How do i recover my gamer tag?

  1. Hi, I want to get a 360 and my gamer tag is on my brother's 360. I have heard that I could recover my existing GT, but I don't know how. how do i do it?

    User Info: LordSepiroth666

    LordSepiroth666 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

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    Recover Your Gamertag from Xbox LIVE
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    Whether you're migrating your original Xbox account to your new Xbox 360 console, refreshing your gamer profile, or you misplaced your Xbox 360 Memory Unit, Gamertag recovery provides a convenient way to get a fresh copy of your gamer profile so you'll be ready for more Xbox LIVE gaming.

    We do not recommend that you recover your Gamertag to a friend's console as a convenience when roamingyou could lose your saved games. Instead, use an Xbox 360 Memory Unit to take your profile with you when you play on someone else's system.

    To recover your Gamertag from Xbox LIVE:
    Sign out from all of your profiles. The fastest way to do this is to press the Xbox Guide button, press X, and select Yes, sign out.

    Select Recover Gamertag.

    Follow the directions on the screen.


    You can enter information using a USB keyboard plugged into a controller port, the Xbox 360 Chatpad (sold as part of the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit), or your Xbox 360 controller and the on-screen virtual keyboard.

    When you're finished, your profile will be downloaded from Xbox LIVE to your console and you'll see your avatar in the Sign In area. You're good to go!


    If you're a minor, you'll be asked to supply Windows Live ID credentials for your parent, who will need to be present to complete the procedure. Your parent will need his or her own Windows Live ID and a valid e-mail address.

    If you've forgotten your password or need help determining which e-mail address you associated with your Windows Live ID, see Xbox 360: Invalid E-mail Address or Password.

    If you're recovering a Zune Tag as your Gamertag, check your billing information after recovery is complete. You may need to update your billing info before you can set up an Xbox LIVE Gold membership or download content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

    User Info: Nixedantur

    Nixedantur (Expert) - 10 years ago 0   0

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