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n.Chiefly British Slang pl. Jer•ries A German, especially a German soldier.
Jerries is a term you’ll hear a lot in this game. “Jerries! Comin’ up the left flank!” Call of Duty 2 is one of the most historically accurate war games out right now. Terms likes Jerries or Potato Masher(slang for the German grenade) help bring out the game and give it a unique quality. Quality, matched up with insane amounts of action. These two qualities are what help make this game seem like it’s the real thing, that being war.

GRAPHICS: 8/10 The graphics varied. Some of the textures are blurry and un-defined, while some are smooth and very well detailed. Most of the walls, floors, or any kind of barricade you could use for cover are detailed and have very high-quality graphics. However, rubble piles, grass, and the characters bodies looked un-defined and were poor quality. A lot of the explosion animations are poorly animated, mostly the bomb or artillery explosions. They are followed by a cloud of very un-realistic looking smoke that had bad shading and just looked awful. On the other hand, the grenade explosions are much better looking. When they explode they kick up dirt/snow/sand/terrain (different terrain for different levels) and shrapnel. One thing about this game that truly makes it stand out is the smooth frame rate. Despite all the action going on all around you, and the numerous amounts of enemy and friendly troops all firing at the same time, the frame rate never seems to drop. It’s always fast-paced, non-stop action. The character models were somewhat unique, at least in your squad. The enemies looked pretty much identical, but I suppose they don’t need to be unique since you’re not getting close enough to see the details on their face. All the high ranking officers were unique, older looking fellows who had a look of potency and shrewd awareness. For the cut-scenes, they use old newsreels and actual footage from WW2. It's a great way to start every level with the real life footage of the place you're about to fight in, and shots of the soldiers. It really helps set the mood for the game and gives you a greater respect for the men who fought and died in WW2. Overall the graphics aren’t as good as they could have been, but they were better than I expected.

SOUND: 10/10 The sound is excellent. There’s never a dull moment. Even after all the close range shooting is done and you’ve eliminated all the enemies in that area, you can still hear shelling off in the distance. The explosions and gun fire sounded very realistic. If an explosion goes off to close to you, the sound will mute as if you've gone deaf for a few seconds. It’s really remarkable, and is one of my favorite specific features of this game. If that's not realistic, I don't know what is.

WEAPONS: 10/10 I love the weapons in this game. There’s a wide selection of sniper rifles, normal rifles, machine guns, turrets, pistols, and they even let you use the artillery and tanks for certain missions. I'm not a gun fanatic or anything, but I’m pretty sure some of these guns were modeled according to the real thing. There wasn’t too much sniping required for the campaign but I liked to get the most accurate weapon, sit back, zoom-in, and kick some German butt!

GAME PLAY: 10/10 Very intense (maybe even a bit too intense, it’s almost overwhelming) and incredibly realistic. It makes you feel like you are actually in a war. It keeps you on your feet and gives the panic/adrenaline rush you would get from a real battle. A lot of the time you’re in a state of confusion because of the steady gunfire all around you. It's definitely a shoot em' up type of game, so if you don't like constant action and non-stop shooting, this game isn’t for you. The physics are kind of iffy. When you shoot someone and he falls off a balcony, or if he’s already on the ground he falls at about 100mph. So that particular end of the game wasn't too realistic. You’ll also see the guy’s body spin around really fast when you shoot them, which did get annoying after a while. This game has the occasional geometry conflict; where you'll see a gun or a dead body lodged into a wall or something, but you are constantly moving to new areas so you don't really have the time to notice it. One of the good things about it was that you could see the enemy’s gun sticking though a wall sometimes. So you could storm in and know exactly where he is located. The objectives get pretty boring and repetitive, sadly. It was usually something like: find something and plant some explosives on it, or find something and secure that area. But the overall game play never got boring, because you were always shooting.

ENEMY/FRIENDLY A.I.: 9/10 The enemy soldiers are generally stupid and for an offensive attack they’ll just sort of send in a bunch of troops hoping they won't get mowed down by machine gun fire and snipers. However, they enemies are good at defending. They’ll set up turrets, launch mortars, and call for re-enforcements. Friendly A.I. was a lot better. Your squad follows you around and, surprisingly, they actually do help keep you safe, by killing enemy troops. They'll hop on turrets, throw grenades, and alert you of enemy presence.

CONTROLS: 8/10 The controls were reasonable. When you're learning new controls, at the very beginning, or when they give you "hints", it causes a large prompt to come up on your screen that pretty much blinds you, even if you're in the middle of a fire-fight, which can be really frustrating and deadly sometimes. The tank is hard to steer when stopped but it gets easier once you’re moving. There is a level where all you do is have to drive around a tank around, so you have to get used to the controls, or you’re as good as dead. The only good thing about the tank is that you get to run people over, that is, if you can figure out how to steer the damn thing.

REPLAY VALUE: 9/10 The replay value is exceptional. It is so realistic and there are a few difficulty levels to play on. In other words; the higher the difficulty the more realistic it is. In a real fire-fight, you're not going to be able to take a round of machine gun bullets in the gut (like on easy mode) and live to tell about it. So once you're ready to play on hard mode, you’re going to be behind cover most of the time. The chance of running into a squad of Germans and not dying is unlikely.

Rent or Buy? Buy. Even if this game was just the Campaign I would still buy it. But there’s an online multiplayer too! Holy crap, go now and buy this game. I still wish I would have bought first and saved myself the $8 rental fee.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty 2 (US, 11/17/05)

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