Where can I find the most powerful weapon and armour in oblivion?

  1. I'd like to know where to find the strongest weapon and the best armour in the game.

    ps. i dont have any expansion for the game so please give answers that only exist in the original Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Thnx

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  1. Daedric and Glass are the best bases for your armor, although it is the enchantments that truly make your armor and weapons.

    It is your choice how you enchant your items, although it will determine the function of the item. By enchanting your weapons or armor, you can create the most powerful weapon (for your playstyle).

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  1. Best Armor - level up to 20 or higher than go dungeon diving, you'll find Glass (light) and Daedric (heavy)

    Best Weapon - one that you create yourself using appropriate enchantments

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  2. www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Items

    That can help you with all item problems.

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  3. If you are asking about generic types of items such as any old glass curiass or any old leather greaves, then you will want to look for Glass/Daedric armour. If you want the absolute best armour possible in this game, then you would have to go look at www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Items to see what your needs are. You very well might have to enchant your own armour for the "best". As for the best weapon. Well, again www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Items for your specific needs. But the best weapon hands down, is called the Mace of Doom or something. Sorry, but it can only be gotten if you have the Wizards Tower expansion. If you have a PC it might be in one of the cells removed from the game. But other than that I dont have anything for you

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  4. The best weapon is debatable, but the strongest (damage wise) is the bound sword, if you use the permanent bound glitch then you can keep it, it's weightless, unenchanted (so you can customise that) and harms ghosts/wraiths. When you get to Journeyman in Armourer you put raise it's stats to 125% making it's attack about 32

    The best armour is Deadric, in the end game Glass (expert) and Deadric (master) are both weightless and provide the same amount of defence-but, the deadric armour has more health so it can last longer and in the end game Minotaurs and Minotaur lords become common, both have spells that destroy armour health.

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  5. The best sword is found in Vindasel an Ayleid Ruin found on the south west side of Red Ring Road. It is named Umbra, it deals out 30 damage with a master blade skill and has a trap soul spell with it. A female bosmer named ironically "Umbra" wields it. She is level 50 and has roughly 394 health. She wears ebony armor too. If you are a low level character bring many health potions with you.

    The best armor would be daedric armor with elemental shield enchantments. The enchantments aren't necessary but are highly recommended, because once you get to higher levels the enemies use alot of elemental spells or weapons. Do not bother enchanting the armor with the regular shield enchantment, because the daedric armor is strong enough without it.

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