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Money Making Guide by Whopkin

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/24/08

--==FABLE II==--

--==Mad Money Making Guide==--

V. 1.0

--==Table of Contents==--
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1) Copyright info	[CPY]
2) Version Updates	[UPD]
3) Introduction		[INT]
4) General Tips		[TPS]
	-Jobs & Quests	[JAQ]
5) Alignment		[AAX] 
   	-Expressions	[XPR]
	-Tricks		[TRK]
6) Getting Started	[GTS]
	-Childhood	[CHL]
	-Early Adult	[EAD]
	-Bowerstone	[BRS]
7) Westcliff		[WSC]
8) Continued Success	[CSC]
9) Overview		[OVR]
10) FAQ			[FAQ]
11) Contact		[CTC]

1) Copyright info	[CPY]
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.  If you want to use this guide on your site, send me
an e-mail at moosemonky@gmail.com.

Copyright 2008 Steven J. Henry

2) Version Updates	[UPD]
- 10/24/08 v. 1.0
	I finished the guide tonight, and I'm still open to any questions.
I'd really appreciate suggestions and tips on making quick money, so let me
know what you find.

- 10/24/08 V. 0.1
	I've just begun writing this guide, and as such I am still wide open to
any suggestions and tricks available to me.  I'll see how the final product
looks and whether or not it needs to be changed.  I'm open to feedback, so 
please just let me know, and I'll do what I can to imrpvoe the guide.
	In addition, full credit will be given for all tips and suggestions.

3) Introduction		[INT]
	Money makes the world go round.  It's as true in Fable as it is in 
modern society.  Fortunately for you, money is quite a bit easier to make in 
Fable, and I'm going to help you get as much of it as you can.
	Vast amounts of money are not completely essential in Fable 2, but it 
does provide for a lot of extra fun and challenge.  While money is mostly used 
for character customization via clothing and dyes, it is vital for buying your 
invaluable arsenal of swords and guns (or bows if that's your thing).
	However, this guide is not for people who just want to play through the 
game and purchase the clothing and weapons available to help beat the final 
boss.  This guide is designed for the hardcore Fable player who wants to be the 
ruler of Albion.  Needless to say, purchasing every single building in the 
entire game is going to take quite a bit of money.  Or perhaps you just want to
show off to your XBox Live friends that you have more money than all of them
combined.  In any case, that's where this guide comes in.  Getting started is
the hard part, but soon you'll be making so much money that you literally won't
know what to do with it all (I'm not kidding, you'll eventually buy everything
from every shop and run out of things to buy).  Without further ado, let's get 

4) General Tips		[TPS]
	The primary money making strategy you will rely on is real estate.
The rent from houses and income from shops will net you surprisingly large 
amounts of money, and you'll get that money at 5 minute intervals.  If my math
is correct, I believe that someone is possession ofevery building in Albion 
will be making somewhere around 25,000 gold every 5 minutes.  That's a lot of 
scratch, and you don't even have to do anything to collect it.  You'll even get
money while you aren't playing, so go ahead and take a nap.  Of course, you 
don't make as much money with your console off as you do while playing.  If you
really need the money you can leave your XBox on overnight in a safe place like
Bowerstone.  If you play your cards right, you might have as much as 300,000 
gold by the end of your first day of playing.  That's a pretty powerful amount
if you are trying to become ruler of Albion.  You might reach that goal by the
end of the week.  If you think this is cheating or something, then just turn
your XBox off, and you'll still be making loads of gold legitimately.

	A word on purchases: Go ahead and spend a bit of money on weaponry
to keep you safe, and a bit on clothing so that you don't hate the way you
look, but continually buying clothes and changing your appearance can get
costly very fast, and will impair your money-making abilities.  Try to pick
a look and stick with it until you have enough cash.  You'll need most of your
money for your first few properties.

-Jobs & Quests	[JAQ]

	Secondary sources of money include jobs and quests.  Honestly, I don't
think the quests are worth much as far as gold is concerned.  Usually the 
bounty hunting or "civilian displacement" quests will get you about 750 gold
per star of difficulty (it goes up to 5).  Each quest can take between 10 and 
15 minutes of travelling, loading, and fighting, in which time you will have 
already made 5 times your reward in real estate investments.  In short, unless
you are going for an achievement or good/evil points, don't bother with these.
	As far as jobs are concerned, you will be doing these a LOT early on to
make your seed money to start investing in real estate.  Later on, jobs won't
be worth much when compared to your massive 5-minute real estate gold intake.
The only thing I really used jobs for was to get that extra few thousand gold
to purchase the next building in my real estate chain.


-This is usually the first job that will be available
to you.

Available: Bowerstone

-You will get a gold multiplier after every sword you make.  At 5 stars of
skill you'll be making about 1000 gold per sword after a chain of about 9.

-It takes 5 successful hits to make a single sword.
-The minigame is really hard to do.  Some people might find it easy, in which
case you should go for it, but I never got my multiplier past 15.  The little
dot moves really fast, and sometimes you get a little bit of lag, making it 
even harder to hit the sweet spot.  If you can do it, go for it.  You'll
make a lot of money.

-This will usually be the second job available, and is my personal favorite.

Available: Bowerstone, Oakfield, Westcliff

-The minigame is really easy.  I usually pour about 40 beers, which is a x14
multiplier, before I mess up and start over.  At level 5, 40 beers will get
you almost 20,000 gold in about 10 minutes.
-The math shows that you will make more money in less time, and with less 
effort, bartending than you will with blacksmithing.

-You have to pour 3 or 4 beers to raise your multiplier by one.  Luckily,
pouring a beer only takes one expression bar minigame, unlike blacksmithing
which takes 5.  In the time it takes to make 1 sword, you will have poured
about 3 beers and received the multiplier already anyway.

-This is an Oakfield job.  It totally sucks and is a complete waste of time.
I suppose if you can get a good rythym going it might make you a bit of money,
but bartending is still a better choice.  As much as I love lumberjacks, I
hate this job.

Available: Oakfield

-The mini-game is medium difficulty.  If you can get the rythym down, then you 
can get multipliers fairly easily.
-The scenery in Oakfield is kinda nice...

-It totally sucks
-Even at higher levels you barely make any money doing this, and it takes a
long time to get multipliers.
-Since the base gold is so low, you have to get insane multipliers before you
 start making any money
-Don't do this job, it's a waste of time and I hate it.

	Do blacksmithing to start, but switch to bartending when it becomes
available.  You only need to get about 50,000 gold of seed money before you
start raking in the big bucks.  It takes a while to get to level 5 bartender,
but once you are there you can make 50,000 in an hour if you don't mind the
monotony of pouring beer.

5) Alignment		[ALM]
	I was going to make this a sub-section, but it is actually really vital
for making money.  The short answer is that being good and pure will end up
getting you the most money.
	As fun as it is to be evil and corrupt, running around striking fear
into the hearts of villagers, it makes the economy terrible.  When you kill
people or scare them, they won't go shopping as much and the economy goes down.
This may seem like a really good thing, since buildings cost less when the 
economy is bad.  However, the interest you make on your investment is directly
related to the current value of the building, which is in turn dependent on the
economy.  So even though it might be easier to buy property, you won't be 
making as much money from it.


	I can't stress this one enough.  If you kill the owner, the "current
owner" cost will go down to 0, but the value of the property will decrease
permanently, meaning you will never be able to make as much money from it as
someone who just bought it normally.
	The extremely good and pure will actually drive costs down anyway,
since people who like you will give you a rather large discount.  Afterwards,
you will still have a valuable property making you a lot of money.

-Expressions	[XPR]
	You'll get these as you play the game and become more famous.  You
don't really need very many.  Just stick to the good ones like dancing and
whistling and you won't have much trouble getting people to like you.  It
doesn't hurt to be attractive, so get yourself some nice clothing when you can
afford it.  I also found the lute to be pretty useful, since not only do people
like it, but you also get good points for playing it in front of a crowd.

-Tricks		[TRK]
	There are some tricks you can do to possibly make things easier for you
in the long run, and which may allow you to make money and keep an evil 
alignment if done properly.
	It would probably take a lot of extra work, but you could start the
game off really evil and drive prices way down.  This way you can buy a few
properties for cheap.  Once you have a good property base established, you can
go around doing good deeds and working at jobs around town.  This will improve
the economy, and your prices will increase so you make the full amount

6) Getting Started	[GTS]

-Childhood	[CHL]

	Believe it or not, Your money making ventures start in childhood.  If
you've already played past this part of the game, don't worry too much, you 
haven't botched anything, but there is one important decision you can make here
that will make life a bit easier for you early on.  
	Eventually, a guard will ask you to find him some warrants.  You don't
have a choice here, so just run around town and you'll find them.  Eventually, 
you will be confronted by a thug who wants them.  Who you give the papers to
drastically affects Bowerstone when you are an adult.  If you want to make
things easy, give the papers to the guard.  The whole town will be better off,
you will get a discount on all the stores, and most importantly, the old town
economy will start high, meaning your real estate and business ventures here
will do well in the future.
	I'd also help the guy with the warehouse.  I'm not sure whether it
affects his business, but I know that the warehouse is available for purchase, 
and it was a pretty good piece of property after I helped him with it.
	If you are trying to be bad, don't worry, this stuff will only account
for a few good points.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to become an evil
overlord later on.  However, as described in the alignment section [ALM], being 
evil will make it much harder to get loads of money.  Just something to keep in

-Early Adult	[EAD]

	Kreia... I mean Theresa, will tell you to go get some stuff out of a
chest in the gypsy town.  You won't be back here for a long time, so you might
as well turn your house into some fast money.  You have 2 options here, rent it
out and make a few gold every 5 minutes, or sell it to help fund your seed 
money for expansion in Bowerstone.  
	Either choice is fine, selling will probably save
you about 10 or 15 minutes of bartending/blacksmithing, but you'll have to go
back and re-buy the house later on (if you want to own everything, that is). In
any case, do something with your house and get out of here.  You can't go to 
Bowerstone yet, so just do the quests until you can get there.

-Bowerstone	[BRS]

	You've finally made it to Bowerstone, and I bet you're tingling with 
excitement at the prospect of all the money you're about to make.  I hate to 
burst that bubble, but life is about to get boring... REAL boring.  Now is the
time to get a job.  Don't worry, it's only for a bit, then you'll rarely ever 
have to do it again.  Ok, that's a lie, you'll be doing it a lot, but the
payoff is good once you get started.
	I think the only job available at this point is at the blacksmith.  I
said this process would take some patience, so get started on that job.  Try 
to get to level 5 (you'll get an achievement) before you do anything.  
	This is a good time to stand under the clock tower and start waiting 
for Theresa.  She's going to actually tell you to get a job and give you about
5 minutes to work. If you've become a level 5 blacksmith aready, you should 
have around 30,000 gold by now.  Use this next 5 minutes to make some more
gold.  You are shooting for about 65,000.
	It's certainly important to keep your sanity while doing this, so go
ahead and do a few main story and side quests.  Don't do too many though.  Once
you do a few quests, a job at the Bowerstone bar might become available.  As 
stated in the jobs section [JAQ], this is my favorite job.  At high levels,
you'll be making money hand over fist here.  If you really like blacksmithing,
keep doing that for money, but I'd recommend getting to level 5 in bartending.
	If you do get to level 5 bartending, you should have around 65,000 gold,
provided you haven't spent very much.
	It is now time to make your first significant investment.  At this 
point in the game, I believe the best property you can buy is the Bowerstone 
bar.  I think it's actual name is the Cow and Corsett.

**You may have been looking at this bar from time to time and wondering why I
say 65,000 when it's only worth about 50,000 or so.  The reason is that all
your working in the blacksmith and bar will make the economy explode, sending
prices really high.  You might want to take a few quests between the time you 
get the money and the time you buy the bar.  It will give the economy a bit of 
time to cool down so the price will drop**

	Before you go and buy it, make sure to go in and woo the owner a bit.
If he really loves you, the price will drop by thousands.  You might even 
get him down to 60,000 if you are lucky, but chances are slim (Note above **).
	Provided the economy is good, your first property will be making you 
about 800 gold every 5 minutes.  You may be saying "60,000 for 800?!  That's a 
terrible deal!"  On the contrary, let me explain.  800 gold every 5 minutes is 
quite a lot this early in the game.  If you were so inclined, you could leave
your Xbox on overnight at this point and make quite a killing.  Assuming you 
slept for 8 hours, you would wake up with 76,800 gold in your wallet.  Not too
shabby.  This isn't recommended quite yet, but you can do it if you want.
	Before moving on, you have a few decisions about what to do next.
Again, if you want to make an easy 70-80k, go ahead and leave your XBox on
overnight.  If you leave your XBox off overnight, you'll still make money, but
not as much.  I went to bed at this point and woke up to about 26,000 gold with
my XBox turned off.  Not a lot, but enough to get started on your next 
big-ticket item.
	You'll also be given an option to adjust the sale price.  Although it
might seem great to jack everything up 100%, you'll only end up making money
in the short term.  This is not only corrupting, but everyone will hate you
(it is the bar after all).  People who hate you have expensive property, and 
thus it becomes more difficult in the long run.  Just leave it at 0 for now.
	If you want to be evil, wait until you are the mayor of Bowerstone, 
THEN jack all the prices up by 100%.  At that point, there's nothing else to
buy in town, so it doesn't matter if they all hate you, not to mention you'll
be making twice the money, advancing you towards your 5 million (roughly)
goal of ruling Albion.

7) Westcliff		[WSC]
	Westcliff gets it's own section because there is something REALLY
important that you have to do here. 

--==This section contains a really small spoiler, not a really big deal==--

	It is really important that you go and visit Barnum on your first trip
to Westcliff BEFORE you go to the Spire.  Pay him the 5,000 gold for Westcliff
Development.  You'll be glad you did when you come back.
	I won't say anything to spoil it, but if you don't do this, you will
basically be cutting yourself off from an entire town's worth of property and
	Do yourself a favor and give Barnum 5,000 gold BEFORE you go to the 
Spire.  TRUST ME!!!  I am writing this guide after all.

8) Continued Success	[CSC]
	Once you own something really big and profitable (preferrably the pub),
you need to get something else big and profitable.  My second choice is the
Bowerstone blacksmith.  It's another 4 or 5 star business that should make you
between 600 and 800 every 5 minutes.  Other good options include the general
store and the carriage service (once it becomes available.)
	You'll probably need to do a bit of working at the pub at first just
to get the starter money for these few things, but once you own about 3 big
businesses, you'll pretty much be set.
	My first 3 businesses were the bar, blacksmith and general store.
I had a few thousand gold to spare, so I bought some upper-level houses as
well.  I was raking in 2,000 gold every 5 minutes or so, haveing spent only
about 1 and half full hours working.  (Yes, I did quests inbetween or I would
have pulled all my teeth out).
	If you can get to this point in one day, AND you don't mind leaving
your XBox on overnight, you can make 192,000 gold in 8 hours.  With that 
money you can buy most of the stalls and medium sized businesses in
Bowerstone.  Another overnight money-farming session will probably get you
around 500,000 gold, depending on what you bought.

	Getting started is really the hard part.  After you've got a few
places owned, you are basically just continuing a chain of buying and 
gathering interest.  The more places you own, the more money you get, making
it easier to buy more places, etc...

9) Overview		[OVR]

-It's all about real estate!
	Jobs and quests can get you a bit of cash, but dealing in real estate
is what will get you the big bucks.

-Focus on shops first, especially large ones
	When buying, focus on getting shops before you get houses.  Although
you can make the same amount of money from houses, you'll need to buy a lot of
them to equal something like the Bowerstone bar (around 7 or 8 houses).
	Also, contrary to what the game would have you believe, don't bother
wasting time of small stands before moving to big businesses.  Instead, gather
some money to buy a big business, then use the interest to buy the smaller 
items.  If you own nothing but the bar, it only takes about an hour of 
in-game interest to get enough money to buy most stalls.  So THINK BIG.

-Be nice
	It drives the economy up, which in turn raises prices, which means a
bigger return on your investment.  Plus, owners who like you will sell their
property cheaper.
	You can be as evil and corrupt as you want AFTER you rule the whole
world.  Besides, once you own everything, it's a lot more fun being mean

	This permanently decreases your property's value, so you won't get as
much money out of it.

	This one is really important.  If you neglect to do this, you are 
basically cutting yourself off from an entire town's worth of property and 
money.  There are still things to own in Westcliff, but you won't be making
nearly as much from the bare-bones camp.  Trust me, you'll be glad you made
this investment.

10) FAQ			[FAQ]

No one has asked any questions yet!

11) Contact		[CTC]

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving this guide please e-mail

I'd also be really interested in hearing from you if you have a tip for making
some quick cash.  So shoot me a line.


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