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Enemy/Boss/Weapon FAQ by MGPythagoras

Updated: 01/26/06

Quake 4: Enemies / Weapons Guide
Created By: MGPythagoras
Copyright: January 19, 2006

Version 1.0

All enemies sections and weapons were added with a brief description 
and or strategy provided.



Standard Enemies
1.    Strogg Marine
2.    Strogg Tactical
3.    Berserker
4.    Grunt
5.    Gunner
6.    Gladiator
7.    Heavy Hovertank
8.    Iron Maiden
9.    Light Tank
10.   Stream Protector
11.   Teleport Dropper
12.   Slimy and Failed Transfer
13.   Scientist
14.   Sentry

Vehicle Enemies
1.    Harvester
2.    Drop Turret
3.    Rolling Turret
4.    Hornet

1.    Stream Protector
2.    Cyber-Voss
3.    Network Guardian
4.    Stroyent Processing Creature
5.    Makron
6.    Nexus

1.    Blaster
2.    Machine Gun 
3.    Shotgun 
4.    Hyper blaster
5.    Grenade launcher 
6.    Nail gun
7.    Rocket launcher 
8.    Rail gun
9.    Lightning gun 
10.   Dark Matter gun

Standard Enemies

Strogg Marine
Difficulty: Very Easy
Damage: Light
Description: The basic Strogg grunt, these are the first monsters
you encounter in Quake 4. They have robotic arms and legs, 
with a weapon, usually a rifle or shotgun, mounted onto their 
arms. They come in two varieties, the only difference being 
their color.
Strategy: These monsters have very little health and will 
usually go down with a good burst from the assault rifle
or two to three shotgun blasts. In a one on one encounter,
it is best to use the pistol to conserve ammo.
In group attacks, stick with a heavy weapon like the assault 
rifle or shotgun, as their attacks do little 
damage but can quickly add up.

Strogg Tactical
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Medium
Description: The same Strogg Mathew Kane is eventually turned 
into, the Tactical Strogg are much more flexible in the field.  
They are easily spotted wearing orange armor, and can launch 
crude flanking maneuvers and take cover frequently. They are 
more dangerous as they almost always launch attacks in groups 
of two or more and can carry heavy weaponry like the 
rail gun and assault rifles.
Strategy: These monsters have more health than the Strogg Marine,
but not by much.  Despite being more mobile, these Strogg 
usually hide behind boxes a lot, allowing you to snipe 
them from a distance. Up close, the shotgun or assault rifle
can easily down these monsters before they cause any serious 
harm. Be careful though, as their may be more Strogg hiding 
while you take down the first few.

Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Medium
Description: A strictly melee monster, the Berserker prefers to 
attack you with its blade but can also deliver an annoying 
electrical shock which is damaging and causes an annoying blur 
Strategy: The best thing to do is stay back from this Strogg, 
because if you maintain a distance none of its attacks can 
reach you.  This creature can soak up a few shotgun blasts 
before going down, so it is better to just unload with the 
assault rifle to make sure this beast goes down 

Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Medium
Description: Similar to the Berserker, the Grunts also prefer
melee combat but have a mounted shoulder machine gun you 
must deal with. They can also make a leaping attack if you 
stray to far away.
Strategy: Like the Berserker, the Grunts soak up shotgun 
shells. So it is best to rush in, fire off a few rounds, 
and pull back before its melee attack connects. Then, 
move back in and fire off a few more rounds. By constantly 
moving towards and from the Grunt, you prevent it from 
activating the chain gun and from clawing you.

Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium - Heavy
Description: Returning from Quake 2, the Gunner still has a rail 
gun and grenade launcher. Coated with armor, these Strogg 
are deadly in a group but simple in a one on one confrontation.
Strategy: The Gunner has more health than any enemy encountered 
so far, and can quickly dish out the damage.  Remain mobile and 
choose a powerful weapon, like the shotgun or rocket launcher,
and unload on the Gunner.  The grenades are not extremely 
damaging with their splash effect, but if they hit you can 
quickly watch your health drain. A good tactic is to try to 
catch the Gunner around a corner or wall so you have extra time 
to shoot it before you are damaged.

Difficulty: Very Hard
Damage: Very High
Description: Perhaps the most annoying enemy in the game, 
the gladiator sports a rail gun, blaster, and, if that wasn’t
enough, a shield.  That’s right. The gladiator can shield 
itself from all attacks, but must occasionally power the 
shield down to fire its rail gun.
Strategy: One on one, the gladiator isn’t much of problem.
Using the assault rifle or rail gun, you can quickly pick
out its once weakness; the Gladiator’s rail gun in always 
uncovered, even when the shield is up.  Fire at the rail 
gun, and when the shield goes down don’t let up. For the 
impatient types, you can also use the lightning gun to 
overpowerand short out the shield momentarily. When you 
encounter more than one of the Gladiators, and usually a 
few Strogg Marines, the best strategy is to never, EVER, 
stop moving.  If you have the heavy guns, use them. The 
Dark Matter gun works wonders when their shields are down,
but chances are you don’t have it yet.  If so, be patient, 
take cover while moving, and aim at the rail gun. It is 
possible to destroy it.  When the shields go down, switch
to the nail gun or hyper blaster and fire away.

Heavy Hovertank
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Heavy
Description: Usually this monster is only encountered 
during rail segments and doesn’t appear in a normal level
until towards the end of the game. Being a flying creature, 
it can dodge slow projectiles like rockets and is equipped 
with a blaster and rocket launcher.
Strategy: Despite having a lot of health for a normal 
monster, the Hovertank can be easily dispatched in 
vehicles, and even more easily so on foot.  All it takes
is mobility and a decent gun, like the hyper blaster, and 
the rockets will fly right past you.  The blaster can be 
ducked or dodged, either way doesn’t really matter.  
Make sure you do not get hit by the rockets, as they are 
very damaging. Also, if you are up for living dangerously, 
you can shoot the rockets out of the sky before they hit 
you, but watch out for splash amage.

Iron Maiden
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Heavy
Description: Almost looking like a ghost, the Iron Maiden 
hovers around after emerging from its pod and teleports 
after awhile, only to sneak up behind you.
Strategy: Iron Maidens are equipped with a rocket 
launcher, and typically fire off two to three rounds at 
a time, which can quickly kill you or leave you near death. 
A simple strategy is such: the Iron Maidens almost 
NEVER appear from nowhere. They usually come from 
a pod on the wall which you can hear open. As soon
as you see or hear this, switch to your nail gun. With 
its lock on feature, which you have bnow, you can 
strafe and fire blindly, knowing all the shots will 
hit regardless.

Light Tank
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Medium
Description: Almost exactly like the Berserker, the Light
Tank is larger and now has a flamethrower and lots more 
Strategy: The Light Tank really isn’t much of a threat.
Even when fighting two of them, the threat is minimal.
The Light Tanks follow you with speed, but never 
move fast enough to catch up with you for a melee attack.  
While moving, fire your hyper blaster, rail gun, or nail
gun to inflict a lot of damage.  If you do get caught 
in an attack, the flamethrower is pretty weak. The melee 
attack, however, is punishing. Never use weapons with 
splash damage as the Light Tank moves fast enough to make
sure you take some splash damage.

Stream Protector
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium
Description: A giant spider similar to the one in Doom 3,
the Protector ALWAYS has a least one companion. Despite 
their size and arsenal (a blaster and rocket launcher), 
these Strogg aren’t much of a threat.
Strategy: Always remain moving and jumping to dodge most 
projectiles.  When you first encounter these foes, your 
arsenal is limited so use your machine gun and shotgun.
This will take awhile but if you keep moving you should 
take little damage.  Upon meeting the Protector later 
in the game, the hyper blaster or nail gun will 
obliterate them in a matter of seconds. If you get 
cornered, switch to the Dark Matter gun. Two shots will
be enough to defeat the Protector.

Teleport Dropper
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Light
Description: A four legged beast similar to Doom’s Pinky, 
these monsters only attack you when they get close. 
Normally, they run and shoot out orbs that teleport Grunts in.
Strategy: Kill these quick. The rocket launcherworks well 
since the Droppers run away from you, making sure you 
avoid splash damage, as does the hyper blaster since 
it inflicts damage quick.  Make sure you keep an eye on the
Dropper if you get caughtfighting Grunts, as they can keep 
appearing, forcing you to fight and endless wave.

Slimy and Failed Transfer
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: High
Description: A failed Strogg experiment, these zombies 
lurk the sewers.
Strategy: The Transfers come in two versions; with and 
without guns. The ones with guns are like your normal 
Strogg Marine dealing minimum damage and having little 
defense. However, the unarmed ones deal serious damage with 
acid vomit which keeps burning away your health until you
move. Dispatch of the unarmed version from a distance. Also, 
make sure to avoid piles of already spit acid until they 

Difficulty: Medium
Damage: High
Description: The doctors that perform the Strogg experiments,
these monsters are very annoying. Their melee attack is 
damaging, but the real pain in the gas grenades they throw which 
cause major damage quickly and are hard to avoid.
Strategy: When you see a scientist, try some duck and fire tactics
to avoid the grenades. Use the rail gun or nail gun and its lock 
on feature so you can spray and run knowing all your shots connect.
These enemies are very rare.

Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium
Description: A floating organic mass with a chain gun.
Strategy: The Sentry is a weak foe with an obvious weak 
point, the bubble on its bottom side.  The only problem is the
chain gun, which eats through your health quickly. On top of 
that, the Sentry are usually in groups. As usual, remain mobile 
and target the bottom for quick kills.  Use a long distance gun, 
like the hyper blaster, as the shotgun and a ssault rifle’s 
rounds spread out over a distance.

Vehicle Enemies

Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium
Description: A gigantic red machine spider.
Strategy: Maintain a distance from the Harvester and force it 
to use its missiles, which can easily be shot out of the 
sky with your chain gun.  Once the missiles are dealt
with, switch to your own missiles and fire away until the 
Harvester counter attacks, forcing you to shoot its missiles
out of the sky.  The key here is to always maintain a
distance forcing the Harvester to use missiles.

Drop Turret
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Medium
Description: A large gun turret dropped from the sky
Strategy: These are fairly annoying as they can build 
drain health quickly. When they appear, usually dropped through
ceilings, they can also be camouflaged in the smoke that results.
Use your machine gun to quickly eliminate these before they 
drain any serious health.

Roller Turret
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Light
Description: An orb dropped from Hornets.
Strategy: These things are a pain as they roll around a lot
and always come in groups. Fortunately, damage is light and 
a few machine gun rounds can destroy them.  Avoid using
missiles as for some reason it takes many to destroy the 

Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Medium
Description: A Strogg spacecraft that also drops Rolling 
Turrets and Drop Turrets.
Strategy: The Hornet usually attacks in groups or waves.
It has both machine guns and missiles and causes an average 
amount of damage.  Your own missiles or machine guns are both
equally effective in taking down the Hornets.


Stream Protector
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium
Description: A giant spider similar to the one in Doom 3,
the Protector ALWAYS has a least one companion.  Despite 
their size and arsenal (a blaster and rocket launcher),
these Strogg aren’t much of a threat.
Strategy: Yeah, I already listed it but the first encounter is 
basically a boss fight as you’re inexperienced and your weapons
are weak. Always remain moving and jumping to dodge most 
projectiles. Run betweenthe pillars and fire off rounds rapidly,
pausing only to reload. This will take awhile but if you keep 
moving you should take little damage and can get away with 
wasting only assault rifle or shotgun ammo. You are usually 
safe from the Protector’s attacks behind the pillars, as they
don’t move much when they can’t see you.

Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium
Description: Lt. Voss turned into a Strogg. Awesome looking 
Strategy: Don’t forget there is ammo and health scattered in 
the room.  Anyhow, Voss isn’t the real problem in this fight.
While his melee attack is crippling, his ranged attacks
don’t come into play often.  His main offense is teleporting 
in monsters to do the dirty work. Remain mobile and fire at 
Voss first with the nail gun.  As you may notice, you must 
first deplete his shield before you begin doing any real damage.
After ridding him of his shield, you can temporarily harm him
before he recharges the shield so make every shot count.
Basically, you can ignore most of the monsters that teleport 
in, as they usually can’t hit you when you are running.  
If some annoy you, take them out then.  When your nail gun runs 
out, and it will, switch to the rocket launcher. If that runs 
out, which it may depending on your reserves, make a good 
judgment call and pick your next best long range weapon until
the fight is over.

Network Guardian
Difficulty: Medium
Damage: Medium
Description: A cave troll with a jetpack. Seriously.
Strategy: Don’t be intimidated.  This creature is VERY SLOW.
It has a blaster which rarely hits and its only other noteworthy
attack is a ground pound.  Use that to your advantage and never
stop moving.  Health and ammo are scattered throughout the field
so use them if you need.  Start things off with the nail gun, as
its homing nails allow you to run and gun without aiming effort.
When the nails are gone, the hyper blaster for its speed and 
the rocket launcher for its damage are your next best choice.
When the Guardian’s health is low, it will follow you 
relentlessly and attempt to burn you with its jet pack. I have
yet to find a way to dodge this so keep firing away rapidly be
fore your health is gone, as the Guardian is near death anyhow.

Stroyent Processing Creature
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: High
Description: A fat, immobile beast with metal arms. Looks 
similar to the Mancubis of Doom.
Strategy: You can’t actually defeat this monster with brawn,
so use brains.  Run to the other side of the room, hiding 
behind pillars to dodge the very deadly jabs from the Creature.
Hit a switch at the end and the creature smashes a hole in the
wall.  Go through it, through the destroyed door, up a floor,
and dodge the claws again behind the pillars on the second floor.
Make your way forward until you come to a console.  Activate and 
the Creature is pumped full of stroyant until it dies.

Difficulty: Medium
Damage: High
Description: A gigantic, spider-legged Strogg with a human head.
The leader of the Strogg.
Strategy: This fight is actually quite easy and disappointing, 
and is divided into two parts.  As does every enemy in this 
game, the Makron has trouble targeting Kane while he moves.  
The problem in this fight is the Makron teleports all kinds
of annoying enemies into the fight. Usually these can be ignored,
but if to many appear you will have to takeout some to prevent 
your death. As soon as the battle starts, use your nail gun or 
rocket launcher for maximum damage. If you run out of rounds,
switch to the Dark Matter gun, which will easily end the fight.
The Makron then leaves its legs and becomes a flying boss.
Run to one of the teleporters in the corner and teleport to 
the second floor. Dodge the Makron’s damaging projectile while 
you pepper it with Dark Matter shots and, if ammo becomes scarce,
use hyper blaster rounds. The fight will end hastily, exposing 
the Nexus.

Difficulty: Easy
Damage: None
Description: A gigantic brain or organ with a shield?!?!
Strategy: If you are not on the second floor, quickly teleport on 
up.  Look at the top of the Nexus and you will see a colored rod.
Shoot it and the Nexus’ shield goes down. Then, unload with
you rockets, Dark Matter gun, or anything really. Rinse and repeat.
Your only obstacle is the robots that occasionally come out and
heal the Nexus, but if you pepper the beast its health will never
really recover. The other problem are the creatures left over 
from the Makron fight.  However, they pose little threat as 
they usually can’t hit you  on the second floor and also can’t 
follow you up their. On hard mode though, the Strogg Tactical can
follow you up their and must be dealth with.


Name: Blaster w/ Flashlight
Ammo: Energy Cells?
Ammo on pickup: N/A
Clip capacity: Infinite
Ammo cap: Infinite
Primary fire: A single fast bolt.  Very weak against anything 
but basic Strogg Marines.
Secondary fire: A slow bolt that has a small area of effect upon
impact. Damage is surprisingly high but still useless.

Name: Machinegun w/ Flashlight
Ammo: Clips, +50 bullets
Ammo on gun pickup: +40 bullets
Clip capacity: 40 (80 with the extended clip mod)
Ammo cap: 300
Primary fire: Standard machine gun with fast rate of fire 
and medium damage.
Secondary fire: Scope.

Name: Shotgun
Ammo: Shotgun shell box, +10 shells
Ammo on gun pickup: +12 shells
Clip capacity: 10
Ammo cap: 50
Primary fire: A single burst. Extremely punishing at close 
range.  Effectiveness diminishes as distance increases.
Secondary fire: None.

Name: Hyper blaster
Ammo: Batteries, +20 battery power
Ammo on gun pickup: +60 battery power
Clip capacity: 60
Ammo cap: 400
Primary fire: Energy bolts that are shot with high rate of 
fire and can easily incapacitate many foes.
Secondary fire: None.

Name: Grenade launcher
Ammo: Grenades, +10
Ammo on gun pickup: +10 grenades
Clip capacity: 8
Ammo cap: 50
Primary fire: Shoots a grenade that bounces unless it makes
a direct hit on someone in which case it explodes immediately.
Beware of splash damage.
Secondary fire: None

Name: Nail gun
Ammo: Nails, +40
Ammo on gun pickup: ?
Clip capacity: 100
Ammo cap: 300
Primary fire: Rapid nails that explode upon impact.
Secondary fire: Lock on with scope.  
Extremely useful for later in the game.

Name: Rocket launcher
Ammo: Rockets, +6
Ammo on gun pickup: +6 rockets
Clip capacity: 3
Ammo cap: 40
Primary fire: Fires a rocket. Beware of splash damage. 
Secondary fire: Locks onto target.

Name: Rail gun
Ammo: Slugs, +5
Ammo on gun pickup: +10
Clip capacity: 3
Ammo cap: 50
Primary fire:  Shoots a rail very slowly.
Secondary fire: A scope for sniping!

Name: Lightning gun
Ammo: Lightning coils, +80 energy
Ammo on gun pickup: +100
Clip capacity: N/A
Ammo cap: 400
Primary fire:  Shoots a beam of lightning capable of 
disrupting the Gladiator’s shield.
Secondary fire: None.

Name: Dark Matter Gun (BFG10K replacement)
Ammo: Dark Matter Cords, +5
Ammo on gun pickup: +10
Clip capacity: N/A
Ammo cap: 25
Primary fire: Shoots an orb that obliterates any non boss
creature it hits. Any nearby enemies will receive a lot of
Secondary fire: None.


Id – for creating Quake.
Raven – for making Quake 4.
Planet Quake – for giving me the names of all 
the Strogg.

Copyright MGPythagoras 2k6.  May only appear 
on GameFAQS.com unless permission is obtained 
from me, the author.

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