2 Red rings?

  1. my xbox says its over heating, i have bought 2 computer fans that i have put on the side of the xbox to help with air flow and there is plenty of air going through it. my xbox is on a raised piece of wood so there is air underneath the xbox also. After 2 minutes of my xbox being on its turns off with the overheating lights. I seriously doubt that it can over heat in 2 minutes with a significant amount of air being blown throught it. So what else could be causing this to happen( and me getting the 2 red lights)? i heard that possibily my graphics card is not connected any more? im really confused and can not think of anything else to do. thanks!!!!

    so i edcided it might actually be the grapics card becasue if i turn on the xbox and dont play a game it will stay on longer. but if i loda a game it willl get through the games loading screen then "overheat"... but i still need help. what should i do? MY XBOX IS OUT OF WARRENTY and i dont have any money to pay $100

    User Info: lzyboyy101

    lzyboyy101 - 10 years ago

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  1. Are your from the US or Europe? Cause in europe it doesn't cost $100. I don't know how it works in the us, but you should call XBOX (Yes call Xbox!Not microsoft! xbox is not only a console name) there is a number on xbox.com and here in europe they send ups to pick it up the next day, sometimes even the very same day, and you get it back in about a week. Often it will be brand new console, cause it's cheaper for them to send you new one than to repair it.

    User Info: milosc

    milosc - 9 years ago 2   0


  1. i agree with Mkherkzen its the only solution for your problem . but i think the best solution is to send it to microsoft before it get the infamous RROD.

    User Info: eal-zubieri

    eal-zubieri - 10 years ago 2   1
  2. It's not bowing air into the Xbox that helps, it's actually removing the air. A couple of friends and I have discussed this issue several time, it actually came up last night. Your fans aren't just pulling enough air any more. They may have slown down, or your Xbox 360 could be terribly dirty inside. I have actually had a fan burn out on me before and It caused my Xbox 360 Elite to RRoD. So be sure to check that also.

    The only way to truly fix your issue is to make sure you Xbox 360 is clean internally, and to stop blowing air into it! Do your best to improve your Xbox's exhaust fans and hopefully you will not be having issues any more with over heating.

    User Info: MrDubstep

    MrDubstep - 8 years ago 1   0
  3. First thing to do before messing with anything is to get the secondary error code which will tell you which component is overheating to get a better idea where to start.

    You can look over at xbox-experts.com for how to get the secondary xbox 360 error codes and what they mean. Now when you get the secondary code, enter it into the interactive repair guide to further your troubleshooting, starting with how many red lights you have flashing (2 in this case).

    Most of the time, the heatsink is set improperly or unlevel caused by the "x-clamp" retention system. Eventually the cheap stock thermal paste dries out and forms air pockets which lead to overheating issues. Removing the x-clamps and resetting the heatsinks properly with high quality thermal compound is the best thing you can do to start. This will cool the CPU/GPU down. If you do a 12v fan mod, its a bit loud, but cools the chips even more.
    Xbox-experts.com created the Hybrid eXtreme Uniclamp (tm) X-clamp repair kit to address most of these issues. The uniclamp backplate has thermal pads on it which conduct the heat from under the chips directly to the chassis, turning the entire case into passive heatsink. We also have thermal pad cooling kits for the bottom RAM and heatsink kits for the upper RAM and southbridge/ (h)ana chips. Just got to the xbox-experts shop, look on ebay or amazon for the supplies you need.

    xbo-experts also has free xbox 360 repair forums, and a xbox 360 error code database which is updated regularly.

    User Info: humboldt111502

    humboldt111502 - 8 years ago 1   0
  4. Either your xbox is really busted or there is something internal that is causing this. Good luck!

    User Info: wonderwaffle111

    wonderwaffle111 - 10 years ago 0   0
  5. If your xbox is standing up your hard drive could be getting fried which courses over heating so lie it dawn

    User Info: michaellyon1994

    michaellyon1994 - 9 years ago 0   0
  6. that happened to me it means the internal fan is busted even if u have backups u still need the in fan im srry But i had to get a new xbox and as long as u have a hard drive u can save all ur memory

    User Info: D11churchkill

    D11churchkill - 9 years ago 0   0
  7. The issue isn't generally airflow unless your system is clogged with dust. The problem with external fans is that you don't need them even if they pull air out of the system. Also, some require that you attach the fans to your 360 and run your power source through it then to the 360. This siphons power from your 360 which will cause it to overheat anyway. The problem most of the time is that the thermal paste Microsoft used to put between the processor and heat sink is really cheap. Everytime I repair a 360, I take off the x clamps and heat sinks to find that the thermal paste has bled off of the processor. Therefore, heat isn't being properly transferred TO the heat sinks and not FROM the heat sinks.
    With that said, 2 red lights is bad news. This generally implies a hardware failure, most often with the GPU. If the GPU is burnt up, then replacing that wouldn't be an option. You could do an X clamp replacement but that fix along with any other would be temporary. If it even worked after the fix, then it could literally be five minutes or 5 months before your 360 picture goes out or you get the permanent 2 red lights. Best bet: save and send it to microsoft. They'll just send you a refurb and give you a month of free live and an extended warranty on your replacement console.

    User Info: CFritzRun

    CFritzRun - 9 years ago 0   0
  8. Sorry to post again but in response to you saying that the graphics card could be disconnected, I highly doubt that's the case but ,yes, running a game ups the GPU usage and will cause overheating very quickly if the thermal paste has bled off (which is most likely the case).
    Like mkherkzen said, look on craigslist for someone that can do quick cheap fixes if you're looking to spend less, but saving always pays off!

    Best of luck to you!

    User Info: CFritzRun

    CFritzRun - 9 years ago 0   0
  9. For starters don not use fans or intercoolers as these can cause this problem of overheating and can scorch your console's power suplu. Is it close to any objects that produce a lot of heat that could cause this problem otherwise you may need a new console.

    User Info: mitsmirage

    mitsmirage (Expert) - 9 years ago 0   0
  10. My old Xbox 360 did the same thing and I suspect the motherboard fried up. If you have had frequent power surges or outages, this is likely what happened. If you get another Xbox 360, I recommend getting a high $ surge protecter. But there is no fixing your Xbox. It is finished. Sorry to break the news.

    User Info: xXJeff13Xx

    xXJeff13Xx - 9 years ago 0   0
  11. The same thing happened to me. i just vacumed the outside and some of the inside and it was fine but it never overheated in like 2 minutes. i would just vacuum it and clean it but dont break it.

    User Info: 360spain07

    360spain07 - 9 years ago 0   0
  12. Ive fixed plenty of the 2 red ring, ALL 2 red rings is a connection problem or small disc tray error.... which can be fix by just by replug in all the cords and to vacuum the inside of you xbox if that doesn't fix it open disc tray and vacuum that too.... 3 red rings is the only huge problem with 360s.... sometimes if unlucky 2 red ring come from the disc tray from the two copper strips not touching which activates the disc from opening when they touch to closing when they separate.... hope this helps for anyone out there with this little problem....

    User Info: cre8tive9

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  13. I Had the same Exact problem ... Its Because the fan in The back of the Xbox has a Alot of dust on it .. Which Is Not allowing air to Come in .. So i Had to Take apart my Xbox And Clean the Fans and all the dust out of it . Instead of Paying 100 Dollars For a Repair , i'm Charging only 20$ for Repair ... Tex me at 321 355 3236 , Kik Me at : AKAAaron1377 Or write me on Facebook : Jpimp19999@yahoo.com For More Imformation about thisss , Thank You

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  14. I don't think blowing air INWARDS will help - this way you just keep the hot air from going out of the console. I would try to place the Xbox horizontally and let it work without the additional fans. Or, at least, try to set them so that they suck the hot air OUT of the console.

    If the problem still exists than it may mean that there's dust inside, which obstructs the circulation of air. I would recommend using a vacuum cleaner in this case. Try to suck out as much dust as possible.

    Last but not least, the problem may be caused by some malfunction of the graphic card, just as you suggested. In this case there is no other option than sending the console to MS. If the console is out of warranty you must prepare yourself to spend some cash into a professional repair (search on craiglist or other such pages).

    Good luck with the console. Peace.

    User Info: Mkherkzen

    Mkherkzen - 10 years ago 1   2
  15. 1 Red light - Disk Drive Error, just try again & clean the disk if that helps
    2 Red lights - Overheated, let the 360 cool down and put it somewhere where the vent holes aren't blocked
    3 Red lights - "General hardware failure" - Known as the "Red Ring of Death", call Microsoft.
    4 Red lights - AV Cable not plugged in - Plug it in, hahaha.

    User Info: Toad_004

    Toad_004 - 10 years ago 1   2
  16. Sorry to post again, but DO NOT keep your Xbox 360 in vertical position because it puts pressure on your internal components. Especially the X-Chip.

    User Info: xXJeff13Xx

    xXJeff13Xx - 9 years ago 0   2
  17. If you have 3 or less lights lighten in red you have the ring of death ( if you have the ring of death you need to send your xbox 360 to Microsoft. To find out about how to send you xbox 360 to Microsoft go to EB Games or any place like that and they sould tell you ). If there are 4 red lights lighten it just means your xbox 360 if over heating.

    User Info: lugassy24

    lugassy24 - 10 years ago 0   3
  18. Sometime my cd game get hot and my xbox frezz this happend 2 time all ready and am scared

    User Info: beanly22

    beanly22 - 10 years ago 0   3
  19. Keep ur xbox in a vertical position it wont overheat i got 3 xboxs only the 1 in my room dont overheat cuz its my only vertical xbox that are horizontal position have a better chance of heating up also i played gears 2 for 8hrs my xbox still blowing out cold air "also when buying a new xbox use a xbozx cooling fan rite out of the box use the fan for about 1week then ur xbox will run cool after taking it off"

    User Info: gundaicut

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