLES!  That makes the fight a LOT easier!  Take
careful aim and toss a grenade.  Otherwise, you have many enemies to kill here!
For the first three holes, it's best to stay in the circle, but for the last
one, it seems easier to get out and hide behind all of the chunks of wall
scattered about (though if you find this difficult, you can attempt to stay
near the statue).

There is a Cog Tag in this location (CT6) northwest of the circle (facing away
from the way you came into the area) near some grenades.  Head over that way
and pick the grenades up (you will probably be low) and there should be a Cog
Tag nearby.

After picking up the Cog Tag, head towards the exit.  Not much here.

"I use to have nightmares about those things when I was a kid."
"Shit.... I still do."


If you were playing Insane for a challenge, this is where it starts. The part
with the Troika is easy, as you just have to flank him (the same strategy
mentioned above). The courtyard battle wasn't as easy... you may have to retry
many times. After sealing the first two holes with grenades, hide behind the
little wall in between the two long roads you came from. It makes it easier to
kill the Locusts coming from the Emergence holes on the other side of the

Good luck!

|Fork In The Road (A15) |

You will immediately have to split up in this chapter. The left path, in my
opinion, is much easier than the right path. I recommend you pick the left
path. If you do pick the right path, it's straightforward, and meets in the
same room.

Follow it up to the doorway.  Take cover to the left or right of the door; my
preference is the right.  They have the height advantage on you here, but for
some reason, in my experiences, they don't want to use it; they will come
charging down at you.  If they do, chainsaw them.  Otherwise, shoot and stay in
cover. The next room will likely be empty if all the locusts decided to run
down into the little pathway. If not, hide behind a couch and shoot!

Before you move on, do your pals on the right path a favor and shoot through
the boarded window and kill the Locust manning the Troika.

Follow through the bathroom and press the button on the wall to proceed
into the next room, which is the room you meet up in.

Now, instead of trying to attack the Troika head on, flank him. You'll find
this advice repeated multiple times throughout this guide!

Roadie run directly ahead of the door you just left.  Pick up the ammo box if
you need it and head out the door to your left at the end.  Head north through
this door and take cover behind the large propane tank. Let your health
recharge if you were shot, and then duck around it and head directly north
again, towards the door. Kick it open and run upstairs. If the guy up here
doesn't notice you, it's fun to chainsaw him. No matter how you do it, kill the
bastard, and then kill the Locust manning the Troika (who will probably hop off
of it when you start shooting at him, so be cautious) from the window. Upon
killing him, head through the door and take cover and wrap it up.
When you think you've killed everyone, you haven't.  More locust appear.

The game tells you to man the turret; do so, and pick off everyone.  You can
zoom in some by holding down L.  There will usually be some Locusts
who do the very smart thing of taking cover behind the windows of the
small hallway you followed before you took out the guy manning the Troika
earlier.  If this happens, I find it much easier just to get off the Troika and
run up to them to take them out.  At any rate, once you kill everyone from that
Emergence Hole, head back up to the Troika and look behind it.  You will see a
door, and in a few minutes a Locust will kick it open.  Kill it (this is
another fun chainsaw opportunity).

Proceed down the next hallway and kick the door open.  Proceed through it, and
we've already made it to the next chapter.


This part is fairly difficult, but doesn't require a unique strategy. Follow
the normal walkthrough for this chapter.

|Knock Knock (A16) |

Proceed down this VERY long hallway and kick open the door when you can. Now
it's time to nab the next Cog Tag (CT7). To get it, head from the door towards
what I assume is a toll booth and then head slightly northwest from that. You
should run right into a van with a red GoW symbol on it; look around the van
for the tags.

Now, from the van, head northeast towards the northernmost sandbags on this
side (head here from the Checkpoint, too, if you die).  When the guy appears
from the middle door, try to shoot him before the guy in the rightmost door
appears.  Basically, here is a diagram:

    /     |               |      |                                |      \
   /\_____|               |______|                                |______/\
  /   TROIKA            GUY TO KILL BEFORE...                  HE APPEARS  \
 /                                                                          \
/                                                                            \

Crude drawing... but you should get the point.  If you don't kill him, don't
worry, although you may be nearly dead if you haven't killed him yet.  You can
probably kill the Locust that appears on the right from the position you are
in.  Run through the door (the rightmost one both in the game and on the map).

As soon as you enter, head left and take cover behind the small wall.  You
probably won't see it but you will hear an Emergence Hole appear.  Try to plug
it if you want, otherwise shoot all of the enemies.  The wall you are behind
should be efficient enough, but if it's not, hop over the wall and
try somewhere else.  Head north (to your left should be the middle door; check
here, because sometimes it will turn out that you didn't kill this Grunt or
another one will take its place; it will usually kill you if you miss it and
proceed forwards).  Head north passed the Emergence Hole and look left.
Chainsaw the guy on the Troika if you can (or kill him in some way).  Now hop
over the sandbags in front of the Troika and watch the cutscene.

After the cutscene, turn around.  You are now facing away from the entrance
(from the hall where you were forced to walk) on the left side of the area.
Head down the steps; you should see a set of sandbags with two sets and direct-
ly behind it more sandbags but with three sets.  Take cover behind these.
Shoot anything and everything that moves, and once again chainsaw if someone
gets too close.  Other than that, there's not much strategy to this section, as
if you keep heavy fire on the Locusts, they probably can't advance enough to
flank you (if they do, of course, move).

After killing everyone, a "Point-of-Interest" icon will appear on your screen
and you will hear a Locust scream.  A door that was previously closed is now
open; take cover and take him out!

As soon as you hear that guitar sound thing that signifies that you've killed
everyone, head outside, find a shotgun, and switch out your non-lancer for it.
There were at least three Locusts in this fight with a shotgun; find their
weapons and pick up their ammo.  You are now ready to proceed to the next


This chapter wasn't as difficult as I predicted. Follow the strategy above to a
T, as it works just fine. In the last shootout, you might want to stay farther
back than before.

|Hammer (A17) |

This section actually starts a little later, but it's easier to divide the
chapters here for the sake of the guide.

Anyway, head back inside the building from your shotgun hunt and to the left.
A previously closed door is now open.  Head inside it; to your right is some
stairs that, of course, you must walk up.  As soon as you get to the overhang
(where you can see Cole shooting at Locusts below you) turn right.  There
is another locked door that you must wait for Kim to open.  In the meantime,
take cover next to the door and shoot Locusts until the door is open.  When it
is, head downstairs, out to the left, revive Cole if he died (which is
extremely likely on anything other than Casual) and kill every last thing in
the room that Cole didn't.  Head back into the hallway with the staircase
and to the left, which will lead you up to an overhang on the opposite side of
where you came into the room.

Go up these steps and to the left. On your right will be another fucking door
that you have to wait for Kim's ridiculously slow ass to open. Perhaps I'm
impatient. Perhaps Kim needs to learn how to open fucking doors.

Enter the hallway and go to the right. Wretches have finally become a part of
the array of enemies you will be regularly fighting. The Wretches are actually
very similar to Halo's Grunts, as they are very small stature. The difference
is that Wretches physically assault you. The shotgun is very useful against
them (though, you may be partial to the Lancer on Insane). You will trigger a
checkpoint, as well as being introduced to Jack, the door opening robot. While
he cuts it open, you must defend him from the tsunami of Wretches that swarm
your feet like oh-so-many (deadly) ants. They will come from the end of the
hall opposite of Jack first, so you should head about halfway down the hallway
and start taking shots. After a few are killed, they will begin to come from
the hole that blocks the hallway near Jack. Head there (no rush, Jack can't
actually die) and shoot them back into the hole they crawled out of (erm...
literally). You may notice that the Wretches target you, regardless of the fact
that there's several other humans in the hall trying to kill them.

When all the Wretches are dead, head down the hallway on the end where the
Wretches first appeared and look for another Cog Tag (CT8).

The door is now open so proceed through it.  Directly north of the entrance
(in front of the first window on the right of the door you will soon leave
from) is an ammo box and a weapon that looks to me a bit like a pistol, though
you must replace one of your two bigger weapons for it.  Switch your shotgun
for it, but don't expect to have it too long.

This new weapon is the Hammer of Dawn, technically the strongest weapon -
damage-wise - in the game. It's not really a gun so much as a glorified
reticule. Basically, you aim at something until the satellite locks on, which
will then activate an extremely powerful laser.

Stand in the corner between the first window and the door right in front of the
HoD pickup. You can see, as well as target, the Seder from here. Kill it before
you go outside. This will prevent you from getting hit by its attacks.

After it falls, switch out the HoD for your previous weapon. ALWAYS remember
the golden rule of the Hammer of Dawn: it's, honestly, a worthless piece of
shit that you absolutely never carry with you (multiplayer is a different
story, but this guide covers the single player, after all). There are only a
few instances where the game allows you to use the Hammer of Dawn, and these
are almost always story progression points, i.e. you must use the HoD to kill
a certain enemy to advance the game. Because of this, the few times you will
actually HAVE to use the HoD, you will always find one nearby. Keep this in
mind, and toss the HoD away as soon as you're done with it. I will always
inform you where to find a HoD in the rare case that one is needed.

Go outside. Wait for the bridge to be lowered by Kim, if it is not already
(we're always waiting on Kim, aren't we?). Cross over the bridge with your
shotgun ready to pick off the Locusts as they crawl out of their holes, or
stay on your side of the bridge and pick them off with the Lancer.

NOTE: To make this one of the easiest parts of the game, as soon as you go out-
      side have your grenades equipped.  Aim for the open part of the wall on
      the other side of the bridge and chunk one.  If you are semi-lucky or are
      a good aim, you will take out any Locusts crawling out of the hole and
      plug it!

Head right towards the giant hole the Seeder crawled out of.  There are a few
ammo boxes around here.  Pick them up if you want and head around the "U."
There is *sigh* yet ANOTHER door you must wait for Kim to open here....

To save myself pointless descriptions, keep heading north until you see a Seed-
er below you.  Look directly right; there is an ammo box and the Hammer of Dawn
here.  Switch out your shotgun for the HoD, take aim, fire twice, kill the
Seeder, and switch back the HoD for the shotgun.  If any Wretches decide to
join the fight, give them a good punch (B).  Most of the time, at least on
Casual, the Wretches will fall with a good whack.  If on a harder difficulty
and the Wretches kill you, just don't be so hasty in your switch for the HoD.
Use the shotgun to take out any Wretches first and then switch for the HoD and
take out the Seeder (just don't forget to switch back!).

On Casual, your teammates may take out all the enemies other than the Seeder
for you!  On anything harder, pick a path and head down it with the shotgun,
blasting.  Wretches will drop on you.  Try to take cover if your health gets
too low.  The right side is easier in my opinion.

Anyway, head through the door once it is open.  You must take the stairs to the
left.  There will be two Wretches at the bottom, so have your shotgun ready.
There are some grenades on the right side of this hallway if needed.  Proceed
through the hallway until you come across the Seeder you just killed.  Head to
the left of it and through this hallway.  When you enter the church take cover
not behind the overturned bench or table but behind the first row of seats. Use
your Lancer until someone gets too close, in which case you should switch to
the shotgun. There are a few Wretches mixed in with the normal Grunts here.

Head up the stairs, through the door, and down the stairs.  Here you will
stumble upon Rojas's body.  Gruesome.  Back to the stairs and still facing Ro-
jas, look to your right.  There is a small gap in the wall concealing some
Cog Tags (CT9).

To the left of Rojas body is (*sighs heavily*) another fucking door that you
must wait for Kim to open. When he - eventually - does, head through it.


This chapter is relatively easy on Insane. Follow the walkthrough exactly, BUT,
on the second Seeder, remember the Wretches! You should kill them first.

|Wrath (A18) |

After the room with Rojas's body, head up the stairs and around the statue into
a couch-littered room.  I could easily shotgun anyone in this room, but if you
die, by now you should know the drill.  After killing everyone, look at the
ground right before the exit to the outside ledge.  There should be a HoD on
the ground; switch out your shotgun for the HoD.  Now take cover on the first
short wall.  You should barely see the Seeder, but you are free from fire here.
Kill it and switch the HoD back for your shotgun.

Now head back inside.  To the right of where you came into the room (before you
took out the Seeder; that entrance) there will be a couch and a blocked door.
Take cover behind the couch and wait for the door to open.  Take out anything
and everything inside; I used the shotgun and passed it fairly easily.  After
everything that moves moves no longer, proceed down the hallway to your right
and over the rubble blocking the path.

"Alpha, we have visuals on your location."

"We would like to have your AMMO on our location right now!"

Lol.  Anyway, proceed onwards down the hall.  When you reach the next check-
point, take cover immediately behind the nearest desk.  Use the same Lancer-at-
a-medium-to-long-distance-and-shotgun-at-close-range strategy we've been using
to get by this part (this applies for the hallway you proceed down after the
room full of desks, as well).

Proceed down the aforementioned hallway and shoot everything.

To the right is an ammo box if needed.  When you hit the checkpoint, you should
be in or near a hall with a Troika.  Of course, we're going to flank it.  To
the immediate right of the entrance of the hallway with the Troika is another
hallway. Proceed into it armed with the shotgun.  In the next room are several
Wretches and a few Grunts.  Kill everything with the shotgun and proceed down
the stairs at the other end of the hall.  Take a left.  I like to chainsaw him
if he doesn't notice me, but don't be stupid; if he turns around at any point,
get out that shotgun!

Now, hop on the Troika.  You are about to be attacked by Wretches.  They are
nothing special.  Your teammates will get most of the ones on the roof, and the
ones they miss will probably fall in your line of fire (and if not, your
teammates will probably get it, but if they don't and you start dying, get off
the Troika and get your shotgun!).  Once they stop coming, you can now head
down the hall to the right of the Troika. At the end of this hall is an ammo
box to the right and another very long hall to the left. Of course, the hall
must be trekked, but luckily there are no enemies. Head down the steps, passed
the picture, down more steps, and take cover. Now head down the hallway to your
left to flank them, but otherwise, you're following the same procedure as al-
ways here.

If you flanked left, you will have probably taken cover behind the low wall on
the first right.  Across from this is a set of steps that you must walk up.
You must walk across this court room. Head up the stairs. You will see a Locust
on a Troika. He will never turn around unless you shoot him so you can almost
always chainsaw him if you wish. Now this next section you can do whatever you
want to kill all of the enemies on ground. You will probably not be hurt much,
as you have an extreme height advantage. You can man the Troika, pick them off
with the Lancer, or pick them off with the HoD. To find the HoD, look for the
body to the right of the guy you just killed and you should find it.

However, note that you can not get your shotgun back when you pick up this HoD;
nevertheless, this is a non-issue. When you kill all of the Locusts, a
cutscene plays that advances you to the next chapter, which takes place in a
new location. This does not matter, as you must use the HoD for the next short
chapter, as well. When that chapter is completed, Act 2 will start, where you
will very quickly find a new shotgun you can replace the HoD for.

Kill everything here and watch the cutscene.


Same strategy as the normal walkthrough. The flying things at the end can kill
you in one hit now, so be VERY careful of them. You should use the HoD for this

|China Shop (A19) |

////////BERSERKER - BERS1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Before we start fighting this boss (which is the entirety of this chapter),
head straight forward from where you start and turn the corner to your right.
You will not be massacred, but you will find a Cog Tag (CT10) here, and you
should now get an Achievement if you have been following this guide from the
start of the game.

Now head out into the other hallway.  Head forward, head forward....  When the
Berserker bursts out of the wall and you get a checkpoint, you know you are
heading the right way.

But before we get into the fight, let us all learn something about Berserkers.
They can only be killed with the Hammer of Dawn.  There will always be one
nearby, except for on the last Berserker fight.  They take two blasts to kill.
When running towards you, they will kill you instantly if they touch you, so
always roll out of the way!  They supposedly can "smell" you, but they mostly
find you by your noise.  If you walk, they will not find you.  If you run,
either Roadie or normal, they will find you.  If you are far enough away from
one so that it does not hear you running, take a pistol and shoot it to draw
its attention.  Now that all of that is out of the way, let's proceed
with what you should do....

After it bursts through the wall, look right.  There should be a door around
here.  Your first task is to lure the Berserker into this door.  Not much of
a problem; just get there quick, and shoot at the Berserker with a pistol until
it follows you in there.  Wasn't hard, was it?

Now, Roadie Run directly north of that door.  Just get to the other end and
turn around.  If the Berserker isn't running towards you, shoot it until it is.
Hold your ground at that wall, and get it to run towards you.  When it is about
to hit you, jump out of the way.  It will not hit you, but it will hit the
wall and tear it down. Now head through the door and lure the Berserker in
here. Your task is now the same as before, but with a smaller room.

After going through this door, DON'T LURE THE BERSERKER IN YET!  Go to the door
that you are about to have to have it burst through, and look left.  You should
see a set of Cog Tags (CT11).  NOW lure the Berserker in here and have it burst
through the door.  Head outside... finally, with the Hammer of Dawn, you can
kill it.

BUT NOT YET!  From the exit outside, head left, and keep heading in this gen-
eral direction.  You should stumble upon the last Cog Tag (CT12) in Act 1. Make
sure you pick it up before killing the Berserker, as its death causes this Act
to conclude.

After picking it up, it's a simple matter of targeting the Berserker with the
Hammer of Dawn twice, a task that I don't think is very hard.  The best time to
aim is after it runs into something and is temporarily stunned, or anytime it
stands still in general.  You now have completed Act 1.


The boss strategy is identical, so just follow the guide, but remember that it
now takes three bursts with the HoD to kill the Berserker. Don't cut off the
beam halfway through the second burst - keep the beam going until it needs to
recharge, and then blast the Berserker a third time.

|ACT TWO (A2)                                                                 |
|Nightfall Overview (A21) |

Dom says to get to the Stranded Outpost. Once here, you will be informed that
one of the Stranded owes Dom a favor, and that favor will soon be redeemed in
the form of the Stranded's Junker. In this chapter, you will find the Junker,
drive it (for one chapter, the only vehicle opportunity in the game), and then
finish the chapter with a humongous firefight!

You are introduced to two new enemies in this Chapter: Boomers and Kryll.
Boomers are large large Locusts that carry Boomshots and have a load of health.
Kryll are just annoying, invincible sons-of-bitches that attack you when you
exit the light.

Throughout the chapter, you must shoot propane tanks to proceed through the
level.  If you don't, the Kryll will soon eat you alive.  The only thing that
sets this chapter apart is that you MUST remain the light at all times to
avoid being destroyed by Kryll. NEVER ENTER THE DARKNESS.

Other than that, standard procedure.

|Tick Tick Boom (A22) |

As soon as the chapter starts and you gain control of Marcus, run forward and
hop over the low wall.  As you come to the first corner and turn right, there
will be a dead body on the ground.  Next to this body is a shotgun with full
ammo.  Anya tells you the Hammer of Dawn is offline, so you might as well
switch it out for something useful now.  Pick it up, and head forward.  Marcus
will now inform the group that they have to split in two....  Really, it
doesn't matter much, although many people will say the right path is easier.
Either way, they both come out at the same place, so pick whichever you prefer.

///LEFT PATH///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Keep heading forward on the path until you see an opening in the wall on the
left. Go inside. In the closet inside are some grenades if you need them. When
he talks about trying to find another way inside the building, wait for the
cutscene to start. You are about to fight a Boomer for the first time. Throw
one or two grenades at it, take out your shotgun, and take him down from close
range. Alternatively, find a decent place to take cover and use the Lancer
until it goes down. I wouldn't recommend picking up the Boomshot.

When the Boomers appeared, they blew a hole in the wall.  After killing them
both, head through the wall that they blew open.  It is a hallway; head down
it until you can't go down it anymore.  You'll see a Corpser.  You don't have
to fight it until Act 3, if that's even the same Corpser.  Anywho, head down
the path to the left of the giant Emergence Hole (with the Corpser) and you
will enter a large room with a lot of low walls.  Heading straight, you should
quickly see the exit hallway.  There is a Locust that  kindly opens the door
for you.  Give him a taste of your shotgun and head through the door he opened.

Head through this room until you get to the room with a lot of rusted shelves.
Behind one is some grenades if you are low; if you threw even one at the
Boomers earlier, it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and pick them up.  Head through
the other door.

In this alley, to your right is a small ammo box if you need it, and to your
left is where the fight begins.

Immediately take cover behind the first small wall.  Look at the big hole in
the wall directly north of you.  Keep your Lancer trained there and wait for a
sniper to appear.  Take him out first.  Now you can concentrate on the ones
outside; it's standard procedure - Lancer if they're a fair distance away from
you and shotgun if they decide to get close.  Before you head inside, help out
your pals across the fence if it looks like they're struggling.

Once you head inside, head directly right and come around this way.  There are
two Wretches in here and one will probably come at you right about now.  Shot-
gun him.  Take cover behind anything and start shooting on harder difficulties;
on Casual, I just went through here with the shotgun.

This is where the left and right paths meet up, so look underneath the right
path for the "Afterwards" segment.

///RIGHT PATH//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Roadie run down this long alley. Coming around the corner, you should see in
the distance some broken cement, so head up it. To your immediate left is a
pillar that will fall down, giving you a checkpoint; climb over the pillar and
up the stairs into the next room. Watch the cutscene, and do whatever you have
to do to take out the Boomers; throw a few grenades and empty a few clips from
your Lancer.

After you kill the last Boomer, look to the left (facing the entrance) of the
staircase you came in from. There is a small hallway that is our next
destination. You will see a retreating Corpser that has no relevance to you at
the moment. After watching it retreat, head left down this hall and take cover
behind the small wall, keeping your shotgun in hand. Eventually, a Locust
should take out the door and walk out. I think you know what to do.

Head through the room the Locust came out of.  Emerging in the next walkway
reveals an ammo box to your right, so pick it up if you need it, and head out
the door on the left wall.  Head down the steps, and once you reach the ground,
look behind the steps for some grenades if they are needed.  Head forward and
you should encounter two Locusts. Even on Insane, I used the shotgun on them,
but if for some reason that isn't working, take cover and use the Lancer.
Before you take out the Locusts on the ground, though, it might not be a bad
idea to use your Lancer on the sniper that appears in the giant hole in the

After they are dead, head inside the building.  I recommend immediate cover
behind the last wall you encounter before running out of walls to hide behind,
not counting the pillar.  If you are just reading this, it might not be a bad
idea to point out there's a Troika. Now, there are two Wretches.  One usually
comes after you right about now, but if one doesn't now, both will come
after you in a minute.  Now try to get behind the pillar while taking out one
of the Wretches that is usually around the pillar.  Another will usually come;
take him out, too.  By now, Dom or Cole usually get near the Troika and makes
the Locust manning it dismount it, which is a good thing.  If not, flip around
the pillar and take cover behind the couch.  Now you are within shotgun

For this part, it's identical to the Left Path.  I went through here with the
shotgun on Casual.  If that doesn't work for you, simply take cover and use the
Lancer.  It's not that complicated stuff; just remember not to poke your head
out for too long if you don't want to end up dead.

This is where the left and right paths meet up, so look underneath this section
for the "Afterwards" segment.


Kick down the door to the left of the Troika (facing the Troika from the Right
Path).  You can't; Jack has to come cut it open.  This is the only time in the
game Jack cutting a door open isn't a signal for an Emergence Hole.  Just stand
near the door and listen to everyone while Jack goes to work, and head through
the door when he gets it open.

Head through here until you get to the stairs that's behind the small wall you
have to jump over.  Immediately head down the stairs to your right until you
reach a dead end.  There is a couch down here; chainsaw it to reveal some Cog
Tags (CT13).  Head back the way you came.  Now head through the door on what
would be your left coming from the hallway.  Thus starts the next chapter....


The Right Path is by far the easier path to take on Insane. Otherwise, it's
almost identical to the walkthrough, except I recommend using the Lancer from
a distance instead of relying on the shotgun so much.

|Grist (A23) |

As soon as you get outside, head left.  There are two small walls; one is a
thick block (the first one you encounter) and the next one is really thin (the
second one you encounter).  The thin one is the one you want to take cover
behind.  Now, this is one of the times you DON'T want to attempt my Boomer
trick, for the simple reason that there are too many enemies in the area to get
close to the Boomer.  However, because of the Boomshot, the Boomer should be
your first target, ALWAYS, so whip out the Lancer, and start firing. If you
EVER hear the Boomer shout, "BOOM!" then duck down.  I don't care what you are
doing; duck down.  It will always hit you and instantly kill you if you are not
moving fairly quickly or are behind cover. Just keep the pressure on the
Boomer, and whip out the shotgun for any Locusts who get too close (while
keeping a watch to the right, as well; sometimes they like to flank).

After the Boomer dies, the rest of this section depends on your difficulty
setting, as well as your skill. If you are playing on Casual and are confident
with the Shotgun, feel free to run-and-gun the rest of the enemies in this
area with it. Otherwise, pick off enemies with the Lancer. Always keep an eye
out to your right. Regardless of your difficulty, when you proceed, hop over
the wall you're behind and take cover behind the truck to take out any enemies
in this area. Afterwards, head up the stairs across from the truck. There are
usually two enemies here that are easily taken out with the shotgun if you
didn't take them out earlier with the Lancer. To your left as you come up the
stairs is a large ammo box. You need to head to the right. Take cover behind
the low wall or the block and shoot everything mid-range with the Lancer and
close-range with the shotgun. Note that there is a sniper in the building in
front of you; I recommend focusing on him initially. After killing everything,
there will be one more Locust that comes through the door which leads out of
this area. Kill him and go through that door.

Inside, head up the catwalk. When you get to the T-section where the right
side falls, head left. Around this corner, ensure you have the shotgun ready as
a few Wretches come after you here. Now head through the door, but proceed

Outside, there are several Wretches that come at you from the roof hanging out
over the stairs and some on the ground that come up the stairs.  This is not
hard at all, even on Insane.  Just wait for them to get a little too close and
make them look down the barrel of your shotgun. ;)

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, STOP and turn around.  Underneath the
staircase is a set of Cog Tags (CT14).  Now head back to the staircase.
Directly across from the staircase and behind a wall is a large ammo box if you
need it.  Now head down the alleyway and take cover once you go around the next
corner.  There is a Boomer here as well as some Locusts.  Take out the Boomer
first with the Lancer and the other Locusts later if you can. Either that or go
at them with the shotgun, but I still recommend killing the Boomer first.

Now proceed to the right of where the Boomer was. There is a low wall, which
you should hop over. When you pass the broken fence, as soon as you hop the
wall, there is a car. Take cover behind it, where you will notice a symbol at
the bottom of the screen. Repeatedly tap X until you can't move the car
anymore. To the right of where the car stops moving is a block, which you
should take cover behind. Equip some grenades (if you don't have any, there are
some right where you take cover) and throw one up on the platform. You should
almost always kill him as long as the grenade lands on the platform.

Take cover behind one of the three blocks.  Now kill any thing that comes near
you, including some Wretches.  Use the Lancer to kill everything that usually
hides behind the low wall.  When you kill everything and the hole seals, you
can finally move on.

Now just keep moving through the areas until you get a Point-of-Interest icon
to pop up.  When you do, don't head towards the gate yet.  Head straight
from where you come into this area until you see some mailboxes in between two
trees.  Behind this is a Cog Tag (CT15).  Now move toward the point of interest
and it should activate a cutscene and the end of this section....


Well, if you take my advice on the last section, you should have no trouble,
and I told you specifically what to do in the earlier section with the Boomer
on Insane.  This wasn't really that hard of a section for me on Insane, except
for the first part with the Boomer, and that was because I kept hiding behind
the car. I had no trouble the first time when I hid behind the wall, so it
shouldn't be that hard if you've played Hardcore.

|Outpost (A24) |

This is the easiest part in the game.  Literally.  Don't believe me?  Walk
forward until the cutscene starts.


I'm confident that you can manage this section on your own.

|Lethal Dusk (A25) |

When you start, head down to the very end of this section to the fire and kick
open the door on your right.  Head through here and keep going through this
old house until you get to the end of a hallway with a door you can kick open.
There are no enemies.

When you kick open the door, immediately head straight forward until you can
take cover behind the low wall. Equip your shotgun, as there is always a Locust
who runs straight towards you here. Once you kill him, take your pistol and
shoot the propane tank in front of the door of the shack directly in front of
you. Take out your Lancer, hop over the wall, and run up to the door of the
shack. Get the chainsaw revved up and go inside, killing the sniper (the
shotgun also works, but this is the last time you'll truly have a chance to use
the chainsaw if you follow my guide to the letter, so relish it). Now switch
the Lancer for the Longshot. On Casual, you may want to keep the Lancer, but on
harder difficulties this is practically a requirement. Now head to the right of
the shack (facing it from the way you came in). At the block with a tree in the
center is usually one last Locust with a shotgun; kill him. Proceed forward,
hugging the wall until you get to some stairs. Head down them.

Now when you get to the bottom of the stairs, look for a little wheel that you
can turn.  Start turning like mad.  I never kill anything, but if you keep
dying because of Dom's incompetence, hop off every now and then and
kill some people.  If your health ever gets dangerously low, just hop off and
take cover until it goes back up and then hop back on and keep turning until
you reach the end.  They all die when you do.  Head up the stairs and go
forward until you get to the two guys that say, "Stay there!  We're coming
over!  Stay under the light!"  Now head in the shacks to the right and start
stocking up on ammo.  There is a Longshot in this shack if you didn't pick it
up earlier and wish to do so.  Proceed through the house, kicking open doors.
There are no enemies.

Once outside, there are two propane tanks.  One is directly in front of the car
and the other is way over to the right of the car.  Shoot them both.  Get into
a position of your choice; I like the car in front of the propane tank to the
right of the first car.  Shotgun anyone close and snipe any far.

NOTE: I will be using the word "snipe" from this point, because of my
      preference to the Longshot/Shotgun combo. If you are using any other
      weapon, assume I'm referring to the long range weapon of your choice when
      I use the word "snipe."

Once everyone is dead, head forward until you get to where it's dark and you
can't proceed any further.  Look to your left and you should see a shed in the
darkness.  There is a propane tank there.  Shoot it.  If you go in here, you
will find a Cog Tag (CT16).  Now turn around and shoot the propane tank to the
left of the car.  Take cover behind the car.  Now if you have the Longshot, try
to snipe the Troika.  If you can't snipe it or you have the Lancer, run forward
and shoot all Propane tanks (if you take cover behind the cabinet and look in
the indent in the wall to the left, there is one and to the direct right of
that one is another one) and then toss a grenade at the Troika.

On the left side is an opening.  There's a pointless propane tank there (the
Kryll never come after me here, so don't shoot it unless you want to).  Head
through here.  Head through the building here.  The door to the last hallway
before you leave the building has a Wretch that bursts out, so have your
shotgun ready.  Now leave the area and hit the checkpoint.

In this area, head straight forward.  Head around the bend with your shotgun
ready.  Don't go outside.  Wait for the Wretch to come in, blast him, and head
outside.  Take cover behind the small wall to the right of the door across from
where you came in.  Use the Longshot to take out everyone.  In the door to the
left of this small wall is some grenades. When everyone dies, a propane tank
blows up and one or two Locusts will come out. If you're really close to them,
shotgun them.  If not, Longshot them from a good distance.  Head in this area
and around this bend.

Outside, take cover behind the ruined car.  Now start pressing X rapidly
until you push the car as far as it will go.  Now get out and roadie run for
the guy that is almost always hiding behind the small wall here with your
shotgun.  I did this on Insane mode, too, and lived, just with little health.
Let your health come back up on Insane mode, and head inside.  Now take cover
beside the door and flip around it to the left side of the door.  Toss a
grenade in there and start shotgunning.  When they all die, keep heading down
the hallway and look out the window at the end.  See a propane tank behind a
dumpster?  Shoot it.  Now head outside, and look up to your left. Kill the only
remaining Locust here.

Now head down the alleyway and through the door.  Head through this building;
it's really straightforward.  Listen to Anya.  The real fight starts when you
get to the door you can kick open. If you have the Longshot, don't even go
outside yet; snipe the two Locusts.  If you don't have the Longshot, it's
standard procedure you're probably used to by now.

From the left of the small wall that Dom always hides behind is an archway. Go
through here and duck behind the first small wall. This is the first location
where you will really wish that had picked up the Longshot if you previously
didn't. If you have the Longshot, then all you have to do is shoot and the
moving targets. If you don't have the Longshot, things will be a bit more
difficult. On lower difficulties, such as Casual, use the pistol until you run
out of ammo, then use the Lancer for anything that remains. On Hardcore or
Insane, use whatever weapons you have - probably the Lancer - and attempt to
pick off enemies using the usual strategy.

Regardless of what you do, when everything is dead, you can pick up the ammo
box behind you, which you will probably need by this point. Directly in front
of the small wall that you took cover behind is a dresser. Shotgun or grenade
it and then shoot the propane tank that was behind it. Now move across to the
area where the Locusts originally appeared. Head down the street, shooting
propane tanks. To get the first one, go all the way to the darkness and look
left. You will see a mailbox. Stand to the left of it and look to the right
behind the rubble and shoot the propane tank. Once you get down to the small
wall, stay still until you get the Point of Interest icon pointing to the
spotlight. Head inside the building, where there are no enemies. When you get
to the top, man the spotlight, which controls similarly to the Troika. Your
goal is to keep the spotlight pointed at Dom as he fights his way across the
area. You shouldn't have any trouble. When Dom gets to the other side, equip
your shotgun and head outside. There are two Wretches you will meat on the
way out. Head outside and go to the right where Dom is.

IF YOU WANT THE COG TAG IN THIS AREA, point the spotlight slightly right of the
small wall that Dom started near before the spotlight segment. Now when you go
outside, instead of going to the right towards Dom, head to the left and pick
up the Cog Tag (CT17).

When you meet Dom, kill any remaining stragglers. The following is what I
advise for the following segment, but you may remain in the street if you wish.

To the left of the burnt out car is a doorway.  Head through here and take the
right door.  Run to the window, shoot the propane tank, switch to shotgun, hop
out, kill anything nearby, and take cover behind the small wall.  Do this all
quickly.  Now kill anything nearby or running towards you and chunk a grenade
in the hole.  Now snipe off the rest of the enemies and move down the street,
shooting the one propane tank as you go, until you reach the cutscene that
starts the next chapter and finally ends this long one.


If you didn't pick up the Longshot like I recommended, this chapter - as well
as the majority of the game - will be very difficult. The Longshot makes this
game much more manageable, so, to reiterate, I HIGHLY recommend that you pick
up the Longshot. Ignoring that, stick to the guide, being cautious throughout.
However, for the last fight where you hop out of the window, it's very hard to
pull off on Insane (though not impossible). I recommend blind-throwing a
grenade around the small wall, aiming for the hole and hopefully plugging it.

|Dark Labyrinth (A26) |

There are two large ammo boxes to the left and right of you.  Pick them both up
or one per person if you are playing co-op.  Head through the one door in this
room and make a left where the light starts flickering.  Now, on Casual, feel
free to go ahead into the door here.  The light will come on, and then the
Stranded will play a really "funny" prank on you, but you'll live.  I die every
time I let him prank me on Insane, so just stay behind until the light comes on
and stays on.  Anyway, once it does, head through this room and into the oppo-
site hallway.  Get your shotgun ready.  About halfway down the hallway, three
Wretches come after you.  Shotgun them all and then head into the room they
came out of.  If you've got the Lancer, chainsaw the cabinet here so you can
move forward.  If you have the Shotgun/Longshot combo, you'll have to waste a
few shots on the cabinet.  Do so and move forward in the kitchen across the
hall.  Take cover on one of the sides of the door here, because about five more
Wretches will come after you; shotgun them into oblivion and head through the
door they came out of.  Head out across the room.  To your right is a small
ammo box if it is needed and to your right is the outside.  Head outside.

Hang an immediate turn around the wall here to pick up a set of Cog Tags
(CT18).  Now to move on to the next chapter, shoot the propane tank in the car.
It will start rolling down the hill.  Run along with it.  Chapter complete.
You can also quickly stand in front of it after shooting the propane tank but
before it starts rolling for a smooth ride down.  And that's it; Chapter comp-

///Odd Place To Put A Propane Tank, No?////////////////////////////////////////

This is NOT required, as it is merely an interesting tidbit I discovered whilst
playing. Skip to the next chapter if you're not interested.

When I posted about this "discovery" on GameFAQs, no one had discovered it, so
I believe to be the first person to find this. I happened to notice an oddly
positioned propane tank while writing the guide. I had turned around for some
reason from the car and spotted a propane tank in the distance. I died looking
at it (car rolled away and I was eaten by Kryll), but it struck my curiosity.
When I reloaded, I started throwing grenades in that general location until I
managed to ignite the propane tank. I ran over to this hidden section to to
discover... nothing. Nothing at all. Just a hidden, oddly placed propane tank,
in a location most people won't notice. As far as I could find, no easter eggs,
secrets, cog tags, ammo boxes, or anything - so what is the point of this
propane tank being placed here?

My thoughts: There's a cog tag in this area. This could have been where it was
originally hidden, but it was moved next to the door for some reason, and this
area wasn't removed.

To see it:

1. Stand at the doorway to this area
2. Chunk a grenade in its general direction and hope it hits - you may have to
   set the car on fire and run over there and turn around to see the propane
   tank and get an estimate.  It is behind a lot of rubble directly behind the
   rear bumper of the car.
3. If you hear the sound of a propane tank igniting, good!  Quickly Roadie Run
   over there - on Insane, where I discovered it, I had literally half a second
   or so before the Kryll would have killed me, so be careful.
4. Have fun.  Look around and see the sights, lol.  If you get tired and want
   to move on with the game, "snipe" the propane tank in the car with your pis-
   tol and Roadie Run over to the car when it ignites.

If you discover anything else, please e-mail me, as I would like to know!


This part is simple. You only fight a handful of Wretches, and not even the
Luminous ones at that. Remember not to go into the first room where the
Stranded pranks you or you will probably die. If you experiment with the hidden
propane tank I found, you have a decent chance of getting eaten by Kryll before
you make it over there, so be careful.

|Powder Keg (A27) |

Head over to the gas station.  Wait for the attendant to tell you that
he didn't fill the Junker up.  Head over to the place the Point of Interest
indicates and start spinning the wheel until the attendant tells you it's
full and that there's ammo in the back.  If you want a Longshot, there is one,
some grenades, and some large ammo boxes.  Stock up, and when you hear a
Locust shout, you know it's about to go down.  Here's two different strategies,
depending on your choice of weapons:


Simply take cover in the doorway of the little gas shack and snipe off
all of the enemies with the Longshot, except of course for the ones that decide
to get a little close.  When they all die, get out your shotgun.  To the right
of where these enemies were is where a Boomer and several Wretches appear.  You
will want to use your shotgun to take out all the Wretches while keeping an eye
out for where the Boomer shoots his Boomshot.  When all Wretches are dead, use
the Boomer/Shotgun tactic to kill off the Boomer.  Now duck behind the small
wall most of the first Locusts that appeared hid behind and snipe off all
the rest of the Locusts that appear.  Shotgun them if they get close.  The
attendant has a magnum and he actually helps out a lot, at least more than
Dom.  Quickly run inside and pick up any ammo you haven't already before the
cutscene starts and you leave the area.


There is a really small wall in front of the longer small wall the Locusts like
to hide behind.  Take cover behind it and pick off Locusts with the Lancer.
Shotgun any that come close, and a lot of them will.  When they die, pull out
your shotgun.  A Boomer and several Wretches appear to the right of your posit-
ion.  Shotgun all Wretches, being wary of the Boomer's location and where he
fires his Boomshot.  Upon all of their deaths, take cover somewhere, anywhere,
if it is Insane and try to pick off the remaining Locusts that appear with the
Lancer.  On Casual, I simply ran around with my shotty. ^_^  After they all die
quickly run inside and pick up any ammo that you want to get before the
cutscene starts and you leave the area.


I don't care if you are 100% against the Shotgun/Longshot combo, pick up the
Longshot inside of the shack and follow the strategy above for it.  If you
want your precious Lancer back, grab it when you run back inside before the
cutscene starts.  It seems to me that the hardest part is the first, so if you
are careful, after beating the first part, you've got this one in the bag.

|Burnt Rubber (A28) |

A driving Chapter, AWWW YEAAAAH!

...actually, I really hate this chapter, and if you are playing on Insane, you
really will, to.

Let me give a quick summary of where you drive: On the highway, down
(literally) an off-ramp, around a small section on a normal road, up an off-
ramp, and on the highway again.  On this second highway, simply run; that's
what I did, and it works most of the time.  However, I really recommend not
trying to run through the whole Chapter, or you will die.

Anyway, the Junker can only fire the UV Turret or drive at one time, not both.
To switch between them, press X.  So, if you were driving along and you see
some Kryll, press X and then fire and then press X again to drive around some
more.  Got it?  Good.

As soon as you round the first corner, some Kryll appear out of a clocktower.
Kill them and move on.  You will hop a small broken section and go right around
some rubble and some more Kryll will burst out of a building a little bit ahead
of you and on your right. Fry 'em. Some more are on the right; kill them too. I
had some more hit me from behind when I sat there long enough. Kill them. You
will reach a part where you HAVE to smash through some rubble and then a part
where you can go around the right followed by a jump off of a small broken
section. The one building you can probably easily concentrate on directly ahead
of you is swarming with Kryll all around it. FRY. THEM. ALL! A LOT more come
from behind you, as well. If you have killed all in front, when the attendant
says, "SIX O' CLOCK!" turn directly around and fry the first thing you see
moving. Directly ahead of this is an off ramp to the right. Head down it...
literally. Now make a left and follow this small road forward until  you can't
anymore. Make a right. You will reach an underpass and some more Kryll will
burst out of a building ahead of you and to the left. Just fire and you should
take them all in one go. Take a right, another right, another right, and you
are now back up on the highway.

This is the part where I booked it straight for the end.  If you want to kill
everything, fine.  I'm not telling where they appear because it's just easier
to run.  Smash through all rubble in your way. Hit jumps. Burn rubber. Until
you get to the very end and start the cutscene that ends this annoying chapter.


You will hate this chapter... HATE IT!

Kill EVERYTHING on the first highway and on the normal road, and then RUN on
the second highway! If you are unlucky, you will finish so deep in the red it
makes you sweat... you will wonder how you managed to scrape through that....


|Last Stand (A29) |

Move towards the battle.  Heading down the walkway there is a doorway on your
left (with a burning toilet inside).  In there is several regenerating ammo
boxes and a Longshot.  Pick up the Longshot.  There are no short-range enemies
here; only Locusts at a distance, which makes the Lancer difficult to use.  You
could use the turret at the very end of the walkway, but don't. It's too hard
to hit the Locusts and you lose health really fast. At the very end of the
walkway is a broken wall with an Longshot and grenades behind it. To kill the
first few enemies and Emergence Hole, shoot out of one of the two windows
inside the room with the burning toilet. I do not believe any of the Locusts
shooting out of the windows can be killed, so deal with it. Now head outside.
There are two Locusts on the roof directly ahead of you. They are not that hard
to spot if you zoom in with the Longshot. Use the Y button to locate the next
Emergence Hole and simply snipe from outside behind one of the long low walls.
If you get low on Longshot ammo or run out, run inside the building or to the
end and pick up some ammo; they regenerate. Slightly to the left of the
emergence hole, in a hole in the wall, is a sniper. You can shoot the roof
and make it cave in on him, or you can snipe him. When they start coming from
the buildings on the far right side, hide behind a low wall, or preferably the
broken wall (if that prick Dom hasn't taken it... *grumbles*). Snipe them. Pick
up ammo when done. When you hit the second checkpoint of the area, a Boomer
appears. Headshot him a few times until he falls and then kill all his minions
that hide in the buildings. Snipe, snipe, snipe.... When the Boomers appear
behind you, look for a giant rolling barrel to fall and start spilling what
is either gas or Immulsion. Regardless of what it is, you should see a propane
tank beneath it, which you should, of course, shoot, and watch the Boomers get


None.  Use the Longshot, and this is easy.

|Act Three (A3)                                                               |

|Belly of the Beast Overview (A31) |

Say goodbye to the Kryll... finally.  While you see them in this chapter, they
don't hunt you, finally.  No more fuckin' propane tanks.  :)

However, you now have to deal with the Lambent Wretches... annoying sons of
bitches, truly. Learn the distance to shoot them with the shotgun so they don't
hurt you when they blow, and learn it ASAP. The magnum helps a lot for the
long-range ones, too.

After the first parts, you will go underground in the Locust mines and face WAY
more Lambent Wretches than Locusts.  That will suck in the long run, at least
on Insane.  At the very end of this Chapter you will be introduced to
Theron Guards, upgraded Drones.  They are more armored and take more shots to
kill... two Longshot bullets on Casual and Hardcore and three on Insane!  They
also carry Torque Bows and they have deadly accuracy with them.  You can
survive an arrow or two on Casual, but if you see yourself getting stuck with
one on Insane... say bye bye.  If you see two vertical glowing orange lights
and/or hear something "charging up," duck down behind something, no matter what
you are doing, or get up out of there, as you will die.

You also finally fight the Corpser at the end of this chapter.  I don't know if
it's the same one from earlier or not, but you fight it, and I will say that it
is THE easiest boss EVER (yes, even on Insane).

|Downpour (A32) |

All you have to do is go straight through the woods until you reach a building
and see a door ahead of you. Just go there and watch the cutscene that splits
your team up. After the checkpoint, equip either the shotgun or magnum and head
forward, picking up ammo as you go if needed. At the end, make a left and fight
your first Lambent Wretches. Magnum them at a distance (recommended method for
Insane) or Shotgun them.

Move across this area.  Through the doorway is some more Lambent Wretches.
Magnum them from afar or Shotgun them when they get close.  Hang left around
the next corner and then, after the first building and on the second, right.
Go around the corner and at the end of the long dock is a set of Cog Tags
(CT19).  Now come back up and keep making your way around the building.  On the
left is an elevator, but the power is out, so make a right and go to the
very next building on the right.  Inside is a button you can press that will
turn the power back on.  Now go back to the elevator room and ride the elevator
to the top. Cross the small planks that serve as a bridge, run across the
rooftop, and hop through the window. One chapter down....


The Lambent Wretches will cause you trouble, especially if you're used to just
shotgunning them as is standard procedure for Lower difficulties. The best
course of action is to do your best to kill them with the magnum before they
have a chance to get close to them. Use discretion and practice the timing for
killing them with the shotgun, if you must. Develop a tactic for safely
disposing of Lambent Wretches, or you will never make it through this act.

|Evolution (A33) |

Pick one of the hallways and go down it.  When you press the button, the door
will jam.  Now go to the other hallway you didn't pick and press the button to
go through.  Head through the hallways until you see the cutscene with the
Wretches killing everybody.  Head left and press the button on this door to
activate another cutscene where a Stranded with a shotgun temporarily joins
your team.  Head right from where you came into this room and wait for him to
open the door.  Head around the walkway into the next room.  The Point of
Interest is... Baird and Cole in the sewer system.

"Hi boys!"
"I can smell you two a mile away!"
"Screw you, man.  You get down here and see how much you like it.  There's room
for one more.  It's a fucking party down here."

Anyway, when the door opens, head through it.  Follow the stranded guy.
Around the first corner is a door to the left.  Inside is an ammo box if you
need it, but be warned that a Wretch jumps out to attack you on your exit of
this room, but only if you entered it in the first place.  Follow the stranded
down the stairs.  Stop when he steps onto the wooden place.  He will fall
through the floor and get killed.  Your objective is to get to the other side,
but certain boards fall.  It is random every time, so you will just have to be
careful.  If you hear creaking, back off of that board quickly and find another
route!  On the far right side in the corner is a set of Cog Tags (CT20) so pick
them up before moving on.

If you fall, don't waste ammo.  Facing the exit to the room, the way out of the
area is in the southwest corner.  Climb the ladder quickly, bust down the door,
and be more careful!

Proceed through the room and pick up ammo if it is needed. Open the door and go
inside. On the floor is a Lancer, which, if on a lower difficulty, I recommend
picking up for a while. On Insane, and perhaps Hardcore, keep your Longshot.

Hang a left around the pillar in front you.  When you hear some glass shatter,
turn around and head back to the room you came out of. Along the way, you
should see a cutscene which causes the Lambent Wretches to invade the room.
Get in that room, back against the wall, get your shotgun, and wait. Dom may or
may not run in here. Let him take as many as he can out, but he will usually
come running towards you by the end. Any Wretch that gets in the doorway will
be shot. On Insane, where you die REALLY quickly from these bastards either
hitting you or blowing up near you, this is a lifesaver to prevent them coming
from all sides. In this room, you can't be overtaken unless you let yourself
become overtaken.

When the "danger song," as I call it, stops playing, move out of the room and
up towards where the Wretch that screamed in the cutscene was.  Head through
the door and right down the hall.  A Lambent Wretch will jump out, but just one
so it's not that much of a problem.  Head right through the next door and start
turning the wheel.  Two doors will open on either end of the hall.  The left
one holds a small ammo box and a pistol.  The right one holds stairs and the
rest of the level.

Heading down the stairs, there are several ammo boxes.  You may think you're at
a dead end here since you can't turn the wheel to open the door, but you are
not.  Dom just takes his sweet damn time sometimes, and he has to be down here
to activate the arrival of Cole and Baird.  Now the thing blocking the wheel
rises so you can turn it and proceed into the next room.

You will immediately be alerted to a Lambent Wretch crawling along the ceiling.
Using your magnum, shoot it.  Switch to your shotgun and go to work, using the
Longshot to take out the one or two Drones that appear if they don't come right
up to you.  There is a small hallway where most of your enemies will come from.
Head down it.  There are lots of Lambent Wretches down here, but you now have
three teammates helping you so it shouldn't be a problem at all.  Just take
them all out.  At the end of the long hallway on one side is a door.  Kick it
open.  Marcus can't, so Jack must.  This signals an elevator appearing with a
Boomer and a Drone with a Shotgun.  Get a grenade and throw it over the small
opening in the top of the gate when the elevator is low enough so that the
grenade lands on the floor of the elevator.  Since there is no room to escape,
this takes out the shotgun-wielder.  It also takes out a good chunk of the
Boomer's health.  When the door opens, head in with the shotgun and make short
work of it.  If you killed everything before trying to open the door (which is
the smart thing to do) you will just have to worry about him, and if you shot-
gun him fast enough you don't have to worry about getting hit with a melee or
his Boomshot.  When you kill him, Jack gets the door open.

This place is LOADED with ammo.  Pick everything you can up.  You're leaving
the area and won't be coming back, anyway.  There's a Cog Tag (CT21) down at
the bottom.  Head down the stairs all the way until you get to the carts and
then look to to your right.  It's over there.

After picking that up, or if it is your second time through the game and you
already have it, head upstairs. Upstairs, the room you would need to go in
is on your left.  There is a computer in there.  Press the button
and head downstairs to get on the mine carts and end this chapter.


The part after the crossing the room with the unstable floor will be
exceedingly difficult should you choose to not use my advice of hiding in the
small room and shotgunning the Lambent Wretches through the doorway. Ensure you
don't miss your active reloads, as many, MANY Wretches swarm you
simultaneously. Afterwards, you will be elated (and perhaps somewhat
disappointed) at how easy the Lambent Wretches are to kill when you have more
room with which to move around and three allies helping you.

|Coalition Cargo (A34) |

NOTE - I believe Marcus grabs the first cart by default. This is what this
       section is written for.

You are now on a mad mine cart ride through this level.  It isn't even that
hard.  Let me say this now - just like the Burnt Rubber chapter, I'm going to
tell you where the enemies are.  Use the shotgun on Casual and Hardcore, as the
Lambent Wretches don't do enough damage to kill you when they blow.  However,
on Insane mode, you should use the Magnum and try to shoot them early enough
that they blow up before your cart even crosses over them.  If you try to shot-
gun them, they seem to fall in your cart a lot, and since you can't move out of
the cart, on Insane, that means instant death.  I would imagine the Lancer
would be a lot better here than the magnum (but not on Casual), but since I use
the Shotgun/Longshot combo, I wouldn't know from experience.

There's a bunch of Drones on your right as you start this.  Don't bother shoot-
ing them; just stay down.  When Anya reroutes to stop you from going into the
fire, keep your shotgun/magnum out.  There are about three Wretches that come
from the ceiling, all coming from a hanging rooftop that comes from the right
or left, so watch out for those, because they usually mean a Wretch will come
from one of those.  When you get outside, there are two Locust Drones on a
platform far to the right, but if you stay down they can't damage you so don't
bother with them.  When you head inside again, wait for the cart to stop.
Quickly eliminate any Wretches coming toward you and look to your left.  There
will be a Locust standing there that you have to kill before moving on.  You
are within shotgun distance.  Now it's the same as the first "hallway," with
about three Wretches coming at you from low-hanging ceilings leading off to the
left or right.  You will go down an elevator at the end of this hallway.  You
will keep going along until you see a Boomer.  The Boomer will not harm you if
you stay down.  The next hallway has no foes.

Pick up the ammo box if it is needed and head through the door.  In here, you
may or may not have to fight a Wretch.  One comes out, but either on your side
or Dom's side.  Shoot it if it comes out on your side or try to help out Dom if
it comes out on his side and head through the door.  You are now in a LONG
hallway.  There are several Wretches that appear on your way.  Just keep the
Shotgun in hand and walk slowly, and be careful.  When you enter the "core
room" where you are on a walkway hanging high off of the ground, walk to the
end. Get out your Longshot/Lancer and start unloading into the Boomer that
appears on the platform below you. If it doesn't die by the time the platform
raises, do your best to avoid any Boomshots flying around and move in with your
shotgun. Help out Dom a little with his Boomer with your Longshot, if you want
to. That's the end of this chapter.


I already mentioned what to do on Insane during the mine cart ride, and if you
follow it, it shouldn't be too hard.  Just try to kill the Wretches as soon as
you possibly can.  Don't waste ammo on anything that I didn't tell you to, and
be careful with the Boomers.  Those Boomshots hurt.

It's quite possible this section will take a few attempts in order to memorize
the locations of all of the enemies.

|Darkest Before Dawn (A35) |

Head down the solitary path until it reaches an intersection.  Keep
heading straight forward to the very end to reach a set of Cog Tags (CT22).
Now turn around and take the one other path at the intersection.  As you head
down it, there will be Lambent Wretches that come after you.  They aren't that
hard to take out, especially if you chain their explosions, but still, be care-
ful.  If they start to overtake you, retreat and let the AI handle them.  Move

When you get to a slightly steeper slope with a flat opening at the bottom, you
will encounter more Wretches.  Same tactics apply.  Walk to the end of this
section to slide down a waterfall.  Pick up the ammo box if it is needed and
move forward.  There are a lot of Locusts down here; Longshot everyone.  Most
of them won't try to come up close to you, which is odd since most of them are
packing Shotguns.  Enter the area where the enemies were.  To your immediate
left is small section that has some Cog Tags (CT23).  Up the stairs and inside
the building is an ammo box.  Proceed straight down the path.

The Point of Interest is a collapsible stalagmite-stalactite-column. If you
have the Lancer, shoot it. If you have the Longshot, simply snipe the Locust
Sniper and move on, with your shotgun equipped. As you move down the path and
out of the enclosed area, you will be ambushed by more Lambent Wretches.
Shotgun them all. This is fairly easy as they all come from one direction and
there's no flanking or anything (if you don't move too far down, that is). Head
down the path. It splits for a very short distance, with no differences
between the two whatsoever.

As you reach the bottom (the area with the two small walls on either side with
a small opening in the middle), you will get a checkpoint.  At about the time
the path splits, a group of Lambent Wretches will make their way towards you.
Try not to move too far forward and take them all out.  The left path contains
some large ammo boxes if you need them, but no other attractions. The right
path has some more Wretches, a Boomer, and your destination.  Take cover behind
something and take out all of the Wretches before sniping the Boomer.  Move
down to the pillar really close to the Boomer to Lancer it if you don't have a
Longshot.  Now head to the path off to the right.

At the checkpoint, you will fall again... great.

In this room, there are a LOT of Lambent Wretches.  This area is a bitch on
Insane, I swear.  The way I managed it was by standing as far over north of
where you start as possible.  Turn around and shotgun any Wretches who get
close to you.  After killing them all, one explodes and makes an exit for you.
Head out that exit to get a checkpoint and a split path... great.

///LEFT PATH///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Gamespot says to take the right path, I say to take this one.  I dunno, it
seems easier, but it may just be me.

Anyway, head forward, shotgun in hand.  Take cover behind the small wall to the
left of the ammo box.  Wait for some Wretches and blast 'em when they get near.
There is a Locust or two up top to Longshot/Lancer.  Head forward, underneath
the right path, and take cover behind the first small wall.  Same process as
before; wait for Wretches, shotgun 'em, and Longshot/Sniper the Locusts.  On
Insane, the ones on Dom's path will pester you, so take them out, as well.  As
you move forward, some Wretches drop in on you from above.  Shotgun them all,
and head forward.  That's it - Checkpoint, and we can move on to the "After-
wards" segment.

///RIGHT PATH//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This path is harder for me, even though Gamespot says it's the easier choice of
the two.  I don't really know, but maybe it's because I'm so used to doing the
Left Path.  No matter what the cause is, you picked the path and we're going
to walk through it.

Head down the path, shotgun in hand.  Move forward and take cover behind the
pillar.  Let me note this quickly - if you get overpowered and are dying at the
pillar, move back to the rocks.  Now, moving on, shotgun all the Wretches that
come after you first and then Longshot/Lancer the Locusts that hide behind the
rocks up ahead and shoot at you.  When they are dead, head up the path and over
the Right Path.  Hide behind a patch of wall tall enough so that Marcus stands
up while behind it. Now repeat the same process as before; Shotgun the Wretches
that come after you and Longshot the Locusts.  The Locusts on the Left Path
will bother you a little bit on Insane, so use your Longshot to take them out,
too, before moving on.  Move forward.  When you get to the part where the large
pillar-rock is in between the two paths, several Wretches will drop in on you.
Shoot to kill.  Lastly, two more easy to take out with either the Longshot or
Shotgun Locusts will appear.  Kill them and end this bullshit.

Now, see the "Afterwards" segment.


Whoo, you finally beat one of those paths, good for you!  You get a shiny new
checkpoint and a load more enemies to kill just up the path....

As you head down the path, there is a small off-branch on the right that holds
some ammo if you are low.  Now proceed forward and meet a lot more Locusts in
this hallway....

Take cover behind the first available wall.  Try to take out most of the
Wretches crawling along the ceiling with the Magnum.  Any Locusts that get
close (which they like to do here, for some reason) shotgun them.  Any that do
not want to get close, Longshot them.  Gradually make your way down this hall
repeating this process.

As you walk out into the big opening, you will see a Corpser to your left. Make
a 180 degree turn and head to the left to find a set of Cog Tags (CT24).  Now
turn around and head north until you hit a checkpoint and the next chapter.


The Wretches are, for the most part, surprisingly easy if you know what you are
doing.  The reason for this is that you're not being ambushed like in that one
scene earlier in this Act and by now you probably have learned the right dist-
ance away from one you should be if you plan on shotgunning it.

The Left Path does seem easier to me on Insane.  However, there is a strategy
for the Right Path, too, so if the Left Path's giving you troubles, try the
Right Path.  No guarantees, though.

At the last firefight of this Chapter, make SURE you don't leave cover!  Try to
get all of the Wretches (there's only three) with the Magnum before they even
get near you.  Otherwise they will start jumping you and making you leave your
cover.  There also seems to be a Locust that works his way up to nearby you.
Be wary of him and shotgun him for deciding to leave his post.  The Longshot
makes the rest of this battle fairly easy.

|Angry Titan (A36) |

This whole chapter is just a boss fight with the Corpser.  Read the Corpser
strategy below, and after you beat him, head around the path towards where Cole
and Baird appeared.  Head through this area and it will seal behind you.
Checkpoint and another chapter.

////////CORPSER - CRPSR////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

This is without a doubt the easiest battle in the game.  Read the entire
strategy and memorize it - it's not that hard.  Then put it to play.  You need
to put it to play quickly on Insane, because Wretches will come out if you do
not.  They will make life hell.  However, they are timed, not triggered by an
event, which means if you work quick enough, no Wretches will appear.

The strategy is simple, basic, and probably been used time and time again.

The Corpser tries to crush you by raising its leg and stomping you.  It raises
the leg nearest you.  So go stand by a leg and wait for it to raise it.  When
it does, run it as far as you can.  Now take aim, shoot it's stomach.  If you
blind fire you will probably hit it.  Now it will scream in pain and raise its
head up.  Shoot its neck.  Not its chin.  Not its chest.  Not its head.  Its
neck.  It will roar and back up.  Do this three times in quick succession.  Now
it is backed up as far as it can go.  It is on a platform.  Still standing on
the rock (not the platform) look on each side of the platform for two little
hedges that keep the platform locked in place.  Give each one a blast with the
shotgun, which causes it to break.  The Corsper falls into the Immulsion, and
your task is complete.  If this was Hardcore or Insane, say hello to a shiny
new Achievement.  ^_^


This is really, really easy, but I want to say one thing - beat it quickly or

|Tip of the Iceberg (A37) |

The end of Act 3 is near.  Are you ready?  If you are playing Insane, or even
Hardcore, you sure as hell better be.  No bosses, just the Theron Guards who
have a height and accuracy and one-hit-kill advantage and a long-ass walk to do
if you fail.  Have fun!

...now, you know I wouldn't leave you hanging like that.  As you proceed
forward, you will get a Point of Interest.  It is the Torque Bow.  Pick it up
if you want, but I advise against it.  I hate the thing in single player, but
if its your first time through the game, pick it up and have fun with it, I
guess. Anyway, proceed up the path. Marcus tells Dom, Cole, and Baird that he
and Dom will go straight into the pumping station while Cole and Baird flank
right. However, you don't have to head straight into the pumping station! In
fact, I advise against it!

Head down the right path you're not supposed to.  Keep walking until Dom says,
"Do you hear that?  What the hell's that sound?"  You should probably be at
a chipped L-shaped wall.  Take cover here and draw your Longshot.  When
Marcus says, "Let's clear that station!" start looking for victims to snipe.
This is a whole lot easier than going down the correct path. However, if it is
your first time through the game and you are playing on Casual, feel free to
take the Left Path! But on anything harder than that....

Oh, and by the way, this whole segment needs the Longshot, so if you don't have
it, you're kind of screwed.  You'll have to get up on the platform and pray.

When the enemies aren't coming anymore, head down where Cole and Baird likely
are and up the ramp.  Now just take cover and be careful.  Slowly make your way
around the entire platform, killing anything and everything.  When everything
is dead, head down the ramp and keep going straight.  Look for a green button
to press; it is more over towards the right. Two more Acts to go.


This is another chapter that you will really, REALLY regret not having the
Longshot for if you opted to use another weapon. Your shit out of luck if you
want to follow my strategy, which makes this segment much easier. Without the
Longshot, you have no choice but to head directly in (via either path) and
meticulously pick off all of the enemies. The Locusts themselves won't give
you too much trouble at this point, considering you've been fighting them the
entire game; however, the Theron Guards are a new foe, and their precision
with the Torque Bow - a one-shot kill if it hits you - is deadly accurate. If
you hear a Torque Bow charging (or see the tell-tale glowing lights of its
sight) do NOT get out of cover.

|Act 4 (A4)                                                                   |

|Ashes Overview (A41) |

Now, your objective is simple.  Go to Marcus's house.  If this is your first
playthrough, you might be thinking, "What? Why?!"  Well, you won't be having
a tea party there, that's for sure. This whole chapter, storyline-wise, doesn't
really make sense.

The Theron Guards are everywhere in this chapter.  For some reason, they seem a
LOT easier in this chapter, but don't underestimate them.  You have a lot of
fighting to do, complete with a Berserker, between here and Marcus's house.
When you get there, it isn't going to be pretty.  And neither is the last
thirty seconds of this Act....

|Campus Grinder (A42) |

Immediately head up and to the left and take cover.  Longshot all enemies you
can and shotgun any that get close.  This is the place to use the Torque Bow if
you decided to pick it up (I didn't, and again, wouldn't recommend it, unless
you want practice for the "The Nuge" Achievement) earlier. Move into the build-
ing you come across following this path and snipe all enemies in the courtyard.
When the Boomers come out, make sure you snipe the sniper in the building above
where the Boomers come out before he snipes you, and Torque the Boomers if you
have the Torque Bow.  If not, snipe one (doesn't take that much ammo, and there
is plenty around) and shotgun the remaining one.

There's a set of Cog Tags (CT25) in this area.  For ease of instructions, head
all the way back to where you started.  Head down the ramp and up the first set
of stairs you see on your right.  You should see the Cog Tags in this area.

You're not coming back, so pick up all the ammo you can and move towards the
area where the Boomers appeared.

//INSANE NOTES/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I'm going to interject the first half of the Insane Notes here. This area can
be difficult.

Definitely stay back when the Boomers appear. It doesn't hurt to fall back with
the Theron Guards, considering their stupidly-accurate-one-hit-kill-attacks.
Revive any dead teammates as they fall and try to stay alive. There's a
Boomshot in the shed where the sniper usually is, just in case you need it for
a little extra punch. It certainly doesn't hurt.

What I'm getting at is this: be very careful with this section. It's a huge
shootout with no checkpoints if you die.


Alright, you immediately have to split up.  If you have the Longshot, pick the
Left Path.  If not, it might be better for you to go with the right.  Longshot
or not, I personally think the Right path is easier, BUT it is up to you, and
you may think the left path is easier.  I'll start with the Left.

///LEFT PATH///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

As soon as you round the corner, head left for some Lancer ammo and grenades.
Turn around and head up the stairs.

At the top, keep your chainsaw revved if you have the Lancer, or shotgun ready
if you have the Longshot/Shotgun combo, to massacre the one Theron Guard up
here and around the corner.  Now head into the next room and start slowly pick-
ing off all enemies on the ground with whatever mid-to-long range weapons you
have - preferably, of course, the Longshot. They mainly shoot at your allies
below so you shouldn't have a problem here.

Hop over the low wall and take cover behind the pillar here.  Shotgun all the
Wretches.  If your health gets low from Locusts on the ground shooting you,
quickly hop back over the low wall and let your health go back up.  There's one
more Locust in the next room to kill, along with any Wretches you failed to
kill.  Pick up the Hammer of Dawn next to the window and use it on the seeder
while keeping an eye out for any Wretches that decide to come from the hallway
to your left that you need to head down after switching the HoD back for what-
ever weapon you switched out for it.

Help out your allies below if you want (or don't, they can handle themselves)
and head to the end of this hallway and twist the valve.  Follow this new door
to the very end where you finally come outside again (or, not really, but you
can see the sky ^_^).  Destroy the Wretches and snipe everyone down below.
Have your shotgun ready to blast the Wretches that come up when you go down the
stairs to the bottom.  Destroy any remaining Locusts either with the shotgun or
by falling back and sniping them and head across the street and into this
building.  Head to the left once inside and head outside and take cover.  If on
co-op, wait for your ally to take out all the enemies on the Troika.  If by
yourself, try to snipe everyone.  Remember that once you hop over the cover,
you can't go back and there's not much cover, so be patient.

Once you do hop across, head inside the house and pick up any needed ammo.
Blow the propane tanks in the back of the truck and head through the gate.

///RIGHT PATH//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Take cover and snipe all enemies in the courtyard.  Easy as that.  If you don't
have Longshot, use Lancer or Torque Bow.  After the first wave, there's another
this time with a Theron Guard or two.  After killing them all, pick up ammo and
head through the doorway on the left on the opposite end of where you started.

Now it's time to tackle the Corpser.  You have to get the HoD.  It's on the
pathway, about in the middle of it but more so on the opposite end.  Try to run
in and grab it and fall back without getting killed.  Take out the Seeder and
all opposition with it.  Grab your Longshot, plug the Locust hole, and wait for
Dom to open the gate so you can proceed forward.

Head through the building until you get outside again.  There are no enemies.
Once outside, take cover on the wall.  It's kind of hard to describe, so here's
a diagram:
    |         X
    |         |
    |         :
    |         |
    |         :

The O is the doorway that you come through to get outside.  The X is where you
take cover.  The | is of course the wall and the : is the hedges.

The reason you take cover here is because it provides a decent snipe spot and a
good place to blind-fire-shotgun those pesky Wretches.  Do this.  Take care of
everyone and cross the area.  Head inside the building.  Inside the "Lecture
Hall," head up to the door at the top and take cover on the right side of it.
Shotgun the Locusts if they run up to you but otherwise snipe them, which is
easy to do on Casual because any shot is a one-shot kill.  Head across here and
to the left, picking up the grenades if needed.  Drop one down on the Troika to
end things quickly or snipe them.  Either way, once all enemies are killed,
find the staircase and head down it, pick up ammo, shoot the propane tanks in
the back of the truck and head through here.


To me, the right path is easier on Insane.  That's just because I don't like
Wretches, and the one part with them is easy because of that one cover spot I
mentioned above.  However, it's your game.  On the left path, the Troika is
really hard but can be finished quickly with a Torque Bow if one was picked up
somewhere along the way (which is something I wouldn't do, but if you just
can't beat it, sometimes you have to do drastic things).  At the beginning,
Torque Bow the Boomers for easy kills if you can't snipe them.  There is one
in the open door directly across the courtyard from the Sniper's nook or you
can pick one up from the Theron Guards in the area.  Nothing much else to say,
but the Longshot comes in handy on several occasions here.

|Bad To Worse (A43) |

Head straight forward from where you start and look at the corner of the build-
ing for some Cog Tags (CT26).  After picking them up, make two lefts and head
towards the doors.  Try to kick them in, and you can't.  Marcus calls for Jack,
so you know what that means....

You have two options here.  They are both kind of random and work equally well,
no matter the difficulty.  If you can't do one, try the other.  Take cover
somewhere, anywhere close to the doors and snipe all enemies, shotgunning the
Wretches.  You're alternative is to run near the Cog Tags with a grenade and
try to plug the hole.  If you do this, have your shotgun ready to take out any
enemies that managed to climb up.  When the Locust hole is sealed (all enemies
dead or not) two Boomers appear up near the doors.  Find the Hammer of Dawn
near the door and use it.  Pick up whatever weapon you switched out for it
(this is important, as you can not obtain another Longshot until the end of
this chapter if you don't switch back now!) and head through the door that's
finally open.

Now head into the building and go through it until you reach the first area
that resembles a greenhouse.  When you start to head through the exit on the
other side, a Berserker appears....

////////BERSKER - BERS2////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Just dodge his attack and head through the door he came out of.  Head down the
hallway until you get to the next greenhouse area.  If you want to risk it, try
to get him to knock the tree directly in front of where he bursts out out of
the way.  Whether you do it or not, keep heading forward as if it were another
hallway like the one you came out of.  Head to the middle and directly up it.
At the bloodstain is the Hammer of Dawn, so switch out for it.

Well, this will be easy, won't it?  I can see the sky above me, so I can use
the Hammer of Dawn, right?

...well... not really.  The glass above keeps you from using the Hammer of Dawn
because it technically makes you inside a building... so let's knock the glass

You see all the green pillars?  You have to make the Berserker run into them
all and knock them down before you can use the Hammer of Dawn on her.  This
isn't that hard; just get her into a position so a straight run will cause her
to hit a wall and do a little on spot "dance" that will lure her toward you
better than bullets.  Then dodge out of the way. Just repeat on all pillars
(notice that one falls down and knocks a hole in the wall).

Once you get them all down, break out the Hammer.  Try to get her after she
stops or when she runs into something and she's temporarily stunned.  Just
repeat that twice (three times on Insane) and you're done with her; on to the
next chapter....

After she's dead, head directly up the middle to find a valve to turn.  This
opens up some water on the fire in the hole in the wall made from the falling
pillar.  When the fire is extinguished, head through.


The Berserker is no problem.  There is no difference on Insane than there is on
Casual except the number of HoD bursts it takes to kill her.  If you get up
close when the beam falters and quickly switch your shotgun you may be
able to get enough damage in to kill her with two HoD blasts.  However, this
isn't really recommended as it wastes ammo.

The bit before this isn't hard at all if you RUSH and get to the Locust hole
early enough to plug it before you even have to worry about the enemies.  And
the Boomers are nothing if you simply use the Hammer of Dawn.

All in all, this is a pretty easy chapter, and you should have no problem with

|Hazing (A44) |

Head to the left in this big area to find a doorway.  Head down this hallway
and peek around the corner.  If you have the Hammer, use it on the Troika to
finish this part easily. If you don't have the Hammer, try to snipe the Troika
before he becomes a problem; work quickly and he won't be. Take out the Troika
first, even if you have to waste a few grenades to do so. When the Troika is
dead and the first Emergence hole appears near where you entered the area, try
to plug it if possible. If you can't, get on the opposite side of it and be
ready with the shotgun. Hell, go for the Troika if you feel like it. With them
dead, kill the Locusts and Wretches that emerge and hop over the low wall in
the doorway over on the right side (from where you entered). The Hammer of Dawn
is gone because the satellites go offline, so if you had it, head to the left
of where you come out at the end of this hallway and look for a Lancer. Take
cover behind the flower box and start sniping/Lancering at long-range targets
and shotgunning the close-range ones. Advance on the bench at the far end where
a Locust frequently takes cover. Fall back here and snipe all enemies that
appear on the other side until a Boomer appears. Shotgun him. Head through the
door he came from. Down the hallway and through the door is a Lancer and a
Wretch. Don't bother if you don't need the Lancer or ammo. Outside, in front of
the giant, not-so-dead Seeder are some grenades. The only other door in this
area is the one you have to go through.

Follow the Theron Guard that you see in the distance. When you see a closed
gate to your left, head off to your right and take cover behind the diagonal
low wall. Snipe all enemies you can until the Boomer appears. Take him out with
the Longshot if you left enemies around.  Use your shotgun to clean up and pick
up ammo.  Head to the right and then make a left. To your right is a dresser.
Blow it away to find a Torque Bow if you want it. Head to your left and make a
right. May seem complicated in text but it's very straightforward. Follow this
path to an archway and a checkpoint. Take cover beside the stairs and start
sniping (there's an ammo box behind you if it is needed). Be careful of the
Theron Guards on Insane. When they're all dead, head down to the middle. To
your left from the entrance is a doorway that you can kick open to get an ammo
box if it is needed. Head across from where you came in to find some stairs.
Head up them and take cover behind the large building here. Snipe everyone you
can. Afterwards, move up to the tombstones.  Snipe every last Locust and
finally move up to the stairs to exit this area.

As soon as you enter this new area, swing around to your right to find a Torque
Bow.  Switch out whatever weapon isn't your close range weapon for it and take
cover behind the small garden box. Torque the Troika, then move back and
switch out the Torque Bow for the Longshot (or whatever you switched it out
for).  Now move slowly pass the gates, sniping everyone you can and shotgunning
the close ones.  Head up the stairs and make sure there's no one left up here.
Now head down the stairs (not the ones you just went up, the other stairs that
head down) and shotgun the guy manning the Troika here.  Unless you make your
presence obvious, he won't turn around, so you can move in to get an easy shot-
gun/chainsaw kill.  When the Theron Guard blows the gate open, head in and take
cover immediately.  Longshot him unless he decides to get close.  Pick up the
ammo box and head to the end of this area.  Kick open the gate.


Ammo is difficult to come by in this chapter for the Longshot. Conserve ammo
boxes until every enemy is dead, as to make the most out of them. It's not TOO
difficult a chapter. The only part you may get stuck at is the area right
before the HoD's satellites go offline. Stay in cover, be very cautious... and
try not to become too frustrated. If you play intelligently, the Boomers
shouldn't be a huge problem.

|Imaginary Place (A45) |

Recognize this area?  Play much multiplayer and you probably do.

Anyway, stay down low and snipe and gradually make your way up top.  After the
first Locusts with a Theron Guard, move up and shotgun the Boomer.  Now, if you
feel like being risky, run 'n gun the Theron Guards with your shotgun.  However
if you want to play it safe stay back and snipe.  Doesn't matter where as long
as you can't be hit with the Torque Bow.  When you get up top, watch the cut-
scene, and after it, head inside the house.

Once inside, head to the stairs but not up them.  Head to the left and look for
the area where the Locust hole appears.  Plug it and then head back and up the
stairs.  Now the Locust always appear on the opposite side of whichever way you
go up here.  I find it easier to take them on the left side, so head around to
the right.  You see that little room on your left?  Back into it but barely
until you hear Locusts.  Now head over to the Left side of the manor where the
Locusts appear and run 'n gun them.  That's right, I said it; run 'n gun them.
With the shotgun.  Not hard at all, and I usually don't find myself dying.
Whatever; if you do, stay back, I guess, but you should be able to rush them
with the Shotgun.  When they're all dead, head downstairs and take cover behind
the dresser on the right side.  Wait for the Locust to bust down the door.
Shotgun him.  If you have the Lancer simply wait by the door with your chainsaw
revved.  Head through this door and down the hallway.  Take cover beside the
door and start sniping until the hole on the other end of this room closes.
When it does, wait a moment for a door to burst open with some Locusts.  Take
him out and move on through the door he opened for you.

Head down to the very end of the hallway and make a right.  Chainsaw the lone
desk in here (or shotgun in, grenade it, whatever) to find a set of Cog Tags
(CT27).  Head up the small set of stairs and down the hallway.  Go through the
door at the end and twist the valve.  Head down to the bottom of the stairs
(blast the wooden boards over the one door on your way down for four grenades
if they are needed) and kill the two Locusts down here.

Burst open the door and head to the right or left.  Over the low wall on either
side is a Longshot if needed.  When you get to the end, go down the stairs on
the left.  The farthest wine shelf on the far left on the north wall is actual-
ly a door, so open it.  Open the door inside here to find out Jack will have to
rip it... so guess what's about to go down....


Stay back and snipe to make the first part easy.  The part where the Locusts
bursts through the door in the Main Hall got me a lot for some reason because I
couldn't chainsaw, only shotgun, and for some reason the shotgun never works
until he gets all the way into the room and stops, which is usually too late.
If you can't beat this part, load it up and stay WAY back and try to snipe him,
I guess.  The next part is easy with the Longshot, and the two guys at the
bottom of the stairs are nothing if you just shotgun randomly into the room.

|Entrenched (A46) |

In the room where you kicked the door open, turn around.  Head up the first set
of stairs and take cover behind the first pillar on your left.  Now wait for
the grenade to land at the gate's door and blow it open.  Some Locust will
start coming through.  Start sniping/Lancering them.  If they get too close,
shotgun them, and if things get desperate, run down into the water and take
cover down there.  Wait for the Locusts to come to you or poke their heads out
instead of running towards them; they have a tendency to hide, and their one-
hit kill punches (on Insane, anyway) hurt!  There may be one more that you have
to hunt down; just keep exploring the basement until you stumble across him.
Occasionally. he doesn't like to leave what is probably his spawn point for
some reason. :S

When the door opens, head back inside it.  After the cutscene ends, start head-
ing back upstairs.  When you head down the hallway most of the previous Locust
probably hid in, there will be two Wretches, so watch out.  Take either path
back - picking up the respawned Longshot ammo if it is needed - and take out
the Locusts down at the door.  Head upstairs.

There's about to be a big Wretch fight, and I'm going to tell you how to make
it easy.  Head out in the hallway and just far enough to make the Locust shut
the door.  Wretches will start coming out of the holes, of which there are four
in the room where you chainsawed the desk to get the Cog Tag.  You can stay
down here and fight them if you want, or you can do it the easy way and go back
into the room with the wheel you had to turn to open the gate to the basement.
Stand at the door with your Gnasher and blow anything away that tries to come
through.  When you kill all Wretches, the Locust opens the door back up, so
snipe him from the hallway or close-range him with the Gnasher or Chainsaw or

Head through the hallways.  There are no surprises.  When you get back in the
main hall, head upstairs and to the right.  Head toward Dom and Cole in the

Snipe a few outside if you want.  The Boomer will come - he is invincible - and
blow the door open.  Now, what you do next depends on your weapon choice and
difficulty level.

If you picked the Lancer, and it's on Casual, just go take cover next to the
door (not the one that was blown open).  Shotgun, Lancer, whatever.  Retreat if

If you picked the Lancer, and it's on anything harder than Casual, stay up top
and try to pick them off from mid-distance.  Either that or take cover on the
pillars on the staircase.  Shotgun them if they get close.

No matter what difficulty, if you picked the Longshot, take cover upstairs, on
the pillar or rafters, and snipe them when they come through.  It's not hard at
all, even on Insane.  There's plenty of ammo upstairs if you need it, too, just
watch out for the Theron Guards.

If the Boomer is your last enemy, it may not be wise to shotgun him.  We're in
extremely close quarters here, so you may not have room to roll away.  Your
best bet is to Lancer or snipe him, which can be done before killing all of the

When you get the radio transmission from Baird ("More Locusts in the back of
the house!") load up on ammo and head downstairs.  Another door will be busted
open by a Locust most easily taken out with the Chainsaw.  Eliminate him and
go to the back of the house.  Try the door.  Locked.  Head upstairs, dodge all
of the debris, and head to the end of the hallway and kick open the door.  Take
cover behind one of the windows and start sniping.  Alternatively, try to throw
a grenade in the Emergence hole.  When everyone is dead, take out your pistol
of choice and start shooting for the planks that are holding the door below
shut.  Pick up ammo and head back to that door, which should now open.  Take
cover and snipe the Locust with the magnum that comes in here to meet you.

Head inside the door the Locust came out of and prepare for hell if your on
Insane mode.  I'm going to go into further depth in the Insane Notes, what
follows applies for Casual and Hardcore.

You have thirty seconds to get to the APC.  Two Boomers and an Emergence hole
stand in your way.  The thirty seconds doesn't activate until the Emergence
hole appears or one of the two Boomers falls.  On Casual or Hardcore, just
head outside through either door and make a huge fucking run for it.  If you
run quickly enough, you can get to the APC before the Emergence hole appears,
saving you a lot of trouble.  That's the only strategy; run like hell.


On Insane mode, things change.  You will get frustrated at this part; don't
give up.  It can probably be easy with skill, but it's not all skill; I'm going
to be honest - it takes a good bit of luck.

What I did, and what you can attempt, is to head out to the right and take
cover.  Sacrifice yourself one time to get an estimate on how many Longshots it
takes to kill a Boomer.  Now do the same thing again, except this time, put one
less bullet in it.  Get as close as you can to the halfway mark that makes the
Emergence hole appear and shotgun the Boomer until he falls.  Now you only have
one Boomer shooting at you.  Now run along the cover on the right side.  This
may take some luck.  Just run and cross your fingers.  When your watching the
cutscene, celebrate your exuberance with a cookie.

As far as the rest of the level goes, the Longshot strategy works best.

|Act 5 (A5)                                                                   |

|Desperation Overview (A51) |

This is it.  The last act.  Are you ready?

The data Jack collected at the end of Act 4 was a large map of the Locust
tunnels - larger than what the humans knew about. The lightmass bomb can
destroy them all, and that is what we're here to do.  Set off the bomb, and
basically, blow shit up.

|Special Delivery (A52) |

When you start out, there will be two snipers on the platform you see above you
so take them out.  I started this chapter with a Torque Bow and Lancer, so use
that, but preferably use the Longshot.  Pick up the Longshots they drop if you
want.  Makes your life easier in this chapter.

Now, the next part was sort of hard for me because I was stuck with the Lancer.
Use the shotgun if you can to take out the Wretches that come from the hole in
the fence on the left side and plug the Locust hole that appears.  Now, over on
the right side, two more holes appear.  One just has Wretches, so plug it if
you want (there are some grenades behind the dumpster in front of the hole if
you need them) and start working on the Locusts that come from the next hole.
On Casual, you might can risk plugging it, but it may not be the smartest idea
on Insane.  After killing every Locust that comes from the Emergence hole, head
towards the train, ignoring the Locusts inside the train.  You don't have to
kill them.  Head across the boards on the back of the train to activate a cut-
scene that goes into the next section.


Well, watch out for the snipers.  Definitely ignore the Locusts in the train.
For the most part, don't try to plug the last Emergence hole.  Watch out for
the Wretches.  It's not really that hard.

|Train Wreck (A53) |

It's just you and Dom again.  On a train.  With a bunch of pissed off Locusts,
and their leader.

Head up between the two boxes.  On the next cart, there's a box on the right
and a small wall of reddish pipes on left.  When you pass those, there's one
more box.  Take cover here and start going to work with your Longshot or Lancer
making sure you don't move from here until everyone is dead.

Move up to the next cart and take cover behind the first small wall of white
pipes on the left.  Start sniping, not moving until everyone is dead.  Don't
throw grenades on this cart, you know, kind of considering there's just a big
ass container of what is probably propane (or Immulsion).  It's explosive, at
any rate.

There's two larger white pipes at the end of this cart.  Take cover behind the
first one, and scan the area.  If there are no enemies, proceed.

Move past the large circular structures and take cover on the end of the
largest rack of red pipes. Go to work with your sniper until every last Locust
is eliminated.

Pick up ammo and try to open the door.  You can't.  Jack has to open it.  Good
news is that your on a train, so no Emergence holes.  Bad news (or maybe not so
bad) is that you have to fight a Berserker.  DUM DUM DUM!


You have three means of eliminating the boss.


Go to the very end of the train.  As far as you can go.  Using your pistol or
Lancer, lure the Berserker toward you.  Stand in front of the drop off of the
train.  When he rushes you, roll out of the way.  Mission accomplished.


Go the cart with the big propane tank on it.  Lure him on it.  Throw a grenade
at the feet of the propane tank.  Run like hell off the cart towards the exit
door.  If he fell with the train, mission accomplished.  If not, just repeat
Method 1, but with a shorter train.


Go to the propane tank cart.  Start heading to the next cart after it.  See the
green light on the railing?  Lure the Berserker on the cart PAST it and then
very quickly press the button.  The cart falls, and so does the Berserker.
Mission accomplished.

///AFTER THE BOSS FIGHT////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

The door is unlocked, so head through it.  As soon as you head inside the door,
pick up the Cog Tags (CT28) on the ground.  Head inside the next train and take
cover on the wall.  Start sniping/Lancering and shotgunning.  Stay away from
the windows.  You should be fine.

Keep heading through the train until you come outside again and the first big
noticeable thing you see is another circular structure. Fall back inside and
start sniping from the door until everyone is dead. There will be a few
shooting at you from inside the next cart.

When you head inside this next cart, you should here Anya saying, "Delta - Good
news.  You've got chain guns on the roof of your car."  Go over to the door on
the opposite side on the right.  Turn around and head straight.  Pick up these
Cog Tags (CT29).  Now head through the aforementioned door.

Climb the ladder and pick a chaingun.

This next section will take a little bit of luck on Insane.  Use the chainguns,
but if your health gets too low try to fall back as quickly as possible.  There
is a Torque bow at the bottom of the ladder.  I'm not sure if it respawns or
not, but if things get desperate, the Torque makes a great Reaver killer,
but for the most part stick with the chainguns.  Keep them zoomed in (press
Left Trigger) unless you need to make a quick turn.  You will jump for joy
when you hear the "killed all enemies" sound.  Turn around and climb back down
the ladder.  The door is now open, and you get a checkpoint.

Watch the big round things fall.  When they do, three Lambent wretches come
after you.  Don't climb over the small wall yet; take them out first, then
climb over the small walls.

Head inside and press the button.  Three more Lambent Wretches in this room;
stand inside the doorway and take them out.  Head around to the open door with
your shotty ready, as there's a Wretch in the next small area.

Head outside and press the green button that makes the tubes fall.  Don't press
the green button inside the little area here.  Kill the Wretches as they come
if Dom doesn't.  Don't waste ammo on the Reavers, just try to ignore them.

Head inside and prepare for a Wretch fight.  Go halfway down the cart and look
to your right.  See the last window before the wall in this section?  A wretch
will burst through in a second.  Kill him (or maybe her).  Now head to the very
last window on the left and wait for a Wretch to come through it.  Now look up
at the ceiling on this end.  See the hole in the roof?  Try to aim your
reticule at the ground underneath the hole.  When the Wretches start falling
through, take them out.  Eventually, they will start coming out on the side you
entered from, so head down on that end and aim at the ground underneath the
hole in the roof.  Some more will come down from the exit end before all the
ones from the entrance end die, so watch your back.

Head outside.  You now have forty seconds to get to the end of this cart, which
is not hard at all.  Just run for it (not Roadie Run) and shotgun any Wretches
in your way.  When you get to the end, it will automatically fall, and may kill
several Wretches in the process.  Kill any leftovers.

Head inside.  If you make two rights, there's some grenades at the end of this
hallway.  Press the green button and head through the door.  In this outside
area, press the green light on the outside.  When you get to the end of this
cart, turn around and look at the small building on this cart.  Head inside and
press the green light.  Inside here is the very last set of Cog Tags (CT30).

Now head inside the ammo room....


This chapter is surprisingly easy for being the last non-boss chapter of the
game... BUT - and that's a big but - the Troika/Reaver segment will leave you
bald after you tear all of your fucking hair out. Get off of the Troika and
fall back down the ladder IMMEDIATELY if your health starts to get in the red!

Another strategy is to rely on the Torque Bow instead of the Troikas. They
generally one-shot the Reavers if you hit them (easier said than done sometimes
though). There's a Torque Bow at the bottom of the ladder, and it respawns.
There's no decent cover at the top of the ladder, so get the Torque, blow as
many Reavers as you can up, and fall back down the ladder when your health is
low. Pick up ammo and repeat. When you're finished, you can get your Longshot

|Pale Horse (A54) |

////////GENERAL RAAM (GRAAM)///////////////////////////////////////////////////

I'm going to give you a general strategy and a cheap strategy for beating
General RAAM. Pick whichever works best for you. In the ammo room, DON'T press
the button yet.

   | Door         Door    |
   |                      |
   |   _______________    |
   |  |_             _|   |
   |    |           |     |
   |   A|           |B   C|
   |   _|           |_    |
   |  |               |   |
        ...and so on to the entrance of the room.

Now, at A is a Lancer and an ammo box.  At B is a Longshot, some grenades, and
an ammo box.  At C is a Torque Bow.



Switch out your shotgun for the Torque Bow.  Switch out any other weapon you
was using for the Longshot if you haven't been using it.  Max out grenades and
ammo.  Wait for the Torque Bow to respawn (it doesn't take that long, but it
feels like it does) and pick it up.  With 12 Torque, 24 Longshot, 30 Magnum,
and 4 Grenades, you're set to open the door.


Watch the cutscene.  Take cover in front of where you start.  RAAM is covered
with Kryll.  While covered, he takes no damage.  He is equipped with a portable
Troika, so yes, he is very powerful.  The Kryll leave sometimes to come after
you.  Sometimes he will send them, and sometimes they just leave on their own,
but only in light.  The only other way to make them leave is by explosions,
which is what we brought the Torque Bow for.

"Blind fire" the Troika for a few seconds to get it charged before you poke
your head out.  Quickly aim and fire.  If he's stuck, get back in cover and
switch to your Longshot.  Don't even bother reloading the Torque yet.  Pop out
and shoot him.  Active Reload, shoot him again.  Repeat until the Kryll come
back to him.  They will come after you, but remember that as long as you're in
the light - which your are - you're safe.  Now switch back to the Torque and
Active Reload.  Repeat this process.

If on a higher difficulty than Casual, when he reaches your little hiding spot,
go around it (not OVER it) and head straight down the middle.  You will come
across a small wall that is almost as long as the cart.  Hop over it, take
cover here, and repeat.  There is a Troika behind you that is worthless.

This is the easiest way to beat him "legitimately", so if you're having
trouble, co-op him! Either that or... there's a glitch you can exploit....



Before the fight, pick up a Torque Bow and a Lancer, maxing out ammo for both,
as well as 4 grenades. Now press the button.


Head to the most northeast box on the cart you start on. Take cover and move as
far right as you can. The next part is random. Sometimes, Dom will distract
RAAM, screwing you over in the process; just try again if he does. Randomly
fire the Lancer to attract RAAM towards you. If you manage to get RAAM to walk
to the opposite side of the box you're taking cover on, poke your head out. If
he rarely shoots at you - if at all - then he's stuck, and the only thing that
will unglitch him is leaving cover, so don't this.

Blind throw a grenade at the solid railing behind RAAM. It will land at his
feet. Blind fire the Lancer in his face - you should get, more or less, a clip

When you run out of grenades, switch to the Torque Bow and aim at the railing
(NOT at RAAM or you will blow yourself up). Shoot it and quickly Active
Reload. Keep shooting the wall and he will die shortly.


Use the same strategy, but be more evasive. Don't be afraid to stay in cover
and recharge. When he gets near you, run like the wind - but put something
between his bullets and you as quickly as possible.

If you're having mucho trouble-o, find a friend to co-op it. It makes it a lot
easier when Dom can actually be useful.

There's also the "cheap" way, if you're not averse to cheating.....

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have now completed the game!  Sit back and enjoy the end-

|The Ending *SPOILERS!* (TehEnd)                                              |



...now that that's out of the way....

This section is of course about the ending of the game, Gears of War.  The end-
ing will be revealed here, as well as any questions relating to it go here.
Basically, if you have a question about the ending, come here.  If there's
anything not here that you need, email me, or ask someone else if I don't know
the answer.

|The End (TehEnd1) |

The ending starts as you lay the last bullet on General RAAM.  You see him fall
backwards, blood going everywhere....  He's dead.  Finally.  Revenge for Kim?
Not so much so; by now, Marcus has probably forgot about Kim's death; what is
important is planting the data for the Lightmass bomb.

And to sum it up, the Lightmass bomb activates, Marcus and co. escape, and you
find out that this isn't the end of the Locust... which sets up GoW2.

For the script, read the script section.

|Script (TehEnd2) |

"Let's do this!"

Dom hops onto Raven.

Marcus moves towards Lightmass bomb and does some fancy fingerwork.

The Lightmass bomb appears to be charging.

Marcus - "Here we go."

Dom - "Hey!  On our way."

The train is speeding along the tracks.  Camera zooms to show that the track is
out on the upcoming bridge, falling into a pool of Immulsion.  The train speeds
towards it while the Raven comes up beside the train to pick up Marcus.

Hoffman - "Marcus!  Let's go!"

Dom - "Hold still dammit!"

Dom - "Move up!  Let's go!  Let's go!"

Hoffman - "Hey, we've got a problem!"

Train gets dangerously near the end of the line.

Hoffman - "This is it, Marcus!"

Marcus jumps towards Raven.  Train falls into pool of Immulsion.  Lightmass
bomb sets off little missiles that swim through the Locust tunnels.

Screen shows some Locusts underground, minding their own business, and then a
rocket drops in on their heads....

Corpser trying to escape from the blast, but doesn't make it...

Marcus is barely hanging onto the helicopter by Dom from way up in the sky.
Hoffman reaches his hand out to Marcus, who takes it.  Dom and Hoffman pull
Marcus into the Raven, which flies away into the distance.

Dom - "So what are we doing tomorrow?"

Hoffman - "Earlier today your Gears successfully deployed the Lightmass bomb.
We have destroyed the enemy stronghold.  This war has exacted a heavy price
from all of us.  It has torn our world apart.  But you have my word that we
will rise again."

Locust queen - "They do not understand.  They do not know why we wage this war.
Why we cannot stop."

Camera is moving away from where the Raven flies away.  You see a Locust on a

Locust queen - "...will not stop.  Why we will fight and fight and fight.
Until we win....  ...Or we die.  ...and we are not dead yet."

Reaver takes off and flies into the distance....

And we can't forget the Cole rap song. ;)

HOW DID I GET THIS SCRIPT?  I beat RAAM and watched the ending and typed really
fast.  I also used a video for help:


|Cog Tags (CGTG)                                                              |

This section is about Cog Tags, though for locations you should check the walk-
through.  This is not a locations guide; the Cog Tag's whereabouts are mention-
ed as you read through the walkthrough.

|Basics (CGTG1) |

Cog tags are the last remains of dead soldiers.  You pick these up so you can
carry them home to their families, or something like that.  It's all about
"remembering the fallen."

These aren't even required if you don't care about the sixty gamerpoints you
get from them.

They are scattered all about the game on every Act.  Find them (they look like
two blueish-white crosses with a necklace attached to them) and stand over them
and press X to pick them up.  You do not have to reach a check-point to save
any you pick up; the moment you pick it up, it's yours.

They supposedly always have a red Gears of War sign painted somewhere near
them.  I say supposedly because I have not seen a sign near all of them. If
you ever see a red Gears of War sign (the skull you see when you die) painted
somewhere on a wall or something, there's a Cog tag nearby....

I also have to say thanks to nismojoe.  Although he didn't directly help me, I
used his FAQ to locate some of the tags.  I just mentioned them as I went
through the FAQ, so therefore if you missed a Cog tag somewhere, you can try to
find it in my FAQ, or you can use his excellent one, which is also hosted on

|Cog Tag Checklist (CGTG2) |

ACT 1 - 14 Years After D-Day

[ ] - Room where you split from Tutorial or Straight Into the Fight (CT1)
[ ] - Room where door is blown open from Locusts (CT2)
[ ] - Final outside area, before The Raven picks you up, on ledge to left (CT3)

Act 1 - Into the Fire

[ ] - First courtyard-like thing with actual fighting (CT4)
[ ] - Underneath the window to the left of the exit of the last building (CT5)

Act 1 - Fish In A Barrel

[ ] - To the left of the exit of the Courtyard with the circular thing (CT6)

Act 1 - Knock Knock

[ ] - Next to van, before the first Troika in this chapter (CT7)

Act 1 - Hammer

[ ] - At the end of the hallway where you first encounter Wretches (CT8)
[ ] - To the right of Rojas's body (CT9)

Act 1 - China Shop

[ ] - Where guy was raped by Berserker, that hallway (CT10)
[ ] - Left of last door before the outside (CT11)
[ ] - Left of the exit to the outside, must get before killing Berserker (CT12)

Act 2 - Tick Tick Boom

[ ] - Couch in last room before Grist (CT13)

Act 2 - Grist

[ ] - Underneath stairway after all the Wretches (CT14)
[ ] - Right before the Stranded Gatekeeper, behind two trees (CT15)

Act 2 - Lethal Dusk

[ ] - In shed with propane tank right after introduction to propane tanks
[ ] - Shine spotlight on area where Dom started (CT17)

Act 2 - Dark Labyrinth

[ ] - Right of the exit of the building before running with the car (CT18)

Act 3 - Downpour

[ ] - Long dock before using the elevator to get inside the building (CT19)

Act 3 - Evolution

[ ] - Corner of room with falling boards (CT20)

Act 3 - Coalition Cargo

[ ] - In the room with the carts and computer terminal and ammo (CT21)

Act 3 - Darkest Before Dawn

[ ] - End of long path when you descend into the Locust mines (CT22)
[ ] - Left of the area with first Drones since descending into mines (CT23)
[ ] - Big open area with Corpser BEFORE Corpser fight (CT24)

Act 4 - Campus Grinder

[ ] - To the right of where you start (CT25)

Act 4 - Bad To Worse

[ ] - Corner of building near where you start this chapter (CT26)

Act 4 - Imaginary Place

[ ] - Under the desk in the Wretch room (CT27)

Act 5 - Train Wreck

[ ] - First inside interior on train (CT28)
[ ] - Across from the door in the room before the ladder to chainguns (CT29)
[ ] - Inside area on the cart before the Ammo cart and RAAM (CT30)

Now that you have all thirty?  What are you going to do?

Simple.  Admire the Achievement.  Let your friends "admire" it.  Send a message
to a friend without all 30 Cog Tags that reads, "Nana nana nyah-nyah!"

|Achievements (ACH)                                                           |

The following is a list of all Achievements in GoW.  To see them, you can press
the Guide button on your remote (the big round center button) and click on the
box that has your Gamertag and Gamerscore, etc. in it.  Click on View Games and
then find GoW (probably the first on the list) then click on it.  There you
will find all of the Achievements.  The ones you don't have are grayed out and
have no picture beside them.  The ones you have are probably at the top.  For
the record, here is a list of all of the Achievements, the points you get for
them, what you have to do, and any tips.

1. Complete Act 1 on Casual
   TO GET: Complete Act 1 on Casual
   POINTS: 10
   TIPS: This probably has to be the easiest Achievement in the game, perhaps
         besides "Always Remember Your First....".  This is really nothing
         special at all.

2. Complete Act 2 on Casual
   TO GET: Complete Act 2 on Casual
   POINTS: 10
   TIPS: This is slightly more difficult because of the Kryll, but nothing
         special either.  As always with these types of Achievements, see the
         Act chapters for whatever you need.

3. Complete Act 3 on Casual
   TO GET: Complete Act 3 on Casual
   POINTS: 10
   TIPS: On the Hardcore difficulty, the Wretches will get on your nerves, but
         checkpoints are pretty plentiful, so nothing much to it, just keep
         your shotgun out for the most part if they decide to pop out on you.

4. Complete Act 4 on Casual
   TO GET: Complete Act 4 on Casual
   POINTS: 10
   TIPS: There's parts of this chapter that annoyed me for some reason, but it
         could just be me.  Since this is Casual mode, its not really too

5. Complete Act 5 on Casual
   TO GET: Complete Act 5 on Casual
   POINTS: 10
   TIPS: This is definitely the hardest one, solely because of RAAM.  Otherwise
         it would be as easy as the others.  You will likely get the Mercenary
         Achievement with this one.

6. Mercenary
   TO GET: Complete all Acts on Casual.  If you played the game from start to
           finish, you likely got this one at the same time as #5.
   POINTS: 10
   TIPS: Nothing special, really.  Casual is the easiest mode there is, so you
         should have few problems.  Your biggest problem will be RAAM, so see
         Act 5's Pale Horse chapter in this guide for help.

7. Complete Act 1 on Hardcore
   TO GET: Complete Act 1 on Hardcore
   POINTS: 20
   TIPS: This is where things will start to get harder, but because Act 1 is
         the easiest act (no Boomers, Kryll, etc.) you shouldn't have much of a
         problem, especially if you have already beaten the game on Casual.

8. Complete Act 2 on Hardcore
   TO GET: Complete Act 2 on Hardcore
   POINTS: 20
   TIPS: If you can beat Act 1 on Hardcore, you can probably beat this one.
         Just remember to stay out of the dark.

9. Complete Act 3 on Hardcore
   TO GET: Complete Act 3 on Hardcore
   POINTS: 20
   TIPS: Those Wretches will make you curse them sometimes, but otherwise it
         shouldn't be much of a problem, except perhaps for the last bit.

10. Complete Act 4 on Hardcore
    TO GET: Complete Act 4 on Hardcore
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: The turret scene before you reach Marcus's house really killed me a
          lot, and climbing the stairs, and the part where the Locust come in
          through the front door.  Other than that, standard procedure.

11. Complete Act 5 on Hardcore
    TO GET: Complete Act 5 on Hardcore
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: You've made it this far, so the Train Station section and the Train
          section shouldn't be too hard.  RAAM is the problem here.

12. Soldier
    TO GET: Complete all Acts on Hardcore.  You likely got this one and
            "Complete Act 5 on Hardcore" at the same time.
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: There is absolutely nothing to this Achievement.  You probably look
          at this like "What?!" but use some logic.  This Achievement basically
          asks you to unlock Achievements #7-11, nothing hard.  The hard part
          is doing the Achievements required. =P

13. Complete Act 1 on Insane
    TO GET: Complete Act 1 on Insane
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Go to Act 1 in this FAQ and look for the Insane Notes for every Chap-
          ter.  For the most part, this is exactly the same as the Hardcore/
          Casual section of the game.

14. Complete Act 2 on Insane
    TO GET: Complete Act 2 on Insane
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Go to Act 2 in this FAQ and look for the Insane Notes for every Chap-

15. Complete Act 3 on Insane
    TO GET: Complete Act 3 on Insane
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Go to Act 3 in this FAQ and look for the Insane Notes for every Chap-

16. Complete Act 4 on Insane
    TO GET: Complete Act 4 on Insane
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Go to Act 4 in this FAQ and look for the Insane Notes for every Chap-

17. Complete Act 5 on Insane
    TO GET: Complete Act 5 on Insane
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Go to Act 5 in this FAQ and look for the Insane Notes for every Chap-
          ter.  I wish you really good luck with RAAM!

18. Commando
    TO GET: Complete All Acts on Insane.  You will likely get this with # 17.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Nothing to say but, "Good luck!"  If you're like me, you will be in a
          position where this Achievement is in almost in your grasp... but
          RAAM stands in your way, and you just can't get it!  Good luck with
          him, and give him a few blasts for me once you beat it.

19. Time to Remember
    TO GET: Find and pick up ten of thirty Cog tags.
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: I can't say much here.  If you follow this guide step-by-step, you
          should easily get this and the next two Achievements.  If it is your
          second playthrough and you've already picked up some Cog tags, there
          is no way to tell which ones you have.  Sorry, but you'll have to
          check each and every location thoroughly for any you may have missed.

20. Honor Bound
    TO GET: Find and pick up twenty of thirty Cog tags.
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: See #19.

21. For the Fallen
    TO GET: Find and pick up all Cog tags, thirty of thirty.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See #19.

22. Zen and the Art of Reloading
    TO GET: Perform 25 successful Active Reloads on any difficulty.
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: See #23.

23. Zen and the Art Part Two
    TO GET: Perform five Active Reloads in a row on any difficulty.
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: I got twenty-two and twenty-three easily without trying to get them.
          I got #22 in Act 1 and #23 in Act 2, right before the scene where you
          push the car to provide light and block the turret.  If you need to
          get them without hoping it pops up randomly, find a spot with no
          enemies.  Shoot a bullet, and then press right bumper.  Watch the
          meter until it hits the white, and then hit the right bumper again.
          Rinse and repeat twenty five times.  In all, twenty-five bullets are
          wasted, so not much.  Try to perform the first five Active Reloads in
          a row as to unlock #23.

24. My Love For You Is Like A Truck
    TO GET: Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore difficulty.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: If following this FAQ, you should get this one at the end of Act 1.
          Read the strategies for defeating Berserkers in their respective
          chapters where they show up.  You meet three through the course of
          the game; the first one in Act 1, China Shop; the second one in Act
          4, Bad to Worse, and the last one in Act 5, Train Wreck.

25. Broken Fingers
    TO GET: Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore difficulty
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: I believe the only location of a Corpser is in Act 3, Angry Titan.
          The Wretches sometimes make this fight annoying, but otherwise, this
          has to be the easiest boss fight in the game (other than the
          Berserkers... so I guess, as a matter of fact, all boss fights except
          RAAM are incredibly easy....)

26. A Dish Best Served Cold
    TO GET: Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore difficulty
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: If it weren't for the Torque Bow and Longshot, this Achievement
          should be worth a thousand damn points in itself.  Thankfully, these
          weapons make the fight MUCH easier, but don't get overconfident.  For
          strategies, see Act 5: Pale Horse.

27. Clusterluck
    TO GET: Kill at least three enemies simultaneously ten times (not in a row)
            on any difficulty.
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: I've heard this tip time and time again, but never thought to try it
          until now.  This is one of the easiest Achievements.  Start up Act 3-
          Evolution.  Get to the part where the Stranded guy falls through the
          floor and gets killed.  Now get some grenades and drop down into the
          hole.  Run around without getting killed until you have three or four
          Wretches following you.  Grenade tag it and roll away.  If you didn't
          get caught in the explosions, do it again until you run out of
          grenades.  On your last one, kill yourself purposely in the explosion
          so you start over.  Keep doing this until the Achievement is unlock-
          ed.  It took me literally less than five minutes to do this.

NOTE: We are now starting to get into the XboxLive-required Achievements.  Yes,
      this game has them too.  I personally don't like them, because I'm not
      the biggest fan of multiplayer games in the world. Regardless, all of the
      following Achievements are in some way XboxLive-related.

28. A Series of Tubes
    TO GET: Host and complete 50 Ranked games
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: You just have to host a lot of games, as well as complete them. It's
          not difficult so much as it is time consuming.

29. Dom-Curious
    TO GET: Complete one chapter playing as Dom
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: If you plan on getting the three Dom's in a row, you'll get this one
          fairly quickly and easily, considering you get this one after
          completing the Tutorial.  To get them quicker, play the game on
          Casual.  You can not be the one hosting a co-op game; you must try to
          join one.

30. Domination
    TO GET: Complete ten chapters playing as Dom
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Again, playing on Casual with a friend makes this a quick and easy

31. I Can't Quit You, Dom
    TO GET: Complete all Acts playing as Dom
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Same as the others.  If for some reason you can't beat the game, ask
          whoever's playing Marcus to start over with an easier difficulty.
          Casual co-op is literally one of the easiest things ever.

32. Don't You Die On Me
    TO GET: Revive 100 Teammates in Ranked Matches
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: To revive your teammate, if he didn't get chainsawed or blown up,
          stand next to his body and press X.  Have you ever died, and noticed
          the red screen with "A" at the bottom?  Hit A as fast as you can to
          stay alive longer.  Someone might revive you.  The people you revive
          for this Achievement's screens look like this.  Hurry before they
          die!  Not only will you eventually get the Achievement, you will also
          have another teammate back in the action and ready to kick some more

33. Fall Down Go Boom
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the Boomshot
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Find a Boomshot, aim, and fire.  Hope you kill someone.

34. Pistolero
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with a pistol
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Find a Pistol, take aim, shoot.  Hope you kill someone.  I would
          probably try it from medium range so they can't shotgun or chainsaw

35. The Nuge
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the Torque Bow
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Probably one of the easiest, just try taking cover and somewhat
          sneaking up on someone.  Remember the Torque Bow needs to charge, so
          if you are in cover, make sure you hold down R (as if you were going
          to blind fire) to have it charge some before you even come up to
          take aim!  And also note that a downed person stuck with a Torque
          will NOT be killed!  Stupid, I know, but it's true, so don't waste
          your ammo!

36. I Spy With My Little Eye
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the Longshot
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Find it, find a high vantage point, and take aim.  I would recommend
          keeping a shotgun or something with you in case someone ventures too
          close and stumbles upon your hiding spot, because the Longshot is
          just that... a long shot - it's not a close range weapon.

          A few pointers:

          If at a long distance, it may be best to try to go for a headshot.
          It's a one hit kill.  If at mid-range to close range, you can get an
          Active Reload shot in on the enemy for an EASY down.  Then just back
          away while reloading to get a Longshot kill.  To have an Active
          Reload waiting for you whenever you'll need it, just pick up the gun
          and if you don't need to use it immediately, fire off a shot and
          start tapping any directional button to switch your weapon.  When
          you need it, switch over to the Longshot, reload quickly, and take
          aim.  Three downs kills a person automatically, so if you are at a
          far distance on Execution with a low bleed-out time, active reload
          once to down him, reload and wait for him to stand, shoot him when
          he stands, and repeat three times.

37. Don't Hurt 'Em
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the Hammer of Dawn
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: I would imagine it would hurt, but whatever.  Probably pretty easy,
          too, because it'll kill them even if they're behind cover.
          UPDATE: I haven't got this one yet, but I've heard people complaining
                  about the bad locations of the HoD, and now that the game is
                  a Gnasher (shotgun) fest instead of a tactical game, everyone
                  is always dead by the time you can get it and shoot someone.
                  I haven't started working on this one, so I wouldn't know if
                  it's true or not, but if it is true, then I wish you luck.
                  If people are host-advantage abusing the Gnasher, maybe you
                  can talk to everyone about using other weapons?

38. It's a Massacre
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the Chainsaw.
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: God, I hate this one.  Good luck!
          UPDATE: After going for the other weapon Achievements, I realize how
                  much I love this one.  It is SO easy compared to the others.
                  I ask that you don't be cheap and sneak up on people; that's
                  the cheap way of getting it, IMO.

39. Curb Appeal
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the Curb Stomp
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: I think a shotgun round to the knees knocks them down for a Curb
          Stomp (X over a crouched, still alive person), but I'm not sure, to
          be honest.  I just Curb Stomp when someone's on their knees and I
          notice it.  If you're anything like me, this and the Longshot one
          will be the only ones you get just from playing normally.

40. Capital Punishment
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with an execution
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: I did not know what this means until a kind soul e-mailed me.  If
          this information is wrong, please inform me, but I do not know other-
          wise.  What follows is a direct quote, unaltered in any form.

"Execution refers to being up close and shooting someone in the head. This
cannot be done with the Lancer as it takes more than one shot to kill, but it
can be done up close with the shotgun or either pistol or even the sniper
rifle. You will see, instead of the curb stomp or Lancer or grenade or headshot
icon, a little picture of a hand holding a pistol to a head when you execute

          Thanks to Zev Gurman for this.

          Also, I do believe that any kill - except for chainsaw, and things of
          that matter - within a certain distance of a downed person is an
          Execution.  That being the case, if you down someone with Longshot
          melees and decide to shoot him with it to get it to count as a Long-
          shot kill, it won't count.  You will have to back up a certain
          distance away (not sure what exactly that distance is, though) and
          then shoot, which - if the bleed-out time is low - may give him the
          opportunity to get back up and fuck you over, or someone else to come
          up and kill him before you can, or you to get killed by an enemy, etc
          so just be careful if you're not going for executions.

41. Is It A Spider
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with the grenade tag
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Equip grenades, sneak up on someone, hit B next to them, and get the
          hell out of there.  Repeat 100 times.

          UPDATE: I've been working on this one lately.  It's taking me awhile
                  because of several reasons.  One - if you run directly up on
                  someone, they will usually unload enough ammo into you to
                  kill or nearly kill you.  If they nearly kill you and you tag
                  them, they will probably run into you and blow you up.  The
                  alternative to this is sneaking up on people, which is really
                  cheap and not recommended.

42. The Money Shot
    TO GET: Kill 100 enemies with a headshot.
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Hey, if you're really lucky, you can get this one and #36 together.
          Realistically, there's no easy way to go about this.  Just pick up a
          sniper, start playing games, and try to get headshots (though don't
          lose games for it).

          Also, other weapons can score you headshots... pistols, even the

          Oh, and by the way, if you get the joke of the title, too, you've
          probably spent too much time surfing the internet late at night (if
          you catch my drift)....

43. Always Remember Your First
    TO GET: Complete a Ranked Versus match
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: Probably the easiest Achievement.  It doesn't matter if you win or
          lose; hell, just sit there until the time runs out (though the
          teammates might not like this so much) and you'll get it.

44. Don't Hate The Player
    TO GET: Finish with the highest points in a Ranked match
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: Kill a lot, and don't get killed a lot. Having trouble? Fight n00bs.
          ...or make your grandma play or something. =P  This is practically
          impossible if you get matched up with really really skilled players.
          UPDATE: I did this one easily.  Play a one-rounder.  Get the most
                  kills.  Not so hard.

45. Mix It Up
    TO GET: Win a ranked match in every versus type
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: Simply browse through the list and find a game in each versus type.
          Play it to the end, and play hard, and hope you win it.  If you lose
          it, retry that type.  Nothing much to the prerequisites, winning the
          matches should be the only problem.
          UPDATE: One of the easiest 20 points ever.  There's only three game
                  types.  Play one-rounders.  Play an Execution, then Warzone,
                  then Assassination.  Don't move on until you win one.  Bam,
                  one Achievement down.

46. Around the World
    TO GET: Win a ranked match on every map
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Same as above, but changing the maps up.  Some maps are somewhat
          uncommonly played, so you may have to host one.
          UPDATE: This one was hell for me.  I was almost 100% sure I'd won a
                  match on every freakin' map around five times.  Whatever.
                  Type up a list of all maps and then check one off when you
                  win on it.  Do every one, even if you think you've already
                  won on it.  Better yet, don't move on to another map until
                  you get a win on the one you're working on.

47. Can't Touch Me
    TO GET: Win 10 ranked matches without losing a round
    POINTS: 20
    TIPS: This one always confused me as to how it was obtained.  No, it is not
          ten rounds in a row, just ten ranked matches where during the entire
          match your team does not lose once.  The easiest way to obtain this
          one is by playing one rounders, because either you win or you lose,
          and you don't have to risk getting 7/8 wins and then their team
          making a comeback, screwing you up.  If you want, you can probably
          keep playing and it will likely pop up on you sometime, but if it's
          your last one or you want 20 (fairly easy) points, just start playing
          one rounders.

48. Seriously...
    TO GET: Kill 10,000 people in ranked versus matches.
    POINTS: 50
    TIPS: The name has it right.  If you've got this, you've got too much time
          on your hands.  It is worth WAY more points, in my opinion, but
          whatever.  There's no easy way to earn it, really, unless you want to
          cheat or something (though I wouldn't recommend that, but wouldn't be
          surprised to find myself doing it =P).

49. Prison Breakout
    TO GET: Complete the tutorial level on any skill level
    POINTS: 10
    TIPS: I believe to get this you follow the right route, Tutorial, in the
          14 Years After E-Day Chapter of Act One, Ashes.


    TO GET: Complete 100 matches in Annex.  Must capture at least 3 objectives
            per match and the game must consist of 3 or more rounds.
    POINTS: 40
    TIPS: Yet another bullshit Achievement like seriously.  No advice but to
          keep playing and playing and playing and playing....

51. Inconceivable!
    TO GET: Win 20 rounds of Annex with a 5 point or less difference.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: Yeah... good luck with that.  This takes skill, time, and patience...
          or a group of people willing to whore Achievements with you.  Person-
          ally, I'd go with that latter.

52. Nub Pwn3r
    TO GET: Apparently, win 20+ rounds of Annex by "shutting out" the opposing
            team.  What does that mean?  I'm afraid I don't know.  I haven't
            played Gears of War's Annex in 2 years, and I'm just getting these
            Achievements from the list... so I can't tell you.  If someone
            wishes to let me know via email, I'll update the FAQ.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See "TO GET"

53. You Down With E.P.I.C.?
    TO GET: Win a match on all 6 DLC maps.  Any gametype, 3+ rounds.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See "DLC TIPS" at the bottom of this list.  To get it legit isn't
          that hard, just play a game on all maps, similar to Around the World.

54. Green Thumb
    TO GET: Win 20 matches on Garden, any gametype, 3+ rounds.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See "DLC TIPS" at the bottom of this list.  To get legit just play
          matches on this map until it pops up.

55. Mind the Gap
    TO GET: Win 20 matches on Subway, any gametype, 3+ rounds.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See "DLC TIPS" at the bottom of this list.  To get legit just play
          matches on this map until it pops up.

56. Purdy Mouth
    TO GET: Win 20 matches on Bullet Marsh, any gametype, 3+ rounds.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See "DLC TIPS" at the bottom of this list.  To get legit just play
          matches on this map until it pops up.

57. All That Juice
    TO GET: Win 20 matches on Process, any gametype, 3+ rounds.
    POINTS: 30
    TIPS: See "DLC TIPS" at the bottom of this list.  To get legit just play
          matches on this map until it pops up.

///DLC TIPS////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

All of these achievements can be gotten easily and by yourself by plugging in a
second controller and playing split-screen.  Unlock Achievements in the main
game, they will all unlock this way.  Some, such as THIS! IS! ANNEX! will take
a lot of time, so I still recommend playing the game normally to get those, so
maybe you'll have a little fun in the process.  However, the others ones don't
take that long and are much easier to get this way.  Inconceivable is a little
annoying but doable.  The other ones, such as Green Thumb and All That Juice,
are easily done by moving across the map to the opposing team's spawn point,
killing your splitscreen opponent once so your score is higher, and then find-
ing something else to do while the clock ticks down to zero.  Match won.

|FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] (FreqAsk)                                  |

I'm open for questions, so send me an email if you have any.

Q. Can I play a game with you/will you be my friend?
A. I used to allow friend requests. I also played through co-op with several of
   my FAQ readers, as well as doing the occasional multiplayer match. However,
   I have since stopped doing this. I do not own Gears of War 2, nor do I
   intend to purchase Gears of War 3 (though I will probably rent it from
   GameFly). I no longer pay for Xbox Live. Ergo, I will not play with you.

   I would prefer not to have any friend requests. Sorry, but my friends list
   became very cluttered very quickly back when I used to allow anyone to be my

Q. What is your gamertag?
A. Cuzit, same as everything else.

Q. Will you help me beat the game on Insane or help me beat a certain part of
   the game?
A. Maybe.  It depends on what kind of mood I am in, what I am doing, and how
   much time I have.  I'm usually a really nice guy, so just send me a game
   invite sometime.  If I turn you down, I'll leave you a note explaining why.
   Please don't get mad; I'm a busy guy!  If you're just having trouble with
   one part, I'm a lot more likely to help you with that than if you want me to
   play through the entire game with you.  That would take time that I probably
   won't have, but again, if you just can't beat Insane and you need help, let
   me know!

   UPDATE: No. See the first question.

|Review (REV)                                                                 |

Ver 2.2 Update: I debated with myself whether to leave this section intact or
not. While it does represent a bit of my history and the history of the FAQ (and
the perspective from the release of the game), I was much younger when this was
originally written and I feel it no longer represents me, this FAQ, or my
feelings on the game.  It is for that reason that I have decided to remove this

To provide a brief synopsis of what the review originally stated, I believed
that the graphics were excellent, the gameplay solid if standard, the story
subpar, and the difficulty higher than average yet enjoyable.  I originally
rated it an 8/10 from averaging reviews from the following categories:

Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Difficulty: 4/10

While I may no longer feel this way and have chosen to remove this section, for
anyone still playing this game and using my FAQ, I hope it was of use to you.
Thank you for readership. If anyone, for whatever reason, enjoyed this review,
I apologize for making the decision to remove it from the FAQ.

|Closing (CLS)                                                                |

In this chapter, you will find all the standard closing stuff - Contacting the
Author, Copyright Notice, etc.

|Thanks (CLS1) |

Thanks to Epic for making the game.

Thanks to GameFAQs, for finally hosting a FAQ of mine.

NOTE: This spot and down to the next sub-section is reserved for thanks for
      anyone that sends me an email that in some way contributes, adds, or
      modifies the FAQ.

Zev Gurman - He sent in information on the Execution Achievement.  He also gave
             me a semi-strategy to the Clusterluck Achievement that I used to
             get it for myself and write my own version of it.  Thanks, man!
             GT: kufuffin
AbsoluteSteve - Bringing a violation of my TOS to my attention.

Many, many more who deserve to be acknowledged but can't and won't because I
lost their emails.  I apologize for this unprofessional mistake.  At the time I
received those e-mails, I'd lost interest in maintaining this FAQ, so I delayed
in making the necessary changes to the FAQ.  As such, during that time, those
e-mails were lost. I will not allow such a mistake to happen again.

|Copyright Notice (CLS2) |

Copyright Cuzit (Matt Silvey) and Cuzit Productions, 2007-2015.

Note that you do not have permission in any way to change or redistribute this
FAQ. You may save it to your hard drive or print it for personal use, but you
may not edit its contents or claim it as your own work. You are free to quote
this FAQ, link to this FAQ, or comment about this FAQ. You can, in no way,
sell the contents of this FAQ. If you want to rehost or redistribute this FAQ,
you must email me and receive my permission.

There are a few conditions you must agree to in order to redistribute this FAQ:

1. You CAN'T, without my express, written permission, sell the contents of the
   FAQ or accrue money in any way from usage of this guide. Any intents to do
   so must be stated upfront. Terms and conditions may be wavered, and certain
   situations could be arranged, should both parties agree to them.

2. You MUST remove this FAQ from your host or service IMMEDIATELY, as well as
   deleting all associated files, if the author or any coauthors of the guide
   request it. This will only be requested if the second party abuses their
   right to rehost the guide or breaks any of the terms which were agreed to.

3. The document CAN'T be edited in ANY WAY. This includes removing the contact
   information, the copyright notice, the information about the author, or any
   of the core contents of the FAQ. This also includes any mistakes made within
   the FAQ. The second party should contact Cuzit Productions with any
   mistakes found.

4. It is the second party's sole responsibility to post an updated version of
   the FAQ. If a FAQ is a major version out of date, Cuzit reserves the right
   to request updating the FAQ or removal if failure to comply.

5. All credit must be given to its original creator(s).

6. Should the second party feel the need to negotiate the terms set forth in
   this agreement, they may do so by email or in person. For contact
   information, please see the "Contact Info" section of the website/guide.

7. The second party is responsible for remaining informed of the upgraded terms
   detailed in this document. The most currently updated terms will be located
   on the Cuzit Productions website, and those detailed in any FAQ hosted on
   a third party website (such as GameFAQs) may potentially be outdated. It is
   strongly recommended that those who wish to rehost the FAQ visit the Cuzit
   Productions website. Cuzit Productions maintains a list of all emails that
   have been sent with redistribution requests, and a mass email will be sent
   should any major conditions change that could potentially cause a
   redistrubitor to cease hosting the FAQ.

If you see this FAQ on any website other than:

Fish Factory Games Website and App

then I beg you to PLEASE send me an email and let me know!  Send me the url of
the website, as that webmaster has just breached my copyright!

CheatCC was discovered to be in violation of my terms and misusing my work.
They modified the content of my FAQ - violating term 3 above - did not keep the
FAQ updated (term 4), attempted to claim ownership of the work (term 5), and
monetized the FAQ (term 1). I will attempt to have the FAQ removed, so it
remains to be seen as to whether or not they are in violation of term 2. Any
FAQ readers who are authors or potential authors should not allow CheatCC to
host your works, and if you have any work associated with them I encourage you
to have it removed.  Thank you to fellow FAQ author AbsoluteSteve, whose works
I quite admire, for bringing this matter to my attention.

|Contacting the Author (CLS3) |

My email is:

CuzitProductions [at] gmail [dot] com

If you send me an email, the subject line MUST contain "GoWFAQ" or it will not
be opened.  Sorry.

If this email address is not available in the future, please contact me via
the Cuzit Productions website (see below).

My websites are:

http://www.cuzitproductions.weebly.com - The current host of CuzitProductions.
                                         A new version of the website is being
                                         developed and the host will change in
                                         the future. Because Weebly is a free
                                         website, for as long as Weebly exists
                                         I will attempt to maintain this link
                                         to redirect to the new website when it
                                         goes live. If this link is dead, please
                                         search for "Cuzit Productions" with
                                         your favorite search provider.
http://www.youtube.com/Cuzit69 - YouTube (outdated)
                                 I will open a new YouTube channel in the
                                 future. Please see the Cuzit Productions
                                 website for more information.
http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/68704.html - My Contributor page
                                                          on GameFAQs.
https://plus.google.com/115232311682917717806/posts - My Google+ account. If
                                                      you try to add me, I
                                                      would appreciate it if
                                                      you will send me a
                                                      message letting me know
                                                      that you're a FAQ reader.
I'm also on Reddit, as Cuzit.

XBL Gamertag is:

Cuzit (discontinued - account is still owned by me but I no longer use any
                      Xbox services)

PSN Gamertag is:


5494 9072 1808 7933



If I do not respond within a week, please try again. The message may have gotten
lost or accidentally ignored. I make an attempt to respond to all of my FAQ

|Personal Goodbye Letter (CLS4) |

I thank you for reading my FAQ.  I really hope you enjoyed it, and that it was
helpful and resourceful.  Anything wrong with my FAQ, please email me!  Any
hate mail will be deleted immediately, but I am well open to constructive
criticism!  I will be glad to take into consideration what you have to say.

I enjoy video games a lot.  If this FAQ gets posted, I have now found the key
to getting my guides on GameFAQs.  Therefore, you will probably see a lot more
of me in the future.

And with that, I bid you adeu. =P

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