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FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopolis

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 05/01/08

                         *                              +:           
                     =#@@@.                         :*@@@.           
                    +@@@@@                          @@@@=            
                    -@@@@@  =#@@%%%%#=.   .:++  *@%#@@@%-    +##=    
              :+#@%#@@@@@*@@@@@@@@@@@@@ -@@@@#%@@@@@@@%@=  @@@@@=   
            .#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+.    %@##@=-@@@@@@%#%:*%@@@+-@@@@@*    
           =@@@@*.   @@@@@      .=#@@%@@+-@@%%@=    #@@@@@@@@@@+     
           @@@@      @@@@@-*@@@@@@@%@##@*-@%*%%     @@@@@@@@@@@@=    
           @@@@:     @@%%@@@@@@:    @##@=-@%@@#     @@@@%@%-@@@@@+   
           #@@@@#==#-%@#*%@@@@*   -=@@%@+-@%@@*     @@@@@*  :@@@@@+  
            =@@@@@@@*@@@@@@@@@@@@@@=@@@@+-@@@@@     *@@@@+   =@@@@@# 
               .:::+ .=--- .=+++=:  -=-.  =-:--      .--=.    :----+ 
           +@@@@@@@*                       :#%                       
          @@@@  :%#%*                     @@@@   .%@@@@@@@+          
          @@@@-.      :#@@@@%=   *@@@@@%=%@@@@@#=@@%@#*=*@@@ #@@+#@@-
           @@@@@@@@* %@@%..%@@*:@@@@#%@@@@@@@@%@@@=  .-=--@@@@@@@@@@ 
             :*@@@@@@@@@:-:+@@@@@@#       @@@- %@@:     . .=@@@@@    
          -@%.   =@@@@@@-**+---@@@#       @@@* %@@:        #@@@@%    
           @@@+:-@@@@@@@*  :++::@@@*:=@@@@#@@@-@@@@      -*@@@@@*    
            @@@@@@@#  :#@@@@@@: -@@@@@@@#  %@@@@%@@@%==#@@@@:#@@-    

                         | Written by Psychopolis |
                     --==|      Version 1.05      |==--
                         |   Copyright (C) 2008.  |
   ___               _                _        
  / __\ ___   _ __  | |_  ___  _ __  | |_  ___ 
 / /   / _ \ | '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '_ \ | __|/ __|
/ /___| (_) || | | || |_|  __/| | | || |_ \__ \
\____/ \___/ |_| |_| \__|\___||_| |_| \__||___/




	Black Market_____________________________________[BM00]




	  Normal Enemies...........................[NR00]



        version History__________________________________[VH00]

        Contact Information______________________________[CI00]

   ___              _            
  / __\  __ _  ___ (_)  ___  ___ 
 /__\// / _` |/ __|| | / __|/ __|
/ \/  \| (_| |\__ \| || (__ \__ \
\_____/ \__,_||___/|_| \___||___/

C O N T R O L S:

   LEFT ANALOG STICK............................Move Character

   RIGHT ANALOG STICK...........................Rotate Camera/Look

   CLICK IN RIGHT ANALOG STICK..................energyPulse

   LEFT ON D-PAD................................Select Rifle/Shotgun

   RIGHT ON D-PAD...............................Select Glaive/Handgun Combo

   UP ON D-PAD..................................Flashlight

   DOWN ON D-PAD................................Check Inventory

   LEFT TRIGGER.................................Aim

   RIGHT TRIGGER................................Fire Gun

   LEFT BUMPER..................................Throw Grenade

   RIGHT BUMPER.................................Throw Glaive

						Hold to Pick Up Item

						Hold to Use Shift

						Enter/Exit Cover
						Hold to Sprint

   B............................................Melee Attack
						Action (Open Doors, etc.)

   START........................................Pause Menu

   BACK.........................................Inventory Menu

H E A L T H:
There's no HUD in this game, so damage is represented by a reddening of
the screen. When nearing critical status, you'll begin to hear Hayden's
heartbeat. Whenever you do, that's your que to find some cover until
you return to normal. Shifting and the Shield are good defensive
manuevres if you find yourself in trouble. Dodging can help but still
leaves you open to damage.

S P R I N T I N G:
Not just useful for traveling through the game faster, sprinting allows
you to run through volleys of fire without taking enough damage to kill
you. You can charge enemies while sprinting to land a finisher on them,
or use it to run away.

D O D G I N G:
Since dodging is your main means of avoiding damage, you'll be using it
frequently through-out the game, from beginning-to-end. You're not in-
vincible while dodging, but you can dodge consecutively to put some
distance between you and a threat. 

Dodging forward and backward usually still leaves you in the path of
an oncoming attack. There's not too much of an advantage to using left/
right dodging over forward/backward dodging, but getting into the habit
of left/right dodging will save you from those painful moments of
almost beating a boss just to get hit by that one last attack. In
general, dodging left or right will allow you to clear an attack more
easily than forward/backward.

You can interrupt almost any action with a dodge, including reloads
and swapping of weapon modes. You cannot, however, roll in the middle
of picking up a weapon.

F I N I S H E R S:
Finisher are brutal one-hit kills that can be performed when an enemy
has a red glow around them. The red glow usually comes from dealing
enough damage to the enemy, or hitting them with the Glaive in a
critical area (torso/chest for most) without killing them. Run up close
enough to them while they are highlighted and the finisher prompt will

If you take your time the glow can disappear, not that you would be hold-
ing off on slicing stomachs open and breaking arms and necks, now would

G U N / G L A I V E   C O M B O:
When in this mode, you can wield the Glaive as well as one Hangun at the
same time. You can shoot at any time except for the moment you are throw-
ing the Glaive, and you can throw the Glaive at any time as long as it's
actually in your hand. It's easy to get distracted and lean towards using
just one of these weapons, but always remember to add a healthy mix-up
of both to your attack plan.

R I F L E S / S H O T G U N S:
These weapons are two-handed, meaning you cannot use the Glaive with them
without switching to the Gun/Glaive combo. All weapons in this category
will pack a punch and benefit immensely from the upgrades you find in the

Random Tips:
<> If at first you don't succeed...
	Just because you missed hitting your target with the Glaive doesn't
	mean you STILL can't hit them. The Glaive chops things up on the
	way back too, meaning if you miss the throw you should position
	yourself so that your target is between you and the Glaive, and it
	should hit them on the way back.

<> You look stunning!
	You can stun enemies with constant fire from a gun or precise shots
	with the Glaive. Stunned enemies are stopped in their tracks for
	more than enough time, allowing you to flee, find cover, or just
	snap their necks. Stopping Power upgrades also aid in stunning

<> So close yet so far...
	When you find enemies just out of reach of the Glaive, even with
	afterTouch, don't risk closing in on them. Instead, just use guns
	to take them out. After all that's why you have them, right?

<> That is definitely not a spider...
	You can shoot both frag and Enferon grenades out of the air with
	both your guns and the Glaive. If you can time it just as a
	Trooper throws one, you might just kill him in the blast along with
	a few of his buddies. Not to mention, shooting down 10 grenades
	will net you the 'Skeet Shooter' achievement.

<> A match made in Heaven...
	Power Throw plus afterTouch... USE IT.

   ___  _                               _                   
  / __\| |__    __ _  _ __  __ _   ___ | |_  ___  _ __  ___ 
 / /   | '_ \  / _` || '__|/ _` | / __|| __|/ _ \| '__|/ __|
/ /___ | | | || (_| || |  | (_| || (__ | |_|  __/| |   \__ \
\____/ |_| |_| \__,_||_|   \__,_| \___| \__|\___||_|   |___/

H A Y D E N   T E N N O:
Hayden Tenno works as a cleaner for The Agency, charged with taking care of
other agents' failed operations. He was sent to the port city of Lasria, 
Russia after the Agency lost contact with Mezner. He shares a history with
both Mezner and the rogue agent Nadia. It's been revealed that Hayden was
previously locked away after something went amiss on a previous mission,
but has since been released to participate in the Lasria mission since he 
shares the closest ties with Mezner.

Hayden suffers from a disorder known as Congenital Analgia, which makes him
unable to feel pain. Luckily for him, it's what keeps him sane as the virus
creeps up him while others give in to madness.

Y A R G O   M E N S I K:
Yargo works as a sleeper agent for the Agency in his post at the Lasrian Port
Authority. He's been a long-time resident of Russia and has connections with
the underground Black Market system.

R O B E R T   M E Z N E R:
A brilliant scientific mind who worked for the Agency and was sent to Lasria
in the early days of the outbreak. He participated in studies involving the
virus at the Research Facility and was found to have increased immunity to 
it, believed to be the result of previous innoculations by The Agency.

The Agency lost contact with him shortly after and sent in Hayden Tenno to
resolve the situation.

N A D I A   S U D E K:
The youngest member of the Agency, who left shortly before Hayden was sent 
to Lasria. She has not forgiven Hayden or the Agency for what they did in 
the past.

Nadia shares the same last name as Viktor, the agent seen in the Prologue
chapter. It's unclear what connection they really share though.

T E C H N O C Y T E   V I R U S:
Originally breaking out by unknown means in 1987 and found to have one of
the most efficient transmission methods of any virus to date, it didn't take
long for the virus to make its way into the heart of Lasria. It was first
thought to be developed by the Soviet Union, but when they themselves knew
nothing of it, The Agency dropped the subject. The Soviet Union had tried
to contain further outbreaks and information leaks about the virus, but
satellite pictures have shown that at least one small nuclear detonation
was set off around an outbreak site. 

The virus itself encrusts its victims in metallic skin, causing immense pain 
that often drives the victim mad. Older specimens have shown the emergence of 
fantastically unique abilities.

V O Z R O   R E S E A R C H   F A C I L I T Y:
The Research Facility responsible for developing the weapon enhancements
found in the game as well as studying the virus. It is the same facility
Mezner worked in and where he was studied, and was abandoned shortly after 
the virus broke out into the public. 

 __    __        _  _     _    _                                _     
/ / /\ \ \ __ _ | || | __| |_ | |__   _ __  ___   _   _   __ _ | |__  
\ \/  \/ // _` || || |/ /| __|| '_ \ | '__|/ _ \ | | | | / _` || '_ \ 
 \  /\  /| (_| || ||   < | |_ | | | || |  | (_) || |_| || (_| || | | |
  \/  \/  \__,_||_||_|\_\ \__||_| |_||_|   \___/  \__,_| \__, ||_| |_|

       _                    _                ___              
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __  /___\ _ __    ___ 
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|//  //| '_ \  / _ \
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |  / \_// | | | ||  __/
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|  \___/  |_| |_| \___| 
Prologue | Total Upgrades: 0 | Abilities Gained: None

When the cinematics end, walk forward and follow the stone pathway through the
arch. Practice your first Vault by pressing 'B' when you reach a short wall 
blocking your path. Turn left and Vault once more through the broken window.

Shoot or melee the [AMMO BOX] sitting on the right counter and shoot the lock
off the door. Proceed down the steps and into a projector room. Listen to the
film playing, or blast the projector full of holes, your choice. Do keep in 
mind what it says about Enferon Gas though. When done, go to the second pillar 
on the right and plant some C4 in the highlighted box. Proceed out the double 
doors in front of you.

Go straight through the shower area, and turn right. Take cover behind the
wall before rounding the corner to see a poor man suffer the same fate that
projector earlier probably did, and take out the perpetrator before he can
escape. A couple shots with the Tekna 9mm will do it, or aim for the head for 
a one-shot kill. Note that you can pick up his weapon, an Assault Rifle, to
help you in the next area. Spot it shining on the ground and hold 'X' to pick
it up.

Plant some C4 on the pillar at the right and proceed down the jail hall. When
you round the corner a Lasrian trooper will spot you and run to set off an 
alarm. Gun him down before he can, or, if he does set it off, shoot the alarm
itself to turn it off (Or else face reinforcement troopers). If and when more
troopers arrive, simply fill their heads with lead, ducking in and out of 
cover when needed. Go into the room on the left to find an [AMMO BOX] and 
then proceed forward once more.

More troopers are awaiting your glorious arrival so show them some courtesy
and toss them a grenade. Run into the room straight ahead of you to find
another [AMMO BOX] and then quickly exit and take over once more to fight 
another wave of troopers. Remember to re-stock on ammo by picking up their 
dropped weapons. Shoot off the lock on the door ahead and proceed to the next

Run up the stairs and immediately take cover on the open doorway. You'll face
yet another wave of troopers in this room, so don't be shy and use a grenade
or two. Go to the large open double doors and prepare for your first more open
fire-fight. Remain in cover behind the door and clear out the enemies closest
to you. There are also explosive barrels you can shoot that will blow up
momentarily after catching fire. Time them right to cauterize entire groups of
enemies! Go to the end of the warehouse and turn left up a walkway.

When you reach the long stretch in front of windows, you'll be prompted to
sprint by holding the 'A' button. It's a good idea to listen to the game, 
since a helicopter is hot on your tail with some vulcan fury. Don't let up on 
the sprint until you are safe in the room at the end, or the helicopter will 
rip you to shreds. Don't worry, vengeance will come soon enough.

Plant C4 in the highlighted box just to your left and bust open the 
[AMMO BOX], eventually going out the door and down the steps. Get away from 
them as fast as you can, because the helicopter will blow them up with its
missiles and prevent you from going back the way you came. 5 Lasrian troopers 
will emerge, and for now, they're your only threat. Use the boxes just to the
left as the troopers file in from the right. Once they're piles of useless-
ness, it's time for:


As soon as the troopers are done for run to the crates in front of the large
storage container to find a Rocket Launcher and more ammo for it inside a 
weapon case (Which you can open with 'B'). There is another RPG at the edge
of the area just to the left of your starting position, but what you just
picked up should be plenty. Use the storage container as cover and carefully
observe the helicopter. Manuevre around the container to avoid the machine 
gun fire.

When he hovers in one place, peek out from cover and aim the rocket. When you
hear a sound que and the reticle centers on him, fire! If ever you try to lock
on while he is strafing, you'll most likely miss, so always wait until he is
relatively still. 

Always mind the missiles, which are a one-hit kill but are easily seen as two
dots with smoke trailing behind them and can be easily avoided with a roll. 

It'll take three RPG shots to bring this not-so-bad boy down. At least you 
get to enjoy some of this game's beautiful enviroments in color!

       _                    _              _____                 
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __/__   \__      __ ___  
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__| / /\/\ \ /\ / // _ \ 
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |   / /    \ V  V /| (_) |
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|   \/      \_/\_/  \___/  
Exposure | Total Upgrades: 2 | Abilites Gained: Glaive; Steal

Weapon Note: Troopers' weapons have something called "governors" that pre-
vent any infected from using them. Of course, you're now one of the infected.
When you pick up weapons from downed troopers, their governors will kick
in about 20 seconds after you first come into contact with them. The gun
will fry out and, though it doesn't do any damage, Hayden will toss it
away and you'll have to find a different weapon. You'll always be able to
use your pistol, but until Chapter 4 you'll have to use picked-up weapons

When the chapter starts, walk forward (or as "forward" as you can) straight
ahead and up the stairs into the shack. Now we get to do that in-game!

Achievement Tip: You start with no ammo in this mission, so you'll be forced
to get some practice in with your new shiny disc of death. Keep it that way
and you'll unlock the "Glaive Master" achievement when you complete a section
using only the Glaive. This is probably the best location to do it in, since 
guns come in handy far too ofen later in the game.

For now practice aiming and throwing the Glaive with 'RB' before exiting the
shack. When you're ready to bring the hurt, hide behind the boxes in front
of you as 4 Lasrian troopers emerge. Taking them out shouldn't be too
difficult, and remember that when they glow red you can run up to them to per-
form a gnarly finisher.

Run to the opening on your left and 2 more troopers will arrive. It might be
funny to note that one of the bugs the devs experienced was the trooper crush-
ing himself under the vending machine when he turned it over. That won't 
happen here though so take cover and let the heads fly! Grab the [RUBLES]
(the game's currency) off the table and then proceed behind the bar on the
first floor to find an [AMMO BOX]. Remember though that using only the Glaive
for an entire section will net you an achievement. When done go up the stairs.

Break open the [AMMO BOX] on the table in front of you and turn right to find
another [AMMO BOX] on the balcony outside. Make a full circle to find some
[RUBLES] on a table behind the stairs. There's a door to the left of the 
stairs as well so make use of it when you're ready to proceed.

You'll be ambushed as soon as you make it outside so quickly find cover and
make sure those troopers are seeing the light before you are. When all of
them are taken out you'll acquire the ability 'Steal,' which allows you to
use the Glaive to fetch weapons and items from a distance. Aim the Glaive
at whatever you want to pick up and the crosshair will change, highlighting
the item in orange. Throw the Glaive and both it and some treasure will
come flying back.

Test this new ability by Stealing the C4 off of the scaffolding to the left,
then use it to blow up the door to the right. Also... it's C4... so don't
stand close to it while you wait for it to detonate.

Right when you enter turn right to find some [RUBLES], then go straight up
to the gap and use Steal to acquire the [FIRE RATE UPGRADE]. Turn right
and then tell me you didn't see that coming.

Look out the hole and quickly use a head-shot on the trooper with a Shot-
gun. Another will come busting in a few seconds later. These guys pack some
serious heat, so back-pedal quickly when you find yourself face-to-face with
them and kill them off as quickly as Hayden-ly possible.

Another trooper is waiting around the hallway, so mutilate him and then grab
the [RUBLES] off the table. Turn right to find an [AMMO BOX] on the desk. 
Go outside into the warehouse and take cover behind the first row of boxes.
A helicopter will deposit some trash bags... wait... those are enemies, but
for now, don't pay them too much attention. Pick them off casually until
the main star of the show arrives.

Weapon Note: from now on in the game is that troopers will use a little 
something called an Enferon gas grenade. It makes a hissing sound when near 
you and looks like a cloud of brown gas. Going too close to it distorts the 
screen and will kill you in a couple of seconds, so roll out of the area as 
quickly as you can, and find some new cover whenever you're in range of one 
of these grenades.

A roar and screen shake signals your first encounter with the Colossus. For
now, amuse yourself as you watch him wail on the poor troopers. Don't miss
the prompt insructing you on how to dodge however, 'cause you'll be using
the dodge frequently throughout the whole game. Exit the warehouse when you
get the chance, and prepare for:

MINI-BOSS: C O L O S S U S (Encounter I)

When the troopers are dead the Colossus will train his eyes on you. He'll
begin by throwing chunks of once-pretty architecture at you, which you can
either dodge or shoot down with a gun. If they hit they won't kill you, but
it's best to avoid them at all times.

Achievement Tip: Shooting down 10 Projectiles will net you an achievement.
Grenades are the primary target, but the blocks of rubble the Colossus 
throws at you will also count.

Occasionally he'll charge you, which can easily be avoided with a dodge.
After a certain amount of time a shockwave will blast through the area and 
the Colossus will run off. 

Go to the very right edge of the area and Steal the [FIRE POWER UPGRADE]
from the atop the building. Then, head left to see a bridge with a red
button on the other side. OH! The horror! Or maybe you can just hit the 
button with your Glaive. Try it out and admire the results!

Break open the [AMMO BOX] on the other side and pick up the [RUBLES] from
on top of the crates before proceeding through the double doors. Shoot the
lock off the grating on the floor and descend into the sewers.
       _                    _              _____  _                      
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __/__   \| |__   _ __  ___   ___ 
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__| / /\/| '_ \ | '__|/ _ \ / _ \
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |   / /   | | | || |  |  __/|  __/
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|   \/    |_| |_||_|   \___| \___|
Baggage Claim | Total Upgrades: 4 | Abilities Gained: Power Throw; afterTouch

An [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES] are waiting for you just to the right of
your starting position. Grab them and then proceed outside along the water,
grabbing the [RUBLES] sitting on the left, until you reach an encampment.

Take cover behind the first tent and Steal the items from inside the 
[AMMO BOX] behind the tent to your right. Peek out from the cover to start
another big fire-fight. Take out the enemies cautiously (some have Shotguns)
and remember to Steal and make use of their weapons. 

When the first wave is down break open the [AMMO BOX] sitting to the left
of the crates and take cover again to face the second wave. When all are
dead you'll acquire the 'Power Throw,' which quadruples the damage of your
Glaive if you can time the shot right. Explore the tents for another

Test your new ability out on the locked gate in front of you. Right when 
the reticle turns yellow and you feel the rumble, let 'er rip! Don't wait 
UNTIL you see the reticle but instead predict the change. The rumble is 
the best indicator to work off of, but either way practice some Power Throws
before proceeding. The damage they can deal will be invaluable throughout
the game.

Enter the tent and grab the [ACCURACY UPGRADE] and use the Power Throw to
unlock the [AMMO BOX]. Laugh at the poor souls on the other end of the radio
and then exit the tent and turn left to find another locked gate. Power
Throw it to unlock it.

The next area is full of troopers. Take cover behind the first crates you
see and begin picking off enemies. Employ the use grenades and Steal weapons
when you have the chance. Proceed forward and take cover whenever you
come in range of more troopers, and when you reach the large open area,
you'll come face-to-Glaive with your first Machine Gun Turret. Take out
any remaining enemies before facing the Turret, and move only during the
pause between its reloads. When you get in range throw a Power Throw at the
trooper operating it to take it out in one fell swoop. Otherwise, shoot at
the trooper instead if you feel you can't get into range with the Glaive.

When the coast is clear grab some [RUBLES] from a table on the left side of
the area and explore the tent on the right to find an [AMMO BOX]. Shoot the
lock off the grating to the right of the Turret and descend down into it.

Proceed down the dark corridors and use the Glaive's flashlight by pres-
sing 'UP' on the D-Pad if you need to. Jack the [RUBLES] from the dead body
and then break open the [AMMO BOX] sitting next to some sparking wires.

This is your first chance to charge the Glaive with an element. When the
Glaive is on fire, electrocuted, or frozen, it deals extra damage to enemies
and can even kill some in one throw. Later on you'll be able to detonate the
elements, but for now throw the Glaive into the sparks and then use the
electricity to re-charge the shining lock on the door and open it. Don't
stand too close to it while it opens unless you WANT to get back-handed by a 
steel door. Before going through the opened door turn left to spot a
[FIRE POWER UPGRADE] sitting behind the power generator and use the Glaive
to Steal it.

Walk further down the corridor to discover your first Howlers suffering from
the munchies. Chuck a Power Thow into the middle of them to kill a few and
disperse any survivors. These guys are deceptively fast but are pretty slow
to hit you with their weapons and deal little damage. If ever one grabs a
hold of you, though, you'll be forced to press a button based on the 
on-screen prompt to escape. 

Go further into the room and more Howlers will spawn. Charge the Glaive with
some electricity to deal out some quick damage and earn points toward the
'Electrician' achievement. When the music stops, you'll know all the Howlers
are dead. Charge the Glaive once more and then proceed behind the sparking
wires and out the left to unlock the door. Climb down the ladder, and make
sure your flashlight is on.

The room will fill with an eerie darkness - oh wait, those are Howlers! Now
you're trapped down here with dozens of Howlers, so back yourself up against
something and begin Power Throwing them into oblivion. 

Achievement Tip: This is a good place to get the 'Double Decap Latte' achieve-
ment, since you can group enemies together and aim a Power Throw at their
neck or head to get instant multi-decaps. Be sure to always use a Power Throw
if aiming for the achievement, since normal throws are very hard to get decaps
with until you get the afterTouch ability.

Once the Howlers are gone a door will open and 3 more will rush in. Pffft, 
piece of cake. Head out the newly-opened door and retreive the [DOUBLE SHOT
UPGRADE] from the room with the locked elevator in it. Use the Power Throw
to make it an unlocked elevator and then use it ascend back to the surface.

Bust open the [AMMO BOX] and as you exit the building you'll gain the 
afterTouch, which allows you to have buckets full of fun mutilating enemies
by letting you control your Glaive after throwing it. Press 'RB' again after
throwing the Glaive and the camera will follow along behind it in slow motion.
(If you try to press 'RB' too quickly after throwing the Glaive you will not 
enter afterTouch mode, so remember that it's not quite a double tap, more 
like you can press 'RB' any time after the Glaive has really started to fly 
to begin an afterTouch.) 

When you reach the open area you're immediately shot at by tons of soldiers 
on the ground. Take cover behind the short wall before going down the stairs 
and use the afterTouch to take out your opposers.

Achievement Tip: This is another great place for the 'Double Decap Latte' 
achievement. Always use Power Throws and aim at the neck or head in 
afterTouch mode to guarantee decaps. This will also count towards the 
'Head Hunter' achievement.

One trooper carrying a shield called a Mauler will attack you in the midst of 
the fire-fight. He'll charge you with a crude blade and can deal loads of
damage if he lands a hit on you, usually killing you in one or two hits. 
Ricochet the Glaive off his shield to stun him and then shoot him while he's 
dazed. Power Throws will stun him for longer, so use them when you can. You 
can also use afterTouch to navigate the blade under or around the shield to 
hit him directly, but most of the time it's safer to stun him.

When the enemies are headless go to the center of the area and into the middle
structure. In it are some [RUBLES] and a [CLIP EXTENDER UPGRADE] behind some
boxes. Exit the structure and go up the stairs to the far end of the area to
reach a locked gate with a button behind it. Back up a ways and use afterTouch
to navigate the Glaive over the fence and then back down to hit the button,
opening the gate. Proceed through the door to see a cinematic.

Power Throw the [AMMO BOX] in front of you and climb down the ladder to end 
the chapter.

       _                    _                ___                   
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __  / __\___   _   _  _ __ 
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|/ _\ / _ \ | | | || '__|
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |  / /  | (_) || |_| || |   
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|  \/    \___/  \__,_||_|   
Moths to the Flame | Total Upgrades: 11 | Abilities Gained: Shield       

Proceed forward and Power Throw the gate open in time to see the Colossus ram-
page about and then skulk off. Grab the [RUBLES] off the table to the left and
the [AMMO BOX] from the ground on the right. There are two large cases of
[RUBLES] on the floor in the area and one small pack of them on a table to the
left. Collect them all and then go down the alleyway at the right.

The manhole on the ground is your first [BLACK MARKET]. Refer to the Black 
Market section of the guide for a full list of what you can do here.

Right now the Black Market will offer:
                                                 /   Price    |
              -----------------------------------             |
             |                                                |
             |  HANDGUNS                                      |
             |   Tekna Burst.........................10,500   | NEW
             |   Vekesk Micro........................21,000   | NEW
             |                                                |
             |  RIFLES / SHOTGUNS                             |
             |   AKS-74..............................20,000   | NEW
             |   Striker.............................26,000   | NEW
             |                                                |

I recommend keeping with the Tekna 9mm and only buying the AKS-74 or Striker.
Upgrade at least one gun with Fire Power or any preffered upgrades but keep at
least one spot open so that you can add Enferon Shells later.

Once done, go forward and perform one of the more bad-ass moves in the game:
jumping down something! Troopers will swarm in almost immediately, so run to
the right and take cover behind the planters. Avoid hiding behind the wood and
trees since the cover will get destroyed fairly quickly. There's a sparking
electrical pole above you that you can use to charge the Glaive for added 
damage, and remember to use afterTouch and the Power Throw to really make your 
shots count. One Mauler is among the enemies so keep an eye out for the 
approaching shield and accordingly stun him into submission.

Achievement Tip: You can nab more points for the 'Electrician' achievement 
here by effectively turning everyone into french fries... by frying them... 
with electricity... ha. ha.

Once the enemies are cleared move left to spot a Turret down the alley. Hide 
behind the pillars and use the Power Throw and afterTouch to take out the 
enemies, one of which is another Mauler. Next to the Turret is an [AMMO BOX].

When you head up the stairs turn left to find a doorway with caution tape 
around it, and pick up the [PUNCTURE UPGRADE] sitting to the left of it. 
Then head through the doors into the building.

There's an [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES] right in front of you and a trans-
mitter to the left. Man I hope these guys get paid decently, not that 
they'd need it after what we just heard... Note, however, what they say 
about "sending in a Jackal."

Go behind the black webbing and Power Throw the door open. As soon as you 
enter the courtyard Howlers will ambush you. If you want
, you can run to 
the other side of the courtyard and down the left walkway to find a room with 
sparking wires in it, and charge the Glaive up with it. Either way, take out 
the Howlers and then approach the center statue and turn a valve on the back 
of it to send gas leaking out the top. Charge the Glaive in the room on the 
left walkway and send the Glaive through the gas, combusting it and providing 
you with a permanent source of fire.

Before doing anything, go to the right walkway to retreive the [RELOAD 
SPEED UPGRADE], and then burn the webbing away using a fired-up Glaive. There 
is an [AMMO BOX] to your left as you walk in, and after collecting its 
contents go up the right staircase.

A lone Howler will rise up to face yo- oh, you already killed him did you? 
Well then lets move on. Go into the room on your left and pick up the 
[RUBLES] on the desks in both rooms. The second room has a projector 
detailing the Technocyte infections and provides some insight into what it's 
doing to Hayden. Of course, you can blow this one full of holes too.

Grab some fire with the Glaive again by using the burning gas in the middle 
of the area, and Power Throw the door open, burning the webbing inside. Go 
up the elevator to reach the third floor. Open the double doors and then 
charge the Glaive with fire once again.

Enter the door to right and turn to aim the burning Glaive at the Howlers 
behind the wooden planks in the doorway. Yes, they did just explode in a 
firey sensation. Yes, this game does rock. Grab the [AMMO BOX] on the right 
and go through the doorway, charging up the Glaive and burning away more 

Go through the only open room to find some [RUBLES] and an [AMMO BOX]. Go 
through the door to reach the next section.

Turn left and bad-ass your way down the wall once more. Run up to the 
barricaded slope and move forward until the Colossus drops down into the area 
to play a little with the troopers. He'll take care of them for you but 
won't stick around long. Once he leaves, grab the [AMMO BOX] behind the rusted 
van and pick up the [FIRE RATE UPGRADE] behind the tents to the left. There 
are additional [AMMO BOXES] and [RUBLES] inside the two tents.

Run down the alley on the other side of the area to run across your second
[BLACK MARKET]. Nothing new here, so feel free to pass it up or, if you want,
apply some more upgrades or switch out your weapon loads.

There's only one way to go now so proceed down the stairs and Steal the
[AMMO BOX] from across the gap, and then open the door to the right.

Apparently these guys DON'T get paid decently, and looks like they don't 
deserve it either. Take out this guy any way you want and then sprint up to 
the cover by the Turret. As tempting as it seems, using the Turret is not 
always the best idea, since you're extremely open while doing so and there's a 
lot of angry troopers here. Doesn't mean you can't use it for the occasional 
sweep, but it's a lot safer to take out the troopers with the Power Throw and 
then afterTouch. 

2 of the enemies here are Maulers, so remain on the walkway by the Turret 
until you've taken each of them out. Also remember that there are more 
explosive barrels here that will produce an equally-explosive result. 

When all the enemies are finally done for head to the right side of the walk-
way with the Turret and grab the [STOPPING POWER UPGRADE]. Then nab the
[RUBLES] from inside the tent and Power Throw the [AMMO BOX] open.

Exit the area by going down the alley on the opposite side and notice the 
lights that are sparking to your left on the walls. These are one-time 
electrical charges for the Glaive, so keep an eye out for opportunities like 
this throughout the game.

Here you can head straight of go left. If you go left you'll find some 
[RUBLES] on the ground next to the dumpsters, and the path leads to a bet-
ter place for cover than simply going straight. 2 Maulers will rush you 
so back-pedal if you need to and take them out.

More enemies will appear in this area so make use of the cover and paint the
roads with their blood. Proceed behind the truck to find yet another
[BLACK MARKET]. Nothing new here though so by-pass it if you wish and head
down the narrow alley on the left wall.

There's some [RUBLES] sitting next to the... body bags? Well, it seemed like 
a fun party anyway. Take cover against the wall just to your right and inch 
just far enough along it to spot a trooper manning a Turret. Kill him dead, 
then edge to the end of the walkway but don't jump down. Two troopers are 
waiting at the bottom, so use afterTouch to take them out.

Vault over the sand-bags and turn left to find an [AMMO BOX]. Then proceed up
the slope t- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!


This guy remains in the middle of the area and has only two attacks: rather 
slow but damaging machine gun fire and a one-shot kill cannon. The machine 
gun fire is not too big of a problem as long as you remain behind cover, and 
most of the time it's not quick enough to kill you while you sprint between 
covers. The cannon on the other hand has some nice splash damage but again is 
negated by cover. It has a very fast starting animation though so that makes 
it difficult to predict when seeking out more objects to hide behind, so as a 
general rule only switch covers/aim the RPG AFTER he has used the cannon.

Right when you feel the explosion take cover behind the crates in front of you.
Grab the RPG and the ammo lying beside it for a total of 3 RPGs. Peek in and
out of the cover and fire rockets at his dark, laser-eye area, and when you 
run out of ammo sprint to the crates on your right. There's one more RPG 
here so grab it and fire away.

He's not down just yet, so you'll need to sprint to the planter just to the
right, swipe the RPG, then run through the arches on the right side of the 
area until you reach the far-off planter with a second RPG sitting on top of 
it. Grab it quickly and take cover behind one of the large pillars. 

Those last two rockets (Making a total of six) should prove to be too much for
the Jackal and it will topple over and explode, providing you with a permanent
fire source. There are two [AMMO BOXES] in the area, so after salvaging them
burn away the webbing and enter the building.

Move forward and spot the [RUBLES] in the small hallway in front of you. Also
notice the leaking gas pipe in the room to the right, but for now go up the
stairs and open the door to the left to find some more sparking wires. Charge
up the Glaive and then run passed the stairs into a room on the opposite end
and hurl the Glaive downward through the leaking gas to set it ablaze. Use
the fire to torch the webbing.

There's an [AMMO BOX] sitting at the top of the stairs. Head through the door
on the left and grab the second [AMMO BOX], then light the Glaive through the
gap in the floor and use it to torch more webbing.

Move up into the attic but DO NOT GO FORWARD. If you go too far a cutscene
will force you out of the attic and you will miss the [ACCURACY UPGRADE]
sitting behind the wall of planks on the left. Steal it with the Glaive,
then prepare to make acquaintences with the disgruntled owner of the house.

When you come to, turn left to find a [FIRE RATE UPGRADE] sitting on the
ground. Go forward a bit to find the fourth [BLACK MARKET]. Once again, 
nothing new to see here so head left down the large arched tunnel.

There is already a battle between some Lasrian troopers and Howlers ensuing 
here, so sit back and enjoy the show until you feel you need some attention.
You'll run into troopers when the area opens up regardless of who killed who
before, so deal with them accordingly. Take out the enemies manning the 
Turret on the bridge with caution and move along the bridge using the sand-
bags as cover.

Howlers will come bum-rushing you out of the tunnel, so grab the RPG on the
right and fire it into the base of the tunnel to set off an explosion that
will combust some gas and serve as a source for fire.

Achievement Tip: Yet another great place for the 'Double Decap Latte' achieve-
ment if you don't have it already, and an even greater place to rack up kills
with the fire-charged Glaive.

Rush down the tunnel when you're ready for the enemies to stop spawning and
move down the alley on the left. Enter the ruined structure to find an
[ENFERON SHELLS UPGRADE]. Some [RUBLES] are sitting behind the van in the 
area, so after grabbing the dough Power Throw the gate open.

There's an [AMMO BOX] behind the tree to the right. Break it open and turn 
the valve to light a torch on the left, then use the torch to burn the 
webbing. Light up the Glaive one more and then proceed down the tunnel. When 
you reach the end Howlers will ambush you. Mom always said you shouldn't 
burn things, but honestly, can you resist?

Set them all on fire with the Glaive, which you can keep charged with flame 
by throwing it through enemies who are already on fire. Not only will they 
catch their buddies on fire, but they'll blow up in a couple seconds too. 
Just be careful about being too close to them when they do, since you'll 
receive some good damage and there aren't any showers around...

Go through either the left or right side and snatch the [AMMO BOX] and 
[RUBLES] from atop the stone. Go through the left opening and descend into 
a narrow winding pathway where two dog-like Technocytes called Moles will 
attack you. They're fast little buggers but go down quickly and don't prove 
so much a threat as they do a little scare.

Run up the stairs to the right and enter the circular room, running straight
ahead and turning the valve to light a torch in the center of the room. 
Howlers are already surrounding you so move into the circular room and light
the Glaive. It's gettin' hot in here!

Once the enemies are all done for, head back into the room with the valve
and turn left to find a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE]. Light the Glaive again if
it isn't already and throw it through the torch just outside. Then use that
torch to fire up the Glaive once more and turn left to face the fencing.

You'll notice an opening on the top of it. What you'll need to do is charge
up the Glaive with fire and use afterTouch to navigate it through the opening
on top of the fence and down to the torch. Once you do, backtrack through the
winding pathway to the torch you just lit and fend off another wave of 
Howlers. Burn away the webbing on the right side of the area and then 
eliminate the 2 Moles that burrow out of the ground.

Make sure the Glaive is fired up and run about half-way down the pathway, and
look up over the ledge to the right to spot a torch. Light it and then use
the fire it produces to burn away the webbing at the end of the area.

Well he sure didn't need no stinkin' rockets... anyway, there's still two
obviously over-confident enemies in the area so put them in their place, AKA
a cold nice grave, and grab the [PUNCTURE UPGRADE] from behind the planter.

There's a [BLACK MARKET] in the area as well and it'll be a good idea to up-
grade your favorite weapon with the Enferon Shells for the upcoming fights.
They'll be useful throughout the entire game so don't be shy about it and
apply them to a weapon you are comfortable with and use frequently.

Light the Glaive on any of the objects in the area and use it to burn away
the webbing blocking the church. When you're ready, enter the church and
pick up the two [AMMO BOXES]. Go up the stairs and prepare for:

BOSS: C O L O S S U S (Encounter II)

As soon as the fight starts run straight down the church to the other end of
the area. Stick near the downed torch, which will provide a source of fire for
the fight. There is also an electricity generator hanging down from the roof
at the far end of the church (The end you should be on), which you can use
as well. 

The Colossus will start the fight by jumping from one of the four pillars to
another throwing a chunk of rock at you each time. Your goal here is to 
charge up the Glaive with either fire or electricy to fry his armor off and
end him tumbling to the ground, ready for a finisher. When he does fall,
run up to him and press 'B' to start the finisher, and a second button
prompt will appear that you'll need to execute to complete the finisher.

Do this three times, dodging or shooting down the rocks he throws. Remember
to use the afterTouch to help guide your throws, and roll away after per-
forming a finisher to avoid his pounding.

Now the Colossus will stick to rampaging across the floor. Dodge his attacks
like you did in Chapter 2, and charge the Glaive with either element to 
eliminate his armor. Once its down, whip out your Enferon Shell-upgraded
weapon and start unloading on him. Use a combination of gun and charged
Glaive to remain persistent with damage, and fry his armor off whenever it

He'll go down pretty fast, and after he does you'll acquire the 'Shield'
ability. You can now tap 'Y' to generate a shield that lasts about 6 seconds
and can deflect any projectiles. It will not protect against melee attacks
or from attacks from the back, so it's a good tool to use at a distance in
the middle of fire-fights to pick off annoying enemies.

Notice the shining spot on your arm too. Whenever you use a power like the
Shield, you'll deplete one spot and be unable to use any powers until at
least one spot regenerates (Roughly 10 seconds). For now you only have
one spot in the first place, so keep an eye on it when utilizing your
new abilities.

Achievement Tip: Now that you have the Shield, you can get the 'Rebound'
achievement by bouncing Lasrian trooper bullets back in the direction of
their masters. Any place with normal troopers is a great place for this 
achievement; simply eliminate all troopers until just one remains and stand
in front of him, lulling him into a false sense of overconfident security.
Aim the reticule over him, bring up your Shield, and let him fire.

There are three [AMMO BOXES] in the area and one that can break open with 
a Power Throw. Go behind the tattered cloth to find two [RUBLES] on the
crates, and then open the grating and hop in.

Grab the [RUBLES] on the left and take cover behind a pillar immediately.
There is an automated RPG turret in the corner of the room. Here's your
first chance to try out the Shield. Aim your crosshair towards the steel
door and then put up your Shield and come out from behind cover. The
turret will shoot at you, but the rocket will deflect off and blow open
the steel door.

Wait for the shining spot to regenerate and then put up the Shield once
more, running through the steel door and descending down the stairs. There
are some [RUBLES] and an [AMMO BOX] sitting on the cases here. After
collecting them, go through the door on the left.

Oh this is just perfect... You now have exactly 1 minute to get the hell
out of there! Right as you gain control, however, run into the room on
the right to pick up the redundantly-named [UPGRADE SLOTS UPGRADE]. 
Ignore the enemies and run back out, and try not to get 'stuck' on them.
If you do, lead them back a ways or knock them down with Power Throws
and then make a break for it. 

As soon as you make it out into the hallway, turn left and press 'B' to 
step up a ledge on the right side. Sprint down the long corridor and jump 
down at the end to successful escape.

There's a [BLACK MARKET] right in front of you, this time with some new 
weapons on sale:

                                                 /   Price    |
              -----------------------------------             |
             |                                                |
             |  HANDGUNS                                      |
             |   Tekna Burst.........................10,500   |
             |   Vekesk Micro........................21,000   |
             |                                                |
             |  RIFLES / SHOTGUNS                             |
             |   AKS-74..............................20,000   |
             |   Striker.............................26,000   |
             |   Protecta............................39,000   | NEW
             |   VX Carbine..........................30,000   | NEW
             |                                                |

Feel free to stick with what you have already, or sell it for new weapons.
The VX Carbine is a little pointless this early in the game, since there
aren't many good places to use it quite yet where you aren't supplied one
anyway. Apply any upgrades you want, and then exit out and pick up the
[CLIP EXTENDER UPGRADE] from the crates in front of you.

       _                    _                ___  _             
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __  / __\(_)__   __ ___ 
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|/ _\  | |\ \ / // _ \
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |  / /    | | \ V /|  __/
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|  \/     |_|  \_/  \___|
The Shipment | Total Upgrades: 3 | Abilities Gained: energyPulse      

Right after the cutscene take cover behind either pillar. No, this won't be
as bad as it looks. Immediately sprint out from cover and run to the the 
right pillar in front of the gate with webbing, ignoring the Jackal even
as it fires on you. Loop around the vehicle and boxes and take cover on
the back of the large pillar.

Peek out the left side and fire at the barrels on the vehicle until they
explode. Light the Glaive with the newly-made fire and use it to torch
the webbing covering the fencing. Take your time and use afterTouch to
navigate the Glaive over the fencing and charge it in the sparking wires. The
Jackal can't lay a bullet on you as long as you remain behind the pillar.

Toss the Glaive at the Jackal to stun it and quickly run behind it to the
glowing red cockpit, and press 'B' to shove the pilot out and take
control yourself. The controls for the Jackal are as follows:

             |  Jackal Controls  \
             |                    ----------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  LT : Zoom                                     |
             |  RT : Machine Guns                             |
             |  RB : Cannon                                   |
             |  Y : Countermeasure (For RPGs)                 |
             |  B : Exit the Jackal                           |
             |                                                |

This'll be one hell of a ride, but for now keep this thing in mind: If the 
Jackal is destroyed while you are in it, you automatically die.

For now aim at the wall on the right and rip it apart with the cannon. 
Troopers will try and stop you, but it's a futile effort as you fill them
full of both lead and embarassment. The first RPG trooper is on the balcony
straight across. Whenever a rocket is fired at you, a white reticule circles
around the shooter and a sound alarm rings. Press 'Y' whenever you hear the
alarm to divert the rocket with a flare. The Jackal can only take about
4-5 rockets, so always be on edge.

Move around the bend and fight off 2 more RPG troopers along with some puny 
trashbag-clad soldiers. When you reach the bridge 2 RPG troopers will emerge
and run along it before setting their sights on you, so take them out with a
well-placed cannon shell. After clearing out the soldiers, or when the Jackal
starts to emit embers and smoke, exit out and run up the stairs at the end of
the area on the left. In the building is an [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES]. Head
out the white double doors.

Directly ahead of you is another [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES] sitting on
some crates, so grab them and run along the train tracks to the right. When 
you reach the end of them you'll acquire my favorite ability: 'energyPulse,' 
as well as two more shiny dot things for a maximum of three.

energyPulse is one of the more useful moves in the game. Charge the Glaive up
with an element and then click in the right analog stick to discharge the
element in a fantastically devastating explosion. But don't let me try to
explain its glory in words, try it out for yourself on the troopers ahead using
the fire in the middle of the area. Every time you use energyPulse, you'll
use up one gauge on Hayden's arm, and you'll lose the element as well, so
remember to re-charge the Glaive once you use an energyPulse.

Once the enemies have been utterly annihilated, enter the room on the left
to find an [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES], and then enter the one on the right to 
find another [AMMO BOX] and two white doors leading to the next area.

Take cover behind the boxes and start gunning down the emerging enemies. One
Mauler is mixed in with the crowd so keep an eye out for him. Proceed up the
stairs when no more enemies appear, and watch the double doors as a Mauler
busts through them. Kill him off and grab the [AMMO BOX] to the left of the

Take cover behind the pillars in the next area and kill the troopers, grab-
bing an [AMMO BOX] on the far right side. Go down the stairs to find one
more [AMMO BOX] sitting next to a [BLACK MARKET] and another [AMMO BOx] under
the stairs. Turn right once you've gone down the stairs to find some ad-
ditional [RUBLES] sitting on some crates. Nothing new at the Black Market, 
so when you're done go out the large open garage door and turn right.

You can ignore the enemies here, 'cause in a couple of seconds you're
about to take a "taxi" out to the freighter. After landing go up either side
of the freighter to find a lone gunman. Glaive his face in quickly and
pick up his VX Carbine as you take cover behind the vertical beams.

Troopers are SWARMING the deck below. Snipe anyone who dares move, and be
quick about it, before the governor shorts out the weapon. If it does, use
your pistol or secondary weapon to take out the remaining troops.

When you're sure all movement has ceased, jump down to the deck and turn
right. Go around the out-cropping of boxes to find a [DOUBLE SHOT UPGRADE].
Immediately return to where you just jumped down and run straight ahead to
pick up an RPG and some ammo out of the [AMMO BOX] just to the left.


You should have picked up 5 RPGs, which is more than enough. This location ac-
tually provides a lot more cover than the first helicopter fight, and the boss
itself has not changed its attacks at all.

Don't take over up against the containers, but instead just move freely around
them to avoid the machine gun fire and missiles. Take down the chopper when
it hovers, and after 3 rockets this guy will crash and burn.

Walk to the gaping hole the pilot created and jump down into the freighter.
Proceed past the wreckage and into the first room holding caged Howlers. 
Move forward and- WOAH, well at least he didn't pop out of an oven. Break open 
the [AMMO BOX] on the floor and and press the red button to open the door. Go 
into the next area and turn left; move around the container to find a [FIRE 
POWER UPGRADE] sitting on some crates behind. Grab the [AMMO BOX] in the far 
left corner and then approach the large containment vault in the next room.

Don't do it Hayden! Don't you touch that valve! Don't you turn it and un-
leash hell upon us all! Ohhh... you did it, didn't you. 

You now have 10 minutes to escape the sinking freighter. Climb up the ladder to
the right of your starting position and snag the [AMMO BOX] to the left as pipes
explode above you. Run along the walkway, ignoring the emerging Howlers, and
turn left at the end. Fire at the barrel sitting on some wooden crates until it
explodes and run back to the half-way point of the room. The boxes will float
downstream and form a pathway for you to run across. Turn left at the other end
to spot an [AMMO BOX] and more wires. Electrify the Glaive and turn around,
this time going straight, and unlock the door by zapping it.

As soon as you enter the second room, turn right and walk along the boxes to
the other walkway. Run along it and turn left at its end and manuevre the
Glaive into the electrical wires with afterTouch. Turn right once you do and
open the next door.

Run straight ahead along more boxes and keep looping around until you spot 
more wires, this time behind two gates. Once again, use aferTouch and then 
back-track to the third door, which has a red light above it. Run up the first 
flight of stairs BUT DO NOT GO STRAIGHT.

Instead, turn right and run up a second fligt to find an [UPGRADE SLOTS UP-
GRADE] sitting at the top. NOW you can escape out the corridor by the first

       _                    _               __  _       
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __ / _\(_)__  __
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|\ \ | |\ \/ /
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |   _\ \| | >  < 
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|   \__/|_|/_/\_\
The Bait | Total Upgrades: 3 | Abilities Gained: None 

There is an [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES] behind the truck in the area, and a
[BLACK MARKET] with some new weapons just before the gate:

                                                 /   Price    |
              -----------------------------------             |
             |                                                |
             |  HANDGUNS                                      |
             |   Tekna Burst.........................10,500   |
             |   Vekesk Micro........................21,000   |
             |   Spectre.............................28,000   | NEW
             |   Hammer 1895.........................31,000   | NEW
             |                                                |
             |  RIFLES / SHOTGUNS                             |
             |   AKS-74..............................20,000   |
             |   Striker.............................26,000   |
             |   Protecta............................39,000   |
             |   VX Carbine..........................30,000   |
             |                                                |

As you go through the gate, there is a tent on your right with an [ACCURACY
UPGRADE] in it. But you don't fall for that kind of trap so easily, do you?
Use the Glaive to Steal the upgrade from an opening in the tent, since if
you enter it, a new kind of enemy called a Stinger will ambush you.

Avoid the tent altogether and the Stingers will spawn normally. Thse guys 
have a new kind of projectile attack that can deal a lot of damage, especially 
since its usually coming from multiple Stingers in multiple directions. Re-
member that your Shield will render you invulnerable to the projectiles 
though, so take these guys out with the help of the Shield and Power Throws.

When the Stingers have been eliminated a more infected form of Howlers will
attack you. They are slightly stronger and can take a little more punishment,
but they're not really anything to worry about. You can find some [RUBLES]
behind an over-turned, burning truck (Grab some s'mores while you're at it). 
When done, go through the doors into the building.

Open the doors and move forward to find a huge hole in the ground. One section
of exposed pipe is leaking, so hurl the Glaive at it to end its suffering and
consequently set the generator on fire. Move to the right of the hole to pick
up an [ENFERON SHELLS UPGRADE] off the table, and then go down hallway on
the left side of the room to find an [AMMO BOX] and some [RUBLES] by the 
benches. Go back to the hole and burn away the webbing next to it.

Turn left down the hallway to encounter 3 more Stingers. Take cover and then 
bring them down. There's an [AMMO BOX] to the right of the middle crate. Go
forward into a large two-story room and take cover. 8 Stingers will begin to
spawn two at a time. Utilize the Shield and bring the pain, then pick up the
[AMMO BOX] on the left once the enemies have been decimated. Proceed through
the door straight ahead.

There's another [AMMO BOX] on the first table in the next area; grab it 
quickly as 2 Stingers break through the windows. Kill them and go down the
left side of the room to find some [RUBLES] on a bench, and head outside. 
Take cover behind a pillar and work on eliminating the Stingers that spawn in. 
They can easily flank you if you're not careful so use the Shield often and 
keep an eye on who is where.

When the Stingers are dead, Howlers will come barging out the doors, intent
on annoying you to death. Don't fall prey to their tactical teamwork and
enter the opened doors when done cleaning up.

Go either right or left and through the doorway to enter a large open area. 
Hide behind one of the concrete barriers for now to take out the Stingers. 
Don't waste too much effort killing them, since someone is about arrive who'll 
do it for us. Unfortunately, you're on his probably very large hit list as 


When the Elite Trooper enters, let him take out the Stingers first and only
kill one if it comes to attack you. Once they are taken care of, you can focus
on the Trooper himself.

The first order of business is taking out his three glowing weak-points: one 
is on each side of his shoulders, and the third is on his back. Shoot at 
them or hit them with the Glaive using afterTouch (When you see sparks fly 
off, you'll know you've hit one - it'll take two normal Glaive throws or one 
Power Throw to destroy one weak-point.)

The Trooper's weapon fuctions as a gatling gun as well as a rocket launcher.
As to be expected, the rockets will kill you with one direct hit, but his
gatling gun is not very pleasant either. Always remain in cover when taking 
out the weak-points, and move if the Trooper comes too close for comfort. 
He's extremely slow and easy to navigate around while searching for more 
cover or circling to his back. Glaive throws can stun him, so use them to
get around behind him or if you're having trouble hitting his other weak-

Once all three weak-points are blown out, time to get up-close and personal,
but not too personal, unless you want a melee to the face (Which is a one-hit
kill as well, I might add). Hit his front with the Glaive to send him into
finisher mode, and hurry up and smash his head in since the red highlight
doesn't stay up for long.

Once he's dead his short-circuiting equipment provides a source of elec-
tricity. Move along the right walkway to pick up the [STOPPING POWER UPGRADE] 
from the first bench. On a table up the flight of stairs in the middle of the
room are some [RUBLES]. Nab them, then cross to the left walkway, picking up 
the [AMMO BOX] in the center of the room, and go out the hallway on the left. 
Use the electricity from the Trooper to power the elevator, and then board it.

       _                    _               __                          
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __ / _\  ___ __   __ ___  _ __  
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|\ \  / _ \\ \ / // _ \| '_ \ 
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |   _\ \|  __/ \ V /|  __/| | | |
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|   \__/ \___|  \_/  \___||_| |_|
Industrial Evolution | Total Upgrades: 7 | Abilities Gained: Shift          

Right ahead of your starting position is a [BLACK MARKET] with some updated
equipment on sale:

                                                 /   Price    |
              -----------------------------------             |
             |                                                |
             |  HANDGUNS                                      |
             |   Tekna Burst.........................10,500   |
             |   Vekesk Micro........................21,000   |
             |   Spectre.............................28,000   | 
             |   Hammer 1895.........................31,000   | 
             |                                                |
             |  RIFLES / SHOTGUNS                             |
             |   AKS-74..............................20,000   |
             |   Striker.............................26,000   |
             |   Protecta............................39,000   |
             |   VX Carbine..........................30,000   |
             |   Korbov TK6..........................40,000   | NEW
             |                                                |

I HIGHLY recommend selling any secondary weapons you have in favor of buying
the newly-available Korbov TK6, and upgrading it with Enferon Shells. This 
is the most powerful Assault Rifle in the game and with some Accuracy up-
grades it can easily become the most effective one. You'll probably wind up 
using it for the rest of the game, so don't worry about the fortune you just
spent on it.

Move forward down the stairs and Steal the contents from the [AMMO BOX] a
little ways ahead. Stingers will spawn in so kill them dead. Notice some
coolant canisters to your right, you can break these to charge the Glaive
with ice once. They'll appear throughout the chapter so keep an eye out for

Enter the door on the right and proceed to the area with a train. On top
of the train is a large cooler, which you can use for infinite ice charges.
Freeze away the webbing on the left and go to the next area. 

Achievement Tip: You'll be using ice frequently throughout this long
chapter, so it's a great way to earn your 'Jack Frost' achievement. Most
of the enemies are weak against ice, so you'll tear through them like a metal
disc through... flesh?

Charge the Glaive with ice again and then go to the next area to spawn some
Howlers and Stingers (Now is a good time to turn on "Winter Wonderland"). 
Go up the stairs on the train car right in front of the entrance to pick up
a [FIRE POWER UPGRADE], and keep moving forward, taking out any stragglers.

At the end of the area an enemy called a Chroma will appear. Er... and then
disappear. This guy's a little blue glowing Technocyte that has projectiles
similar to the Stinger, except they're blue. He can also use an ability
called 'Shift,' which turns him invisible. He can still be damaged however,
so shoot the spot where he disappeared. Ice is great for taking them out.

Bust open the [AMMO BOX] on the left alcove and then go up the stairs
next to the canister and into the hallway. Grab the items from the [AMMO BOX]
in front of you and take cover before the Stingers in the area can land
hits on you. Use the cooler on the train to the right to turn these guys into
popsicles. More enemies will spawn as you progress forward so retreat back
to the cooler when you need to re-charge the Glaive.

When the reach the end of the room, before making the one-eighty-degree turn,
turn right instead and head down the space between the two trains. There's a
[STOPPING POWER UPGRADE] lying here. There's another [AMMO BOX] to the left
of the entrance into the structure on the left, so after retreiving it head
out the door on the right.

Howlers are waiting down the hall, but you should know the drill by now. 
Once they're vertebraes are shattered, open the door at the end of the

Take cover behind one of the two machines as dozens of Stingers spawn. If
one happens to flank you, use your Shield, but otherwise just take them out
like you normally do (As normal as triple-bladed discs and gassed weapons
are), and head to the end of the courtyard and down the stairs.

When you reach the next area more Howlers will ambush you. Yawn... There's 
an [AMMO BOX] lying in the room to the left. As you proceed through the area
some more Stingers will show up. Finish them off and head in to the tunnel
on the left, eventually finding your way to some fire sources and a fight
between the Lasrian troopers and some Howlers. Try not to draw attention 
until the Technocytes have been killed off, and then use the fire to torch
the poor troopers who thought they might return home today.

When you reach the open courtyard take cover behind the pillar next to the
fire, and energyPulse the remaining troopers. You may hear some ominous 
sounds coming from the doorway across from you... well that's good and bad.
An Elite Trooper is making his way towards you, but at least you don't need
hearing aids!

This guy can be taken out the exact same way as you took out the first 
Trooper. Use afterTouch or a gun to destroy his weak-points, and move around 
often so that he can't deal out too much damage to you. Once his weak-points 
are down, rush him and hurl the Glaive at him until the finisher highlight 
pops up and promptly smash his face in. Or, you can just Power Throw his 
helmet area until he goes down as well.

Either way, use the electricity from his suit to charge the Glaive and enter
the room he came out of. Navigate the Glaive over the fencing and hit the
box on the left to open the gate.

As soon as you enter the next area look above you through the walkway to
spot an [UPGRADE SLOTS UPGRADE], and use the Glaive to Steal it down. When
you're ready head left down the train tunnel into the next area.

As you round the bend Stingers and 2 Chromas will attack you. Utilize the
cooler to the left and the canisters to the right to freeze and kill them
quickly, and then pick up the [PUNCTURE UPGRADE] from the machine near
the canisters. Finally, freeze the Glaive and throw it at the fire block-
ing your path. Don't ask me what just happened...

Follow the tracks and then press 'B' to push the cart out of your way.
Proceed along the walkway on the right until you see the round pipe
opening on the right wall. Hear the noises come out of it? Well, walk for-
ward like the curious little devil you are and prepare for a button 

Now that you've narrowly escaped with your life, head inside the structure
on the right to find a [BLACK MARKET]. No new weapons so by-pass it if you
want. Go down the stairs on the left side this time and follow the tracks
along, going back up the walkway when it appears again on the right.

Inside this room you'll encounter some Stingers, one of which gets mauled
by a passing train. Steal the items from the [AMMo BOX] in front of the
pillar in the area and then deliver all the enemies to their deaths.
Cross the train tracks and head left down another tunnel.

Steal the contents of the [AMMO BOX] on the right walkway and then proceed
forward once more. You'll run into some troopers at the end with one 
operating a Machine Gun Turret. Wipe them off the face of the earth and
grab the [RUBLES] at the base of the Turret. Then go up the stairs and
vault over the railings seperating the train cars to the Turret on the
other side.

This would be a good time to make use of that Turret. Shoot it in
large sweeping motions across the area as dozens of Technocytes spawn.
Explode the barrels in the area for some added crowd control, and 
leave the Turret if you're in danger of dying or if a Technocyte slip-
ped under your net.

When the enemies are finally dead, go to the end of the area that the
Turret is facing to pick up a [CLIP EXTENDER UPGRADE], and then pick up
the [RUBLES] and [AMMO BOX] sitting behind the pillar on the left. Go
out the doorway on the right and through the double doors.

There's an [AMMO BOX] sitting in front of the pillar to the left in this next
area, and troopers await you in the tunnel system. Run up to the valve and
turn it quickly, then take cover. The valve will release streams of water
from the ceiling that you can hurl an iced-up Glaive (via the cooler on the 
left) through to freeze and create makeshift cover. 

Move through the tunnels creating more ice sculptures and make sure you
eliminate all the enemies before going past the second stream of water. 
Yet another Elite Trooper will be waiting for you. Take this guy down as 
usual, moving often and using the Glaive to burn out his weak-points. Once 
he's dead you can freeze the Glaive and use it to extinguish the fire at the 
end of the area.

There's an [AMMO BOX] just to the left after the fire and some [RUBLES] fur-
ther down on the walkway. Go through either the left or right and then nab
some ice from the giant cooler on the right side of the area or one of the
canisters, and use it to freeze the pool of water up on the walkway. Walk
or skate across it and step up the ledge on the other side, proceeding out
the door.

Descend the stairs and open the [AMMO BOX] right in front of you. Walk near
the stairs by the fire but don't go down them quite yet. Let the Howlers
attack you and take them out up on the walkway. Remember that Stinger that
got decimated by the train earlier? Well stop reading already, 'cause that's
about to happen to you! Dodge into the space on the left as the train goes
whizzing by and let it take out any remaining Howlers.

There's an [AMMO BOX] at the end of the walkway on the left, and when you 
enter the next open area Stingers will spawn. Take them out and the train
blocking your progress ahead will depart. Move across the tracks and take
out 2-3 more Stingers on the other side. When you descend, a [BLACK MARKET]
will be waiting for you. Nothing new here so go up either staircase into
the rather depressing outside world.

Grab the [DOUBLE SHOT UPGRADE] from underneath the truck on the right and
enter the factory. When you enter, the Technocyte that tried to decapitate
you from the pipe will taunt you and then stalk off. When he does, a Chroma,
5 Stingers, and eventually 5 Howlers will pour into the room. Grab some
cover and work on taking out the projectile-throwing Technocytes first,
saving the Howlers for last. The Chroma and Howlers come from the left
doorway, so stay away from there until the enemies are all dead, and then
proceed through it.

Howlers will attack you when you enter the small room, psssh do I even need
to say it? Obliterate them and then enter the large, two-storied generator
room. Move along the walkway until you reach the stairs but instead of
going down them, turn left to spot a [STOPPING POWER UPGRADE] sitting on
the walkway across from you. Steal it with the Glaive and then descend the
stairs to spawn more Stingers and a Chroma.

Take them out as well, retreating back up the stairs if you need to. When
you move farther forward in the room, a second wave of enemies will attack.
Make sure they suffer the same end as all your previous opposers. In the
small room in the back left corner there is an [AMMO BOX], and on the left
side of the short walkway at the end of the room there are some [RUBLES].

When done head out the room near the generators and proceed forward until
you reach another large factory room. Turn the valve on the right and start
freezing the water by charging the Glaive at the glowing blue cooler on the
left. Chromas and Stingers are already in the area, so freeze them up nice
and good. Move through the area and around the ninety-degree turn, using
the ice from the cooler to help you eliminate the enemies. At the end of the
area bust open the [AMMO BOX] on the conveyor belt to the left.

Descend the stairs ahead to find a total of 4 [AMMO BOXES] and a [BLACK
MARKET]. There's nothing new on sale here but I HIGHLY recommend having one
of your weapons upgraded with Enferon Shells for the upcoming fight. The
best weapon to have is the Korbov TK6 plus Enferon Shells, since it will
make the upcoming boss fight a lot more convenient to complete.

Enter the door at the end and- OH SHI- WHAT IS THAT?


The Stalker is a mean nasty pain in the butt. He will Shift (stealth) con-
tinuously and will only exit stealth when he attacks, and he only attacks when 
he's face-to-face with you. If you have a strong secondary weapon this fight 
will be a lot easier. Keep in mind that you can still damage the Stalker
even when he's Shifting - if you see glowing blood flying out, you know
you're hitting him.

At first the Stalker loops in a pattern of Shifting, trying to swipe at
you and coming out of stealth for a few seconds in the process, and then
entering stealth again. The swipes can deal loads of damage and will one-hit
kill you on Brutal difficulty. However, if you place your back against one
of the walls so that you can see most of the area, you can spot the water
splashing up where the Stalker is moving. When the splashing water comes too
near to you, dodge and you should evade the Stalker's attack as well.

When he's visible shoot him non-stop until he Shifts again, and then wait 
until you can spot the splashing water again. He usually comes from the same
direction he disappeared, but this isn't always the case.

The next stage of the fight consists of the same pattern of attack, except
you will not be able to see the splashes from the Stalker. If you had a
decent weapon and dealt some good damage, you normally would pass this stage
right up. Otherwise, you'll need to listen carefully to the noises the
Stalker makes, and when they sound very close and you see the blue particle
effect, dodge and attack the Stalker.

If for whatever reason you aren't able to use a gun during this fight, you'll
be stuck trying to freeze the Stalker. There are ice canisters that roll down
conveyor belts on the left and right side of the area. One will come down 
one side and then alternate to the other side. Grab the ice when you're not
in danger of the Stalker's attacks and when it appears, dodge and THEN throw
th Glaive at the water by the Stalker's feet. If you throw before he is com-
pletely out of stealth (When the particle effect disappears), you won't be 
able to trap him. However if you pull it off successfully, the Stalker will be 
rooted to the ground for a few seconds so that you can damage him with the 

When he's been dealt enough damage the Stalker will retreat up one of the
vertical pipes in the area. Shoot or Glaive him the entire way up, and soon 
he will disappear. Move to the end of the area with the office windows, so 
that you are facing three open pipes on the opposite side. The Stalker will 
appear in front of the middle one and add a new attack to his arsenal: ex-
plosive projectiles. Right when he appears bring up your Shield to block the 
projectiles and begin pumping him with lead or work on retreiving ice. 

Thanks to Otakufreak907 for suggesting that you unload your stock of grenades
in front of the middle pipe right before the Stalker appears. If they hit,
the Stalker should become instantly finishable.

The Stalker repeats his attack pattern, except now he will occasionally run
up the pipes and spawn and use his projectiles on you. ALWAYS bring up the
Shield and back up against a wall when he does, since the projectiles can 
explode and will kill you instantly. 

When he's taken enough damage he will be stunned and a familiar red glow
will pop up around him. Sprint up to him and press 'B' to rip his stomach
open and officially end his little joy ride.

After the battle you'll obtain a new ability: 'Shift,' which is performed by
holding 'Y.' It grants you complete invisibility for about 6 seconds at the 
price of one of Hayden's shining gauges. If you attack (Shoot, throw the 
Glaive, melee, press prompts) you will automatically exit stealth, however, 
you can still sprint and dodge, and even sneak up on enemies for a finisher. 

Achievement Tip: You can now get the secret achievement 'Ghost.' While
Shifting, move close to any enemy until the finisher prompt appears, and
execute the finisher the get the achievement.

Go up the stairs near the office and a security camera will shut the door when
it sees you coming near. Back up so that it opens the door, and then Shift
and run through it. Go up the stairs at the end and rescue our little friend.

Way to go all emo on us Hayden.

       _                    _                __  _         _      _   
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __  /__\(_)  __ _ | |__  | |_ 
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|/_\  | | / _` || '_ \ | __|
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |  //__  | || (_| || | | || |_ 
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|  \__/  |_| \__, ||_| |_| \__|
Unnatural History | Total Upgrades: 5 | Abilities Gained: Proto-Armor           

There's a lone Howler grabbing a midnight snack in the large room outside your
starting point. Once you kill him, more Howlers will emerge. They tend to try
and crowd around you so retreat backwards to funnel them through the doorway
if they're getting too close for comfort. There's an [AMMO BOX] in the center
of the large room, and another one straight ahead when you exit through the
double doors. Turn down the doorway on the left and grab the [AMMO BOX] sit-
ting behind the bed on the left. 

Listen to the radios here if you can, since they'll provide a lot of back-
story concerning the Research Facility and the virus itself.

As soon as you exit 3 Howlers will attack you. Punish them and then enter the
room on the right to pick up the [ACCURACY UPGRADE]. Proceed down the hallway
and turn left to fend off more Howlers, and then go into the shower area to
deal with even more. There's an [AMMO BOX] at the end of the row of showers,
so break it open and head through the door on the left.

Go down the next creepy corridor to face some Howlers and Stingers, and then
enter the room on the left to find another [AMMO BOX]. Then go through the
room on the right and proceed forward to find an [AMMO BOX] to the left
just in front of the stairs. Go down them and open the door, and Steal the 
contents of the [AMMO BOX] from behind the ruined tables on the stairs. Then
enter the large two-storied room.

As soon as you enter, Stingers will ambush you and thus begins one of the 
bigger fire-fights in the game. Use Shifting to get yourself in a comfortable 
place, prefferably NOT where you came in, and begin taking enemies down. 
Dozens of Chromas will appear along with the Stingers, so always be wary of 
the direction that blue projectiles are coming from. Use the Shield often and 
employ the use of secondary weapons as well as Power Shots and afterTouch. 
There's a Machine Gun Turret here but for the most part the enemies are usually 
out-of-sight of it, or too close for you to effectively shoot them with it.

The best place to make a stand is probably the side across from where you
entered. Enemies will only come up the stairs from the first floor, and you
can take them out before they do from that area as well as fight the ones that
make it up.

When all are finally laid to rest, go to the first floor and search behind
the curved desk to find an [AMMO BOX] and a [CLIP EXTENDER UPGRADE]. The
small room to the right of the stairs contains an [AMMO BOX] as well.

There's a locked door in the area that you'll need electricity to unlock. Go
to the opening on the left of it and the ruined signs and use afterTouch to
navigate the Glaive to the right through the room and eventually into some
sparking wires. Then use the charged Glaive to open the door. Before en-
tering, throw an electrified Glaive at the turret right across from the 
entrance to disable it. A Chroma is waiting in here so teach him a lesson
about playing nice and then enter the elevator.

When you approach the door a siren will go off, so enter the storage room on
the right to make it stop. Approach the door and examine the lasers running
across the room. There's a camera in the area as well, so if at any time
in the room you're visible, the door on the other end will close. Also, if
the lasers hit you, even when you're Shifting, the door will close as well.
Navigate through the lasers slowly and when you reach the door, Shift to
make it open.

As soon as you enter the next area, Howlers will swarm you. Chop them up
and then enter the area with the two security turrets. Hide behind one of the
shelves and let them soften up the emerging Howlers and then take any out 
that make it past the turrets (A surprisingly large amount...). Use Shift
to sprint passed the turrets and then turn to the left to come across 
another laser-filled room. This one's lasers move up and down, so move one
laser at a time and Shift at the door to make it open.

The next room contains 7 Chromas strewn across the walkway. Kill them all 
off and then Steal the [FIRE POWER UPGRADE] from the examination table
on the left. Go down the stairs to the end of the area.

Well not a bad touch. You now have the Proto-Armor, which will increase the 
strength of your Glaive slightly and allow you to take more hits. You're also
immune to Enferon Gas from now on, so no need to worry about those annoying

The next room contains a large group of Chromas so test out your new-found
strength on their faces. Before leaving the room grab the [RELOAD SPEED UP-
GRADE] from the table on the left side. 

In the next area, charge up the Glaive in the wires and use it to disable
the two turrets down thw corridor. Take out any soldiers you can as well, and
thn Power Throw the lock on the doors to the left. There's an [AMMO BOX] on
the floor of this room, so break it open and then proceed to the next door
and take out the troopers in the room.

There's a small hallway on the right side of this room, and in it an
[ENFERON SHELLS UPGRADE] sitting on a table. Grab it, bust open the [AMMO
BOX] next to it, and then take the elevator up.

       _                    _                  __  _              
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __  /\ \ \(_) _ __    ___ 
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__|/  \/ /| || '_ \  / _ \
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |  / /\  / | || | | ||  __/
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|  \_\ \/  |_||_| |_| \___|
Threshold Guardian | Total Upgrades: 2 | Abilities Gained: None  

Walk forward and grab some fresh air for the first time in a long while. A
[BLACK MARKET] is sitting at the base of the bad-ass wall jump. No new weapons 
so proceed on after you finish upgrading.

Turn the bend to the right to find 3 piles of [RUBLES] and some [GRENADES].
Then Power Throw the chain off the fence and take cover behind the brown boxes.
Troopers will spawn in, so take care of them and then move forward to spawn a
second wave. Stay behind your cover and take out the troopers on the arch-
way in the distance with your guns. Once they've been decimated, head up the
planks on the left.

Some additional enemies will spawn in the courtyard here, 2 of them Maulers.
Eliminate them cautiously, and then head up the short stone stairs on the
left to find an [AMMO BOX] and a [FIRE RATE UPGRADE]. There's also two piles 
of [RUBLES] in the alcove to the right. Head up the large staircase and through
the door to run across another Elite Trooper.

You're fighting him in a relatively small area, so take out his shoulder weak-
points quickly and then use Shifting to easily get behind him for the third
weak-point. Finish him off, grab the two [AMMO BOXES] on the walkway, and 
then use the electricity on the power box on the left to open the door. Now
that you have the Proto-Armor, you can pick up the fallen Elite Trooper's
giant gun, and use it for the next area.

             |  Gun Controls    \
             |                    ----------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  RT : Gatling Gun (No Reload/Infinite Ammo)    |
             |  RB : Rockets (20 on Normal; 10 on Brutal)     |
             |  Left or Right D-Pad : Drop Weapon             |
             |                                                |

When you do reach the next area, enemies will be shooting at you from both
above and below. Back up so that the enemies below you cannot hit you, and
use the rockets to take out the enemies above you. Always use the gatling 
gun to kill off the ones below you, and keep an eye out for a helicopter 
that drops off more troopers onto the roof across from you. If you run out 
of rockets there is a second gun on the crates to the right near the en-
trance. More troopers will emerge from the right side, so keep an eye out 
for trashbags rushing you with Shotguns from the right.

Proceed to the other side and one trooper and a Mauler will rush out of the
doorway. Use the electricity from the sparking pole near the orange lights
to fry them.

When all the enemies are finally done for, pick up whichever Elite Trooper
gun has the most rockets left, and travel (rather slowly...) with it to
the white door the Mauler emerged from.

This next area contains some Howlers who obviously don't understand the 
meaning of "BFG." Try not to use any rockets on them; though it shouldn't
ever come down to that. Before the turn look over the left railing into
the water to spot the last upgrade, a [FIRE POWER UPGRADE], sitting in a
washed-up boat. Steal it and you should receive the 'Master Researcher'

Blast open the [AMMO BOX] and turn more Howlers into swiss cheese. If you
go right after vaulting over the sand-bags, you can find the last [BLACK
MARKET] in the game.

Achievement Tip: This is your final Black Market in the game, so sell any 
items and weapons you don't need or haven't been using. Sell duplicate up-
grades you haven't used. You can make 50,000 Rubles easily to get the 'Greed' 

There's two [RUBLES] and an [AMMO BOX] here, so collect them, pick up the
Trooper gun, and go down the alley to the left and Power Throw the gate open.
Keep walking straight along the bridge.

Sigh... just another one of those days.

As soon as you get up, not one, but TWO Elite Troopers will be homing in on 
your position. That, however, is why we have our BFG. Stand behind the con-
tainer on the right and fire rockets at the Elite Troopers to stun them and
take out their weak-point on their back. When they're stunned, use the Gat-
ling Gun to shoot out their shoulders. Use the Shield constantly and fire
a rocket or two at groups of normal troopers who are bugging you. When
you've exhausted the Trooper's Gun's ammo (Which should be after both Elite
Troopers are gonners), drop it and begin looping around to the right of the
area, taking out enemies by the conventional methods.

Another option is to Shift passed the two Elite Troopers, but that leaves
them hanging around and shooting you while you traverse the area. It's an
option for when you find you have no others. You can also use the elec-
tricity from one downed Trooper to fry the other.

After dealing with the troublesome twosome, proceed up the stairs and to
the right, and take out any troopers who get in your way. There are
troopers operating a Turret in the distance, so take cover behind some
sand-bags and use your guns to kill them off. When all are dead, fire up
the Glaive at the burning garage and burn off the webbing covering the
ladder on the left wall.

Climb up it and break open the [AMMO BOX] on the left at the top. Turn
around and proceed cautiously along the walkway, as troopers will spawn,
one of them a Mauler. Take out the Mauler quickly, and then work on 
killing the troopers who took over the Turret again.

When you pass the Turret more troopers will spawn and hide behing the sand-
bags. Finish cleaning them up and then go through the warehouse they came
from and into the next area.

Next you'll be fighting all 6 of these Jackals in this are- naw... just
kidding, but you know you would have wanted to. Pass right by these life-
less piles of metal and into the next strangely-lit room.

You know your face mask is cooler than his, so now it's time to prove it.


At first Nemesis will simply charge you and try to cut you open with his
blade. He has a permanent shield that negates any damage to him, for the 
moment. At first, just wait for him to close in on you and then dodge his
sword strikes.

Occasionally he will get in close and a prompt will pop up that will allow
you to deflect his attack. Additionally, he will very rarely throw his
blade for a one-hit kill. This attack, like his others, can simply be
dodged though.

Wait for him to summon electricity (which will damage you if you're too
close), and then throw his electrified blade at you, which you should 
promptly dodge. Follow it to where it lands, and throw the Glaive at it to 
charge it with electricity as well. Hitting the shield once with an elec-
trified Glaive will turn the shield a translucent red, but it's still there. 
Two shots with an electrified Glaive will take it down completely. I 
recommend the latter, which should be do-able in one of Nemesis' electric
blade throws, if you can move fast enough. 

Whether you take the shield down to red status, or take it down completely,
you'll now need to hit Nemesis directly, which is a little easier said
than done. He rolls constantly and is usually too close to effectively
use afterTouch on. Your best bet is throwing the Glaive after Nemesis has
dodged or moved, and begins moving toward you. Or, you can try to gain dis-
tance and use afterTouch. 

If you don't hit him before he summons his blade back, you will repeat
the attack pattern above. If you do hit him though, then he will glow red,
ready for a finisher. Run up and press the two button prompts, and after
doing so, Nemesis will jump up on a ledge at the end of the area.

From here he will charge his blade and throw it at you, but he himself will
remain atop the ledge with his shield up. Dodge the blade and use it to
charge your Glaive with electricity again, and then use afterTouch to 
navigate the Glaive under Nemesis' shield and hit him in the legs. Once
you do, he will jump down and repeat his entire attack pattern.

Do this entire process 3 times to end the fight.


You start with a Jackal directly in front of you begging to be used. If it 
ever comes down to it, there is a second Jackal a little ahead of this first
one, but you should be able to make it through this first section with just

Enter the Jackal and decimate the troopers in front of you. Proceed up to the
gate and use the cannon to blast it open. It takes 2 shots to open it, and
there are 3 gates like this total, so keep that in mind and keep the Jackal
up and running until you reach the third gate.

There are 2 RPG troopers in this area, one behind a truck and another on the
ledge. Remember to use the countermeasure whenever you hear the sound que and
kill off your remaining opposers. Blast open the next gate.

In this section there are 4 RPG troopers, 2 on ledges and 2 on the ground.
Use the cannon on the ones too far off to hit with the machine gun, and if 
your Jackal has taken too much damage, consider back-tracking to pick up the 
second one. You can spot 2 more RPG gunners manning the bridge in distance. 
Without walking too far forward, take them out before they can fire on you 
with the cannon or machine gun. Blast open the gate to the right, exit the 
Jackal, and perform the last jump of bad-assedness in the game.

       _                    _              _____             
  ___ | |__    __ _  _ __  | |_  ___  _ __/__   \ ___  _ __  
 / __|| '_ \  / _` || '_ \ | __|/ _ \| '__| / /\// _ \| '_ \ 
| (__ | | | || (_| || |_) || |_|  __/| |   / /  |  __/| | | |
 \___||_| |_| \__,_|| .__/  \__|\___||_|   \/    \___||_| |_|
The Dark Sector | Total Upgrades: 0 | Abilities Gained: None 

At the start of the chapter, run forward into the encampment for a cutscene.
Funny how they just stood there, not that it would have made much of a 

As soon as you gain control, Shift and find some cover. Take out anyone in 
your immediate vicinity and then work on taking out the troopers like normal. 
When all is quite again, head into the all-too-ominous tunnel. Turn right when 
the area open up and climb up the ladder; at the top press the red button to
open the door to the Vault and head inside.

Go up the stairs to your left and walk along the walkway until you reach the
large open area. Chromas and Stingers will spawn, so use the plentiful cover
and your wide range of abilities to annihilate them. When you get the chance,
head over to the elevator on the left and push the button next to it.

It'll take 60 seconds for the elevator to arrive, and during that time infi-
nite Chromas and Stingers will spawn. If you're feeling brave you can try to 
fend them off, but spending most of the time Shifting of using the Shield is 
a bit safer of a choice. When the time is up, sprint to the elevator, the 
enemies won't know what... didn't hit them?

In the next area go through the right corridor and down to the end of the 
large room. Press the red button, which opens the door on the left where you 
first came in. Back-track to it and proceed through the tunnel and out the 
door at the end. Go right in the next area and proceed through the left 

Keep moving forward until...


This fight takes place in three stages. In the first stage your only threat 
and only target are the three tentacles in front of Mezner. The tentacles will
throw rocks at you, which can be avoided by dodging or shooting them, and will
occasionally lurch forward and try to ram you, which can be dodged as well.
They'll spit a green gas at you from time-to-time, but just keep your distance
and it won't be a problem. If you're too close to Mezner, the tentacles may
try and swallow you up, in which case a prompt will appear allowing you to
retaliate, which will stun the tentacle.

When the fight starts, electrify the Glaive using the rod hanging from the
ceiling above Mezner. You'll need to shock each tentacle at one of the glowing
green spots on them, which causes them to open up. When they do, electrify
the Glaive again and hurl it at the center of their open heads. Using the
energyPulse is the best way to open up the tentacles, since it rarely misses
and can hit multiple targets at a time. When you shock the center of a ten-
tacle, it is effectively disabled, so get to disabling all three of them.

Once you do, Mezner will assault your mind, turning the screen bright yellow.
Make sure your Glaive is charged with electricity and then Power Throw it
directly at Mezner to stop the attack. You can also try firing on him with
your most powerful gun, but for the most part the Glaive is more reliable.
If you can't hit him within 8-9 seconds, he will instantly kill you, so be ac-
curate and efficient.

In the next stage, Mezner summons two more tentacles as well as Howlers, who
attack two at a time and will re-spawn endlessly. Ignore them and disable the
tentacles the same way you did in the first stage. When Mezner assaults your
mind again, Power Throw your electrified Glaive or shoot him full of holes.

In the last stage, the Howlers disappear and five tentacles replace them, 
three in front of Mezner and one on each side of you. They introduce a new
attack where smaller tentacles will whip out of the ground, which will kill
you in about 3 seconds if you don't press the prompt in time. They may also 
spit fireballs at you, which miss for the most part but can be dodged. These 
tentacles can be taken out the same way as the last two stages,

When Mezner tries his Jedi mind tricks for the last time, silence him with a
Glaive to the face.

Beating the game on Normal difficulty will unlock Brutal difficulty - where
Hayden is killed faster, there are more enemies in certain places, and
certain weapons like the Elite Trooper Guns have more limited ammo.

Weapons, upgrades, and money DO NOT carry over from play-through to play-
through. However, you can load up any chapter via the 'Load Game' option,
which will start you out on the chapter with the status and weapons you had
on the most recent play-through of the chapter.

   ___  _               _                           _          _   
  / __\| |  __ _   ___ | | __   /\/\    __ _  _ __ | | __ ___ | |_ 
 /__\//| | / _` | / __|| |/ /  /    \  / _` || '__|| |/ // _ \| __|
/ \/  \| || (_| || (__ |   <  / /\/\ \| (_| || |   |   <|  __/| |_ 
\_____/|_| \__,_| \___||_|\_\ \/    \/ \__,_||_|   |_|\_\\___| \__|

You gain access to your first Black Market at the beginning of Chapter 4, and
will run into them several times from then on out. Black Markets appear as
man-holes with the Lotus flower printed in white on or around them, and their
tops will shine like items/weapons. Stand on them and the game will prompt
you to press 'B' to enter.

All weapons and items are bought and sold using Rubles, the game's currency,
which can be found in piles or cases throughout the game, or can be obtained
by selling goods.

BUY: Purchase new weapons and equipment.
     In this menu you can buy and view the price and stats of available 

SELL: Sell equipment and items.
     Here you can sell weapons, items, or upgrades.

UPGRADE: Upgrade your weapons.
     Apply upgrades using this menu and view the available upgrade slots on
     your current weapons. Upgrades are applied for free and are permanent.

LOCKER: Store weapons and swap loadout.
     Here you can store weapons you've bought and switch them out for other 
     ones. You must always have at least one weapon under the HANDGUN cate-
     gory equipped.

Available weapons and their buy/sell price:

    ----------                                   ------------ ------------
   |  Item    \                                 /    Buy    /     Sell    |
   |           -----------------------------------------------------------|
   |  	                                                                  |
   |  HANDGUNS                                                            |
   |    Tekna 9mm.................................. 9,000 .........4,500  |
   |    Tekna Burst................................10,500 .........5,250  |
   |    Vekesk Micro...............................21,000 ........10,500  |
   |    Spectre....................................28,000 ........14,000  | 
   |    Hammer 1895................................31,000 ........15,000  |
   |                                                                      |
   |  RIFLES / SHOTGUNS                                                   |
   |    AKS-74.....................................20,000 ........10,000  |
   |    Striker....................................26,000 ........13,000  | 
   |    Protecta...................................39,000 ........19,500  |
   |    VX Carbine.................................30,000 ........15,000  |
   |    Korbov TK6.................................40,000 ........20,000  |
   |                                                                      |
   |  ITEMS                                                               |
   |    Frag Grenades..............................  ---  ...........450  |
   |    Upgrades...................................  ---  .........2,500  |
   |                                                                      |

 __    __                                       
/ / /\ \ \ ___   __ _  _ __    ___   _ __   ___ 
\ \/  \/ // _ \ / _` || '_ \  / _ \ | '_ \ / __|
 \  /\  /|  __/| (_| || |_) || (_) || | | |\__ \
  \/  \/  \___| \__,_|| .__/  \___/ |_| |_||___/

Weapons are bought at the Black Markets strewn throughout the game and are
your primary means of damage aside from the Glaive. Handguns are one-handed
weapons that can be wielded along-side the Glaive, while Rifles / Shotguns
are two-handed and therefore must be used seperately.

The stats of the weapons here represent their base form, without upgrades
(Upgrades will of course change the stats). The ammo type is listed because
guns using different ammo will not siphon ammo from the same source. If 
you're carrying 100 pistol rounds and buy the Hammer 1895, you're going to 
have to start collecting full metal jacket ammo starting from 0. 

While carrying one type of weapon, however, ammo for other types will not
appear. For example, Shotgun ammo will not appear if you are only carrying a
Pistol and an Assault Rifle.

Purchased weapons will NOT carry over to subsequent play-throughs.


T E K N A   9 M M:
The pistol Hayden originally starts with. It's well-rounded and can be used
throughout the entire game if you keep up with upgrading it. 

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   | 
             |  [==                                 ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [=====                              ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 12                                 |
             |  Ammo Type: Pistol                             |
             |                                                |

First Available: Beginning of game
Starting Upgrade Slots: 2

T E K N A   B U R S T   P I S T O L:
A modified Tekna 9mm made to fire in three-round bursts. It has double the
clip size but fires three times the rounds, so it can burn through ammo 
fairly quickly. Decreased accuracy due to the nature of the gun.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |     
             |  [==                                 ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [==================                 ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 26                                 |
             |  Ammo Type: Pistol                             |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 4
Starting Upgrade Slots: 2

V E K E S K   M I C R O:
FUll-auto as opposed to the Tekna Burst Pistol's three-round bursts. Accuracy
and damage are decreased in return for a larger clip size and non-stop fire.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |
             |  [=                                  ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [==============                     ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 30                                 |
             |  Ammo Type: Rifle                              |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 4
Starting Upgrade Slots: 2

S P E C T R E:
A one-handed Shotgun that can pump out some mean damage after a couple up-
grades. Though the clip size and fire rate are pitiful compared to other
Handguns, the Spectre more than makes up for it with its fire power and
range of damage.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |
             |  [=================                  ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [=                                  ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 2                                  |
             |  Ammo Type: Shotgun                            |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 6
Starting Upgrade Slots: 2

H A M M E R   1 8 9 5:
The most powerful Handgun, upgrades aside. It has a rather slow rate of fire
and ammo for it is scarce, but with this baby in hand you'll be blasting
Technocytes into oblivion left, right, up, AND down.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |
             |  [=======                            ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [=                                  ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 6                                  |
             |  Ammo Type: Full Metal Jacket                  |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 6
Starting Upgrade Slots: 2


A K S - 7 4:
A fairly decent Assault Rifle and the first you will be able to buy. Its
fire power rests on the low side and even with upgrades, it should be switched
out for the Korbov TK6 when the oppurtunity arises.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |
             |  [==                                 ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [=========                          ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 30                                 |
             |  Ammo Type: Rifle                              |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 4
Starting Upgrade Slots: 3

S T R I K E R:
The first Shotgun available and decent enough until the Protecta appears for
sale. Like the AKS-74, it should be switched out for its higher-end counter-
part when you first get the chance.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   | 
             |  [==============                     ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [=                                  ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 6                                  |
             |  Ammo Type: Shotgun                            |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 4
Starting Upgrade Slots: 3

P R O T E C T A:
The most powerful Shotgun - a must-buy for those who find themselves blasting
enemies in the face up-close and personal. However, it can also deal some
significant damage at longer ranges, making this a great weapon for all-
around use.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |
             |  [===================                ]         | 
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [==                                 ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 12                                 |
             |  Ammo Type: Shotgun                            |
             |                                                |

First Available: End of Chapter 4
Starting Upgrade Slots: 3

V X   C A R B I N E:
The only Sniper Rifle available in the game, and at first it's pretty in-
accurate. Upgrades will help make it extremely effective, but its limited
by scarce ammo and restricted number of places to use it to its fullest,
since most areas can be cleared out as easily with other weapons. 

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   |
             |  [=====                              ]         |
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [=                                  ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 6                                  |
             |  Ammo Type: Full Metal Jacket                  |
             |                                                |

First Available: End of Chapter 4
Starting Upgrade Slots: 3

K O R B O V   T K 6:
One of the most useful guns in the game, and also the most expensive. Even
without upgrades it can decimate large numbers of enemies quickly, while
still maintaining a large clip size and plentiful ammunition. Accurate to
a point (it IS an Assault Rifle) at both short and long ranges, making it
ideal for practically every situation.

             |  Stats   \
             |           -------------------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  Fire Power:                                   | 
             |  [===                                ]         | 
             |  Fire Rate:                                    |
             |  [============                       ]         |
             |                                                |
             |  Clip Size: 30                                 |
             |  Ammo Type: Rifle                              |
             |                                                |

First Available: Chapter 7
Starting Upgrade Slots: 3


R P G:
Cannot be bought and are only picked up out in the field. You cannot store 
them in the locker or carry over their ammo from chapter to chapter. Usually
intended to be used in the area they're found in, and can deal MASSIVE DAMAGE
to its target and the surrounding area. 

E L I T E   T R O O P E R   G U N:
The ability to switch between firing a Gatling Gun and rockets makes this gun
extremely versatile and even more powerful. It limits your mobility but
most forms of danger didn't even see that rocket coming let alone have enough
time to contemplate attacking you. The Gatling Gun has unlimited ammo but
the rockets are restricted to 20 for each gun (Only 10 on Brutal). There are 
a total of 4 places in the game to pick up an Elite Trooper's gun, all of 
which are in Chapter 9.

 /\ /\  _ __    __ _  _ __  __ _   __| |  ___  ___ 
/ / \ \| '_ \  / _` || '__|/ _` | / _` | / _ \/ __|
\ \_/ /| |_) || (_| || |  | (_| || (_| ||  __/\__ \
 \___/ | .__/  \__, ||_|   \__,_| \__,_| \___||___/

Upgrades are weapon enhancements salvaged from the Vozro Research Facility.
They can be found hidden throughout the game, and there are 37 total. Finding
all of them in one play-through will net you the 'Master Researcher' achieve-

Upgrades come in 10 different types and are applied to weapons for free at
Black Markets. Once applied, they cannot be taken off. They DO NOT carry over
to sebsequent play-throughs.

   |  Accuracy         \
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |	                                                                  |
   |  Accuracy covers a lot aspects of a weapon. Applying an Accuracy up- |
   |  grade will prevent the aiming reticle from moving around as much,   |
   |  will decrease how large it grows while firing, and will allow it to |
   |  return to normal size faster. Great to place on any weapons you use |
   |  often.                                                              |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Clip Extender    \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Clip Extender upgrades will increase the clip size of a weapon by   |
   |  25%, meaning you can get off more shots before having to reload.    |
   |  Great for almost every weapon, especially those with high fire      |
   |  rates that require frequent reloads.                                |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Double Shot      \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Applying this upgrade causes the weapon to shoot twice the amount   |
   |  of bullets for every one press of the trigger. It burns through     |
   |  ammunition quickly but will double the amount of damage a gun can   |
   |  deal. Useless to apply this more than once or on weapons that al-   |
   |  ready have a high fire rate (Assault Rifles, etc.).                 |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Enferon Shells   \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Enferon shells are laced with Enferon gas, which adds increased     |
   |  damage to Technocytes but no increased damage against normal people.|
   |  When you fire these bullets, they produce a brown gas in the area   |
   |  you fired them, which will continue to damage any Technocytes who   |
   |  remain in or near it (but not you). This upgrade should go on any   |
   |  weapon you use frequently, since the weapon will retain its normal  |
   |  fire power rating but will deal out even more damage against Tech-  |
   |  nocytes.                                                            |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Fire Power       \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Fire power is how much damage a single bullet from a weapon can     |
   |  deal. These belong on pretty much every weapon, and each time you   |
   |  apply one, the damage a single bullet can do is increased by 25%.   |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Fire Rate        \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  A weapon's fire rate is the time between each round fired. Each     |
   |  time you apply a Fire Rate upgrade, the amount of time between every|
   |  round is reduced by 25%. Useful for Handguns or Shotguns, but       |
   |  meaningless on Assault Rifles or Burst Pistols.                     |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Puncture         \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Puncture refers to a bullet's ability to travel through more than   |
   |  one target. Every Puncture upgrade applied will allow a weapon's    |
   |  bullets to travel through one added enemy. Unfortunately, it's only |
   |  useful when enemies have themselves piled up in a straight line.    |
   |  (rarely).                                                           |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Reload Speed     \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Reload Speed is how fast Hayden can reload his weapon. Every time   |
   |  a Reload Speed upgrade is applied, the amount of time it takes to   |
   |  reload the weapon is reduced by 25%. So for example, if it takes 4  |
   |  seconds to reload a weapon and you apply one Reload Speed upgrade,  |
   |  it now takes only 3 seconds to reload the weapon.                   |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Stopping Power   \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Stopping Power is a weapon's ability to knock down enemies, render- |
   |  ing them immobile. Every time you apply a Stopping Power upgrade,   | 
   |  the chance of knocking down an enemy with one shot is increased by  |
   |  25%.                                                                |
   |                                                                      |
    -------------------                                                   |
   |  Upgrade Slots    \                                                  |
   |                    --------------------------------------------------
   |                                                                      |
   |  Each time you apply an Upgrade Slots upgrade, you get one more open |
   |  upgrade slot. You can only apply one Upgrade Slots upgrade to each  |
   |  weapon. This upgrade won't take up any slots.                       |
   |                                                                      |

For locations of the upgrades in the game refer to the walkthrough section of
this guide. They might be added here in a future update.

   _    _      _  _  _  _    _            
  /_\  | |__  (_)| |(_)| |_ (_)  ___  ___ 
 //_\\ | '_ \ | || || || __|| | / _ \/ __|
/  _  \| |_) || || || || |_ | ||  __/\__ \
\_/ \_/|_.__/ |_||_||_| \__||_| \___||___/

S T E A L:
Steal allows you to use to Glaive to fetch distant objects or weapons and
bring them back to you. Required for a couple parts to retrieve certain items
that allow progress, but most valuable for retrieving upgrades and weapons in
the middle of battle without having to move out of cover.

Steal is great in any fire-fight for fetching downed troopers' weapons and
allowing you to use them while you remain behind cover. It can also do the
same for distant ammo boxes, if you find yourself in need of ammo in a pinch.
You will NEED Steal to get some of the upgrades in the game.

Steal is performed by hovering the aiming reticle over the object you want to
pick up - the reticle will change and the object will emit an orange glow.
Throw the Glaive in the general direction of the object and it will pick up
the item and give it to you when it returns.

Acquired: Chapter 2

P O W E R   T H R O W:
The Power Throw is one of the most vital moves in the game, damage-wise. A
Power Throw does four times as much damage as a normal throw and can instant-
ly decapitate or mutilate troopers and weaker Technocytes. The Power Throw
is needed to break off chains on gates or ammo boxes.

The Power Throw can be used with afterTouch and the Energy Trap for even
more carnage. A Power Throw / afterTouch combo can royally screw over any-
thing and everything in the game, except some bosses.

A Power Throw is executed by holding 'RB' to charge the Glaive and then re-
leasing it right as the aiming reticle turns yellow. The timing is a bit hard
so the best indicator is the rumbling of the controller. Right as it starts
rumbling, release 'RB' and you'll send the Glaive flying, ready to chop up
any fool in your path.

Acquired: Chapter 3 

E N E R G Y   T R A P:
The Energy Trap allows the Glaive to conduct certain elements, namely ice,
fire, and electricity, for use in puzzles or for having some sadistic fun
with enemies. When the Glaive is charged with an element, it does more 
damage and can freeze/combust/shock enemies.

ICE: Ice is usually obtained from coolers or coolant canisters, most of them
found in Chapter 7. It works great for turning Stingers and Chromas into
popsicles, and can clear fire or webbing blocking your way. In some areas,
you can throw a frozen Glaive through streams of water to freeze them solid
and create make-shift cover.

FIRE: Fire is obtained from anything that is already on fire, like torches or
burning gas leaks. While ice if great for Stingers, fire is excellent on
Howlers, often lighting them ablaze and causing them to explode, which then
causes them to light OTHER Howlers on fire and explode. Yes, it freakin'
makes them explode. You'll need fire to burn away webbing and to light
some torches like those in Chapter 4.

ELECTRICITY: Electricity can be obtained from sparking wires, sparking 
lights, or sparking power lines, and is often used to ignite gas leaks or 
power up elevators and doors. Electricity can shock enemies into submission 
as well as short-circuit turrets, or stun the Jackal found in Chapter 5.

To grab an element and charge the Glaive, just throw the Glaive through
or at the object. Once the Glaive is charged with an element, the elements 
lasts a solid 2-3 throws before dissapating away. 

Acquired: Chapter 3

A F T E R T O U C H:
One of if not the most useful ability in the game, afterTouch allows you
to throw the Glaive and then control its flight path for more precise hits
or for hitting targets not straight across from you. Using afterTouch, you
can aim at enemies' heads to deal even more damage or kill them instantly.
Combined with the Power Throw, afterTouch can kill off most things in the
game in one simple throw. 

AfterTouch is required in some parts of the game to manuevre the Glaive
over or through fencing, but can also be used in battle to find or scout
out enemies while you remain behind cover.

AfterTouch can be performed by pressing and holding 'RB' after already
throwing the Glaive. Keep in mind that it's not quite a double-tap - if
you press 'RB' again too quickly, you won't use afterTouch. Wait a second 
and then press 'RB.' You can also start afterTouch at any point after the
Glaive has been thrown, as long as its still going forward (You can't use
afterTouch if its returning to you). AfterTouch adds a little more range
to your throws, so use it when you find yourself not quite close enough
to an enemy.

Acquired: Chapter 3

S H I E L D:
Using the Shield generates a force field around Hayden's front that 
reflects bullets and projectiles, while still allowing you to use your
own weapons and Glaive. It lasts about 6 seconds and requires one of the
shining gauges on Hayden's arm, but can be used continuously as long as
shining gauges remain. Great when you find yourself surprised by an enemy
or in need of eliminating one annoying enemy out of a group of slightly-
less annoying enemies.

To use the Shield, simply press 'Y.' While using the Shield, you can still 
be damaged by melee attacks or by attacks from the back.

Acquired: Chapter 4

E N E R G Y P U L S E:
The energyPulse is an explosive attack that uses the elemental energy
charged on the Glaive. It will immediately dis-charge the element in a 
large area-of-effect attack that will decimate anything near it. Use it with
afterTouch to reach behind walls enemies are using as cover and then deto-
nate the Glaive for some appreciable results.

The energyPulse is used by charging the Glaive with an element, and then
pressing in the Right Analog Stick - you can press it mid-flight or while
still holding onto the Glaive. Using energyPulse will dis-charge the element
on the Glaive, so when the Glaive returns it will have no element and you
will have to charge it up again. EnergyPulse also uses up one of the gauges
on Hayden's arm.

Acquired: Chapter 5

S H I F T:
Shift allows you to turn invisible for around 6 seconds. Though you can still
be damaged, enemies cannot see you and you can sneak up on them for instant
finishers. Shifting is useful for by-passing turrets or security doors as well 
as fleeing from dangerous situations, possibly taking out an enemy or two in
the process.

Performing an action such as throwing the Glaive, shooting, meleeing, per-
forming a finisher, or getting hit will thrust you out of stealth. However,
you can still sprint, dodge, and pick up weapons.

Shift by holding 'Y,' which will also use up one of the gauges on Hayden's arm.
You can Shift consecutively as long as you have gauges left. 

Acquired: Chapter 7

P R O T O - A R M O R:
The Proto-Armor is permanent once acquired and will increase the strength of
the Glaive slightly as well as the amount of damage Hayden can take. Ad-
ditionally, it makes you immune to the effects of Enferon Gas.

Acquired: Chapter 8

J A C K A L:
The Jackal is a large mobile unit that you can pilot in Chapter 5 and Chapter
9. It has two means of attack - a machine gun and a cannon - that make quick
work of anything in your path. Using a Jackal is required to blast open some
gates in certain areas. Both the machine gun and cannon have unlimited ammo.

The Jackal itself is vulnerable to the RPGs fired by some troopers, but has
countermeasure flares that can be used to distract the rocket and drive it
             |  Jackal Controls  \
             |                    ----------------------------
             |                                                |
             |  LT : Zoom                                     |
             |  RT : Machine Guns                             |
             |  RB : Cannon                                   |
             |  Y : Countermeasure (For RPGs)                 |
             |  B : Exit the Jackal                           |
             |                                                |

   __                         _            
  /__\_ __    ___  _ __ ___  (_)  ___  ___ 
 /_\ | '_ \  / _ \| '_ ` _ \ | | / _ \/ __|
//__ | | | ||  __/| | | | | || ||  __/\__ \
\__/ |_| |_| \___||_| |_| |_||_| \___||___/

L A S R I A N   T R O O P E R S:
The main and frequent human enemy of the game. These guys carry either an
Assault Rifle (Wearing brown) or Shotguns (Orange/Yellow). They keep their
distance for the most part but those hauling Shotguns usually try to close
the gap a bit. If ever a Machine Gun Turret is around, they'll usually run
straight for it unless scared off by the Glaive.

These guys shouldn't ever pose too much of a threat. A single head-shot can
down them, or 2 normal Glaive throws, or a couple shots from a normal gun, or
a couple melees, or one Power Throw... I mean there just isn't much that
DOESN'T kill these guys.

If for SOME reason you find yourself in a pinch, it's always best to find some
solid cover, and take them out with afterTouch and Power Throws or whatever 
else you have at your disposal.

M A U L E R S:
Maulers are aggressive troopers wielding both a shield and, of all things, a
VERY damaging machete. One or two hits from these guys will drop you in-
stantly, so they're definitely something to watch out for. Unfortunately they
usually attack along with groups of normal Troopers, which makes them hard
to deal with as you're constantly bugged by other fire. They can only attack
using melees however, so they'll need to get considerably close before they
can pose a real threat.

Your best strategy for these guys is backing out of a fire-fight and drawing
them out along with you, since they always charge at you. Throw the Glaive
at their shield to stun them and then shoot them in the head. Power Throws
will stun them for longer. If you feel you have enough distance, you can
attempt to use afterTouch to navigate the Glaive around their shield to hit
their feet or to clip them on a rebound. Always be sure to know just how 
close they are to you though.

H O W L E R S:
Almost like the Troopers of the Technocytes... except nauseatingly noisy. They
drag along their hammers and axes and are pretty slow to swipe at you - one
dodge is enough. They can lash out deceptively quickly though, and come
sprinting toward you, but you can gain more distance by stalling them with
the Glaive or rolling the other direction.

Later in the game you'll meet more infected versions of these guys, which
aren't all that different except for increases in health. Both, however, can
grab and attempt to choke you, during which you'll need to press a button
prompt or else just sit there suffucating until you die. 

Your dreams of setting things on fire should be realized around these guys;
they die instantly from fire and, though the explosion is fun, it can still
damage you if you're too close. Power Throws will also decimate Howlers if
you find they're getting a little too close for comfort.

M O L E S:
Only a couple Moles will actually attack you in the game, which is disappointing
seeing as we never seem to have enough maul-your-face-off rabies dogs running
around real life these days. Moles are quick and will catch you by surprise
often, requiring yet another button prompt to get them off of you. 

They go down very quickly, but are usually too fast for the Glaive. Damage them
through the button prompts or guns, and they'll be dead before you can say "Did 
she just call them 'maul-your-face-off rabies dogs?'"

S T I N G E R S:
Stingers will appear more frequently in the second half of the game and use
decently-damaging orange projectiles. Like Howlers, they're dealt with equally
well with the Glaive or guns, but elements are always a fantastic choice.

It's always a good idea to be behind some good cover when dealing with 
Stingers. Though only one or two may be left, they're projectiles are 
damaging enough and fire at a fast enough rate to send you into critical con-
dition very quickly. Whenever a Stinger catches you by surprise, the Shield
is your best option - it will block their attacks and allow you to kill off
any remaining Stingers.

C H R O M A S:
Chromas enter late in the game equipped with blue projectiles and the ability
to Shift. Like Stingers, their damage can build up quickly and Shifting
makes them hard to pin down. However, they are easily stunned, which forces
them out of stealth and usually readies them up for a finisher. Even if
not surrounded by the red glow, a stunned Chroma will remain in place with
its limbs pulsating, allowing you to Glaive or gun it down. They don't have
much health, but can over-power you if you're not careful.

The Shield is also one of your better options when dealing with these guys.
And like you, they aren't invincible just because they're invisible. You'll
know you're hitting your target if you see bright glowing blue blood splat-
tering on the floor. Continue shooting the area to hopefully stun and
finish off the Chroma.

Shifting Chromas can be seen when you yourself are Shifting as a faint
pulsating outline. Shifting around them however is not very effective, so
save up your shiny gauges for the Shield.


For strategies and information on the Mini-Bosses and Bosses in the game,
refer to their respective sections in the walkthrough.

KAMOV HELICOPTER: Chapter 1 and Chapter 5...............[WK01]

JACKAL: Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.........................[WK04]

ELITE TROOPER: Chapter 6................................[WK06]

COLOSSUS: Chapter 4.....................................[WK04]

STALKER: Chapter 7......................................[WK07]

NEMESIS: Chapter 9......................................[WK09]

FINAL BOSS: Chapter 10..................................[WK10]

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