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Achievement Guide by Kaas

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/05/08

Fable II Achievement Guide

1. Introduction

Welcome to this simple, yet effective Achievement Guide, which also happens to 
have the locations for every gargoyle and silver key in Albion. Fable II has a 
whopping 50 achievements for you to earn, and completing all of them will earn 
you a nice 1000 points of gamerscore (unless they release downloadable content 
with extra achievements, but I'll update this guide when that happens). In 
this guide you can find help on unlocking all of the achievements. Most of 
them aren't very hard, but some might give you some problems. Anyway, good 
luck in earning those g's, and don't forget to have fun!

2. Information and Notes

- It's very much possible to do some of these achievements in another way. I 
know. These are just ways that work.

- Note that a lot of the achievements say "or see another Hero do so". If 
you're in another player's game, and he gets an achievement, you will get it 
too (if the "see another Hero do so" line is in that specific achievement, 
that is). Easy, no?

- The Bowerstone Bookstore is quite important for some achievements. Find it 
in Bowerstone, on the town square. It's on the corner (to the left when 
looking at the inn).

- There are three different endings, all giving you one achievement. If you 
want them all in one play-through, save before the final battle. Then, when 
you see your achievement pop-up, quickly go back to dashboard (guide button, 
then Y) or turn of your Xbox. Make sure your 360 isn't saving when you do 
this! I cannot be held responsible for messed up save games >_>

- If you can't seem to find an item you need, try buying or trading it from an 
Xbox Live friend! This works for expression books too!

- I've tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but it's possible there are a few 
in the guide. Read at own risk.

- When you visit Lion's Head Isle for the Treasure Island of Doom! quest, make 
sure to grab the gargoyle and the silver key there; however, if you happened 
to miss them, you can actually return there. Go back to the Mary Anne (the 
boat you used to sail back from the island), climb aboard and use the wheel, 
and you're sailing straight back to Lion's Head Isle!

- There are a few Silver Keys you have to dig up, so you have to use your dog 
to find it. Remember, you need have your dog and a spade to dig!

- I'm quite sure my list is correct and complete, but if you find an error or 
some additional information, feel free to email me at kaas.bink@gmail.com 

- this is version 1.02 (completed 11-5-08). Improvements: added more details 
about some Keys, corrected a small mistake. Previous improvements (1.01): 
clarified on the Silver Keys and added some more details about how to get some 
things (thanks Jon, Kevin, Eric, Derek, Skye). Also fixed some spelling errors 
(thank you, Ganondwarf >_>) Also, it turned out I missed a key, so big thanks 
to Sensei Cain for sending me the correct info for that!

3. Achievements

Achievement: The Archaeologist
Description: Dig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do 
Difficulty: *
How to get: This one is practically impossible to miss. Once you have your 
dog, get a spade (you get one at the Gypsy camp for free, or if you sold it 
simply buy another one at a general store). Your dog will automatically find 
so-called dig-spots. When the dog starts digging, go over there and press down 
on the d-pad to dig up this achievement.

Achievement: The Archmage - 10 points
Description: A Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell.
Difficulty: **
How to get: This one isn't too hard. You will want to use your most powerful 
spell to get this (I used a 5 star Force spell), but it's possible to get it 
with a 4 star spell too. Remember to kill human enemies. A nice place to do 
this is when you're in the Spire, and escaping. You will be attacked by groups 
of human guards, and there are enough waves with 5+ enemies to unleash your 
spell. It's also possible to use bandits for this. Another nice spot is the 
Crucible. Villagers won't do, because they're not enemies.

Achievement: The Artisan - 10 points
Description: Succeed at one job to Level 5, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: **
How to get: It's not really hard, it's just very boring and time-consuming. 
Pick the job you like most/is easiest for you, and keep doing it to get it to 
five stars. I personally think bartending is easiest, but all of them are 
simple. Try to get your chains as high as possible, because the higher it is, 
the more gold you earn. Prepare for a few boring hours...

Achievement: The Bigamist - 10 points
Description: Get married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the 
second wedding of another Hero.
Difficulty: **
How to get: See The Spouse on how to get married. Now simply do it again (I 
did it in another town to avoid, uhm, marital troubles >_>). 

Achievement: The Black Knight - 10 points
Description: Shoot the weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head 
and then kill him for good!
Difficulty: **
How to get: Make sure you have bought the 4 star Dextrous Styles (Sub-
Targeting) in main menu -> abilities -> skill. Get a gun and find a hollow man 
(if you can't find one, go play in the Crucible). Try to kill every hollow man 
except one, then enter zoom by holding Y. Now, while still holding Y, hold L-
trigger to enter Sub-Targeting.  Use the analogue stick to aim at his weapons, 
blow them out of his hand, then aim for his head and kill him. Another 
achievement unlocked. Skye pointed out that the use of the Time Stop ability 
makes this achievement a bit easier to get (thanks for that).

Achievement: The Celebrity - 50 points
Description: Reach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: **
How to get: This one is actually not that hard. Later in the game, a lot of 
quests get you renown (which isn't influenced by good/evil). Another way to 
gain renown is by having the bard sing about you in the inn (which gives you a 
lot of points, so do this a lot), or showing off your trophies. I'd suggest 
just doing all the quests you see, and you should get it near the end of the 
game. Some people reported they didn't get it with 50,000 renown, but a few 
thousand renown higher. So, if this happens, keep trying...

Achievement: The Chicken Kicker - 5 points
Description: Kick a chicken a good distance, or see one getting kicked.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Locate a chicken (they're everywhere, but if you're having trouble 
there's a farm in Oakfiled which has a few of them, and there are some in 
front of the Demon Door in Bowerstone Cemetary). Now, kick it as far as 
possible (you can kick 'em with A when you are close to them). I kicked mine 
11 yards when it unlocked.

Achievement: The Cliff Diver - 5 points
Description: Cliff dive 500 feet, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Simply complete the Treasure Island of Doom! quest in Bloodstone 
and you should get it. You will come across a giant cliff to jump off in that 

Achievement: The Companions - 10 points
Description: Perform a perfect co-op expression.
Difficulty: **
How to get: This may take a few tries, but shouldn't be hard. Make sure to 
have XBox Live Gold, and join a friend's game (or have him join yours). Target 
a villager (I guess an enemy should work too, but I'm not sure) and you both 
should perform the same expression and extend it. Now, finish it at the same 
time (make sure the expression is in the green) and you should have it. This 
can also be done with an henchman. Just have two controllers and get a second 
player to join by pressing Start.

Achievement: The Completionist
Description: Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another 
Hero do so.
Difficulty: ***
How to get:
- abilities: you can buy these with xp at the main menu -> abilities. You will 
need to max out every ability completely, so prepare for a few hours of 
collecting xp. I'd suggest getting this achievement after the game, because 
you'll already have earned a lot of xp by then.

- pet tricks: There are 10 expressions for your dog. Roll Over, Chase Tail, 
Beg,  Wave, Hide Snout, Targeted Urination: All of these can be bought at the 
Bowerstone Bookstore (if the book's not there, check back later; it's random. 
Wave can also be dug up in Fairfax Gardens; it's in the upperright square on 
the minimap). Play Dead: you can find this in a chest in Bowerstone Cemetary. 
Backflip: you actually have to buy Fable II Pub Games on XBox Live Arcade for 
this one (for shame, really). In that game, win a 2 star Fortune Tower tourney 
to get it (make sure to merge patron with your Fable II hero). Bunny Hop: go 
to the Bower Lake demon door and open the chest (it requires a silver key 
though). Growl: found in the Gargoyle Trove. You will need to have destroyed 
10 gargoyles to get this one (see The Gargoyle achievement for details). 
Besides the 10 expressions, you will also need to get the Combat and Treasure 
Hunting stats of your dog to 5 stars. Again, buy books in the Bowerstone 
Bookstore to do this.

- expressions: Point & Laugh (gained automatically; start of game), Middle 
Finger (buy it in the Bowerstone bookstore), Vulgar Thrust (bookstore), Play 
Dead (bookstore), Kiss My Ass (gained automatically; 20,000 renown) , Chicken 
(gained automatically start of game), Beg (gained automatically; adult), 
Feign Attack (go to Fable2.com and play the flash game; at the end end, select 
the right crown to get, then fill in your Xbox Live info. The expression can 
be found in the chest in the Guild Cave), Bloodlust Roar (gained 
automatically; start of game), Extort (get 100% evil), Slap (gained 
automatically; start of game), Growl (gained automatically; start of game), 
Threaten (get 50% evil), Scary Laugh (gained automatically; 10,000 renown), 
Lute (buy a lute to get this), Thumbs Down (gained automatically; start of 
game), Dismiss (gained automatically; 100 renown), Gift (gained automatically; 
adult), Follow (gained automatically; 100 renown), Thumbs Up (gained 
automatically; start of game), Trophy (do the quest where you get your first 
trophy, the one where you defeat Thag), Hat/Headband/Moustache (buy Fable II 
Pub Games on XBox Live Arcade for this one (for shame, really). In that game, 
win a 2 star Spinnerbox tourney to get it), Belch (bookstore), Victory Arm 
Pump (gained automatically;start of game), Dance (gained automatically;start 
of game), Laugh (you get this at 75% good alignment), Fart (gained 
automatically; start of game), Sock Puppet (bookstore), Seduce (bookstore), 
Whistle (gained automatically; start of game), Heroic Pose (gained 
automatically; start of game), Worship (buy the bookstore, then it's upstairs 
in one of the closets), Come Back to My Place (bookstore), Pick Up Line 
(gained automatically; start of game), Blow Kiss (gained automatically; 2500 

Achievement: The Dog Trainer - 5 points
Description: Teach your dog a trick, or see another Hero's dog learn one.
Difficulty: *
How to get: You can buy new tricks in the Bowerstone Bookstore. Buy one, then 
teach it to your dog (by selecting the book from your inventory or pressing 
down on the d-pad after you bought it and you're close to your dog).

Achievement: The Dollcatcher - 10 points
Description: Collect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.
Difficulty: ****
How to get: Ok, this one is a pain. You need to collect all 6 Hero Dolls. To 
get a Hero Doll, go to the Westcliff Shooting Gallery and get the second 
prize. The annoying part is, no matter how often you will win the Doll, you 
will always get the same one... So, win a few and trade them with your XBox 
Live friends. Good luck! You can also try to find someone on Live who has six 
dolls. Join his game, let him sell one of the dolls and tell him to buy it 
back. Instant achievement for you.

Achievement: The Double Threat - 10 points
Description: Get a co-op combat bonus.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Join a friend's game or have him join yours. Now, attack the same 
enemy at the same time (doesn't matter with which weapon). You should now have 
it. Note: you can also get this achievement by playing co-op on 1 Xbox, just 
have 2 controllers and this with a henchman.

Achievement: The Duellist - 10 points
Description: String together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do 
Difficulty: ***
How to get: This one is a bit tricky to get. First, make sure you have the 3 
star Brutal Styles (Chain Attacks), gotten by buying it in main menu -> 
abilities -> Strength -> Brutal Styles (you do not need the 5 star speed for 
this achievement). Then, get a slow weapon like a hammer. find some open space 
(it is not necessary to hit enemies while doing this achievement). The idea is 
to get 5 chain attacks (indiciated by the blue glow), but some people reported 
to have to do more than that (I got it with 7 blue blows). To get a chain 
attack you need to press X when the weapon is at the peak of the swing. You 
can actually see the blue glow on the weapon when it's almost at the peak; 
that's the moment to press X. I positioned my Hero against a cliff (where it 
says "vault"), and turned the camera to face him. It made it a bit easier, 
because the Hero isn't moving forward that way. Keep trying, and you will 
unlock it eventually. If you're having a hard time, try variating the timing 
of pressing X (try pressing it in a slower rythm).

Achievement: The Egomaniac - 25 points
Description: A Hero must choose 'The Needs of the One'.
Difficulty: ***
How to get: You can choose from three different endings at the end of the 
game, and this is one of them. Simply choose the Wealth card.

Achievement: The Executioner - 10 points
Description: Sacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows, or see another 
Hero do so.
Difficulty: **
How to get: You need to sacrifice 10 people at the Temple of Shadows for this 
achievement. The Temple is in Rookridge. Gain acces by eating some chickens 
(haha), and you will now be able to use the sacrificial circle. To sacrifice 
people get them to follow you (by selecting the command from your list), then 
lead them to the Temple (simply fast-travel there by selecting the quest from 
the main menu again). You can have a few people follow you at the same time, 
so that might be wise to save you some time. Have the people stand in the big 
circle, then pull the lever to kill them. Enjoy your evil points >_> Note: You 
cannot get this one if chose to help the Temple of Light; the Temple of 
Shadows gets destroyed after the Spire).

Achievement: The Extremist - 15 points
Description: Reach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Either one will do. An extremely easy way to do this is to go to a 
bed, then sleep for 7 days (this will net you some corruption points). Now 
repeat a few times. You can also rent out houses with the highest rent 
possible or eat fat pies. 

Achievement: The Family - 25 points
Description: A Hero must choose 'The Needs of The Few'.
Difficulty: ***
How to get: You can choose from three different endings at the end of the 
game, and this is one of them. Simply choose the Family card.

Achievement: The Gambler - 10 points
Description: A Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having 
tried each game type at least once.
Difficulty: **
How to get: You need to win 500 gold, and play all three of them (the 
Gamemasters can be found in the Inn of Bowerstone, which has Keystone, the inn 
of Oakfield for Spinnerbox and one is wandering around Westcliff playing 
Keystone). You'll only have to win 500g at one game though. I got this 
achievement by playing Spinnerbox. A bit of luck is involved, but just keep on 
playing and you will get it eventually.

Achievement: The Gargoyle - 25 points
Description: Find the gargoyles' legendary treasure.
Difficulty: ****
How to get: Have you seen the annoying stone gargoyles hanging everywhere in 
the world? The ones that call you names for no reason in an annoying voice? 
Kill all 50 of them by shooting them using Aim Ranged Attack (buy it with 
enough xp in main menu -> abilities -> skill -> dextrous styles 2 stars).
I put their locations after the achievement list to avoid confusion and 
cluttering. Once you find and destroy al gargoyles, go to the Gargoyle Trove, 
which you can enter by diving at the wrinkles in the water below the bridge at 
Bowerstone Market, to collect your final reward (don't forget to break the 
wall after the final chest!). This achievement is quite time-consuming. 
Remember: you can check out which ones you are missing by selecting main menu 
-> quests/maps -> regions. On the right is written how many gargoyles you 
destroyed per region.

Achievement: The Goth - 5 points
Description: A Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and 
black makeup.
Difficulty: *
How to get: You need an all-black outfit and black hair to get this. To get 
black hair, simply visit an hairstylist (there's one in Bowerstone and in 
Bloodstone). Then, you must dye your clothes black (you'll need to use 
Moonless Midnight Dye for this). To get the Dye, check the tailors and 
stylist. They sometimes have it in stock, so check back often. You can also 
find the dye in a chest in Westcliff (you can't miss the chest; it's next to 
the road). You can even dig up the dye in a random dig spot, and when that 
fails you can also buy/trade it on XBox Live with friends.

Achievement: The Hero of Many Names - 5 points
Description: Change your Hero's title, or see another Hero change theirs.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Find a town crier (they're walking around in the villages) and buy 
a new title. If you're greedy and don't wanna spend cash, you can also wait to 
have it change automatically (check for requirements the titles at the town 

Achievement: The Hero of Skill - 100 points
Description: Complete The Hero of Skill.
Difficulty: ***
How to get: Story-related, so you will get it when you follow the main story. 
This is the last Hero you will get. You'll get it not far from the end of the 

Achievement: The Hero of Strength - 100 points
Description: Complete The Hero of Strength.
Difficulty: **
How to get: This achievement is story-related, so simply play through the main 
story to get it. It will unlock once you've enlisted Hammer.

Achievement: The Hero of Will - 100 points
Description: Complete The Hero of Will.
Difficulty: **
How to get: This one is story related, so you will get it automatically when 
playing through the main story. You will unlock it when you get out of the 

Achievement: The Hoarder - 25 points
Description: Collect every silver key, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: ****
How to get: The 50 Silver Keys are all over Albion, but a list of locations 
can be found after the achievements (to prevent cluttering here). This one is 
gonna take some time. If you don't know which ones you still need, look in 
your list (main menu -> quests/maps -> regions). Note: The area information 
for Wraithmarsh says there are 6 keys there, but there are 7. So, you can 
obtain 51 Silver Keys in total, but sometimes you can miss one, so consider it 
a spare key.

Achievement: The Hunter 5 points
Description: Kill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety's 
Difficulty: *
How to get: Turn off the safety (RB for your expressions, then the skull 
symbol which is on the lowerleft side). Then, find a bunny (try Bower Lake, 
especially at night) and shoot the crap out of it! Use guns or magic, but be 
fast, because they won't wait for you to kill 'em.

Achievement: The Illustrated Hero - 5 points
Description: Tattoo every part of your Hero's body, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: *
How to get: I got this one in the Gypsy camp, but there are tattoo shop all 
over Albion. Simply tattoo your head and your body to get this achievement.

Achievement: The Menace to Society - 5 points
Description: Commit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit 
Difficulty: *
How to get: Go to a place with people, take off your clothes (main menu -> 
clothing -> outfits -> no clothes) and do a nasty Vulgar Thrust (you can buy 
this expression in the Bowerstone Bookstore). If you do this at enough people, 
you will find someone who will not like it and he/she will call the guards to 
make you pay for it. 

Achievement: The Muse - 5 points
Description: Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds
Difficulty: *
How to get: Go to an inn and locate the bard. Pay him 10 gold to have him sing 
a song about you and your adventures. Easy achievement.

Achievement: The New Hero - 50 points
Description: The terror of Bower Lake must be defeated.
Difficulty: **
How to get: This is a story-related achievement, and will be gotten 
automatically when playing the main story. This one will unlock somewhere in 
the beginning (after leaving the Gypsy camp), even before reaching Bowerstone, 
by killing Thag.

Achievement: The Paragon - 15 points
Description: Reach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.
Diificulty: **
How to get: There are a few ways to gain evil or good points (check for your 
current status the logbook -> personality -> alignment in the main menu). You 
need either good or evil, not both.
Good (indicated by an halo): play the lute in front of people, make "good" 
decisions, give gold to beggars (one of the easiest ways to get 100%, but it 
will cost a lot of gold), donate at the Temple of Light (don't donate over 
1000g, because with 1000g you get the maximum good points, so everything more 
is a waste; this method also gives some xp), do the Hat, Headband, Moustache 
expression, free slaves.
Evil (indicated by horns): kill villagers, steal, make "bad" decision, 
sacrifice people in the Temple of Shadows, use evil expressions.

Achievement: The Parent - 10 points
Description: Have a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.
Difficulty: *
How to get: When you are married, have sex with your wife (by using the Come 
Hither expression from the Bowerstone Bookstore and pressing A in front of a 
bed) and choose for unprotected sex. Congratulations!

Achievement: The Party Animal - 10 points
Description: Get five villagers drunk in under three minutes, or see another 
Hero do so.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Go to any inn and buy a few beers. Then, simply give away your 
beers to 5 different villagers. It's really easy to do this in 3 minutes. 

Achievement: The Persuader - 5 points
Description: Convince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do 
Difficulty: **
How to get: Some villagers have a gift above their heads; you will want to get 
one of those to earn this achievement. Lock on the gift-bearing villager with 
L-trigger, and press Y. You will see the gift in one of the three bars, and 
you will want the villagers mood (indicated by the small bar in the bar) to be 
at the gifts location.  The easiest way is to get a villager who needs to be 
happy for giving the gift; simply do some dancing to get it.

Achievement: The Philanthropist - 10 points
Description: Send a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend, or watch another Hero send 
Difficulty: *
How to get: Have you seen those odd orbs running around your game? Well, 
they're your XBox Live friends also playing this game. Simply walk towards 
one, target him and select Gift (I gave a buddy an ugly necklace). You need to 
have Live Gold for this. 

Achievement: The Pied Piper - 10 points
Description: Start a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see 
another Hero do so.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Go to a busy place (I went to the Bowerstone Market) and start 
dancing. Hold down the A button to keep dancing, and villagers will join you. 
When 5 have joined you, you will get this achievement.

Achievement: The Pooch Pamperer - 5 points
Description: Play fetch with your dog, or see another Hero's dog play.
Difficulty: *
How to get: First, you will need a rubber ball (this can be dug up; it was the 
first thing my dog dug up, or it can be bought at a general store). When you 
have it, simply select it by picking dog -> fetch in the expression wheel (r 

Achievement: The Property Magnate - 10 points
Description: A property must be sold for twice the price it was bought for.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Buy a cheap house (in Bowerstone or Oakfield for instance). Go 
into decorative mode by using the piece of paper you bought the house with. 
Remove the cheap furniture and buy the most expensive furniture you can find 
(you can buy furniture at the furniture store; there's one in Bowerstone 
Market and another one in Bloodstone). Put it all in your house, and the price 
should have at least doubled by now. If it hasn't, put some trophies in it for 
even more value, then sell it. Getting the town an higher economy also 
improves value (do this by working in the town, decorating houses and spending 
gold there).

Achievement: The Rogue - 5 points
Description: Steal something undetected from a building while there are people 
nearby, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: *
How to get: This one is easy. Simply go to a house, go upstairs and loot 
something (a closet usually). Make sure there's nobody following you though.

Achievement: The Romantic - 10 points
Description: Take a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one. Location 
and expressions are all-important.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Target a villager and press Y to find out what he/she likes. Note 
the location and expression. Take him/her to that location (by using the 
follow expression) and perform their favorite expression while there to unlock 
this. If this doesn't seem to work, give him/her their favoire gift too.

Achievement: The Ruler of Albion - 100 points
Description: Amass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when 
another Hero does.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Not that hard, but a bit time-consuming. Basically, you need to 
buy almost every house and shop in Albion. You can buy property by examining 
the piece of paper that's next to the door. More property unlocks when you 
gets further in the main story, so you'll probably get it late in the game (or 
after the ending; you can buy castle Fairfax at that time, which is worth 1 
million). Note that not every building is in a town; there are unique 
buildings scattered across Albion. For example, if you're short on estate, try 
buying the Temple of Light/Shadows, the Cemetary Mansion or Giles' Farm.

Achievement: The Sacrifice - 25 points
Description: A Hero must choose 'The Needs of the Many'.
Difficulty: ****
How to get: You can choose from three different endings at the end of the 
game, and this is one of them. Simply choose the Sacrifice card.

Achievement: The Sharpshooter - 10 points
Description: Hit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.
Difficulty: ***
How to get: The description says it all here. You will need to use a 
Blunderbuss to get this, because it spreads its bullets instead of firing 1 
bullet (like a shotgun). Other guns may work too, but the Blunderbuss really 
is easiest. Then, find a large group of enemies and start firing. Don't stand 
too far away or you will not get it, but don't stand too close either. When I 
got it I used a Steel Blunderbuss, 2 stars in accuracy and was  stading about 
6 yards away from a group of 5 enemies. It can take a while to get this one, 
but just keep shooting and it will happen.

Achievement: The Show-off - 5 points
Description: Impress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero 
do so.
Difficulty: *
How to get: Find a villager whose favorite expression is extendable (for 
instance, the heroic pose expression). Target the villager, extend the 
expression and make sure to "land it" to earn the achievement. 

Achievement: The Spouse - 10 points
Description: Marry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Find a girl (or a guy) you like. Your best bet is to lock-on with 
L-trigger and pressing Y to see what he/she likes (expressions, gifts, 
locations, etc.). Do as many as possible, and you will get the message that 
villager will want to marry you (it may take a while sometimes). Give the 
villager a ring (can be bought at the Jewelers). Make sure to get a nice 
enough ring; sometimes they will turn down ugly rings. When you are finally 
engaged, buy a house (or go to a house you own) and et it as a marital hoe. 
Grats, you tied the knot!

Achievement: The Swinger - 5 points
Description: Take part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.
Difficulty: **
How to get: You must have sex with at least two people at the same time. An 
easy way to get this is to use the prostitues in Bloodstone. Simply accept 
their offer, then find another one and find a bed to get it on. I actually got 
2 people in Oakfields, but not everybody wants to have sex before getting 
married (or have a threesome when married).

Achievement: The Teaser - 5 points
Description: 	Make bandits respond to expressions with fear, anger, mirth, 
and confusion... during combat!
Difficulty: ***
How to get: Find some bandits to fight (there are a lot at the Bandit's 
Coast...) and use expressions to make them respond. Best is to find a group, 
then kill 'em all except one (might wanna disarm him too, so he won't do much 
damage. Disarm by subtargetting). Another tip is using the Time Control spell 
to slow down the bandit so it won't attack as often. Just use an expression 
from every category (fun, social, rude, scary). Different expressions will 
work, but four of them that work are bloodlust roar, middle finger, fart, 
and blow kiss. You know an expression has worked when you hear the bandit 
respond to your expression by saying something.

Achievement: The Whippersnapper
Description: A child Hero must collect five gold pieces.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Story related, so impossible to miss. In fact, this is the first 
quest in the game. Just collect all the goldpieces at the beginning of the 

Achievement: The Workhorse - 10 points
Description: A Hero must achieve a high-enough chain while performing a job.
Difficulty: **
How to get: Pick a job you like (jobs can be found in the main menu -> 
quests/maps -> jobs). Jobs aren't always available, so keep an eye out. Then, 
when doing your job, get a chain of 10. I found this to be the easiest in 
Bartender, but it's very easily possible in every job.

4. Silver Keys and Gargoyles.

Here are the locations of the 51 Silver Keys and the 50 Gargoyles. Keys can be 
picked up, but you'll need to shoot the gargoyles. Your dog helps locating the 
keys by walking towards them or pointing out dig spot that contain them (I 
suggest you get treasure hunting to 5 stars). You can hear the gargoyles 
talking smack about you, giving away their position. How nice of them...

- Bloodstone (4 gargoyles, 5 keys)
 g: Enter Bloodstone from Wraithmarsh. Once you go down the stairs to the 
    docks, there's a crane to left. Ignore and walk towards the next crane you 
    see. It's right on it. 
 g: Enter Bloodstone from Wraithmarsh. Once you're down the stairs, jump in   
    the sea and follow the rocks. There's a small piece of land to stand on. 
    From there, shoot the gargoyle on the rock. He's located to the west.
 g: Enter from Wraithmarsh. Notice the stairs on your left next to the inn. Go
    past them, and go past the bard. Walk underneath the stairs of some 
    building, and go left immediately after that building. There's some grass 
    leading up. Look to the east, and look up to see the gargoyle. 
 g: Do the quest Treasure Island of Doom! and go to Lion's Head Isle. It's in 
    the area where you jump down from the big waterfall (there are more 
    waterfalls there). Take the path up and the gargoyle is next to the 
    waterfall on the left.
 k: Can be found in the same area as the gargoyle (on Lion's Head Isle; just a 
    bit past the gargoyle). Just don't go into the cave, but jump down to the 
    right of it.
 k: Enter the Sinkhole (follow the dock until the end; right before the end 
    you can cut down some bushes to get to the road which leads to it). You
    must've completed the quest Treasure Island of Doom!. You can't miss it.
 k: Enter Bloodstone from Wraithmarsh. Enter the first tomb on your left and 
    use a pick-up line at the statue. Now the crypt a few doors ahead will 
    open. Open the tomb in it to get the key.
 k: Go to the crane where you found the first gargoyle. Jump in the sea and 
    locate the dive spot for a key. It's practically below another crane.
 k: Go to the furniture Store (in the east part of town; look for the sign 
    with the chair). Enter the cellar to the right of the store. Kick the 
    glowing orb with X and the door to the key will open.

- Bower Lake (5 gargoyles, 4 keys)
 g: Go to the lakeside. Face the tomb in the center of the lake and make sure
    to look at the door. Look behind you and you'll see ruins. A gargoyle is 
    on them.
 g: Enter from Brightwood. Walk a small bit until you see some ruins. The 
    gargoyle in on the right, on the arch.
 g: On the same ruins as the ones above. This time, the gargoyle is on the 
    other side (and quite a bit higher).
 g: Enter from Bowerstone. Keep walking until you get to the bridge that goes 
    over the river, but don't cross it. Instead, go to the right (across the 
    grass). Stand close to the waterfall and look down. The gargoyle should be 
    a bit to the right. It may be a tad hard to hit, but it's very much 
 g: This one is in the Tomb of Heroes (which you can enter later in the game; 
    after the quest Rescuing Charlie). Go throught the first big cave, and he 
    will behind you when you enter the corridor.
 k: Enter the Gypsy camp. Go to the right (near your house from the beginning)
    and go through the opening in the fence. Follow the road to the left and
    climb the broken tower you'll eventually see.
 k: Follow the story and soon enough you'll go to the Tomb on the island in 
    Bower Lake. There's a key on the small island and it's basically 
    impossible to miss.
 k: Enter the Tomb of Heroes. Keep going until you see Charlie (while doing 
    the quest Rescuing Charlie). The key is on the right, behind a pillar.
 k: On your map is a small lake to the right. Go there; it's not actually a 
    lake. Walk towards the south with the rockwall close to your left; the key 
    is behind a tree.

- Brightwood (5 gargoyles, 5 keys)
 g: purchase Brightwood Tower. Make your way to the top tower, it only has a 
    bed in it. Look out the window (shoot it to break it) and see the 
 g: Enter Archon's Knot. Archon's Knot can be reached by going back to 
    Brightwood Tower. Go the place where Garth opened the Cullis Gate for you. 
    There, vault off the tower by going through the broken railing. Look 
    behind you for a gargoyle.
 g: There's a small island in the southeast; check your map. There's a 
    gargoyle there on the backside of the building.
 g: Go to the Forsaken Fortress (where you did the quest The Hit; it's located 
    near the small lake in the southwest that's been mentioned in the gargoyle 
    below this one). Once you enter the ruined fortress, take the right    
    staircase leading up. In about the middle of the path after the stairs, 
    there's a pillar to the right, with a gargoyle on it.
 g: Go to the lake southwest on your map (the small one, directly above the 
    green cross on the map). Stand in the tiny pool of water and the gargoyle 
    is on the arch next to you.
 k: Go the small lake where you found the previous gargoyle. Now climb that 
    destroyed tower for the key. 
 k: Enter Archon's Knot again.  Finish the mini-dingeon and you will see the 
    key, can't miss it (it's on the second spike floor. If you're having 
    trouble getting past the expression statue, activate by stepping on the 
    blue which is a few stairs past the statue. Then do a bloodlust growl).
 k: There's a key on Giles' Farm. How to get it depends on the choice you made 
    on the quest where you had to protect the farm or to help the bandit... If 
    you protected the farm, you can buy Giles' Farm (available after the quest 
    Blind Date). Get the key from the house and enter the cellar (it's in the
    barn next to the house). Go through the small dungeon and the key is in 
    the final room (where the  legendary weapon the Enforcer can be found). 
    If you went evil and helped the bandit in that quest, Giles will be dead 
    and you can't buy the farm. However, just go to his and his wife's grave, 
    and dig up the key. Go to the cellar (behind his little shack/house) and 
    enter it the same way as in the above way.
 k: Enter from Bower Lake. Take the first road to the left for a key (it's  
    between two big horse statues).  
 k: If you look at the map, there is a path to the south of the Brightwood 
    tower. Follow this path and it should fork east and west. You want the 
    west path (which should be a right turn when you're coming from the 
    tower). You will go down a set of stairs, and then there will be another 
    set directly in front of you to take. Follow that path all the way to the 
    end. You will eventually see a statue on the right and some ruins with 
    gate on the left. You want to go through the gate and take an immediate 
    left on the other side. At the end of this path you will find the silver 
    key right in the middle. If you run into a bandit camp, you missed the 
    left turn after the gate. 

- Bowerstone Cemetary (5 gargoyles, 4 keys)
 g: Go to the most west part on your minimap. There's a gate there (past 
    Mickey the Spider, the guy from the displacement quests)). You can unlock 
    the gate by buying the mansion. Walk past the gate and look up to your 
    left for a gargoyle. If you haven't bought it yet, stand near the broken 
    bookcase on your right and look up left to spot it (look at the tower).
 g: For this one you really need to buy the mansion. Enter the Shelley crypt 
    (which is behind the locked gate you can now unlock). In the crypt is a 
    room where you have to hit a glowing orb. Before exiting it, look to the 
    right (past the torch). There's a gargoyle waiting.
 g: Go through the part of the cemetary with the expression statue, and walk 
    south, following the road. After heading up the stairs, walk a bit to the 
    right and the gargoyle is on the building in front of you (a bit higher 
    than usual though).
 g: Go the same stairs you climbed for the previous gargoyle. At the top of 
    those stairs, look through the fence and to the left for a gargoyle on a 
    pillar (he's when you look to the northeast).
 g: Go to the crypt you can see in the southeast of your map (you'll get there
    if you follow the road the previous two gargoyles were on). Walk right 
    when you enter that area and he's on a small building in the corner.
 k: Buy the mansion and enter the Shelley crypt. There's a destructible wall
    in the room filled with coffins. Break it and take the key. 
 k: Buy the Cemetary Mansion. Enter it and go as high as possible, because 
    there's a key there.
 k: Go the location of Mickey the Spider (there are a few broken buildings and 
    a fire there; it's in the west of the map). There's an easy key to be 
    found there.
 k: Go to the place where you found the last gargoyle (well, the fourth one in 
    this FAQ for the cemetary, that is). Look around and you should find it 
    easily; this one is hard to miss).

- Bowerstone Market (4 gargoyles, 3 keys)
 g: enter from the Lake. Instead of crossing the bridge to the market, go down
    (there's a stairs on the left). The gargoyle is past the bridge on the 
    right wall.
 g: Again, enter from the lake and don't cross the bridge. On your left is a
    Carriage store (Coach House). The gargoyle is inside left of the carriage.
 g: Once more, enter from the lake and don't cross the bridge. Enter the first
    building on your right and follow the stairway up. Follow the path to the
    end and the gargoyle is above a gate.
 g: Go to the furniture shop (enter from Lake, cross bridge, first store on 
    the right). It's on the top floor.
 k: Enter from the lake, don't cross the bridge. You can see the key behind a 
    gate on your left. To reach it, jump into the river and swim to the left. 
    Behind the rock is a dock that has a dive spot below it, which you can 
    enter by holding A there.
 k: Go to the furniture shop again. Enter the cellar that's in the back of the
    room and shoot the glowing orb that's behind you with a gun. Take the key.
 k: Face the inn on the Market square. Go into the small alley to the left of
    it. Your dog should now point out a dig spot (well, if you have a 4 star 
    treasure hunting skill...)

- Bowerstone Old Town (2 gargoyles, 3 keys)
 g: Enter The Felling Residence (in the road towards the big tree), there's a
    gargoyle above the staircase.
 g: Enter from Rookridge. Pass the Old Town arches and look to your left. It's
    sitting against some sort of tower.
 k: In the cellar next to the food stall. Enter from Bowerstone Market, keep 
    going until you hit the Warehouse (behind the crates), follow the road 
    right and take the first right.
 k: In the corner of the warehouse (where you killed beetles as a kid)
 k: Enter from Rookridge. You'll see the key on the balcony in front of you. 
    Buy the house (the Invisible Hand) or break down the door to get it.

- Rookridge (5 gargoyles, 6 keys)
 g: Enter the Temple of Shadows (northwest of the map). Go to the room whre 
    you can sacrifice people. Now go to the right and follow the path. There's 
    a gargoyle in the last room.
 g: Go to the Temple of Shadows, but don't enter it. Instead, pass the 
    entrance to find some windowns and statues. Stand on top of the tiny 
    stairs (facing the entrance of the Temple). Look up while walking through 
    the arch on your left and you'll see it.
 g: Go to Rookridge Inn (just above the river; between the two bridges on the 
    map). Go upstairs and exit. Follow the path to reach an abandoned 
    building.Take a left and follow the tracks. Go via the path to another set 
    of tracks. Follow the tracks until you see a few carts at the end of the 
    tracks. To right is a wooden structure with a gargoyle on it.
 g: Enter the Hobbe Cave (on the small brown area directly above the river on 
    the map). Keep going until you see tracks (the room where you can 
    "spiral" upwards). The gargoyle is basically on the ceiling in the middle.
 g: Go to Hobbe Cave, but don't enter it yet. There's a gargoyle on the rocks 
    to the right.
 k: Go to the statue where you get the quest from the ghost (enter from
    Bowerstone Old Town and you should see it). There's a key near the statue.
 k: Enter the Temple of Shadows. Go to the room where you can sacrifice 
    people. Go left to find a key.
 k: Go to Rookridge Inn (just above the river; between the two bridges on the 
    map). Go upstairs and exit. Follow the path to reach an abandoned 
    building. Follow the tracks to the right for a key.
 k: Enter Hobbe Cave. Go until you see the giant room where a lot of Hobbes 
    attack you (open room with a large stone path). There's a digspot in the 
    small hall before that your dog should sense.
 k: Exit Hobbe Cave. You'll come out of a house; there's a key to the other 
    side of it. Get it by walking around by going left.
 k: Enter Gemstone Grotto. You can get there by swimming to the northwest part 
    of the map (it's right below the Temple of Shadows; best place to swim 
    from is the entrance of Hobbe Cave). Keep going until you see a chest. 
    Walk back a little to find a small path on the side; it leads to a key.

- Westcliff (5 gargoyles, 4 keys) 
 g: Enter from Bandit Coast (southeast). Take the first left exit you see 
    (it's a small one). There's a chest there, but behind on the arch is also 
    a gargoyle.
 g: Enter from Bandit Coast. Keep walking until you see a house on your left. 
    Keep walking and take the first right (right before the bridge). Make your 
    way to the top of the ruins and jump down. There's a chest and a gargoyle 
 g: Go to the entrance of Howling Halls (southwest part of the map). When 
    you're on top of the staircase facing the entrance, turn around and look 
    to your upperleft for a gargoyle.
 g: Enter the Howling Halls. When you come to the room where Hammer knocked 
    down the pillar to cross the spiky floor, you can find a gargoyle in the 
 g: Go to the village of Westcliff and head for the docks (where you went to 
    go to the Spire). When you are going down, the gargoyle is close to the 
    first big flagg you see (on the rocks).
 k: Go to the camp located south on your minimap (the camp is in ruins). 
    There's a key in one of the destroyed buildings).
 k  Go to the entrance of Howling Halls. Don't go in, but turn around and walk 
    past the arch. Take the first left and dive down into the water. Swim  
    right to find it.
 k: Enter Howling Halls. When you reach the room with the big spiraling 
    staircase, you can find a key at the top (tucked away in a little corner; 
    just walk in a circle at the top to find it).
 k: Go to the small village of Westcliff. Head down to the docks (where you 
    left for the Spire). There's a key down there behind some crates (to the 

- Wraithmarsh (6 gargoyles, 7 keys)
 g: The first time you enter you'll be in a cage. When you exist it, enter the
    house that you see for the first gargoyle.
 g: When you start walking from the cage you were locked in, take the second 
    house you see (it's on your right). The gargoyle is behind the small brown 
 g: Cross the big wooden bridge to find some ruins. There's a gargoyle on the 
    backside of the right big arch.
 g: Go to the fog-filled graveyard. Exit it towards Bloodstone. It's located 
    above the very first torch you will see.
 g: Go to the Shadow Court (southeast part of Wraithmarsh). Keep going until 
    you reach the trap with the spikes in the floor. Cross it and it's behind 
 g: Go to Twinblade's Tomb (located at the northwest of the map). To get acces 
    to it, do the quest Love Hurts. Look for it in the final room, just above 
    the door.
 k: Remember the place where you fought your first banshee? It's at the 
    Drowned Farm, at a small lake with a well in the middle. When you approach 
    it coming from the cage, take the first house on the left (it's actually 
    not in the water, but next to it). the key is on the top floor.
 k: Go to the graveyard (the one filled with fog, near the black circle on the
    map). There's a silver key hidden in the wall (first hole left when you 
    enter from the cage-side).
 k: Go to the area where you fought the second banshee in story mode (open 
    place with water, between Bloodstone and the fog-graveyard, there's a 
    small house there. While there, head south via the small road with a tree 
    above it. You'll see the key eventually.
 k: Go to the Shadow Court. Cross the spike trap. In the next room, don't go 
    through the door, but go left of the door to find a destructible door. 
    Destroy it and claim your key.
 k: Go to Twinblade's Tomb. To get there, do the quest Love Hurts. It's in the
    final room
 k: Actually, there's one more key in that final room. Open the tomb to find 
 k: Exit Twinblade's Tomb. It's there on the grass, can't miss it really.

- Oakfield (3 gargoyles, 6 keys)
 g: directly across the inn (Sandgoose Inn) is a small bridge. The gargoyle is
    located on the side of the bridge, so you can shoot it from the road.
 g: Go to the Sculpter's House on the side of the village. The gargoyle is on 
    the backside of the barn you pose for sculptures in.
 g: Look at your map (press start). Theres a small lake on the right side of 
    the map that 2 roads leading to it. Take the upper road towards the lake. 
    Once you reach it, the gargoyle will behind on an arch. An easier way to 
    reach this is to dive down fro the waterfall at the Temple of Light, and 
    swim a bit to the right to find the arch.
 k: located south of the small lake on the right of the map. Simply follow the
    road (although you probably already found it doing the abbot quest). 
 k: Go to the Sculptor's House. The house next to it (Porridge Cottage) has a
    key on the top floor.
 k: Enter from Rookridge. Go past the carriage and enter the house next to it 
    (Manure Manor). The key is inside it.
 k: Go to the Luminous Cottage (left side of the map). Across the road of it 
    is some hay and a key.
 k: Go to Wellspring Cave (the one where you got the Hero of Strength; follow 
    the path down from the Temple of Light, and you'll see it on your left). 
    Enter  the cave and follow the path down to the place where you have three 
    ways. Take the left one and follow it to where you filled the jugs. The 
    key is behind the big platform.
 k: Enter from Rookridge. Take the first (small path) on your left. Take the
    first left again and kill the enemies. Enter the cave (Echo Mine). The key 
    is on the right a few steps into the cave, you can't miss it.

- Fairfax Gardens (3 gargoyles, 2 keys)
 g: Walk towards the castle. It's above the door, but it's high, so you'll 
    need to stand back.
 g: Finish the game and buy the castle. Enter the castle and go to the 
    library, where the gargoyle can be found (behind you). 
 g: Do the quest Love Hurts, so you can enter Lady Grey's tomb. Keep going, 
    but don't vault down. Shoot the gargoyle in front of you first.
 k: See the castle? See the staircase leading to the main door of the castle? 
    There's a key below it.
 k: Enter Lady Grey's tomb. There's a key right below the big staircase that 
    spirals upwards to the exit; it's hard to miss

- Guild Cave (1 gargoyle, 1 key)
 g: Enter The tomb in the center of Bower Lake. Keep going until you see a big
    water with ruins in it. Go through the water and you'll find a road  
    leading up. Follow it and it exits into the water room again. The gargoyle 
    is on the ceiling when you exit the road up. 
 k: Enter the tomb in the center of Bower Lake. Enter the first room by diving
    down. Enter the next room by dropping down. The key is behind the rocks on
    the left side, right before the door

- Bandit Coast (2 gargoyle, 1 key)
 g: Follow the road when you enter from Brightwood. Once you get to the big 
    camp (southwest on map), you can find a gargoyle on the ruins (he's quite 
 g: Before you enter this main camp, you can vault down to the left of the 
    road (near 2 flags to the side of the road). Follow the small path and
    enter the door. There's a gargoyle waiting for you there (on the left).
 k: Enter from Brightwood. You basically can't miss this key, simply follow 
    the path and it'll be on the side of it.

5. Thanks & Legal Stuff

Thanks to SBAllen for hosting this and running the site. Another thanks goes 
to Lionhead and Microsoft, for making this game possible. Big thanks to the 
GameFAQs Fable II board, for providing some crucial information. No thanks to 
DJ Meowth.

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