Review by ChicanoMan

Reviewed: 01/02/06

For mother Russia! Attack!

First time I played Call of Duty 2 was at Walmart and when I played it I know that this game was going to be the killer-ap for the 360. Call of duty 2 is the 5th Call of Duty game in its series. You play as a Russian, British, and a American soldier in different fronts in World War 2.

Game play 10
Call of Duty 2 has the best Control scheme that I have every seen for a first person shooter. Killing nazis has never been so fun. The game is hard or easy depending on what skill level the gamer wants it on. On easy you can just run and gun but on hard you have to use all your resources.

Story 9
The story of Call of Duty 2 is not that different from other World War 2 games. You stop nazis from taking over counties by killing them and blowing there tanks and stuff up. What is cool and different is that in Call of Duty you just don't play a American soldier. You get to play as a Russian, British, and a American soldier on different front. In Russia you play as a Russian soldier. In France a American and in Africa a British soldier.

Graphs/Sound 10
Holy! This game's graphs and sound are......Wow! The graphs look life like and the sound, sounds real. When you fire a M-1 grand, MP-40, ect. it sounds real. Also the naizs sound like they are dying for real.

Play time/Replayability 9
The game's skill level depends on how long it is. On Easy or normal you could blow this game off in 3 days. Semi-hard and hard can be beaten in about 2 or more weeks. There is a lot of Replayability in this game because of the goals that it gives you like beating the game on hard.

Final note
Call of Duty 2 is a must buy for a person that has a Xbox 360. This is best World War 2 game that I have playen. You will play this game 10 years from now I bet. 10 out of 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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