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FAQ/Walkthrough by lastfirstborn

Version: Full Dark | Updated: 07/07/07

The Darkness


June 28, 2007 - July 1, 2007

Xbox 360 Guide

written by lastfirstborn - Joe Barbee

See end section for contact information (email, Live tag)

Copyright - lastfirstborn, Joe Barbee, June 28 2007.  
Please do not steal
this guide in any way shape or form.  You may save this for
personal use.  Do not post it on your website without telling
me and getting my approval, and even then do not alter it in
any way.  This guide is my intelluctual property, and is 
protected by the law.  Thanks!

See version history for details!  I just needed to get some 
good tips and tricks out there as the boards are a bit clogged
with the same questions day in and day out.  The FULL GUIDE
is finally OUT!!

Please keep in mind, if you use ctrl and F on your keyboard,
you can search for anything in this guide.  Just type in the
keyword (like a place, a power, event, or an achievement), and
you will hopefully find what you want.  Or just read through
all of section 3, it's not that long.

It's a bit FAQ heavy in the front, but this is one of those
games where a couple of simple questions can help you along,
so they come before the full walkthrough.  Bear with me on
having to scroll down to reach the guide.


1) Introduction and Version History
2) General Tips and Hints
3) Hard to find stuff and frenquently asked questions section
4) Walkthrough (with epilouge about comic at very end)
5) Achievements (and notes on them)
6) Ending Notes and Credits


1) Introduction

Hello hello!  First off, let me say, see section 3 if you're
having trouble with anything.  I hit all the hard to reach 
spots people talk about on the message boards at gamefaqs.com
first there.  This includes ALL the phone numbers and ALL the
Darkling Costumes.

To get it out of the way, please don't contact me for spelling
or grammar mistakes, capiche?  It's a waste of both our time.
The full guide will be out SOON.  Right now, I just wanted to
get the general hints and tips out there for those that are
clogging up the message boards.  I've played through parts
of normal up to three times now, and will start hard once I
completel normal all the way.  It is THEN, that I will begin
the full walkthrough guide.  Until then, the gamefaqs.com
message boards are a wonderful place to visit, just please
use the search function first if it is available to you.  Odds
are, your questions HAVE been answered there, I promise.

Now, as a short intro about me, since I like to do that to my
FAQs.  I've written a handful of faqs for gamefaqs.com, and
loads of reviews.  I love gaming, have been at it since the
NES days.  I'm 24, living on my own, have a cool family, a 
small circle of friends, and a great girl (hopefully for a
long while :P).  I'm a huge dork when it comes to games, 
movies, comics, and music, in that order.  I've been into The
Darkness since the late nineties Image/Top Cow comics boom.
You should definately check it out if you like the game!  
Witchblade is also quite cool, though I like Darkness more.

The Darkness was a title slated for 360 launch but it has been
delayed time and again.  I say the tweaking done during this
time of delay was well worth, as we have a very polished end
product, and a fun game!  If you're iffy about how long the 
game is, give it a rental first, as it only lasts around 10
hours, unless you really, REALLY stop to smell the roses.
However, I love the title so far, and I'm not tired of it yet.
Good achievements, multiple ways to play, a variety of good
side missions and character interaction, and some good, pulse
pounding shoot outs make this one a replayable title if you
ask me!

Look into the comics if you enjoyed the game.  Consider the 
game a sort of "Hollywood-ized" plotline.  It's very basic and
a bit different from the comic books, so odds are if you dig
this game, you'll LOVE the comic books.  Trade paperbacks 
(graphic novels) of the titles are out, and contain alot of
content.  Dimension Films (The Crow, the Scream movies, etc)
owns the rights to a film, but I'm not sure if they'll go and
make one or not.  If they do, odds are, it'll  be alot like
this game in terms of story and special effects.  That suits
me just fine actually.  I do hope to see a sequel to this 
title, and one can be done.  The ending is sort of like in
the comics, the ending to issue 40 actually.  And they went
on for several more crossovers and issues, so that's NOT the
end for Jackie Estacado!

Let's get into it, shall we?

Come, embrace The Darkness...


Version History

June 28 2007 - Wrote out the FAQ and Tips section.  Filled in
all Achievements, and gave some pointers on the tougher single
player achievements to understand.

June 29 2007 - Beat several chapters on Normal more than once,
beat entire game on Normal Mode and found all the Outfits and
several collectables and numbers.  Added to my lists.  Was
bombarded by several positive people via email and Xbox Live.
Thanks for the input everybody!

June 30 2007 - Getting started on Hard Mode, beginning to 
write out the walkthrough.  Over the past two days I have also
added to some of my lists, in the tips and FAQs section.

July 1 2007 - COMPLETED the guide!  Will list this version as
final but plan on updating in the future on small details and
hard to find items.  Posted to Gamefaqs.com today, will be up
by next site update.


2) General Tips and Hints

Just because you're the Darkness, doesn't mean you're an 
invincible killing robot.  Take cover, use your FPS skills!
Aim for the head or other critical points when using guns.
A few well placed shots and your foes will drop you, powers
or not!

Never forget, when you lean around an object, or press up on
someone/thing/object, Jackie will aim his guns around them
sort of, giving you better accuracy.  

If you go around sticking guns in people's faces, or if you
walk away from them while they speak to you about something
they find important, they may not be so friendly next time
around, so show some respect!

Use the Creeping Dark!  It can scout out new areas for foes,
stealth kill one or two in a group, making it easier on you,
or destroy lights, open doors, and unlock other areas other-
wise unavailble to you.  It IS weapon too, don't forget!

Hey, never forget you can do cool execution type moves for
almost ALL the guns, including shotguns, double kill with
two hand guns and differing left and right clicks (and double
click), and rifles of all types.  Keep those eyes open!

You can see how much ammo you have for all your guns at one
time by going to the Inventory screen (select button).

You can throw vehicles and other large objects at your foes!
Even if you don't kill em, it'll wound them and slow them
down enough for you to do harm.

While in shadow, The Darkness will feed upon the dark to
help restore expended power.  See below for more info.

The light is your enemy now.  In games were it used to help,
here it hurts in more ways than one.  Not only can bright 
lights impair your vision, they help your foes see you!
Plus, they weaken you when in Darkness mode, thusly depleting
your shileds faster and making your attacks lesser.  Use
bullets, creeping dark, or the demon arm (my fave!) to take
out lights ASAP!  In a battle, this can mean the difference
between victory, and becoming a little red stain.

Doing side missions can help you learn maps better, get you 
more guns, increase your darkness level (more hearts to eat),
get your collectable numbers, and add to the number of kills
with each type of power you have, plus other such achievements
, if you care about those.  Not only that, it gives you the
warm fuzzies inside, since Jackie Estacado beleives in doing
things the old school way, and helping out the neighborhood!

Darklings are good, from killing in various ways, to just 
plain distracting foes away from your presence.  Don't forget!

There are five levels of Darkness power.  You need to consume
around 200 hearts to get the maximum power and energy.  This
can be done by the time you reach the Turkish baths, if you
do every side mission and eat every heart from the moment you
first can.  If not, don't worry, you will get it before the 
you finish the game, if you just eat alot throughout.  Don't
forget to eat the hearts!  Trust me, the more energy you have,
the better.  It sustains your shields, and your skill to use
powers over and over (including ammo for the darkness guns!).

The black hole power is great.  Convienent, strong, etc.  But,
if you use it, count on your shield dropping almost every 
time.  Meaning, be sure you kill everything in the room that
poses and threat to you, or you're probably going to die after
you leave yourself vulnerable for that short time.

To destroy the chopper, aim a black hole up out the skylight
window.  You'll know when and where.

There are phone numbers all over the walls, billboards, and
everywhere really.

Guess what?  When a human (usually a bad guy target) is around
the corner, or otherwise nearby you, you'll notice the 
Creeping Dark heads rear up and snap or hiss towards them.
This is a great way of knowing whether or not a threat is
right around the corner, so that you can melee, use a shotgun,
or the Demon Arm (my personal favorite).

Need a subway train fast?  Stand on or very near the track,
it'll be there within seconds!

Know your weapons.  You may find yourself often swapping 
weapons out, due to lost weapons, or losing the darkness
guns.  Since it autoswaps you to whatever weapons it finds
strongest, know your weapons in case this happens to you in
the middle of a fire fight.

Everything in this game can be reached through simple means.
You're never as lost as you might think you are.  Think of the
game's two subway stations as two hubs.  Use the transit 
service machines if you feel lost.  I will go into detail on
where to find places in the guide as well.  Some things are
more well hidden than others.  Things like Gun Hill, and City
Hall station.  They are off the beaten path of the subways,
but still within the subways.  Keep this in mind while playing
the game and you might not feel as frustrated.

If you're stuck, and you just got a certain power, try using
it!  All over the place.  This is especially true for the
black hole power.  It can tear open walls, or bend barred
areas open in certain levels.

Stuck?  Section 3 is for you, my FAQ section!!

Can't reach a heart to eat or what not?  Don't forget the 
Creeping Dark power!  That handy head can eat hearts on it's
own, pick up collectable papers, and ammo!

Canal is the first subway station.
Fulton is the second.
Fulton has two tunnels and utility access type points to go
further in the game, later on.

I will be writing this guide in Hard mode, so if you need any
tactics and tips for it, read on!

Pay attention to the select button and all the in game
tutorials, capiche?  This makes my job a bit easier here.


3) Hard to find stuff and FAQ section

I've noticed *alot* of help topics about the same things on
the boards.  So, let's get to those first eh?  There may be
spoilers in this section, just so you know.  I will cover
everything in the guide in full, but here's some ideas on 
what to do and what may be wrong for a few of the tougher


Where are all the Darkling Outfits? See full guide when it's
up for more detail on these if you need it.

Broken sword: Broken Sword one is in Chinatown. As soon as you
get out of the subway. Walk straight up the stairs and 
continue straight. It's right there.

Fireman: Grinder's Lane in the 261 room where you kill the 
snitch Petey Pajama on the side mission.

Saw: Help the girl at the subway station (first one) get her 
keys. She complains about being locked out of her apartment 
by her boyfriend. You go to her apartment and it's there 
(directions are given in this side mission).  See full guide
when it's up for more detail if you need it.

Sledgehammer: The last guy on Vinny's list. By Shrote's 
apartment entrance. The open window with the guy who's 
monitoring him. It's in there on the wall to the right.

Jackhammer: Going to City hall, in the abandoned subway car
before you get to the Turkish baths.

Golf Club: Any phone, dial 5664

2K: dial GAME (4263) at any phone.

Jungle Outfit: You need to restart Chapter One via checkpoint
menu at the main title screen.  Don't worry, while you lose
checkpoint save you won't lose chapter save and details on
your hearts eaten, etc when you restart where you last were.
This can ONLY be done during the section of the game, it's
blocked if you try to go back at any time after.

After you get past the first helicopter part 
(after you first meet butcher) go through the pool hall. 
After you exit the pool hall you should be in a place were 
there is a bum who asks for money and you can also ask him 
about dutch oven harry. Now there is a door on the LEFT wall, 
above it is a vent that you can send the creeping dark 
through. Go in there and you will see a hole in the vent. 
You can't miss the hole. Anyways go down into the room were 
there is a collectible and the jungle outfit (known as the 
machete outfit).

Where are all the collectables, including the one's in Hell?
A disclaimer.  Between my two buddies and myself, we found ALL
these without using the strategy guide or any websites.  If
you have anything to add to it, I will most definately credit
you, just email me.  I am still missing all of the #40s as of
this update.  You can cover yourself and have most all of them
by calling all the phone numbers too, but some still slip
through the cracks.  Good luck searching, to everyone!

Construction Site:

Collectible # 1 - At the beginning of the game, after you shot
open the door with your very first pair of guns.

Collectible # 89 - Located on the second floor of the 
construction site.


Collectible # 2 - Inside the garage, located outside of 
the cemetery.

Collectible # 29 - Inside the locked room, towards 
beginning of the level.

Canal Street Station:

Collectible # 3 - Inside the station, by the waiting 

Collectible # 19 - Behind info kiosk near the Lower East 
Side exit. 

Collectible # 34 - Behind info kiosk near the Trinity 
Cemetary exit.

Collectible # 88 - Located directly on the train tracks at
far end.


Collectible # 4 - Inside Joey Skeletons apartment.

Collectible # 5 - To the right of the intersection, 
behind the dumpster near where one of the mobsters hangs 
out. You'll see him walking around the area.

Collectible # 53 - To the left of the first intersection, past 
the two mobsters on the corner, and through the side 

Collectible # 90 - In Mulberry Alley, next to the summon 
portal on the ground.

Collectible # 91 - Next to the phone booth, where you first 
meet the guy getting interrogated about Jackie by the two

Lower East Side:

Collectible # 6 - Inside the Butcher's fridge/storage room.

Collectible # 7 - Inside the phone booth by the road, 
towards the exit of the alley.

Collectible # 20 - Inside Sarah's apartment.

Collectible # 35 - Inside the Whitefish, underneath a 
container. (careful on this one, it's one time only)

Collectible # 54 - In the alley outside of Whitefish, 
on top of a container.

Collectible # 55 - Inside the second ventilation opening 
in the alley.

Collectible # 56 - Take a left towards Sarah's apartment, 
in the alley which is the furthest away from your position.

Dutch Oven Harry's Place: (ALL one time only)

Collectible # 8 - Outside of the pool hall.

Collectible # 57 - Inside the kitchen on the third floor.

Collectible # 9 - Under the table where Roach was sitting.

Collectible # 58 - Behind the barricade on the stairs.

Collectible # 59 - Next to the railroad track when Harry 
takes a fall, underneath the air conditioner unit.

Collectible # 97 - By the Golfshirt Outfit secret area, 
in the ventilation shaft above the basement.

Fulton Street Station:

Collectible # 10 - By the wall on the other side of the 
platform, by the tracks.

Collectible # 95 - In the last toilet booth in the men's 

Collectible # 96 - Near the closed off railway line.

Grinder's Alley:

Collectible # 11 - Inside the room with the whiteboard.

Collectible # 36 - Inside the vent to freezer room.

Collectible # 60 - On the house bridge, above the stairs 
to the subway.

Collectible # 61 - Behind the gates that lead to Orphanage.

Collectible # 62 - On a little roof above the entrance to 
the freezer.

St. Mary's Orphanage:

Collectible # 12 - Outside on the streets, wedged in 
between two buildings.

Collectible # 98 - Outside the door leading out from the 
second floor.

Collectible # 99 - On the second floor, by the first 
ruined area, around the wall to the right, inside 
the bathroom.

Collectible # 100 - Inside the classroom.


Collectible # 13 - Down the hatch, into the secret area.  To
the left of the Pestilence Statue/Being.

Collectible # 14 - Above the middle of the trench in the 
beginning.  You have to exit trench first then backtrack 
around the sides up top.

Collectible # 38 - On tunnel ledge outside of middle bunker.

Collectible # 63 - By the wall that you break during the tank 


Collectible # 15 - Use the Creeping Dark power to crawl 
through a hole in front of the harmonica guy, and at the 
end of the sewer.

Collectible # 16 - In the broken building next to the 
Church, close to the horse.

Collectible # 28 - On the way to sewers.

Collectible # 64 - On the second floor of the church tower.

Collectible # 65 - By the little area with a ladder, where 
you get up from the water.

Collectible # 66 - On shelf in small room close to entrance 
of the sewers leading to the trenches.


Collectible # 17 - To the right of the pump-door, and jump 

Collectible # 67 - Inside the drain-pipe, take a left 
instead of going straight forward.

Cannon: (ONE time only)

Collectible # 18 - Beneath the front of the train.

Collectible # 26 - On the left side of the cannon, on top of
the train.

Collectible # 27 - By the huge gates.

Collectible # 68 - Beneath the catwalk in the small room on 
the 1st floor.

Gun Hill: (creeping dark can reach many of these, even after
the story mission part is done)

Collectible # 21 - In the bookcase, in Eddie Shrote's living 
room. Can still be collected after story using Creeping Dark
to enter via skylight.

Collectible # 69 - On top of the little roof by the phone, 
just when you enter Gun Hill.

Collectible # 70 - On top of the exit to the roof, 
when you're fighting the helicopter.

Collectible # 71 On roof outside of Eddie Shrote's apartment,
when the helicopter is attacking you and you have to run away.

City Hall Station:

Collectible # 22 - Located by the road-worker outfit, inside 
the old train you first spot.

Collectible # 23 - In toilet stall before ambush.

Collectible # 30 - On scaffold in ambush room.

Collectible # 72 - Near the sewer lines, sitting on top of a 
small metal grate.

Collectible # 73 - Ledge on wall in the corridor leading to 
ladder up to Turkish Baths.

Collectible # 81 - Left of the stairs, towards Ernie Deval's 
(crazy hobo with molotovs) location.

Turkish Baths:

Collectible # 24 - Inside the first pool/bath.

Collectible # 25 - Located inside the sauna.

Collectible # 74 - After opening the steel gate, walk to your 
left and pick it up.

Collectible # 75 - On top of the scaffolding, near the paint

Collectible # 82 - Head to your right, instead of towards the 
briefcase room.


Collectible # 31 - On the catwalk, above the shell cart.

Collectible # 32 - Below the scaffolding  bridge leading 
to the castle.

Collectible # 33 - Inside the castle, to the left, opposite 
of the stairs to Dark Jackie area (when you first enter).

Collectible # 76 - Underneath cannon tracks.

Collectible # 77 - On face of cliff towards castle.

Collectible # 78 - Towards the end of the sewer pipe


Collectible # 83 - After shooting the beast with tank, in a 
side room from the main path.

Darkness area:

Collectible # 84 - Behind the broken down gate.

Pier 19:

Collectible # 37 - At the lowest level of the ship, with all 
the containers, in the one furthest away.

Collectible # 85 - After knocking the mobster down into the 

Collectible # 6 - Use Creeping Dark to get on top of a 
container, and grab the collectible.

Collectible #37 - In a garage nearby? (work in progress)

Collectible # 92 - Furthest point from the dead end alley, 
at the beginning of the mission.

Collectible # 93 - Beneath container where the workers argue.
Use the Demon Arm to move containers, may have to kill the
armed workers first.  (GO HERE BEFORE PLOT EVENTS OR IT'S GONE

Collectible # 94 - Front of ship, underneath the stairs.

The Hills (again):

Collectible # 79 - Inside the fireplace of a house ruin.

Collectible # 80 - Inside the trenches that are near the 
large cross.

Collectible # 87 - On the ledge, opposite where you enter 


That's not quite right!  And it's ALL your fault!!!  I NEEEEED
to find all these and I can't.  Do you know of another list,
or secondary methods you haven't tried yet?

Well...no, it's not really, and that's not even a question, 
BUT, here's a second list, thanks to Namingstandard of the
gamefaqs.com boards and a few credited to my buddy Xand for
searching em out with me over Live chat this past weekend.
I will mark those that I'm still not certain of.
This list is chronological and by area.

Graves End Construction Site:
#01 - at the beginning of the game, on the floor right in 
front of the door with the lock that you have to shoot off
#89 - located on the second floor of the construction site, 
jump off the lift as it rises and then jump across the gap 
to find the note at the end of the path

Trinity Cemetery:
#02 - after you get past the car blocking the gate, send 
creeping dark inside the half-open garage that's located 
directly outside of the cemetery and you'll the find the 
note on the floor
#29 - once the Darkness has manifested, head back towards 
beginning of the level and use creeping dark to crawl through
the vent on the locked door, the note is inside the room

Canal Street Station:
#03 - inside the station, on the waiting platform at the end 
closer to the Lower East Side/Trinity Cemetary stairs
#19 - behind info kiosk near the Lower East Side exit
#34 - behind info kiosk near the Trinity Cemetary exit
#39 - SIDEQUEST HADEL1 (chapter 1)
#40 - SIDEQUEST CUTRONE (chapter 3)
#45 - SIDEQUEST HADEL2 (chapter 3)
#46 - SIDEQUEST CUPS (chapter 3)
#47 - SIDEQUEST WILLIS (chapter 3)
#51 - SIDEQUEST SCARDINA (chapter 5)
#52 - SIDEQUEST BLACKMOORE (chapter 5)
#88 - directly on the tracks of the working train line, near 
the end closer to the Lower East Side/Trinity Cemetary stairs

#04 - inside Joey Skelton's apartment, get this during the 
CUTRONE sidequest (chapter 3)
#05 - behind a dumpster that's near some shipping crates at 
the corner of Orchid and Harcourt
#44 - SIDEQUEST CHEN (chapter 1)
#53 - the note is in a small side entrance in the middle of 
George street
#90 - in the Mulberry alley nearer to Lester, next to the 
summon portal on the ground by Cutrone's building entrance
#91 - behind a closed newstand, at the corner of Victoria and 

Lower East Side:
#06 - inside Butcher's fridge/storage room
#07 - inside the phone located on the intersection between 
Bass and Clark
#20 - inside Aunt Sarah's apartment bedroom, on a shelf
#35 - inside the Whitefish Pool lot, on top of a shipping 
#54 - in Whitefish alley, on top of shipping crate
#55 - inside the second ventilation opening in the alley 
between Bass and Thompson
#56 - in an alley on the corner of Thompson and Raspberry, 
near Aunt Sarah's apartment

Hunterspoint Alley:
#08 - outside of the pool hall as you exit
#09 - under the table where Roach was sitting
#57 - inside the kitchen on the third floor of Harry's 
#58 - inside the hideout, behind the barricade on the 
stairs that's right outside of the apartment with #57
#59 - after you chase Harry out off the roof, drop down next 
to the railroad track where his body is, the note is 
underneath the air conditioner unit
#97 - by the Darkling Jungle outfit secret area, use creeping 
dark to get through the ventilation shaft above the locked 
door, below the train tracks outside pool hall  

Fulton Street Station:
#10 - by the wall on the other side of the platform across 
the tracks of the nonworking train line
#41 - SIDEQUEST PULANSKI (chapter 1)
#42 - SIDEQUEST WARBURTON (chapter 1)
#43 - SIDEQUEST MORTARELLO (chapter 3)
#48 - SIDEQUEST DEVAL (chapter 3)
#49 - SIDEQUEST HAZELGROVE (chapter 4&5)
#50 - SIDEQUEST TERRONE (chapter 5)
#95 - in the last toilet stall in the men's bathroom
#96 - after getting the key to unlock the gate that leads to 
the City Hall Station and reaching the exit, turn back around 
and to where the Canal-Fulton train runs, make sure the train 
has just past and search for the note at the very tip of the 
tracks, turn up the screen brightness if it helps (chapter 3)

Grinder's Alley:
#11 - inside the office room with a whiteboard
#36 - as you enter the the small room where Paulie's money is 
being kept, look for a vent in the upper left corner and send 
creeping dark there to get the note
#60 - as you exit the station, turn around and look up, there 
are a few breakable windows in the building above the station,
use creeping dark to go through the rightmost one to find the 
note on the floor inside
#61 - after you gain access to the orphanage, head back to 
where the gates were closed before, the note is hiding behind 
a dumpster all the way in the back, at the dead end alley
#62 - before enter the freezer sections, while still standing 
outside, send creeping dark up on top of the tin roof to find 
the note

Saint Mary's Orphanage:
#12 - as you leave the station, head straight to the end of 
the street, turn around and you should see the note 
underneath an elevated concrete ramp
#98 - stand outside the orphanage and send creeping dark up 
to the second floor, the note is in front of a locked door on 
the balcony
#99 - on the second floor, by the first ruined area, around 
the wall to the right, inside a small closed room
#100 - take the first left as you enter the orphanage, 
the note is on the floor in the classroom

#13 - once you exit the trenches, go straight and you'll see 
the remains of a building, on the ground is a breakable hatch 
and the letter should be down there
#14 - go back to the trenches but stay above them and go past 
the area of the crashed airplane to the next set of 
structures, the area that has a soldier hidden above the 
trench, the letter is the on the ground near there
#38 - after you exit the bunkers by using the kamikaze 
darkling, turn around to face the opening, the letter is on 
the other side of the bunker, on the cliff side, send 
creeping dark up on top of the bunker and to the other side 
and then go left to find it
#63 - right by Pestilence, the bird creature strung up on the 

#15 - in the tunnel you use to get into the village, the 
letter is in plain set between the stairs and next to the 
soldier playing the harmonica
#16 - in the broken house right next to the bridge to Famine, 
the decrepit horse, and next to the entrance to the church, 
can't miss it
#28 - after getting the darkness guns and meeting up with 
Anthony, go down the hatch he opens for you, the letter is 
right past the hole you have to crouch under, turn around 
after you pass it to find it
#64 - in the pipe that leads back into the village river 
(chapter 4)
#65 - after that, drop into the water and, if you were 
facing the bridge, turn left to find the way back up, near 
that ladder is the letter
#66 - right after you get out of the tunnel, turn right 
and the letter is in the little shed at the end of the alley  

The Hills:
**keep in mind that once you get to the Hill area itself, 
if you stray off the path, you will be teleported somewhere 
near the hill where Death, the pole where several people are 
reverse crucified, is on, use Death as a point of reference, 
wherever it's facing is the right way
#87 - once you enter, it's on the platform across from you, 
on the left, either jump there or use creeping dark
#79 - stay on the path and as you approach the hill, keep an 
eye on the right, eventually the remains of a house will come 
into view through the fog, the letter is in the fireplace of 
this building
#80 - head back to the path and make sure Death is facing you,
head up the hill halfway and on the left should be a trench, 
go through it and the letter is near its end

#17 - go up the stairs next to the sewer door you have to 
drain, once on top, go into the right corner and send 
creeping dark over the fence, the letter is straight below
#67 - after draining the water, the letter is on the left 
detour of the sewers

#18 - in the room right before you head outside to where the 
cannon is, the letter is laying in a corner behind the stairs
#27 - before going into the cannon itself, head towards the 
big gate, the letter is in the right corner
#68 - inside the cannon, on the first floor inside the second 
room, the letter is underneath the walkway
#26 - once you're on top of the cannon, where the hatch to 
the control booth is, face away from the hatch and use 
creeping dark to climb up the cannon's right side (
from what you can see), the letter is there not on the 
cannon itself but on top of some step like grooves, perhaps 
the joint of the cannon

Gun Hill:
#21 - in a bookcase in Eddie Shrote's living room
#69 - right after exiting the door that leads from 
Fulton Street Station, you'll see a small tin roof to your 
right, the note is on top of that
#70 - after the helicopter blows out a piece of Shrote's 
apartment, you'll drop down after using the ladder, the 
note is in a corner across from you on this particular roof 
top (not the next one!)
#71 - this note is right behind the stairwell that you exit 
out from, on the roof that the helicopter takes off from and 
attacks and where you later jump off of onto a crumbling 

City Hall:
#22 - by the Darkling Roadworker outfit, inside the old train 
at the end of the path, just when you enter City Hall Station
#23 - in toilet stall before SWAT team ambush
#30 - on the higher scaffold in the ambush room
#72 - after getting through the knife attackers, as you enter 
the sewer line rife with traps, the letter is on a pipe grate
between the cinder block and flame traps
#73 - on top of a light bulb in the area where you drop down 
into the corridor leading to the Turkish Baths ladder
#81 - left of the stairs behind Ernie Deval, where you 
obtain the black hole power

Turkish Baths:
#24 - in the room with the briefcase, the note is behind the 
#25 - inside the sauna
#74 - in the general area where you have to use the 
kamikaze darkling to blow open a path, the note is near the 
iron gate that's by the blown opening (or Black Hole open)
#75 - on top of the scaffolding, near the paint buckets in 
the large room with two floors and a skylight, the same area 
where the SWAT later rappel in from
#82 - as you approach the briefcase room, take a right to 
find a note lying on the floor  
Castle Entrance:
#31 - in the armory bunker, the note is on the catwalk above 
the shell cart
#32 - near the castle and across the plank bridge, the note 
is behind one of the light pillars on the right
#33 - inside the castle, to the left, opposite of the stairs 
to the darkness, the note is in a dirt pile
#76 - underneath the cart platform by the cannon
#77 - in front of the cannon and right before crossing the 
wooden plank bridge to the castle, it's next to the left 
light pillar
#78 - after leaving the cannon area to head to the village 
and after passing through the narrow cliff path, there should 
be a note lying at the end of dead end sewer pipe with a 
grate you can see through

#83 - right after defeating the monster with the turret, in 
the room to the left

Castle Hall:
#84 - behind the broken down gate across from you as you 
descend the stairs

Pier 19:
#86 - use creeping dark to get on top of a container at the 
back of the lowest level of the ship
#92 - in a dead-end alley right from the beginning of the 
area, after you kill the goons in the parking lot
#94 - front of ship, underneath the stairs

These are the ones we're all still working on, and now you 
can too!

?? #37 - Found in Chapters 1-4, any time at the Pier BEFORE
the plot takes you here.  Look for a bright sign that says
something like Hardware.  Use a Creeping Dark and get past a
shutter here to find it.  
(Not confirmed by me just yet, but sounds about right)
?? #85 - I *think* it's as you exit the ship after you kill
the Capt... (something to do with a man sitting at the water's
edge that you can kick in?  Not confirmed just yet...)
?? #93 - beneath container where the workers argue  
(I have CONFIRMED this one, must go there BEFORE Chapter 5 
and use the Demon Arm on the crates in the way)


George Hadel (chapter 1)
on the stairs to the Chinatown exit, asks you to deal with 
compton scarr, not too far away

Pete Chen (chapter 1)
after leaving Jenny's, head straight to see two mobsters 
harassing Chen, kill them then choose to explain yourself

Ingrid Pulanski (chapter 1)
in Fulton Street Station, find her by the working train line 
tracks, her bracelet is just beneath the platform, around 
the middle section, jump down and look towards the platform 
for anything shining by the tracks

Warburton (chapter 1)
opposite Pulanski in Fulton Street Station, talk to her for 
the coin fetching game, spam the A button as she's throwing 
the coins and then pick up any you've missed for 
an easy reward

Moratarello (chapter 3)
near the St. Mary's Orphanage exit of Fulton Street Station,
Vinny sends you on a few assassination missions, most are 
simple affairs but the last one you'll find in Gun Hill, 
near the entrance to Shrote's building, there's an open 
second-story window that you'll have to use creeping dark to 

Mitch Deval (chapter 3)
talk to him before leaving for City Hall Station and agree to
help him, after killing his brother and finishing the 
briefcase arc, help him again for the note reward

Hadel Redux (chapter 3)
Scarr's beaten Hadel up and has taken his harmonic, 
kill Scarr and his cronies on the Lower East Side and return 
the treasured musical instrument for the sake of a 
phone number

Dana Cutrone (chapter 3)
find her in the Canal Street Station sitting by the nonworking
train line, you're told to go to Chinatown, find her 
building between Mulberry and Lester, there is a door that 
you can go into from either street, then find her apartment 
and talk to Joey Skelton

Terence Willis (chapter 3)
at one of the ends of the Canal Street Station platform, 
asks you to kill a gang that hangs out in the Whitefish Pool 

Lucas Hellinger (chapter 3)
right behind Willis, his cups game is only winnable after 
you finish helping with Willis's gang hit

Jimmy the Grape (chapter 3) **NO NOTE REWARD
standing in the middle of Canal Street Station, Jimmy tells 
you to make a hit on snitch in Grinder's Alley, make two 
lefts as you leave the station and find the apartment 261 
and let your guns do the rest

Hazelgrove (chapter 4&5)
in Chapter 4, as you head out to the Trenches to the tankride 
section, talk to Charlie Hazelgrove in the underground path, 
he'll give you a bracelet to take to his wife, 
Rosie Hazelgrove can be found later in Chapter 5 in 
Fulton Street Station, near where Vinny Moratello usually 

Terrone (chapter 5)
"Little Petey", near the Grinder's Alley exit in Fulton 
Street Station, asks you to give a letter to Mickey Famiano 
in Canal Street Station, simple hide & seek mission

Blackmoore (chapter 5)
right before the exit to Chinatown, Alfred Blackmoore is an 
overset man past the turnstiles that ask you to evict 
Dana Cutrone from Chapter 3, go to her apartment and do your

Enzo Scardina (chapter 5)
near the Trinity Cemetary exit, the same guy you spoke to 
from in the beginning of the game, asks you to switch 
briefcases with Frankie 'Noses' Tieri, who can be found in 
front of an info booth on the Fulton Street Station platform

Rottenberg (chapter 5) **NO NOTE REWARD
go back to Trinity Cemetary and you'll find the homeless man 
from Chapter 1, he wants you to get his bottle of insulin, 
use creeping dark and go back to the bathroom/his home and 
retrieve it, he gives you some trinket as thanks 


You SUCK!  And your &%$^@#$ guide sucks too!  What's wrong 
with you?  These lists suck too!!!!  

Not really a question either.  But no, I'd say I did pretty
okay on this guide.  And yes, as I have STATED PREVIOUSLY,
this list and guide is far from perfect.  This is a new game
as of my writing, and I'm doing my best, in my own free time.
Write a better guide, or at the very least TELL me what you
think is wrong so that I can work on it in this and other
future guides.  How many FAQ/Guides have you written?  Anyway,
relax, it's a video game.  And I'm not the only source of info
in town, there are still message boards for your well thought
out rantings and poor grammar skills.

When/where can I destroy a Helicopter?!

You will see a couple of sections with choppers in the start.
You can't fight them with regular guns, you need the black
hole power.

Not until the Turkish Baths section, use a Black Hole (right

How do I shoot down those bloody Jerry planes?! (No offence
meant towards any Germans out there, I'm merely talking
about the Nazi Demons you face in this game, they aren't
even human characters)

You'll see them your first time in Hell, but, you can't shoot
them down like this.  You'll know when you can, as you'll be
manning large gun set on the back of a tank.  There are 
probably around 15 planes total, maybe 12 or so.  All you need
are six, so don't beat yourself up if you miss the first one
or two, but go for the big groups and do your best to get all
those.  If you pass the checkpoint, there will be ONE more
plane left to shoot.

How do I complete the final hit for Vinny!?

When you first go to kill Shrote, you'll head into an elevator
area.  Back out of the little indention that leads to him and
turn right.  See the wall that says Mace!, vaugely?  It helps
if you left the lights on.  The first window, on the left, 
lowest floor should be wide open and whitish with a faint 
glowing.  If it's not, go back to the subway and speak with
Vinny again.  He'll give you the mission, yet again.  Wait
for the objective marker to reappear, turn around and rush
back to the area I've described.  The window should now be 
wide open.  Also, in here, is a Berserker outfit.  You must
use the creeping arm with right bumper to slither up in there.


How do I move the bell after speaking to Anthony and heading
to The Hills?

Simply use the Demon Arm.  Remember, it doesn't just whip, 
hold down the right bumper to grab objects.  This counts for
cars, and even people as well!


How do I get out of the room with Deval's brother? 
(Obtained Black Hole)

You should have just recieved the black hole power, yes?  Use
it on the barred door behind where he was, to suck an opening
out for yourself.  If you can't get up to where he was, use
the black hole power lower in the room to make the boxes in
the corner move out.  Then manually push them by walking into
them, for a boost to your jump.


How do I kill all or most of the workers in the tunnel at the
start sequence?  I want the achievement!

Roadkill is a tough one.  Go to your options and set your auto
aim slider all the way over to help.  Keep in mind you never
have to reload (somehow!) and you have unlimited shots to boot
, and you might start to have a chance.  I know it's tedious,
but you may have to restart several times and memorize the
locations of the men until you find a video of this section
or something.  Some people say you only need four kills, but
that didn't work for me, I give five and still nothing.  So
try for six.  I think there are a total of nine men, but there
may be only be like seven.  Good luck!


How do I mail letters from Hell?

Simple!  When you return to the real world, you'll find 
normal, blue mailboxes all over the city.  Any one of them
will allow you to use the A button when you're close enough
and have letters to send.


Where is the bracelet, how do I get all four coins on the

I put these together as they're nearby one another and on
tracks, having you "race" the trains.  Ok, for the bracelet,
watch the woman, see where she leans?  Try hoping down real
fast, and looking at the ground near there, sort of to the 
right of her, while pressing A repeatedly.  Keep doing this,
you will eventually get it.  It IS there once you speak to
her to start the mission.

For the coins, speak to the lady, go on and jump down, and 
watch where she throws them.  Quickly rush where you saw them
go, pressing A rapidly.  After around two or so tries, you
should have the hang of this.  Keep talking to her to restart
if you need to.  Be quick, you have around six seconds to
safely live and get them all.  Repetetion is key really.


Where is the key to get to City Hall Station?  For that 
matter, where is the gate?

First off, go to the gate.  It's in Fulton Station.  Follow
the tracks until getting to a gated door with a man next to
it (Deval).  He gives you a sidequest about his brother.  
Anywho, turn directly around and look for the bathroom on THIS
side of the tracks.  Inside, you'll see a door that's locked
and says out of order.  Kick it in with A button, search
the toliet for the key to the gate.

How do I get Heart of Gold, Ghandi, Romantic, Darkness Master,

Check my achievements section at the bottom for details.
For the record, some of these can be found within your own
game menu, via achievemnts.  NOT the guide button used via
your controller, the actual in game section under 


How do I get out of Hell in repeating sections?
(just got Darkness Guns)

Try turning off your powers and backtracking.  Also, read
your mission menu using the select button for hints.  It
usually says where to go, and that usually says to go back.
For better detail, see the main guide when it's up.


Whoa, I just got mugged!

Again, not really a question.  Yes though, people sometimes
try to stick you up.  Other times you might play the entire
game and not see this.  All you have to do, is what you do
best...heh heh heh...


What are all of the in game phone numbers?

Number that is always busy

5559051 (busy)

Pre order 2k Darkling Number
Dial this number to unlock the special 2k Darkling

5554263 phone retailer answermachine,phone retailer

Random answering machine numbers (none collectable)

5556402 phone sarah machine
5558672 phone sbz machine
5555664 phone retailer answermachine,phone retailer
5557373 phone butcher machine
5557735 phone paulie machine
5552284 phone jenny machine

Keeper of Secrets Numbers
Dial any 16 of these numbers to unlock "Keeper of Secrets" 

5556118 phone secret 0
5551847 phone secret 1
5556667 phone secret 2
5554569 phone secret 3
5559985 phone secret 4
5551037 phone secret 5
5551206 phone secret 6
5559528 phone secret 7
5553285 phone secret 8
5555723 phone secret 9
5558024 phone secret 10
5556322 phone secret 11
5559132 phone secret 12
5556893 phone secret 13
5552402 phone secret 14
5556557 phone secret 15
5552309 phone secret 16
5554372 phone secret 17
5559723 phone secret 18
5555289 phone secret 19 
5556205 phone secret 20
5557658 phone secret 21
5551233 phone secret 22
5553947 phone secret 23
5559562 phone secret 24
5557934 phone secret 25
5557892 phone secret 26 
5558930 phone secret 27 
5553243 phone secret 28
5553840 phone secret 29
5552349 phone secret 30
5556325 phone secret 31
5554565 phone secret 32
5559898 phone secret 33
5557613 phone secret 34 
5556969 phone secret 35

Collectables Numbers
(In order of part(ny1)? place and number)


5552941 collectible ny1 canal 1

5555465 collectible ny1 cemetery 1

5558989 collectible ny1 chinatown 1
5557526 collectible ny1 chinatown 2
5553318 collectible ny1 chinatown 3
5555709 collectible ny1 chinatown 4
5553440 collectible ny1 chinatown 5

5559345 collectible ny1 consite 1
5551093 collectible ny1 consite 2

5554525 collectible ny1 fulton 1
5555211 collectible ny1 fulton 2
5559903 collectible ny1 fulton 3

5559868 collectible ny1 grinder 1

5557642 collectible ny1 grinder 2
5554649 collectible ny1 grinder 3
5558416 collectible ny1 grinder 4

5553429 collectible ny1 hunterspoint 1
5553520 collectible ny1 hunterspoint 2
5552734 collectible ny1 hunterspoint 3
5553492 collectible ny1 hunterspoint 4
5554682 collectible ny1 hunterspoint 5
5555438 collectible ny1 hunterspoint 6

5557710 collectible ny1 lowereast 1
5551266 collectible ny1 lowereast 2
5555311 collectible ny1 lowereast 3
5559588 collectible ny1 lowereast 4
5556441 collectible ny1 lowereast 5

5551234 collectible ny1 orphanage 1
5557643 collectible ny1 orphanage 2
5558881 collectible ny1 orphanage 3
5555569 collectible ny1 orphanage 4

NY1 Side (given to you by passers by)

5556454 collectible side ny1 pulanski
5551229 collectible side ny1 cutrone
5555549 collectible side ny1 hadel
5558856 collectible side ny1 chen
5558766 collectible side ny1 warburton


5552763 collectible ny2 canal 1
5555619 collectible ny2 canal 2

5553849 collectible ny2 cityhall 1
5555466 collectible ny2 cityhall 2
5553794 collectible ny2 cityhall 3
5556799 collectible ny2 cityhall 4

5553791 collectible ny2 turkish 1
5553452 collectible ny2 turkish 2
5552575 collectible ny2 turkish 3
5554676 collectible ny2 turkish 4

5555477 collectible ny2 gunhill 1
5559913 collectible ny2 gunhill 2
5555197 collectible ny2 gunhill 3
5554691 collectible ny2 gunhill 4

5558164 collectible ny2 lowereast 1

NY2 Side

5556713 collectible side ny2 cups
5553249 collectible side ny2 willis
5555327 collectible side ny2 mortarello
5555595 collectible side ny2 deval
5554336 collectible side ny2 hadel


5556418 collectible ny3 canal 1

5557614 collectible ny3 grinder 1

5553496 collectible ny3 pier 1
5552764 collectible ny3 pier 2
5551917 collectible ny3 pier 3
5554603 collectible ny3 pier 4
5558896 collectible ny3 pier 5

5556503 collectible ny3 mansion 2 

5551952 collectible ny3 lowereast 1

NY3 Side

5554463 collectible side ny3 scardina
5555439 collectible side ny3 blackmoore
5557641 collectible side ny3 terrone

OW2 (other world? Hell?)

5557761 collectible ow2 hq 1
5551228 collectible ow2 hq 2
5556892 collectible ow2 hq 3
5553495 collectible ow2 hq 4

OW2 Side

5557467 collectible side ow2 guns

I've dialed all the numbers, why don't I have ALL the 
collectables and the achievements for them?!

Unfortunately, you only get *nearly* 75% from all those above.
You need to find all the Hell letters for more and mail them
in the real world, and other such things to be included in
the full guide later on.  See above for details on collectable
locations.  This is STILL very much a work in progress, and
may take a great deal of time to work on.  

How do I beat the Cups game?  Is it rigged?!

Yep, it's rigged.  Look around to the right corner, find a 
young black male in camo pants nearby.  He sets you up on
a mission to go kill some scum over at the lower east side
map.  Do it, return, speak to him twice, he'll teach you
how to mark the game in your favor.  From here, approach
the cups man again, but this time choose the third option,
distract him, first.  Now, when the ball is UNDER the chalk
cup, choose it, and voila!

I want to "bring people together"...how do I score this
achievement with ease?

Don't fret, wait right up until the end of the game.  There 
is a lighthouse...that's all I think I should say.

How do I kill the big beastie after the tank ride?  I'm stuck
in it and he keeps hitting me!

Ok, aim for the mouth, and keep shooting.  He'll open his
circular jaw soon.  That's when the damage is done.  He'll hit
you a few times anyway, just keep readjusting your aim and 
turning to shoot his mouth, to slow him enough for you to heal
fully.  After shooting his mouth several times as it opens,
he'll drop you and be dead.


How do I beat my other self?

Hang back, shooting any darklings that appear.  Two shots each
will do it, hopefully.  I use the hand guns for speed.  Stay
away from the Darkness, let it use black holes and what not,
but stay far so that you won't die.  DO NOT SHOOT HIM.  Stay
back until more Darklings come, kill them, then rush yourself
and you will join safely again.


How do I kill seven people in fifteen seconds?  I don't even
remember a spot in the game where this is possible without

Don't worry, there are a couple of parts in the later chapters
, but yeah, if you really want the achievement maybe you 
should load up the final chapter in Easy mode.  On Hard or
even Normal, you will die alot attempting it, as it usually
requires using the Black Hole at the Light House Mansion alot.
It helps to have a maxed out Darkness level, a good dark spot,
obviously, and just wait until the front of the Mansion where
people respawn infinetly.  You will get it eventually.  Try
using a Black Hole on men up close, and shooting those that 
are far away, all at once.  


I may add more as I see fit, but for now, hopefully, this will
keep everyone happy!


4) Walkthrough - Game Guide (some SPOILERS within)

I will include anything for Hard Mode in terms of advice that
I can, as while I write this guide I am playing on that mode.

In the beginning...

Chapter One  


The ride, and Grave's End Construction site


Hey everybody, and welcome to the walkthrough.  I tend to get
wordy, but I'll do my best to keep it basic and omit major
spoilers for you.  Shall we step into The Darkness?

Enjoy the ride.  I HIGHLY recommend you turn on the subtitles
here, and set your autoaim and how fast your turn and look
in the options menu.  Turn on ALL the subtitles, trust me.
They won't distract too much when you get used to them, and
they can be very valuable to you during certain plotpoints.

Once you're armed, locked, and loaded, fire at will on the
men dressed like construction guys.  You have unlimited ammo
and won't have to reload magically this entire ride!  Enjoy.

I think there are around
10 of them minimum, if you want the achievement for Roadkill
you need to nab around six to eight kills here.  It's tough
and may take several tedious retries of the whole opening
scene.  Try to aim a few feet ahead of the targets.  Yes, the
man on the windshield counts.  I think.  Pay attention to the
select screen and all the turorials, to make my job here 
easier, caphiche?

When you get control again, talk to your buddy and note the
door right next to him.  When you're finally armed, talk to
him again, and shoot open the door by blasting the lock on it.
Head inside and try to be croutched so that you aren't 
detected by the two men.  If you wait a long time you might
come up on three, as one is in a nearby hallway.  Listen in if
you want (always fun in this game), and get ready to do some

Basic tips here.  Aim for the head and chest areas.  If you 
get in really close, you'll do a cool execution move.  It
differs depending upon what you press to do the kill, even 
pressing both buttons to fire is different!

Follow the linear path, taking cover to heal your health back,
and take on the next four or five guys.  When you're on the 
roof, a man shoots out the window, kill him off, ignore the
chopper, and enter the window by jumping up the ducts.

Enjoy the little message from Uncle Paulie...or show him
what you think of him by shooting the t.v.  Approach the
closet, run for the nearby window, enjoy the nap.

When you wake up...it's time to get the hell outta Dodge!


Trinity Church


The birth of the Darkness



Again, straightforward path.  Listen in on the mooks tailing 
you, and hit the bricks.  Be wary of the two guys here, 
shoot em from the side once you learn their position.  They
wouldn't give you any mercy, why should you?  Or, you could
just duck and pray to sneak past them.  Careful though, if
you take a while a third man drops over the wall, and more
are coming from outside the gate area!  If you look up and
right from where you emerge, you'll see a tunnel area leading
down to the bathroom.

Search around until you can find a bathroom area down the
stairs.  Speak to your buddy in the bathroom,
and don't hurt him.  Trust me.  He'll tell you how to leave,
but still don't hurt him, for a future thing in Chapter 5, k?

Now that you've dispatched a couple of goons, been hiding, and
are ready to go, head up to enjoy your newfound powers.

Do what it says and summon your first Darkling.  Lovable 
lil Imp, eh?  He'll help you leave.  Go around to the duct
and use your creeping dark on the moron with the key.  Now
go down the subway steps and unlock the door with said key.
Welcome to Canal Station.

Now, don't forget, devour every heart from every dead body
you create.  And pick up all the ammo you can carry, 
especially on Hard.  You can't eat the hearts of the innocent,
so don't go around killing the undeserving.  That's not the
way.  Also, stay out of direct light, and keep darklings in
shadow too.  If there isn't any, destroy the light source.
While in shadow, The Darkness can eat the dark to gain power
back.  Your body shield is important, so try to fight while in
the dark!


Canal Station


Calling some folks

Meeting some folks in the subway

Heading out to Chinatown


There's a phone in the very first room you're in, where
you recieve the page.  Call Jenny now if you like.  Remember,
to progress, you need to call her up.

Head around the corner and speak to Enzo.  Good man, funny
guy too.  He's one of the old schoolers, a "family man" 
through and through.  He'll tell you where to find yet another
phone, if you want it for later.  Now, if you go straight at
the stairs, you'll hit the lower east side.  No need to go
there just yet, but you can if you want.  You'll be there
real soon though.  Go down to the platform.

Explore this tiny area.  There's a rambling guy talking about
a dark war here, and this other guy near the Chinatown Entry,
Scarr.  If you look close enough on the tracks, and in back
areas of the platform, you may find some collectable notes,
with numbers for you to call up, for fun.  You can board a
train for the Fulton Street Station, but there's really no
need just yet.  Go for the Chinatown exit, and speak to
a man standing on the middle flight of steps about his 
music.  Help him out, because that's what the old school mob
does!  Or don't, but I'm going to highlight all the extras in
the guide, so be ready to skip a bit if you don't wanna do it.

Go back down and find Scarr on the platform, get in his face,
and get your buddy permission.  Go back to speak to the man on
the steps again, for helping you get his praise and a collect-
able number!  

Watch t.v. if you want, for as long as you want, and get ready
to go find Jenny's place.  Stop to speak to old man Nicky on
the way out, he's got some advice and a heads up for you.  He
can also supply you with directions directly to Jenny's place
through the alleyways.

Move on, out of the station and up into Chinatown.


Chinatown (1st visit)


Go see your lady

Off a few mafioso triggermen

Help out Chen, and meet Butcher Joyce


Lookie here.  Straight ahead is a Darkling costume.  Keep an
eye out for these shiny cases throughout the game.  Up on your
right you'll find a thug walking the street, he's heading 
towards a couple more.  You're now in a fighting map, so you
can feel free to use the Darkness powers and your guns here.
There is a map immediately on your right if you want to try 
and learn Chinatown now.

Take it's advice, and stay in or make shadows for you and your
darklings.  Use guns, creeping dark (from behind foes), or a
darkling, hell, all of the above, and make mincemeat outta the
bad guys before they shoot you up.  Keep your eyes open, a 
handful patrols the streets.  I count eight initially.  Four
down the far right side of the street, four in front of you.
I'm on Hard mode, however.  Moving on, if you think you hear
another guy, or just don't feel right, send out a darkling!  
They can give you a heads up verbally.  You can order your
darkling buddies to cheerfully hang in one spot briefly by
using the X button, they go to where you look/point.

From the subway entry, take your first left through a tiny,
L shaped alleyway.  Then, take an immediate right and find
the other alleyway in the middle of the street here.  From 
there, pass through, make a left, then another left to hear
Jenny yell for you.  Go into this little area, take the back
door inside the building, and go up a couple of flights to
find apartment eleven in the corner.  Ring the bell.

What a sweetheart.  Do like she asks, and when you're prompted
to choose how to talk, say what you like.  Though, I think, 
for the most storyline, I'd choose "protect her from the 
truth".  Follow her to the sofa, and don't forget to get 
Butcher Joyce's number.  Yeah, he made it in, realitively
unchanged from the comics!  Get the number, and remember to
call him at some point during your stay.  For now, do what you
like.  If you stay long enough cuddled up on the sofa, you'll
get an achievement.  Good man!  Whenever you're done, look 
around to prompt for a stand command.  Whatever you did here,
go ahead and use Jenny's phone to call Butch.

Do as he says, you need the help, trust me.  Leave the 
apartment slowly, and look outfront, directly down the alley
you didn't come from.  You'll see a man running, and two 
thugs.  Listen to them, then send up creeping dark to kill em
both, or just off them yourself.  Speak to the man.  You can
do what you want, but if you tell the truth, he'll like you
more and give you a collectable paper.  Now, eat these hearts,
and if you've eaten every one till now, you should gain a 
level.  It means you have more power.  A longer lasting 
shield in Darkness mode, and a longer lasting power mode to
draw from in general from your abilities.  Look near this guy,
there's a map to get your bearings here.  You're heading for
Doyer's on the map.  It's a small box, see?  It actually will
connect you to the back of a place on the Lower East Side map.

Best to backtrack to get there.  Go back towards Jenny's place
and then back to where you started this map, sort of.  Instead
of taking that other L shaped alley though, seek out yet 
another small alleyway, to find the Doyer's lot.  When you get
near enough, you'll find at least three triggermen, ready to
do the job on you.  Butcher said not to be seen, but this just
can't be helped.  If they're dead, they can't talk, right?
Find a nice, dark spot near enough by and use Creeping Dark if
they give you problems.  You can eat them so long as they 
don't look directly at you.  If the creeper get's shot, it
leaves though, be careful.  If you eat the heart of each man 
you kill like this, you'll sustain this form much longer.  
When at least those three are down, cautiously make your way
into the Doyer's lot.

Get into the mouth of the alley and use a creeping dark to
do some recon on the two thugs at the loading bay of the
resturant.  They'll chat a bit about Jackie and Paulie.  Do
what you gotta do.  You can use a berserker darkling here, the
creeper, or your own guns to finish these two.  Eat up, hop
the rail, and head into the rear of the resturant, to the 
kitchens.  You're now technically in the Lower East Side map.


The Lower East Side


Escape the resturant "Olive Corner" alive

Outrun the airborne assualt

Pay Dutch Oven Harry a visit


Ok, just as a heads up, you're going to visit two spots in 
this area you will never be able to visit again in the game,
so if you're looking for a darkling outfit and some 
collectables from the list, be sure to get them here or be
ready to reload all of chapter one to reach this point again.

Good ole Butch.  Meet up, chat, search for collectables if you
want, and help lift the bodies.  Speak some more, say what you
want, and rush back inside.  Great, just great.  Shrote's men
are here.  You're in trouble now.

Rush the lobby, and shoot out the two lights.  FAST.  Get in
the far left corner (left from where you enter) and duck.  Use
a darkling if you want, and watch the far window.  In they
come, pretty cool entry too.  Shoot, shoot, shoot.  Now, take
a central or right(ish) position, but stay away from windows
or you might get pegged from outside.  Boom, in come two more,
from the front doors.  Take em out however you want, but fast,
and get outside the place.  Watch out, they've got body armor.
Grab their shotguns if you want, but I'd stick to the pistols,
to keep them away from good shotgun range against you.

When in the alley of the Lower East Side, call up a Darkling,
and cover behind the dumpster.  Use a Creeper if you want,
and take out the cops here.  Remember, they are shotgunners.
Some have longer range weapons too.  Don't forget to eat 

Rush to the street, and be wary of other cops and a chopper
(!!!) off to the far right of you.  Rush left, and don't stop,
look for a small alleyway.  A car appears, and there's a gate.
Lucky for you, you can call a darkling (and have to) to open
the gate up.  Take out your new targets and head left.  Eat,
and grab weapons.  Up the ladder.  Carefully drop down and 
watch out for more opposition.  Avoid the chopper at all 
costs, it's deadly on any difficulty.  Make for the street
straight ahead of you, and look for an opening in the fence on
the left.  Look in briefly, a car slams through for you.  Go
to it, after taking down the cop, drop downstairs on the left,
and enter the Whitefish Poolhall.  Go normal.

Scan for collectables if you want them, and listen to the 
weirdos have their talk about the moose.  Move on to the
alleyway, and speak with the bum here for some info.  Be sure
you get the password if you want this to go smooth.  Look
around the upper area in this alley before you go.  You'll
eventually find a vent on the left.  Use your Creeping Dark, 
go all the way in, grab the collectable and the Jungle outfit
for yourDarkling.  It has a machete!  Exit.

Find a dumpster on the right, jump it, and look for stairs
going down into the side of the building here.  Give them the
password, and be sure not to bring out The Darkness or any 
guns...yet.  Listen to the various conversations.  Someone
told me you can here one about the Witchblade here (part of 
the Power triarchy including you, and a sister comic series),
it's briefly mentioned when they talk about Frankie the Snake.

Go in the back after (pay attention to the guys, all armed)
you memorize the place and it's light locations, and speak
to Roach.  Play along and try to find out about Harry here.
You'll gain an achievement if you played cool this far.  At
that point, best to bring out your powers and guns, and blow
out all the lights in Roach's little area here.  Get ready to
kill off everybody.  Make your stand from here, as there's 
only one way in.  Including Roach, there's seven guys here
initially.  Use any means you have available, the shotgun
works quite well up close too.

When you've cleaned up the trash, go into Roach's room again
and go to the back left corner.  Use the speaker thingee 
here (if it's dark just feel around the back left corner) to
speak to Harry.  Do what you want here when prompted to talk.
Either way you have to kill more mob guys.  If you chose to
be a smart ass, they actually come in for you, which I think 
is easier, as it's dark now, right?  If you play Roach, they
will be up top waiting.  Either way, eat all the hearts you 
can find, and grab every gun.  Especially of note, are the
guns Roach was packing.  Auto pistols.  Save them for the
sticky spots that are bound to be coming.  Leave.
(This is also a GREAT spot for getting the Gunslinger 
Achievement, if you want it.  Don't waste time shooting lights
out, just go to town with the shotgun and rush all the
guys, including the doorman.  Experiment on who to shoot first
and how.  Credit goes to Dragon Kaisos for this helpful tip!)

Outside there's probably one or two more sweepers around. 
Kill these guys the good ole fashioned way or with your
powers.  Easier to use guns, as it's so bright out, but you
can change the brightness using bullets and powers really.
Look behind you and up left for a ladder in this lot.  It is
possible to get a Darkling to go there, or your Creeper, but
it's tough to do it without the guy hitting you hard.  So just
have your guns ready and blow him away.  Climb on up.

Nearly at the top of the fire escape is an open window.  Read
your pager, and send the creeper in to take out the light in
this small room.  Regain power and slowly creep out with it
to find the hitmen in the living room of this place.  Again,
search for collectables if you want, you won't get back here
unless you reload the chapter.  Kill the guys, hit the lights,
and head out into the hall.  Two men here, one near you, one
up the small steps.  Do it how you want, and proceed to shoot
all the lights you see at the next flight.  Go into the
one labled 13, this guy is scared of you!  Free kill.

In the next room you'll find three guys, waste them, eat up,
do your recon with the creeping dark if you want.  Rush up 
the steps, onto the roof, witness the plot point.  See where
the guy fell?  You go towards there.  Drop down on the left
side to land safely, get the paper here, and eat the heart for
a new darkling, the gunner (apparently from the film, 
Apocalypse Now!  haha).  She'll take point in front of the
oncoming train and "slow it down" for you a bit with heavy
fire.  Sweet.  Head slowly down the tracks now the other way,
to hear from The Darkness about what just happened.  Sad, 
and disturbed.  Move on into the next part.


Canal Street Station (the return)
Fulton Street Station


Make some calls

Take a train ride

Help some folks out


Make your calls here.  Hop on the Fulton bound train.  Want
a subway train to arrive faster?  Stand on or near the track,
it'll be there within seconds.  When you arrive, turn right 
and locate an old woman in a brown coat, Mrs. Pulanski.  It's
important to her you find her bracelet.  Spend a moment or 
three hopping off and on the track until you find it.  It's
always sort of nearby the platform side (Not the wall side),
and you need to look sort of directly down.  Pick it up with
A button, and return it to her.  It's very nearby her, random-
ly placed.  Oh, be sure you speak to her and tell her you'll
help first off.  She chats some, gives you a collectable 
number, and you can explore freely now.

Look around, grab any numbers you find and take note of the
sleeping old lady down one of the two halls here.  On the 
other end of the platform, at the second set of tracks, you'll
find another older woman.  She jokingly dares you to hop down
and grab all the coins she throws before you get run over by
the train.  Agree, then immediately hop down.  Watch her real
close.  If you back up and angle your view just right, you 
should get a general idea of where all four land.  Run over
them (you don't have to look down) and press A rapidly as you
do, and hopefully you'll nab all four.  It might take a few
tries but this is the best method.  Speak to her to restart
the mini-game, or again when you finish.  You'll get another
number and her thanks for a good time.  Remember, she'll 
scream to you if you're about to get nailed.

Moving on, locate the nearby St. Mary's exit and head up the
stairs.  You'll meet Jimmy the Grape and Jenny here, and view
a nearby t.v. for some news on the bombing.  Jenny and Jimmy
will speak to you.  Jimmy wants a word about Paulie.  Time to
put real hurt on.  

Locate the Grinder's Lane exit platform, and make for it.


Grinder's Lane 


Paulie's meat plant cash hideout

Get Chicago's attention by going after Paulie's cash supply

Clean some house


Head up, straight ahead from your emergence and speak to the
man.  He'll give you a heads up on how to get into the meat
packing plant.  Listen in on the mob dude's chat, and locate
the billboard on the fence.  You want to send the Creeping 
Dark slithering up there, over it, and into the yard.  Look
right, and destroy the power box.  Take out the men out front,
quietly if you can.

Look right, for the workshop.  Go into it, grab the gasoline
can, and use the radio if you want to hear about a ship.  Now,
head back out into the main yard and look at the middle, 
loading bay door.  It has a red light button next to it.  
Press it and head in.  Destroy a couple of the lights in here,
position well, and open the next door.  Do that in the next
two rooms.  Go ahead and call up either Darkling you want.

I like to use the Gunner darkling and creeping dark in here.
Feel free to perforate them with your handguns though, but 
save the powerful guns for later on.  Clear this large room
and stay cautious, odds are everyone knows you're here now.
There were five men in this large room.  Guess what?  With
more than one portal in a place, you can now summon both types
of Darkling if you want!  Good.

Destroying the lights as you go, move through the building's
interior, looking for the money.  You'll likely locate the
door (with a few men inside) that you can't open.  It has the
objective you're looking to burn up.  You'll need to take a 
long way around, if you can't get your creeping dark through
the window in the door.  No worries, there is another way in
for you.

Head through the locker room into the next room.  Two guys 
make their last stand here.  Take em down, enter the hallway,
and look to the right of the door you came from.  In here, 
swtich off the lights to save a bullet and find the lower
vent.  Follow it with Creeping Dark, and open the path into
the money room by destroying the electric box up here in 
the corner.  Take out any surviors here too.  Go back, and
burn up the cash.  Good job.

Go back into the hallway you'd found earlier.  Take out any
lights in your way, but be wary of a guy watching t.v. in the
first side room on your right.  Sneak up to him and execute
him properly.  Go to leave at the end of this hall, opposite
where you came in from.

Good job, you did it like a professional should.  Exit and 
you'll recognize you're outside the lot now.  Time to head
back to Jimmy and Jenny where you left them.


Fulton St. Station
St. Mary's Orphanage


Relive Jackie's childhood briefly

Explore the burnt out Orphanage remains

Close the chapter with a bang


Over by the t.v. on St. Mary's platform side of things, you'll
find Jimmy.  Speak briefly and rush past him to the Orphanage.

While here, listen to the three chat if you want, take em out,
and move into the Orphanage area.

Haunting.  Look around, follow the path, get some collectables
if you want, pay attention to the visions.  The Darkness will
talk to you alot if you go into the right places here.

Finally, witness the horror, and the chapter ends.  It wanted
you strong.  It didn't count on you being dead.  Some birthday
, right chief?  Prepare for the infinite shores of Hell...


The never-ending war in Hell...  In you.

Chapter 2

The Trenches of Hell


Brave the trenches

Arm up with new (old) weapons

Make for the village to find a little sanity


You awaken to a horrifying site, after some talk.  Get
ready, because there's lot's more like him.  Get the guns in
this small room, and see my above section of the guide for the
collectables here in you're interested.  Some are hard to 
find here.

You probably reached your next level by now.  Sneak up on the
Nazi.  Note that when you kill them, you MUST eat the heart
for them to stay dead.  Otherwise they keep getting up, even
from head shots!  From this first heart you consume, you'll
gain the Demon Arm power.  It's great for tossing huge objects
at foes, striking out lights without using loud guns, and
impaling foes by holding the button down rather than just
taping it.  Remember that for later.

Now, follow the trenches and kill everything.  Eat the hearts,
earn the Kamakazie Darkling, and keep pressing forward.  A bit
before that, you can use a periscope to view Pestilence, and 
the spot you're sort of headed for when you get up and out.
Use Kamakazie immediately when you first get it, and you'll
be able to crawl through the next space.  Kill some more and
follow the trench to get out.

Follow the debris, spawn a gunner upon arrival and kill the
three guards here.  Locate pestilence and find the wood path.
Be SURE you're in Darkness form and rush over the wood area
quickly.  Pestilence can use an attack that will kill a human

Follow the sort of narrow path, spawn a gunner if you want,
and take out the two guards.  Locate the bunker.  Use Creeping
Dark here to snake into the pill box window, kill the couple
of guards you'll find, and slither to the front door.  Unlock
it from inside, return to Jackie form and enter.  Clear the
bunker of a few more soliders here, and slither once again
to unlock yet another door (there is a small square hole ABOVE
the door you need to go through).  By the 
way, using the Demon Arm to impale enemies works about as 
well as a shotgun in close quarters, so do use it if you need 
help.  Spawn a Kamakazie here, and he'll automatically clear 
your path.  Exit the bunker.  Remember too, Kamakazies not 
only clear paths, they blow up foes easily and can distract 
multiple foes at once from your presence.

Push forward hard until you see an allied flag.  Speak to all
the scarred up British soldiers.  Follow to the left after you
have, speak more, open the hatch, and jump in.  Ignore the
Darkness' protests.


The Village


Speak to some more friendlies

Meet Anthony

Head for the Hills


Once in, explore about a bit, find some letters if you want.
They lead to collectables when you get out of this place.
Notice the famine cow in the corner for kicks.  Look around
until you reach the church/medic hall.  Speak to the man here
asking for you.  Learn all that you can about The Darkness for

From the Medical wing, head left, then make a quick right.
Go all the way out to the Hills entrance, to locate the 
weapons you might be able to use to control it.


The Hills


Get the powerful Darkness Guns from the man on the cross

Don't trust The Darkness here


Okay, head in, drop down real quick.  Look left, there's a big
church bell blocking the path.  Shoot the one light right in
front of it, and go into Darkness mode.  Use the Demon Arm on
the bell (by HOLDING down the right bumper).  Back up with it,
and toss it somewhere in the room.  Head out, kill some bad 
guys however you need to, and locate the man on the cross, you
will need to follow the lit path quite a ways.  Don't be 
confused, turned around, or scared off by your inner demons.
Be aware of the lightning.  If it hits too close by you, you
lose your Dark Mode, and can die easily.  Put it back up 
quickly!  The rifle and/or Darkness guns work well here.

Speak to the man, gain the power.  These require no ammo, but
share an unseen power meter with your shield and other powers,
so use it sparingly until you gain some Darkness levels from
eating hearts.  The left gun is a very powerful close range
blast of wind substance, the right is a rapid fire pistol type
gun.  Good deal, and always loaded as long as you're in the 

Ok, now about face and go directly back to where you came from
if you aren't exploring for letters.  Go back to the town and
speak with Anthony again in the field medical hospital, in the
church where he was before.  Be careful, enemies are always


Village (the return trip)

Do what you want here, go see Anthony, and listen to what he 
has to say.  Good men here.  Hope they don't lose, for your

Chat and ask whatever you want, and drop in.  You're heading
out to...


The Catacombs and The Cannon


Get to the cannon, through the tunnels below

Earn a new Darkling

Comandeer the cannon and blow through the giant gate

Mow down a ton of bad guys to get there


Get moving soldier.  You have your orders, they have theirs.
Shoot out the last light of your tunnel, and send the Creeper
up through to kill off the three nazis in here.  Scout a bit
if you can't find em, trust me it's easier than being a target
when you emerge from the tunnel.  Go up and find the stairs.
You need to drain the water to use the main door on your 
level.  Head up and scout with Creeper Arm if you want.

Kill off three more baddies, and eat the hearts.  You should
hopefully have around 110 or so.  Head into the pump station
areas.  You will likely gain another level here.  Good.  The
Darkness Guns will last a bit longer now, and the Creeping
Dark is now a force capable of emptying out a room of bad guys
if you plan right and act fast.

Head right, kill more baddies, kill the lights, enter a room
and note that the pumps have no power.  Go around the perime-
ter of this area and eat the already dead guy's heart.  You
will now gain your last Darkling.  Use him to restore the
power!  The Light Killer darkling also likes to shock foes and
kill off lights when reachable.  Now get the pumps going, and
head back to the center area.  Clear through here and get the
second pump area going on the left side of the place.  Good,
with both going, you can now enter a door down in the main 
area (back down the steps) where you killed off the three guys

Climb on up, kill three more baddies eventually, climb up 
again, and head for the bunker!

You've got to shoot out the light here and hide a bit.  Send
a Creeper into the next area and stealthily kill (and eat)
each bad guy.  Three or four up here.  Reposition where they
were at when you're done with killing them.  

From here, summon a berserker and a lightkiller Darkling duo.
Shoot out the lights and rush up to kill the two baddies, or
try to send them up and after them.  Or, use the Creeper once
more if you're getting shot to death constantly from two 

This part can be a little hard.  You've reached the mobile
cannon.  Go around the back and take out the three soldiers
guarding the ladder in.  If you're on hard mode, try to use
the Creeping Dark from the outside platform on the three or
four baddies inside.  Just remember to position right to eat
the hearts quick or they reanimate.  As soon as you're in,
activate the panel immediately to your left to turn off the
bright lights in most of the rooms.  Spawn a Kamakazie in the
second room to kill the three across from you.  Eat them, go
upstairs, around and up, and into the firing room.  You know
what you have to do here.  Congrats on beating this fairly
challenging section!


Chapter 3

Time for some payback...

Canal Station
Lower East Side


Chat up some good guys

Learn of a few more side missions

Begin to plan for dark retribution


So, leave the...train?!  That's right, you're at Canal St.
Station again.  And Jimmy the Grape is here!  Talk to him
some, and learn where Aunt Sarah lives.  Good lady.  Talk to
Jimmy a second time immediately to learn a vauge story about
Petey Pajamas.  They know he's being held somewhere, but where
is Apartment 261?  I'll tell you now.  You have to ride to 
Fulton St. again, and go to Grinder's Alley again.  From 
there, there is an apartment building you can find if you 
search around.  I'll give you more detail when it's convient
for you to go there.  Also, don't forget to check your 
inventory screen (select button) to find a letter from Anthony
given to you without the Darkness realizing.

In fact, there's quite a few side things to do in this chapter
, and I'm going to do what I can to make it as easy on you
as possible.  Easy as in, as few loading screens as possible,
since many missions require alot of backtracking and stuff
like that.

Now then, first order of business here.  Turn to the exit
that has the cemetary and lower east side at it.  But don't
go up, go to the right of the steps up and meet Mr. Willis.
He'll ask you for a favor, and in return he'll tell you how
to beat the cups game, which is just around the corner.  You
just need to kill some punks over at Lower East Side, right
where you want to be to meet Sarah anyway.  Good.  First 
though, head to the Chinatown steps and see a beaten up Hadel.
Talk to him about this Scarr guy making trouble again, and 
learn that he's at lower east side as well.  Imagine that.

Head to lower east side's map, and make for the whitefish pool
hall.  Use the street maps to find the corner it's at.  If
you're on hard mode, use the Creeping Dark to end all five of
them with little trouble.  Or just do whatever you feel like.
You can also shoot the music off. As you take the looooong
way back around, you'll come upon Scarr and his two buddies.
Dispose of this trash however you want, and don't forget to
pick up the harmonica Scarr drops.

Now, go back to the subway entry, but locate an apartment on 
the corner of Rasberry street behind the subway exit.  It has
windows you can actually see into.  That's where you should go
ring the bell at, and make note of for later.  Head in, speak
and say what you want, learn some interesting things, and


Canal Station


Do some more favors


Go back to Terence Willis, get your reward, and talk to him a
second time to learn about the cups game.  It's literally 
RIGHT behind him, around the corner here in the station.

Now, mark the cup with the third distraction option.  Wait 
until you see that the ball is under THAT cup, then pick it,
otherwise you lose each time.  Exellent.

Now go for the Chinatown steps, but again, head down the right
side.  Meet this Dana girl.  Help her out.  Her place is over
at Chinatown, off Mulberry alley, near where Jenny's back
entrance used to be.  Head up the steps and give back the
harmonica while you're here.  Good man!

Make for Mulberry alley again, and keep your eyes open for a
steel door with a handle you can use.  Head inside this place,
and go left.  Knock, and threaten the guy for the keys.  Don't
miss the Darkling outfit in here too!  Joey Skeleton, heh, 
what a wuss.

Go speak with Dana again for a reward, and get on the train to
Fulton Station.


Fulton Station
Several other maps for Vinny


Do tons of side missions here

Endure mild loading screen tedium (the stories are cool!!)


Head immediately left and talk to Deval about City Hall 
Station.  Remember this gate.  Help Deval out.  You can do
his mission later on.  Take note of the sleeping old woman in
one of the halls, still.  Remember her for later on too.

Vinny is also in this hall.  A good man, one of the old
schooler types.  Speak to him, get some information on some
contract kills.  The first guy is on rasberry street back at
aunt sarah's.  Initiate the mission, and don't forget to speak
to the two old women here for two missions if you didn't 
already do them earlier (bracelet and coins; see other parts
of my guide for info on how to do these if you need help).

It's tedious, but go ahead and ride back to Canal Station, go
to Lower East Side, turn immediately back and go towards Aunt
Sarah's on Rasberry, locate the man in a jumpsuit over at the
end of her street (left side) and off him.  As you go to leave
things get complicated.  Kill off all the men in the car.  You
might want to consider using the auto handguns here if you 
have problems.  Or, again, kill some lights and send in the
Creeper Power to clean house.

Now, unfortunately, time to ride two whole loading screens 
BACK over to see Vinny where you met him before at Fulton 
Station. Whew. Talk to him again to learn of another hit.  

Head over to Grinder's this time.  Good, a two for one.  You
can find Petey Pajamas here for Jimmy as well as make your hit
for Vinny.  I recommend the hit first.  Send the Creeping Dark
around the corner to the front of the packing place and take
note.  Four cops plus your hit.  They're all Shrote's people,
so don't feel bad about offing them.  On Hard mode, use the
auto pistols, Darkness Guns, or your Creeper to kill at least
three up front, then go in and clean up, and eat the hearts.

Now, turn around and go straight ahead to find an apartment
building that is now open to you.  Sneak quickly down the hall
and send the Creeping Dark around the left corner to kill the
duo out front.  Go unlock the door and shotgun the two inside
for easy kills, then off Petey however you want.  Do NOT
forget to grab the snitch list his body has.  After all this,
you probably have nearly 150 hearts.  Be sure to grab the
Darkling outfit in here.

Back to Vinny, get your hit.  It's over at Lower East Side
again, so take the train back there.  Speak to Jimmy the Grape
on the way, and get a reward for offing Petey and getting his
list.  Careful, this part can glitch to where you can't give
the list.  If this happens, reload the last checkpoint, or
reload the whole chapter (ugh).  It's rare, but it can happen.
Out of playing this part around five times, it happened to me
once.  Some say it hasn't happened to them ever though.  
Moving on.

At Lower East Side, turn backwards towards Sarah's 
place again, but this time look to a small vacant lot on your
right side.  There is a car there with loud music playing,
and some enforcers of Paulie's.  Take them out.  Don't forget
that the Demon Arm power will let you throw the car at them if
you want to get in that close.  With these clowns gone, you 
can leave.

Ride back to Fulton and talk to Vinny once again.  To 
Chinatown it is then.  Ride all the way back, head up, and
make for the first left, the L shaped alley.  Sneak around or
just rush him, kill this guy and you're done with the drug
dealer.  Triva, this was the guy that idiot hitman was 
supposed to whack earlier in the game, where Butcher tells you
about the mistake at the Olive Corner.  Head back to good ole
Vinny and learn about the final hit contract.

Finally, Gun Hill.  To find it, go down Vinny's hallway here,
to the tracks that don't "work" so to speak.  Go a little to
the right and search for a gray utility doorway.  Head in,
upstairs and to the hill.


Gun Hill


Do the last hit for Vinny

Seek out vengence at Shrote's home


First off, follow this path all the way, but do not go into
the room with Abe and the elevator just yet.  Look on the 
righthand wall, and up, for a window that's open, first floor,
left side.  If it's not open, and you can't use the Creeper to
get in, go back to Vinny and get the mission again.  Odd 
glitch, I know.  I cover it in more detail up in section 3 of
this guide, if you need to know more about where the window is
located.  There is a darkling outfit in here too, so make your
kill, get the outfit, and then go into the alcove to see Abe
about the elevator key to Shrote's place.  Chat him up if you
want, and go upstairs.  

Chase the weasel through his place, using the Demon Arm when
you get stuck.  You can get loads of guns in this place if
you search around a bit, and a collectable.

When a chopper starts to shoot, bait him a
few times (shield up with lights shot out) and finally he'll
yell at you and fire a missle.  Back way up into the hall and
let it make your exit.  Go to the ladder on the right from
here, quick, or you're dead.

Stay high on the right, get the note, ignore the taunts of
both parties, and finally, drop down and follow the ducts.
Get a leg up and follow Shrote.  When on the roof take out the
lights and watch the large and small windows for cops.  Kill
all the crooked cops you can see, and head into the window by
carefully jumping across.  Cautiously take out the lights, 
keep good cover, and get into it with a room full of the 

I like to use the autopistols and if I have a tough time
hitting anyone, I send in, of course, the Creeping Dark to
nab them.  Turn off the light switches and go eat all the
hearts you can find.  Make for the side door, up the stairs,
and up to the roof.  Nope, still can't fight the chopper.  
Look behind you for a hole in the fence up there.  Hop through
and enjoy barely surviving!  Oh well...you'll get him next
time.  Time to go back to Fulton.


Fulton Station (down but not out)


Chat, make a call, go to City Hall Station


First things first, go speak with Vinny for a pat on the back
on a job well done.  Next, turn around to the nearby phone 
and call Butch.  He'll fill you on in where to find the key
you need.  It's here in Fulton, beleive it or not!

Go to the bathroom that's facing the Grinder's Lane sign.
Kick in the door that is locked and "out of order".  You found
the cop's key at the toliet!  Now, remember where that Deval
guy was?  Head to his end of the platform here in Fulton and
unlock the gate with your new key.  Time for a party.


City Hall


Get the briefcase full of secrets to lure out Shroat and hurt
Paulie too

Find Deval's missing brother

Tear through the maddened homeless and brave traps


Here we go.  Listen to The Darkness a bit, and go into the
broken down old train car.  Get the final Darkling outfit
here and a collectable note.

Head in, stay cool and chat with the homeless
folks here.  Follow the path and use your Demon Arm on all the
knifing hobos on Shroat's payroll.  That, or they're just 
crazy.  Follow this path as far as you can go.  You will
eventually come upon a door with a pentagram drawn on it.  
Enter, and see a freebie trap go off.  Now you know you're
in a dagerous spot.  Shoot out lights if you have to, but
always stay in Darkness mode, especially when you go past any
wires.  They all trigger a different type of trap, but you 
can survive all of them as long as your shield is up in
Darkness mode.  When you reach the electric water, use a 
Creeping Dark along the wall, and bite at the power box on the
left wall to make the water safe to hope across.

When you finally get stuck at a "dead end",
use your Creeping Dark to slither up into the next room and 
open the door.  There is no going back for a short time now.

Well, you have just found Deval's brother.  And he's really
quite insane.  The door locks behind you and this guy is
lobbing molotov explosives at you.  Fire hurts the Dark!  Hit
the lights with shots, and note his bulletproof shielding.
No good here.  Go ahead and either shoot all the locks off to
your left and right (on his end) or use Creeping Dark to "eat"
all the locks off.  Then, go around and nail him.  You should
have the Black Hole power by now, the final skill.  Good.  It
EATS power up bad, so only use it if you can lose the mode for
a moment or two (no shields).  Face the bars up the steps 
behind Deval's position (use a box in the room to get height
if you can't jump up to where he was) and use the Black Hole
on the bars.  They'll open up just enough for you to crawl
under them if you shoot all the lights out and let the Hole
last long enough.  This is done by absorbing shadows that 
feed your Darkness.

Now, go through the linear area, kill the two knife guys, and
drop down.  Go right and through the door, up the ladder, and
to the next area.


Turkish Baths


Steal the briefcase containing evidence against Shrote and
Paulie, to bring Shrote out of hiding and finish the job

Face some real opposition near the end


It's time to draw Eddie Shrote out of hiding once and for all.
Make your way down this fairly straightforward path, using 
the Demon Arm if you need to destroy lights that sap your
powers, and use the Black Hole on the big pile of debris you
come up on first.  Then, continue past the little dead body
with no limbs and you'll reach a locked gate/door and a semi-
bricked up wall.  Shoot a Black Hole near the bricks and open
the path.  Nothing will stop you.

Just at the brick opening when you go through you'll notice 
you've picked up some machine gun ammo.  It may come in handy,
but refrain from using it just yet.  These are regular crooked
officers, coming up, just use the auto pistols or regular hand
guns on them.

Kill off the two cops at the far end of the room as simple as
you can.  A Black Hole works here, but may eat too much of 
your power reserves up and you'll need your shield.  Cross the
room as quickly as you can, destroying lights as needed, and
go to where the two cops were standing.  Follow this hall, and
be sure to destroy the bulbs here to regain energies from the
shadows.  Tear this little spa room open with either your
weapons or a Black Hole.  Destroy the two lights after the two
cops are down, regain power, and direct another Black Hole 
right at the debris pile, hopefully taking two more guards 
with it.  Move on.

Two more cops immediately in front of you and two more across
the holes in this upper area.  Do what you do best, being sure
to eat the hearts and destroy all lights up here.  On the 
right side of this top floor is a small beam you can use as a
bridge to cross, but kill the guard on that side.  Then, send
the Creeping Dark across first and over to the left side of
the back part of this area to kill the fourth policeman.  If
you've eaten all the hearts I've suggested up to now, you'll 
gain another level around here and have something like 182
hearts eaten.  Good job!  Hit all the lights and follow the

Notice the portal that can spawn a darkling for you?  Get a
Berserker or a Kamakazie (if you feel lucky) and send them
into the next little room.  Two guys here with auto pistols 
and powerful machine guns.  This is why you need the Darklings
to do the work for you if you're on Hard mode.  As soon as you
start to enter, the door ahead pops open to show another 
guard.  Shoot him in the head or spear him with the demon arm,
and note another cop down this hall the guy just opened the 
door for.  You can send out your Creeper here to bite a 
flamable canister that will ignite the hallway and every cop
in it.

Now, go back to the little square room.  If you choose to
explore, you'll find a few guns and some collectables.  The
paths all dead end in a little wooden, sauna room.  So, rather
than lead you all through the couple of side rooms, I'll tell
you where to go if you want to move on in the story.  (keep 
in mind section three of this guide has locations for almost
all the collectables and the phone numbers themselves, also
of note if you take the extra routes for fun you'll get a few
more hearts to eat).

the third officer that busted down the door?  Go there, down
the flammable canister hall I mentioned, and take the first 
door right in front of you.  Send a Black Hole in to the far
wall here, and the two well armed cops will drop like flies.
Enter the room, Demon Arm the lights out, and collect ALL the
illegal guns in here.  Good deal!  You now have an auto 
shotgun.  It's got a huge drum barrel of ammo and can rapid
fire powerful slugs.  Save it for the end game.  You will also
find all other types of ammo here, and a collectable behind
the fence (Creeper over to it).

And, in the corner, what all the killing of late has been
about.  The briefcase.  Press A to grab it, and go try to exit
the way you came from.  Uh-oh.  Bad news.  A well trained, 
up to date on your powers, orgainized SWAT team is here for
your head, and they're lead by the chopper that tried to take
you down at Gun Hill.

Demon Arm the first guy and call a Darkling if you want but
it doesn't matter.  Send a Black Hole out immediately all the
way across the room (where you entered from earlier).  It will
grab a flamable container and hopefully sweet up the other 
four or so troops.  Then, let the chopper guy chat some, and
when he talks about staying to fight this time, use a Black
Hole up on the skylight above you to suck him in and finish
him for good.  There's your achievement too, by the way.

If you were quick, you can cross over and run out of here.  If
not, a few troops can and WILL sneak up behind you and kill
you from behind while your shields are weak from casting the
Black Hole at the chopper.  I told you they were well trained.

Do your best to leave fast as he dies or he can still hurt
you on his way out.  Keep your shield up and stay in the dark.
Cross back over or just drop down if it's safe and get ready
for some more SWAT troops.  Remember, these guys have good
machine guns with powerful ammo in em and body armor so aim
for the head if you use guns.  I'd use the demon arm and 
creeping dark powers myself.  Avoid the black hole here as it
can drain you too much to be safe.  As you exit, you'll run 
up on your first riot shield troop.  A black hole is a quick
way to eliminate one, but I use the Creeper as it's much more
cost effective for your power in general.  Just get behind 
them or right under the shield and bite bite bite until they

Ok, down stairs and now is the time for a quick Black Hole
attack.  Regain your power and follow the path and use another
one (or a kamikaze darkling) on the THREE shilded SWAT guys.
Wow, pulling out all the stops for you, I'm touched.  

Good, you made it.


City Hall (redux)


Get "ambushed"

Get back to Fulton St. Station alive


Like Jackie just said in the cinema, they must think he's an
idiot or something.  Nonetheless, you'll face several more,
very well armed and armored SWAT guys here.  You're simply
going back the way you came for the most part, just around
the trap corridor first as it's sealed off.  You eventually
want to hit Fulton Station to meet up with Joyce.

So, go the only way you can go and meet up with the hobo 
buddy from earlier.  Chat some and move on.  You'll hear them
giving away their numbers and positions ahead.  Keep going
until you reach the bathroom hallway.  Head in to chat and to
find a collectable in the stalls.  When you're ready, be sure
all the lights in your hall are out.  Spawn two types of 
Darkling (either to help you fight or just to take attention
and heat away from you).  Run in and QUCIKLY run backwards
out as the floodlights hit.  They were ready for you eh?

Ok, first order, send a Black Hole up between the two sets of
flood lights to take them and the two SWATs out.  Then, auto
pistol pop the other four lights on the left side.  Get more
Darkling soldiers spawned and equip your favorite gun and the
Black Hole for emergency.  You have at least two more guards
to nail if not three, go for head shots or Creep up on them
and finish them using the Creeper.  Careful, they usually 
shoot it.

When they're out, eat them all and make for the left back side
of the room.  A door will burst open and you'll have more
SWAT troops to off.  Black Hole keeps it quick and simple, but
for a little more finesse I like to use all my skills and guns
available.  IF you get stuck here though just use the Hole.
You can also send in a Kamakazie or two to get the job done
loud and bloody.  Eat up and go right from here to move on.
Explore a bit if you want but watch your back and use the
submachine gun (not the major assualt rifle).  There isn't
much to find but a troop or two anyway, for the hearts.

Down each long hall you'll need to use guns or the Creeping
Dark to get by without much blood loss.  Stay in the dark.
At the bottom of the steps to the main, derelict, platform,
send out a Black Hole.  All four should bite it quick.  If you
forgot the Darkling outfit or the collectable, you'd best
grab it now.  It's in the old subway car.  Also, another 
spawn portal for a Darkling.  Meaning baby makes three.  Get
three of your favorite type of Darkling (a gunner is useful
here), and storm down the tracks.  You have to pass a recon
SWAT guy and his team at the FAR end of the tracks, and you're
home free.  Careful, on Hard mode they're devastatingly good
shots and go for your head, no matter how scared they are of
your powers or allies.  Again, IF you can get close enough, a
Creeping Dark or Black Hole can end them all fairly quickly.
Shoot the lights and follow the usual plan and take down this
final team.  If you have a tough time on Hard mode, feel free
to use the best machine gun, the full on assualt rifle.  Try
to fire in three round bursts though, and aim for the head. 
When the numbers are lowered a bit from good ole fashioned
shooting, send in the Creeping Dark to kill anyone with a 
shield.  If they shoot the Dark too much, distract them with
a gunner Darkling or something like that.

Go past what's left of them, eat hearty, and leave for Fulton 


Fulton St. Station  (the meeting)


Chat with Butcher Joyce and rig the case

Call an old, dear friend  (heh heh)

Finish up any business with side stories I've mentioned before

Go to church


Well well, here we are.  Guess their best just wasn't good
enough for you.  Go to the bathroom facing directly where
you emerge from City Hall, and talk to Butch a bit about
whatever you want.  Rig up the case and make the phone call.

Time to go to church.  If you haven't done any of the side
missions, now's a good time to.  It isn't your last chance,
but it's good to just have it out of the way so that when you
return for the finale you don't have as much to worry about
doing.  Be sure to speak with Deval by the City Hall gate 
about his brother.

Take the train over to Canal Station, and locate the steps
leading to the Holy Trinity Church.


Trinity Church  (the big payback)


Make them all pay for what they did!


With the words of Jackie, Anthony, and The Darkness still
ringing in your head, make for the church doors within the
gates.  Once inside, look around, get comfy, and note the 
extreme left and right sides.  You will be camping there.
I hope you brought alot of ammo for the assualt rifle machine
gun.  Do as Shrote says and approach the altar up front, from
the front side.  Lay down the case with A.

Here we go.

Stand in the middle VERY briefly to call up two Darklings if
you want some help.  On Hard, you certainly do.  I like to
use a berserker and a light killer here, but it's up to you.
Then, choose a side and cover behind pillars as you move about
, killing everything that moves with your machine gun.  If you
lose any Darklings just bring em back.  If they get in real 
close, use the Demon Arm and save the bullets.  When they
begin to fire at you from up top, you can attempt using the
Creeping Dark, but it's pretty tough to get up there in time
before they shoot it out.  Just be patient, and realize they
have armor, the best guns, and night vision goggles.  Time
for round two, it definately get's worse from here on out.

You hear one of the cops scream about being torn apart.  This
is where Eddie Shroat get's smart and uses the FLOODLIGHTS he
brought along.  All your Darklings are going to die now.  Just
stay where you are in the side areas and out of the light,
pop out and shoot with whatever gun you are best with, and
aim for the head.  Spawn Lightkiller Darklings if you can,
and beware the four new SWAT troops that have rapelled in from
the skylights.  Eventually, the lights will go again.  Thank
God for that, right?  Look up top on both sides and kill off
the sniper dudes up there.  If you need to distract fire off
of you, summon up some Gunner Darklings.  That'll do it for a
bit, and the guy's up top reveal their positions if you keep
an eye open for the muzzle flashes from their fire.  The
Gunners can usually kill off a guy or two for you too, even on
Hard if you spawn them more than once.

Finally, you're hit by flash bangs and some heavy spotlights.
The Darkness freaks out of course, and you lose consciousness.

You'll be beaten on a bit, tortured old school something 
fierce, and finally be able to chat with the other crooked
cops there when a chance presents itself.  Say whatever you
want to, but I save the "come closer" one for last.

Smart how that works eh?  Gotta love the shadows if you're
Jackie Estacado.  Thanks to the Demon Arm and Butch's C4
implant, you take little Shrote for a ride he'll never forget.

And you're heading back...to the war within.


Chapter 4  

Hellscape - Near the Dark Bastion


Take everything back that's yours...

Grab some cannon ammo

Ride in the tank and shoot down some planes

Gain control over the dark within


Try to fire.  Now leave via the hatch, and follow the path off
the cannon.  Speak to the dying ally.  He tells you you must
reload.  To find the shell ammo you need, turn right from his
location, and follow the tracks back the way the cannon came
from.  Get into it with some nazis, and make your way down.
Use the Creeping Dark to scout ahead, and be wary of the small
lights.  They drain you fast.  Kill your way towards a bunker.

You should have 230 or so hearts now.  Your Darkness level
has long been maxed way out.  Good job.  If you want the
achievement, or just need to keep the soldiers dead, eat the
hearts!  I like the rifle here, but if it's too slow for you,
use the pistols when you get the ammo.  They're so fast that
pumping like four rounds (2 from each side) into a soldier,
even on Hard, should be no problem.

Get into the building, and search the area for letters if you
want them.  This is the only time in the game you'll be in 
this particular building.  Some of the areas you just came
from have some too, see section 3 of the guide for info, 
though it's still a big work in progress.  Eventually, after
the dead ends, you'll find the correct path.  



Press through the grate or Demon Arm it, and go right to get
out of this canal.  Seek out Anthony and find that the 
field hospital is closed up.  Speak to the first two men you
see here in town, eventually one gives you a lead.  Head to...


The Trenches (part 2)


Deliver some payback, using the halftrack with Anthony

Shoot down six planes minimum if you want the achievement

Survive two Dark encounters


Locate the sign in the village if you need help.  Hop down the
ladder that got you here the first time you were in this 
world, and follow the tunnels out and up into the trench 
area.  Just as you get to go up (near it) there's a man, a
Charlie Hazelgrove.  Speak to him until he gives you a
locket and you get a mission objective update.  Then head
on up.

Time for a ride.  Speak, then, while still down in the 
trenches, go to the side of the tank and look up for the
ladder.  Some folks get tricked here, you do not leave the
Trench to man the gun.  This is the section where you can 
shoot down planes, just so you know, for the achievement.

There isn't much I can tell you here.  My advice is to keep
your aim true.  If you keep dying (on Hard mode especially),
just keep repeating the section and remembering where the
enemy is.  All infantry with rifles can be blown up, just hail
fire in the direction of their burnt out areas and they'll
eventually blow.  Unleash on the tanks before anything else,
when you see them, and watch for a small fizzle explosion to
know you killed the men inside.  When you see pill boxes of
enemies, aim inside the little slots to fire, and you should
trigger explosions just like with exposed infantrymen.

As for the planes, repeat
the checkpoint until you memorize the first nine or so planes,
and you'll very likely easily get all six done within the
first couple tries.  Go for groups, not singles.  See my
Achievements section below for more detail.  Good luck to you!

Near the end of the section you will get a checkpoint save.
Anthony warns of most dangers, 9 oclock, 12, etc.  When he
talks about Snipers, be cool and see what he does.  Keep 
firing though as a distraction.

You finally ram in and flip, within the new base.  You're 
going to be down and out for a few, so relax and just listen
to him and what's going down.  Then, you're lifted up and...

Remember when I talked about a couple of encounters with Dark
forces?  Here's one of them.  He will swat at you and through
your aim off.  Just readjust yourself fast and keep on him.
Repeatedly fire the miniguns into the creatures mouth, even
when it's closed.  KEEP your aim centered and fire, and he'll
opens his mouth several times, letting you fire into the meat.
Keep at this and don't let your aim be thrown off for too long
or it's over for you.  He will eventually drop dead, and you
can free yourself from the tank.  Go see Anthony real quick.
And shoot that thing in the head a few times just to be sure.

After you learn some interesting stuff from Anthony, explore
if you want for letters and eventually make for the exit 
passage.  If you stand facing the gaping hole the creature
made, look to the far right from that spot, for an alcove,
with a door and some beams on the ground.  To the immediate
left of that dead end, go into the passage, through the door,
turn a hard left right away and into that semi obscured door.

Follow this fairly straight forward path until you reach the
next area.


Castle Entrance


Get the shell outta here! (sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun)

Blow open the castle gates


Head up the steps nearby, use the Demon Arm on every light, 
and be ready to shoot up two nazis.  Locate the switch up top
(near one nazi if you're quick) in the corner, and activate
it.  Head back down to the shell cart's side and climb up it.
Now look a bit down and activate the cart engine.  Weeeee!

Shoot down the plane and pick at the infantry as you arrive.
Activate your shields and hop down to battle.  Take out the
four or five here, climb up and take out one more, and go into
the hatch again.  Fire the shell!  Isn't that cute, it's 
begging now.

Now, with the way open and you up top for an advantage, take
out the guys and rush down to eat the hearts before they can
reanimate on you.  Cross the scafold and search for letters if
you want to.  Enter the castle and get ready to free yourself.


Castle Hall


Penetrate the heart of Darkness


Head down, and don't forget to look straight ahead for a gate
with a letter for collectables within it.  See the four areas
here to the sides, two each?  Interact with each.  Then, get
ready for that other encounter with the Dark I mentioned
earlier.  This time, it's quite serious.

When battling yourself, simply stay half the room away at the
very least, and shoot each Darkling twice to kill it with
pistols.  They're fast enough to work here.  You have no
powers or shield, so use speed with the guns and pray.
When he summons a Black Hole void to kill you (once, twice, 
sometimes three times) just run backwards while facing him and
you should be fine.  Kill one more wave of Darklings off 
before they can shred you up, and do NOT shoot the Darkness.

Take a step towards it and see if it talks about you staying
back.  If so, rush into it's body and you've won!  


Chapter 5

The beginning of the end

St. Mary's Orphanage  (triumphant return)


Shrote mentioned something about Mother of God...


What a ride you've been on.  You wake up here, to Jenny.
Sort of.

Let's go find out what some of the old Family knows about
the clue our dear departed Eddie left us.  Listen to the
weird convo if you want, and head down to the subway.


Fulton St. Station  (Paulie MUST die!)


Help some more folks out

Meet up with the old Family

Seek out a lead to finding Paulie


Head down to the platform and speak to Vinny for a bit.
Rasberry St. on the Lower East Side again eh?  Sounds good.

First, seek out the sleeping old lady down one of the halls
and give her the locket.  Good man.  Head down the other hall
and speak to Little Petey.  Hop the train to Canal St. 


Canal Station  (a few errands, some planning)
Trinity Church
Lower East Side

Now, locate the Chinatown exit, but don't take it.  Instead,
go by the right side of it and delivery the letter for Petey
to the man staring at the soda machine.  You can also speak
with Jimmy the Grape if you should have need here.  Anywho,
head up the Chinatown side and speak to a man leaning against
the wall almost at the exit of the map.  Remember Dana, the
girl you got the key for?  You have to go back to that SAME
spot and get either the rent, or the key from her.  Go to
Chinatown, find her, talk to her, and get the key.  If you 
somehow don't already have the Darkling outfit, it's on her 
back wall.  

After that, return and get your reward.  Now
head over to Trinity Church to find it all taped and borded up
.  You can speak to the hobo out front of the main gate and
learn he needs his medicine or he'll die.  Go around the wall
and bring out the creeping dark power (away from light).
It's hard to remember for some, but look for the way down on
the left here, snake down and into the bathroom where you
met this guy and first got your powers, and slither up onto
the counter to find his meds.  Grab them with A, return,
He gives you a trinket...no one really knows what it
does yet, if anything, but it stays with you the rest of the
game.  You probably also encountered Enzo here, at the Trinity
exit.  Speak to him and help.  Ride over to Fulton again real
quick and switch the cases as he asks, just come up behind the
mook at the machine.  Return for your reward, and the Heart of
Gold Achievement!  That is, if you did all the missions I 
told you to, and found each person.  See section 3 or the next
one for more detail on the list of things needed for this.

Whew, that was some running about, eh?  Time to go visit Butch
and Aunt Sarah over on the Lower East Side.  You remember
where her place is, right?  Just behind you on the left as you
come into the map and turn around.

After a great deal of talk and some interesting knowledge on
how to flush Paulie out, you realize you need to first go to
Grinder's Lane again.  Remember the meat place you shot up?
You're going back in there, to the room where you found the
gasoline earlier.  You've got a ship to page.


Canal Station
Fulton Station
Grinder's Lane
Lower East Side
Pier 19


Lure the "Mother of God", a Chicago Family ship, in

Head to Pier 19, off the Lower East Side map

Fight to the boat, kill everyone on board to make it like
it was Paulie's idea

Get back in touch with your allies


You know the drill by now I'm sure.  In case you don't, all
the locales are listed up top.  Ride over to Grinder's first,
it's at Fulton St. Station's neck of the woods.

What happens here is, you're going in the back way, since the
front gate isn't open to you like it was last time.  You
probably remember the layout of the building well enough.
There's roughly ten men in this building, that will try to
pop out and suprise you, or just plain catch you in crossfire
in the larger rooms.  Just don't stand directly under any 
lights, use your powers accordingly, and try to stick to reg-
ular handguns here to save ammo for later.  I use gunner dark-
lings too.  By now, you know the drill, and these guys are 
much weaker and dumber than those you faced in SWAT and in
Hell.  Just pace yourself, keep cover, and stay in the dark.

Finally, you'll emerge in the main lot, behind the locked up
front gate.  Look for the machine room there on the left, and
go inside.  Neat, the buzzsaw works.  Anywho, go over to the
radio in the corner, and use it.

Leave, and prepare a Black Hole or other such welcome
reception for the carload of mafia thugs coming your way.
With them dead and the ship called in, all that's left now
is to hit Pier 19.  Hard.


Pier 19  (Dark Assualt)

Use a phone to call Butch, once he pages you.  

Get yourself onto a train and over to Lower East Side.  Use
the street map if you need to, locate the Pier 19 exit there.

Listen to the interesting conversation, this is the third time
we hear of this bungling guy.  Go ahead and Creeping Dark all
three mooks to death and round the corner carefully, as there
is a guy up top that's kind of hard to spot, who will sort of
snipe at you.  On Hard, he's deadly, as he hits the head often
and easy.  Zoom in with a rifle and let fly.

Follow the path straight up to the ship.  If you bring a
healthy Darkling up too, and be aggressive here, you can
kill off the three or so guys guarding the front area of the
ship with ease.  If not, they will pin you down and you need
to use Creeping Dark, or a very well placed Black Hole.  Now,
board and get ready for a battle.

Go in the very first door you see here, and send a Black Hole
up to the ceiling to off a couple of the guards here.  Now 
go back outside on the boat and around the left corner if 
you're facing the boat from where you first came in.  Go
around here and locate the steps.  It'll save here too.

Kill one or two of the guards and head on up, quickly now or
you might have some company from behind, depending on how well
you've killed so far.  If you do, take cover and spam Black
Holes until there's nothing left of them.  Upstairs, you can
kill off three or four more men as you cover a couple more 
flights up.  Hit the lights as you go and keep the Demon Arm
ready for up close and personal shooters.  When you reach a 
man crying and saying he's unarmed, note that he does have a
knife.  When you turn your back to him, he tries to kill you
off.  Do what you need to do.  Keep following this path.

Turn around past the knife guy's door and you'll find an 
opening with a matress blocking it.  Use the demon arm to move
it if you want, but I strongly advise killing all the lights
and looking backwards to find a Darkling spawn.  Get a
Berserker and send him in first, THEN take the matress down
with the Arm and shoot whatever's left.  Head down when you
can, and after the stairs is the bridge.  The Captain you
have to kill is here.  Plug him, eat him, black hole him,
whatever you want.  Go get his autoshotgun too.  By now, you
must be nearing 300 hearts eaten if you want that achievement.

Leave the boat.  If you jump down it rather than taking the
same route back, you'll avoid some trouble.  If not, just
fight it out.  Get a page from Sarah.  Bummer.  As you leave,
The Darkness gives you an order you just cannot refuse.

Take up a good cover spot in the dark and do whatever you want
to these five or so guys.  Keep in mind there is one on the
far left, in a sniping type position up high on a railing.
I like to use Creeping Dark or Black Holes to be quick and
safe, but it's your call.  Remember, the Demon Arm can throw

Now, carry the car down the street with you for a moving
shield.  Good ole fashioned sharp shooting works, but I 
prefer to get a lil closer.  Move in and eliminate these
enforcer goons, you've gotta get over to Sarah's!!

You're going to want to pick up all the guns they drop, 
these are high quality.


Lower East Side  (The opprotunity to impress)


Take to the matresses with the old Family (it means prepare
for war, sort of, read a book ya mooks!)


Make for Aunt Sarah's place QUICK.  As you're coming near
an alley, note the car.  Listen to the ironic and funny
conversation if you want, then Creep or Darkling these two
to death.  Rounding the corner, get ready for two more 
mafia goons.  Now then, as you get near the back of the
apartment, you see one of your old pals bite the dust, through
a window no less!  Don't get distracted...look right and kill
the goon over there first.  Blast your way to the front door
and speak to everyone.  In the back bedroom (bluish tint to 
it) there is an old, old man that will supply you with basic
ammo.  Use whatever you need to, but go to each window
and kill every last one of these bad guys.  You will very
likely witness a few of your allies die here, there isn't much
you can do.  And you don't get to use any powers, so try not
to get shot!!

Basic survival tips here:

When using auto hand guns, lead in with one first, before
using the other.  That way, when you reload, you can stream
bullets with the second gun still, and keep them guessing.

Go to the back bedroom for ammo.

If you're hurt, duck into a corner for several seconds.

Remember, Jackie sort of leans his guns around obstacles, so
feel free to duck low and stay to the sides of the windows
when taking aim.  Don't give them a target.

Move about the rooms to confuse the bad guys, but don't expect
all your allies to survie this ordeal.

Don't forget the zoom function, but get out of it if you need
to take cover!  (click in the right stick for zoom)

Try not to use the best machine gun or shotgun, you may need
it for the end game.

Despite the last bit of advice up there, if you keep dying, 
you're going to have to use the best weapons you've got!

You can see how much ammo you've got total for all the guns
at one time by going to the select button screen.

Thankfully, Butcher Joyce arrives.  He'll chat about Paulie,
the traitors to the family, Chicago, and lastly, he'll let
you in on where you can find Uncle Paulie.  There will be
blood, oh yes.

Then, speak to Jimmy.  Do whatever you want here, speak to
whoever else you want, and get ready to go.  Outside, pick up
all the guns the guys dropped.


Pier 19  (End of the line)

Go to the pier, and look over to the left of where the giant
boat was you just scared off.  Meet up with Mario, and hitch
a ride.  Careful about going too far to the right with your
powers out or the guns showing, as there's several good guy
cops over there on the right side of the pier.


Paulie's Lighthouse Mansion  (The End of Days)


Take on the legions of mafia hitmen that turned against your
real Family, with unbrilded power

Let The Darkness have control

End Paulie Franchetti, or die trying


This is the time of reckoning.

When you're moving again, don't fret.  Yes, it's morning and
you can't summon The Darkness yet.  But remember what Jackie
talked about a bit back?  You will.  And you can constantly
try to summon the Darkness anyhow, you might find a shadow
or two.  But soon, it won't matter.  Watch the sun as you

Get out the tactical assualt rifle for this one.  Edge up to 
the side of the big hill and be ready for the guys.  Since you
can't have your shield and they're using this gun too, make 
your shots count, or you'll die screaming.

Follow the linear path and witness the beginnings of the
eclipse.  This is your chance.  This is your time.  End this
miserable pile now, and make him feel every bullet for what
he did.

As you traverse this final path, you'll be able to drag out
the Darkness from you by devouring hearts.  Also, from here
on out in the stage, some Darklings will just appear randomly
without your summons.  Feel free to summon some too, if you 
can spare the shield energy for it.  Keep going until you
reach the large central step area.

Well, you just mowed down more mob guys than you normally see
in one place ever.  Good job!  It should be fully dark now, at
the front steps.  Shoot out every light you see, and prepare
any powers or favorite guns of yours.  As you approach the
mansion, get ready to fall back and cover, as there are flood
lights all over the place.  Shoot them out, keep calling for
Darklings, and waste every bad guy you can see.  This is the
spot in the game where they are infinte, by the way, so if you
want achievements dealing with lots of kills or Black Hole or
what not, here's a fine place for it.  Kill em all.

And do be careful of any Kamakazie Darklings, they're wild.

When you tire of all this bloodshed (yeah, right), head up to
the front doors.  If you have a hard time getting there on 
Hard, simply cut left or right first and then make your way
to the front doors, it's a bit safer and you get more auto-
darkling spawns from here.

Enjoy the awesome scenes here as it takes control and 
slaughers tons of bad guys.  When you do briefly get control,
just do whatever you want until it takes over again, pretty
hard to die or lose out here.  In the hallway, when you have
control, use lots of black holes or darklings and this will
be over quick.  You can also score the Black Hole achievements
here easily.

When you regain control yet again (after the awesome scene!),
enjoy your fruits, and kill any survivors laying around.  
Make your way outside, around, and back into the house.  Go
through the main front area, up stairs, and into a doorway,
cleaning up any lingering survivors if you so desire.

Wind around until you reach the renovated light house.  Climb
the spiral, listen to Paulie sweat, and chase him to his final
resting place.  When you get there, lean in and shoot him once
or twice for a cinema.  He still has a gun though, and keep in
mind no powers work on him here.  When prompted, you're going
to know what you have to do.  What you want to do. It's all
for you, Jenny.  


CONGRATULATIONS, you just beat The Darkness!!!

Now try Hard mode, multiplayer, and go for all the 


And yes, Jackie Estacado WILL be back!

In the comics, he goes to Hell to find Jenny, comes back alone
(rebuilt from a TOOTH the Darkness hid in), and meets more
Family to kill off.  He finally becomes a bit more of a "good
guy" type after meeting Batman and a few other famous types
that beleive in human spirit.  He masters his Darkness and
learns to create all sorts of creatures and weapons.  He
also has full body armor (from the start actually) and learns
how to summon up Darkness from shadows some never even think
to see.  He eventually takes over his branch of the family, 
and continues to fight all sorts of crazed evil.  Be it man,
demon, or even angel (yes, not ALL angels are good guys!).
He continues to uphold good moral fiber though, and likes to
help those in need after having come around to what his powers
can do.  That does not mean he quits living his mafia life 
though.  Jenny will always be with him, in his heart.

And yes, Dimension Films purchased the rights to make a film,
so let them know you wanna see it!  I have no idea if they 
will make a movie, or what it will be like, but they do own
rights to it.

As far as I know, the comics are out of production, but may
come back any time.  It has already returned once after a 
hiatus, it can easily do it again.  The characters in this 
game vary greatly for the most part, or just plain don't
exist.  Check out the comics for more depth if you liked this
story and characters.  Several well known, great writers and
artists worked on the book and it's various cross overs.

The Darkness is part of The Triarchy.  That is The Witchblade,
The Darkness, and The Angelus.  The Witchblade is another
popular, ongoing comic about a female cop with powers close
to Jackie's, but different.  They have met on several 
occasions and live in the same city.

If you want to learn any more basic stuff about The Darkness,
look it up at www.wikipedia.org !


5) Achievements (and notes on them)

Anti Air (15) Bring down the Chopper 

Anti Hero (25) Complete game on normal setting 

Beginnings (25) Complete the first part of the game 

Bringing People Together (5) Trap 5 enemies within a 
Black Hole - Near the end game, at the lighthouse, you'll
find your best chance.  So don't fret too much over it at 

Bullet Dodger (20) Finish a multiplayer match with less 
than 5 deaths (minimum of 4 players) 

Butcher (25) Claim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer 

Cannibal (25) Devour 300 enemies - Eat loads of hearts.  You
will get this one just by eating EVERY heart you come across.
Near the Turkish Baths of chapter 3, you'll want around 230.
By the end of Chapter 2, you'll need around 170ish.

Completionist (20) Unlock 100 collectables - Not just all the
phone numbers, but also letters from Hell to be mailed.

Contract Killer (25) Be on the winning side in 
50 multiplayer matches 

Crazy For You (25) Acquire Black Hole 

Darkling Master (15) Acquire all Darkling types 

Darkness Master (100) Only for those who are completely in 
tune with the Darkness  - see menu within game, under
achievements section.  NOT the guide button achievements 
section though.  Basically, use your powers to kill several
times each.  It keeps track in game, via menu I mentioned.

Executioner (10) Kill 25 enemies using execution moves 

Fashionable (25) Collect all the Darkling outfits - for a 
complete list, see section 3 of this guide to find em!

Flag Owner (10) Capture 50 flags in a CTF match 

Flag Runner (5) Capture 20 flags in a CTF match 

Gatherer (5) Unlock 25 collectables 

Ghandi (10) Find a peaceful solution. At least momentarily -
When you reach the part about Dutch Oven Harry, speak with
a bum first, just after meeting Butcher Joyce the first time.
Learn the password, use it, go into the building, and speak
to Roach rather than kill everyone.  THEN, kill everyone!  

Gunner (15) Kill 30 enemies using Darkness Guns 

Gunslinger (25) Kill 7 enemies within 15 seconds 
Powers do count for this one!  Also, Dutch Oven Harry's place
holds exactly seven men, so if you kill them quick, you're
good to go!  Try it on easy mode if you keep dying.  Shotgun
works well here at first.  (credit for the Dutch Oven Harry
tip goes to Dragon Kaisos over Live!!  Thanks buddy!)

Happy Birthday (25) Acquire Creeping Dark 

Hard to Kill (5) Take enough damage without dying within 
a multiplayer match 

Heart of Gold (50) Help those in need - There are several side
missions you must do for this one.  All the hit missions, 
the petey pajama one, bracelet, coins, cups game, deval's
brother, a bum that needs meds, apartment key, both harmonica
missions, rent/key collect, case switch, return the locket.
I will cover them in the guide as we come up on them.  All are
done in subway except the hobo's meds and locket.  And those 
come much later in the game.

Henchman (15) Be on the winning side in 20 multiplayer 

Hills (25) Acquire Darkness Guns 

Hoodlum (5) Be on the winning side in a multiplayer match 
in any of the multiplayer modes 

Into the Dark (50) Complete the second part of the game 

Keeper of the Secret (10) Someone's waiting by the phone
For Keeper of Secrets, see my FAQ (section 3) bit, to learn
of the numbers you can call.  The guy is actually interesting,
and is frustratingly funny as well. 

Knuckle, Meet Face (5) Perform a melee kill for the first 

Legendary Dark (35) Complete game on hard setting 

Legendary Executioner (20) Kill 50 enemies using execution 

Legendary Summoner (25) Summon 50 Darklings 

Made Man (35) Be on the winning side in 100 multiplayer 

Mook (5) Be on the winning side in 5 multiplayer matches 

Murderer (5) Claim 20 Killing Streaks in multiplayer 

No Man's Land (25) Acquire Demon Arm 

One With the Dark (25) Achieve maximum Darkness level 

Patriot (5) Capture a flag in a CTF match 

Picking Up Stuff (5) Unlock a collectable for the first time 

Ripper (15) Kill 30 enemies using Demon Arm 

Roadkill (10) Kill the workers in the tunnel 

Rogue Killer (15) Kill 15 enemies using Creeping Dark 

Romantic (10) Real guys stick around for their ladies - Just
sit on the sofa with Jenny when she asks, after you blow out
your birthday candles.  Stay there and let her snuggle up 
some, and eventually you get this achievement.  Unique!

Summoner (5) Summon 5 Darklings 

Take a Look at the Sky (50) Take down 6 airplanes. 

The Collector (10) Unlock 50 collectables 

The Don (45) Be on the winning side in 250 multiplayer matches 

The Obsessive Collector (15) Unlock 75 collectables 

Up Close and Personal (5) Perform an execution move for the 
first time 

Void Bringer (15) Kill 20 enemies using Black Hole 


6) End Notes and Credits

Many thanks to alien8d and wan5 (of the gamefaqs.com boards)
for the information on the phone numbers, and on the sorting!
Also, thanks to demonlord13 and DarkFury (also of the
gamefaqs.com boards!) for the info on the machete darkling
outfit!!  And thanks to Xaven44 for the heads up on where
some of the collectables were that I was missing!

Thanks alot for reading this guide!  I appreciate it.  Feel
free to contact me via email or GT.  Just don't waste our time
on spelling errors or poor grammar, capiche?  There's little
point to that.  But, AFTER my guide is posted, if you feel
you can contribute something, feel free!  I'll add you to
the credits here by whatever name YOU specify to me.  If you
don't, I won't add ya, as I don't know if you want privacy
or not.

See the very end of this guide's Walkthrough section to learn
a bit more about the world of The Darkness, created by Top
Cow and Image comics.

If you enjoyed this title, please check out:

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay
Deus Ex: The Conspriacy
Deus Ex: Invisible War
Red Faction

These games above are also good narrative FPS titles.

These games are on original Xbox, PC, and last but never least
the PS2.  You can find em all really cheap, and they're 
really great FPS with tons of extra power features and/or
great dialouge and side stories!


Copyright - lastfirstborn, Joe Barbee, June 28 2007.  
Please do not steal
this guide in any way shape or form.  You may save this for
personal use.  Do not post it on your website without telling
me and getting my approval, and even then do not alter it in
any way.  This guide is my intelluctual property, and is 
protected by the law.  Thanks!

Email - lastfirstborn@gmail.com
Xbox Live GT - lastfirstborn

Please do not take offense if I don't get back to you 
immediately.  I only get on Live when I'm going to play or
download something, so be patient.  This is not my main email
address either, so it may take me a while to check it if my
personal life or job slows me down some.  Please understand
I do appreciate any and all input, unless it's gibbersh or 
just plain insulting for the sake of it.  Even if I don't get
back to you, it may just be because I've already answered the
question somewhere in my guide, or I just haven't had time
for letters.  But don't think I don't read them!  I do care
about your input here, and I hope that you enjoy the game, 
and the guide!

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