Review by SanoDarkshin

Reviewed: 02/06/06

One of the best games for the Xbox 360 right now

Let me start off by saying that I have really enjoyed this game. There are so many WWII games out there that you would probably just forget about this one. Well don't because you would be making a huge mistake. Call of Duty 2 is not a mistake in fact it is a dream come true to first-person shooter fans across the globe. Infinity Ward has created some thing marvelous and they don't shy away from using the power of the Xbox 360.

The A.I is smart enough to throw back your grenades, open cover fire while they rush you, and basically make your life a living hell. To combat them your given the awesome power of smoke grenades and I have to say that is the most realistic effect of this game that I've seen so far. They even made the rifles and weapons of that era as real as possible. You'll pick up an American rifle and see the serial number. Its that true to life feel that makes this game irresistible.

Your teammates help you out a lot, they aren't the craftiest shooters, but they cover you and make you feel like your a part of something more. Of course the total playtime varies with the difficulty. It took me a little under 8 hours to finish the game in regular settings, but for all of you hardcore video gamers the veteran mode dishes out a challenge. The only thing that I have a problem with in this game is that when you play it through Xbox Live you get laggy matches very frequently. This is going to be patched up from what I've been hearing, but still it would have helped if they had fixed it from the beginning. Even so if they took too much time fixing it we might have not got Call of Duty 2 as a launch title.

This is a fantastic game, if your not really a fan of shooters than just go out and rent it. I own the game and I'm still working on beating missions in veteran mode just for the achievement points. If you liked this review (its my first) and you want to play me, just look me up on Xbox Live, my gamertag is SanoDarkshin. Thanks for reading.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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