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Weapon/Enemy Guide by Joylock

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/06/2008

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (PC Version) Weapons and Enemies Guide:

Document Started: June 25, 2007
Last Updated:     August 29, 2007 

by Alan Chan (joylock @ hotmail.com)

The Usual:

This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. That
being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) 
don't make any changes to it, and b) don't charge money for it. You 
don't even have to get my permission to post it (as long as it remains
unaltered), but it would be nice if you emailed me and let me know 
(joylock @ hotmail.com).

A Brief Word:

I've noticed that there are no FAQs for the PC version of GRAW. Seeing
as how the PC version is an entirely different game than the console
versions, I decided to write up a quick weapon/enemy guide for the game
for PC players. For those looking for a full walkthrough of the PC
version of GRAW, check out:

Version History:

*                                                                             *
*1.0: Initial Release                                                         *
*                                                                             *
*1.1: Spelling/Grammer corrections                                            *
*                                                                             *
*1.2: MOderate reformat for easier reading                                    *
*                                                                             *

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.



*General Gameplay and Combat Tips:*


- Most of the combat in GRAW takes place at relatively long range.
  A telescopic sight to allow you to zoom in and target more distant enemies
 is almost a must-have.

- Try to crouch or go prone whenever possible in a firefight, both to reduce 
  your chances of getting hit, as well as to increase your accuracy and

- Firing your weapon too rapidly results in recoil, causing your aim to
  quickly jerk upwards. This is especially noticable when you're aiming in
  zoomed mode. You can usually fire off 2 or 3 shots continuously; any
  additional shots will cause your aim to bounce up towards the sky. Thus,
  you'll need to pause for a split second between every 2 or 3 shots to keep
  your aim steady.

- Use walls and other pieces of cover as much as possible to minimize your 
  exposure to enemy fire. Leaning around corners and firing your weapon is the
  best way to take out enemies without exposing too much of your body to enemy

- Be careful not to stand too close to a wall or object, however. In GRAW,
  your guns have actual mass in the game world, and will "collide" with walls
  or other objects in front of you if you stand too close. This automatically
  causes you to lower your weapon, preventing you from firing it.


- The use of ammo magazines in GRAW is realistic. Whenever you reload by
  discarding your gun's current magazine and popping in a new one, you'll lose
  any remaining bullets in the old mag. This is opposed to most first person
  shooters, where reloading unrealistically causes you to "magically" refill
  your current magazine. Therefore, to conserve ammo, you should not reload
  unless there aren't many more bullets left in your magazine. 

- You cannot pick up enemy weapons in order to use them yourself. The only way
  to switch weapons in the middle of a mission is at pre-designated supply 
  drop-off points, such as a friendly Blackhawk helicopter supply drop. 

- However, unlike earlier tactical shooters, it is possible to restore your 
  ammo by collecting magazines from the guns of fallen enemy soldiers. Note you
  can only do this if the gun you're carrying uses the same type of bullets 
  as the gun you're picking up. I.E., the Scar-L or M8 Carbine can only use 
  5.56mm rounds from enemy G36Ks or HK21Es, while the MP5SD can only use 9mm 
  rounds from enemy M9 pistols or MP5SD submachine guns.


- In GRAW, you can survive slightly more damage than earlier "one-shot, 
  one-kill" tactical shooters (such as the first 3 Rainbow Six games or the 
  original Ghost Recon for the PC), but you still die fairly quickly when 
  compared to standard first person shooters. If you're lucky, you can survive
  several separate, glancing bullet hits before dying. At the same time, a 
  single well-placed headshot or burst of automatic fire will kill you 
  instantly. As with any tactical shooter, the key to victory is to try and 
  avoid getting shot entirely.

- While there are no health packs or medikits in GRAW, it is possible to
  restore the health of you and your Ghost teammates in the middle of a
  mission. Whenever you load from a checkpoint, the game increases your health
  and your team's health by a small amount above what it was when you first
  reached that checkpoint (enough to take your lifebar from orange back to
  green). Thus, to maximize your health, you should immediately reload every
  checkpoint once you reach it, in order to restore some of your health each


At the beginning of each mission, you'll be given the opportunity to outfit 
yourself and your squadmates with whatever weapons and equipment you wish. 
Each Ghost soldier can carry one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, and 
one "extra" item such as extra ammo, extra grenades, or a ZEUS-MPAR missile 

However, each soldier also has a weight limit, so there's some restriction 
as to how much heavy equipment they can carry. You cannot carry a sniper rifle
and a ZEUS-MPAR at the same time, for example. The maximum weight limit
for each soldier is approximately 135 units.


In the console versions of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, you were given 
a choice of several different firearms, each of which was actually the same 
basic firearm with different attachments.  The PC version of GRAW uses a more
"modular" system that allows you to customize the specific attachments that 
will go onto your base rifle. Possible attachments include:

- COMBAT SIGHT: A telescopic sight that allows you to zoom further when aiming.
  This is almost a must-have, as it extends the range at which you can spot 
  and shoot enemies, which is vital in the game's many long-range firefights. 

- SILENCER: A silencer that reduces the sound your weapon makes when fired. 
  Note that a silencer doesn't completely silence a weapon; your enemies will 
  still become alert to danger when your fire a silenced weapon at them. What 
  the silencer does do is make it harder for enemies to pinpoint your
  location, which gives you more time to shoot enemies before they figure out
  where you are shooting from and return fire.

- GRENADE LAUNCHER: An attachable, under-mounted, single-shot grenade 
  launcher which fires a 40mm grenade round that explodes on impact. Great
  for taking out clusters of enemy troops, or enemy light armor vehicles.

- FRONT GRIP: A rifle foregrip that allows you to grip the weapon better,
  allow for better stability when firing the weapon. The front grip reduces
  recoil, and thus you can get off more consecutive shots before the weapon
  begins to "bounce", ruining your aim. Note that the front grip cannot be
  equipped along with the grenade launcher, since they both occupy the same
  spot on a weapon. Note also that the front grip is only available for the
  Scar-L and Scar-H assault rifles.

=Primary Weapons:=

M99 Sniper:
Caliber: 12.7 x 99 mm
Capacity: 1
Firemode: SS
Velocity: 850 m/s
Info: Long range sniper rifle
Accuracy: 48
Impact: 80 
Stability: 100
Weight: 88
Attachments: None
Extra Rounds Available: 20


A high-powered sniper rifle with a long-range scope. The M99 can put down
any human opponent with a single shot, and the scope allows you to target
enemies from long range, outside the effective range of their own weapons.
The drawback of the sniper rifle is that it has no magazine or clip, so
you need to spend a few seconds reloading it after each shot.

Excellent at picking enemies off at long range, but the low rate of fire
can get you killed in medium-range shootouts. The sniper rifle is best
paired with a MP5SD submachine gun for medium-range encounters.


The Barrett M99 "Big Shot" .50 BMG rifle is a high-powered, single-shot sniper 
rifle which serves as the only sniping weapon available to you in the game. 
Extremely powerful, a single shot is all it takes to put down any human 
opponent. The sniper rifle's integrated scope has significant range, 
allowing you to pick off enemies from a good distance away. There's also no 
scope drift in GRAW, so you can even reliably fire the sniper rifle standing 
up or leaning around corners.

The big drawback to the sniper rifle is its extremely low rate of fire. Because
the M99 has no clip, you need to take a couple seconds re-chambering a new 
round after every single shot. Ammo for the sniper rifle is also limited; 
you start each mission with only 21 rounds available, and you cannot pick 
up extra clips from fallen foes like you can with the M8 carbine or Scar-L 
assault rifle (you can select extra ammo for the sniper rifle at the weapon 
equip screen, for a total of 36 rounds, although the extra rounds will add 
additional weight to your inventory, preventing you from carrying a 
submachine gun as a backup weapon). 


The increased range of the sniper rifle can actually make many sections of 
the game much easier, by allowing you to pick off enemies outside their 
effective range of fire. I highly recommend it for situations when you're 
assault enemies dug in at a fixed position, such as the roadblocks on Mission
9: Bulldog or the final assault against Carlos Ontiveros and the Aguila 7 
in Mission 11: NATO on the Line. At the same time, the sniper rifle is poor 
for "assault"-type missions where you need to advance through enemies 
soldiers, and unless your sniping skills are extremely good, the sniper rifle 
can get you killed in more close-range encounters where the enemy is better 
able to return fire at you.


If you're a Counter-strike AWPer or otherwise highly skilled with precision 
weapons, the sniper rifle may be the gun for you. Players of a more average 
skill level may want to forgo the sniper rifle, and stick to the more 
user-friendly assault rifles like the M8 carbine or Scar-L assault rifle, 
which allow for a greater degree of error due to their higher rate of fire. 
If you really want the sniper rifle, but your AWP skills aren't quite l33t 
enough, you can always bring along a MP5SD submachine gun with an attached 
telescopic sight as a secondary weapon for those situations when you want 
a higher rate of fire. You can also use your Ghost squadmates as support to 
provide covering fire for you while you pick off enemies with the sniper 

Regardlessly, it's a good idea to equip one of your Ghost squadmates with 
a sniper rifle, so they can pick off distant enemies and enemy snipers for 
you (your AI teammates have many faults, such as a seeming inability to seek 
cover when they walk into enemy fire,  but at least they're good at spotting 
enemies and pretty damn accurate when you give them a sniper rifle). Ghost 
3 (Allen) begins each level with a sniper rifle by default, so you're probably
best off leaving it with him and letting him serve as your squad's designated 

Caliber: 5mm
Capacity: 50
Firemode: SA FA 3RB
RPM: 900
Velocity: N/A
Info: Mid range assault rifle
Accuracy: 62.5
Impact: 39 
Stability: 68
Weight: 33
Attachments: Combatsight, Silencer, GL
Extra Magazines Available: 10


A light assault rifle with a 50-round magazine and a high rate of fire.
The MR-C fires 5mm caseless rounds, which unfortunately have less stopping
power than regular 5.56mm NATO rounds. It often takes 2 or 3 shots from the
MR-C to kill enemy soldiers. Due to the special bullets, you also cannot
acquire extra ammo for the MR-C from enemy soldiers.

The MR-C can fire in 3-round bursts to compensate for the reduced power of
each individual round, but personally I don't like it. Use the more powerful
M8 carbine or SCAR-L rifle instead.


The most "high-tech" rifle in the game, the Crye Modular Rifle - Caseless 
uses advanced 5mm caseless ammunition, chambered in a bullpup design for a 
futuristic look and feel. You can recognize it as the rifle being held by 
Captain Mitchell on the front cover of the game. The MR-C is an accurate, 
stable, and lightweight weapon with a very high rate of fire and a large
magazine capacity. It can be fired in semi-auto, full-auto, or 3-round burst

The big drawback to the MR-C is that its 5mm bullets are relatively weak. 
It often takes 2 or 3 direct hits from the MR-C to put a rebel soldier down 
and keep him down, in contrast to the 1 or 2 hits required by other assault 
rifles. The MR-C's 3-shot burst mode does somewhat compensate for the weaker 
individual bullets, but overall it still isn't quite as good as the more 
individually powerful rounds fired by the other assault rifles.

Another major downside to the MR-C is that you can't get extra ammo for it 
off of slain enemy soldiers, since none of them carry the next-gen caseless 
5mm rounds the weapon uses (most enemies carry 5.56 x 45 mm rounds). The only 
way to replenish your supply of MR-C ammo is at friendly ammo drop points 
located at fix positions throughout each mission.


Due to its relatively low stopping power, I really don't recommend the MR-C. 
In the game's frantic firefights, it's very important that each and every 
one of your shots count. Enemies dive for cover and pepper you with 
suppressing fire, so you may not get a chance to get in a 2nd or 3rd shot 
if the 1st shot doesn't do the job properly, especially at longer range where 
hitting your targets is less certain.

Still, the MR-C's high rate of fire and large magazine capacity allow you to
spray bullets quite rapidly with it. If you do use the MR-C, I recommend using
the 3-round burst or full-auto modes instead of trying to take out enemies with

M8 Carbine:
Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm
Capacity: 30
Firemode: SA FA
RPM: 750
Velocity: 910 m/s
Info: Mid range assault rifle
Accuracy: 60
Impact: 60 
Stability: 68
Weight: 28
Attachments: Combatsight, Silencer, GL
Extra Magazines Available: 10 


One of the game's two "default" assault rifles. Like the SCAR-L, the M8
carbine is a well-rounded weapon that should serve you well in most of the
game's firefights. Most enemies can be put down with 1 or 2 shots, and
the weapon has good accuracy and range. You can even get extra ammo from
slain enemies by taking the magazines from their dropped weapons.

Be sure to attach a telescopic sight to help with the game's many long-range
urban shootouts. The telescopic sight on the SCAR-L is somewhat larger than
on the M8 carbine, so I like the SCAR-L slightly more. 


Based on the experimental XM-8 rifle developed (and, in real life, recently 
rejected) by the U.S. military, the M8 carbine is in many ways an improved 
version of the H&K G36. Made almost entirely of lightweight polymers, it is 
the lightest primary weapon in the game. Featuring good accuracy, stability, 
and stopping power, the M8 carbine is probably one of the most well-rounded, 
easiest to use weapons in the game.

Because the M8 carbine uses 5.56 x 45 mm ammo, you can actually pick up extra
ammo for it from fallen enemy soldiers, since most of them carry 5.56 x 45mm


Overall, the M8 carbine is one of my favorite weapons in the game. Attach 
a combat sight to it, and you can engage enemies at longer range, 
significantly improving your odds of survival. I highly recommend using 
either the M8 carbine or the Scar-L assault rifle as your primary weapon for 
most missions, with a combat sight and possibly a grenade launcher to make 
things easier. 

The only real downside to the M8 carbine is that its attached scope is the 
smallest in the game. This doesn't affect how far the weapon can zoom, 
although it does give you a smaller viewing area while you're zoomed.

Ghost 2 (Kirkland) carries an M8 carbine by default. I recommend you let him 
keep it, as it's a good reliable assault rifle.

Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm
Capacity: 180
Firemode: FA
RPM: 850
Velocity: 920 m/s
Info: Support machine gun
Accuracy: 20
Impact: 60 
Stability: 28
Weight: 88
Attachments: None
Extra Magazines Available: 4 


A compact belt-fed machine gun. The MK48 light machinegun has a high rate
of fire and a large ammo capacity, allowing you to saturate an area with
more than a hundred rounds before needing to reload. On the downside, the
MK48 is not as accurate as an assault rifle, and also lacks a telescopic
scope for targeting distant enemies. You also cannot pick up extra ammo
for it from slain enemies.

Personally, I recommend an assault rifle over the machinegun, although you
can assign one to one of your teammates if you want some decent suppressing


The MK48 is a compact, belt-fed machine gun capable of firing off almost two 
hundred rounds before needing to be reloaded, allowing you to practically 
throw up a wall of hot lead with it. Its high rate of fire is tempered by 
its relatively low accuracy, making it more suited as a squad support weapon 
for providing suppressing fire than as a primary assault weapon for actually 
picking off enemies at long range. It's also quite heavy, so you'll need to 
arrange the rest of your equipment carefully if you decide to bring one into 
a mission.

Although the MK48 LMG uses 5.56 x 45 ammo, you cannot get extra ammo off of 
enemy corpses. That's because the MK48 is belt fed, and the ammo magazines
carried by enemy soldiers are incompatible with it. You can't even get extra 
MK48 LMG ammo from the HK21E machine guns that enemy soldiers drop, even 
though you can get extra ammo for your 5.56 mm assault rifles from those 
weapons. It's all rather arbitrary, really.


The MK48's relative inaccuracy can be a hinderance, although the bullet 
saturation effect does compensate for this at medium range (you can be sure 
that a least 1 or 2 of the dozen or so bullets you unleash at your target 
will hit him). A greater issue is the weapon's limited range, as you cannot 
mount a combat sight onto it, limiting the distance you can spot or target 
enemies with it. Since most of the game's combat takes place at long range 
in a large urban environment, you're generally better off using an assault 
rifle as your primary weapon. If you absolutely desire machine gun support 
fire, assign this weapon to one of your AI-controlled squadmates instead of 
using it yourself.

Ghost 1 (Brown) comes equipped with a MK48 light machine gun by default. He's 
good at providing suppressing fire with it, but is less likely to actually 
kill distant enemies than if he were equipped with a more accurate assault 
rifle. If you want, you can replace Brown's MK48 with a M8 carbine or Scar-L 
assault rifle.

Scar H: 
Caliber: 7.62 x 45 mm
Capacity: 20
Firemode: SA FA
RPM: 600
Velocity: 710 m/s
Info: Heavy caliber assault rifle
Accuracy: 48
Impact: 68 
Stability: 54
Weight: 39
Attachments: Combatsight, Silencer, GL, Front Grip
Extra Magazines Available: 10 


A more powerful assault rifle that fires a heavier round than the M8 carbine
or SCAR-L. The more powerful round comes at the cost of a lower clip size and
reduced accuracy and stability.

The M8 carbine and SCAR-L can already kill enemies in just 1 or 2 shots, so
the extra power of the SCAR-H really isn't necessary. Personally, I find that
the increase in stopping power isn't worth the decrease in ammo capacity
and accuracy. Extra SCAR-H ammo is also very rare during missions.


A heavy assault rifle, the Scar-H is chambered for the more powerful 7.62 
x 45 mm round (7.62 x 51 mm in real life), rather than the smaller 5.56 x 
45 mm NATO round used by the game's other assault rifles. The heavier round 
gives the Scar-H greater stopping power, but at the cost of reduced accuracy 
and stability. The larger rounds also result in a smaller magazine size,
requiring more frequent reloading of the rifle.

Because the Scar-H uses 7.62 x 45 mm rounds, you generally won't be able to 
get extra ammo for it off of your fallen enemies, since they mostly carry 
5.56 x 45 mm rounds. However, in the last few levels of the game, the enemy 
special forces soldiers of Aguila 7 carry Scar-H rifles into battle, so you'll
be able to get extra ammo from them.


Actually, the Scar-H may be overpowered for the purposes of Ghost Recon. The 
M8 carbine and Scar-L assault rifle can already put down an enemy after 1 
or 2 shots, so the extra power of the Scar-H doesn't really seem needed, 
especially considering the cost in accuracy and stability the extra damage 
entails. With that said, the Scar-H does have some usefulness in defeating 
the body armor worn by Aguila 7 special forces soldiers; you have a better 
chance of killing them with 1 shot instead of 2 when using the Scar-H instead 
of the Scar-L.

Because much of the game takes place at long range against fairly mobile 
targets, accuracy and stability are just as important as stopping power. 
Overall, I recommend the more well-balanced M8 carbine or Scar-L assault 
rifle over the Scar-H assault rifle.

Scar L:
Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm
Capacity: 30
Firemode: SA FA
RPM: 750
Velocity: 870 m/s
Info: Mid range assault rifle
Accuracy: 60
Impact: 60 
Stability: 60
Weight: 34
Attachments: Combatsight, Silencer, GL, Front Grip
Extra Magazines Available: 10 


The game's default assault rifle; you start out equipped with it in
the game's first mission, and it will also be your default rifle in the
weapon loadout screen at the beginning of each subsequent mission. The SCAR-L
is a well-rounded assault rifle with good accuracy and range, and can usually
put down enemies with only 1 or 2 shots. You can even get extra ammo for it
from slain enemy soldiers.

Be sure to attach a telescopic sight to the SCAR-L to aid in the game's
many long-range firefights. The SCAR-L has a slightly larger scope view than
the M8 carbine, so I recommend it slightly more.


The Scar-L is your character's default rifle. You'll automatically be 
equipped with it in the game's first mission, and it will be your default 
weapon on each mission's initial weapon selection screen. With good accuracy, 
stability, and stopping power, the Scar-L is one of the game's most 
well-rounded weapons, along with the M8 carbine.

The Scar-L and M8 carbine are quite similar. The M8 carbine has a slightly 
higher muzzle velocity, is a bit more stable, and also weighs less. The Scar-L,
on the other hand, features lighter-weight optional attachments (i.e. the 
grenade launcher attachment for the Scar-L weighs less than the equivalent 
attachment for the M8 carbine). The Scar-L also has a larger telescopic combat 
sight (although the actual level of zoom appears similar).

Notably, in addition to the standard combat sight, silencer, and grenade 
launcher attachments, the Scar-L and Scar-H rifles can also be equipped with 
a front grip attachment. This increases the weapon's stability, but also 
slightly reduces its accuracy. The front grip and grenade launcher cannot 
be equipped at the same time, since they occupy the same space on the rifle.


Overall, I recommend using either the Scar-L or the M8 carbine as your primary 
weapon, equipped with a combat sight and (if you want) a grenade launcher. 
Personally, I prefer the Scar-L due to the larger telescopic sight and lighter 
attachments, but your mileage may vary.

=Secondary Weapons:=

Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
Capacity: 15
Firemode: SA
RPM: 600
Velocity: 380 m/s
Info: Handgun
Accuracy: 20
Impact: 40 
Stability: 28
Weight: 09
Attachments: Silencer
Extra Magazines Available: 4 


The basic sidearm of the US military, the M9 pistol has relatively low range 
and average stopping power (2 or 3 shots are usually needed to drop most 
enemies). On the plus side, it's very lightweight, adding very little 
encumberance to your inventory. As a semi-automatic weapon, you need to pull 
the trigger each time you want to fire a bullet. The rate of fire is fairly 
high, and the 15-round magazine lets you fire off a decent amount of bullets 
before needing to reload.


Because most of the game's combat takes place at long range, the M9 has limited 
utility. You want to avoid running out of ammo for your primary weapon, which 
is the only reason for you to switch to your secondary weapon. Also, because 
enemies frequently drop 5.56 x 45 mm ammo, if you're using the M8 carbine 
or Scar-L assault rifle, there's no reason for you to be running out of ammo 
in the first place.

Gl 8:
Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
Capacity: 19
Firemode: SA FA
RPM: 600
Velocity: 340 m/s
Info: Handgun
Accuracy: 20
Impact: 40 
Stability: 20
Weight: 07
Extra Magazines Available: 4 


The Glock 8 machine pistol is a handgun similar to the M9, except it features 
a full-auto fire mode that allows you to hold down the fire button and spray 
bullets as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this feature results in the Gl 
8 pistol being slightly less stable than the M9 pistol. On the plus side, 
it's the lightest firearm in the game, barely encumbering you.


The M9 and Gl 8 are in many ways interchangeable in terms of stats and 
performance, although neither is an ideal weapon for the game's long range 
urban warfare firefights. The main difference is the Gl 8 has a full-auto 
firing mode instead of the M9's attachable silencer, which you may or may 
not prefer depending on your playing style.

M8 Compact:
Caliber: 5.56 x 45 mm
Capacity: 30
Firemode: SA FA 3RB
RPM: 750
Velocity: 740 m/s
Info: Heavy caliber sub machine-gun
Accuracy: 29
Impact: 60 
Stability: 29
Weight: 25
Attachments: Silencer
Extra Magazines Available: 4 


A shortened version of the M8 carbine, reduced to SMG size for use as a
secondary weapon. Retains its powerful bullets, but has reduced accuracy
and stability. Is also still relatively heavy. Also cannot mount a telescopic
sight. Overall, I prefer the MP5SD submachine gun.


The M8 compact is actually a shortened version of the M8 carbine, converted 
to SMG size with a shorter barrel and smaller butt-stock. These size 
reductions significantly lower the weapon's accuracy and stability, but its 
rounds still pack the heavy punch of a full-sized assault rifle.

The M8 compact is the most powerful secondary weapon you can carry, but it 
is also significantly heavier than a pistol such as the M9 or Gl 8. This can 
be a problem, depending on what other equipment you're also carrying (i.e. 
heavy primary weapons such as the sniper rifle or MK48 light machine gun, 
or a heavy support weapon such as the ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher). There's 
a limit to the total amount of weight you can carry, and carrying lots of 
weight will slow your character down.


Due to the significant weight penalty, I recommend against the M8 compact. 
Also, if you're using a primary weapon that uses 5.56 x 45 mm ammo, like the 
Scar-L, there's no point in carrying around an M8 compact, because if you 
run out of ammo for your primary weapon, you won't have any for your M8 compact 

Nonetheless, the M8 compact is the most powerful secondary weapon in the game, 
and may serve as a reasonable fall-back weapon if you want to carry a sniper 
rifle as your primary weapon (although I would recommend the MP5SD over the 
M8 compact, due to the attachable telescopic sight).

Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
Capacity: 30
Firemode: SA FA 3RB
RPM: 800
Velocity: 370 m/s
Info: Sub machine-gun
Accuracy: 29
Impact: 40 
Stability: 34
Weight: 29
Attachments: Combat sight
Extra Magazines Available: 4 


A silenced MP5 submachine gun. Less powerful than an assault rifle, and
requires 2 to 3 bullets to kill most foes. Still, it has decent accuracy
and range, and can even mount a combat sight for targeting distant foes.

Overall, I recommend bringing the MP5SD SMG as a backup weapon if you
carry a sniper rifle as your primary weapon, so you'll have an automatic
weapon for medium-range combat.


An MP5 9mm submachine gun with an integrated silencer. As a submachine gun, 
it has a higher rate of fire and clip size than a pistol, but still has less 
range and accurate than a full assault rifle. Like the M8 compact, the MP5SD 
is also relatively heavy, which can be problematic if you're carrying other 
heavy equipment such as a sniper rifle or ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher.

Unlike the M8 combat, the MP5SD uses a different ammo type than the game's 
assault rifles, so it is possible to use it as a backup weapon if you run 
out of ammo for your primary weapon. On the other hand, you really shouldn't 
be running out of primary weapon ammo in the first place.

The MP5SD can also be equipped with an optional telescopic sight to improve 
its accuracy and increase its range. With a telescopic sight, the MP5SD can 
function almost as well as a primary assault rifle. 


If you want to carry around a sniper rifle as your primary weapon, you might 
want to bring along an MP5SD with combat sight to take care of any situations 
where you need a higher rate of fire. Be aware, however, that the combined 
weight of the sniper rifle and MP5SD will slow you down significantly, as 
well as prevent you from carrying any further equipment, such as extra ammo 

=Other Weapons:=

M67 Frag Grenades: 
Grenades Available: 4 

These are your standard frag grenades; pull the pin and let em' fly, and watch 
them explode a couple seconds after landing. The longer you hold down the 
fire button, the further you'll throw the grenade. Be careful, though, 
because you'll automatically throw the grenade after a second or so, when 
your arm reaches its maximum throw distance. Be sure the grenade doesn't hit 
a wall and bounce back right at you.

Grenades are the only weapons in the game that let you attack enemies not 
in your line of sight; you can throw them over walls or around corners to 
clear out any enemies hiding there. Enemies generally aren't agile enough 
to avoid a grenade, so they'll usually die if they're inside the kill zone 
when the grenade lands. Grenades are therefore best used to flush out enemies 
behind cover, or positioned in such a way that you can't get a straight shot 
at them without exposing yourself to return fire.

Although you normally can only carry 4 grenades at a time, it is possible 
to select extra grenades at the weapon loadout screen; you'll get a total 
of 10 grenades in total, but will be affected by the extra weight.

Grenade Launcher:
Grenades Available: 4

This optional attachment to your assault rifle is a single-shot grenade 
launcher that fires a 40 x 46 mm grenade round that travels in a nearly 
straight line and detontates on impact. The grenades are affected by gravity 
and thus their range is not infinite, but they can still travel a decent 
distance. The grenade launcher is great for clearing out tightly packed 
groups of enemies, and can also be used to take out enemy gun emplacements 
or light armored vehicles. 

Instead of a standard crosshair, the grenade launcher attachment uses a 
tiered rangefinding aiming reticle to help you aim the grenade based on the 
range to your target. The further away the target, the higher you need to 
aim your weapon to compensate for the effect of gravity. The grenade launcher 
is fairly easy to use at medium range; just point and shoot. It gets much 
tricker to accurately hit targets at long range, due to the expertise needed 
to master the rangefinder, so you're probably better off not using the grenade 
launcher against distant targets.

Your Ghost Team squadmates don't seem to be able to use the grenade launcher, 
so don't bother equipping them with one; it'll only reduce the accuracy of 
their assault rifles.

Caliber: N/A
Capacity: 1
Firemode: SS
Velocity: 250 m/s
Info: One-shot anti-tank
Accuracy: 100
Impact: 100 
Stability: 80
Weight: 64

The ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher (known in real-life as the FGM-172 SRAW) is 
a portable missile launcher system that fires a guided 140mm anti-armor 
warhead which can track enemy targets by anticipating their movements. In 
the game, the ZEUS-MPAR is powerful enough to defeat a M1A1 Abrams tank in 
one shot, and can also be used effectively against enemy APCs or helicopters. 
The ZEUS-MPAR cannot be used against enemy personnel, as the targeting system 
is unable to lock onto human opponents.

To use the ZEUS-MPAR, you need to aim it at an enemy target for a few seconds 
in order for the system's computer to lock onto the target. Once locked on, 
you can fire the missile, which will guide itself to the target's location 
and detonate. The ZEUS-MPAR is a one-shot, disposal weapon; you can only fire 
a single missile from it, and a single soldier can only carry one ZEUS-MPAR 
at a time.

Primarily, the ZEUS-MPAR is intended as an anti-tank weapon, although it can 
also be used against enemy helicopters if they give you trouble. While it 
can also be used against enemy armored cars, this is generally a waste of 
the weapon's power.

While you can only carry one ZEUS-MPAR, you can also equip your squadmates 
with them. To get your squadmates to attack a target with the ZEUS-MPAR, point 
your crosshair at a viable target (i.e. a tank or helicopter) and send your 
squadmate the "attack" command on the Cross-Com. 

The main drawback of the ZEUS-MPAR is that it is quite heavy, which can be 
problematic if you want to carry other heavy equipment such as a sniper rifle 
or light machine gun.



1) Standard Loadout

Primary Weapon: Scar-L (Attachments: Combat Sight + Grenade Launcher)
Secondary Weapon: None
Extra Item: Extra grenade launcher rounds

2) Sniper Loadout

Primary Weapon: M99 Sniper
Secondary Weapon: MP5SD
Extra Item: None


1) Infantryman

Primary Weapon: Scar-L (Attachments: Combat Sight + Front Grip)
Secondary Weapon: None
Extra Item: ZEUS-MPAR

2) Sniper

Primary Weapon: M99 Sniper
Secondary Weapon: None
Extra Item: None

3) Machine Gunner

Primary Weapon: MK48 LMG
Secondary Weapon: None
Extra Item: None



Ghost Team: 
Appearance: Elite soldiers wearing tan uniforms, heavy body armor, and 
electronic visors
Weapons: Any


The Ghost Team are your AI-controlled special forces teammates. There are 
3 of them; Brown, Kirkland, and Allen. You select their armaments at the 
beginning of each mission, and will guide them through each of the game's 
11 missions (although there are a couple of "Lone Wolf" missions where you 
will fight solo instead of alongside your squad). Proper utilization of your 
squad will form a large part of your success or failure in the single-player 


Your Ghost teammates will engage any enemy forces they encounter, and will 
also follow out your orders to the best of their ability. You can move your 
Ghosts either directly with the Cross-Com system, or set up semi-complex 
attack routes for them in the game's tactical map. Besides providing you with 
extra firepower, Ghosts can also relay the positions of any enemy soldiers 
they spot in their field of vision; these enemies will be highlighted by
a red diamond on your viewscreen.

The squad AI in GRAW is decent, but far from perfect. Your Ghosts do some 
things quite well, and other things quite poorly. Learning to understand the 
strengths and weaknesses of the game's AI can contribute greatly to your 

Ghosts are very good at spotting enemy soldiers; much better than you are, 
in fact. This makes them great for noticing enemy ambushes or snipers. They 
are also fairly adept at long-range combat, and if you give them a sniper 
rifle their accuracy is downright deadly. 


One of the AI's greatest weaknesses is a tendency to stumble into the enemy's 
field of fire, and what seems to be a complete inability to properly retreat 
to cover when shot at. To avoid these problems, proper positioning of your 
Ghosts is key. If one of your Ghosts comes under enemy fire, you can order 
them to run for cover by selecting them individually in the Cross-Com and 
ordering them to move to a safe area.

One thing you'll soon notice is that, if you order your Ghosts to move as 
a team, they'll spread out over the battlefield, and will sometimes totally 
seperate from each other by going down alleys or seperate streets. While this 
is probably intended to maximize their cover area and field of fire, it can 
have the unintended consequences of one of them stumbling into enemy fire 
because they rounded a corner or exited cover when you didn't want them to. 
To move your Ghosts more precisely, select each one individually and order 
each one to move to a specific position. This technique allows you to manuever 
your Ghosts into a more specific area, such as behind a particular piece of 

Sikorsky Cypher UAV: 
Appearance: White, TV-sized, UFO-shaped spy drone
Weapons: None
A remote-operated flying spy drone capable of relaying battlefield data to 
your Cross-Com system. UAV's are occasionally deployed by your superiors to 
support you and your squad. The UAV uses a helicopter-like rotor system to 
hover in place above the battlefield. It can be ordered to fly anywhere on 
the map, either by ordering it directly with the Cross-Com or plotting its 
route with the tactical map.

The UAV automatically highlights any enemies it spots on your Cross-Com, 
causing them to be marked with a big red diamond on your viewscreen. You can
also take remote control of the UAV's camera, to view the battlefield from
above. The camera can automatically lock on to any enemies in the UAV's view,
allowing you to spy on their location and activities.

The UAV is also apparently invincible; I have never encountered any instances 
of enemies shooting at one, let alone destroying it.

The UAV is very useful for scouting ahead, as well as for spotting enemies 
and potential ambushes for you. By marking enemy positions on your viewscreen, 
the UAV makes it much easier to locate and take out your foes. Just be aware 
that the red diamond that marks each enemy position will disappear if the 
enemy ever leaves the UAV's line of sight.

AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter: 
Appearance: American attack helicopter
Weapons: Missiles

At several points in the game, you will be able to call in airstrikes with 
your Cross-Com. You cannot target airstrikes at random locations or enemy 
personnel, but can call in airstrikes on any enemy vehicles, including tanks 
and troop transports. 

To call in an airstrike, select the Apache in your Cross-Com, then point your 
cursor at a target and select the "attack" option.
After an airstrike order is given, an Apache attack helicopter will fly by 
and bombard your selected target with several missiles, destroying it 

To call an airstrike on a dangerous target (such as a tank), it's a good idea 
to cue up the "attack" option on your Cross-Com while hiding behind cover, 
then dashing out and quickly targeting the enemy, then dashing back behind 
cover after you activate the "attack" command. This minimizes the amount of 
time you're exposed while calling in an airstrike.

Artillery Cannons:
Appearance: Not seen on-screen
Weapons: Artillery bombardment

Towards the end of Mission 4: Strong Point, you'll acquire the ability to 
call down artillery bombardments with your Cross-Com. Unlike airstrikes, 
artillery bombardments aren't limited to specific targets; you can pretty 
much bomb the Hell out of any point in the map. Just point your crosshair 
at the area you want blown to bits, then send an attack command to the 
artillery cannons with your Cross-Com. Your allied artillery cannons will 
proceed to blast the area with explosive shells, creating multiple explosions 
near the point you indicated.

Artillery bombardments can be used to clear an area of enemy troops, as well 
as to destroy a pesky tank that acts as a roadblock against you towards the 
end of the level. Be aware, though, that bombardments can be imprecise, so 
enemy soldiers may be lucky and survive a bombardment. Either call in more 
bombardments, or send in your Ghost troops to finish them off.

M1A2 Abrams Tank:
Appearance: American main battle tank
Weapons: Main cannon, machine gun turret

You'll have control of a couple friendly tanks in two of the game's missions, 
Ready for Bear and Fierce Resistance. Like your Ghost Team, tanks can be 
ordered to move to a position either by directly pointing them there with 
your Cross-Com, or planning out a route for them with the tactical map.

Tanks are quite tough; they are impervious to small-arms fire, and can only 
be damaged by high-power explosives. The only enemy units capable of harming 
a tank are other tanks, Havoc attack helicopters, and enemy anti-tank 
soldiers equipped with RPG launchers.

Offensively, tanks are equipped with a main cannon, and a top-mounted machine 
gun. The machine gun is manned by a U.S. soldier on the roof of the tank. 
The gun is effective against enemy personnel who get too close to the tank, 
but it becomes useless if the U.S. soldier firing it is killed by gunfire. 
The main cannon itself is quite powerful, but cannot target enemy soldiers, 
and thus can only be used against enemy tanks.

In fact, friendly tanks won't use their main cannon at all, even in 
self-defense against another tank, unless you specifically order them to 
attack a target. In tank combat, you need to directly issue an attack order 
either with the Cross-Com or the tactical map, or else your friendly tank 
will just sit there and be blown away.


U.S. Soldier:
Appearance: Soldier wearing armor vest and tan uniform
Weapons: M-8 carbine

Friendly U.S. soldiers can be found fighting the rebel Mexican military units 
at several points in the game. U.S. soldiers are equipped with armor vests, 
and fight with M-8 carbines. They are somewhat more effective than their rebel 
Mexican military enemies, but still have a tendency to die, especially since 
they're usually in situations where they are outnumbered and in an inferior 
combat position. U.S. soldiers are generally found defending a particular 
position or area, and will not follow you or assault other areas of the 

Still, they provide useful support in the firefights in which they appear. 
Take advantage of their support whenever they're available, but don't rely 
on them too much to fight your enemies for you.

UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter:
Appearance: American transport helicopter
Weapons: 2 side-mounted chaingun turrets

The Blackhawk helicopter will be your primary means of entry and extraction 
for most of the game's missions. A Blackhawk will fly you into the combat 
zone at the beginning of many missions, and a Blackhawk will land to pick 
you up at the end of most missions also. Blackhawks will also sometimes set 
down in the middle of a mission to drop off extra supplies for you. You can 
use these supply drops as an opportunity to refill your ammo or even switch 
your weapons and equipment.

Blackhawks are armed with a chaingun on each side of the helicopter, each 
one manned by a U.S. soldier. Blackhawks will provide some covering fire for 
you when they land and take off, but don't rely on them too much to do the 
fighting for you. 

Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle: 
Appearance: 8-wheeled, brick-shaped armor vehicle
Weapons: Automated, roof-mounted machine gun turret

An 8-wheeled armored motor vehicle designed for transporting troops into and 
around the battlefield. The Stryker is usually used either to pick up or drop 
off your squad from a combat zone, or to drop off extra supplies for you. 
On a few occasions, Strykers will also provide some fire support to you and 
nearby U.S. soldiers.

The Stryker is well-armored, and cannot be destroyed by small-arms fire. It 
is also equipped with a computer-controlled machine gun turret on the roof, 
which can provide suppressing fire against any attack enemy soldiers. Because 
the turret's gunner is safely concealed inside the vehicle, enemies cannot 
disable the turret by killing the gunner.

President Ballantine:
Appearance: The President of the United States, wearing a black suit and tie
Weapons: M9 Pistol

The President himself makes an appearance on the battlefield at the very end
of Mission 7: Quarterback. You rescue him from a squad of Aguila 7 soldiers
hiding inside the concrete basement foundation of a construction yard. Once
rescued, the President will follow you around like a regular Ghost soldier
(although you can't issue him orders).

Surprisingly, the Pres is packin' heat in the form of a M9 pistol. He'll
even shoot at any enemies that appear in his line of sight. Really, though,
he's only with you for less than a minute. All you have to do is escort
him to a nearby blackhawk, which will transport him out of the mission

General "Bulldog" Martin:
Appearance: General wearing General's uniform and hat
Weapons: M9 Pistol

Like President Ballantine, General Martin is another VIP that you'll need
to protect briefly. He shows up at the end of Mission 9: Bulldog, after his
helicopter is shot down. You basically need to defend his crash site from an
attack by a couple squad of Mexican soldiers, after which a blackhawk will
touch down nearby to pick the General up.

The General is equipped with an M9 pistol, but doesn't really fight, instead
taking cover behind a vending booth for the brief fire-fight. This is just as
well, since you fail the mission if he dies. He does peek out and pop off
a few shots if you let any Mexican soldiers get too close to his position.


Rebel Soldier: 
Appearance: Soldier wearing green uniform
Weapons: H&K G36K assault rifle


The standard soldiers of the Mexican army, who are staging a coup de tat 
against the Mexican government, under the leadership of General Carlos 
Ontiveros. Mexican soldiers are armed with H&K G36K assault rifles, a few 
steps up from the usual AK-47s that your typical military entertainment bad 
guys generally pack. They don't seem to be wearing any significant body armor,
however (in fact, many aren't even wearing helmets, instead going into combat 
packing boonie hats), and will usually go down after only 1 or 2 shots.


GRAW's enemy AI is reasonably good; enemy soldiers run for cover as soon as 
combat begins, will fire from behind cover, and will almost never wander out 
of cover to give you an easy shot at them. They've got decent aim, even at 
long range, and can also support each other with covering and suppressing 
fire. If caught in the open, enemy soldiers may sidestep while firing in an 
attempt to make themselves a more difficult target. When shot at, soldiers 
will duck deeper behind cover to avoid being hit. Enemies can also sometimes 
attempt to flank your own cover, but they're fairly defensive and will usually
fire from behind cover rather than attempting to move in on your position. 
Still, it's a good idea to have your Ghost teammates nearby to watch your 
back in case enemies do try to sneak up behind you.


Because of their tendency to dig in behind cover, you'll often have to move 
to their flank in order to get a straight shot at them, which forces you to 
leave your own cover and may open you up to fire from other enemy units. Thus, 
it's a good idea to make sure you eliminate any enemies visible from your 
cover area before you move to attack enemies hiding behind cover.

It can be difficult for you to spot enemy soldiers in the game's large urban 
environments; in fact, enemies may often spot you before you spot them. 
However, your Ghost teammates are very good at spotting enemy soldiers even 
at long range, so it's a good idea to keep them close to you so they can mark
enemy positions on your Cross-Com. If you have a UAV spy drone available, 
you can also use it to scout out an area to mark enemy positions.

Rebel Machine Gunner: 
Appearance: Soldier wearing green uniform
Weapons: HK21E machine gun


Rebel machine gunners are fairly common; every enemy squad usually has at 
least one machine gunner in it. Machine gunners are equipped with HK21E 
machine guns, and will unleash a hail of bullets at you once they spot you. 
They're a bit less accurate than enemy soldiers equipped with assault rifles, 
but compensate for it with their ability to pepper your position with 
suppressing fire without needing to pause or reload. 


Enemy machine gunners can be dealt with in the same manner as regular enemy 
soldiers, although their ability to sustain fire without needing to reload 
can be annoying at close or medium range. It's best to take cover and return 
fire at them between their machine gun bursts, or to send a wild burst of 
suppressing fire in their direction in an attempt to get them to stop shooting
and seek cover.

Rebel Sniper:
Appearance: Soldier wearing green uniform
Weapons: PSG-1 sniper rifle


Rebel snipers equipped with PSG-1 sniper rifles are positioned on the 
rooftops and balconies of the city, ready to snipe at any passing U.S. 
soldiers on the streets below. Snipers lay in wait in their sniping positions, 
and will take aim and shoot at you when you come into their view.They always 
stay in their sniping position and will never run to a different position, 
but they do duck down if fired upon. With their ability to attack you at long 
range, and the difficulty you'll often face in spotting them before they kill 
you, snipers can be some of the most annoying enemies in the entire game.


On the plus side, a single hit from an enemy sniper usually isn't lethal. 
It usually takes at least 3 or so shots from an enemy sniper to put you down, 
although there is always the possibility of them getting lucky and killing 
you with a headshot.

Snipers also aren't perfect. If they haven't already noticed you, they 
usually won't spot you as soon as you run into their line of sight. Instead, 
it usually takes them several seconds to notice you. Additionally, snipers 
have a relatively low rate of fire; it can take them a few seconds to lock 
onto and shoot you, and there's also a few seconds' delay between each of 
their shots. At the same time, snipers have excellent aim, and will seldom 
miss if they have a clear shot at you.

The biggest threat snipers pose is their ability to ambush you, since their 
high-up sniping positions and long range field of vision make it extremely 
difficult to spot them before they spot you. Even once they begin shooting 
at you, you may have trouble determining where the sniper fire is coming from. 


Your Ghost teammates are your best protection against snipers. They've very 
good at spotting enemies at long range, and will helpfully mark enemy 
positions for you with a red diamond on your screen. If they have a sniper 
rifle of their own, your Ghosts can even countersnipe enemy snipers for you.

Snipers can also be spotted on rooftops using the overhead real-time 
satellite tactical map. Even at full zoom, however, they are still very small 
and can be difficult to see. If all else fails, you can make note of when 
a sniper kills you, then reload from the last save point and scout the area 
where you died more carefully to see where the sniper's roost is.

Rebel Anti-Tank Soldier:
Appearance: Soldier wearing green uniform
Weapons: RPG-7 rocket launcher


A few rebel soldiers are equipped with RPG-7 rocket launchers; these guys 
are rare, but pose a major threat to both yourself, your squad, and any 
friendly tanks you might have supporting you. A single hit from an RPG rocket 
can be lethal to you or your Ghosts, and it only takes a few RPG shots to 
destroy one of your tanks. Additionally, because of the RPG rocket's splash 
damage, the weapon has a decent kill radius and doesn't need to hit you 
directly to kill you.


Like snipers, anti-tank soldiers are often camped up on rooftops or guard 
towers, waiting to ambush you when you pass within their line of sight. Also 
like snipers, they can be difficult to spot until they've actually fired upon 
you, due to their high-up, distant positions.

Unlike snipers, anti-tank soldiers are relatively easy to notice once they 
fire at you, since their rockets leave a distinct smoking trail which can 
be traced back to them. Unfortunately, this doesn't do you much good if you 
don't survive their first shot, which is more than likely due to the lethality 
of their rockets.


You Ghost teammates work well in spotting and sniping at enemy anti-tank 
soldiers at long range. Unfortunately, your Ghost teammates are also 
ill-equipped to deal with incoming rockets, and tend to die against anti-tank 
soldiers much more than they do against enemy snipers. As with snipers, your 
best strategy against anti-tank soldiers is probably to memorize where they 
were when they kill you, then target their hiding spot after reloading a saved 
game and returning to the area.

Aguila 7 Soldier: 
Appearance: Special Forces soldier wearing black masks, helmets, body armor,
and green uniforms
Normal: MP5SD submachine gun, Scar-H assault rifle, HK21E machine gun
Sniper: M99 sniper rifle
Anti-Tank: RPG-7 rocket launcher


General Ontivero's person elite special forces group, the Aguila 7 are 
tougher opponents than the Mexican Army regulars you've previously been 
facing. Aguila 7 soldiers can easily be recognized by their black balaclava 
facemasks, and protective body armor. They typically carry Scar-H assault 
rifles, MP5SD submachine guns, or HK21E machine guns into combat; you'll also 
find Aguila 7 snipers equipped with M99 sniper rifles, or Aguila 7 anti-tank 
soldiers equipped with RPG launchers. They also represent the opposing team 
in the game's Multiplayer mode.

Aguila 7 special forces soldiers start to show up in the last few levels of 
the game, although they are fairly uncommon in most levels. They can be found 
guarding the kidnapped U.S. President in Mission 7, Quarterback, throughout 
the whole area of level 10, Fierce Resistance, as well as protecting General 
Ontiveros in the final shootout at the U.S. Embassy at the end of level 11, 
NORAD on the Line. 


Aguila 7 soldiers are tougher and overall better trained opponents than the
regular Mexican army soldiers; they have better aim, behave more intelligently,
and are better at reacting and seeking cover when fired upon. They are also
more likely to dive or slide into cover, much like your own Ghost teammates.
Aguila 7 soldiers are also equipped with body armor, so  they'll often take 1
more bullet to put down than a regular soldier would. One the whole, they can
be beaten using the same general combat strategies you've been using against
regular enemy soldiers, but you'll just have to be on your toes more when
facing them.

Aguila 7 snipers are particularly dangerous; besides being well-concealed 
and deadly accurate, they're equipped with the same powerful M99 sniper 
rifles that you and your Ghosts use, and can usually kill you instantly with 
just a single shot. Instead of facing an Aguila 7 sniper yourself, you're 
best off sending your own sniper in to countersnipe them while you provide 
covering fire. Alternatively, you can try to avoid Aguila 7 snipers entirely 
by taking a different route through the city whenever you spot one guarding 
a particular street or area.

Carlos Ontiveros:
Appearance: Mexican leader wearing black beret hat, with cameo face-paint 
and green combat uniform
Weapons: MK48 light machine gun


General Carlos Ontiveros is the leader of the rebel faction of the Mexican 
army responsible for the events of the game, and the game's main antagonist. 
You finally confront him at the end of the game's 11th and final mission, 
Norad on the Line. Ontiveros is bunkered down inside the bombed out remains 
of the U.S. Embassy, surrounded by his Aguila 7 special forces soldiers, and 
like any good supervillain is attempting to start World War III by using the 
President's Nuclear Football to seize control of the US nuclear arsenal.


Anyway, Carlos is equipped with a MK48 light machine gun, and is holed up 
at the very back corner of the embassy's 2nd floor, behind a pile of debris. 
He's positioned so that he's impossible to target from anywhere outside the 
embassy, so you actually have to run up to the 2nd floor and go inside to 
shoot him. He's also guarded by several Aguila 7 soldiers, armed with MP5SDs 
and HK21Es. Carlos himself is a wicked shot, and can kill you in just 1 or 
2 hits if you stick your head in his field of fire and don't shoot him 
immediately. It's also very dark inside the embassy, so Carlos can be 
difficult to spot, even with night vision goggles equipped.


All these factors make it a very poor idea to face Carlos head-on. Instead, 
you should go to the bottom of the stairs, and chuck a grenade or two at his 
position through the hole in the embassy floor. That should blow away Carlos 
and his buddies without forcing you to actually enter into their killzone. 
You'll know Carlos is dead, because the game will update your objectives and 
save your next checkpoint. Congrats, you just won Ghost Recon Advanced 
Warfighter, all that's left to do is ID Carlo's body, then board the Blackhawk 
chopper for extraction.

M2 Heavy Machine Gun Turret:
Appearance: Mounted machine gun turret with large metal shield in front


With Mexico City have devolved into a war zone, rebel forces have set up 
mounted heavy machine gun turrets throughout the area. These manned turrets 
can unleash a steady hail of bullets at you, and can cut you down in just 
a couple of seconds, even at long range.

Heavy machine gun turrets are some of the most annoying obstacles you'll face 
in the game. The turrets themselves are partially protected behind sandbag 
walls. Additionally, a metal shield mounted on the turret's front will 
prevent you from shooting the rebel soldier manning the turret. There are 
only a few ways to take out a turret gunner; shoot him with a precise shot 
from the sniper rifle, hit him with an explosive such as a shot from the 
grenade launcher, or flank him and shoot him from his unprotected side.


The best way to deal with turrets is to kill the rebel soldier manning the 
turret before he spots you. Once the soldier notices you and begins shooting 
at you, you should flee and seek cover. Never, ever face a machine gun turret 
head on, you'll only get yourself killed. 

To stop an active machine gun turret, you'll need to flank it and kill the 
turret gunner. There are two ways to do this; either by yourself, or using 
your Ghost squad. 


To defeat a turret by yourself, you need to draw the turret's fire so that
it turns and begins firing in one direction. Then, use the tactical map to
spot any alternate routes leading to the turret's area (there is almost
always a street or alley that will allow you to come up along the turret's
side. This may require some backtracking through the city, though). Turn back
and go down the alternate path, and you should be able to get a clear shot at
the turret gunner's unprotected side, because he will be facing in the
direction you originally attacked him from. Note, however, that you will only
have a couple seconds to kill him, or else he will notice you and turn the
turret to face you, forcing you to go back to your original path and try to
flank him again from there. 


You can also try to use your Ghost squad to flank and enemy turret. Draw the 
turret's fire so that it shoots at you, then take cover so that it can't hit 
you. Then, using the tactical map, send your Ghost squad to flank the turret 
from the side down an alternate path. Hopefully, your Ghosts should get a 
clear shot at the turret gunner and be able to drop him before he's able to 
turn the turret on them. If your Ghosts fail to kill the gunner in time, you 
can pop out of cover and shoot the gunner in his unprotected side while he's 
busy shooting at your Ghost teammates.


Alternatively, you can try to hit the turret with a shot from your grenade 
launcher, but it can be difficult to do this at long range due to the unusual 
aiming system for the grenade launcher. Overall, your best strategy for 
taking out turrets is to just flank them.

Mk 19 Grenade Launcher Turret:
Appearance: Large grenade launcher turret mounted on tripod


Much rarer than heavy machine gun turrets, grenade launcher turrets only 
appear on a few occasions throughout the game. Like the machine gun turrets, 
they're usually found at roadblocks, behind a wall of sandbags. Like heavy 
machine gun turrets, grenade launcher turrets must be manned by an enemy 
soldier to function. Once shooting starts, nearby enemy soldiers may run 
towards a grenade launcher turret in an attempt to start using it.

Grenade launcher turrets lob an explosive 40mm grenade round, which have a 
similar effect to your own assault rifle-mounted grenade launcher rounds. 
They have a powerful explosive splash damage radius, and can kill your or 
your squad in a single hit.


Fortunately, grenade launcher turrets lack a protective shield, making it 
much easier to target and kill the soldier manning the turret. Still, due 
to the danger the turret poses, its best to kill the soldier before he notices 
you and can even start shooting.

M977 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck:
Appearance: 8-wheeled transport truck
Weapons: None


These large military-grade transport trucks are sometimes used to ferry 
additional rebel troops onto the battlefield. They're slower than Panhard 
VBL light armor vehicles, and lack any form of support weaponry. Thus, the 
only threat they pose are the extra enemy troops that they drop off.


Transport trucks can be stopped with a grenade launcher round or even targeted 
with the ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher. Alternatively, you can simply shoot the 
enemy troops as they jump off the back of the truck onto the ground, before 
they're able to take cover or return fire.

It is possible to order a teammate carrying a ZEUS-MPAR rocket launcher to
target and destroy a M977 truck. While this may seem like overkill, it allows
you to take out any soldiers standing near the truck with the rocket's splash

Panhard VBL Light Armored Vehicle: 
Appearance: 4-wheeled light armored car
Weapons: Roof-mounted machine gun turret


The Panhard VBL is a 4-wheel armored car used by the rebel forces for troop 
transport and infantry support. A squad of rebel soldiers rides in the 
vehicle's rear compartment, and will disembark, seek cover, and engage you 
in combat when the vehicle drops them off. Sometimes, the vehicle will come 
to a complete stop, and the Panhard's driver will jump out and also start 
shooting at you with his M9 pistol. The Panhard VBL is also equipped with 
a roof-mounted machine gun, manned by an enemy soldier in the roof's gunner 
seat. The Panhard VBL is quite mobile, and can drive around the battle field 
at a decent speed.


The Panhard VBL's machine gun presents the greatest threat; your first 
priority should be to kill the gunner ASAP. As with a mounted machine gun 
turret, this is best done before he notices you, because once he starts 
shooting at you the hail of bullets will make it difficult to target him 
without being cut down. This task is often further complicated by the fact 
that the Panhard VBL can be a moving target, which makes hitting the gunner 
even more difficult.

Once the gunner has been killed, the troops riding in the back of the vehicle 
can be killed as they try to disembark. If you're quick enough, you can even 
fire into the rear compartment of the vehicle as the hatch opens, and mow 
them down while they're still sitting inside.

Alternatively, a single direct hit from a grenade launcher round should be 
sufficient to kill the gunner, stop the vehicle in its tracks, and kill or 
injure the driver as well as the soldiers riding in the rear compartment. 
This is useful if the vehicle is moving or if the gunner is shooting at you, 
and therefore you don't have time to precisely target the gunner with your 
assault rifle.

Mi-28 Havoc Attack Helicopter:
Appearance: Soviet attack helicopter
Weapons: Machine gun, missiles


Havoc attack helicopters will appear to battle your Ghost squad on a few 
occasions in the game's later levels. Quick and manueverable, these gunships 
can either strafe along the horizon or swoop over you in a straight line, 
all while peppering you with machine gun fire and the occasional barrage of 
missiles. Fortunately, they're also extremely rare; you'll only fight a total 
of 4 Havocs throughout the entire game, 2 of which will battle you at the 
same time.
Your fights against the Havoc gunships are pretty much boss battles, and can 
seem a bit out of place in a "realistic" tactical shooter. Your first fight 
against Havocs takes place in an arena-like area devoid of enemy soldiers 
or other obstacles, and later battles against Havoc gunships are similar 
one-on-one encounters. On the plus side, the fact that Havocs are used as 
"bosses" instead of air-support means that you won't have to worry about 
having to fight enemy soldiers while dealing with the Havocs as well. 


When fighting a Havoc gunship, you're best off leaving your squad in a safe 
area (such as behind cover in a building) while you deal with the Havoc 
yourself; the AI of your allies simply isn't adequate enough to battle a Havoc 
very well, and they have a tendency to get killed by the helicopter's missile 

You should use buildings as cover to protect yourself from the gunship's
machine gun fire and missiles. Stick close to the corner of a convenient
building, and put the building between yourself and the gunship when it
fires at you. The gunship's machine gun is actually fairly inaccurate,
and you won't have to worry about it too much as long as you keep moving.
The missiles are much more dangerous, since their explosive splash damage
can kill you even without a direct hit. 

Havocs actually aren't too durable; the first 2 Havocs you fight can be 
brought down with less than a clip of assault rifle fire each, and later Havocs
can likewise be destroyed with only a clip or two of assault rifle fire. Use 
full-auto fire instead of single shots; the Havoc is a relatively big target, 
so increased weapon inaccuracy isn't such a big issue. Havocs fly around a 
lot and often take cover behind buildings, so you'll need to inflict as much 
damage as possible in the brief periods during which they're in your line 
of sight. Havocs will begin giving off black smoke from their engines as they 
take damage, so you can use this as a sign that they're about to be destroyed.


You can also destroy a Havoc with a single shot from the ZEUS-MPAR missile 
launcher, and the launcher's computerized tracking system means you'll be 
able to accurately shoot them despite their constant movements. If one of 
your Ghost teammates is carrying a ZEUS-MPAR, he can also be ordered to shoot 
down the Havoc by pointing your crosshair at the gunship, then sending the 
individual Ghost teammate an attack order using the Cross-Com. However, since 
you often encounter enemy tanks in the same levels where you fight Havocs, 
you might be better off taking the Havocs down with assault rifle fire, and 
saving your ZEUS-MPAR for the tanks.


MISSION 6: READY FOR BEAR: This is the first mission in which you'll encounter
Havoc gunships. 2 Havocs attack you in a wide-open area of the base about 
3/4s of the way through the level. Because you'll be fighting enemy tanks 
soon, you'll want to conserve your squad's ZEUS-MPARs, and shoot down the 
2 Havocs with your assault rifle. Be sure to leave your squadmates and 
friendly tanks safely inside the tunnel while you deal with the Havocs 

MISSION 7: QUARTERBACK: After reaching Captain Salvatore's position, you'll 
be sent all the way back to the other side of the level to rescue the U.S. 
President. About halfway down the main street, you'll be attacked by a Havoc 
helicopter. If you or one of your squadmates has a ZEUS-MPAR, you can go ahead
and use it to shoot down the Havoc with one shot, since there are no other 
major vehicular targets elsewhere in the mission. 

MISSION 10: FIERCE RESISTANCE: When you reach the Northeast corner of the 
map, near the 3rd scrambling antenna, a Havoc gunship will appear and begin 
firing at you. Odds are, you've already used up your ZEUS-MPARs to destroy 
the 2 tanks guarding the main plaza, so you'll just have to shoot down the 
Havoc with assault rifle fire. Note that the gunship can be difficult to spot, 
due to the low light conditions and clusters of many close-together buildings.

M1A1 Abrams Tank: 
Appearance: Enemy main battle tank
Weapons: Main cannon, machine gun turret


Enemy tanks are some of the most intimidating sights on the battlefield. With 
extremely high offensive and defensive capabilities, they can pose a real 
challenge to an on-foot soldier such as yourself. Tanks are equipped with 
both a mounted machine gun turret as well as a powerful main cannon. The turret 
will pepper you with bullets and can kill you fairly quickly, and the main 
cannon fires an explosive shell that will kill you in a single hit. The shell's 
wide explosive splash damage area also means that the shot can kill you even 
if you manage to avoid a direct hit. Tanks also have extremely heavy armor, 
and can only be destroyed by aerial bombardment/artillery strikes, multiple 
shots from one of your own tanks, or a shot from the ZEUS-MPAR missile 

The only real weakness tanks have is that their main cannon rotates relatively 
slowly, so that it will take several seconds for them to turn and face you 
in order to blast you with the cannon. This should give you time to either 
run for cover when you stumble upon a tank, or to take aim and fire with your 
ZEUS-MPAR to blast the tank into burning slag.


By far the easiest way to destroy enemy tanks is to call in air support or 
artillery to bombard them with missiles or shells. A single artillery 
bombardment or  Apache gunship strafing run is sufficient to destroy an enemy 
tank. All you have to do is point at the tank with your crosshair, call in 
an airstrike/artillery bombardment, and take cover and wait for the tank to 
be blown bits. For fastest results, it's best to cue up the attack command 
in your Cross-Com while hiding behind cover, then pop out of cover just long 
enough to point the cursor at the tank and give the attack command.


Alternatively, you can take out an enemy tank relatively easily using the 
ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher. Just aim at the tank using the ZEUS-MPAR's scope, 
and the onboard targeting system should lock onto the tank in a couple seconds. 
Once a lock is established, fire away and duck behind cover. The missile will 
home in on the tank, and demolish it with one hit. When using the ZEUS-MPAR 
against tanks, it's best to ambush them from the sides or back, so that their 
main cannon will have to take several seconds to rotate to face you, giving 
you time to lock onto and blast them. 

Unfortunately, you can only carry one ZEUS-MPAR into battle, and in some
situations you'll have to kill multiple enemy tanks to proceed. Your Ghost
teammates can also carry ZEUS-MPARs; to get them to fire upon an enemy tank,
point at the tank with your crosshair, then send the Ghost teammate carrying
the ZEUS-MPAR an attack command using the Cross-Com. Be careful, though,
because your Ghost teammate's AI can become broken if the tank fires upon
them with its machine gun; your Ghost may freeze, and just stand there getting
shot instead of returning fire with their ZEUS-MPAR.


Probably the most difficult way to take out enemy tanks is by using friendly 
tanks. This is because the AI on the tanks under your control is rather flakey.
Friendly tanks won't fire their main cannon (not even in self defense) unless 
you specifically order them to. Thus, unless you control them properly, your 
tank allies will just stand there and let the enemy tanks blast them to death. 
In order to get a friendly tank to fire upon an enemy tank, you need to
manuever your friendly tank into firing position, then point at the enemy tank
with your crosshair and send your friendly tank an attack order. It takes 3
tank cannon shots to destroy an enemy tank; your friendly tank allies can
likewise be destroyed in 3 hits.


Although enemy tanks appear in several levels throughout the game, they pose 
the great threat in Mission 6: Ready for Bear, and Mission 10: Fierce 
Resistance. In these missions, you won't have air support to help you against 
the tanks, so you'll have to take them out either using friendly tanks, or 
a ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher. Due to the questionable AI of your friendly 
tanks (and the fact you fail the mission if one of them is destroyed), it 
would probably be best to be sure that you bring at least a couple ZEUS-MPARs 
along with you on these missions to make taking out the enemy tanks as easy 
as possible.

MISSION 2: COUP DE'TAT: At the very end of the mission, you'll be bunkered 
inside a garage building, while an enemy tank rolls outside which will blast 
you if it sees you. To destroy the tank, you need to make your way to the 
roof of the garage, where a waiting Blackhawk helicopter will drop off a 
ZEUS-MPAR missile launcher for you to destroy the tank with. Approach the 
edge of the roof, lock onto the tank with the ZEUS-MPAR, and blow it away 
to end the mission.

MISSION 3: VIP 2 IS DOWN: At the very end of the mission, while you're 
defending the U.S. Embassy against several waves of enemy soldiers, a total 
of 3 enemy tanks will appear and blast at you. Fortunately, you'll have access 
to air support, and will be able to call in airstrikes from a nearby Apache 
gunship to take out the tanks. 

MISSION 4: STRONG POINT: A single tank acts as a roadblock about 3/4ths of 
the way through the mission, after you destroy the enemy power station. Just 
call in an artillery strike to take out the tank. Be sure not to remain in 
the tank's line of sight for longer than absolutely necessary to order the 
strike, however, or else it will blast you.

MISSION 6: READY FOR BEAR: Several enemy tanks patrol the base's road network 
towards the end of the mission, and you need to escort your two friendly tanks 
past them in order to finish the mission. There are multiple ways to deal 
with these tanks; you and your Ghost teammates can clear them from the path 
yourself with your ZEUS-MPARs, you can battle the enemy tanks using your own 
friendly tanks, or you can try to avoid the enemy tanks entirely and attempt 
to escort your friendly tanks along alternate routes to avoid them. Since 
your friendly tanks have rather flakey AI, and since you lose the mission 
if one of your friendly tanks is destroyed, it's probably best not to involve 
them in tank combat unless absolutely necessary.

MISSION 8: GUARDRAIL IX: After you destroy Guardrail IX, you'll have to 
proceed a couple miles through the city to reach the extraction point. 
Unfortunately, a tank patrols the area between you and the extraction point. 
You can either destroy the tank with a ZEUS-MPAR, or attempt to avoid it by 
using buildings and other obstacles as cover until you manage to get past 
the area it patrols.

MISSION 10: FIERCE RESISTANCE: Two tanks patrol the main plaza in front of 
the palace, guarding the palace entrance. In order to enter the palace, you'll 
need to destroy the two tanks. The easiest way to do this is to enter the 
mission with ZEUS-MPAR missile launchers, and destroy the tanks as soon as 
you are inserted into the combat area. Alternatively, you can avoid the main 
plaza by taking side-streets, and complete the mission's other objectives 
(destroying the 4 scrambler antennaes). Once all 4 antennaes are destroyed, 
a pair of friendly tanks will be put under your command, which you can use 
to destroy the two enemy tanks. Once again, the AI of your friendly tanks 
is kind of flakey, so it's much easier to just destroy the tanks yourself 
at the beginning of the level with your ZEUS-MPARs.

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