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Reviewed: 02/13/06

So intense of a game that it'll make your crap yourself.

Have you ever heard of this here World War II? Apparently it was some major moment in world history and has spawned quite a good deal of first person shooter games among a number of different consoles. Many people say that the time period has been played out now considering how many different titles have come out based upon the war. However played out the scenario is within gaming, Call of Duty 2 is a fantastic experience and is, in fact, the best WWII shooter ever.

Graphics: 10/10
There really is nothing else to say about the graphics other than ‘wow.’ The first time that I shot somebody down my jaw just dropped seeing how realistic that these graphics looked. They truly are spectacular and are what a next generation game should look like. Everything about this game is beautiful. Sometimes I find myself just looking at the gun in front of me admiring how great that it looks. The environments are also very realistic looking and also very diversified. This is probably the best looking console game to date.

Sound: 10/10
This is one of the main reasons that make this game so great. Everything about the sound just screams realism. The guns firing, the grenades going off, people yelling at you in the midst of battle, all of it contributes to this realistic feel of being in the middle of an intense battle. It gives you this feel of actually being there. You can also hear your comrades around you talking to you in battle warning you of things going on. It’s refreshing to hear the people around you communicating with you rather than you trying to just fumble around and figuring things out for yourself. I don’t think this would be as great a game as it is if not for the awesome sound throughout.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is the other aspect of this game that sets it apart from your typical WWII shooter. You’ll really be hard pressed to find a moment within the gameplay where you aren’t fully enthralled in battle. It’s the most intense experience that you’ll ever have in any game, let alone in any WWII shooter. You have the option of choosing to partake in three different scenarios, which follow all three of the allied powers. Of course, the enemy will be the same whichever one you choose, but the mission objectives are highly diversified which makes this game so fun. It seems like you’re always doing something new as opposed to the usual run and gun type situation in every other shooter. The missions themselves also give you a sense that you’ve actually accomplished something. You can look back after you’ve completed the mission and think, ‘man, how did I ever survive that?’ But speaking of running and gunning, it’s something that you definitely won’t be able to pull off in this game. You’re actually going to need to stick with your allies in battle because of the number of enemies that you encounter. Not only that but your enemies are relatively smart and will stick together in order to overcome you, so if you try and turn into Rambo, you’re screwed. It’s also nice that the game tells you the direction where a grenade has been thrown and flashes off the screen once you’re out of range of taking damage from it. It’s quite convenient to understand where the grenades are as opposed to previous games where you just walk right into them. The health system works very well as it completely eliminated having to look for medpacs that magically appear in the middle of battle. There is no on-screen health HUD, just a red border around the screen when you’re about to go down. All you have to do is wait it out in a safe place for a few seconds to recharge yourself and then you’re right back in the middle of the battle. This is what WWII shooters should have been like since day 1. However, if shooting computer controller AI soldiers doesn’t fit your fancy then you can opt to go online a take the battle there against human controller enemies, which greatly adds to the replay value. Either way, you’re going to get an intense experience.

Controls: 9/10
The control scheme feels very smooth and you can easily pull off any kind of move without thinking too much about it. You can be looking down your scope, firing off rounds, moving around to avoid enemy fire, and perfecting your aim all at the same time and not put any kind of duress on your fingers trying to pull off the maneuver. However, within the heat of the battle I did end up throwing off a couple of grenades out of nowhere because of a slight finger slip onto the RB button, but really isn’t anything major. There was also an occasional problem of not being able to jump over certain objects at times, but again, it’s nothing major.

Overall: 10/10
I’m not to privy about giving out perfect scores but this is definitely a game that deserves it. There really are no weak points about the game and it offers up so much. If you bought an XBOX 360 and haven’t bought this game yet then I have no idea what you’re thinking. This is the type of game that you’ll buy a new system for, that’s how intense of a game it really is. It gives you this feel of actually being in the heat of battle with the amount of enemies that get thrown at you. So if you want the most intense experience you’ll ever have by playing a video game make sure to pick up Call of Duty 2 for the XBOX 360, just make sure to bring an extra pair of boxers with you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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