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Reviewed: 03/01/06

Great Single Game

For the launch of any new console, there is always one game that stands above the rest. For the Xbox 360, which in my personal view had the best launch lineup of games since the Sega Dreamcast, Call of Duty 2 stands high as the game that pushes the 360 the most in terms of graphical power, has an extremely strong single player and a pretty impressive yet flawed multiplayer game.

The majority of people agree that Call of Duty 2's single player is the games most impressive feat. Its pretty intense, let me tell you that. As a World War 2 game, you'd expect it to be pretty similar to the previous game and other WW2 titles, and you'd be right too. This game is pretty much a normal WW2 but it just feels right. Its hard to explain but WW2 games never appealed to me but this game deserves a lot of credit.

The single player follows the journey of a single person from each of the Soviet Union, British and American Forces and follows real life battles such as the Battle of Normandy and the attack on Stalingrad. The game isn't story driven but you honestly feel as if your going through the emotions of living a War through the eyes of each soldier.

The AI in the game seems pretty good, obviously it gets a bit harder when difficulty is increased but no problems from me. The level design is great, moving through worn torn cities has never felt so real. Many buildings are torn apart and capable of walking through. As a PC game ported to a console, Call of Duty 2 does a pretty impressive job in the graphics department. Everything looks great but if your expecting a true Next Generation game, look elsewhere. The sound department is pretty cool too, the sound of bullets fling past you has never sounded so real. If only I had surround sound.

Multiplayer is the part where people have mixed views. I believe it could have been great had it not been for the disappointing Xbox Live features. For a start the game only holds up to eight players over Xbox Live where many had hoped for sixteen. Secondly, their are no pre-game lobbies which for me is vital in any Xbox Live game. The game works on a matchmaking system just like Halo 2. Finally, the lag is really THAT bad. It ruins the experience totally, hopefully a future patch will address all of the above problems. Other than that, multiplayer is fun experience. There are a lot of great maps and many of your usual FPS games like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag etc etc. There is also a great spectator mode for people to watch games is they dont feel like playing, the player controls the camera and can manoeuvre it to any angle at all. Great stuff indeed.

So overall Im pretty damn impressed by Call of Duty 2. I never knew a WW2 game could be so intense and yet so much fun. It really is fun to kill somebody in the game, there's a satisfaction everytime you successfully kill someone which not many FPS's can produce. Anyway, if your looking for a different type of FPS, away from your average Futuristic shooter(ala Halo), this is the one. Highly recommended.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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