Review by Shadow3003

Reviewed: 01/05/06

WWII Combat Evolved.

Where to even begin with this excellent game? It provides such an intense fight from beginning to end. So lets have a look at the game from the inside.
Graphics: They are sharp and amazing. I was so impressed by the visuals in this game. When you do have a moment of piece, you find your self looking at the building, your squad members, your rifle that saved your life and your squad's. Yes, the visuals really make this game great.

Story: You follow the campaign through 3 different campaigns. The campaign was incredible. You play your way through all of WWII with 4 different people. Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov shows your the intense firefights to push the Germans out of Russia in the Russian campaign. Sergeant John Davis brings you to Africa to destroy the African Korps and Commander David Welsh puts you behind a tank for a different kind of combat, all that in just the British campaign. Lastly Corporal Bill Taylor brings you to France and then put the battle right on the German's on soil. The battles are also surprisingly accurate and so a great deal about the war.

Gameplay: This is the games strongest point. You have a great variety of ways to play through the game. You can force your way through or take an alternative route and pick off enemies for a distance to make your trek easier. The gameplay never fails to give you a different feeling, whether its just using a rifle, or firing your enemies down with tank, the gameplay is solid and will never bore you. Multiplayer offers a great way to bring the battles to an even great level. Nothing is better then taking down your friends, whether online or off, in an intense fight that will leave you with a great experience.

Sound: The game does a good job on putting you right in the battle field. Bullets, bombs, grenades, your squad shouting out of agony, the Germans insulting you, etc. This aspect of the game really helps put you in the shoes of a real soldier at that time.

Call of Duty 2 provides excellent gameplay, sound, and a compelling way to look at WWII. Playing through campaign mode is really fun and if you want a true challenge play through Veteran mode for some truly intense fights. The game offers you an insight into the history and the quote's that you get when you die and succeed give you a great understanding of knowledge. If your looking that great FPS starting game for the 360, well don't hesitate and pick up this game. You will be glad that you did!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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