How do I transfer data from one hard drive to another?

  1. I want to transfer data from the 20 gb hard drive on my x box 360 to a new hard drive that i will put on my x box, how would I go about doing this? I know one way is to get a data transfer kit, but I find it next to impossible to find this, is there any other way to do it?

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Accepted Answer

  1. The only other way to do this is by using a memory unit which you can purchase from a games store, but these aren't really cheap though. As you will probaly really need a 512mb one, otherwise there is a cheaper 64mb but they don;t hold much data.

    To transfer data between hard drive using a memory unit follow these steps,
    1) Plug in your old hard drive as well as your memory unit before turning on your console
    2) After turning on your console, go to settings
    3) Then select memory, then games and then your hard drive in the window
    4) Then a list of all your games should come up,
    5) Select a game on your hard drive by pushing the A button, then a list of save files and downloadable content should come up
    6) Select the save game file and either select copy (creates another save file on you memory unit leaving it on your hard drive as well), or move (this moves the game save file onto your memory unit) and select memory unit to copy or move to
    7)Repeat 5 and 6 for all your game saves
    8) Exit out and return to the dashboard, then turn off your console once you have done moving game saves
    9) Unplug your old hard drive from your console and plug in your new hard drive, leaving your memory unit plugged into the console
    10) Turn on your console
    11) Select settings, then memory
    12) Then select games on your memory unit
    13) Select each game save on your memory unit and move it to your hard drive
    14) Do this step for all your game saves on your memory unit
    15) Once complete exit back to the dashboard and then you can remove the memory unit and then you shoud be done

    PS. You could try buying a transfer cable from Ebay or if you have two Xbox 360 consoles registered in your name (one must be an Elite console) you can contact Xbox support for a free transfer cable by giving them your two console serial numbers. Or if you buy a new 120gb hard drive from a store you will get a transfer cable included in this pack

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