Worth getting?

  1. Is Gears of War 2 worth buying if so why?

    User Info: chad_7994

    chad_7994 - 11 years ago


  1. its a really good buy. My friend bought it and he said its awsome. You get to fight more enemys and theres a multiplayer mode were you can choose how many people are on your team and on the other team. Basically its awsome.

    User Info: Razgriz23

    Razgriz23 - 11 years ago 1   0
  2. I heard conflicting comments about it. A frind of mine bought it and the next day took it back to trade in for something else. He absolutly Loves GoW 1 but couldn't stand 2 even to finish campaign. About the same time I bought GoW2 and Like it far better than the first. Each has it's own unique signature playstyle. I'd suggest you rent it if possible and decide if you like it or not. Multiplayer in my oppinion is better in 2 and you get the Hoardmode challenge. If you can't rent it then i suggest you buy it but i'm a little biased on it. basically if you liked GoW1 i believe that you will like 2 as well. depends on how hard core Gow1 fan you are and how much you like the multiplayers style from 1 as well.

    User Info: Draco0905

    Draco0905 - 11 years ago 2   1
  3. YES because they did not change any of the gameplay or the buttons from the first gears. You do not have to relearn how to play gears 2. Plus playing gears 2 made me buy gears 1 as well when gears 3 comes out I will buy it as well.

    User Info: madkat99

    madkat99 - 11 years ago 1   0
  4. Yes this game is worth the money. It has a thriving online community with lots of updates eliminating any chance of hacking the online setup. It's story is good the first time through, and can be challenging on insane mode for even the most seasoned players.

    User Info: sumone666

    sumone666 - 10 years ago 0   0
  5. I own gow2 and its awsome! There are new enemys to fight, and new charectors and weapons. New multiplayer modes including horde. And in (i think every) copy there is a download code for five of the gow1 maps all spiffyed up, to be played in gow2. The gore is more plentifule and the physics for the blood is better. You can now tag walls (and the ground) with gernades to create 'proxcimity mines'. There are also bots to play with if you get easy achivments or to just have fun experimening with different game types. All in all I think gow2 is a good investment.

    User Info: alexwuzh3ar

    alexwuzh3ar - 10 years ago 0   0
  6. Gears 2! It's amazing! (it's coming from someone who doesn't have xbl) the campane is great, very suspensful and dramatic and has a great story, also it's awesome on split screen multiplayer. And the new characters are BADASS!!!!!!! (I havnt played the first one)

    User Info: Gearsfan44

    Gearsfan44 - 9 years ago 0   0
  7. That depends. If you're a multiplayer guy you should get because it has a huge communtiy of dedicated fans so you won't have a problem getting in a game. As for the single player part, it's kind of short but still great.

    User Info: zoopilandia

    zoopilandia - 9 years ago 0   0
  8. Well, of course! This game is great! Everything about it is great in fact! The gameplay, the story, the grafics, and the controls. This game, always, will be a hard game to beat. Buy it!

    User Info: pokebai

    pokebai - 10 years ago 0   1
  9. i would say no. The multi. sucks at getting you a good connection about 75% of the time, then the "host" might leave and then you have to wait another 5 - 10 min if you are the only one in a party. So i say it is a waste of money. I would just stick to GOW1.

    User Info: ACarmine913

    ACarmine913 - 10 years ago 0   1
  10. YAS, GEARS OF WAR 2 IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! From its flawless graphics to its new and improved muliplayer modes. I think that it might be the best shooter I have ever played. The story is bigger, longer, and over all better. Plus, they didn't screw it up by making you change characters, but you do meet some new ones. Over all this game is an amazingpeace of work.

    User Info: awesomenesskid

    awesomenesskid - 10 years ago 0   2

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