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FAQ by Slasher424242

Version: .15 | Updated: 11/03/2008

Now, you are ready for your journey to begin!

Come on little sparrow, lets go check it out!

Fable II

=Table of the contents=

I. Editation and History of Faq			-Ongoing

II. Controls *Completed*
III. Backstory *Completed*

IV. Walkthrough *Ongoing*
	i. Starting out
	ii. Little Sparrow
	 -=++ Quest: Find 5 Gold Coins

    - Main Questline
	.A    - The Birth of a Hero
	.A.ii - The Bandit
	.A.iii - The Hero of Strength
		*** Journey to Hobbe Cave
		*** The Ritual
		*** Collecting the Holy Water
		*** Return to the Guild
	.B - The Hero of Will
		*** Retrieve Garth
		*** The Crucible
	.C - The Hero of Skill

V. Bestiary
VI. Items/Armor/Powers
	VI.a - Food
	Vi.b - Drink
	VI.c - Clothing
	VI.d - Weapon
	Vi.d.1 - Melee Weapons
	VI.d.2 - Ranged Weapons
	VI.d.3 - Weapon Augments and how they work
	VI.E.i - Strength
		***** Brutal Style
		***** Physique
		***** Toughness
	VI.e.ii - Skill
		***** Dexterous Style
		***** Accuracy
		***** Speed
	VI.e.iii - Will
		***** Shock
		***** Inferno
		***** Time Control
		***** Blades
		***** Vortex
		***** Chaos
		***** Force Push
		***** Raise Dead
	VI.F - Key Items
	VI.g - gifts
	VI.h - Miscellaneous
	VI.i - potions
	VI.j - Books and Documents
	VI.k - Dyes & Hairstyles & Tattoos
	VI.L - Furniture
	VI.m - emotions

VII. Sidequests
	VII.a - Sidequests
	VII.b - Jobs

VIII. Extras
	VIII.a - Silver Key/Silver Chest Locations
	VIII.b - Gargoyal Locations
	VIII.c - Demon Doors of Albion
	VIII.d - Locations in Albion (detailed town/area stats)

IX. Frequently Asked Questions & Contributions
X. Credits

I. Editation of Faq

Write dates:

Begining of Faq: 10/27/2008, 7:26 AM
Written on: Notepad +
Composer: Slasher42424
Editation: Creation of basic guide format
added controls
added Table of contents

Edit: 10/27/2008, 7:46 PM
Written on: Notepad +
Composer: Slasher42424
Editation: Addition of Backstory
finished controls section

Edit: 10/21/2008
Written on: Notepad +
Composer: Slaserh42424
Addition of full guide structure
Addition of Sidequests area
Addition of Jobs
Addition of Silver key/ Silver chest locations
Reformatting of Items area
Addition of walkthrough through begining of Hero of Strenght Quest beginning


II. Controls

The controls used in Fable II are not the most intuitive controls but they are
similar to the old style controls of Fable. Which are like trying to pick
up your controler with all thumbs....

A: Action Commands, talk, pick things up, vault, you get the idea? Hold to run
B: Use magic, hold to charge for area effect or move LS to target enemy
X: Use sword, hold to defend, hold and move with LS to do Flourishes
Y: Use Gun/Crossbow, hold to zoom
Start: Brings up menu
Select: Havent found function except for henchman teleports to main character

LT: Pay attention to a target when directed or focus sights on gun when zoomed
LB: Centers camera, hold to get 1st person lookaround mode.
RT: Magic selection box and hold to collect EXP, maneuver with D-pad
RB: opens emotion box, cycle through with LS
LS: Moves character forward backward, strafe
RS: Look around
L3: None
R3: Close up look at character

() III. Backstory

500 years after the heros were common, a time where the glorious reign of
the heros had fallen. The civil people of the country of Albion joined up
and attacked the Hero's Guild, killing all heros and all will users in one
fail swoop. The Hero's guild was buried over time and disuse, and the age of
hero's and the old kingdom all but forgotten by the most of a person in all
the land. Hero's tales and the use of will are all but forgotten among the
countryside. All that is left, are the untouched ruins of longstanding 
buildings, erected in the olden times that are passed off as random features
of art. But this is about to change, because a prophesy was made, and the
future has been written. A Hero will arise, and draw together, the last of the
bloodlines to save the world, from a man who will seek to destroy and remake
it in his own image.

||||||                 IV. WalkThrough                  |||||

i. Starting out.         \\\\\\
In the land of Albion, corruption is abundant. You are a lowly street urchin
that lives with your sister, Rose in an abandoned house. At the begining
of the game, you get to pick what gender you are. Throughout the game, this
will affect the dialouge that goes on around you and how people communicate
with you.

Everything you do will affect the future. One choice in a game in some cases
is a matter of future life and death, it all depends on what you want. Evil
things will cause death and destruction, and Good things will cause Death and
dispair. So what do you want to be, an evil hero and a tyrant, or a good hero
and a nobel person.

So, your first big choice before the start of the game even happens is:
Do you want to be Male, or Female. Regardless, you still start off with being
called Sparrow by your big Sister, that doesnt change.

Over the course of the game however, there are things that will change with
your doing about you and this is something we will cover here.

* Self Image    *

*** Corruption/Purity: Do you Charge Extra Rent? or do you let your guests stay
for almost half price? This is Purity and corruption. The more corrupt you
are, the more hardened and tough you look as a person. You can become pure by

-eating fruits and veggies
-providing low rent/low pay shops
-donating to the temple of light

you can also do the opposite and be corrupt by

-Eating excessive meat and beer
-charge extra on rent/shop prices
-sacrifice to temple of shadows

*** Good/Evil: Standard battle are you a good little chipmunk, or an evil 
hamster? This is one of the deciding factors. If you are good, you are jolly
and have a bit of an aura around you. If you are evil your skin grows pale 
and you get jaunted. I dont know about horns, have heard like in Star Wars 
KOTOR you may grow horns but I have no conformation on that.

Good: Donate to temple of light
- Be charitous to people
- Give gifts
- use Fun Emotions
- Be good to people

Evil: Kill people
- Walk around with weapon drawn
- Use will around people who are not enemies
- Use Rude emotes
- Use insults

*** Jokester/Fiend: This is a new one in Fable, and this is one of the ways that
people judge you. Are you funny, or are you a rude person. Basically that
outlines itself, use Fun emotes vs using Rude ones.

*** Strength: this is bodybuilding. The more Physique, toughness, and brutal
styles you have, the more muscles you get. This is combated with how much bad
stuff you eat so if you max out strength you might still be a bit on the 
chubby side because it appears that Fable II has removed the infamous run eat
50 pies and then run around for a bit and no hard feelings

Build Muscles: Build Strength levels with Strenght EXP + General EXP
Build Fat: Eat pies and other bad foods like beer and mead.
Reduce Fat: Eat Celery and the Amazing Apple Pie, (3 star level apple pies)

*** Skill: This as I know of, has not much to do with how much you look like

*** Will: Alright, for the Will users out there, there is a new addition to

the ugly board. Will Lines form as you increase your skill in Will. So the
more spells you upgrade and use, the more blue lines increase all over your
body and detract/add to your image.

|  ii. Little Sparrow   |

Starting out, will be a scene of you and Rose, looking off to a Castle.
You will be hit in the head with some sparrow poop (of course, its a sparrow)
and Rose will say its good luck, but she would compare it to getting a 4-leaf
clover but she would rather have the clover.

Now during the conversation, hold LT to look off to Castle Fairfax. Lord
Lucien lives here and is a very recluse man. Recently both his wife and
his daughter perished.

Down the lane some commotion will happen. Along the way you can kick some 
chickens out of your way. You can be well on your way to earning your first
Title, Chicken Chaser from the Town Criers. But when you arrive, its just a 
trader Rose says, and she brushes it off. He is peddling things he has 
collected through his travels including a "Magic Mirror" that turns you pretty
but you have to look at it in the dark.

What is really of interest to you, is a Magic box for 5 gold pieces. He has no
idea what it is but your first objective is to find 5 gold pieces and buy it.
This is a psuedo-quest, because you have to do it to get by, but you dont get
reknown for it. This is also when you encounter a woman. Rose will say that
the box is clearly not magic but the woman will come back at Rose saying that
these must be desperate times if not even children believe in magic anymore.
She goes on saying that Rose must want to believe it is real and says that
the 5 gold coins would be worth it.
Rose comes back saying that they could eat for a week on that but then again
they would not be any closer to getting into the Castle.

-=++ QUEST: Find 5 gold coins!
	This is simple, its basically 5 things that teach you how to explore the map
and use the controls. Simply do 5 tasks to get the coins. 

Gold Piece #1 - The first one is 
simple and right in front of you. The guard has lost his arrest warrants and
he needs them back but he cant leave his post. Go find his five Letters, and 
he will give you a gold coin.

When you go to retrieve the papers, you will be encountered with your first
battle. This will instruct you on how to fight, when you draw your weapon, 
your target turns red. Use X to hit and hold it to block Rex's blows as 
he makes them. After the battle is done and rex runs off, you get to meet
your future companion, your Dog. He will be along shortly, and he will
bring you one of the papers actually for the quest.

Paper 1: Just on the right of the alley after you beat Rex, on the ground.
Paper 2: Just out of the alley, there is a nook between the boxes, its right
there on the ground.
Paper 3: The dog will bring it and it will be sitting in front of him the 
second time you find him.
Paper 4: By a Lightpole near the steps leading down to nowhere.
Paper 5:

After you retrieve all 5 papers, you will have to make one of your first good
or evil choices. You can go straight back to the guard and give them to him,
or you will be stopped in the alley by a man who will give you a gold for the
warrants so they wont ever be given to the guard. If the guard recieves the
warrants, the future of Bowerstone Old town will be much cleaner than the
infested future of the lawless town if you give the warrants to the crook.

*****RESULTS FROM GP1!*****
1 GP

Give Man Warrants = + Evil Alignment points & Corrupt future town
Give Warrants to Guard = + Good Alignment points. & Good future town

Gold Piece #2 - 
The second task is right behind you, Monty, an out of luck townsman is wooing
a woman who is on the second story who will get caught by her mother talking
to him and she thinks that he is not worthy. After this, talk to monty who 
will ask you to deliver his letter to his beloved for him. Go knock on the 
door and give the woman a reason to get in the house which is you need a coin
for postage on a letter. She will invite you in and you have to make another
Good/Evil Choice. Just take the coin and run, or go up and give the letter to
Monty's Beloved. If you just take the coin and return outside, you will get
evil points, otherwise, if you go and give the letter, you will get good

*****RESULTS FROM GP2*****

Give Letter = +Good Alignment Points
Refuse to give letter = +Evil Alignment Points

Gold Piece #3 -
The next task is down the lane, you will talk to the man at the photo stand.
He needs a model for his photmagrapher. Barnum will ask you to do a pose for
the camera. You can either do a good pose and get good points, or you can
sabotage his photo and get evil points. Either way, you get a gold coin in
for it.  Now you have to wait 3 months for it to develify, too bad you dont
get to see it, lol.

*****RESULTS FROM GP3*****

Good picture = +Good Alignment Points
Bad Picture = +Evil Alignment Points

Gold Piece #4 -
The second to last task will actually help you collect on the warrants. A lady
and a tramp are in a doorway argueing. A beggar has stolen the tramp's booze
and he asks you and rose, the two sets of twins, to go fetch it for him. He 
will give you a gold coin for it, or you could listen to the lady and give it
to her for another gold coin and good alignment. Be careful, you dont want to
wake up the beggar who has it.

*****RESULTS FORM GP4*****
1 Warrant Paper

Give bottle to Lady = +G.Alignment
Give bottle to Tramp = +E.Alignment

Gold piece #5 -
Alright, this is your last task to retrieve 1 last gold coin. The owner of a 
warehouse is in need of some assistance. You are needed to go and get rid of
a bug infestation upstairs in the warehouse but there is a catch, you cant 
destroy ANY of the products. So go in and load up your toy gun and... wait,
who is the shady guy at the window? He asks you to destroy the crates and he
will give you a gold coin for doing it. He is the one who set the beetles on
the warehouse anyway. So do either, go out, and recieve your last gold coin!!

Now you can get the Music Box!

*****RESLUTS FROM GP5*****

Destroy beetles = +G.Alignment
Destroy Stock = +E.Alignment


Now return to the Traveling merchant and retrieve the box. Go back to where
the game first started and turn the computer to do its work. The box will
open and begin to play when you make your wish, as soon as you do, the box
will glow red and it will disappear into oblivion. Rose is disappointed and
goads you into coming to bed. Kick a few chickens on the way (its good for em)
and go up to the house like object. There you will find the dog again, who is
rather intent on staying so you go to sleep.

Later a guard comes and brings you to Castle Fairfax to meet with Lucien. He
requested that you and Rose be brought before him. As you learn, he is quite
an avid collector of Old Kingdom Relics and he has been working on something.
He asks you to step on the stone circle and all of us know, that this is one
of the objects from the long forgotten Hero's Guild. The Device glows blue
and then it turns red. He starts muttering something like its gone wrongn and
this is wrong. He then says that one of you is the 4th and he needs to make
sure that you dont make it. He shoots rose right there, and she dies at your
feet. Then he aims the pistol at you and apologizes and fires. It cuts out and
you fly down from the top of the tower and fall hitting every buttress on the
way down. You are collected by the old woman, who brings you to the Gypsy camp
where you spend the next 10 years training and working your ass off, so you 
can avenge your dead sister and find Lord Lucien, wherever the heck he went
after he fled the castle.

  ///// Main Storyline Start /////////////////////////////////
IV.A Main Quest

	From here on in, the old woman who found you, her name is Theresa, and she
is a blind seer. She has found you and has taught you the ways of Hero's from
the days of the hero. She has raised you at the Gypsy camp and will soon find
set you off on your journey, but not before you explore your surroundings first.

*** Bower Lake: Gypsy Camp ***
1 Stone Cutter Shop
1 General Store
Your own personal caravan
9 other ownable caravans
things of interest - 1

Theresa will tell you she left you something by your caravan. In the chest,
you will find a Rusty Longsword, a Spade, a Splintered L.Crossbow and a
Collar of Holding. Then you need to go meet back up with Theresa at the
front gate. If you havent ever followed it before, this would be a good
time to mention the Gold path infront of you. It is always there during
main questline items, you never have to worry about going astray because
it will always be there for you. On sidequests though, there are times
that you will have to go it alone and use your own intellect to finish the job

******** Using Your dog!!!! ****

Since you have a collar, that allows you to control and rename your dog at
any time. Your dog also is able to fight, do tricks and find treasure. Some
of the time the treasure finding skill is the best thing in the world to have
because it is necesary for some sidequests like the Archeology sidequest and
the Love hurts quest, but save those for another time. You can increase you
dogs ability to do these things by finding books around Albion in book stores
from mobile traders, and even digging them up. Just teach your dog and his
abilities increase just like yours, well... not exactly...
But whenever he starts to bark, he senses treasure, so follow him, when he
stops and paws the ground, press down on your d-pad and you will use the spade
to unearth whatever he has dug up.


After that, you automatically equip the items you picked up, you can head over
and meet Theresa at the gates. The gate guard will open the gates and you will
exit out. Theresa will turn to you and hand you an item. It is the Bower Lake
Tomb Seal, a key item that will allow you to enter the Lake Bower Tomb and
find what it is she wants you to find on your own. Travel down to the Tomb and
enter into it. This also allows her to convey her messages to you throughout
the game and communicate with you.

:     VI.A.i. THE BIRTH OF A HERO         :

Go down and swim to the entrance to the tomb. Also, this leads to the Chamber
of Fate, so go ahead now and start thinking about what you want to do with
the new power you know your about to get. This also takes you right next to 
your first opportunity to snag a silver key. Before  you open the door, just 
walk around the small little island and you will find a Silver key.

Go to the door and hold A to unlock the tomb door and proceed inside. Dont
feel ashamed to stray off the path, there is a wealth of treasure and a good
sidequest in here (undocumented). There are three explorers who came in here
and all decided to murder the others for the treasure they found, you will
find the treasure, which is a random augment, at the bottom of the second lake
you come to in the underground cavern.

Theresa will come on saying that you should not be afraid and jump down the
hole into the water. Continue forward until you come to another ledge. Jump
down to be faced with your first real battle. Kill off the Giant beetles, and
it isnt hard, and collect the experience from them by holding down the RT.
This is also a good time to collect another Silver key, your dog should run
off for it, Treasure should be in silver over his head. Its just to the left
before you exit the cavern you fought the beetles in. Finish going through the
cavern, a few small fights and small loot awards await you. There are two 
times where you will have to engage a small orb. Shoot the first one, and when
you happen on the second one, shoot it, then hit it, then shoot it again to 
open the door.

Walk through the large gold door, and Theresea will explain where you are. 
Step onto the pedestal that is glowing in the light and you will then be
able to channel your exp. You need to learn a will skill to continue. For the
coming battles, I would personally choose Shock or Force Push because Shock
will actually stop your opponents dead for a moment, rendering them unable
to attack, and Force push knocks all enemies to the ground with the area 
effect and will knock a single opponent back directed. Now direct your newly
learned attack toward the cullis gate and activate it. Dont bother with
the chest to your right unless you have already gone online and entered
the www.Fable2.com website and done what you need to, so you can retreive your


IV.A.ii  $$$ The Bandit $$$

After you go through the cullis gate, you will be engaged by about 15 giant
beetles. Easily decimated with your new will skills. Decimate and move on,
follow the little gold path to Bowerstone Roa.... wait, its closed? Due
to recent activities of Bandits, Bowerstone Road has been closed to prevent 
people from being abducted by bandits again. Guess what fledgling Hero, its 
your lucky day. You get to rid the world of this apparant menace to socity. 
So start pounding some dirt, cause Thag aint that bad of an opponent. Just 
need to take out his cronies first. They will try to ambush you when you show
up so be careful, there are about 12 bandits and then Thag himself. The bandit
waves that come up first, just use your new will and take them out pretty fast
and then Thag comes out of the house where he is hulled up. Unlike his bandits
Thag is unaffected by any ill effects of your will so anything that pushed
or stopped opponents does not work as well. Just wail on him and when he
starts to block hit him with some will and he will be done in notime.

After you kill thag and recieve his head, you have the chance to either make
some gold by selling the key to a bandit who appears, or giving the slaves
their freedom. if you free the slaves, the bandit will attack you however.

Thanks to you, Thag's reign of terror is at an end. The roadblock to Bowerstone
has been lifted.

Rewards: Reknown Points - 100
	Thags Head - Trophy
	Right to purchase Thag's Cabin

	Release Slaves - G.Alignment points
	Give slave key to Bandit - E.Alignment points


Theresa contacts you and tells you to meet her in Bowerstone, you know, the
road you just unblocked? She send notice to the guard about the bandits being
taken care of, so you dont have to worry about telling them. Go to the clock
tower in the middle of town, and she'll apologize saying she was delayed and
to find something to do in the meantime. Great, the woman went and deserted
us in an unfamiliar town with nothing to do... she advises to go work around 
and raise some cash so you can upgrade your equipment. Usually you can work 
up some cash quick working for the blacksmith. Wait a while and you will
be notified when she arrives.

When she arrives, she will lecture you on how your actions affect everything
around you and how you should be able to shape the world, then takes you down
next to the augment shop. She shows you exactly where Lucien is hiding out in
, the Tattered Spire, a long standing relic from the begining of the age of
Albion. A Misused item that was destroyed when supposedly the first wish was
made. She shows you the Fate cards and tells you of 3 other heros that you
are to go and find and bring back so that you can save the world from the
fiend that killed your sister.

*** Journey to Hobbe Cave

Your first task that will be set upon you is one of the new heros has been
identified. The Hero is said to reside somewhere in Oakfield, so you need
to go there. Theresa says to go over to the Temple of light and talk to the
Abbot, and inquire about the pilgrim and see what he knows of any extrodinary 
people. To get there, you will first have to pass through Old Bowerstone and
go to oakfield. If you got the warrants for the sherrif when you were a child,
then the sherrif will recognize you and welcome you into the town saying you
and your sister may recieve a discount on all goods and services, (good to know
seeing as how one of the shops will have Master Weapons). I haven't not gotten
the warrants myself so I dont know how Old Bowerstone looks without getting
the sherrifs warrants. Just head out of town after he speaks with you and you 
will be in the road to Rookridge, there is a whole slew of bandits along this 
trail, and Theresa will instruct you not to foolishly run in, but just stand 
by and pick them off with a gun instead. Crossbows dont have that kind of 
range so just go and wack away. There are 2 camps of bandits you will 
encounter and then you will come to a dead end. Unfortunately, the bandits 
are right and the only way to go forward... is down. Dive down and follow 
the golden path to the shore where you meet a man named Herman. His son has 
gone into the cave. What cave you say? The one with the Hobbes in them thats 
the cave... Hobbes... nasty little creaturse, but they make good practice and
give decent exp. Just walk through and wail on them. You can help save the 
mans son or not, doesnt really matter in the grand scheme of things cause 
you go the same way to get out anyway and the kid has been turned into a hobbe
so no harm done in trying. The whole cave isnt very long, just a few Hobbe
fights and the only real damage is done at the end where there are a few large
groups. Try coming back here when you have leveled up significantly and they
might actually be a challenge for you. I love force push on them... :)

Anyway, exit the cave and you will be on the other side of the bridge. You can
go and whack those bandits now, they deserve it for destroying the bridge. So
now you can get on with the trail. Just follow the gold path to Oakfield and
on through the town. You can stop and get supplies here if you need them. 
There is a pub, some weapons stalls and other places to stock up so get it
if you need it cause the next scene is kinda a challenge for the faint of

*** The Ritual

When you are ready, follow the nasty gold path back up the hill and around
to the Temple of light, where you will meet up with several monks, debating
on who to send into the temple to retrieve the Holy water to feed the Golden
Oak. But first, the abbot does not trust you, he wants you to build up a
reputation so that he can trust you in the cave. Just go earn reknown by
doing a job or some sidequests. When you have completed this, return to
the Abbot for further instructions.

When you return, the Abbot will instruct you to walk with him and speak with
him on some subjects, he will tell you about why he wants someone to guard the
pilgrim. For she is not just any pilgrim, but the Abbots own child and he 
wants no harm done. He just wants the monk to be safe. So cut to the chase and
split off to go and meet the monk. You will soon find out that the monk is not
only his child, but a very big girl named Hannah. She messes with the dog and
then she picks up a giant jug.

*** Collecting the Holy Water

Alright, there are three springs that you will have to go and attend to get
all the water that you need. You will need to defend hannah as she collects
the water from each room and standing on the pedestal to activate the flow 
of water. Looking around, Hannah will mention some stuff about the central
chamber and lead you into the first chamber. You walk down a long winding 
walkway with strange flying orbs above... knowing RPGs, you know what is 
about to happen. Beware the boogie men, cause they will come... eventually.

Well you get down and you have to stand on that plate for a while and let the
water fill the bottle. Get all 100% and collect the silver key then move on.
Guess what? Time to meet the boogie men! You have to fight your way through
Hollow men spawned by those harmless looking whisps above. Just wack and use
fire to destroy them, you shouldn't have a problem finishing it off.

The second room is more difficult because you have to stand and defend her
from a distance. Use your rifle and a few spells and there shoulnd be any 
real problem, just stay on the plate and you should be done in notime.

The Third room is the hardest part. You have to fight trhgouh 5-7 waves of
enemies and then a boss level will take place. Hannah will then bless the 
water and you will get word that the abbot is being held hostage, so much for
peace. Hammer will drop the ewer and run off to help, leaving you to catch up.
The game orchestrates his death before you arrive, so as you are coming up the
path, you are just within earshot to hear the shot that kills him, and then
you see Hammer deck out Hans, the thug Lucien sent to collect Hannah. Hannah
will grieve, and shortly there will be a ceremony for his death. Theresea
will come afterward and collect hannah, who now wishes to be permenantly 
called Hammer. This leaves you to do whatever you please until you return to
the guild. So level up, upgrade equipment, do quests and all that jazz, cause
you will not be able to do some stuff after you leave for this part of the

1000 Reknown points
Gold Oak Leaf
Hammer (Hero of Strength Found)


When you return to the Hero's Guild, you will find a disgruntled Hammer and
Theresa waiting for you. Theresa has located the second hero, the Will hero,
Garth. He was ironically one of the attending people when you were in the
Castle Fairfax as a child. After the truth of his nature reached Lucien's
ears though, their partnership ended in a horrific manner and shortly after
Lord Lucien dissappeared. Garth Returned to his tower in Brightwood, where
you must now go to retrieve him.

*** Retreive Garth

Just go throught the cullis gate and run along the gold path. It will lead
you straight to the road that leads off to the Brightwood Tower. Using this
travel to Brightwood and continue to follow the gold path until Theresa says
she feels something disturbing. Follow it some more and you will be met at
the steps of the Tower by Spire guards, guards for Lucien himself sent by
a giant Floating pyramid. Fight them off and harang yourself up to the top
of the tower where you find yourself blocked off from moving on because of
someone only identified as "The Commandant" and he has moved all the furniture
into a burning heap in your way.

Garth is at the balcony fighting him and eventually loses and is teleported
up to the pyramid before it takes off. Theresa then explains after the event
is over, that the pyramid is something called a shard, an old kingdom weapon
of terrible power and it shows how far Lucien has come on the Spire. This
is a discouraging setback and not knowing where to turn to next, Theresa
asks you to return to the guild for now so they can find a way to rescue Garth

*** The Bargain

When you arrive back at the guild, Hammer will chastise you, saying that you
did need her after all and not to leave her again, she will soon be left again
to the players amusement. But Theresa will then instruct you both that the
events that led to Lucien leaving Castle Fairfax were rather sudden and left
his staff virtually overnight... homeless. Jeeves, the butler that you had
show you to him has been located in Bowerstone at the Cow and Corset. He may
have some information on how Lucien gets to the spire. Requiring a bit of 
skill and not much stupidity, you are to take on this task alone and leave 
hammer alone in the guild again with Theresa. When you arrive in the Bar, 
find Jeeves, he will be in one of the upstairs bedrooms. For the diary, he 
will demand you pay him 1000g because some other people had come looking for 
it as well. He knows where it was hidden and he is only going to give it for 
that price. So if you dont have the cash, just go work in the blacksmith's 
store for a few minutes and return, ready to purchase the knowledge of the 
whereabouts of the diary.

Travel there, and sure this is going to be easy... except for the TROLL!!!
He forgot to mention that small detail of it. Fight the troll, you cant hit it
melee so you have to shoot and will it to death. Just keep away from it so it 
cant smack you, that hurts alot. After you deal with the very persistent troll
you can now collect your bounty, a small book that is full of torn pages in
an obscure text. Maybe Theresa can translate it. Take the book back to her,
just cullis gate from where you are and give her the book.

*** The Crucible

After you give it to her, she will stand over the book and the table for a
moment reading it. Hammer inquires about how she can read it and is simply
confused by her answer, so she shuts up for a minute. Theresa makes a 
breakthrough in the text. In Westcliff, Lucien is hiring guards and other
henchmen there. The winners of an infamous arena tour, The Crucible. It is a
physically demanding challenge that is one of the most difficult fights in the
entire game. And the best thing is, after you get back from saving the world
you can participate repeatedly. There is a prize if you have 8 perfect rounds
but for what that is, I have not yet discovered.

Hammer is excited at this point at the thought of finally having some action,
she runs off and Theresa inquires to you if she is ever not this enthused 
about action. She suggests you go after her and catch up to her before it wears
off. Go to Brightwood where she went and you both will continue on from there
to reach Westcliff. There are a few battle areas around the path from some
Hobbes and Bandits. But if you have some ** Will powers, you shoudn't have a 
problem with them.

From Brightwood, you will have to travel along the Bandit coast to get to your
destination. This is a complete area that is controllec by bandits and a great
number of battles are to be had from the bandits. There are at least 5
seperate waves that will be fighting you over the pathway. Just keep your wits
about you and you will win every battle. The last group of people is led by
a Highway man. Not that hard to manage if you have some good strong Force push
powers on ya. If not, just wail away and you shoudl prevail. Go on through to
the end, and there will be a barricade blocking you from this group of bandits
who are hiding behind it. After you deal with them, follow the gold path to the 
bridge and go to westcliff road.

When you get there, Hammer will tell you this story about a balvorines of
Westcliff but guess what? that means you have to fight them. It just seems
like everything that comes out of Hammer's mouth leads to danger for you...
great... a cursed travling companion, just what every good traveler needs.

On this entire path, balverines haunt it. From the start you will be fighting
group after group of them, and they will be come of the hardest fights you
have for some time because they move fast and its completely possible that you
have not been properly leveled up. On the path there are 3 groups of balverine
 that you will have to fight. They will follow you so its best you take care
of them as you come upon them. 

You will happen upon a woman who's husband was killed by a Balverine and her
kid was taken by the Balverines. She knows where they took him and she is 
willing to lead you there and help you find him and rescue the kid. She 
leads you through a fourth group of them and then to the Howling halls, oh
great, another underground pathway filled with bad guys... great...

As soon as you enter, you will see the LT sign to look up and there is a giant
Balverine shadow on the wall... thats not a good sign... its like your walking
right into an ambush... oh great, you just did. The doors close and the woman
turns into a Balverine. Like 9 Balverines atttack you until you get a break
and you can try and escape. Use the LT to look at the pillar and you will
give Hammer an idea to make a bridge. After she starts working on the pillar
a white Balverine will appear and you have to stop it. Kill it and then you
can finally leave this and stop all the fighting for a while until you get
into the Crucible.

Go up the steps to the huge building in Westcliff and talk with the auritor
in front. Mad dog is going to get you into the Crucible if you are famous
already, if not, you need to go do quests and stuff to get your fame up to
where it needs to be. You need a good 2500 reknown to get in so have fun
doing whatever is needed of you. There are a few good quests availible by 
this time in the game such as the Archologist series of quests, you have
the Temple of shadows, the defender of the Light and others that are now
ready for you to do. And also, getting married raises your Reknown alot.

Either way, just come back when your Reknown is high enough to enter again.

When you finally gain entrance if you didn't have enough reknown the first
time, you will go into the holding chamber where you will read the rules
if you arnt familiar with them. Basically, they say run through, whip
up a good crowd frenzy, and dont die while killing everything else. Pretty
easy to follow, then you hear the screaming from inside... little forshadowing
maybe? Either way, there are 8 Rounds to a Crucible Challenge. The first 3
are very simple. Each Round consists of 3 waves of opponents, each alittle
stronger than the first.

Round 1 - 
	Wave 1 - Giant Beetles
	Wave 2 - More Giant Beetles
	Wave 3 - Giant Beetles/Goliath Beetles

Round 2 -
	All waves are Hobbes

Round 3 -
	All waves are Hobbes + Berserkers who explode on hitting them and

After every 3 rounds, you will reach a trader who will sell you materials.
Each one every time round has the same items, but the weapons may or may
not be the same as the previous. 2 kinds of health potions, two java
concotions, 2 will increase potions and Resurection Phials. Its best to
stock up on the Will increase potions because every time you go through each
trader will have them so its easy to stock up.

Round 4
	All Waves are Hollow Men

Round 5
	All Waves are Bandits
Round 6
	All Waves are bandits but most of them will be sniping you, try and kill them
off by using the flame traps on the three flanks from the center.

Round 7
	All waves are Balverines & round three has a White Balverine in it.

Round 8
	Single round and it is against a single troll w/ Hobbes spawning around it.

Crucible Trophy
1000 Renown

Enlistment into Luciens personal guard forces (whoo hoo)

Since you've won the crucible, you get a few things now, but now you will
be boated off to the Tatered Spire to enlist in Luciens forces and to free
Garth... wherever he is out there.

If you have anything that needs to be completed, do it now, otherwise some 
things will not be availible when you come back, make sure your family is
very happy if you have one and be sure to be ready for a fight. Dont worry
with upgrading too much, you wont use it on the spire. When you are ready to
ship off, go with Hammer down to the docks, she will take all the gear you
have as you cannot take anything with you to the Tattered Spire. Now ship
off, and find Garth so you can bring him home.

*** The Tattered Spire

After you have done everything you could possibly want to and leveled up
as much as you could, go to the loading docks to be shipped off to the spire.
A guard will tell you that to board, you need to leave all personal effects at
shore. So anything you have bought our obtained, Hammer will keep for your
return, whenever it is. Hammer will walk you down and tell you about how she
did not even know if she told her father goodbye and wants to make sure that 
you have tied things up with your family. Give up all your possessions, and 
its off to be in the service of a very, very evil man...

Youll go through a very ornate cutscene, showing you the expanse of the
spire. You'll arrive on the cocks witha group of other recruits, being pushed
along by a bunch of other spire guards. Bob, your new aquaintence tells you
about his wife, and how he's been with her for 13 years and that they
will be good and well off with whatever Lucien is planning. You will be
ushered in, feeling a "pulse" run through you and be gathered with everyone 
asking how is this possible.

Lucien makdes his spiel and explains his point of view, and then puts you all
to sleep

--- Week One ---

Your first week on the spire, you will wake up wearing the clothes that all the 
guards are wearing a guard of the spire uniform. One of your collegues now
will come and rudely wake you up, instructing you to go to a man just know as
the Commandant. Go directly there, and he will tell you that you better not
try to take the collar off. This is explained a little later but dont dally,
because there is a harsh penalty for not doing as you are told. Now get moving
or else

If you are one of those, explorer people, there is only one thing of note lying
around, which is a balverine Strength Potion in the room on your right, other
wise, get moving. You run into bob, he tells you how he seems to have been
impressing someone because hes on guard duty in the hall. He'll walk you down
talking about his wife, Lil again. Saying how she likes a man in uniform as you
walk past cells of slaves.

You'll come to the final cell, and stop there. Bob will say how he's supposed
to be a dangerous slave and that the Commandant is only allowed in his cage.
If you zoom in, you never really got a good look in his tower in Brightwood,
but you just found Garth. He has been held captive here and he tells you to
be patient, because you have no power while the collar is on you. He is likely
saying wait, I'm working on it but there is no time for that. and FYI, he is 
telepathic so he Bob isnt hearing him talk.

Finish your small trek to arrive at the Commandants quarters. He will explain
who he is and who you are. You, are recruit 273, and he will go on on some
scary death trip on how thats just how many men he has broken to his will
and attempt to be all scary and mean, which he isn't, cause your close to
imortal anyway so you can kick his ass.

He explains the use of the collar. Basically, over the entire time that you
are on the spire and have the collar on, if you do anything to disobey orders
you will be punished. This drains your experience and memories. THIS IS NOT

He will test your obiedence, telling you to go here, do this and that, look
here, and so forth. If you disobey him at any time, you will lose 1/2 of
all learned experience up until that point. ALL EXPERIENCE IS IRRECOVERABLE.

After this you are sent back to your barracks.

--- Week 37

You will regain control as you are talking to Bob again. HEs going on about
how he thinks he, and he actually hardly remembers her, only as a figment and
passes. HE says something
about the collar but you are inturuppted by a guard telling him that he
needs to go to the barracks and you are to go and report to the detention
area. when you get there, there are 6 cells, the guard on duty is going to
go and get a bite to eat, you are to stay and not give them any food. If you
do, you will lose incrementally larger ammounts of experience, but you will
recieve good points on your behalf. After feeding three cages though, you 
will pass out.

--- Week 137

it starts out with a cutscene of you looking at the spire. A guard comes up
and tells you to report to the commandant. Walk there, and the Commandant will
show you to Bob, who has become a babbling idiot. He orders you to kill him,
whether you do or choose to disobey does not matter, Bob will die so I would
just take the evil points and not care about losing the expierence.

--- about 10 Years Later
You will be reawakened after a cutscene, being ordered again to the commandant
immediately. As you walk past Garth's cage, he isnt there like he normally
is, giving you encouragement of some kind and telling you not to lose yoruself
to him. No matter, go see the commandant for your assignment.

When you arrive, he will explain that a guard is missing and you need to find
him. If you killed bob, he will just go on about explaining and saying you
have a good career. If you spared bob and made him kill bob, then he will say
he is giving you a chance to redeem yourself, indicating the last 10 years of
your service have been less than agreeable. Go find the guard wherever he
may be at and return him to the torture chamber.

Walk down all the way to the new construction area and you will come upon the
of the man. Search it, to find some weapons and potions. While you do that,
Garth reappears behind you, and hits you with a strong shock spell, distroying
the collar that was around your neck. With that off, you can properly attack
and use will again. Garth says that it took him some years to store up enough
will to break his own restraints, yours, and also to kill the guard, so his
power is completely drained and all the fighting is going to have to be up
to you to do. So now fight your way up to the Commandant and beat him
so you can use the Cullis Gates in his office to escape.

Garth will collect most of the experience that the Commandant drops and all
of his cronies for himself and rejuvenate his powers. He then activates both
of the cullis gates by himself and says that you need to go down and rescue
the recruits before they have to suffer through the same fate as you did for
the past 10 years. Fight your way to the boat and you get to escape your evil

You will arrive back at the docks at Oakfield. Garth will thank you for having
come to his aid. You will be greeted by your dog and theresa. She says that
the dog had been coming for a while to the docks.

Garth wants to leave, but Theresa encourages him to stay and listen to what
has to say, knowing what he can offer you as the Hero of Will. He knows he can
not defeat Lucien alone and that he cannot destroy the spire, so he concedes
and goes with Theresa back to the Guild. She also gives you back your old 
equipment and instructs you that Hammer is waiting for you at the Inn in
Rookridge if you would mind paying her a visit.

Renown points: 5000
Broken Spire Collar: Trophy

The Hero of Will - Garth

V. Bestiary

 \\\\\ VI. Items, Clothing, and Magic     \\\\\

VI.a - Food
Vi.b - Drink
VI.c - Clothing
VI.d - Weapon
Vi.d.1 - Melee Weapons
VI.d.2 - Ranged Weapons
VI.d.3 - Weapon Augments and how they work


/// VI.e.i - Strength \\\
\\\                   ///
***** Brutal Style: Add damage to your normal attacks *****

Brutal Style *

Block: Gives the block ability to you. Hold X to block incoming attacks.
Brutal Style **

Flourishes: Gives the ability to break through your enemies defenses. Hold
X and press LS toward your opponent to strike
Brutal Style ***

Chain Attacks: Hit X on the right timing to chain your attacks together for
combat bonuses and damage multipliers.
Brutal Style **** (MAX)

Counter: Press X and the L stick in the direction of an attacking opponent to
parry and catch him off guard. Now how to finish him is up to you.

***** Physique: Add some strength to those hits!!! *****

Physique * - Damage Multiplier x1.25
Physique ** - Damage Multiplier x 1.5
Physique *** - Damage Multiplier x 2
Physique **** - Damage Multiplier x 2.5
Physique ***** - Damage Multiplier x 3 (MAX)

***** Toughness: Add some health to your life!!! *****

Toughness * +100hp
Toughness ** +200hp
Toughness *** +100hp
Toughness ****
Toughness ***** (MAX)

--- VI.e.ii - Skill   ---

***** Dexterous Styles: Become a Ninja... in the modern world *****

Dexterous Styles *

Roll: while facing your opponent, tap a to roll in a direction around your 
Dexterous Styles **

Aimed Ranged Attack: Attack an opponent with the ability to aim your shots
from a distance. Hold Y to manually aim at a target.
Dexterous Styles ***

Zoom: Dont move the cursor while manually aiming and you will zoom in on the
targeted area
Dexterous Styles **** (MAX)

Sub Targeting: While Zooming, hold the LT to aim at a particular body part
and fire at it instead of the whole person.

***** Accuracy: Aim harder! *****

Accuracy * - Damage x1.25
Accuracy ** - Damage x 1.5
Accuracy *** - Damage x 1,9
Accuracy **** - Damage x 2.3
Accuracy ***** (MAX) - Damage x3

***** Speed: Reload that weapon Soldier!!!!! *****

Speed * - Reload speed x1.1
Speed ** - Reload speed x1.15
Speed *** - Reload speed x1.2
Speed ****
Speed ***** (MAX)

\\\ VI.e.iii - Will ///
    *             *
     *           *
      *         *
       *       *  
********  Will ********

Spell name - Description

Spell name and Level indicated by a star------\
Targeted spell stats---------------------------- x5 per spell
Area Spell stats------------------------------/

These are as close to the base strengths as I get, because as you get more
and more spell levels, your base strengths get stronger for all spells.

***** Shock - Damage your foes with a jolt of Electricity! *****

Shock * (Level 1) - 

Targeted Spell 	- Shock Duration - 1sec
		  	- Damage - 25
Area Effect Spell 	- Shock Duration - 1sec
		     	- Damage 17
		     	- Max # of targets 3
Shock **

Targeted Spell	- Shock duration - 1.5 sec
			- Damage - 150
Area Effect Spell	- Shock Duration - 1.5 sec
			- Damage - 100 per foe
			- Max # of targets 4
Shock ***

Targeted Spell	- Shock duration - 2 sec
			- Damage - 600
Area Effect Spell	- Shock Duration - 2 sec
			- Damage - 400 per foe
			- Max # of targets 5
Shock ****

Targeted Spell	- Shock duration - 3 sec
			- Damage - 1800
Area Effect Spell	- Shock Duration - 3 sec
			- Damage - 1200 per foe
			- Max # of targets 6
Shock *****

Targeted Spell	- Shock duration - 4 sec
			- Damage - 3600
Area Effect Spell	- Shock Duration - 4 sec
			- Damage - 2400 per foe
			- Max # of targets 8

***** Inferno - Torch your opponents from the ground or fling some fire *****

Inferno *

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 20
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 13
			- infinite # of targets
Inferno **

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 120
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 80
			- infinite # of targets
Inferno ***

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 480
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 320
			- infinite # of targets
Inferno ****

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 1440
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 960
			- infinite # of targets
Inferno *****

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 2880
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 1920
			- infinite # of targets

***** Time control - Zip behind an enemy or slow time for yourself *****

Time Control *

Targeted Spell	- Damage Multiplier - x1.2
			- Appear behind enemy from 10 yards
			- Damage Duration - 2 sec

Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 4 sec
Time Control **

Targeted Spell	- Damage Multiplier - x1.25
			- Appear behind enemy from 10 yards
			- Damage duration - 4 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 6 sec
Time Control ***

Targeted Spell	- Damage Multiplier - x1.3
			- Appear behind enemy from 10 yards
			- Damage duration - 6 sec
			- Target Stun Duration - 2 seconds
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 9 sec
Time Control ****

Targeted Spell	- Damage Multiplier - x1.4
			- Appear behind enemy from 10 yards
			- Damage duration - 8 sec
			- Target Stun Duration - 4 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 12 sec
Time Control *****

Targeted Spell	- Damage Multiplier - x1.5
			- Appear behind enemy from 10 yards
			- Damage duration - 10 sec
			- Target Stun Duration 6 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 15 sec

***** Blades - Magical swords to dice your opponents *****

Blades *

Targeted Spell	- # of blades - 3
			- max damage - 30
Area Effect Spell	- # of blades - 3
			- damage per blade - 10
Blades **

Targeted Spell	- # of blades - 4
			- max damage - 180
Area Effect Spell	- # of blades - 4
			- damage per blade - 45
Blades ***

Targeted Spell	- # of blades - 5
			- max damage - 720
Area Effect Spell	- # of blades - 5
			- damage per blade - 144
Blades ****

Targeted Spell	- # of blades - 6
			- max damage - 2160
Area Effect Spell	- # of blades - 6
			- damage per blade - 360
Blades *****

Targeted Spell	- # of blades - 8
			- max damage - 4320
Area Effect Spell	- # of blades - 8
			- damage per blade - 540

***** Vortex - pummel your enemies with the power of wind!!! *****

Vortex *

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 2 sec
			- Total damage - 15
			- 1 target
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 1 sec
			- Total Damage - 10
			- 2 targets
Vortex **

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 3 sec
			- Total damage - 90
			- 1 target
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 2 sec
			- Total Damage - 60
			- 2 targets
Vortex ***

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 4 sec
			- Total damage - 360
			- 1 target
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 3 sec
			- Total Damage - 240
			- 3 targets
Vortex ****

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 5 sec
			- Total damage - 1080
			- 1 target
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 4 sec
			- Total Damage - 720
			- 4 targets
Vortex *****

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 6 sec
			- Total damage - 2160
			- 1 target
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 5 sec
			- Total Damage - 1440
			- 5 targets

***** Chaos- Drive your enemies insane *****

Chaos *

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 5 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 3 sec
Chaos **

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 10 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 6 sec
Chaos ***

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 15 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 9 sec
Chaos ****

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 20 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 12 sec
Chaos *****

Targeted Spell	- Duration - 25 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Duration - 15 sec

***** Force Push - Throw your enemies around, really *****

Force push *

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 12
			- Collision Damage - 18
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 8
			- Collision Damage - 12
Force push **

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 75
			- Collision Damage - 45
			- Target Stun duration - 3 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 50
			- Collision Damage - 30
			- Target Stun Duration - 1 sec
Force push ***

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 300
			- Collision Damage - 90
			- Target Stun duration - 6 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 200
			- Collision Damage - 50
			- Target Stun Duration - 3 sec
Force push ****

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 900
			- Collision Damage - 180
			- Target Stun duration -9 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 600
			- Collision Damage - 120
			- Target Stun Duration - 5 sec
Force push *****

Targeted Spell	- Damage - 1800
			- Collision Damage - 360
			- Target Stun duration - 12 sec
Area Effect Spell	- Damage - 1200
			- Collision Damage - 240
			- Target Stun Duration - 7 sec

***** Raise Dead - Raise what you have killed to life *****

Raise Dead *

Targeted Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 2
			- Duration - 8 Sec
			- Invulnderable to Flourish attacks
Area Effect Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 2
			- Duration - 8 Sec
			- Invulnerable to Flourish attacks
Raise Dead **

Targeted Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 3
			- Duration - 12 Sec
			- Invulnderable to Flourish attacks
Area Effect Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 3
			- Duration - 12 Sec
			- Invulnerable to Flourish attacks
Raise Dead ***

Targeted Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 4
			- Duration - 18 Sec
			- Invulnderable to Flourish attacks
Area Effect Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 4
			- Duration - 18 Sec
			- Invulnerable to Flourish attacks
Raise Dead ****

Targeted Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 4
			- Duration - 25 Sec
			- Invulnerability
			- Invulnderable to Flourish attacks
Area Effect Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 4
			- Duration - 25 Sec
			- Invulnerable to Flourish attacks
			- Invulnerability
Raise Dead *****

Targeted Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 5
			- Duration - 35 Sec
			- Invulnderable to Flourish attacks
			- Invulnerability
Area Effect Spell	- Shadows Summoned - 5
			- Duration - 35 Sec
			- Invulnerable to Flourish attacks
			- Invulnerability

	VI.F - Key Items
	VI.g - gifts
	VI.h - Miscellaneous
	VI.i - potions
	VI.j - Books and Documents
	VI.k - Dyes & Hairstyles & Tattoos
	VI.L - Furniture
	VI.m - emotions

VII. Sidequests and other things

	VII.a Sidequests
i. The Bandit
ii. Red Harvest
iii. The Archeologist Series
iv. Slave Rescue
v. Temple of Shadows
vi. Westcliff Development
vii. Defender of the Liight
viii. Cold Comfort Farmer
ix. Till Death Do Us Part
x. ths Summoners
xi. Wstcliff Shooting Range
xii. Teh Gargoyles
xiii. Donating to the light
xiv. The Sculptor
xv. A Bridge too Far

^^^^^VII.b Jobs^^^^^
Availible in Bowerstone, Bloodstone, Oakfield
Pay at * - 3g per mug
Pay at ** - 12g per mug
Pay at ***
Pay at ****
Pay at ***** (MAX)
Pay multipliers @ - Every 3 completed mugs in a row, restarts if mug drops

Availible in Bowerstone
Pay @ * - 4g per sword finished
Pay @ ** - 16g per sword finished
Pay @ *** - 40g per sword finished
Pay @ **** -
Pay @ ***** (MAX) -
Pay multipliers after every 5 consecutive hits on a sword w/o missing

Availible in Oakfield in two places
Pay @ * - 3g per log
Pay @ ** - 12g per log
Pay @ *** - 27g per log
Pay @ ****
Pay @ ***** (MAX)
Pay multipliers after every 10 consecutive cut logs w/o missing

VIII. Extras
VIII.A - Silver Keys and Chests in Albion
VIII.B - Gargoyle locations
VIII.C - Demon Doors of Albion

[[[[[    VIII.D - Regions of Albion           ]]]]]

** Bowerstone Marketplace
The town of Bowerstone is the largest town in Albion. It is self suficient and
has anything a hero could desire, except maybe pleasure... thats in Bloodstone

- 1 General Store 		- Base price 32000g
- 1 Meat Stall 		- Base price 1500g
- 1 Veggie Stall 		- Base price
- 1 Drink stall 		- Base price 1000g
- 1 pie stall 		- Base price 2250g
- 1 Potion shop 		- Base price
- 1 Gemstone cutter 	- Base price
- 1 Jeweler stall 		- Base price
- 1 Furniture Store 	- Base price 38000g
- 1 Fish Stall 		- Base price 1250g
- 1 Pub 			- Base price
- 1 Armory 			- Base price
- 1 Bookstore 		- Base price
- 1 beauty salon 		- Base price
- 2 clothing stores 	- Base price
- 1 Coach house 		- Base price 26000g

Treasure Chests I have found - 3 so far
- 1 to the right of the entrance, contains 1 Book and 200g
- 2 above entrance on wall, both contain Childrens Health potions

Gargoyles - 4
1 on Clock tower
1 inside Furniture store

Silver Keys - 3
- 1 on left of entrance to Bowerstone from Bower lake, dont have access yet.
- other two locations are unknown at this time

** Bowerstone Old Town
This part of town is where you grew up. When you lived there, it was a slum,
but when you come back, its nature is determined depending on what you did
as a child there.

- 1 Potions Shop
- 1 Food Stall
- 1 General store
- 1 Weapons Stall
- 1 Town Crier
- 1 Clothing stall
- 1 Gifts Stall

Treasure Chests I have found - 0 so far

Gargoyles - 2

Silver keys - 3

** Bower Lake
This is the area that you were raised in after the incident where Lucien kills
rose. You are raised here for the rest of your adolecence and depart the camp
that is there in search of a solution to killing Lucien.

- 1 Stone Cutter (augment stall)
- 1 General Store
- 1 Tattooist
- 1 Town Crier

- 13 ownable buildings
- 2 permanant purchase houses (Your caravan and Thag's Cabin after you beat

Treasure Chests I have found - 1 so far
- In the very begining, this is where you get your starting equipment. Right
next to your own personal Caravan.

Gargoyles - 5
- 1 is directly in front of the entrance to the Gypsy camp, just follow your
ears to find him. He is facing to the left when you look at the ruins between
the bridge and the lake.

Silver Keys - 4
- 1 is directly behind the entrance to the old hero's guild.


** Rookridge
Rookridge is a bandit infested travel area that needs some serious love to
get cleaned up. Guess whose job that is?

- 1 Town Crier
- 1 Carrige Driver (ownable)
- Various passing merchants

Treasure Chests I have found - 0 so far

Gargoyles - 5

Silver Keys - 6

Demon Door - The demon door in Rookridge will open to you when you show the
poor bored door some tricks with your dog. 5 or 6 tricks should do it and
he lets you in to the Memory Lane. Your prize is at the end of the lane.


** Oakfield
Oakfield is a very spread out town, full of excitment and things to do, it is
also one of the best ways to raise reknown for yourself because the sculptor
who can make your sculptures is located in this town.

- 1 Weapon Stall		- Base price
- 1 Pub (The Sandgoose)	- Base price 36000g
- 1 Clothing Stall		- Base price
- 1 Fruit & veggie stall	- Base price 1500g
- 1 town crier

Treasure Chests I have found - 0 so far

Gargoyles - 3
- 1 is on the back side of the sculptors house
- 1 is on the side of the bridge in front of The Sandgoose Pub

Silver Keys - 6
- 1 is inside manueur Manor. Steal it or buy the house, but its in there.
- 1 is near a bale of hay near the path at the entrance from Rookridge
- 1 is behind the pedestal in the first water room with Hannah

Demon Door - This demon door will only open for someone when they show a sign
of true love to him This involves blowing a kiss to someone with the blow
kiss emotion. Your prize is inside a small cabin directly infront of the


** Guild Cave
This is the location of the ruins of the original Hero's Guild, destroyed
years ago by rebelling forces of Albion who believed that they did not need
the Hero's protection or guidance any more.

Treasure Chests I have found - 3 so far
- 2 both are in an annex just before reaching the main chamber
- The last is the extra content chest, found at the end of the chamber near
the cullis gate. Only usable with XBox Live.

Gargoyles - 1

Silver Keys - 1
- its right near the entrance just after the first fight with the beetles.
Just turn left before you leave that large room and you'll see it. Most
likely your dog will take you to it before you see it.


** Bloodstone


** Wraithmarsh


** Brightwood


** WestCliff



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