How am I supposed to host a versus ranked match for multiplayer?

  1. So I'm trying to host a ranked versus game for multiplayer achievements but I can't invite anyone. How do I do it?

    User Info: Katsunagi

    Katsunagi - 2 months ago


  1. First off, you need Xbox Live. This is the only way to connect over online.

    Second, the community is extremely dead. This game came out a lot of years ago now so the fact that anyone is still playing while it has 4 sequels released and a 5th announced is a miracle in itself.

    I also think cross platform play might be an issue as well since Gears 1 was also released for the Xbox One which spreads the player base out more. But not 100% sure whether cross play exists between 360 and Ultimate Edition.

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 2 months ago 0   0

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