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Reviewed: 04/17/06

Xbox 360: Call Of duty 2

Activision's first Xbox 360 release Title, call Of Duty 2 follows you thoughout World War II from the prospective of a Russian, British and American Soldier, sending you to Stalingrad, Africa, and France. One point of note, and a central part of the game, is when you play as a American, leadig you to the infamous
D-Day Landings. The Russian Campeign is probably the one designed just as a bit of training for the actual game, but is fun none the less.


Score: 7

Many people will say that the Gameplay is excellent, but I beg to differ. If you are a fan of the series or have played previous Titles, you would see that the Gameplay still feels the same and nothing really changes the feel of it significantly; bt it's still fun as hell!!! The gun fights are amazing, and many times you are stacked against the odds.


Score: 8

Although the Gameplay still feels as it always has, the Style has moved to a much more grittier, realistic feel. Instead of being able to be the Last Action Hero, you'll die within 7 seconds of running out into the open. Also, you'll be watching around you as your Team Mates die before your eyes just like that. *snaps fingers* It has that raw feel that makes you want to just kill those fashist idiots. One of the most shocking bits is when a fellow soldier goes up to a doorway blocked with wood, only to be ripped apart from gunfire.


Score: 10

But at least I agree on the graphics! They're excellent, showing the true power of the Xbox 360. You can clearly see that it uses Next-Gen graphic textures, one point proving this being in the American Campeign, you are saved by a Medic, and you see his face. It's just lavishly beautiful. But even 'lavishly beutiful' doesn't unlock the full potential of the great Xbox 360!!!


Score: 6

he game is fairly simple to comeplete once you get it. After I got it, I completed it on Normal difficulty in a Month!! After that, for the Achievments, it's simply completing the levels on a tougher difficulty. But it is still fun to play the levels over and over and over and over..... And there are also connection problems when playing online but they've been fixed recently with a patch you download.

Overall: 7

This was a good try for the Xbox 360's first World War action game, but there is still room in there for plenty of impovement, mainly being a bit of a change to the feel, a few more levels, and maybe some improved gun animations. but luckily, rumors are going on that Call Of Duty 3 is coming........

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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