Review by mythical_guy

Reviewed: 04/09/07

Need for Game: Most Wanted

This is, no matter what you say about it, my all-time favorite racing game. The cop chases, the hot two-hundred miles per hour racing and the fun pink-slip-packed bosses are all combined to literally make the game Most Wanted. This game made me recognize my favorite car, the Lambourghini Gallardo,, and even let me upgrade it to the fullest. After upgrading it, I loved it, and I bet you would love to upgrade your dream car with the upgrades Most Wanted gives you. I could have given this game a 10, but there is one teeny tiny problem. Read on, and you will find out what.

Graphics 10/10

I seriously wanted to give this an eleven out of ten. The cars reflection in the water was perfect. The motion blur in a speedbreaker is very realistic. When your going through a tunnel and get out of it, the sun actually blinds you! Everything is beautifully textured, and the lake you pass by now and then is as (in my opinion, more beautiful) real as a real lake. In the safehouse, look at your car well to see how well EA has done it this time.

Gameplay 9/10

Now, here's the sweet part. First of all, you do an old-fashioned race with a BMW when you start the game, then theres more races, and, in the race with bull (yes, his face does look like bull, doesnt it?) theres a complimentary, yes, complimentary, as all the fun youll have here will be nothing compared to the fun youll get through the rest of the game!After all the tutorial races,youll have to go against one of the fifteen Black List racers after doing the Bounty and Races. Now, with all that bounty and races, it makes the game a really action-packed one, doesnt it? But there is one big problem in the game. The racers, even the bosses, have very low AI. For instance, I was racing against the ninth Black List member, and she was following me while I was going through a really good shortcut, and when she had the choice to go through the shortcut, she went the long way. And the x1 and x2 police are way too easy too mash up(which might be fun for a lot of you to mash up)! Other than that, there is no problem with the game.

Story 10/10

The story is satisfying enough for a racing game. You were facing a Black List member and he cheated and got your pink slip. So he took away your car,which left you defenseless to the police when they came, and you were taken to jail. After that, they couldnt condemn you cause you didnt have a car. So you went to seek revenge on the cheating Black List member, who was now #1. The story- good as it is.

Rent or Buy

For those of you who dont like racing games shouldnt buy it, but you must at least rent this game.

Conclusion 9/10

A bit of AI problem wont hurt anybody, as the game is ROCKS as it is. So, please try out this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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