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Reviewed: 09/04/07

Outdated by new games - but a fun experience nonetheless

Call of Duty 2 was one of the first games out for the Xbox 360, and one of the most successful. It combined the weapons and environment of the WWII era with a brilliant set of controls, great gameplay, and great graphics. There's just nothing like shooting down your first Nazi while taking fire from 5 more, or experiencing the feeling as 30 Nazi's come rushing at your base. Like any game, is has flaws; however these are few and far between and easily ignored.

The gameplay in this game is absolutely the best for any WWII FPS that I've played. The AI is excellent, using available cover and not just rushing out into the open, making an easy target, and you really get the feeling that you're a soldier in the middle of the battle, even if you’re some geek who lives with his mother. The assorted weapons do an understandable amount damage, meaning a sniper will kill, and a pistol might take several shots. Headshots are appreciated in this game, as they do nearly twice the amount of damage that any other shot type can make. The main complaint here is the lack of online or local co-op, which can really take a lot of the fun out of the game. Nevertheless, the gameplay is still excellent.

The graphics in this game are extremely good considering this game was released with the Xbox 360. It's not nearly up to the caliber of Gears of War or almost everything released since, but the characters look life-like enough that the overall effect is nice. The environment is realistic, whether you're in the desert of Egypt or the tundra of Russia (assuming Russia actually HAS tundra), you feel like you can just jump into the game. Sometimes the game can get a little dark, which means any outside light can effect how you're playing, but these moments are only in a few of the buildings in the game, and together amount for about 15 minutes of play.

The audio in this game is superb. The sound of gunfire whipping over your head while returning it, all the while your teammates are giving you info on the enemy positions. The music combined with the above sounds creates an extremely powerful effect, which by itself is almost worth buying the game for. The one complaint is sometimes the voices are extremely off, you see a character's mouth move, then 30 seconds later you the voice. However, this is rare and not that important, so it's easily tolerable.

The controls in this game are almost standard for a classic FPS...almost. "R" is fire, and "L" is aim, which isn't confusing in the least. However, the melee button (click the right thumbstick) seems to be completely out of place compared to other games. One added feature which is rarely seen is binoculars. Click the left thumbstick to get a view of the area ahead, if not a scratched and dirty view, contributed by the worn set of binoculars you're equipped with. Other controls are easily remembered, such as reloading, picking up weapons, etc., but you still can never fully get used to the position of the melee if you've played other shooters in the past.

This game doesn't have an overly large amount of replayibility. The lack of any form of co-op just destroys the campaign, which is extremely easy compared to Halo or Gears of War. The versus mode isn't too horribly spectacular either. The maps are huge and nearly unplayable without the full amount of people, which you won't find considering CoD2's multiplayer is almost completely dead.

Overall, this is a game that was great when launched, but over time was killed by the better and bigger games that have launched since. No co-op and a dead versus mode is an almost killing blow by itself. If you're looking for a week or two of fun, it's worth picking up for $20, otherwise, you may want to pass.

Gameplay - 8/10
Graphics - 7/10
Audio - 8/10
Controls - 6/10
Replayibility - 2/10
Overall - 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Call of Duty 2 (US, 11/17/05)

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