What merchants (if any) sell lockpicks?

  1. That, or what are other easy ways of obtaining them?

    User Info: Knockout1

    Knockout1 - 9 years ago

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  1. Shady Sam, he sells Skooma as well as Lockpicks, he's just north of the Chestnut Handy Stables, next to the wall, so stay next to the wall and you should find him
    You can buy 100 Lockpicks from your fence if you're in the Thieves guild.
    Or you can go goblin hunting if your a low level, looking for lockpicks as well as the occasional enchanted item.

    -------Possible spoiler-------
    But the best thing to do, is level up to level 10 and go to The Shrine Of Nocternal just north-east a little, and you get a Skeleton key which is basically a lockpick that cannot break.

    User Info: Johnasaurus

    Johnasaurus - 9 years ago 2 0


  1. Behind the back corner on the stables outside the Imperial City there is a person called "Shady Sam" he is there 24/7 and will sell you such things as lock picks.

    User Info: nicj23

    nicj23 - 9 years ago 0 0
  2. *possible spoiler*

    To add to these responses, during your initiation mission into the Thieves Guild, Armand Christophe sells lockpicks for 5 gold apiece. HOWEVER, after you complete this mission, he will stop selling them, and then the fences (Ongar at the start) and Shady Sam become the only ways to get lockpicks (not including pickups from enemies).

    User Info: MiSTeR_BiG_09

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  3. I'm pretty sure the cat merchant in the Dark Brotherhood sells lockpicks.

    User Info: Ocelot529

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  4. The mean kitty in the DB sactuary sells 30 at a time and takes 3 days to restock.

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  5. If you have the Dunborrow Cave (behind Castle Anvil), there are 2 guys that sell 100 lockpicks, and replinish every 3 days. To get to the first one, from the entrance go right, then left. Go all the way straight then left, and left again. He's in a room with a hog. The second one is in the the pirate ship. Go into the door and take the steps down. Make a left into the door, and he's to the left.

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  6. Well after you have some lock picks you can just duplicate them[it's easiest with the scroll duplication glitch] or just keep going through known bandit and goblin hideouts and you can sometimes get out of these with an upwards of 25-50 lock picks if you explore the entire hideout and you typically get more picks if you go to the fort or ruins hideouts.

    User Info: shadow_of-death

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  7. If you are in the Thiefs Guild you can buy lockpicks from Ongar, who is your fence at the beginning, who lives in the southwest corner of Bruma. After you advance more in the Thief's Guild you get to buy them from more fences. Ongar has 100 lockpicks available for you to purchase. It takes approximately two days for him to replenish his supply.

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  8. You can buy them from any of the Thieves guild fences, The kitty in the DB Sanctuary, or shady Sam.

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  9. Shady sam behind the Chestnut Stables (has 30)
    Any theives guild fence (they usually have 100)

    -----possible spoiler----
    Or if you havent killed him the merchant at the dark brotherhood sanctuary can sell you them (has 30)

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