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How do I prevent the console from overheating?

  1. My console has recently developed an overheating problem (two red rings). I figured it was because of the heat, but the central air in my house is fixed. This seemingly stopped the problem for a while, but now if I play it for maybe more than 3-5 hours it'll overheat. The power supply isn't on the carpet anymore, of course during 2009 it never overheated, even though it was on the carpet every time I played it. How do I prevent this?
    N30Chaos687 - 11 years ago - report


  1. Xbox 360 consoles will do this sometimes. There isn't anything I can think of that will help you right now. Call Xbox at: 1-800-4MY-XBOX and see what they can do for now.
    b2trumpet - 11 years ago - report
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  2. Ok if you pile up all the games I've played in the last week like I do then you are blOcking the fan that is supposedly cooling it off so get off you butt and clear off those games then place it horizontally and turn it off for two boring hours and watch my little pony RAINBOWDASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NinjaNinja9901 - 9 years ago - report
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