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Reviewed: 07/19/06

A great addition to the NFS franchise, and your game collection.

This is my first review, so I hope it's ok.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is definitely the best installment of the NFS franchise yet. It is, in short, a combination of Need for Speed Underground and Hot Pursuit 2. It takes the open city street racing without cops aspect of Underground, and adds that to the cops from Hot Pursuit 2. There are a few bugs in this game, and an odd number of defective copies of the game, but aside from that it is a great game. EA has taken out the racing mode "drift", but they add a whole new part of the game (14% of the game) called "Challenge Series" where you take on challenges, like evading a pursuit in under 4 minutes, or getting a bounty of 50,000. The game now takes place during the day, with time passing and the sun changing position. There are 2 instances where you get to play as a cop, but there is no "Be The Cop" mode, like in HP2.


The game looks pretty good on standard 480p, but it's beautiful in 1080i. Car detail is pretty good, but there's not that much to see. The smallest visible detail the manufacturer's emblem/logo on the side and rear of the car. Reflections are so-so; you can see beautiful reflections if your car's paint isn't matte, but you can see through glass that should reflect. Smoking tires are a good detail, but you will leave skid marks no matter what kind of surface you are on, whether it be grass or asphalt. And as the other NFS games did, your car will get visual damage, most noticeable on the windows, but no parts will fall off of the car. Overall, this game is up there with the best of graphics in the racing genre.


The story of Most Wanted is the best I've seen, but the way you go through it is very fun, and somewhat addicting. In the beginning of the game, it jumps around from present day, a few days ago, a few days before that, and so on. The story is that a guy name Clarence Callahan (Razor) does something to your ride when you first race him, therefore you lose the race and your car. You have to climb up the Blacklist, a list of 15 ranked racers that you must beat in order to advance, and unlock the achievements. You have to climb up this list and challenge Razor to a final series of races. I wont tell the rest, because it will give away some part of the "plot." The menus are very easy to navigate, and it is very easy to get around town thanks to an easy to use GPS. There is also a new to the series game mode called Challenge Series. You take on 68 challenges, ranging from pursuit times to cost to state (causing damage throughout the city.) In a few of the challenges, you get to drive special cars, such as police cruisers and trucks. From what I remember, this is the first NFS game with a story, and EA did a good job with it. As for the game play, there are a few problems. One popular glitch is called the Bus Station Glitch. In the middle of a pursuit, you go into the bus station and on top of either the buses or an overhang and just sit there. The pursuit will drag on forever, and the police will be unable to get up there. There have also been a notable number of defective discs and games frequently freezing, as mine did. (I had my copy of NFS:MW replaced twice, currently on my 3rd one)

ON LINE 5/10

There isn't much to say about on line play. It isn't that much fun because most of the time, you and your opponent will lose connection, the game will stop, then unexpectedly start. It's not that easy to find an opponent, and most people use maxed-out Lamborghini's. There aren't any real tuners that will make a custom car and not have to have the fastest thing on line. On line is mostly a pain, and you will rarely find a good match that will run smoothly.

I hope this review helped you, as it was my first one. Thank you for reading!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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