GBG??? Need help

  1. Ok long post but I recently got a Xbox One X so I was happy I could play fable 2 again well when I made my first charcter I got to play all the way up to garth's tower and watch him get taken away after that the game saved then black screen then it quit game? so Everytime I start up game and load my charcter it blurs the screen when loaded and freezes till it quits game I was very sad but thought ok I'll make another charcter the same thing happen to that one as well so now I'm stuck on both charcters freezing Everytime and now I don't want to even play again and make another charcter if the same stupid fate is going to happen to that one as well I need help what can I do to fix this?

    User Info: badbunnyarmy

    badbunnyarmy - 3 months ago

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