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Guide and Walkthrough by Enders Shadow86

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/30/2006

A New Kind of War...

    ______________              _____     ________
    __  ____/__  /________________  /_    ___  __ \_______________________
    _  / __ __  __ \  __ \_  ___/  __/    __  /_/ /  _ \  ___/  __ \_  __ \
    / /_/ / _  / / / /_/ /(__  )/ /_      _  _, _//  __/ /__ / /_/ /  / / /
    \____/  /_/ /_/\____//____/ \__/      /_/ |_| \___/\___/ \____//_/ /_/

            ________________                               _________
            ___    |_____  /__   _______ ________________________  /
            __  /| |  __  /__ | / /  __ `/_  __ \  ___/  _ \  __  /
            _  ___ / /_/ / __ |/ // /_/ /_  / / / /__ /  __/ /_/ /
            /_/  |_\__,_/  _____/ \__,_/ /_/ /_/\___/ \___/\__,_/

     ___       __             ____________        ______ _____
     __ |     / /_____ __________  __/__(_)______ ___  /___  /_____________
     __ | /| / /_  __ `/_  ___/_  /_ __  /__  __ `/_  __ \  __/  _ \_  ___/
     __ |/ |/ / / /_/ /_  /   _  __/ _  / _  /_/ /_  / / / /_ /  __/  /
     ____/|__/  \__,_/ /_/    /_/    /_/  _\__, / /_/ /_/\__/ \___//_/


                                                      ...A New Breed of Soldier


  *|             Guide Written and Compiled by Daniel Perez                 |*
  *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

                    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter [G.R.A.W.]
                              System: Xbox 360

                          Created by: Daniel Perez
                             Began: May 12, 2006
                                End: Someday


    This guide is dedicated to the real men and women of the United States
       armed services who are risking their lives everyday for something
                that is worth SO much more than a video game.
                      This game is not real. They are.
                  God Bless our troops and our great nation.


[Table of Contents]----------------------------------------------------1.00---+

	-Table of Contents.............................1.00
        -Version History...............................2.00
        -About ME......................................3.00
              -Contact Info................................3.01
              -How to Use this Guide.......................3.02
        -Introduction to the Game......................4.00
              -Learning to Play............................4.02
              -Tactics and Tips............................4.03
              -Coup D'Etat.................................5.02
              -VIP 2 is Down...............................5.03
              -Strong Point................................5.04
              -Mayday! Mayday!.............................5.05
              -Ready for Bear..............................5.06
              -Guardrail IX................................5.08
              -Fierce Resistance...........................5.10
              -NORAD on the Line...........................5.11
        -Online Guide..................................6.00
              -Introduction to Online Guide................6.01
              -Customizing Your Character..................6.02
              -Weapon List Introduction....................6.03
              -Assault Rifles and SMGs.....................6.04
              -Light Machine Guns..........................6.05
              -Grenade Launchers...........................6.06
              -Sniper Rifles...............................6.07
              -Game Modes and Types........................6.08
              -General Tips/Strategies.....................6.09
              -Online FaQs.................................6.10
        -Online Map Strategies.........................7.00
              -Desert Gulch................................7.03
              -Fishing Village.............................7.05
              -Rocky Cove..................................7.06
              -Dry Dock....................................7.07
              -Old Town....................................7.09

[Version History]------------------------------------------------------2.00---+

	- Version 1.0-
         Completed All the Intro. stuff, the walkthrough, most of the online
         guide, the achievements, the acknowledgements, and the copyright. I'm
         still working on little spots here and there and waiting for some
         emails with more FAQs.

[About Me]-------------------------------------------------------------3.00---+
Hey there, my name is Daniel Perez [aka Enders_Shadow86 on Gamefaqs.com] and
this is my guide to G.R.A.W. A little about me, I live in South Florida and I
am a college student attending Florida International University. I am majoring
in Criminal Justice and may be planning to go into law school after I graduate.
I love to write (which is why I decided to write this guide), read, and study

The purpose of this guide is to give you some help on the difficult parts in
the single player mode and to reveal how the online mode works. I also throw
in some tips on what will give you the winning edge online. I really hope this
guide can help you get out of tough spots, learn the game more easily, and
give you that edge over your opponents.

My Gamertag is GunDiablo so if you want to play than send me a friend invite
and/or message!

Currently, [as of May 17] I am in a wonderful clan known as the Right Hand of
God. We are a gamebattles clan and we are looking to climb up the ranks to
compete with the best clans.

For a list of my contributed work to Gamefaqs go to:

To check out my website go to:

[Contact Info.]--------------------------------------------------------3.01---+
Before you send me an email, please put a subject that says something like
'GRAW Guide.' Otherwise, I may not read it. You can send anything but please
read the whole guide before you send something that has already been addressed.

If you send me something that is helpful I will give you props and post your

email- daniel.perez@fiu.edu


[How to Use this Guide]-------------------------------------------------3.02--+
If you know exactly what you are looking for the best place to look is always
the table of contents. I have a very easy system that I use. Each section has a
main, whole number and a decimal number. That way, you always know where you
are in the guide. If you are looking for a specific word the best thing to do
is press Ctrl + F and just type in a word in the blank space. For example,
let's say you are looking for the specific map of Nowhere. Just type that into
the blank space and it'll take you to all the spots where I mentioned Nowhere.
If you are just reading without looking for specifics, then just be my guest
and read it from start to finish.

[Introduction to the Game]---------------------------------------------4.00---+
2013: Mexico City. Stolen U.S. military surveillance hardware has fallen into
the hands of Nicaraguan rebels. They arrange to sell the device to Mexican
parliamentary forces. Stopping them is a routine covert operation for the

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, the Canadian prime minister and Mexican and
American presidents gather to announce a new treaty: NAJSA, the North American
Joint Security Agreement. It's the dawn of a new era in North American
cooperation. But a power-crazed Mexican general has another idea- a coup!

The Canadian prime minister is killed. The U.S. president has disappeared.
Captain Scott Mitchell and his elite Ghost team are the first force to arrive
on the scene. They have 48 hours to rescue the U.S. president, cut down the
insurgency, and destroy its source.

In Tom Clancy's Ghost Reconn Advanced Warfighter, you are the soldier of the
future. In full command of the cutting edge of military technology, you are
the most lethal, high tech-soldier on the battlefield.


(A)-----------------------------Reload/Change Mode of Fire
(B)-----------------------------Select Weapon
(Y)-----------------------------Action (Pick up weapon, Climb Over, Roll, Use
(X)-----------------------------Night Vision On/Off
(RT)----------------------------Fire Weapon
(RB)----------------------------Camera Switch
(LB)----------------------------Switch Between Stealth and Assault
(Left Analog Stick)-------------Move Foward (Push in to change stance)
(Right Analog Stick)------------Look (Push in to Zoom into scope)
(D-Pad)-------------------------Cross Cam
(Select)------------------------Intel Map

[Learning to Play]------------------------------------------------------4.02--+

The game basics are pretty easy to get used to. First, make sure that you
review the controls so that you know how to perform the actions required. This
section gives a general idea of how the gameplay mechanics are.

Moving is simple enough. If you've played other 3rd person shooters it should
come pretty natural. The left analog stick moves you foward and the right
analog stick moves you left and right. Push the left analog stick in to change
your stance between stand, crouch, and prone. You want to try to stay covered
as much as possible. That means try to crouch and go prone behind low walls or
in areas where the enemy cannot see you. Keep in mind that your firing is
better crouched than standing, and better prone than crouching. The flip side
to this is that you move much quicker standing up. You have to be smart and
know when it is best to stand up, when to be crouched, and when to be prone.

Finding Cover
Whenever you have to turn a corner make sure that you check it out first by
peeking. How do you do this? Easy. Just push up into a wall and then move over
to the corner. When you reach the corner you'll be able to peek and even fire
some rounds around the corner without exposing yourself too much. Press Y to
get back off the wall.

Note: This tactic does not work on Xbox Live. This is probably because they
thought it would give an unfair advantage to campers.

When moving throughout much of Mexico City, make sure to run from cover to
cover. Use walls and other debris to hide yourself and your teammates. This is
the most important thing to remember while playing.

Using Weapons
To fire your weapons press RT. If your firing reticule is red, that means that
the shot will have more accuracy. Ammo runs out very quick in the game so make
sure you are always prepared by pressing -A-. You can chane between your
primary weapon, your pistol, and your grenade by holding down -B- and moving up
and down to make your selection. Holding down -A- lets you choose between the
different firing modes (Automatic, Burst, Semi-automatic).

To use grenades you first have to switch to your grenades with -A- and then
choose the type of grenade by pushing in the right analog stick. Smoke grenades
are very effective in this game and you should use them to your advantage.
When you need some cover getting from point A to point B, just launch one of
those and you'll get safely to wherever you want to go. Frags are also great
when you catch a lot of enemies together. Keep in mind that the longer you hold
down the RT button, the farther the grenade will go. Also keep in mind that you
are vulnerable to attack when in going through the grenade throwing animation.

Precise Aiming and Zooming

For enemies who are a bit farther away, you can hold down LT in order to get
off a more accurate shot. If the enemy is even farther and you need to zoom in
more then some weapons come supplied with a scope that you can use. Simply push
in the Right Analog stick and you can zoom in either 2X or 4x, depending on the

Commanding Your Ghost Squad
Your team can easily be moved by pointing to the location where you want them to
go and pressing UP on the D-Pad. Press DOWN on the D-Pad to make them fall back
to your position. The CrossCam on the upper left corner lets you see through one
of your teammates eyes. You can press LB to switch your team from stealthy to
assault. You want to be stealthy when you haven't alerted the enemy of your
position yet. Blue means stealthy and red means assault.

At times, you may have an Apache helicopter or a tank at your disposal. You can
move them just like you move your squad. When you find an enemy and you see
that they are targeted in red, you can point to their position to have your
tank or chopper attack that spot. You can also do this with your teammates.

You can also comman your teammates to heal other wounded soldiers. You can
either do it yourself by moving up to the wounded and pressing the action
button (Y), or pointing to the wounded and pressing UP to command your
teammate to patch the other teammate up.

When picking teammates it's always a good idea to have a balanced team. There
are four types of teammates- Rifleman, Gunner, Grenader, and Marksmen. A good
balance will give you a better shot at doing the harder things that you my not
be able to accomplish. For example, if you have a grenader, you can use him to
take out a tank. Simply, point to the target and press UP. Remember to always
lay covering fire for the grenader. If you have a marksmen you can also point
out far away targets and have the marksmen take them out.

By pressing SELECT, you can bring up the Intel Map. In the intel map, you'll be
able to see the map of the area you are in and where your next objectives are.
You can also point to an area in the map and send your squad, a chopper, or a
tank over to that location.

Using Night Vision

Whenever you feel that it is a bit too dark and you need that upper hand on your
enemies, press X to toggle your Night Vision Goggles. Keep in mind that it is
easier to spot enemies but you lose some range. You can also see enemies
through smoke with your NVG.

[Tactics and Tips]------------------------------------------------------4.03--+
Many of these things may sound like basics or stuff that I repeat a lot but
this section is just to reiterate the importance of such things.

1) Use Cover! I can't say this enough. This really isn't Halo where you can
   just run into the open with your gun blazing.

2) Number 2 goes with number 1 perfectly. Plan out your attack! It's called
   Ghost RECON. That means that you should scout out an area, locate targets
   and make a plan before rushing in to get yourself killed.

3) Use teammates wisely and make them lead you. The reason you should use your
   team is that there are three of them and one of you. If all three of them
   die, then it doesn't matter, you keep playing. If you die, the game is over.
   You make the call.

4) Follow your intel map to find objectives. All you have to do is press
   Select. It's one Button. It helps you get your bearings and know what
   direction you are heading in.

5) Use precise shooting with LT to get a better shot at enemies. If you have to
   go even further and get a better a shot use the scope by pressing in on the
   right analog stick.

6) Use your NBG by pressing X in dark maps. It really does help you find
   enemies easier.

These are some general questions I get from people all the time, or ones that I
have heard others ask. You can always email me some questions and I might post
them up!

1) Is this game still worth a purchase if I don't have Xbox Live?

  - Having Xbox Live definately raises the replay value, but I believe it's
    still worth a purchase for the single player mode IF you like tactical
    shooters. Still the best one on Xbox.

2) What's your opinion on the game?

  - I might post up a review in this walkthrough once I have written a review.
    But if you must know I believe that this game is overhyped, overrated by
    many reviewers, but it's still fun and a solid title. I just feel that
    there are better tactical shooters out there. The graphics are amazing, but
    the gameplay is a little slow and lacking.

3) How long is the single player campaign?

  - Quick. Should take the average person about 3 or 4 days to beat it. Maybe
    5-10 hours.

4) Is the game hard?

  - In single player there are two difficulties to choose from- regular or
    hard. I guess if you've never played a tactical shooter before then it may
    be a bit on the hard side, but you should get used to it.

5) What's the best gun?

  - It depends on the situation, the kind of player you are, and your
    preference. Really, everyone has a different opinion about which guns are
    the best. Keep in mind I do go over most of the weapons (check sections
    6.03 to 6.07 for more info.) but they are my opinion. Though the weapon
    list is in the online walkthrough section, the ratings are the same for
    single player mode.

6) Can I email you if I have a strategy or something that you did not cover?

  - Yes you can, but make sure that what you email me isn't already covered in
    the guide. Check above in the contact section to find out how to reach me.

I really hope that this walkthrough is helpful to you- the reader- and that it
answers all your questions and concerns. If you want to leave feedback then send
me an email and let me know if you like my work, or if there is anything that
would make it better.

The guide is pretty easy to follow. All the missions have an intro. where you
can see the objectives, the recommended weapons, and the difficulty rating.
After that, I have outlined each objective in every mission so that you can
easily find what you are looking for and can follow the guide for some extra

I do not go over the training in this guide. The training is required before
you begin the game and it is pretty self-explanatory so I think you all are
smart enough to follow it through. :)

|         Objectives           |
|                              |
| 1. Reach Ramirez's Position  |
| 2. Move to Rally Point       |
| 3. Locate Ramirez            |
| 4. Reach Ramirez             |
| 5. Extract with Ramirez      |
|                              |

Difficulty: Easy

Objective 1: Reach Ramirez's Position
Your first objective is to get to Ramirez. Start moving straight on the road.
You'll finally run into about three enemies just scouting the area. Try to
catch them off-guard by scoping in on them and taking head shots to make it
quick. Once they are taken care of continue moving staright in the same
direction. Shortly after you pass the next area, something will go wrong with
Ramirez's sting operation and you will have to change routes to head for a new
rally point.

Objective 2: Move to Rally Point
Move up to a new area and be cautious-stay low and find cover. You should come
up on three more tangos partolling an area. Try to pinpoint all three before
attacking. When they are down, continue to the rally point and you'll see one
of your own supply trucks rolling in. Follow right behind it and it will ask
you to pick three teammates and your weapons. For right now, I reccomend having
one grenader, one reifleman, and one gunner. This makes a perfectly balanced
team. For the gun I recommend either sticking with the MR-C (for its50 mag
capacity and 4x scope) or the Scar L CQC (for its silencer).

Objective 3: Locate Ramirez
Immediately after picking your team and gear, your new objective will update and
you will get a short tutorial on how to use a UAV drone. The intel map will
automatically be shown and you must point the drone to the yellow indicator and
follow the instructions. What you need to do is drop the drone to low altitude
by pressing LB. Once the drone finds Ramirez's location, you will have a new

Objective 4: Reach Ramirez
Now that you have your teammates, make sure that you are putting them is smart
positions and making them lead the way. There are different ways to approach
this but you can follow my way. Follow the raod to the left and you will see
a bridge. Move up to a car with your squad and take out two tangos to the right
side of some staris leading up the bridge. If you want you can head up to the
bridge and shot from up top. Or you can go under the bridge and have a more
direct confrontation with enemies. I recommend the latter. Either way, a couple
of enemy supply trucks will come rolling in past the brigde. Point to them and
order your team to attack them immediately. Your grenader will step up and fire
some grenades at it. Take out any enemies that come stepping out of the trucks
and cover your grenader. Once the trucks are blown up and the remaining enemies
are killed (which shouldn't be a lot if you got the trucks done quick) then
continue to move foward and move around a big wall. Remember that you can use
your drone to move ahead and scout for enemy positions. In this next area there
are about 3 of them in a covered pavilion. Then there are two more tangos
farther down. Keep moving towards the railroad (yellow spot on map) and you
will get another update.

Objective 5: Extract with Ramirez
At the rail roads you should look left to find another 4 or 5 hostiles.
Try to pick a few from far away, and then move in to finish them off. When
moving in their direction be careful because there will be a couple more
hostiles up above on the trains. Once the railroads are clear, move towards the
yellow indicator on your map.

When you get to a big gate that opens up STOP!!! If you go in you will be
murdered! Instead move your teammates far away behind the wall to the right.
You should move to the little booth that is just outside of the entrance to the
factory. This is the first time that you will be able to use a chopper to attack
enemies. Switch the CrossCam to the Blackhawk and just start pointint out enemy
positions and places to attack. Do not show yourself! You don't need to peek
around the corner to order your chopper to attack. The radar will pick them up
through the fence! Keep merking the enemies and supply trucks until the area is
100% clear. Take a few minutes.

Finally, order your team to regroup and enter into the factory. There should be
one tango in their regardless of how long you waited. He'll be running on the
railing above. Pick him off, then ascend the stairs and around the building.
You will get a report from the Blackhawk to tell you that they picked up
Ramirez and that they need you to get to the evacuation zone NOW! Keep moving
up the winding catwalks and there should be two enemies at the top. Moce all
the way to the top to find the extract zone and complete your first mission!

[Coup D'Etat]-----------------------------------------------------------5.02--+
|         Objectives           |
|                              |
| 1. Secure Insertion Point    |
| 2. Reach VIP 1's Position    |
| 3. Create a Diversion        |
| 4. Move to Rally Point       |
| 5. Secure VIP's Extracion    |
| 6. Extract with VIP 2        |
|                              |

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Objective 1: Secure Insertion Point
While flying into your new mission, you'll have to pick up the minigun on the
Blackhawk and take dowm some rebels down below. If you notice while shooting,
the mini-gun has extremely rapid fire but it also overheates. Watch that gauge
and give the shooting a rest once in awhile in order for the gun to cool down
and regain its rapid fire. When firing down at the rebels try and take out any
armored vehicles in the road first as they will cause you more trouble by
sending out more guys to attack you. This shouldn't be too hard and once the
area is clear, the pilot takes you down into the war zone.

Objective 2: Reach VIP 1's Position
The first place you want to go is to the right side. Move up to the corner of
the building and you will see a few rebels down the street and behind some cars.
You should order your team to take them down as you lay covering fire. Try to
stay behind that corner and peek out to pick enemies off. When the 3 or 4
enemies are down, you will have to move into the Zocalo Plaza. Run to the edge
of another building that leads to the open square. Try to stick to that corner
with your team and pick off guys far off to the left. Check behind some green
tents (you can shoot through them). Before turning the corner take the time to
scout out a gunner and a marksmen up top in a building to the north. You want
to take those guys out first and then move in to take out guys near the stage
and your yellow indicator. When you finally clear out the plaza you will find
that the president is missing.

After a cutscene where the HQ tells you to stay put, you want to get your team
behind the stage and order them to be agressive (LB). Some enemies will make a
mini counter attack from the far west side. There will be an armored vehicle.
Try to aim at the guy on top of the gun and take him out from far away. You can
also order your teammates to attack the vehicle while you get the ground

Objective 3: Create a Diversion
When the area is clear, head southwest to your new objective marker. Shimmy
your way through the empty, narrow streets until you get to a large area with
a gas station up ahead. There are several tangos just scouting the area. Stay
covered and peek around the corner to find a fuel truck. This will be your
diversion. Zoom in on the truck and fire a few shots into the tank to watch
the fireworks fly. This will take care of some enemies in the area, but there
should still be a few that made it out alive. Kill them to end their worthless
lives and continue to move south. Once the area around the gas station is
clear, a supply truck roles in to save the day.

Objective 4: Move to Rally Point
I would stick with the diverse group of rifleman, gunner, and grenadier on this
one. You can always have another rifleman in there but subsitute him for the
gunner because its good to have someone who can blow things up in this stage
of the game. I would also keep the MR-C at this time too, due to its 50 mag
capacity and 4x scope of course!

Objecive 5: Secure VIP's Extraction
After you pick your squad seek cover behind a wall directly behind you. Some
troops will come storming out of the northwest. Stay behind cover and wait
until you have command of the APC stryker. Move to the wall that is more to
the north and position yourself so that you can peek around the corner to look
West. Use your Stryker to take down tangos while you keep covered. Spot out
enemies and order your stryker to take them out. Be patient! Once the immediate
area is clear, there will be a panhard in the next area. Order your stryker to
take it down as you flank the enemy troops by going around to the right.
When the coast is clear, the APC stryker will not be able to advance. You must
finish this mission on your own. There should be no more rebel troops as you
head to the objective indicator.

When you get to the area with the Mexican president and US troops, they will
come under attack by enemy rebels. The Mexican president and LT. Abreu will
then head to the parking garage to the right to take up defensive positions.
Follow them in and find cover behind the concrete wall next to them. Make sure
your team is in a good position also. I put them close to the western
entrance so that they could shoot down at enemies. They can pretty much look
dwon that side so you should focus on staying close to the two VIPs and
watching the other entrance to the north. When all enemy threats are gone, you
need to move to the roof of the garage. Here, a Blackhawk will drop off a nice
little toy for you- a ZEUS MPAR (rocket launcher). You need to take out one
Bradley M1 tank to the north and one to the south. Approach the western ledge
first (crouched!) and then stand up and fire a rocket at the tank. Crouch
again, reload, stand up, and fire again. Repeat this for the tank on the north.

Objective 6: Extract with VIP 2
When the two tanks are down, order your team to regroup and then head for the
APC stryker for extract. There should be no more rebel troops left, but be
careful nonetheless. Keep the ZEUS MPAR! You'll need it right off the bat next

[VIP 2 is Down]---------------------------------------------------------5.03--+

|         Objectives           |
|                              |
| 1. Ambush Enemy Convoy       |
| 2. Move to Rally Point       |
| 3. Regroup with VIP 2        |
| 4. Extract with VIP 2        |
|                              |

Difficulty: Hard

Objective 1: Ambush the Enemy Convoy
You will need your ZEUS to take out one panhard and a couple of supply trucks.
Run up and aim at each one as they come to you. Try to get them quick so that
the gunner on the panhard doesn't shoot you and so that the supply trucks don't
get to unload any rebels. If you do let troops come out the find cover and
use your team to take them out. After all vehicles and troops are eliminated
you will get a new objective.

Objective 2: Move to Rally Point
After the ambush, one of your supply trucks roles in to the southeast. There
are no enemies on the way there. For your team you should have two rifleman
and a gunner. You will need some more long ranged shooters, which is why the
second rifleman is a must. You should also switch in the ZEUS for an MR-C. You
are going to need the 50 mag clip again. Your new objective is to head for
Angel Plaza where you will extract the Mexican president from the US embassy.

Objective 3: Regroup with VIP 2
The path to the US embassy is filled with enemy troops. Use the UAV drone and
scout ahead to the southwest. Head around to the west and spot a marksmen way
up high in a skyscraper to the southwest. After he is done proceed southwest
through the streets and take out one guy who is near the corner on the left.
There will be a second sniper on a building directly in front of this position.
Peek around the corner to see a supply truck and a few enemy troops. You can
throw a few grenades at it to get it to blow up or just go in and bang up the
rebels with your MR-C. Either way, when they are done, move southwest to the
next area. The best way to approach the next area is to find a narrow passage
and pick off two guys. Then head around the same building to the left and find
cover behind a garbage sump. There will be two guys down the road and one
gunner on top of a building to the left (West). Once the area is clear of
threats, move to the entrance to Angel's Plaza. The whole plaza is clear of
any enemies at the current moment so just high tail it to the embassy.

As you are nearing the embassy a bomb will explode and begin an enemy assault
on your location. Run to the embassy and order your team to cover behind some
debris on the southwestern side of the embassy. Then you should follow the
objective marker to VIP 2's location and hide behind the wall he is at. Take
the left side of this concrete slab and peek around the corner. You are going
to be here awhile so try and save ammo. Open fire immediatelty on troops
heading in from the east and the south. Your job should be to handle any troops
on the south and any of them that get too close. They might try to flank you on
the left so be on your toes. Eventually, a panhard will come in to the center
and you'll have to zoom in and take out the gunner up top. A little while
later, an M1 tank will role in from the east. When it does, stay behind cover
and don't pop out or it will send a rocket up your ass. Just stay behind the
wall and wait for HQ to suply you with an Apache attack helicopter. As soon
as you have command of it, order it to take out the tank and the surrounding
rebel troops. Start with the rebels that are closer to the embassy and work
you way back.

Objective 4: Extract with VIP 2
After the Apache clears the plaza, head over to the extract point to the south.
Your job here is done, good work.

[Strong Point]----------------------------------------------------------5.04--+

|         Objectives           |
|                              |
| 1. Move to Rally Point       |
| 2. Destroy Anti-Tank Bunkers |
| 3. Lase Power Generator      |
| 4. Neutralize Rebel Camp     |
| 5. Reach Extraction Point    |
|                              |

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Objective 1: Move to Rally Point
Your overall goal in this mission is to neutralize a rebel outpost to give US
forces and easier path to the inside of Mexico City. When you get off the
Blackhawk, head west to the objective marker. The area is clear of any rebel
troops so just head on over and pick your team. You want to include Alicia
Diaz, the marksmen, in slot 3. Yeah, I was suprised to find a female in this
game too. I really don't think that a girl could be a member of a special
forces organization like Ghost (although it is ficitional) in real life. But
that discussion is for another day. Just pick her, you need a sniper. For
your own weapon, try grabbing a SCAR L CQC. It is silenced and deadly.

Objective 2: Destroy Anti-Air Bunkers
Your new objective is to take out two bunkers: one to the southwest and one
to the southeast. Check your intel map to get a better visual on where it is
that they are at. You want to head over to the southwestern one first. Move
on the far right and up a small incline. When you get close to the bunker
look up to the west and find a marksmen on the tower. Order your team to take
the marksmen out and focus on any enemies that come from the ground. When the
sniper is dead, position your team on the left side near a house. You take the
right and peek around the corner. There should be one guy around a mounted
M60 and about three more guys that are to the left of it, close to the actual
bunker. Once the area is secure, run up to the bunker and slap on some C4. Nice
X-Mas present! Move away from the bunker as you don't want to be blown to

Now you want to start moving east to the next bunker. Go up a small hill to the
southeast and turn left (east). There are no hostiles in the small town, so
just run past the houses and buildings. You'll finally get to a concrete wall
that overlooks the entire bunker. First, take zoom in on the sniper and take
him out with a silent burst of the SCAR-L CQC. The other enemies won't even
know you're there yet. Next, take a minute to scout the area and locate all the
hostiles near the bunker. There should be about 4 of them. With your silent
weapon, you can basically pick them off one by one without attracting any
attention. Once the area is clear, order your team to move to the bunker and
follow them around the left and down a hill to the area. Order your team to
hold back and put on the C4.

Objective 3: Lase Power Generator
When the second bunker explodes, a rebel supply truck comes in from the north-
west and unloads some guys. If you have a grenadier try to get the truck before
the troops come out. If not, just pick of the troops as they come out of the
truck. Your new objective is to take out a generator. But before doing so, you
need to meet up at the rally point to the west. Check your intel map, order
your team to head to the objective marker, and follow them. For this next part
of the mission, I would take a rifleman, a grenadier, and a gunner. You are
basically forced to pick between two sniper rifles. Make your choice between
the M95 sniper and the AS50 Sniper.

Once you are done at the rally point, head to the targeting position to the
southeast of your position. Before getting there, order your team to hide
behind a wall and put them on Recon Mode (LB). This way, they won't give away
your position as you snipe. When you get to the spot, crouch and wait a little
bit. An enemy APC will come rolling up the hill to your direct left. When you
get control of an Apache order it to take out the APC quickly. The gunner on
the APC could damage the Apache so if you need to, peek around the corner and
take him out. The Apache will eventaully handle the tank. Next, look to the
southwest and locate the huge power generator in the distance. Order your
Apache to blow it up to cut off power to the rebel camp in the south. When the
generator is gone, stay covered and order the Apache to take out troops and
supply trucks surrounding the generator.

Objective 4: Neutralize the Rebel Camp
Once the whole area is clear of threats, move down the hill and towards the
camp to the far south. Run past the flaming generator and down another hill to
the west. When you finally get into the camp, you'll get your own M1 tank to
use at your disposal. Now you have an Apache, an M1 Bradley tank, and your
Ghost squad which together create a little army of chaos. Find a bunker to the
southwest of the entrance and stay behind it! Two enemy APCs will come out to
play. Order your tank to take one out and your Apache to take out the other.
Don't even move from behind the bunker until the two APCs are gone. When they
are move to the othr bunker right a cross the open space to the souteast. Some
troops will come out of the camp. Stay behind cover and try to pick off some of
the troops that are inside a bunker in the distance. Look for them behind some
M60 machine guns. Now is the best time to bring up your intel map and order
your tank and chopper to clear the way. Assist them only when necessary or when
they can't get a shot off. When it seems to be quiet, head to the entrance.
When you get there, stop and look east and find an enemy soldier in a guard
post. Take him out with one sniper shoot. Before moving in to the camp, order
your M1 tank to advance and stop a few feet inside the entrance. There may be
troops around and ite better if the tank takes the damage, not you.

When you get inside the camp, make a left to take out the artillery piece in
the east first. You might find a couple of guys on your way there. Stick to the
left side and there should two guys behind M60 machine guns protecting your
target. Peek around the corner and take the one on the right out. Then move up
and peek around the corner of another wall to take out gunner number 2. When
the coast is clear, run up to the artillery gun and strap some C4 on. Now move
to the artillery gun in the middle (southwest) and take out a couple of guys
guarding it. Strap some C4 and then head on over to the last artillery gun in
the northern side of the camp. What's great about this next area is that you
will be able to see the last rebels in the camp through some white tents. If
you stayed with your sniper rifle, you can shoot through these tents and kill
them easily. Watch for one or two more tangos behind M60 machine guns and then
plant the C4 on the last artillery gun.

Objective 5: Reach Extraction Point
With the destruction of the three artillery guns, you are now clear to move to
extraction. The extraction point is just outside the entrance to the rebel camp
(or the former rebel camp). Now cowboy up for the next mission; you're going to
be going in solo.

[Mayday! Mayday!]-------------------------------------------------------5.05--+

|         Objectives           |
|                              |
| 1. Secure Insertion Zone     |
| 2. Destroy Mobile AAA Units  |
| 3. Destroy Artillery Pieces  |
| 4. Reach Extraction Point    |
|                              |

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Objective 1: Secure Insertion Zone
At the start of this mission you'll find yourself on a chopper and hovering
a huge castle. You'll have to take out enemies with the mini-gun. I recommend
using your night vision goggles to better find the targets. Just keep mowing
tangos until you hear the pilot say something about RPG fire. Look for a tower
and take out the two anti-tank enemies. When you are almost done, one of the
other choppers will go down and you will begin the mission. This mission is
completely a solo mission, so get ready for some tough firefights.

Objective 2: Destroy Mobile AAA Units
Right after you get to the ground a truck appears with some enemies. About 4 or
5 of them will be coming to your location. If you have a sniper rifle you can
spot yourself by the big tree in the middle and pick them off as they come to
you. After you get done with the initial attack move farther down and find some
more tangos hiding behind some stone walls. Take them out and watch for a tango
at right in front of you and up in a tower. When you reach some stairs, go up
and find cover on the first wall to your right. A few enemies will come running
down the aisle and they are easy pickings if you cover and peek around the
corner. There will also be a couple up top so leave them for last and take them

Continue to move through the path until you reach a camp. Try to find cover at
the entrance and look for a guard tower. There are a couple of guys in there
who need to be taken out immediately. There should be a few guys to the right
side of the camp. Find cover in the green crates to the right and carve them
up. Follow on the right until you reach your target, which is the AAA gun and
strap the C4 on it.

After the explosion you'll need to go to a scrambled area that is outlined in
yellow. Go around to the left of the destroyed AAA gun and go around the tower.
Follow the road and try to catch two enemies on the floor and one in a tower
without being spotted. You should head over to the M60 mounted machine gun to
your right. It's marked with a green aura around it. As soon as you get on it,
an enemy half track will show up and several other tangos along with it. Take
them out as soon as possible. When the area is finally clear, get off the gun
and head down the road to the south. At the end of the road, climb over a low
gate and then get your new targets.

First, let's head over to the target on the right side. Check the tactical map
(SELECT) to get a better idea where it is at. You need to turn on your Night
Vision here because the screen will get blurry if you do not. Move to the right
and you'll find an AAA Gun, the scrambler (which is interfering with your HUD)
and some enemies. Using, you NVG, take them out, blow out the scrambler, and
strap on the C4.

After the bang, begin to move to your next target. This might be the toughest
part of this mission. I suggest heading back to the center tents where you will
find a lot of enemies. There is a guard tower in the far distance and you
should clear out that whole area before planting the C4 on the last AAA gun.
Once you destroy the last AAA gun, you will get your new objective.

Objective 3: Destroy Artillery Pieces
Start moving up the winding path and towards your new objective. When you reach
the top of the path you'll face a couple of guys. Stay crouched and find cover
as you continue to move up the hill and to the right. Once you reach the check-
point, then you'll get another briefing. You will find yourself in a large
opening with a lot of hostiles. Hide behind the wall and peek around the corner
to mow them down. When the area is clear, head over to the artillery guns and
C4 them.

Objective 4: Rach Extraction Point
After the fireworks, you're new objective is to get the hell out of here! Check
out your intel map to see exactly where it is you have to go to. A chopper with
a spotlight will come by to ruin your day. Watch out for him and head to the
right side of the castle. Follow the winding path down until you reach the
extraction zone.

[Ready for Bear]--------------------------------------------------------5.06--+

|         Objectives            |
|                               |
| 1. Locate Tank Trainers       |
| 2. Lead Trainers to the Tanks |
| 3. Lead Tanks to Reload Point |
| 4. Reach Assembly Area        |
| 5. Reach Extraction Point     |
|                               |

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Objective 1: Locate Tank Trainers
After recieving all the intel, use your drone to scout ahead to the west. You
will need to cross an open plane and it helps to know enemy locations. I
recommend hugging the right most wall and taking out enemies there first.
The best way to go about this tough section is to throw some smoke and then go
around the rebels and to their side for easy kills. They are hiding behind
sandbags and a direct assualt will likely lead in failure. Once you get through
this tough area look for a low wall where you and your team can find cover.
They will be directly in front of some barracks. Once you clear the immediate
area of threats, move left to get deeper inside the enemy camp barracks. Keep
moving left and you'll come into another open area, continue to the next area
and there will be about three guys here. Watch out for one guy on a balcony.
Finally, go around the left side of the building and head for the yellow
indicator. There should be an armored vehicle here with a gunner on top. He
could either be here or patrolling the area. Just be careful. Take out the
gunner on top and the vehicle will retreat. Before going into the wired off
entrance you want to find cover behind the stone wall and peek around the
corner. There are three guys in the area. Once they are dealt with you want to
move to the back of the building where the tnak trainers are being held. Be
careful when passing through windows because they might pop out and shoot you
from there. There are two guys inside the building with your tank trainers.
Do not throw grenades or they will be killed too. Instead, try picking them
off in the window, or use smoke to go in and take them out.

Objective 2: Lead Trainers to the Tanks
Once you have the trainers secure there may be some enemies outside but your
team will most likely handle them. Your objective now is to lead your team and
the trainers to the warehouse (marked with the yellow indicator). The three guys
will follow you so keep them safe by having your team do most of the heavy work.
Come outside th building and go around back to where you came from. Follow the
road right outside the fenced area to the left (past where you saw the armored
vehicle). Move foward into a little path that heads downward and position your-
self so that you are covered. Try to put your team in front of you and just call
out enemy positions for them to attack. If one of them goes down go over and
heal them and if they need a little help with the rebels just pop up and take
aim. Once the area is clear, head to the back o the warehouse to find a way in.
There may be a couple of guys inside so be careful and let your team go in
first. When you get the trainers to the tanks, you're new objective will begin.

Objective 3: Lead Tanks to Reload Point
The tanks first need some ammo, so it's your job to get the tanks to a place
where they can reload first. Go outside of the warehouse with your team,
leaving the trainers and the tanks behind. when you get outside the garages
will open and they will start moving to their location automatically. Remember
to stay in front of them. When you get to a clearing, you will find three enemy
troops and a supply truck will roll in. Take out the supply truck as quickly
as possible to avoid there being more enemy rebels. You might have to get some
rebels that are jumping off the back of the truck. When the area is clear,
feel free to use the ammo box next to the mounted machine gun to reload on
some ammo. Ammo boxes are great because they reload your weapon and heal you
up a little bit.

Now you have to proceed into the tunnel. Try and find a little crevace either
to the right or left side of the tunnel to get cover. You should see a couple
of tangos in the center of the tunnel and then find an armored vehicle
advancing. Stay covered and order your team to take them out. Once out of the
tunnels, the tanks you are escorting will start to haul ass. Make sure your
team is on your position and try to keep pace with the tanks until you get to
a staging area. Once you get there, you have to head over to the supply truck
and pick out a new team and new weapons. As usual, pick a balanced team and
the gun that you feel most comfortable with. There will be an enemy attack on
the staging area as soon as you pick your stuff.

When you are finished picking your team and weapons you need to hold your
position and watch for an enemy attack. Find to M60 mounted machine guns and
position your team behind some sandbags behind one of them. You should mount
the other one. There be a LOT of tangos closing into your position but if you
listened to me and put your team behind some saddle bags and placed yourself
behind an M60, then you have nothing to worry about. Near the end of the
assualt, an enemy tank will show up. Try to take out the gunner and order your
team to take it out. If it comes down to it, you will get control of your tanks
and you can take out the enemy tank with some M1 Tank fire. At the end of the
attack, you will have the tanks at your command and be given a new objective.

Objective 4: Reach Assembly Area
Now you need to move to the assembly area, so start moving Northwest. A few
enemies might still be in the area to the west so be careful. Move up with your
team to the nest area with tents and you will see two enemy tanks. What you
need to do is hide behind cover and order your tanks to fire at the enemy
tanks. Just stay hidden and let them do the talking. What you need to worry
about are the ground troops. Once those tanks are eliminated more rebels will
appear from the
northwest. Take them out and advance to the next clearing where there will be
yet another tank. Again, order your tanks to attack it and move up towards the
assembly area.

When you get to the area, you will get a call from HQ telling you about two
attack helicopters converging on your location. Move to the left and find three
enemy troops near an M60 machine gun on a balcony. Take them out, position your
team behind cover, and mount the M60. As soon as you see the chopper (they come
one at a time) open fire, and order your team to attack. When they are both
down, you need to extract.

Objective 5: Reach the Extraction Point
Before heading to the extract, move over to another balcony with a few more
enemy troops and take them out. Then head over for extract where an APC stryker
will move in to transport you to your new mission.


|         Objectives                     |
|                                        |
| 1. Reach Salvatore's Position          |
| 2. Reach Construction Site             |
| 3. Find the U.S. President             |
| 4. Extract with President Ballantine   |
| 5. Move to Rally Point                 |
| 6. Recover the Football                |
| 7. Reach Extraction Point              |
|                                        |

Difficutly: Medium

Objective 1: Reach Salvatore's Position
You know have to move up to Captain Salvatore's position to help him out. But
before you can do that, you'll have to find some cover and open fire on some
enemies. Immediatley when you begin the mission you will be fired upon by
enemies directly in front of you. Find cover and order your team to take out the
armored vehicle.  Keep in mind that you do have a Bradley tank at your disposal.
When the coast is clear, move up and to the left and run up the village. Try to
let the Bradley go first and stay in cover behind it (have your team there with
you). You'll eventually come up to an area with another armored vehicle and
some more tangos. Just point out there positions to the Bradley and you'll be
fine. Keep moving up and taking out enemies until you do reach Salvatore's
position- a bit too late.

Objective 2: Reach Construction Site
Your new objective is to move to a location where you believe that VIP 1,
President Ballantine, could be at. Again, have your Bradley advance and try to
stick to cover behind it. You'll come up to a road block with several tangos
and an armored vehicle but just do the same as always and order your Bradley
to take them down. When you get close to the construction site, your Bradley
will tell you that it can't advance. You'll have to go by yourself.

Objective 3: Find the U.S. President
Now you get more intel to tell you that the president is inside a large
building near the contruction site. Before moving, look west and take out a
sniper on a large catwalk on the distance. If you have a scoped weapon, take
him out. If you don't, order your team to take him down and advance down into
the next area. There will be a few hostiles in this area so move carefully and
go left around the large building. When you get around to the other side, watch
for tangos up on the building. You'll eventually come to the entrance that
leads downwards on the back of the building. As you down into the next area,
you will hear someone talking and you will get an intel report. On the second
path down, use cover behind the wall to peek around the corner. The president
is in a chair talking with two rebel troops. Just peek around the corner and
take the shot. Keep in mind that as soon as you take down the two guys, the
president will hide behind a wall and more tangos will appear behind you
shortly. Your new mission is to extract with the president.

Objective 4: Extract with President Ballantine
As soon as the area is clear where you are at, you need to move back up to
where you came in from. There will be a couple of tangos near the entrance,
one marksman across on some catwalk and about 4 more to the right side of the
entrance. When you are moving to the extract point you will see two enemy
choppers pass you by, Don't shoot at them, you'll get to take them out later.
When you reach extract you will get into the APC stryker and move some until
you get off again with a new objective.

Objective 5: Move to Rally Point
When you get to your new location you will be under a tunnel. There are no
rebel troops in the immediate area so just move to the rally point and pick
your new team/weapons.

Objective 6: Recover the Football
If you ever watch the show 24, then you know what we're talking about here. The
football contains the codes that can deploy American nuclear weapons! Right
after you pick your team, more rebels will come in directly in fron of you.
Find cover an take them out. Next run straight and move through cover until
you get to an industrial area. Take out all the enemies to the west and
continue foward. When the intial area is clear of rebels move done farther and
about halfway, more of them should pop out. Take them out and head over to
where the football is located- a minute too late!

Objective 7: Reach Extraction Point
Once the football is gone, you are ordered to pursue. Move to the rally point
and get on your own Blackhawk. You new mission is to go after the chopper, but
enemy troops on the ground are firing on you. As soon as you get up off the
ground you will see two choppers. Begin firing immediately, but your pilot
mpoves away from them and you then have to fire on some ground troops. Look to
take out the armored vehicles first and then take out the tangos. The pilot
whips you back around so that you have a better shot at the choppers. Remember
that your gun overheats so you want to fire in bursts. Eventually, the two
choppers will go down in flames and you will have beat the mission.

[Guardrail IX]----------------------------------------------------------5.08--+

|         Objectives                 |
|                                    |
| 1. Move to Abandoned Train Station |
| 2. Reach Drop Point                |
| 3. Disable Guardrail               |
| 4. Reach Extraction Point          |
|                                    |

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Objective 1: Move to Abandoned Train Station
This mission starts as your Blackhawk sets you down, again with no teammates.
You want to start by heading southeast and under a bridge up top. Go to the
left and find some buildings. Peek around the corner (hopefully still with your
MR-C LW) and start taking out guys. There are about 5 rebels in this area. Now
move all the way left and move east. Follow the streets but watch for the
openings on the right. There will be three guys in one of them. Keep moving
down the leftmost street and you should get to a checkpoint and see a large
open area with a truck. Move up to the backside of the truck and peek around
the corner at the open area. There are three tangos there and they should be
easy pickings from this spot. When they are taken care of move to the wall
right in front of thr truck and use the cover. Peek around the corner and look
up to find a marksmen above a building. If you have a scope, this should be
enough. If you have a grenade launcher you want to get a little closer, using
cover, and take him out with a bang. Anyway, once he is down you can move into
the open area and use the ammo box to replenish health and reload.

Now you want to move past this area and to the left. Find a greenish bus in
the distance. Run towards it but make a quick right when you see an alley.
There should be three more rebels patrolling this area. Next you want to move
through the tight corners until you reach another open area with train station
across from it. Hide behind cover and fire down to the three or four guys at
the entrance to the train station. Look to the left and right entrances and
when the path is clear move up into the train station. Don't worry the huge
lobby is should be clear if you did your job out front.

Objective 2: Reach the Drop Point
When you get inside the train station you will get a call from HQ telling you
that you need blow up Guardrail IX. Now you need to move west through the train
station. Move into the next big area through a door on the right side of the
lobby. There will be two tangos on the far side of the wall and two up in some
windows. Use the train at the near the entrance to this are for cover and peek
around the corner. There will be a lot of rebel troops in the next area and how
you approach them is really up to you. I do not suggest going up to the
catwalks because the troops on the ground will eat you alive. Just move from
cover to cover on the ground remember to look up to find more enemies in the
windows. Move west through all the containers until you are forced to go up
some stairs and up through the door to the next area that contains the kit
container. The area is clear of enemies so just hit up the container and pick
a weapon. I suggest you use the sniper rifle as it definatley comes in handy
for the rest of this mission.

Objective 3: Disable Guardrail
Your new objective is to find and disable Guardrail IX. You want to start by
heading to the little exit to your west and looking for a water tower way off
in the distance with a sniper on it. Take him out and the move foward to a
small hill with some trees the provide shade. Look west and spot a few enemies
walking cautiously. In a shor while an armored vehicle will come out. Aim at
the gunner, take him out and the vehicle will retreat. Then, take care of the
three tangos. When you are clear to move up, go to the next little hill for a
closer look and pick off about three more guys that are south-southwest of your
location. Remember that the sniper rifle can shoot through a lot of stuff like
those wood bundles that enemies hide behind. When the area is clear move to the
wall on the east and peek around to find four guys in this warehouse. If you
are running out of ammo then it would be wise to pick up any of the enemies
weapons. Move all the way through the warehouse to reach the turntable.

When you reach this area, head up the catwalk inside. When you see an opening
to your right just crouch/prone and take out a bunch of guys on the floor. If
you still have the sniper then this will be easy. If you don't try going single
shot and use your scope to get a better view. When they are eliminated move
down the catwalk and cross the open area to the east. Follow the path to an
ammo box to reload but now is about the time I would consider exchanging for
an enemy 36k Carbine. The sniper can't do you much good anymore. Go up through
another catwalk and come down to the railroad with about four guys guarding
it. Due to the jamming, you won't be able to get the on your HUD. Move all the
South and then cross over to finally see where Guardrail IX is. There are 6
tangos that will be guarding it viciously. The best way to do this is to find
cover with a brown metal crate and take out the two on the top first. Next,
take out the two in the window. And lastly, take out the two that are at base
of Guardrail IX. When they are all cleared out, move around the tower and look
for some stairs heading downwards. Move through the path, up the tower, and
plant the c4. Once the c4 is on, get the hell out of here! Run back down and
around to the little ditch and go prone. Watch the fireworks and hold your
position until told that you can extract.

Objective 4: Reach Extraction Point
When HQ tells you to go to extract, find cover and look for tangos across the
road. The best way to do this is to throw some smoke and use it as cover.
Turn your Night Vision on and spank them. You'll Before moving to extract make
that there are no more threats in the area. When the Blackhawk drop in, climb
aboard and go on to the next mission.


|         Objectives                 |
|                                    |
| 1. Clear Convoy Route              |
| 2. Return to Blackhawk             |
| 3. Move to Rally Point             |
| 4. Secure General Martin           |
| 5. Reach Extraction Point          |
|                                    |

Difficulty: Hard

Objective 1: Clear the Convoy Route
There is a new report that says that General Ontiveros is with his son, Carlos
Ontiveros in the palace in this area. Your first job is to clear a convoy route
so that tanks can push their way into Mexico City. After the Blackhawk drops
you off move down to the backside of the rooftop. You will find two tangos here
so be careful. After they are down peek over the roof to find your first road
block. You need to clear this out so either use some grenades, some smoke, or
just lay fire on all the targets. You should know what to do at this point in
the game. After the tanks are clear to move on, go south along the rooftops
and then turn left (east) and up another level to an even higher rooftop. At
this point you will be advised that there are snipers in the zone. This is
going to be a little tough. See the small building to your right? You need to
run and hide behind it so that the sniper across the roof can't catch you. If
you have a sniper rifle or a gun with a 4x scope than you can instead just
take them out. Watch out for another sniper to the east and then head down to
the next area with about 4 rebels in it. After they are out continue to the
next rooftop and another four rebel troops will converge on your position. One
of them threw a grenade at me so watch out. After they are done move to the
next area to reach a checkpoint. There is a sniper to the east and a couple
more tangos in the area. Take them out and then proceed to where the rooftop
going east ends. You can look down and see and anti-tank gunner that you need
to take out in order for the tanks to cross.

There is only one more roadblock left. Head south along the rooftops and the
turn left (east). Move all the way to the end and engage two rebels here. Move
around to the right side of the next building to find a marksmen and another
enemy gunner. Then move left again and look for another marksmen on a rooftop
across the street. Take him out and continue to shimmy your way left and right
through the rooftop taken out any threats. You'll eventually come to the last
rooftop. Look down and take out the last anti-tank gunner and the other buddies
he has with him.

Objective 2: Return to Blackhawk
Shortly after you deal with the last roadblock, the Blackhawk will pick you up
for a little ride. The ride starts with you going over to a skyscraper where
you will see many friendly Mexicans just happy to see you. Blast them with the
mini-gun to show your gratitude. Next, you're little chopper goes down into the
street for a little up close and personal action. Then you will go say Hello to
some tanks that are just skipping through the city. You'll even see an enemy
halo and get to wave. Before leaving, you will see some more enthusiastic
locals ready to take some lead up the ass from you. Focus on the dudes with the
big RPGs first. Those things can be nasty. Thanks for traveling with GRAW
Airlines, we hope to see you next time.

Objective 3: Move to Rally Point
The Blackhawk eventually sets you down near a US convoy. Head east and make it
to the rally point. You get to select your team and your weapon. You also get
access to a new teammate, John Hume, who carries a ZEUS MPAR. He is the team's
anti-tank gunner and will come in handy for the rest of this mission.

Objective 4: Secure General Martin
Soon after you pick your squad, General Martin's chopper goes down and the plan
that you were executing before hits the back burner as you are prompted to get
to the crash site and help out General Martin. You're now going to have to move
left and go south through the streets to get to Martin. Move through the
streets and you will encounter about four or five enemies. Use cover and peek
and then take them out. When a panhard roles around the corner, order your
team to take it out and see the ZEUS in action! Move farther up the road and
turn right to see another armored vehicle. Let teh Zeus rip again and the cross
over to the other street and move up. Watch out for a sniper on the roof and
continue to move west through the streets. You eventually come to a big open
space with a lot of rebel movement and a huge archway up above. Look for a
sniper to the far left and order your team to take out the troops in the
streets while you get the sniper (or vice versa). After the courtyard is secure
move to the next area and to the right. Here you will see the downed chopper.
Before you do anything you should position your team on the east side of the
chopper behind a newsstand. When you find Martin, enemies will begin pouring
in from the west.

Find Martin behind the crashed chopper and then stand next to him as enemies
come in from the west. Take them out whenever you have a clear shot but don't
leave the general alone. Half way through the gunfight General Martin will move
up some because the chopper is going to blow up. Follow him and stay close to
him. It's also wise to position your team closer to you now. Keep taking down
rebels until you are clear to extract.

Objective 5: Reach Extraction
Lead your team and Martin to the APC strykers to the south and complete the
mission. There should be no more tangos so relax and enjoy the cutscenes that
will lead to your new mission.

[Fierce Resistance]-----------------------------------------------------5.10--+

|         Objectives                 |
|                                    |
| 1. Reach Jammed Area               |
| 2. Neutralize Jamming System       |
| 3. Secure the Zone                 |
| 4. Protect General Martin          |
| 5. Move to Rally Point             |
| 6. Reach the Palacio Nationale     |
| 7. Arrest General Ontiveros        |
| 8. Move to Rally Point             |
|                                    |

Difficulty: Very Hard

Objective 1: Reach Jammed Area
You are finally near the castle as the US military plans to stage their final
assault on General Ontiveros. Begin by heading north and then east to get to
the Zocalo Plaza. When you get there you will get a new objective marker to
the west.

Objective 2: Neutralize the Jamming System
This is the scrambling device that you need to destroy. Begin by heading west
and you will come across an open area with about three or four tangos on the
ground and two up in the building. Take them out quick and use the cover behind
the pillars to peek around and get an easy shot. Keep moving west and then turn
south when your HUD starts to malfunction. This part can be pretty tough. Try
using your Night Vision and spot out enemies around the corner. There should
be about 5 rebel troops around the first one. Once that one is gone, you want
to start heading north to the next scrambling device.

Move north and into an open area with two snipers on the roof. Order your team
to take them out or handle them yourself and continue to move foward to the
next jammer. Head north and then cut west through a narrow alley. Order your
team to hide behind cover and pick out the few enemies by the second jammer.
After you destroy the second scrambler, HQ tells you to head to a shooting
position to help out a Blackhawk.

Objective 3: Secure the Zone
The shooting position isn't too far away. Head south and when you get to the
open area look to the right to find a few rebel troops. When the coast is clear
head into the building and up the stairs. Don't go up all the way, just to the
last step and order your team to stay in the stairs. You'll get command of a
Blackhawk now, so switch to it on your cross cam and just point out all the
targets. Remember to move around 360 degrees to get all the enemies. The two
main targets are the enemy choppers but you should leave them for last as they
are actually grounded and cannot shoot at you. When you are done with this
objective, you will have to move to the Majestic Hotel to the east.

Objective 4: Protect General Martin
The path to the Majestic Hotel is clear of any threats so just head on over.
When you get inside, go up the stairs on the right and out to a balcony. You'll
now be observing a ploy by General Martin to try and get Ontiveros out of the
Palace. As he orders the general to surrender, Martin and his men come under
fire. Your job is to take out two snipers. One on top of the palace itself to
the east. One is more to the northeast on a bell tower. Take them out first and
then target all the rebel troops in front of the palace. There are also three
tanks down in the plaza that can be taken out easily if you still have John
Hume on your team.

Objective 5: Move to Rally Point
Once the area is clear and the danger subsides, you will be given a new rally
point just outside the entrance to the hotel. Double back in the hotel and
retrace your steps down the stairs and to the supply truck. The next part of
the mission requires some tight spaced shooting and is really different from
the rest of the game. You should go with two rifleman and a gunner or two
gunners and a rifleman. For your own weapon I suggest the MR-C or the MK 48.

Objective 6: Reach the Palacio Nationale
Your new objective is to reach the palace from the eastern side, and you are
given and M1 tank as support. Move around to where your tank is positioned
and have it advance into the plaza to take out enemy tanks to the east if you
haven't already done so with John Hume. Ordr your tank to advance and stay
behind it all the way through (with your team on Regroup). The tank will first
turn right (south) and then make a left (east) towards the palace. When it
turns east, you should stop the tank and engage enemies directly in front of it
to the east. There will be a lot of enemies in this spot. If you can't get a
good shot from this spot, order your tank to move up even more and follow it.
Once it is to the left of the enemies, go up to the Palace wall and peek around
the corner to take out the plethora of enemy troops. When the area is clear,
move to the objective marker by be careful, a bunch of enemy troops will pour
out of the main entrance. What you need to do here is lay prone and just watch
the door. As the rebels come out, just pop them in the head. Pretty easy work.

Objective 7: Arrest Ontiveros
This next part is extremely hard. You're going to rush into a square inside the
palace and at first it will seem quiet. But soon, tangos on the 2nd and 3rd
floors will come flying in to take you out. You need to go first to the right
side and find position your team behind a green crate. Expect some of them to
go down and order your team to heal. You want to be behind a pillar in this
area. Target the enemies above and take them out one by one. Use cover and try
to kill them as quick as possible. Once it has quieted down and you don't see
any more targets start moving to the left side of the square, using the each
pillar as cover. When you get to the other side repeat what you did and order
your team to hide behind the green crate. Once this side is clear, start moving
left towards the yellow indicator until Martin tells you to hold your fire on
General Ontiveros.

Objective 8: Move to Rally Point
After the firefight you will probably need some ammo and health. General
Ontiveros is in custody, but his son, Carlos, is still in possesion of the
nuclear football. For now, head back outside the castle and meet up with a
supply truck outside and pick your team and weapon. After picking your squad
you need to head to the APC stryker to extract. It should be right near the
supply truck.

[NORAD on the Line]-----------------------------------------------------5.11--+

|         Objectives               |
|                                  |
| 1. Clear the Zone                |
| 2. Return to APC                 |
| 3. Reach Angel Plaza             |
| 4. Neutralize Carlos Ontiveros   |
| 5. Reach Extraction Point        |
|                                  |

Difficulty: Medium

Objective 1: Clear the Zone
You'll immediately be under fire as you get off your APC. Find a building right
in front of you and order your team to hide behind it. Get to the corner and
engage the enemies from the front. After a while, it's best to head to the left
side of this same building and start firing from this side. You'll get a better
view of the gunfight. After the initial threat is gone move to the west and
come into view of three mounted machine guns. If you come from the west, they
won't be able to use their M60s on you. Take them out if you have a scoped
weapon before they hide behind sandbags. In a short while, an enemy supply
truck will role in. Order John Hume (who is required for this mission) to fire
on it. After the area is clear find an ammo box and use it and then follow your
next objective.

Objective 2: Return to APC
Your new objective is to return to the APC so head north and start running back
to it. When you get there, Carlos Ontiveros will blow it up in his chopper. The
good thing is that you know that he went to Angel Plaza to set down the bird.

Objective 3: Reach Angel PLaza
You now have to make it to Angel Plaza on foot. Take a moment to check your
intel map to get a feeling of where you have to go. It's a long walk. Begin by
moving southwest and continue past the three M60s until you reach a checkpoint.
When you get close to the red area on the intel map, head west and around to
the side of a building. You'll immediately see one rebel right in front of you,
one sniping up top on a building, and two more near some stairs in the
distance. Take them out one by one behind the building and then head to green
bus to pick up more targets to the left. Watch for another sniper on the same
rooftop. Once he is down, continue to move southwest to encounter a rebel Mi-17
transport chopper. Order your team to take it out and aim at the gunner on the
side door. After the chopper goes down, move southwest and watch for enemies
to the south (left) when you are nearing the Angel Plaza. Watch for a sniper
near a billboard sign to the south. Move into the Angel Plaza and then get your
new objectve.

Objective 4: Neutralize Carlos Ontiveros
Once you get in the plaza, Ontiveros will contact you and basically tell you to
come and get him. HAHAHAHA! Move into the street and find cover behind an over-
turned bus. Peek around the corner to find a bunch of Carlos' men and take them
out one by one. They are all near the center monument. When they are down, move
up to the middle monument and Carlos will contact you. This is his last stand!
Find cover behind a low wall in the monument and find try to locate all the
enemy troops before firing. There are some up on the different levels in the
embassy and some will come around the corners to the right and left. When you
hear a rocket blast, Carlos will appear on the last level in the embassy. Zoom
in and take him out.

Carlos' death has given the US control of the footbal once again. HQ
immediately sends a Blackhawk for your immediate removal of the danger zone.
Be careful, before moving to the extract zone, clear all the rest of the
rebels. When the guns go cold, run to extract. Watch the last cutscenes and
the credits will role! You are free to go home at last! Congratulations for
beating GRAW!

[   Online Guide   ]----------------------------------------------------6.00--+
G.R.A.W is the game on the Xbox 360 that you want to play on Xbox Live. Though
it is missing some important features like clan lists and servers, it still
proves to be a loud of fun! This guide to the online mode will walk you through
the process of getting online, getting around more easily, and having a winning
edge on your opponents. I'll go over each play mode and each map. I'll go over
some important tactics in each map and what you should be communicating to your
team. Keep in mind that this guide is geared more towards the competitive
player -because I am one- than the non-competitive player. Chances are that
you are reading this guide because you ARE a competitive player and you are
looking to get that little advice on what to do. So let's begin and kick some

[Introduction to Online Guide]------------------------------------------6.01--+
In this area I will go over some basics you should know BEFORE you go rushing
to your death.

General Stuff
The maximum number of players in a room at one time is sixteen. The game lobby
is where you can chat before going into a match. Here you will see all the
options on the game to the left of the screen and all the players on the right
side. Depending on the game mode (See Section 6.04) you will either have two
teams (red vs. blue) or one team in co-op games (all players light blue/green).
If player names are in green that means they are in spectator mode.

You can play unranked, player matches that do not count towards your rating, or
you can play ranked games. When friends of yours are in an unranked room you
can join it by finding them and Joining the Game in Progress. If they are in
ranked rooms you will have to ask them how to get into their room because Xbox
Live does not allow you to join their game easily.

There are 25 ranks in the online mode. You need to play as much ranked games as
possible if you want to advance in rank. If you defeat opponents with higher
levels, your level will go up much quicker. Your rank can also drop if you keep
losing or dying too much. Generally speaking, your rank has almost nothing to
do with your skill level. Some players only play unranked matches and are
masters at the game. The point is- never underestimate a lower ranked player!

There are MANY different game modes to play online and I go over each of them
briefly in Section 6.04. But the most frequently played and the most important
of these is Team Elimination. In this kind of game, your sole objective is to
kill oponents on the other team. Don't kill your own people! A good way to know
is that enemies will not be highlighted by any color (unless you are playing
with drones) and your teammates will all have the same color aura surrounding

[Customizing Your Character]--------------------------------------------6.02--+
Before you even play a game you will be asked to customize your character. There
are two general things that you can cuztomize. The first thing is basically
useless. You can change the appearance of your character- the head gear and the
face slection. The other thing that you can change is your character class. The
character class that you choose has some serious implications on the way you
should be playing. Keep in mind that you can change these things at any time
with not penalty.

There are two things that you can change in terms of your appearance. You can
change the head gear, and you can change the face selection. I guess the game
tries to make you more "unique" even though there will probably be like a
hundred other dudes that look just like you out there. There really isn't much
to this and it really isn't important so I won't waste my time and yours on

Class Selection
There are 4 classes to choose from. You can change your class before going into
to Xbox Live or even right before a game in the game lobby- by pressing RB.
Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages and its really important to
match your class with your style of play and weapon.

This is the class that most online players stick with most of the time. As a
rifleman you get an added accuracy bonus when standing and moving. You also get
quicker reload times and more ammunition for weapons that rifleman should use.

Prefered Weapons: Scar- L Carbine, Scar CQC, Scar-H, AK-47, A4 Rifle, M468-SD.
                  T-95, 36K Carbine, MR-C, M8 Carbine, MP5SD, SA-80,

This class is without a doubt the most useless and the least used. You get more
accuracy, quicker reload times, and additional ammo for grenade launchers.

Prefered Weapons: M8/M320, SCAR-H/EGLM, SCAR-LCQC/EGLM, MR-C/AGL, A4/M320,
                  M468-SD/M320, SA-80/M320, T-95/M320, ZEUS MPAR.

Automatic Rifleman
As an automatic rifleman you get extra accuracy when your gun is on automatic
firing mode and when you are crouched or prone. You also use light machine guns
more effectively- the accuracy, reload times, and ammo are all better.

Prefered Weapons: M60, T-95 LMG, MG21, MK48 LMG

As a sniper/marksman you will have more accuracy when your gun is on single
fire mode, and when you are in the prone position. MArksman get better reload
times, more ammo, and more accuracy with sniper rifles.

Prefered Weapons: SR-25 Sniper, PSG-1, M107 Sniper, SR AS50, KJY-88 Sniper

[Weapon List]-----------------------------------------------------------6.03--+
Every weapon in the game will be explained and rated here. I give each gun a
rating so that you can easily choose a gun that is right for you. Please keep
in mind that these are MY opinion. I'm sure there will be those out there who
will not agree with me. But I consider myself an experienced player and these
reviews are coming from someone who knows the game well.

There are three types of firing modes- automatic, burst, and semiautomic.
Automatic means that the gun fires continuosly as you hold the RT button.
The burst firing mode fires three round shots which are more accurate but
harder to master than the auto firing mode. Finally, semiautomatic means that
the gun fires one shot for every time you press the RT button. The Mag capacity
is the amount of bullets in a single round of fire. The higher the number the

Every Assualt Rifle, Submachine Gun, and Light Machine Gun be graded on the
following criteria:

Overall----------------------This is the overall effectiveness of the gun
Power------------------------How man shots will it take to bring somone down
Accuracy---------------------The more accurate the easier it is to hit a target
Range------------------------How far the gun's range can shoot with accuracy
Rate of Fire-----------------How many bullets can the gun shoot per second

Keep in mind that these ratings only show some of the things that any gun
should be graded on. That is why the Overall score is not an average of the
other 4 criteria. There are other things that I considered when giving  the
overall score such as Mag capacity, weight, recoil and general "feel" of the

[Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns]------------------------------------6.04--+
These rifles and submachine guns are the main ones that you will be using
online, due to the fact that many hosts will not allow bombs in the room.
Choose wisely!

36K Carbine
Mag Capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 16/20
Power- 3/5
Accuracy- 3/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 4/5

The 36K Carbine is one of the most standard and the ones that enemies in the
single player use the most. It's a solid gun if you know how to use it but you
might want to use a better gun that has either more power, more range, or that
is silenced.

M8 Carbine
Mag Capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 19/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 4/5

The M8 Carbine is one of the best all around guns in the game that offers both
power, accuracy, and range. It comes with a good distance scope, has a great
rate of fire, and minimal recoil.

Mag Capacity: 50
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto, Burst
Zoom: 2x, 4x

Overall- 18/20
Power- 3/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 4/5
Rate of Fire- 4/5

The best thing about this gun is that it has a mag capacity of 50. You don't
need to reload that often with it. It also has a 4x scope for some nice far
away blasting. Unforunetly, it is a little on the weak side but if you aim for
the heads you should be fine.

Mag capacity: 50
fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto, Burst
Zoom: 2x (camera)

Overall- 18/20
Power- 3/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 4/5
Rate of Fire- 4/5

This is the same gun as the original Mr-C except that it has a camera attached
to it and it's a little heavier, slowing you down. Personally, I wouldn't get
used to using it. Again, lots of hosts don't allow cameras. The camera lets you
peek around corners with out sticking your head out.

Mag Capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x, 4x

Overall- 19/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 5/5
Range- 4/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

This is it. The SA-80 (aka IW-80 in Socom) has it all. Without a doubt the most
accurate automatic gun in the game, it also has good power and and 4x scope so
you can get snipes in. It's also got a great rate of fire and it just "feels
good" due to its great recoil control.

Mag capacity: 28
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 18/20
Power- 3/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

The M468-SD is one of the best guns along with the SA-80 and the M8. It has
good power, good accuracy and a good rate of fire. But best of all, it is one
of the two silenced assault rifles, along with the SCAR-L CQC that has good
power. The way to use this gun is to find a great if you have a nice hiding
spot so that you can just pick people off. The only quibble against this is
the 28 mag capacity that makes you have to reload too often.

SCAR-L Carbine
Mag capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 16/20
Power- 3/5
Accuracy- 3/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 3/5

Another standard weapon that really shouldn't be used unless you feel
comfortable with it. I still would rather pick up one of the better guns. It
is a lot slower than guns like the Mr-C or the SA-80, and a lot less powerful
than guns like the Scar-H and the AK.

Mag capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 18/20
Power- 3/5
Accuracy- 3/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 3/5

This is the same gun as the original Scar-L but with a shorter barrel and a
silencer. It is less powerful and a little less accurate but it gets a better
grade because it is silenced and less bulky, allowing you to move faster and
more silently. I really started to get used to this weapon and I just like the
feel. It's close competition with the M-468 SD but it is just your choice.

Mag capacity: 20
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 14/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 3/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 3/5

This is much more powerful than the original Scar-L making it pack a much
heavier punch. But it has a 20 mag capacity which is pretty bad if you get into
a more drawn out firefight. In fact, that is a huge weakness for anyone who
wishes to survive during any gunfight. This gun is not recommended. If you want
more power, go for the AK.

Mag Capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 17/20
Power- 1/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 2/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

This silenced sub-machine gun works great if you know how to use it. It has
very good rate of fire and great accuracy, but you need to go for headshots
with it. Also very light and virtually no recoil. Make sure you practice with
it before you use it.

Mag Capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Semi-auto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 16/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 3/5
Range- 2/5
Rate of Fire- 3/5

The Ak-47 is one of the most well known and most used guns. It really does pack
a punch and has some tremendous power. The flip side to it is that it has a
slow fire rate and poor range. Still a good weapon. Just remember to aim for
the other players' bodies instead of their heads, as it is an easier target and
a definite kill with the AK.

A4 Rifle
Mag capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Burst, Semi-auto
Zoom: 2x

Overall- 13/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 3/5
Rate of Fire- 2/5

If you're good with burst then this is the gun for you. Of course, it takes
more skill and practice to get good at using this type of weapon. You need to
know when to tap on the RT and when to let go. Basically, you need to find the
right rythm. If you do, then this gun will be good to you- providing good
power, accuracy and range.

Mag capacity: 30
Fire Modes: Auto, Sem-iauto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 11/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 2/5
Range- 2/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

This is a really load, but fast gun. It's sort of a mix between a light machine
gun and an automatic rifle. It has terrible accuracy and range but it's fast
and powerful. Try to use it on maps that you know will have a lot of gunfights
in tight knit spots. A map that comes to mind is Boneyard.

[Light Machine Guns]----------------------------------------------------6.05--+

All LMGs generally have a higher rate of fire and more ammo capacity. But they
are also more innaccurate and have more recoil. Personally, I stay away from
these guns and stick with the assault rifles. I just can't take the recoil! But
if you feel comfortable with these then go for it! As a note, most of these
guns are basically the same, so I don't give my anaylsis on them. I just rate

NOTE: I got these descriptions from the Prima Official Guide. All Credit goes
      to them.

Mag capacity: 100
Fire Modes: Auto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 17/20
Power- 5/5
Accuracy- 2/5
Range- 1/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

Description: An updated version of a classic LMG, the M60 is designed for heavy
supression fire, fed from a 100-round belt.

T-95 LMG
Mag capacity: 75
Fire Modes: Auto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 13/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 2/5
Range- 1/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

Description: A variant of the T-95 Rifle, the T-96 Light Machine Gun features
a 75-round drum mag and is a compact and manueverable support weapon.

Mag capacity: 100
Fire Modes: Auto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 14/20
Power- 5/5
Accuracy- 3/5
Range- 1/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

Description: Although a very heavy LMG, the MG21 makes up for its very
controllable automatic fire.

Mag capacity: 100
Fire Modes: Auto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 17/20
Power- 5/5
Accuracy- 2/5
Range- 1/5
Rate of Fire- 5/5

Description: The Mk48 is a newly designed light machine gun, designed to
provide heavy firepower in a light and portable platform.

[Grenade Launchers]-----------------------------------------------------6.06--+
I'm not gonna go over each individual gun because they are basically hybrids of
the aforementioned assault rifles with grenade launchers attached to them.
What you need to know is that the guns lose their scope when you attach a
grenade launcher to it. Thus, the gun is less effective, especially if you are
a player who uses the scope constantly. Here is just a simple list of them:

-MR-C/AGL, A4/M320

Note: The Zeus is not a gun. It is just a rocket launcher.

[Sniper Rifles]---------------------------------------------------------6.07--+
Marksmen! Hey there! It's your time, for showtime! I'm not much of a sniper,
well I don't practice it, but I did try these out so that I could rate them.
It's kind of hard to rate these since all them have excellent range and can
kill you in one shot to the upper body. So, the stats and rating might look the
same but the overall scores are different because of untangible things like the
feel of the weapon and the weight.
NOTE: I got these descriptions from the Prima Official Guide. All Credit goes
      to them.

Mag capacity: 10
Fire Modes: Semi-auto
Zoom: 4x, 8x

Overall- 19/20
Power- 5/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 5/5
Rate of Fire- n/a

Description: Recently officially adopted by the US military, the M107 has long
been in use as the heavy sniper rifle of choice, and features semi-automatic
fire from a 10-round magazine.

SR-25 Sniper
Mag capacity: 100
Fire Modes: Auto
Zoom: n/a

Overall- 18/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 5/5
Rate of Fire- n/a

Description: Built on the standard A2 platform, the SR-25 fires a more potent
round and features a heavy barrel for accurate fire.

Mag capacity: 10
Fire Modes: Semi-auto
Zoom: 4x, 8x

Overall- 18/20
Power- 4/5
Accuracy- 5/5
Range- 5/5
Rate of Fire- n/a

Description: The PSG-1 has been in service as a police and special operations
sniper weapon because of its excellent accuracy.

Mag capacity: 10
Fire Modes: Semi-auto
Zoom: 4x, 8x

Overall- 17/20
Power- 5/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 5/5
Rate of Fire- n/a

Description: Built for special operations counter-sniper and anti-vehicular
fire, the SR AS50 is both powerful and accurate at long ranges.

KJY-88 Sniper
Mag capacity: 10
Fire Modes: Semi-auto
Zoom: 4x, 8x

Overall- 16/20
Power- 5/5
Accuracy- 4/5
Range- 5/5
Rate of Fire- n/a

Description: The sniper variant of the T-95 rifle was designed to replace the
SVD. It fires high velocity 5.8 mm round, and is both lighter and more
accurate than the SVD.

Note: There are only two pistols in the game (M9 and M9 SD) but I doubt you
will ever use them anyway. Therefore I don't care (and neither do you) about
their ratings or any other analysis.

[Game Modes and Types]--------------------------------------------------6.08--+

There are a lot of gameplay modes available on GRAW but they all fall into
three different categories. There is a little description about each below
so that newcomers to the game know what they are doing when they step out
onto the battlefield.

   1) Team: In this game mode, players are split into two teams (red vs blue)
            and must compete with each other to win objectives.

   2) Solo: Every man for himself

   3) Co-Op: In this mode, players work togther to beat AI controlled

There are also a few game types within each mode of play. Even after you pick
the game mode and type, you still get to select more detailed criteria to
customize the game however you want.

Team Mode Game Types
There are sub types of games that are emphasized with three open parenthesis
and three closed parenthesis for easer reading. ie. (((Sharpshooter)))

Team Mode

1. Team Elimination Mode
   The goal in team elimination is to, well, eliminate the other team. A kill
   equals a point and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.
   The two game types in team elimination are Sharpshooter and Last Man
   Standing. In (((Sharpshooter))), there are respawns and a time limit. The
   first team to 50 kills wins the game. Of course, the host can change these
   default parameters. In (((Last Man Standing))), there are no respawns and
   you only have one life to spare. Therefore, LMS matches are usually much
   more strategic as players try harder not to die.

2. Team Territory Mode
   In this mode players on opposing teams have to work together to capture
   different things on the map. The first game type in territory mode is
   (((Domination))). There are five zones to be captured and points are awarded
   when the team holds that position. There are unlimited respawns and the team
   with the most points at the end wins the game. In (((Hamburger Hill)))
   territory games there is only one zone that is located in the center of the
   map. Again, there are infinite respawns and the team that holds the area
   the longest is delcared the winner. In (((Siege))) mode, one team is
   defending a zone near their spawn and one team is attacking. There are
   infinite respawns and the defending team must keep the attacking team by
   taking control of the zone.

3. Team Objective Mode
   In this mode the two teams must capture objects on the map to get points for
   their team. In (((Capture the Flag))), players attempt to steal the
   opponents' flag and return it to their base for a point. The team must
   protect their own flag and send some guys to try and get the other team's.
   The game ends when one side gets the required number of points to win
   (default 10). In (((Search and Rescue))) games there is one flag in the
   middle of the map and the team has to grab it and bring it back to the base
   for a point. There are infinite respawns and the first to ten points wins
   the match. In (((Search and Rescue))) there are unarmed officers on the map
   that need to be found an escorted back to the base. Teams get points for
   every second an officer remains in their custody and the team with the most
   points when the timer runs out is the winner.

Solo Mode

1. Solo Elimination Mode
   Solo Elimination game modes tend to be extremely hectic because the spawn
   points are random. You might even spawn in the same place, at same time, as
   someone else. There are five different game types. The first is (((Bounty
   Hunter))). In this game, players are each assigned a different target, who
   appears on the map highlighted. Players recieve bonus points for killing
   their target (and one point for killing non-targets). But if you get shot,
   your BONUS points for killing consecutive targets resets. THe player with
   the most points at the end is the winner. In (((Last Man Standing))) players
   cannot respawn and the last player alive wins the match! In (((Seek and
   Destroy))) the player that gets the first kill of the game becomes a target
   for everyone else. It's basically a game of tag; when someone shoots the
   target, they become the target. One point is awarded for killing the target
   and 0 for killing other players. The target can also gain 1 point for each
   kill he gets as the target. In (((Sharshooter))) the first player to get
   10 kills (or the custom ammount) wins the match. In (((Thief))) mode, the
   player with the most kills becomes the thief and is hunted by other players.
   Players get two points for killing the thief and one point for shooting
   other players. Each player has a limited number of respawns.

2. Solo Territory Mode
   In this mode, players compete in a free for all and fight for specific zones
   on the map. There is only one type of game in this mode, but it is
   completely customizable. In (((Hamburger Hill))) there is one zone in the
   center of the map. When you occupy the zone, you earn points and the first
   player to amass 150 points wins. Helicopters will also be involved, circling
   the center zone and shooting at players.

3. Solo Objective Mode
   The goal in these games is for individual players to find objects on the map
   and hold onto them while the other players hunt them down. In Solo Objective
   (((Escort))), players must seek out an armed officer. The officer shoots at
   other players while in custody of the one who found him. You cannot kill the
   officer, only the player that controls him. Once you kill the player who
   controls the officer, you get custody of the officer. You get points for
   holding on to the officer and the player with the most points at the end
   wins the game. In (((Flag Carry))) there is a single flag in the center of
   the map that players have to run to. Points are given to players when they
   hold the flag and the player that holds it the longest wins!

Co-op Mode

1. Co-op Campaign Mode
   There are four missions that players can undertake together online: Wharf,
   Old Town, Temple, and Treasury. There is only one game type and that is
   (((Mission))). All players have to fight through AI- controlled rebel troops
   and complete certain objectives. Communication is key as you need the right
   weaponry and teamwork to complete certain objectives. There are no respawns
   in default settings and with the enemies being so tough, you may end up
   watching the whole game from the sidelines unless you customize the game to
   include respawns.

2. Co-op Elimination Mode
   In this mode all players have to take out AI-controlled enemies that are
   spead out in the map. The single focus here is to simply kill all enemies.
   The only game type here is (((Firefight))). On the default settings, each
   player is limited to three respawns.

3. Co-op Terrirtory Mode
   The only match type in this mode is (((Defend))). There are no respawns and
   players must defend a certain zone in the map against enemy troops. If you
   have at least one player survive through the time of the matcht/assualt,
   you are awarded the victory.

4. Co-op Objective Mode
   In this mode you have to infiltrate zones on the map that are held be rebel
   troops. The match type is called (((Recon))) and you have to try and sneak
   into enemy zones without getting caught. If you have to engage do so, but
   try using silenced weapons. In the default settings, no respawns are
   awarded. When your team takes over the five zones in the map, you win.

Ranked vs. Player Matches
Games are also broken down into two different categories. In Player Matches
the games do not count towards your TrueSkill ranking and they do not make
you go up the leaderboard ladder. These games are joinable by all people and
are really easy to play in. They aslo give the host less of a headache
because they can start the game whenever they want. In a ranked game, your
preformance is tracked by the computer and you TrueSkill ranking is affected.
If you do well and especially if you beat higher level opponenets, you will
most likely move up in rank. Everyone starts as a Level 1 Private, and can
advacne all the way to Level 25 General. Be aware that if you are a higher
level player, then your rank can drop quickly.

[General Tips/Strategies]-----------------------------------------------6.09--+
Before I begin I just want to go over something. This is just a general sketch
of what you should be doing in the game. It will help you make the most of
your abilities. The problem is that everyone is at a different levels of skill
and it's hard to give general advice to players. Some of you might think that
this is all basic stuff and some of you might look at this and believe it is
too advanced for their skill level. I hope that this can help all players, so
give me some feedback.

These tips work more like rules that you must follow to be successful. Numbers
1- 6 are generally in order of importance.

1. Communicate!
You have probably heard it a million times, but it's true. You need to
COMMUNICATE! You see that little gray, puffy ball coming from that long,
plastic tube? You need to unmute youe mic. and SPEAK! Sometimes, you may not
be playing with people you know. In these games, it's important to call out
enemy positions, and tell your teammates where you are. If you are in a Last
Man Standing match this is even more important. In a Sharpshooter is still is
important though, because you might get a team that advances and starts spawn

There is a special little button that you can press to give your teammates a
visual of enemies' spots. Press up on the dirtectional pad and you can set a
WAY POINT to any spot on the map. That way

2) Get Your Bearings
What I really mean to say with this is know where you at, where your teammates
are and where you enemies will be! This is especially important in a last man
standing match so that you don't get killed from behind. You should try and
get to know how other players think and know what spots they will most likely
be hiding in. Knowing where your enemies are probably going to be is the first
step of knowing HOW you are going to beat them. Of course, the more experienced
players will most likely try to avoid common spots and try to find cover that
is inconspicous.

In all games it's really important to know where your teammates are going or
what spot they are covering. Therefore, if they go down, you know where the
enemy is at. Or at least, you will have a general location. Communication comes
in big here as well.

3) Learn the Maps
This cannot be stressed enough. The only way that you will get better at
knowing the maps is by playing more often. Play the maps, and get to know all
the best places to ambush, rush, camp, hide, snipe, etc. You need to know where
most of the gun fighting will take place and what is a good place to see most
of the map behind some cover. For more detailed information and strategies for
each map, scroll down to find that section.

4) Use Cover
This is simple enough. If you go rushing into any open area, then you can be
taken down by enemies in any direction. You will also put yourself out in front
of possible snipers and long range rifleman. The key when rushing is to move
from cover to cover while still going kamakaze. If you are being tactical then
you really need to hold to a position that offers great cover and good

5) Find Your Gun
Although I do review the guns and give them ratings, it's important to
understand that everyobe is different and everyone finds a likely to a
different gun. You will hear many people say that they don't like the M8 or the
M468-SD, even though I gave them great ratings. The whole idea is to get used
to one gun that will be YOUR gun. You can have a few that you use ever so
often, but try to pick out 1 and get to know it like the back of your hand.
That way, you know when you'll run out of ammo, when you need to reload, when
you need to rush and when to scope in. I recommend going to a Sharpshooter
match and experimenting with differnt weapons to see which one you feel best
with. Once you find it, start practicing with it and become a master!

6) Adjust Your Brightness
For the darker maps ( ie Wharf, Boneyard, Dry Dock) you should turn up the
brightness to level 5-8. No, this is not cheating and I gurauntee that everyone
who knows about it does it. You can change this in the lobby by going top
player options, or in the game itself by pressing Start and then going to
Options --> Brightness.

Note: These next tips will cover some general tactics that you can try with a
group of friends or by yourself. For more specific map tactics, head down to
that section.

7) Flank
What you want to do in a flank is get to the side of an enemy position to get
a better shot on them. There are some requirements you need to have before you
execute a good flank. Most importantly, you need for certain that the spot you
flank is the spot that has enemies in it. If you end of flanking and find out
that the enemies are not where you knew they would be, then you'll be in
trouble. You also need at least 3 people, but preferably 4 or more for this.
In small maps like Desert Gultch, Boneyard, and Nowhere, you can use this to
perfection. You want 1 or 2 guys to hold of the enemy and draw them into a
certain are. For example, you can draw them into the middle of the road in
Nowhere. At the same time, you need 2 guys (no more, no less) to move together
around the enemy (in this case the junkyard) so that they can get to the side
or back of the enemy players. Of course, you need to create a diversion and
draw them in first. The two flankers should be stealthy and be the best rushers
on your team. A well executed flank can mean the difference between defeat and

8) Spawn Protect
This is probably the most used tactic for the more experienced player, and it's
much more used in a Last Man Standing Match (although you can still do it in
sharpshooter). What you will want to do is create a web around your spawn so
that no players get passed you or behind you. You need about 4 or 5 guys (or
your whole roster) to hold a good cover spot and watch a certain area. You also
need to know where each of your teammates will be at. That is why I say that
clan matches and veteran players are more likely to use this. I'll give a
general example if you are lost. Let's say you're on Rocky Cove in the spawn
with the big rock above you. What you want to have is one sniper covering the
right side, and one sniper covering the left side (up top and near cannon).
That will leave you with maybe 2-4 gunners. You want your teammates to each
move up to the left side and get a position behind a rock. You need to third
person the rock and pop out when someone comes by. The right side does not need
covering, since you have a sniper there who can call out threats or just take
them down. The best thing about this tactic is that you know that the enemy
will not get behind you. This makes for all gunfighting to be directly in front
of you 90% of the time. If one of your teammates goes down, you also know where
the enemy is and where they can break that line of defense.

9) Rush and Cover
All you need for this is two guys. You want someone who is good at trailblazing
and someone who is god at long range shooting. The long range shooter
(carrying either a sniper, machine gun, or a gun with 4x scope) has to set up
so that they can cover the spot where the rusher will be left open to. Anyone
who rushes know that when you rush, you will be open to attack from all sides.
If you know the maps well, then you should know where the rusher will be
susceptable from.

I'll give an example here to better illustrate my point. Let's say you are at
the top spawn in Nowhere. You want to rush the blue house because you saw some
movement there. You want the guy that is covering the rusher to set up on the
right side of the road and look to the right side of the rusher. That way, the
rusher doesn't have to worry about looking right, he can go straight for the
house and focus on taking out guys in straight out firefights.

10) Smoke Diversion
This is one of my favorites! This is more for the experienced players. You need
to pick a spot on your map that normally would be rushed with smoke. For
example, the alley in Nowhere is often times smoked and the cleared by a couple
of guys who rush. In this tactic, you want to throw smoke on an area like the
alley and then rush somewhere else. So let's say you are in the top spawn in
Nowhere. The prefect smoke diversion would work like this: One guy would go to
the alley and throw smoke. This person will keep throwing smoke until it's a
cloudy mess. About a split second later. You need your whole other team running
n' gunning the junkyard and the center area. What this does is make the other
team panic. They think you are rushing the alley and may even send extra guys
that way to cover it. In the meantime, you are actually attacking from another
angle and gaining the upperhand. Practice this one until you prefect it and it
will be very good to you.

11) LMS General Tips
Just some general tips while playing this mode. If your team is outnumbered
after the first few kills, then you want to start dropping back to better safer
places that provide better cover. Conversely, if your team has taken out the
first few guys, then you should be more aggressive and advance on the enemy. If
ever there is only one guy left and a bunch of guys on your side, then you want
to go searching for him at all costs. If you are the last one left and there
are still a bunch of guys on the other team then hide! Find a spot that no one
will find you in and camp it.

The best strategy for Last Man Standing games is the spawn protect strategy.
Set up a web of players so that the enemy cannot get behind you and take some
free kills. Keep EVERYTHING in front of you!

[Online FaQs]-----------------------------------------------------------6.10--+

1) Does GRAW Support clans/squads?

  - Unfortunetly, No it does not. This is one of my biggest issues with the
    game. I have heard rumors that it is actually Microsoft's fault because they
    don't allow games to make their own friends or clan lists. The XBOX version
    does however, support clans. I have also heard rumors that a new download
    might incorporate clans into the mix. We can only hope.

2) How can I find friends?

  - If they are in a player (unranked) match, then you can find them by simply
    going to their name on your friends list and choosing to 'Join the Game in
    Progress.' Unfortunetly, if they are in a ranked game then you have to
    message them and ask how to get into their room. This usually means going
    to the Custom match and choosing the game type they are in. Sometimes, this
    doesn't work and can prove to be extremely frustrating.

3) Is there stat tracking?

  - After each game you'll usually be able to see your kills/deaths and average
    life. Sadly, the game does not track all your LIFETIME stats, so you never
    know when you reach that milestone (e.g. 500 kills).

4) Is there lag?

  - Very little, but there definately is still some. Shouldn't be a problem

Send more questions via email and I will post them up.

[Online Map Strategies]-------------------------------------------------7.00--+
Since the main mode of play in GRAW is Team Elimination, I will focus on
specific strategies for those type of games. I split all the maps into three
sections- the 1st spawn, the 2nd spawn (in Last Man Standing Matches) and a
general strategy for sharpshooter matches. Before you read further I want you
to keep a few things in mind. First, you should always change strategies.
Always try to go somewhere different than you went last time. Usually, I will
try and stick to the same strategy until the other team gets smart and figures
out where I am going. The worst thing to do is to be too predictable. Second,
the strategies that I go over for the maps are not flawless! They are plans
that I believe will work if you execute them well, but it's not easy enough to
say: "If you use this strategy, you will win." Your victory depends on how well
your team performs to how well the other team performs their strategy.

Nowhere is an abandoned town in the middle of...nowhere. It has high visibility
and is pretty small. It is also probably the most popular map that players play
in. It is easy to get to know it but still requires a good strategy in order to
master it.

Top Spawn LMS
The top spawn near the big cathedral looking building definatley has the
advantage. It has the high ground and snipers can perch to look down the road,
the junkyard, or the left passage down the valley. If you have at least 5
players on your team, what you need to do is simple. You want to guys to cover
the mountain pass on the left. Do not advance, just hold near the top. It's
important that these two do not get picked off. They need to find cover and try
to ambush if the enemy does rush it. You will need one guy covering the blue
house and the center road to make sure that no one crossed to the junkyard.
This person should have either a sniper rilfe or a 4x scope gun (SA-80, MR-C)
and setup on the right side of the road where some rocks provide cover. Lastly,
you want two guys to cover the FAR right of the junkyard. If they are good
rushers, then you should have them rush all the way far right until they get to
the spawn of the opposing team.

The pivotal player during a good rush to the right is the player that is
covering the blue house and the road. That person will be responsible of taking
out anyone who tries to get behind the far right rushers and call out anyone
who has gotten across to the junkyard.

Of course, if that strategy doesn't work you can always try to rush the blue
house. Have the same extact layout but instead have your best rusher rush down
the left side of the road and around the corner of the blue house in the middle.
The guy covering the road should then cover the right side of the blue house
and provide cover. The rusher that is still on the right side should also do
his thing and continue up all the way to the right to see if he can get some
free kills while the first rusher has everyone's attention. Get it? Good.

As always, if you have taken out a few guys of the other team and outnumber
them, then you want to creep up. Whenever there is only 1 player left on the
other side you want to have an all out rush to find them. Hold back and go back
to the spawn if your guys start dropping.

Bottom Spawn LMS
The bottom spawn has a disadvantage in this map, but you can still win with a
good strategy and some smart thinking. The strategy is basically the same as
the top spawn though. You want to send two guys to cover the valley- keep them
in cover on the rocks. Send a couple of guys to the far left. They should find
cover on some rocks and a crane. And finally, have one or two guys cover the
blue house in the midddle. They can either set up on the fence near the spawn
and look up to the blue house, or they can go up to the right corner of the
blue house and cover the road. This person can also look to the left and see if
they can pick of anyone who is rushing the junkyard. If you start to lose
players than everyone should start creeping back to the spawn. If you start
with a few kills then you should be more aggressive and push foward.

I believe that rushing from the bottom spawn is a bad idea, no matter how you
look at it. Reason being, the top spawn has some good sniping spots and has a
well protected spawn. If you do want to rush from the bottom, then you have to
do something I call "conservative rushing." In cosnervative rushing you want to
be aggressive but run from cover to cover and be aware of your surroundings.
The difference from a regular rush is that in a regular rush you are just
balls out running straight, and you're only looking foward. You want to be
cautious and smart in a conservative rush.

Another good strategy is to set up a sniper (if you have a very skilled one)
near the mountain pass on the left of the spawn. This guy can take out any
targets that try to cross the road or that try to rush the junkyard. But be
careful because having a sniper means you will lose a tactical player that
should be covering an important area. If anything, you should have the guy who
normally covers the blue house to move into the sniper spot.

The startegy is basically the same in sharpshooter Nowhere as in Last Man
Standing Nowhere. The one thing you have to worry about is not letting the
other team control your spawn. You want to make sure that you are not letting
them get behind you and setting up so that they can spawn kill you. To do this,
make sure that no one is blindly rushing! You can maybe have one experienced
rusher rush the far right/left junkyard, but that is it. Other than that, you
want to lock- down the mountain pass, the center road, and the junkyard. It's
important to respwan quickly and get back to your position if you go down in
order to make sure that enemy doesn't advance farther.

I have been locked in some great matches on this map. It's dark and there a
many places to hide and to cover. Usually, this map is drawn out and kills
don't come very fast. The pacing is slow and you have to make sure that you
are patient.

Dock Spawn
What you want to do in the dock spawn is have a mix of rushers and tactical
players. You need to guys to go over to the mountains and third person some
walls so that they can see around the corner. There are two areas that you
should choke up, which are the only ways into the dock from the mountain. You
want the three other players to rush the right side, the docks and the town.
This should be more of a conservative rush where you want to be careful and use
cover. Have one guy, your best rusher in most cases, go through the town. One
person should go under the docks and then stay on the beach to the right. The
last person should stay on the docks and go to the FAR right of the docks. This
way, all three of the rushers will come up to the grassy area just behind the
little town. The rusher on the far right underneath the docks will have the
best position because they can see the whole spawn area and the path that leads
to the camp fire area behind it. This player should be a good long distance
shot and be carrying a 4x scope weapon (Mr-C, SA-80).

Once the spawn area is clear, all three rushers should move past the enemy
spawn and into the camp fire area, where the enemies will be locked. Now, you
have the other team cornered. They cannot go down the mountain pass, because
you have two guys covering it and they cannot go back into the dock area,
because you have three rushers right behind them who are hunting their asses.

Grass Spawn
From the grass spawn you want to set up a perimeter around the spawn to protect
against any rushing. You want to send a couple of guys to the right and back
and camp in the grass. If anyone tries to rush into the spawn from that side,
they should be able to handle it. Send one over to the village and have him
cover the village. Lastly, you should have a couple of guys either go under the
docks and cover them, or stay in the grassy spawn and wait to pop someone.

The other option is to send the majority of your players all under the docks
and over to their spawn. Always keep one person back when you do a rush like
this because it's risky. You want to spread out around the docks and attack.
The purpose is to try and take out any potentinal rushers (which you will
outnumber) and get behind anyone who went up the mountain pass.

Sharpshooter matches in Wharf tend to also be slow paced but at the same time,
you can't apply much strategy because players will be more spread out. Most of
the fighting will gravitate around the docks and under the docks. What I
usually try to do is pick a silenced weapon (either the M4 or SCAR- LCQC) and
find a good hiding spot under the docks, near the dock spawn in LMS matches.
If you don't know specifically where that is than just try to find a good spot
where you're back is covered and where you can see a lot in front of you.
Another good spot is to head over to the grassy area behind the town. If you
stay prone, players who run by you will not see you. That's when you stand up
and pop them in the face. Remember that the key in sharpshooter maps is to do
something different everytime you respawn and to make sure that you don't allow
the other team to spawn kill you.

[Desert Gulch]----------------------------------------------------------7.03--+
This is another popular map due to its high visibility and small size. The two
spawns are pretty equal but using the right strategy and people, you can win on
the non-water spawn every round.

Water Spawn
This spawn has a better spot for hiding. If you ever are the last man left,
move to the farthest spot of the map, lay prone and wait for someone to come
through the corner. The bad thing about this spawn is that it is harder to
rush. You should try to hold back a little at the start. You want two guys
covering the left side near the pillars. From here they will have good
visibility, looking at sniper hill and some rocks that provide cover. You need
one good tactical player holding down the right pathway in the middle (near the
pillars). Lastly, you need one or two guys watching the middle two passages for
any rushers. Some good spots are near the right side pillars looking left and
near a little cabin closer to your own spawn.

Non-Water Spawn
This side has the advantage because you can easily rush the right side and if
need be you can camp it out. First, I'll go over the rushing strategy. What you
need is 2 o 3 guys that can run n' gun. This is the best map to show off those
skills. You need to either be 100% committed to rushing or 100% committed to
holding back. Once you decide that you are 100% committed and have your 2-3
guys, then you want them to go straight over sniper hill and straight to the
pillars on the right side. Have one guy look left, one look up to the top area,
and one look straight to the pillars. This is usually hit or miss and you just
have to be better shooters than your opponents. The rushers should continue up
that same path until they get behind the guys in the middle. If the timing is
perfect, the rushers would have created the perfect diversion for 2 other guys
to come from the left. Overall, you really need to be a good rushing squad to
make this work. And it may not even work if you are too predictable.

The other option is to hold back a little at the beginning. Have one person
on sniper hill (the hill on the right side). This person needs to cover the
pillars and the whole right side. There should be one person all the way on the
left watching that side. There are some great spots for cover near the rocks.
What you want to do is cover the three paths were they could rush from on the
left and hold back the right with the guy on sniper hill. One guy could also
be on the right side and in front of sniper hill, where there are some rocks to
give you cover.

Again, not much strategy when it comes to this one. Sharpshooter matches are
just extremely hectic in Desert Gulch. What you want to protect is from being
spawn killed. Therefore you don't want to rush too hard at the beginning. You
want to move slowly and try to take over their spawn so they don't have room to
move. Try to puch them back and fight closer to their spawn. Usually, you can
tell who is winning the match by where the major battles are taking place.

Boneyard is dark. You need to either turn up your brightness or put on some
Night Vision. It's also small and LMS matches tend to end really quick.
Sharpshooter matches are crazy though.

Crane Spawn
Your strategy here should be full blown rush. You have the upperhand in this
match if you just run n' gun and end it quicker. The other spawn has the better
camping spots so you should rush and get to them before they get comfortable.
You want to guys rushing far right, past the airplane and up the road to their
spawn. Two guys should go left side through the little house and down into the
other spawn. Lastly, you want one or two guys going middle, straight through
the debris and to the spawn. If that doesn't work then just hold back and
contain the other team's rush. Having a good shooter on top of the crane and
the airplane on the right side isn't a bad idea.

Building Spawn
The strategy here should be containment. You want to contain the rush and at
least have everyone trade with the opponent. Have two guys go right and find
cover in some rubble. Have the watch the building on the right side. Have two
guys cover middle and one cover far left. Remember that in small maps, the
first kills are essential because this map almost never draws out. The most
important thing is to be patient. Most teams will rush this map and if you
play it right you should have no problem holding back their rush.

You want to make sure that the other team doesn't take over your spawn so you
always need to push foward to the enemy spawn. If you are in the Crane Spawn,
push to the building spawn and vice versa. You can always go off to the side
and use a silenced weapon to pick off guys in the middle.

[Fishing Village]-------------------------------------------------------7.05--+
This map is all strategy. If your guys are in the right place, you are going
to win this map. The top spawn has a major advantage due to better camping
spots. But it also is a better spawn to rush in because you are looking down
and it takes longer for the bottom spawn to set up in there spots.

Top Spawn
For the rush, have two guys go to the right side and go up all the way through
the water. These guys should be your best run n' gunners. Have one guy go the
middle tower and throw smoke on the other side of it to cause a diversion. When
smoke is in the middle, the other team will most likely turn most of their
attention there. That is when the two rushers on the right can catch them off

The other tactic you can use is drawing them in. You should have one person on
the far right cover the water. Have one person watch the right side of the
middle tower and make sure that no one comes around that corner. Have two guys
near the shack that is right in front and to the left of the tower, and have
one inside looking out the window to the doorway where enemies can run through
to get to the town up top. Lastly, keep one guy on the far left in the town
doorway to make sure that they don't get behind your team. If you are the last
one left then the best place to hide is in the town up top. There are certain
dead end roads behind buildings that make excellent spots.

Bottom Spawn
Winning this spawn is challenging but it can be done. Have one guy go far left
and cover the water. This person has to make sure that no one rushes the water.
There should be one guy in the shack right in front of the tower. This person
needs to look left to the left side of the tower and make sure no one rushes
around that corner. Have one guy on the right who covers the doorway. There is
a good spot behind a rock there. The other guys you can spread out and have
them cover important spots. You need to watch for the rush from the water and
from the town up top.

You can also rush but I only advise rushing the top right, near the entrance to
the town. If you rush water, you'll still have the disadvantage when you come
blazing out the other side. It's really easy for the top spawn to stop that
rush. They might not expect the rush from the town.

You should contain the rush in sharpshooter Fishing village. In fact, if you
are top spawn this is a guaranteed victory. Stay in the town up top and have
two guys look down one road and two guys cover the other two openings. That
way you cover each others' backs. If you are the bottom spawn you want to make
sure that the top spawn team does not do this. If they do, smoke, smoke,
smoke them away!

[Rocky Cove]------------------------------------------------------------7.06--+
This is a great snipers map due to the large area to cover. The rock spawn is
the one that has the rock that goes up and over it. If you played the game you
know what I am talking about. Both sides are pretty even and there are some
great places to set up.

Rock Spawn
You need at least one sniper here maybe two. If you have one, have them cover
the far right. If the sniper is good enough have them try to quick shot the
other team out of the spawn. Have the sniper look between the passages near the
spawn and see if they can pick off the guys who are running by. If you have a
second decent sniper have them look left to the middle of the map and the area
with the cannon. The rest of your team should cover the far left and the middle
cannon area (without crossing over) into the other side of the map. You want
to hold spots that provide good cover and wait for the rush. If the rush
doesn't come then you want to push up a little farther. If the sniper(s) goes
down then have one rusher from the left go to right side of the center
plateau. This way, they won't be able to sneak around the rushers.

Non-Rock Spawn
You want to have a sniper try a quick shot and get some of the gunners who are
passing by the alleys near the other team's spawn. Taking out just one of them
can mean the difference between victory of defeat. It can also change up the
strategy that the other team might use. They could have been planning a rush,
but if you take out 1 or 2 guys I gurauntee that they won't rush hardcore.
Remember that if you do get the ealry lead thanks to your snipers, you need to
push up that left side and rush it. If every player at least trades, you'll
have a definite victory. On the other hand, if the other team's snipers
succeed, you want to hold back and take up good defensive positions to
prepare for a strong rush.

You need to control the cannon area and the open area on to the other side.
Send your guys to those spots, and try not to camp back in the spawn. I think
it's a better idea to be more aggressive to each side of the center plateau
and try to control the map with hard-nosed gunfighting. You need to win the
gunfights or at least trade so that there is one less gunner on there side.
Again, don't try to be too tactical, just keep sending guys to the two sides
of the middle.

[Dry Dock]--------------------------------------------------------------7.07--+
I have no idea why this is called the Dry Dock if it is wet as hell. It's also
very dark and a very frustrating map (at least it is for me-personally). In
LMS matches this match can draw out an awful lot and it is smarter to just camp
it out. Remember to either adjust your brightness to about level 7 or use your
NVG. Also, both spawns have the same strategy in LMS so I'll only go over the
one I have.

Last Man Standing
This is hardcore camping at its finest. Don't worry about little brats
complaining about it in the lobby. If they're any good they'll do it too. Have
one guy watch the right/left near some stairs and have them cover the three
bridges in the middle. Exactly opposite of that guy you want someone laying
prone behind a a large metal container. These two guys are the key to
containing a rush or mowing down guys who want to cross one at a time. Keep in
mind that the three bridges in the middle are the ONLY way for the other team
to cross onto your side. The other players should stay alive and move to the
sides to see if they can get any guys who are peaking their heads out. There
is a really good spot behind one of the containers to the side without the
wall where you can prone and still shoot at the open area on the other side
of the bridges. I wouldn't try to rush this map, as any good team will be
waiting to pick you off easily.

You want to guys watching the bridges at all times. They should be prone and
off to the sides so that they stay alive. If they go down, one of the other
players on the team has to take their spot. The other players should be
rushing the hell out of the other team and spawn. Therefore, you have the
prefect balance of rush and camp.

This map is BIG. There is a lot of room to cover and lots of places to hide.
The bridge in the middle of the map is a critical spot. You want to make sure
that you are fighting on the other team's side of the map, not yours.

Treasury Spawn
In this spawn you want to take control of the bridge by getting on top. One
great strategy is to have most of your guys up on the bridge and one off
hiding somewhere. On the bridge, have one guy in the building on the right,
looking left and one in the left building, looking left. The rest of the guys
can try and peek over to get enemies on the ground. If this strategy doesn't
work, I would try rushing under the bridge and to the left. I can bet that
a few of the guys from the other team will move directly up to the bridge. If
they do they will be easy targets as you get their backside.

Parking Lot Spawn
Since you are a little farther from the bridge, you want to take this one slow
and see if you can get any rushers to try and lessen their numbers. If you take
the advantage early, you can rush up onto the bridge, or under their bridge and
to their spawn. Remeber to keep your team spread out as this is a large map and
moving together can mean death from any direction.

Like in most maps, you want to take control of the center by rushing up and
holding a good defensive position near the bridge. You definately don't want
anyone sneaking through so that they can spawn kill your entire team. There
are many places to hide so try and lock down the bridge at all costs. Have
someone on the right, someone of the left and the rest near the middle. You're
basically setting up an ambush here.

[Old Town]--------------------------------------------------------------7.09--+
I think that this might be the biggest map in the game. It definatley has the
most places to hide. There is just so much ground to cover that it is hard to
give one specific strategy. What is more important is how well you use all
the other general tips like teamwork, communicating, smoking, and just playing

Last Man Standing
What I would do here is send one rusher far right and one rusher far left.
It'll take a while for them to get to the spawn but that is there destination.
This can work on either side. While that guy is flanking, you want to move most
of your players to the middle and face your opponents head on. I would always
keep one person back and hiding just in case most of your teammates go down.

Because there is a lot of room to cover in this map, most of the fighting will
be done in the middle of the map. The best thing to do here is get up out of
your spawn quick and just go 100% rush. The probability of the other team
taking over your spawn is very small because they have to run so much. There-
fore it's important that you go at them without stopping.

In this map, I don't split up the spawn in two different strategies for LMS
matches because they are basically the same. This is also one of the least
played maps in the game and therefore I don't devote too much time to it.

Last Man Standing
Be patient in this map and let the other team run up on you. Try to hold down
the spawn and have a few guys cover the left, right, and middle. Let no one get
by you. One thing to keep in mind is to not go to the center building. Do not
go to the top or you will get picked off from the other side. Work the right
and left side if you get too impatient.

Not much strategy here except hold down your spawn. Try using the same strategy
as the LMS one. Spead out your guys and make sure that no one gets by you.
Don't go to the middle or you'll be in trouble. There are some great spots
behind walls that you can third person and pop out when someone comes by.

There are a total of 38 achievements on G.R.A.W. I split them up into single
player achievements and online achievements to make it easier on you.

Single Player Mode Achievements

|       Achievement              |           Description         |Gamer Points|
| Complete Training              | Training completed            |      25    |
| Reach Ramirez (normal)         | Complete Mission Contact!     |      25    |
| Secure Ballantine (norm)       | Complete Mission Coup D'etat  |      25    |
| Escort Ruiz-Pena (norm)        | Complete Mission VIP 2 is Down|      25    |
| Neutralize Rebel outpost (norm)| Complete Mission Strong Point |      25    |
| Eliminate Defenses (norm)      | Complete Mayday! Mayday!      |      25    |
| Secure US tanks (norm)         | Compete Mission Read for Bear |      25    |
| Protect US president (norm)    | Complete Mission Quarterback  |      25    |
| Reach the Football (norm)      | Complete Mission Guardrail IX |      25    |
| Clear the Way (norm)           | Complete Mission Bulldog      |      25    |
| Capture Ontiveros (norm)       | Complete Fierce Resistance    |      25    |
| Locate the Football (norm)     | Complete Norad on the Line    |      25    |

*Note: The following achievements are repeated except for the fact that you
       have to beat each mission on hard difficulty.

| Reach Ramirez (hard)           | Complete Mission Contact!      |      25   |
| Secure Ballantine (hard)       | Complete Mission Coup D'etat   |      25   |
| Escort Ruiz-Pena (hard)        | Complete Mission VIP 2 is Down |      25   |
| Neutralize Rebel outpost (hard)| Complete Mission Strong Point  |      25   |
| Eliminate Defenses (hard)      | Complete Mayday! Mayday!       |      25   |
| Secure US tanks (hard)         | Compete Mission Read for Bear  |      25   |
| Protect US president (hard)    | Complete Mission Quarterback   |      25   |
| Reach the Football (hard)      | Complete Mission Guardrail IX |      25    |
| Clear the Way (hard)           | Complete Mission Bulldog      |      25    |
| Capture Ontiveros (hard)       | Complete Fierce Resistance    |      25    |
| Locate the Football (hard)     | Complete Norad on the Line    |      25    |

Online Achievements

| Achievement          |        Description                     | Gamer Points|
| Heavyweight          | Get total of 10,000 kills              |       24    |
| Deadly               | Get 4 kills in 4 seconds or less       |       20    |
| World Champion       | Rank #1 on Universal Leaderboard       |       40    |
| Solo Champion        | Rank #1 on solo leaderboard            |       32    |
| Team Champion        | Rank #1 on team leaderboard            |       32    |
| Falcon               | Shoot down 100 helicopters             |       16    |
| Unyielding           | Get 30 straight kills without a death  |       32    |
| Sniper               | Get career total of 500 head shots     |       36    |
| Committed            | Play for 8 straight hours              |       28    |
| Master of Ceremonies | Host 1,000 matches                     |       24    |
| Co-Op 1-1            | Complete Co-Op Campaign Mission 1      |        8    |
| Co-op 1-2            | Complete Co-op Campaign Mission 2      |        8    |
| Co-op 1-3            | Complete Co-Op Campaign Mission 3      |        8    |
| Co-op 1-4            | Complete Co-Op Campaign Mission 4      |        8    |
| Perfect Chapter 1    | Complete all primary and seconday      |             |
|                      |  objectves in mission Co-Op 1-1        |       40    |

It takes a lot of work and time commitment in order to finish a guide.
Especially one that is so in depth and complete. I want to thank my girlfriend,
Eli, for not breaking up with me. I spent a lot of time away from her during
this one :P  I want to thank those who play with me online and also my clan
members in the Right Hand of God. Ya dig? I also want to thank Gamefaqs.com for
allowing noobs like me to publish my own work on their website. And most
importantly I want to thank the readers of this guide for making me feel so
special! I love you guys!

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