Review by Unknown50862

Reviewed: 03/06/06

Dirty and Damp; WWII at its Best

Play as a Russian, British, or American soldier. In exotic locations such as cold *** Russia, hot *** Africa, and well blown to **** Europe. Not much story, just follow your superiors and complete objectives. You basically relive famous battles such as D-Day and Battle of the Rhine. Although you get new weapons according to when they were released during the war, such as the MP44, which I haven't seen in any war game to date.


Dark, dirty, and damp. Just like a war game should be. The graphics are superb, nearly live like. Of course a War World II game would need good lighting for the explosions, and this game is no exception. Shadows almost placed perfectly when a explosion goes off in the distance. The faces on the characters could be better, but none the less amazing.


Another great thing about this game it it's sounds. I wouldn't be surprised if they recorded real weapons for the guns, you can hear the whistle of artillery as it comes, and planes flying over head. You hear the rain coming down and the waves splashing on the shore.


Basic...just like nearly any other game. Nothing revolutionary here, although there is a jump button. Although it does give you quite a bit of control over sensitivity.


Not to fast, not to slow, just right. This game feels perfect for a war game. Assault, defend, advance, retreat, it has it all. You can have only up to two weapons at a time and have both frag grenades and smoke grenades, which adds a bit of strategy as well. This game gives you a good feel for nearly every aspect of war, you even command a tank and some air strikes in a couple of missions. Although I would have liked to fly a plane, you can't have everything though.


Horrible. The worst of the next-gen so far. Not the gameplay itself, but the setup of the online system. You join a server and the first one to join that server is host, no matter how bad their connection is. Because of the host thing, nearly half the games are laggy. You can't make even make your own games, and once a game ends you have to go join another server. EA has already released that all the lag problems will cease with a patch and the online system will be revamped to match that of Halo 2's, but until then it is useless.


The hardest difficulty, veteran, it takes awhile to master. Besides that there isn't much replay unless you mind reliving the same missions over and over. The multiplayer is pretty much useless until they fix the mess that it is.


All in all it's a good buy. If you aren't really into the whole war theme you should at least rent it, but if your a war enthusiast or just a really big FPS fan then defiantly buy it.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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