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Beta Multiplayer Guide by crazedcommando9

Version: 1.57 | Updated: 08/06/07

By: Pancakemaster or crazedcommando9 or Erik :)
-Added a clearer way to get Custom Game
-Added a strategy for High Grounds

-Added Sniper info
-Added Banshee info
-Added Warthog info

-Added Magnum
-Added Energy Sword
-Added Wrath
-Added 2 new eggs
-Added some stuff in glitch
-Changed Intro

-Added new Game Mode
-Added another submode for Assault
-Renamed plane to Pelican Dropship
-Beta end date added to intro

V(1.25)-Added Banshee to Vehicle list
-Named human weapons more accurately
-Added Glitches/Eggs section
-Assault added and Territories fixed
-Jump pads corrected to Grav Lifts

V(1.20)- Dramatical error fixed
-Strategy (A) name change
-Spiker projecile edited
-Spike Grenade name fixed
-Covenant is now Traditional Covenant and Brute notes edited

V(1.15)- Spelling and grammer errors fixed.
-Added some info
-Large sidenote added to Weopon Combination
-Edited Plasma Pistol and Power Drain
-Fixed and Added more weopon locations under Maps
-Added Territory strategie to High Ground Map
Halo 3 Beta Multiplayer Guide

This let's you get a better understanding of the maps, weapons, and
some strategies on the Beta.  Feel free to correct me on anything by
sending me mail but most importantly send in your own contributions
and I will credit you. By the time I update the guide the Beta will be
over. People who have not gotten to play the Beta can read this and
find some info on what the game will have in store for us when it comes
out. Also when the game actually comes out (9/25/07) we can compare it
to the Beta.

Hey and make sure to check out the Halo 3 video I made at
Its set to Pat Benatars "Love is a Battlefield" Thanks :)
Table of Contents
1) Controls
2) Items
3) Vehicles
4) Weapons
A) Human
B) Traditional Covenant
C) Brute
5) Game Modes
A) Types of Games
B) Rule Alterations Experienced on Beta
6) Ranking
7) Maps (With Weapon Location)
8) Strategies
A) My Weopon Rating
B) Map Strategies
9) Glitches/Eggs
1) Controls

If you know Halo 2 you pretty much can pick up Halo 3. But there are
two minor changes that take a good half hour to get used to.

A- Jump

B- Melee

X- Use new Items such as Trip Mine, Bubble Shield, Grav Lift, and
Power Drain

Y- Switch Weapons

Left Bumper- Hold to duel wield, tap to reload left weapon, and
switch grenades

Right Bumper- Hold to pick up weapon, get in vehicles, activate button,
and tap to reload

Left Trigger- Throw grenade

Right Trigger- Shoot

Start- Bring up menu

Back- Check score

Left stick- Walk

Left Thumb stick- Crouch

Right stick- Look around

Right Thumb stick- Zoom

D-pad- You hit the D-pad to chat with people online. Many say this
is very annoying since during an intense battle you have to hit the
D-pad to say something to your teammates. But I don't really mind
it, it's like the white button in Halo 2.
2) Items

These are all activated with the X button except for Camouflage

Trip Mine- The trip mine is like any mine, someone steps on it and BOOM
they die. They are bright orange and make a beeping sound when you are
near. It’s pretty obvious but planting it near a flag, small corridors, grav
lifts, etc. can do a lot of damage. Plenty more strategy comes with it
but you have to be careful since you and your team mates can step on it.
Also it does not activate right when you throw it, you have to wait a
couple seconds.

Bubble Shield- Throwing this on the floor suddenly creates a barrier
or a bubble around you. Nothing can penetrate through this bubble,
rockets, lasers, bullets, grenades, etc. But people and vehicles can.
So although you’re safe from the inside once someone comes in, it
becomes a tiny arena battle. Also you can shoot the little pod that
is creating the bubble shield from the inside to destroy it. It does
not last forever as the pod eventually self destructs.

Grav Lift- Yup a portable Grav Lift. It is blue in color and once you
step on it, it lifts you up into the air fairly high. Great for hard to reach
places. This also does not last forever.

Power Drain- This creates a blue shield, once someone steps inside,
your armor is gone. If you’re just slightly touching it, armor goes down
much slower. Great to throw at someone, then once their armor is
gone you quickly shoot them with some bullets, throw a grenade, or
melee them for instant death. This can also disable a vehicle in its
tracks for a short period of time.

Camouflage- This item is no longer a triangle you find on a map. Its a
fairly big glowing blue orb. Just like in Halo 2 it makes you slightly
invisible until you shoot yourself.
3) Vehicles

Wrath- This big behemoth is just as monstrous as before. It moves
slow but packs a punch. A direct shot can destroy a Banshee a
couple will kill a Warthog. It still has the left trigger to move a bit
faster to get you into the destination. But it now has a second
passenger seat for your buddy who can use the plasma turret
gun. Altough you can have more people on since two enemies
can hop onto the Wrath and start throwing grenades inside.

Mongoose- At first glance you would think this vehicle is useless but it
actually plays a very important role in the game. This vehicle is fast and
that is what you need to use it for, transportation, but it does not have
any mounted weapon. It can carry two people, one driver and one
person on the back who can shoot with a single weapon of whatever
he has in his hands. The Mongoose can come in handy in team
skirmish games. In capture the flag you can use the speed to your
advantage, you will be in and out before they will realize what had
happened. In territories, king of the hill, or land grab you can get to
the location fast so you can get rid of the invading enemies quicker.
This vehicle can flip over more easily then the warthog and is
weaker so you just have to look out for that minor problem. 

Ghost- The familiar ghost is not that much different from Halo 2. You
can splatter (run over people) with the greatest of ease. The left
trigger really helps out as it gives you the boost you need to do
the job. It is equipped with the standard duel firing plasma bullets.
They seem to be smaller in size but they still also seem to do
the same amount of damage, which is devastating. Once again this
only seats one person. The only draw back is you can get stickied
with both a plasma and a spike grenade and your done for.

Warthog- This good ol bag of fun is still equipped with its bad ass
turret gun that needs to be manned by another person. Its got
a passenger seat where you can once again shoot with the weapon
in your hand and drives pretty much the same. But I have
experienced two minor changes. First of all the splatter in this
vehicle doesn’t always seem to work. At almost top speed I drove
into an enemy head on yet the enemy flew to the side with only
his armor taken off. The splatter on this vehicle needs to be fixed
and this problem has just slightly been experienced by the ghost.
Another problem, or advantage to some, is that this Warthog
seems to be unaffected by grenades. If you throw two grenades
you will sometimes only get the Warthog to jump up a little.
Throwing a plasma grenade onto it did nothing. This has been
encountered almost everytime and is unfair because the driver
and turret gunner will stay alive much longer.

Credited to sharkbait379
Warthogs can blow up very eaisly with grenades but there are
spots on it where its almost as if their grenade proof.

Banshee- The Banshees flying controls are smooth. You can
use it to dodge incoming projectiles by swerving and rolling.
The regular plasma shots seem to do a good amount of
damage; they look similar to the ghost. By pressing the B
button you shoot a giant green projectile, similar to shots from
the fuel rod cannon in Halo 2. But there seems to be a major
bug. The shots do not play an explosion animation at close
range, possibly even at far range. There for you see the
shot go right through the ground. I shot the projectile at
medium range right at a stationary warthog. It did not do
any damage. I went right up to a wall and pressed the B
button. It seemed to have done less then a quarter of
damage to my self. They really need to fix this. Other then
that, the Banshee itself takes more damage then the ghost,
since its heavily armored but you can still destroy it with a
plasma grenade. If two people are shooting at it with an
assault rife you can manage to kill the person inside if he
does not escape.

Credited to SuperGohan
Only downside is that you can no longer look directly
below you, which can cause some flight control problems.

Credited to sharkbait379
Also note that Banshees can do a lot of damage if you
splatter someone but of course gives it a draw back
as you can get jacked.

4) Weapons

A) Human

Seem to dominate the Beta by number and by some
of the shear power that many of the weapons display.

Duel wield- Yes
Zoom- No
This pistol is very similar to that of Halo 1. It is super
powerful but this time it can also be duel wielded. Obviously it needs
balance so the rate of fire is pretty slow. One shot will take down an
enemies shield. Then you can get a headshot or a couple more shots
into the body to kill the person. Keep in mind no zoom ability.

M7 Sub Machine Gun
Duel wield- Yes
Zoom- No
Description- Similar to Halo 2, not a bad weapon just like any regular sub
machine gun. Although I recommend to only duel wield this weapon for
that is when you truly get some kills. Has larger ammo clip then Spiker.

Assault Rifle- MA5C ICWS
Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- The Assault Rifle is back from Halo 1. Still very powerful
in fact possibly more powerful but clip size has been reduced. Holds 32
bullets and I heard complaints that the sound of it firing is horrible,
I would agree. But it gets the job done, it's the starting weapon and
kills people very easily.

Credited to Blizaine
The assault rifle is designed to be the ultimate spawning weapon. It can
be used in a larger variety of situations. However, I feel that the Halo 3
community at large has designated the AR to a second class status.
Players look at the AR as simply a starting weapon and nothing more.
Based on Bungie's descriptions of the weapon, and there will to balance
every Halo game, I feel that the Assault Rifle is supposed to be more
than just a weak weapon. I understand that the Assault Rifle is a
starting weapon, but that shouldn't stop it from being a useful weapon
in its own right. The new AR was made to replace the old Assault Rifle
because the old AR was far too weak. Why should the new AR also
be weak? 

BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
Duel wield- No
Zoom- Yes
Description- Similar to Halo 2, shoots short bursts of fire. Take care
to use this weapons zoom feature. It greatly helps in taking down
your foe in long distances. You might prefer this weopon over the
assualt rifle if you can get every short burst hit directly into the

M90 Shotgun
Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- Extremely powerful at close range, if your face to face with an
enemy, almost touching you, will kill him in one shot. Slightly farther
brings down the shield and then comes then kill. The farther you go the
less chance you have on hitting the enemy but over all range has
possibly been increased from previous games.

SRS99D Sniper Rifle
Duel wield- No
Zoom- Yes (Twice)
Description- Similar to Halo 1 in the way that it no longer fires fast like
in Halo 2. Once you shoot, it takes a second till you can shoot again.
Comes with 4 shots untill you have to reload, you can zoom in twice,
and it takes two shots to kill unless you get a head shot.

Credited to sharkbait379
When you zoom in with a sniper, notice that
on the old halo games they zoomed in by 5x and 10x, but in halo 3 they
zoom in by 12x and 18x

Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- Just as powerful as it was before. If you face one or a bunch of
enemies that are in front of you and at a distance, you can mow them
down with bullets. This time around you can press B to detach the turret.
You enter third person and can bring it anywhere you want with over a
hundred bullets to fire. You move much slower as a disadvantage so if there
is an enemy behind you, pray you can turn around in time to kill him.

M41 Rocket Launcher
Duel wield- No
Zoom- Yes
Description- This shoots two rockets before you have to reload but
one hit and the enemy is dead. To me it seems that the rockets move
slower then before. I usually aim at the enemy’s feet since the blast radius
kills them off while they can dodge an incoming rocket. If the blast radius
does not completly consume the enemey the rocket still does a good job
in taking the entrie sheild off. This can no longer lock on to vehicles like
in previous Halo games.

Spartan Laser- WAV M6 GGNR
Duel wield- No
Zoom- Yes
Description- This new weapon adds a lot more fun into the game. It takes
about 5 seconds while you hold the trigger for it to charge up. You can
watch the aiming reticule to see an arrow move from the bottom and once
it reaches the top it will fire. Then as long as the reticule is red and you see
the persons name above their head your shot will instantly kill them even at
great distances. It has about 5 shots before you cannot use it anymore,
more specifically it has a charge of 100 but every shot takes 20 away.
After every shot there is a cool down time before you can start charging

UNSC Missile Pod
Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- This is as big as the turret gun, there for giving you a slow walk
and a third person mode. It has 8 mini missiles that shoot out at the enemy.
Very powerful, it's like a faster rocket launcher but can lock on to

Fragmentation Grenade- You can throw these far and usually get a lot of
kills. But it has been debated that the blast radius has been decreased so
you have to be a bit more precise to harm an enemy.
B) Traditional Covenant

Come in fewer numbers but are great at taking down
shields. Except for Needler and covenant carbine, the weapons do not
have an ammo clip but overheat

Energy Sword
Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- The awesome energy sword, you still cannot duel wield
this but its still a one shot one kill. The distance seemed to have been
shortened to lunge, you have to get closer to kill someone. But its still
really cool and very powerful.

Plasma Pistol
Duel wield- Yes
Zoom- No
Description- Similar to Halo 2, fully charged up will take down an enemy
shield. But does not do that much damage to kill the person.Duel
wielding this with another plasma pistol seems pointless to me. But
any other weapon wont be a bad idea. Halo 3 adds another little neat
feature. Credit to thebongsabre "An overcharged shot will stop any
vehicle; Banshee, Ghost, Warthog, Mongoose, etc; dead in it's tracks.
Great tip for Team Skirmish gametypes."

Plasma Rifle
Duel wield- Yes
Zoom- No
Description- Shoots fast plasma projectiles. Recommended only to duel
wield since even if you get down someone’s shield you will have a hard
time killing the person unless you have a human weapon, melee him, or
throw a grenade.

Covenant Carbine
Duel wield- No
Zoom- Yes
Description- If you have good aim this weapon is very powerful. It
takes a good amount of shots to kill someone but you can do it fast.

Particle Beam Rifle
Duel wield- No
Zoom- Yes (twice)
Description- This is the alien sniper rifle. Much bigger then the human
sniper rifle and still takes two hits to kill someone unless you get a
headshot. But it shoots much faster then the human sniper but after
those 2 quick shots, it will overheat.

Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- The Needler has bee0n improved again but this time it is
amazing. You can no longer duel wield but there’s is a good reason
for that. It is finally really powerful. Its not the most insane weapon
but a little more then half the clip directly into the person will kill him.

Plasma Grenade- Good ol Plasma Grenades, the explosion animation
is much prettier to look at. They still obviously stick on a person
for an instant kill. The blast radius possibly has been lowered from
previous Halo games.
C) Brute

The Brutes are part of the covenant but following the Halo 2
storyline the Brutes started to get favored by the elders, elites began
to revolt. Soon afterwords the Brutes betrayed the elder leaders. This
largly seperates them from the group giving them some unique weopons.

Brute Spiker- (Type-25 Carbine)
Duel wield- Yes
Zoom- No
Description- This new weapon seems to fit well into the game. It shoots
a very fast array of razor sharp steel but doesn’t seem to do as much
damage as some other weapons. I recommend to only duel wield this
weapon for that is when you truly get some kills just like the SMG. But
the spiker has a decreased clip sized compared to the SMG. This
weapon has a blade attached at the end, making a more powerful
melee hit.

Brute Shot
Duel wield- No
Zoom- No
Description- This weapon seemed to be improved by the power and
by the projectile. In Halo 2 they seemed to go at a lob increasing the
chance of a miss but now it is a bit more straight forward, enabling you
to hit the person. If you don't get direct hits it will take about the entire
clip (6 shots) to kill the person. This weapon also has a blade
attached at the end, making a more powerful melee hit.

Brute Spike Grenade- Seems to fit well into the mix of grenades yet
not many people use them, you got to know how to use them
correctly. This grenade has spikes on them, which first of all sticks to
any surface and person. Second its small explosion shoots out a
clutter of razor sharp steel creating more damage. A sticky will get you
an instant kill but throwing them near an enemy is a bit more tricky.
After the explosion the steel only shoots in one direction, although it
also bounces off walls and around in a room. If a person is directly
under it or passes by it while its on a wall, he will most of the time
instantly die. The grenade is plentiful on the maps and are lobbed up,
which gives them a shorter throwing distance.
5) Game Modes

In the main lobby you have a handful of options you can choose from. You
can choose Ranked Playlists to experience Rumble Pit, Team Slayer, and
Team Skirmish. You can also choose to play Social Playlist which gives
you the options between Rumble Training and Team Training.

EDIT: Team Training has just been replaced with BTB Training, they
might switch again so I will leave Team Training here.
A) Types of Games

Rumble Pit/Rumble Training

One map, 6 players, every man for himself. Who ever reaches 25 or 
the time runs out, the person with the most kills gets 1st place.

Team Slayer/Team Training

One map, 8 players, 4 vs. 4. Which ever team reaches 50 kills or
the time runs out, the team with the most kills wins.

BTB  Training (Under Non Ranked)
12 Maximum players with two teams, 6 on 6. This mixes slayer
and skirmish games.

2V2 Training
This mode recently added in where a 2 man team versus
another 2 man team. Once again its either slayer or skirmish
altough I have only seen VIP and King of the Hill for skirmish.

Team Skirmish/Team Training

Oddball- Any person on the team must grab the skull on the map
and which ever team holds it for the most time wins.

King of the Hill- A specific point on the map must be controlled.
Which ever team stays their the longest wins.

Capture the Flag- Who ever is on offense must get the flag from the
enemy base and take it back to their own base. Defense must
protect the flag. (Also contains Multiflag where you can attack
and defend at the same time.)

Territories- Credited to Cabose420
In neutral, there are 3 rounds and once a territory is captured,
it is locked and belongs to that team till the end of the round.
The round is over when there is no more time or all the territories
are captured. At the end of the game, the team with the most
territories in total wins. In 1 sided, one team must capture as
many territories as possible in a time limit, while the other team
must stop them. There are 4 rounds and each team switches sides
after each round, giving those 2 rounds to grab territories.

V.I.P.- A random person on the team is chosen to be VIP on each
team. Which ever team kills the most VIPs wins. Once VIP dies
a new VIP is chosen and the VIP gets an over shield (extra armor).

Assault- Thanks to Cabose420 there actually is Assault but only
on Valhalla. The bomb is set in the middle of the map and one team
has to place it in the other teams base. Once you place the bomb there
are 15 seconds before you can defuse the bomb. The team who set
off the most bombs wins. Credited to Reekusan there is also a turn
based version of this, where one team gets the bomb (instead of it
being in the middle) and same general rules are applied, taking
turns to defend and attack.

(Juggernaut and anything else are not in the Beta)
B) Rule Alterations Experienced on Beta

Rockets- Only Rockets with infinite ammo.

Shottys and Snipers- Only Shotguns and Snipers with infinite ammo.
6) Ranking

Just like in Halo 2 the more games you win the higher you level up. Then
once you level up and you are looking for a game, it tries to match you
up with your skill level if you want it to. But that is only in Ranked Games,
if you decide to go to Social Playlists then you increase your RP, although
with Ranked you can do this as well. The more RP you get the higher
your rank will go up. For a full list here is a link. The more games you
play the more RP you get. But if you play really good then you will get
your RP faster.

7) Maps

High Ground- This map is great for skirmish games such as capture the
flag. There is a great deal of strategy involved in this map when
considering capture the flag or territories. It takes a great resemblance
towards Zanzibaar, a map from Halo 2. It has a big gate that can be
opened by activating a button on a command console. One team
invades this fortified base another defends. But if its just a slayer game
then its still plenty of fun and simple to make your way around and
kill people. This map only has mongooses but that is still a quick
and easy way for transportation.

-Shotgun located near a rock close to the ocean.
-Turret gun located above the gate that opens on the bridge.
-Rocket Launcher towards the middle of the map, near a
broken wall with  SMGs located right behind it.
-Bubble sheild at opposite side of rocket launcher below a cliff,
stay on the left side while attacking and before you make your way
through a tight passage way you can get Grav Lift, and find Power
Drain a top the second floor of a building outside.
-Laser located (when defending the base) right side of the turret gun,
climb the stairs to the top to find it.
-Brute Shot (while defending) located on the left side, on the floor
near a mini bridge.
(Credited to SuperGohan)
-4 Mongooses located on this map 2 while attacking 2 while defending.

Snowbound- This winter wonderland is a giant circle, you step outside the
boundaries and turrets will automatically shoot you down. But no need to
fear, there’s plenty of room on the inside even enough to ride a ghost
around. There are two bases towards the middle of the map and a tunnel
that leads to both these bases. If you stay atop the base you can get
sniped easily. Running around inside is mostly close quarters so watch out
for the shotguns. To enter a base you have to pass through these shields.
Grenades, bullets, and vehicles cannot enter.

-Plasma Grenades located on top of the bases.
-Inside one Base lies 2 Spikers, 1 Power Drain, and the Spartan Laser.
-Inside another Base lies 2 Plasma Rifles, 1 Bubble Shield, and 1 Beam
-Inside the tunnel you can find the shotgun.
-Ghost to the side and in between the bases under a snowy walk way.

Valhalla- This map sometimes gets a little dull if there are only 6 or 8
players. It's big, most of it is basically filled with grass, rocks, rivers, and
ditches. On one far end side is a base and on the exact opposite side is
another base. Each base has grav lifts that launch you towards the
middle of the map and also you can choose a different grav lift to
go at an angle towards the left or right side of the map. This map
has the warthog here, great for gunning down enemies while reaching
your destination. Skirmish games are at great distances, which makes
things interesting but slayer games are the ones that are dull when you
cannot find anyone unless your playing BTB. On BTB slayer you can
find a Banshee located near each base. On a side note big maps
make for great sniping games.

-Turret and Bubble Shield located at the side of the map near the
river, opposite side of snowy area.
-Inside both bases lies the Missile Pod, Battle Rifle, Plasma Pistol, and
Sniper Rifle.
-Laser located in the middle of the map.
-Shotgun found in snowy cave.
- 5 Mongooses, 2 Warthogs, and an 2 optional Banshee located on this
map. 2 Mongooses on each base, 1 near Bubble Sheild. 1 Warthog
found at each base and 1 optional Banshee at each base.

8) Strategies

Here are some strategies to help you be a better player in Halo 3
against people around the world. First of all make sure in control
options you set your looking speed to at least 5, the faster it is, the
quicker you can respond to kill. A slight warning is that if you cant handle
the speed, moving it to a slower setting will help you aim. Second make
sure you are relaxed with either inverted or non inverted. I play inverted
because it just makes sense to me.

A) My Weopon Rating

Based on a rating of 5 stars being the best to 1 star the lowest, I will
list all the possible combinations you can make by duel wielding.

***** 5 Stars

Spiker + SMG
Spiker + Plasma Rifle
SMG + Plasma Rifle

The Spiker combined with the SMG seems to be the most powerful
combination. Both shoot at a very fast pace and have a fair amount
of distance you can use the weapons at. Theoretically speaking although
it seems the Spiker and the SMG is the strongest, the Plasma Rifle
combined with the Spiker might be the best choice. You have the Plasma
Rifle, which is known to take down an enemy shield quickly shooting.
At the same time you have the pretty strong Spiker shooting, which
then kills the enemy after the Plasma Rifle had taken down the shield.
Same goes for SMG and Plasma Rifle.

**** 4 Stars

Spiker + Spiker

Now we have 2 pairs. They seem to do the job well with great damage.
Still mixing the two instead of leaving them in pairs seem to work better.

*** 3 Stars

Plasma Pistol + SMG
Plasma Pistol + Spiker
Plasma Rifle + Plasma Rifle

This next strategy is still very powerful but it is easy to mess up so I leave
this at 3 stars. The Plasma Pistol fully charged will drain down an enemy
shield completely. This is where you then use the SMG or Spiker to finish
the enemy off. I would give this a 4 star rating because it works great.
But sometimes you can miss with the Plasma Pistol and especially at long
range. The Plasma Rifle pair is also very good but once the shield is
down it is harder to kill the person without bullets.

** 2 Stars

Plasma Rifle + Plasma Pistol

I already mentioned its hard to kill a person with a Plasma Rifle pair, so
killing a person with just 1 Plasma Rifle is a challenge. The Plasma Pistol
takes the shield down but the enemy continues to live on with the
Plasma Rifle shooting at him.

* 1 Star

Plasma Pistol + Plasma Pistol

Two fully charged shots do not kill a person as you would think it does,
making duel wielding this weapon pretty much useless. 
B) Map Strategies

Sidenote- To be a better Halo player remember you have been
given the awesome options to be able to melee and throw
grenades. When your close enough to the enemy and your
bombarding him with bullets, once his shield is down always melee.
The melee attack instantly kills a person once they have no shield
and it gives you a lunge, so you don't even have to be super close
to the enemy. This saves you time, the possibility that he could have
just killed you. Grenades are also extremely helpful and getting you
plenty of kills. Once your reloading your gone it is sometimes wise
to throw a grenade. Depending on the situation it can kill the
person while your reloading before he kills you. Before you
start your battle by going face to face with someone throw in a
grenade, with great aim, you take away half his shield and your
gun will do the rest. If you’re close to someone remember you can
use the sticky grenade if you have any. Finally if you know your
about to die, chuck your grenades either close to the enemy
or right below you to get some kills from the grave. The
reason why you might want to throw it right below you is,
usually after someone kills you they run right up to your body
so a surprise grenade will be awaiting them.

High Ground

Sniping- You can take advantage of two specific areas to snipe. One is
above a semi broken building. Jump on top of the cracked wall, then
jump on the roof while holding down the crouch button. This can get
you a couple of kills, and your safe from being assassinated since its not
super easy to get up there. The second spot is on the ledge where you
find the Spartan Laser. This spot is much better to spot because you
have an open area around you. But it is also very easy to get killed
or assassinated.

Close Combat- Inside the buildings contains an array of kills you
can get with close combat, you don't need to stay outside all the
time. Travel around the buildings that lead you from outside to
inside the gate and also the area with the pipe line.

Capture the Flag- While you are attacking, take 1 Mongoose. Have
one travel to the left side and one person hop off to the right. The
left should try to enter the building to get through to the other side
or use a grav lift to climb over the wall. The right side travels
along the broken wall. Either person from each Mongoose should
try to open the gate by hitting the switch. The other should attempt
to capture the flag. If the first try is not a success you just opened
the gate and moved the flag. So now getting the flag should be
much easier with the one Mongoose you saved. Don't forget you
can travel along the pipe line, to the right of the broken wall

For defense have one person guard the flag with his/her favorite
weapon combo. Have another man the turret and guard the gate.
Another might want to hide in the pipe line. Last person can get
the laser cannon and rocket launcher.

Territories- Getting territory number 1 seems the easiest but
its also the most obvious. After trying to get a couple close
ones and failing, have 2 guys keep trying while another 2
go for territory number 5 to catch them off guard. To get
territory number 1 very easily and sometimes some other
ones, make sure to grab a bubble shield, so while your
capturing no one can get you from a distance. To get
number 3 you can try hiding in the tunnel while you
capture it but be warned because getting grenade is
can happen very easily. Someone can also hide in the
tunnel for defense. Number 4 is an open area but in a
building so just watch yourself and Number 2 can be
tricky. It's another easy one to get because its so close
but you can die very easily. Hide around wall corners
and watch the grenades.

Credited to Paul aka whitetrash
You can put a grav lift where the hole in the roof is, and
if they try and come down or if they try and throw a grenade
inside, it gets shot back out at them. A bubble shield also


Sniping- You would think that sniping would be best on top
of the bases, but you can get spotted very easily. Circle
around the map and find other high grounds to shoot people.
Don't stand in one position.

Close Combat and Ghost- You can also take advantage of
close combat situations while your inside the bases or moving
around the tunnels. But one advantage should be taken by using
the ghost. It is easy to forget it is on the map, but it can get lots of
splatter kills and easy kills with it's shooting. Also if someone else
has the ghost, there are plenty of sticky grenades around this map
so use them.

Oddball- Once you get the ball it is usually best to travel around the
tunnels moving from one base to another. This makes sure your
always on the move but safe from long range shots. Being inside
makes it easy to hit people as well. To sometimes confuse an
enemy, if you have time, go inside one base. Not so easy to explain
but you can jump on top of a slanted platform either on the left or right
side. Then Make an even higher jump onto this thin piece of platform
towards the top of the room. Crouch down and you will go off radar.
When someone enters the room as long as they don't look up they
will pass by and wonder where you are.


Sniping- This map is easily the best place to snipe since the area is so
big, but then again you can die much faster. Remember always be on
the move because stationary targets are very easy to kill. Sometimes
sniping from the base is a good idea because its on a high ground, but
don't stay there to long since it's the most obvious place to be. Move
quickly through the rivers on low ground then slowly get higher to find
some kills. There is also a snowy area with a (credited to Cole531)
Pelican Dropship that has crashed. You can climb ontop of it to
snipe people and this does a good job. There is also a giant rock
I have seen people on but I have yet to figure out how to get ontop.

Any Skirmish Game- When your playing with, bombs, flags, or 
territories, I found a very nice strategy. Always remember the warthog is
on this level. It is a great advantage; you can get to places while shooting
enemies down easily. This gets you the ability to invade and defend at
the same time. Try having one player take a Mongoose to the other
players base and steal there Warthog. Once you have two you can
really control the outcome of the game.
9) Glitches

(Video of this posted below since its hard to describe)
On the map Valhalla go to the base that has the ocean next to it. On the
upper left corner there is a medium sized rock. What you have to do is
jump up on it (making sure to jump towards a little to the left of the
middle of the rock) and keep holding forward. After your character cannot
walk any farther (you should be on the left side in between a crack) keep
walking straight ahead and if you cannot move forward at all start
crouching. You squeeze through and make it outside the invisible wall.
Now what’s fun is before you do all this make sure to park a Banshee
right at the invisible wall. On the other side melee it until you can ride it
and now you can fly around outside the map. DO NOT CHEAT LIKE


You can trick out the game into making a custom game. I’m not exactly
sure how to do it since while my party was trying it did not work, but
I ended up joining someone game that did. It has something to do
with making a party of 6 or more. Then you have 1 person invite the
entire party. Someone gets booted and that person invites the party,
its supposed to bring you to a custom game but it doesn’t always work.
A better explanation

Credited to Paul aka whitetrash
To do a custom game have the party or six join the party of 1.  After that,
invite a person to the lobby, and then boot them or let them leave. They
will leave into a custom game lobby that you can start, and you are able to
play custom games.

Stuff you can find in custom mode.
-Energy Sword
-Lowering Gravity
-Increasing running speed
-Infinite ammo, health, and vehicle health
-Regenerating grenades and shield
-Re-spawn settings
-Amount of points you get for certain types of kills

-In High Ground Inside one of the buildings is a beeping radio. What
some people are saying is that you can figure out Morse code from this.
But also people have heard Halo music from this especially when they
have died in that room.
-Also in the High Grounds building there is a computer screen in the
same room as the radio. For a second you will see Cortona flash
on the screen.
-When customizing your character apparently if you look at Master
Chief's visor, you can see Africa (one of the settings in a Halo 3
video released not to long ago).
- Credited to MisterThief
On the Assualt Rifle, when Master Chief brings up the rifle to
reload and put in the clip, you can see the Marathon symbol near the
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