Review by DouglasFett

Reviewed: 01/26/11

Call of Duty: Its All You

Ah. Call of Duty 2. One of the first games for the 360. A real classic. One game CoD fans ought to have in their game library, right? Wrong. If your looking to expand your library by delving into older titles, do yourself a favour and avoid Call of Duty 2.

1. Graphics 10/10: Nothing wrong here. For one of the earliest 360 titles, the graphics are fair enough. Certainly a step above CoD 1.

2. Sound 10/10: Gun fire, voice acting, etc etc. No complaints.

3. Story 10/10: As usual, the player is given control of soldiers from various allied armies, in this case the Soviets, the Brits, and the Americans, with theaters in Russia, France, North Africa, and Germany.

4. Gameplay: Here we go. Naturally, everything else about the game is just plain dandy. But once we get to the real grit of the game, the game begins to pale.

Its not the general combat thats bad. Mowing down Nazis with a Thompson or an MP40 is grand fun. Its not the "situational damage" thats bad either (IE no more health bar, which is a good improvement). No, its the AI. Its like Activision had everything else stepped up from previous titles except for this. And its ridiculous.

Its more of the same "hey you, do this! Move ahead! Lead the way! Protect this area! Set charges to that tank! Blow down that door! We'll stay back here where its safe!" While the player advances ahead, the AI will lag behind, often leaving the player high and dry while they do nothing to back you up when your cornered by Nazi soldiers. Its frustrating, simply put.

Multi-player is OK. If you know what your doing. Often times there will be campers, snipers, so trying to get into the online MP can be challenging against experienced players, but that can be said for any game.

If your an achievement hunter, Call of Duty 2 will put you in a world of hurt. There are 13 achievements. One of them is by just playing through the training mission. Another is by beating the game on any difficulty. The rest...can only be achieved by playing through the levels on the HARDEST difficulty. And that's no piece of cake either. In all fairness, this game came out in the 360's infancy, so the devs weren't as creative and imaginative as they are now with achievements.

So I'm being frank here in saying that Call of Duty 2 was a solid game when the 360 first came out, but years later, this title is not worth it. If your looking for a good CoD title set in WW2, you may as well settle on CoD3 or CoD World at War. At least in Call of Duty 3 you can pick up and throw back enemy grenades, a feature absent in this title. So yah, sure, this game was good way back when, but its a little dated now. In fact, some of the problems found in CoD 2 and its predecessors are notably FIXED in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare [which I highly recommend]. So yes, avoid CoD 2 and stick with later titles.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Call of Duty 2 (US, 11/17/05)

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