Enchant ring glitch?

  1. Ok so i have seen these vids and heard about this glitch where u can make a ring and dupe it and equip it again again how does that work can some one explain to me how to do it to? thanks. jackmajik - 12 years ago - report

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  1. The glitch is commonly known of gamefaqs as the CE (Constant Effect) Glitch.

    This is from the sticky topic, I included duplication since its part of the process needed to CE Glitch.:

    Duplicating items, using scrolls:
    From UESP:

    1. Acquire two or more copies of the same scroll. The number of identical scrolls that you have will determine the number of duplicate items you create.
    2. Open your inventory.
    3. Highlight the stack of scrolls and select them once.
    4. Highlight (but do not equip) an item (either single or a stack) that you wish to duplicate, and drop it.
    5. Close your inventory and on the floor will be multiple copies of the item that you dropped.

    CE (Constant Effect) Glitch
    From UESP:

    The glitch will occur with any enchanted item if you use one of the duplication glitches.

    1. Duplicate two identical copies of the enchanted item.
    2. Equip one, then try to duplicate the non-equipped one.
    3. The duplication will forcibly remove the equipped copy of the item, too, and you will be left with the item's enchantment as a permanent effect.

    This can be done with multiple different enchanted items, as long as each item has a different name.
    Art_Of_Drowning (Expert) - 12 years ago - report 3   0
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