Review by Dinoken2

Reviewed: 09/28/07

Great game, it has some flaws. The reason it got a 10 then?

The reason it got a 10 is quite simply because its Halo. It just doesn't feel like other games. Anyway lets get down to specifics.

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics are good. Real good. So good you could even argue that they are better then Gears of War's awesome graphics. Other then that things look similar to what they did in the past two games only much better.

Sound - 10/10

BANG-BANG-BANG! KABOOOOOOOM! *corny marine dialog, funny grunt dialog and various other AI banter here* Great music too.

Story and Campaign - 8/10

I won't spoil anything major for you about the story. All the surviving major and supporting characters from Halo 2 return, and the playable character is Master Chief and Master Chief only. What happened to everyone's favorite Elite then? Arbiter will follow you, controlled by an AI. He'll die in combat just like a normal AI, but rise up again after the enemies are dead.

In case you haven't heard, there's 4 player online co-op which plays very nicely. The catch is only 2 players per Xbox 360. Each player will control a different character in the story (no Master Chief/Arbiter clones from the previous games); Players 1 and 2 will obviously be Master Chief and Arbiter respectively and players 3 and 4 will play as 2 new Elite characters. The only difference between these characters is the weapons they spawn with (Elites spawn with Covenant weapons, Chief spawns with human) so no active camo for Arbiter and his friends, they get stuck with boring flashlights now.

On the funniness scale, the campaign ranges from "OMFG I LOVE THIS GAME!" to "OMFG! I HATE THIS PIECE OF ****!" (level 8, I'm looking at you) but don't worry, you'll be encounter the former much more then the latter.

The reason for the 8 out of 10 here is because of two things (a point off for each). One is the second to last (level 8) level, which will most likely remind you of the Library from Halo 1, and the other is the length. The game is pretty short plain and simple. My friend and I, who are fairly good at the game, beat it on normal in about 5 hours.

Multi-player and Xbox Live - 9/10

Its great. Simple as that. Don't have XBL gold? Don't worry, you can still play unranked (now called social) and custom games with silver. You can still have guests and multiple gamertags on one 360. Splitscreen and system link are still there, but things are more about Live now then they were in Halo 2. There's no longer a splitscreen or system link option at the main menu, only a custom games option (which you change the network of your playing (the default is XBL private party)).

I personally love the multi-player, the only reason I don't give it a perfect is because everyone will encounter different things. For example, in all my countless games of Halo 2/3 on XBL, I have encountered little (if any) screaming little kids, but I know other people have problems with them. And since everyone will have a different experience online, its fairly hard to judge it other then saying its generally fun, or its generally boring. In this case, its fun.

Forge - 8/10

Forge is a partial map editor. You can't create maps, but you can edit the content (weapons, vehicles, crates, etc.) of them. You switch back and forth between a monitor (ala 343 Guilty Spark) and your profile character while you edit. You have "money" while adding stuff, which isn't really money, just how much space is left. Each thing costs a set amount of money, and when you put it on the map, it will be deducted from our total. After you finish editing you can save your creation and play it or share it via XBL. If Bungie thinks its good enough they may even use it. The bad things I've found about Forge are that the controls for adding things can get a bit awkward from time to time, but other then that its great and a fun thing to try out.

Other noteworthy things:

My friend (some of you may know him as TheMegaSecret here on GFAQs) would never let me write this review if I didn't point out the fact that there are no bullet holes in the walls. It may be a big deal to you, it might not. But I find it worth mentioning. To me it doesn't really matter, but my friend wouldn't stop complaining about it.

Game type creation is much better and you have tons of customization options this time around. You can change everything from gravity to a players color. There are countless games you can create. Try 50% gravity, 300% speed infinite ammo sword duels. You'll see why when you try, but its almost impossible to land a hit.

Player customization is also greatly enhanced. You have 3 main colors this time, you can customize the armor, and there are even more emblems. You also get a service tag which is a letter followed by 2 numbers (such as A34 or Q91). This is to make things easier on XBL so you don't get confused when trying to talk to teammates with a million and a half numbers at the end of their Gamertag or they put up the stupid xX Xx border.


You're probably thinking something like, "Hey Dinoken, why'd you give it a 10/10 when only 2 of the 5 categories you reviewed got a 10? This doesn't make any sense. Its blasphemy! Its madness!"

My response to this would be, "Madness? THIS IS HALO 3!" Its Halo, you're going to play it even if there are some problems. Sure you might thing Gears is better in every single way, but when you're planning a LAN party with some friends, you know what game you're going to play and it won't be Gears, or Call of Duty or Bioshock (which doesn't even have multi-player >_>). It'll be Halo 3. Its a great game that'll be played for years even with games that arguably blow it out of the water. Thats why it gets a 10.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Halo 3 (US, 09/25/07)

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