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    Superstar Mode FAQ by MetsRule

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    Superstar Mode FAQ
    Author: MetsRule
    Contact: MetsRule5@gmail.com
    Date: 8/15
    Created By,
    The legendary GameFAQs user, MetsRule
    -Table of Contents-
    I. FAQ Information
    II. Superstar Mode Overview
    III. Creating Your Player
              A. Using Madden
              B. NFL Street 2
              C. NCAA Football 06
    IV. Getting Started In Superstar Mode
    V. Keeping Track Of Your Player
              A. Your Agent
              B. Website
              C. Map of City
              D. Your Cellphone
    VI. Training Camp/Practice
    VII. Improving Your Player's Characteristics
              A. Exposure
              B. Visibility
              C. Appearance
              D. Marketability
              E. Popularity
              F. Expectation
              G. Player Persona
    VIII. IQ Test Answers
    IX. Frequently Asked Questions
    X. Contact Me
    XI. Copyright Information
    Section I - FAQ Information
    MetsRule's Superstar Mode FAQ
    Version: 1.00
    Date: 8/27/2005
    If you would like to contact me you can email me at SuperStarFAQ@yahoo.com.  
    You can also post a message on the PS2 Madden NFL 06 message board.  As you 
    can see, I have a Frequently Asked Questions section down at the bottom of 
    the page.  I will add all of the questions there.  Please read that part 
    before you ask me any questions.
    Section II - Superstar Mode Overview
    This year EA Sports has given us a new mode, where we can focus on our 
    created players instead of an NFL team in Franchise Mode.  In this new 
    addition to the Madden NFL series you will not be able to control any 
    aspects of your team.  Things such as the draft and free agency will be 
    simulated.  There is one thing you can change about your team though.  
    You have the ability to edit the depth chart on your player's web page.  
    So if you're upset about not being the starting player, you can make 
    changes here.
    Superstar Mode is the ideal mode for fans of RPG's (role playing 
    games).  You will be able to play in this mode for a maximum of twenty 
    years, although you can retire anytime you want.  Superstar Mode is 
    targeted for the more casual football fans.
    Section III - Creating Your Player
    In Superstar Mode, there are three ways that you can create your 
    player.  You can create your player in Madden, import him from NFL 
    Street 2, or import your player from NCAA 2006.  Be careful choosing 
    which way you create your player though, this has an affect on your 
    players overall rating.
    You should also take note on your appearance.  Your appearance is very 
    important because it will affect the movie offers you receive and the 
    endorsements that you are offered.  Once you're in Superstar Mode you 
    will receive numerous phone calls telling you to make sure you look 
    good on the field.  This means that you should go to the mirror in your 
    apartment and make adjustments to your player's equipment.  Adjust
    the player's equipment as necessary until the bar on the bottom of the 
    screen turns green.  
    A. Using Madden
    While creating your player in Madden you need to choose a set of 
    parents.  The type of parents you should aim for varies on the position 
    you want.  Avoid choosing parents with two or more generic faces.  This 
    usually means that, sadly, your parents aren't anything to be proud of.  
    It's good to have a father with an NFL icon.  When you father has an 
    NFL icon it means that he has football experience, and that can take 
    you a long way.  Make sure you take a look at your parent's DNA.  Your 
    parent's DNA will affect your player's awareness rating.
    One thing you should always look out for is a father who has experience 
    in the NFL. This will make your overall much higher.  If you're looking 
    for a fast player you should look for a mother that was a sprinter in 
    college, or that runs the track.  This is usually easy to find but a 
    mother like this is usually matched up with a father that is bad at
    sports.  The father's usually have hobbies such as chess and magic 
    tricks, which means there awareness will probably be high.  This would 
    be an ideal set of parents for a Quarterback.  
    B. NFL Street 2
    To import a player from NFL Street 2, you need to complete Own The City 
    mode (in NFL Street 2).  Once you complete the mode you will be given 
    an option to export your player to Madden 06.  Choose that option and 
    save it to your memory card. Then when you choose Superstar Mode from 
    the game mode's section in Madden 06, there will be an option to import 
    your NFL Street 2 player.  If you still have your player saved on your 
    memory card, you have imported your NFL Street 2 player.
    C. NCAA Football 06
    To import a player from NCAA Football 06, you must complete Race For 
    The Heisman Mode (in NCAA Football 06).  If you've won the Heisman 
    Award at least one time, you will be give the option to leave college 
    early and export your player to Madden 06.  If you didn't win the 
    Heisman Award chances are that you will not be given the option to
    export your player into Madden.  After you have exported your player, 
    you must save it to your memory card.  Then go to Superstar Mode in 
    Madden 06 and choose the option to import an NCAA Football 06 legend.  
    If you still have the player saved on your memory card, you have 
    imported your NCAA Football 06 player.
    Section IV - Getting Started In Superstar Mode
    When you first start Superstar Mode you will be brought to your 
    apartment.  You will only be able to view your schedule until you 
    complete the NFL Draft.  On your schedule you will see that there are 
    scheduled interviews for you.  These interviews are important.  The 
    answers you give during the interviews will be a factor in determining
    your player's personality.
    You will also have to take an IQ test beofre the draft.  The IQ test is 
    Madden's version of the NFL's wonderlic test.  The IQ test is twenty 
    questions long and is timed.  You will have two minutes to complete the 
    test.  The IQ test will ask you personal questions.  Most of the 
    questions will not have a correct answer.  Scoring a high rating will 
    give you a high awareness rating and up your draft stock.  Scoring low 
    on the IQ test will mean that your player will have a below average 
    awareness rating and  his chances are your player will be drafted later 
    than he could have been.
    Section V - Keeping Track Of Your Player
    A. Your Agent
    Your agent is a very important part of Superstar Mode.  You can make or 
    break your relationships with fans through your agent, ask T.O, he 
    knows all about that.  When you hire an agent you should usually look 
    for someone who has acces to the Performance Institute.  If there 
    aren't any agents available with access to the Performance Institute 
    choose the agent with the best negotiation skills.  Keep in mind
    that you can fire your agent at any time.
    Through your agent you can also guarantee victories and a spot in the 
    playoffs.  This may seem like a good idea, but it will bring a lot of 
    attention to you.  The fans may begin to think that your disruptive and 
    that can make your popularity go down.  
    Here is a list of every agent in the game:
    Name       Negotiation Influence Interview Endorsements Institute Score
    PAR         Excellent   Average    Good      Average      Yes        9
    Joshua Culkin Excellent Average    Good      Good         Yes       10
    Mike Molinari Good      Average    Average   Average      No         5
    Larry Carlisle Good     Average    Average   Average      No         5
    Lamar Peters   Good     Good       Average   Average      Yes        8
    Andrew Michaels Good    Excellent  Good      Good         Yes       13
    Alexander Keith Good    Average    Average   Average      No         5
    Danny Castorani Good    Average    Average   Good         No         6
    Jerry Streussel Good    Average    Average   Good         No         6
    Jason Morales Average   Average    Good      Average      No         5
    A.J. Hernandez Average  Average    Average   Good         No         5
    Dan Baker    Average    Good       Average   Average      Yes        7
    Timmy Cowan  Average    Good       Average   Average      No         5
    Jay Feeney   Average    Average    Good      Average      No         5
    Eli Cummings Average    Good       Good      Average      No         6
    Erik Rock    Average    Good       Average   Average      No         5
    Aubrey DeLong Average   Average    Good      Average      No         5
    Billy Bailey  Average   Average    Good      Average      No         5
    Ace Fraizer   Average   Good       Average   Average      No         5
    IMA Inc.      Average   Average    Average   Good         No         5
    Jay Owe       Average   Good       Good      Average      Yes        8
    James KK Wolf Poor      Average    Average   Average      Yes        5
    Jake Huyck    Poor      Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Graham Cash   Poor      Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Stubbs Northcoate Poor  Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Sal Toki      Poor      Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Armando Eubanks Poor    Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Matthew Frederico Poor  Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Ted Sed        Poor     Average    Average   Average      No         3
    Don Moore      Poor     Average    Average   Average      No         3
    How the scores were calcualted:
    Excellent = 3 points
    Good = 2 points
    Average = 1 points
    Poor = 0 points
    Yes = 2 points
    No = 0 points
    B. Website
    On your website you will be able to keep track of the latest news on 
    your player.  On your website you will be able to keep track of your 
    player's accomplishments and goals.  It is important to reach your 
    player's goals.  When you reach your goals the fans will become happy.  
    You can also take a look at other NFL teams on your website.  You can 
    look at the rosters of all the teams around the NFL.  There is also a 
    link to your Superstar's depth chart.  You can make changes to the 
    depth chart to fit your playing styles.
    If you think your ready for a new agent you can take a look at the 
    agent directory. The agent directory will show you every agent.  The agents 
    red are unavailable to you.  If you find an agent you want 
    here just hit "x" and choose him as your agent.  Your current agent 
    will be fired.  There are usually no hard feelings.  You will receive
    a call from both agents after you fire and hire.
    During the offseason you will see a lot of endorsements and movie 
    offers come your way.  However, you will need to meet certain 
    requirements for these movie offers and endorsements.  For some of the 
    offers you need to have a certain visibility rating, appearance rating, 
    and popularity rating.
    To view your personality type and a biography of your player you need 
    to complete the preseason.  Once the regular season starts another link 
    will be added to your web page.  This link will be called "home".  You 
    will be able to see how well your player is adjusting to the fans here.
    C. Map Of The City
    The Map of The City is your way of getting around town.  You may not 
    have a car or anything, but this is where you will find ways to make 
    changes to your player.  Your Superstar will be able to visit some 
    local places around your home city (the city of the team you play for).  
    Here you will see a tattoo parlor.  At the tattoo parlor you can
    choose through almost fifty tattoos.  You are able to put a maximum of 
    one on each arm.  Some fans may act differently to tattoos though.  
    Fans might not like to see a player walking around with tattoos all 
    over his arms.
    On the Map of The City you will also see a barber shop.  Here you will 
    be able to change your hairstyle.  Don't get to outrageous with your 
    hair though.  If you have a Randy Moss-like afro fans might think your 
    a little crazy.  This will probably take affect on your popularity 
    rating and appearance rating.
    The Performance Institute is a great way to improve your player's stats 
    in Superstar Mode.  In the Performance Institute you will be able to 
    choose one of the Training Camp drills to participate in.  If you earn 
    a gold trophy, you will get five points to use on your player,  if you 
    get a silver trophy you will get three points to spend on your player 
    and if you get a bronze trophy you will earn one point to spend on your 
    player.  If you fail to earn a trophy you will not get any points.
    D. Your Cellphone
    Through your cellphone you will receive many messages from your mentor, 
    Terrell Davis.  He will guide you through your career giving you tips 
    on the way.  He will give you updates on who is named player of the 
    week and when players win awards.  Terrell will also keep you up to 
    date on movie offers and endorsements.
    You will also receive messages from your agents on your cellphone.  You 
    will get a message from your agent when you hire a new agent and fire 
    your old one.  Another time you'll get a message from an agent is when 
    you demand a trade.  If your player is just a rookie, he'll make fun of 
    you and say that you shouldn't demand a trade.  He thinks that you're 
    not worth much to the team.  You will also receive messages from
    your agent when you guarantee a win or spot in the playoffs.
    Section VI - Training Camps/Practices
    During your NFL career you will spend a lot of time in training camp 
    practicing.  You will earn points based on the average amount of points 
    you earn per play.  Try to average a little more yards per play than 
    what most the NFL teams do during the regular season.  It doesn't 
    matter if your Superstar Mode player is the one that makes the play or 
    not.  Since you play as a team, you earn your practice points as a 
    team.  If you do good in practice you will boost your overall rating.  
    You must complete at least ten plays before the practice has any effect 
    on ratings though.  
    Each play will be given points based on its effectiveness.  If your 
    Superstar Mode player plays on the offensive side of the ball you will 
    play offense in practice and if your Superstar Mode player plays on the 
    defensive side of the ball you will play defense in practice.  There 
    are ways to get a high average amount of points per play, but that 
    involves cheating.  On offense you can choose your play as a Hail Mary
    and the defenses play as Field Goal Block.  You will get a touchdown 
    every time.
    During the regular season you will have game plan situations.  Game 
    plan situations are like practice, except there are certain plays you 
    need to use.  This will prepare you for your upcoming game against the 
    The points you earn in practice will not be permanent.  They are used 
    as a stat boost for the upcoming game.  The only way to earn permanent 
    stat boosts is from games and training camp.
    Section VII - Improving Your Player's Characteristics
    This is, what I fell, the hardest part of Superstar Mode.  It's very 
    hard to raise all of the characteristics.  Keep in mind that an actual 
    rookie NFL player isn't going to be amazing in all of these characteristics. 
    It takes time for a player to earn respect around the league and win over 
    hearts of the fans.
    A. Exposure 
    Exposure is a way of seeing how well know your player is.  If your 
    parents were big time Hollywood actors your exposure would be higher 
    than it would normally be at the start too.  Exposure can be increased 
    by winning a lot of games.  If your player performs well on the field 
    and wins awards his exposure will increase.  By doing these things your 
    player will attract a lot of attention towards himself.  Winning the 
    Madden Bowl can also help.  
    B. Visibility 
    Visibility is a way of knowing how much experience your NFL player has.  
    Visibility is increased as your player moves on in his career.  As you 
    see his awareness rating go up, you will see his visibility rating go 
    C. Appearance
    Your appearance is the easiest characteristic to improve.  To raise 
    your player's appearance you need to go to the mirror in your player's 
    apartment.  Adjust his equipment until the bar on the bottom of the 
    screen becomes green.  The more accessories you add to your player 
    usually add appearance.  If your appearance is high, you will be 
    rewarded with more movie offers and endorsements.
    D. Marketability
    The marketability characteristic shows how good your player is for 
    advertising.  A high rating will here will earn you more offers for 
    movies.  Winning the Super Bowl or an MVP award would make this 
    category rise.  You're not going to be drafted in the first round so 
    your not going to be well known.  Not that many people buy jerseys for 
    a late round pick in the draft.
    E. Popularity
    Well, this is sort of self explanotory.  Popularity is how well liked 
    you are by the fans.  To avoid making your popularity score lower, you 
    should avoid running your mouth.  Not coming through when you guarantee 
    wins will bring down your popularity.  If your player is quiet and his 
    rating is still low you don't need to worry.  Only a few rookies 
    drafted late become popular.  
    F. Expectation
    Expectations are what the fans, media, and the team expects from you.  
    Expectations are higher for those that attend big name colleges, such 
    as USC, Texas, etc.  Your expectations are also raised as your years go 
    on and your player begins to progress.  Once your player starts to 
    progress he will become a bigger part of the team and more will be 
    expected out of him.  
    G. Player Persona
    Your player's persona is determined based on the way you answer 
    interviews.  If you answer your interviews saying that your the 
    greatest player ever, you're going to be labeled a disruption.  Many 
    people are having a problem, wondering why there labeled a disruption.  
    If you gurantee victories and playoff appearances, your going to be 
    pretty disruptive.  If your player is labeled disruptive, just stop 
    trying to do to much.  After a while the fans will realize that you are 
    a good player.
    I'm still working very hard on this section.  This is like I said 
    before, the hardest part of Superstar Mode.  Feel free to contact me if 
    you know something I don't.
    Section VIII - IQ Test Answers
    - Do you ever obsess over people?" say YES, because it's talking about 
    matchup film
    - Goalposts are 18 ft, 6 in
    - Carson Palmer's rating: 77.3
    - say NO to the afraid of spiders question
    - A slipper and a boot are alike because they are both shoes.
    - 3-6-9-12; Which number is next? 15
    - 105-92-79; Which number is next? 66
    - 7-14-21;Which number is next?28
    - 9-16-25-36;Which number is next?49
    - 7-10-13-16;Which number is next?19
    - 2-3-4-5;Which number is next? 6
    - Joe is 4 and his sister is three times older than him. How old will she be
    when she is twice her current age? 24
    - If Mike runs 1 block in 60 seconds, how long will it take him to run 5 at 
    same pace? 5 minutes
    - If Sarah runs 1 block in 90 seconds, how long will it take her to run 4
    blocks at the same pace? 6 minutes
    - Which is the smallest amount; 0.1 -1 or -3? -3
    - Which is the smallest amount; 0.1 1 or -1? -1
    - Circle is globe as square is to CUBE
    - Can u hear the sound of one hand clapping? Yes
    - Which is heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of metal? both equal
    - How many sides does an octagon have? 8
    - If it takes two to tango, how many does it take to mango? 4
    - What came first chicken or egg? egg
    - Who was the best player on your team in college? The RB
    - Peyton Manning is number 18.
    - Vick was the number 1 pick in 2001.
    - How long is the end zone at Lambeau Field? 30 feet
    - A muffed snap from the center to the QB is a fumble? True
    - Your glass is always half full
    - Do you like practical jokes? NO
    - Do you wish you were more assertive? NO
    - "Sideways" and "athwart" have SIMILAR meanings.
    - Which doesn't belong: Arrow - Sword - Bullet, Sword, it's not a 
    - All end zones are 10 yards or 30 feet or 360 inches The field would be 120
    yards 360 feet too many inches to count.
    - If Rick learns by going to school, and he gets better grades by learning,
    does Rick get better grades by going to school? Yes
    - I pay attention to detail.. Choose the one that says, You have two periods 
    the end of your sentence.
    - Have you ever lied to give yourself an advantage? No
    - Irritate = annoy
    - Wood is unlike copper and aluminum
    - Fish is to submarine
    - Reliable and Trustworthy have similar meanings
    - Mother is to girl as Father is to boy
    - Whale is unlike Salmon and Tuna
    - Eagle most unlike Dog and Lion
    - Artificial = synthetic
    - Floor most unlike Mat and Rug
    - Rustic = pastoral
    - Sea Lion - Whale - Shark, Shark does not belong (not a mammal)
    - If it takes two to tango, how many does it take to mango? 4
    - Circle is to SPHERE as square is to cube.
    - Have you ever eaten a turnip... YES
    - Will you take the last piece of pizza YES
    - Do you avoid exciting rides ... NO
    - If you fumble, what do you do? Focus on the next play
    - Curtis Martin led the league in rushing yards in 2004
    - 2,3,4,5... The nest number is 6.
    - What is the penalty for a chop block? 15 yards
    - What is the penalty for a flagrant roughing the kicker penalty. 15 yards
    - The hash mark to side line is 70 feet.
    - The goal post is 18.5 foot and 10 feet off the ground.
    - The width of a field is 53-1/3 yards wide
    Section IX - Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What year does Superstar Mode start at?
    Superstar Mode starts during this past offseason.  
    You will be entered into the draft with players such as Alex Smith and 
    Braylon Edwards.  
    2. How many years can you play Superstar Mode?
    Superstar Mode can go as long as twenty years.  However, you can retire 
    earlier then that if you want too.  You can retire by going to your 
    3. Can I choose which team I'm drafted by in Superstar Mode?
    No.  You can't choose which team you are drafted by.  The draft is done 
    randomly, based on the teams need for a certain position.  If you want 
    you can demand a trade but, people will label you as a disruptive 
    4. Should I create a player using Madden or import my player from NCAA 
    or NFL Street 2?
    Your player WILL be better if you import your player from NCAA 06 or 
    NFL Street 2.  You will be drafted earlier in the draft too.
    5. I don't want to create a player.  Can I use a player that's already 
    in the NFL?
    No.  You need to create or import a player in Superstar Mode.  You 
    aren't able to use any veteran players.
    6.  Can I use more then one player in Superstar Mode?
    You can only use one player in Superstar Mode.
    7.  Will Superstar Mode be in the same mode as Franchise Mode?
    No.  These two modes are completeley different.  When you go to Game 
    Modes they will be under two different categories.
    8.  What's the highest you can be drafted?
    The highest any player will be drafted is round two, pick one.
    9.  How can I demand a trade?
    To demand a trade, go to the City map.  From there go to your agent's 
    office.  Then choose the option to demand a trade.  You can only demand 
    a trade during the regular season.  You will not be able to demand a 
    trade right after the draft.
    10.  Which player do I control?  Will I control my Superstar Mode 
    player the whole time, or is it like a regular game?
    Playing games in Superstar Mode is just like any other game.  The only 
    difference is that there will be a red circle underneath your player.  
    This helps keep track of where your player is on the field.
    11.  Can I reject a movie offer?
    Yes.  You can reject a movie offer once it is proposed to you.
    12.  Can you buy a house or a car?
    No.  As your player progresses through his career his house will 
    be updated though.
    13.  Can you have a family?
    14. Are there real agents in the game?
    15.  Will I be able to holdout if I'm drafted to a team that I don't 
    No.  If you wan't you can demand a trade once the regular season starts.
    16.  Can I use Owner Mode?
    You can't use Owner Mode during Superstar Mode.  You don't control any of 
    teams transactions.  However, you can use Owner Mode in Franchise Mode.
    17.  Is there any way I can edit my facial features?
    Nope.  Your stuck with whatever you get when your drafted.
    18.  Can you use created teams?
    No.  You need to stick with the original NFL teams.
    19.  Is it possible to go undrafted?
    Your player will always be drafted.  Nice way to try and find a way to 
    your team though.
    20.  Who is J.C?
    J.C. is the owner of the Performance Institute.
    21.  How do I view my contract?
    To view your contract go to your website.  Then go to your stats page and 
    "select."  Cycle through until you get to your contract details.  It's just
    like Franchise Mode.
    22.  I answered all of the questions for my movie script and it says I 
    only got three out of four correct.  What gives?
    Make sure you look for little things in the script.  Sometimes the 
    is different, which could be causing your answers to be incorrect.
    23.  Can I choose which team I'm traded to?  
    You can't choose which team you're going to be traded to.  
    24.  How do I change my position?
    You can only change your position when you first start Superstar Mode.
    Section X - Contact Me
    You can contact me by using the GameFAQs message board or the Gridiron-
    Blitz message board.  You need to register before you post on either 
    board, but both of them are free. 
    Here are the message boards I will answer questions at:
    Section XI - Copyright Information
    Copyright 2005 Thomas Barnett
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  All trademarks
    and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective 
    trademark and copyright holders.

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